The Rape of Finland: Multiculturalism Gone Mad


F. Roger Devlin, PhD
The Occidental Observer

Abridged by Lasha Darkmoon

As Muslim gangs run amok in an orgy of rape and murder, questions are being asked: Who is behind the plot of out-of-control mass immigration? what other countries are on the hit list of the People Destroyers?  

“A 2018 study by the Finnish Police Academy found that 93% of rapes in Finland in 2016 had been committed by men from Islamic countries.” — Roger Devlin, PhD. (See also here)

Finns enjoy an unusually high-trust society. Longtime British resident Ed Dutton describes unmanned roadside vegetable stands that operate on the honor system, with customers reliably leaving the correct price for what they take. Travelers need not purchase a ticket before boarding a train; everyone happily pays the conductor as he comes through. At least until recently, girls in outlying villages could safely hitchhike into larger towns on Saturday nights.

Oulu (pronounced Oh-loo) is the largest city in northern Finland. It tends to be a dull place, and residents like it that way:

“Very little crime, very little conflict; very little to report: Everyone eating the same kind of food, wearing the same kind of clothes, following the same cultural traditions: trusting, safe, predictable. The perfect place to raise a child.”

By 2005, however, the city had begun accepting small numbers of Muslim ‘refugees.’ That summer,

“a 30-year-old worker for the Finnish Lutheran Church had been naïve enough to get talking to a group of Muslim men in a bar and, worse still, go back to their flat. She was rewarded for her friendliness towards these guests by having her clitoris cut off with a pair of scissors which were then inserted into her vagina.”

During the next couple of years, several local women were raped by Muslim men in city parks. By 2008, the trend was being reported in a national tabloid—which, however, failed to mention that all of the assaults had been carried out by Middle Eastern men. Oulu’s local daily, Kaleva, stopped reporting perpetrators’ names. As in other Western countries, Finnish journalists tend to be aggressively cosmopolitan leftists who despise the folks back home, ordinary Finns with “their simple desire for a picturesque wooden house close to a lake; their contentment living in a society where people mostly think in the same way.” If such narrow-minded yokels were to learn what was really going on, the multicultural project might be threatened!

Soon, the names of Muslim criminals were being redacted from police and court press releases as well. Official reports spoke only of men “of foreign background,” as if Finnish women were being attacked by German tourists or Japanese guest lecturers from the local university. But the authorities knew the truth: a 2018 a study by the Finnish Police Academy found that 93% of rapes of foreigners in Finland in 2016 had been committed by men from Islamic countries.

In the spring of 2015, Juha Sipilä was elected Prime Minster of Finland on a platform of admitting fewer refugees. But in September of the same year, once Angela Merkel had opened the floodgates, he did an about face and offered refuge to 32,478 persons, mainly young Muslim men. Sipilä even persuaded some Finns to take such men into their own houses, promising to do so himself (he never did).

Within a month of their arrival in northern Finland, 60 of these supposedly desperate asylum seekers were staging a protest in front of Oulu’s police station: they didn’t care for the traditional Finnish food offered at the local refugee center. Authorities obediently changed the menu.  The incidence of rape and sexual assault in Northern Finland quickly increased. The first gang rape occurred as early as November 2015 in the town of Kempele, a few miles from Oulu, where several ‘refugees’ had been settled; the victim was a fifteen-year-old girl.

As official sources continued to suppress information about the perpetrators, a local couple established a reputation as an accurate source of information. Junes Lokka (b. 1979), a half-Moroccan computer programmer, and his fiancée Tiina Wiik (b. 1985), who blogs under the name ‘Swan of Tuonela,’ began livestreaming phone-ins and interviews on YouTube. They also maintained contacts with ‘Alt Right’ figures worldwide: both Jared Taylor and Kevin MacDonald, for instance, have appeared on their internet shows. In 2017, Lokka won election to the Oulu city council as an independent, with Wiik serving as vice-councilor.

In November, 2018, two local fathers set a trap for a Muslim molester operating in a city park.

“They’d called the police so that he’d effectively be caught in, or almost in, the act. But, amazingly, the police didn’t seem particularly interested. Although they arrested the diversifier, they didn’t even bother to check the man’s phone nor search his flat. If anything, they appeared irritated by what the fathers had done.”

One of these fathers shared his story with Junes Lokka, who contacted the local court. Courts in Finland, unlike the police or reporters, are legally obliged to reveal the identities of all persons accused. Lokka found a list of seven men, besides the one caught by the two fathers, scheduled to appear on November 28th to face charges of rape or sexual assault: ‘Rahmani Gheibali, Yosefi Shiraqa, Mirzad Javad, Barhum Abdullhadi, Humad Osman Ahmed Mohamed, Mohamed Ali Osman… —all of them post-2015 arrivals from the Middle East. Their victims had been as young as ten. The local newspaper, Kaleva, certainly knew about it, since they receive the court records every day by email, but had colluded to hide what was happening from their readers.

Lokka realized he had stumbled upon an organized ‘grooming gang’ of the type familiar from Rotherham in England. Most of the men operated at a local shopping mall, chatting up under-age Finnish girls in English or broken Finnish and luring them away with alcohol. He published the list of names and charges online, and word spread quickly. On December 4th, an alternative newspaper reported the full details. It became a national scandal, with authorities rushing to deplore the crimes they had previously attempted to keep secret.

“The offenses in Oulu are appalling,” said the turncoat Prime Minister responsible for letting the criminals into the country. The Interior Minister chimed in with promises of tougher laws to deport foreign criminals, but the public knew that only a few months before he had been saying Finland could happily take 10,000 Muslim ‘refugees’ annually, rather than the usual 1,000.

Dutton recounts:

“Oulu was in shock, not so much that there were Muslim rapes — they’d had to deal with that since at least 2005 — but that these could be systematically organised, directed against underage girls, and covered-up by the authorities. (See here. LD) On the night of 6th December, the 101st anniversary of Finnish independence, there was a torch-lit parade of nationalists through Oulu. There had been no such thing in previous years. They made their way to the city’s cemetery where, watched over by police, I witnessed them give tense, angry speeches to the applause of a largely working-class audience.

“On the afternoon of 10th December, roughly 100 furious Finns braved the cold, sleet and an intimidatingly heavy police presence to protest against the cover up and the rapes, in front of Oulu city hall. In thirteen years of living in Finland, I had never witnessed anything like it.

“Finns are stereotypically trusting, cooperative, taciturn and desperate not to offend. Yet, as councilors walked into the town hall that dark evening, they were greeted with screams of ‘traitor!’ At one point, a brave Muslim construction worker arose and began to defend Islam from the criticisms which some speakers were vociferously levelling against it. Hissed and jeered by the furious Finns, he was dragged from the steps and beaten up, with the police marching him away, not daring to inflame the mob by arresting those who’d slapped him around until he squealed.”

Two weeks later, on 26th December, the windows of Oulu’s small mosque were smashed. The presiding Imam, Dr. Abdul Mannan, is a Social Democratic vice-councilor in town. He is also a Wahhabi who advocates the adoption of sharia law in Finland. In 2017 his son-in-law was killed fighting for ISIS in Iraq.

In early January 2019, more local grooming cases were revealed, bringing the number of accused to sixteen. It also came to light that a 14-year-old girl had hanged herself in October, 2018 after being raped by Muslim men. Oulu’s police took to the newspapers to deny the story, but a week later they were forced to admit that the ‘refugees’ had, indirectly, claimed their first life.

“The next day, roughly 50 members of the vigilante group Soldiers of Odin rallied at [the local shopping mall] — now heavily police-patrolled and clear of Muslim men — and marched through the snow blanketed city. In the evening, to quell the public mood, both the Prime Minister and the Interior Minister gave press conferences about the situation at Oulu city hall where MSM journalists asked them easy questions.”

The very next day, the first reports emerged of Muslim grooming activity in the capital, Helsinki. In Oulu as well, new cases kept coming to light. On 20th February, police commissioner Markus Kiiskanen announced that the police were investigating 29 ‘foreign’ men for child rape and sexual assault in Oulu. Even at this stage, no one in any official position was bothering to clarify that the ‘foreigners’ involved were not Norwegians. The scandal became international news, with British dissidents Katie Hopkins and Tommy Robinson separately travelling to Finland to meet Lokka and Wiik.

Such, in brief, are the events that inspired the book under review, all related in its first chapter. In the rest of the work, Dutton uses evolutionary psychology to shed light on why the rape epidemic occurred and why the Finnish authorities have responded to it so weakly. The central reason is disarmingly simple, though its causes reach deep into the Finns’ evolutionary history: Finns are too nice.

Visitors to Finland strongly agree in their characterization of the locals as quiet, unemotional, hard-working, honest and rule-following, stoical, and anxious to please. They also have the highest average intelligence in Europe.

These traits characterize Northeast Asians as well, and Finns have around 10% Northeast Asian admixture. Until as recently as the 1960s, Finns were sometimes actually classed as ‘Mongoloids.’ This was an exaggeration, but the Finno-Ugric peoples do represent a genetic cline in that direction.

High social anxiety and a desire to please are associated with low self-esteem. Dutton recounts that foreigners like himself often get asked what they think about the Finns: “this concern about the opinion of others is a marker of high Agreeableness and low self-esteem, as it is people with these traits who are most concerned about the feelings of others.”

A Finnish sociologist named Tarja Laine has studied the national inferiority complex in detail:

“She claims Finns are often ‘discontented with the nation’ and ‘ashamed of themselves.’ Laine argues that there is a history of self-stigmatization in Finland, because Finnishness was defined as ‘inferior to the rest of Europe’ [and] also notes how deeply concerned Finns were about what foreigners would think of them when they hosted the summer Olympics in 1952.”

Women with low self-esteem are more anxious to please the men with whom they interact, and thus susceptible to the attentions of seducers.

Finland has historically been a poor nation. Famine carried off 20% of the population as recently as 1866–68, and the country remained predominantly agricultural until the 1950s. This means that Darwinian natural selection remained strong until quite recently. The harsher the environment, the more strongly men must be adapted to it in order to survive. For this reason, Finns have an exceptionally small gene pool.

This means fewer individual outliers, whether for intelligence or personality. The rarity of outlier high intelligence, along with high social anxiety and conformism, explains why Finland has produced fewer men of outstanding achievement than the country’s high average IQ would lead one to expect.

Dutton’s previous work on the personality traits typical of genius indicate such men must have

“the ability to think unconventionally, to withstand criticism and even ridicule, and to have the self-confidence and doggedness to pursue very hard work for many years with little or no support and sometimes in the face of outright antagonism. That kind of person tends to be bold, critical, idiosyncratic and unconventional, which is often perceived by people as annoying, arrogant, controversial, and provocative.”

The reader can readily see this is very nearly the opposite of the personality type which we have described as predominating in Finland. High social anxiety and conformism, along with a relative lack of personality outliers, means very few Finns are bold enough to ‘rock the boat’ and question things. It may sound ironic, but it is quite possibly not an accident that the Finn most responsible for blowing the lid on Muslim grooming gangs is half-Moroccan.

Finland’s Lutheran church is now in free-fall. As recently as 1980, 90% of Finns were still members; today the figure is 69%, and the decline seems to be accelerating. Dutton reports that in his early days in Oulu, homosexuality was seldom discussed, or it was dismissed with the remark that ‘gays go to Helsinki.’ But by 2018, the town had its own annual gay pride parade graced by the presence of the local Lutheran clergymen. He also shares an anecdote about a young female student of his who submitted an essay arguing that the voluntary religious instruction still offered at Finnish schools be abolished in favor of compulsory multicultural education, the gist of which would be that the races are equal and there is no God.

So much for the weak Finnish response to the Muslim rape campaign against their women. What might evolutionary psychology have to say about the behavior of the Muslims themselves?

Any man living as a Middle Eastern ‘refugee’ in Finland or any other Western country is in a position of extremely low social status, and thus quite unattractive to females. On the basis of nationality alone, many Western women would never consider marrying even a socioeconomically successful Middle Eastern man. In such a context, rape becomes an attractive option—especially gang rape, as this affords protection of a gang, lowers the risk of prosecution, and means the victim can be more easily overpowered.

Rape asserts dominance not just over the females themselves, but also over the males on the opposing side. Dutton reports:

“[Rape] destroys their morale and undermines their confidence, because the conquerors assert dominance and control over the central resource for future existence, namely the wombs of [their] women. Rape can be a deliberate war strategy, because it creates deep trauma and insecurity among the victims and their networks, helping to undermine their ability to defend themselves.”

Seeing themselves as jihadis waging war against Finnish infidels is a convenient way for Muslim refugees to salve their battered self-esteem, and rape in the context of Holy War is explicitly endorsed by the Koran.

Dutton concludes that if a large number of very low-status males from the same ethnic group are thrust into a homogenous, high-trust community of a different ethnicity, the predictable result will be rape: ‘Oulu’s Muslim Grooming Scandal was inevitable the moment significant numbers of young, single Muslim males were accommodated in the city.’

The near future does not look bright. Based on the research of the late Finnish political scientist Tatu Vanhanen, Muslims are not going to integrate, and will come to perceive Finns as their enemies (if they do not already). Finns uncommitted to multiculturalism will start to mirror this behavior, and the country may spiral into a low-level civil war. Meanwhile, elite Finns who cling to multicultural thinking will vye with one another to demonstrate how deeply they care about ‘refugees’ supposedly being victimized by their bigoted co-ethnics. This will lead to a collapse of trust within the ethnic majority. Many ordinary Finns already distrust the news media and government, and this will intensify as well.

Finnish vigilantes like the Soldiers of Odin are already patrolling the streets. The welfare state will become unsustainable under such circumstances, depending as it does on a sense of national kinship. The economy can be expected to deteriorate and crime to increase, even among ethnic Finns.

In the longer run, however, social trends that cannot go on forever can be relied upon to stop. As Finland becomes a more stressful and dangerous place to live, some sort of religious revival is likely, which will both raise the native birthrate and steel Finns’ resolve for the struggle. Nationalist parties will grow. As Dutton notes:

“Computer models have demonstrated that once 25% of a group adhere to a counter-cultural viewpoint, such as ethnocentrism currently is, and become activists fervently advocating it, they tip the opinion of the entire group towards their own. And all else controlled for, the more ethnocentric group will always triumph. As discussed, Finns are high in conformism, so when the country ‘flips’ from multiculturalism back to nationalism, it will happen very quickly.”

Observers appalled at the apparent weakness of the Finns’ initial response to Muslim rape gangs will do well to recall the ferocity this nation has historically demonstrated in defending itself, and bear in mind the poet’s warning: Beware the fury of a patient man.


LD: According to the recently released World Happiness Report by the UN, Finland was nominated the “happiest place on earth” in 2019 for the second year in a row. When quizzed by reporters, most Finns disagreed with this finding and said they had little to feel happy about, given the rape epidemic and the deadly virus of mass immigration created by the People Destroyers. Watch this video and decided for yourself: Who is to blame for throwing open this Pandora’s box of evils? 

VIDEO   :  4.38 mins

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    2. They are also behind the invasion of all of Western Europe as well as the ongoing invasion of the United States by millions of Central American dwarfs. Dig deep enough, and you will always find “HIAS” (Hebrew International Aid Society) behind the on-going invasion and destruction of European culture.

    3. And our politically correct elites wonder why there is an electoral revolution under way, not just in Finland but throughout the west.

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    1. “…Don’t forget these men don’t want to be here…”

      Like hell. What planet do you live on?

      “Our traitorous politicians accepted them all…”

      Rather contradicts the first proposition, doesn’t it?

    2. I have spent much of my life in those Mid-East Hell-holes, and they ALL want to come here. The overwhelming majority come from areas little (if at all) touched by war. And, once they get here, they want to turn our homeland into the same sewer they fled from.

    3. Wrong ANN. They are being flown in, given mobile phones and money. I bombed no-one. It also is not my government. It does not nor never has represented the people. It is a criminal cabal, and eh! no, the migrants won’t be living near them. Refugees tend to be predominantly women and children, these are all military age men. Check out the Kalergi plan, and educate yourself.

    4. They have made the mess their own countries of origin are rotting in. It has nothing to do with anyone else bothering them. Israel wants only to be left alone to prosper – as it has, magnificently – on its own. The silly asses in Europe who have been responsible have been luring them in with free housing, free food – halal at that, free medical care, apparently exemption from the laws that restrict the native Europeans. They are given carte blanche to rape and pillage. They are there not because anyone has “driven” these strong, healthy young men out. Note that it is massively young males who are coming – the very people who should be home protecting their families and building up their own nations. They are on what is known as JIHAD. Jihad takes many forms. One is slitting throats, one is enforcing their will and their foreign law on the host nation and one is raping the native women. This is jihad. It has nothing to do with Israel or anyone else. The Israeli authorities are not beheading anyone. The beheading is a part of the “culture” (if you can call it that) of Islam. We don’t need to help them rebuild their countries – hell, they aren’t even their to “help” us rebuild them. We didn’t destroy them – they destroyed them themselves through a peculiar mixture of violence and sloth. They need to go home and build their own countries, take care of their own children, honor their own women and leave the rest of us alone. We can’t live their lives for them. Too bad, too. But there it is. They are like lifelong recidivist criminals. The only ones who can help them is themselves. All we can do is either allow them to destroy us and our culture or throw them out. I would choose the latter, hands down. Do they want to be here? You bet your booty they do. Why not?

      1. @ Smoris

        They [Muslims] have made the mess their own countries of origin are rotting in. It has nothing to do with anyone else bothering them. Israel wants only to be left alone to prosper – as it has, magnificently – on its own.

        Good try, Smoris! Your defense of Israel rings hollow on this site. You conveniently turn a blind eye to the universally acknowledged fact that JEWS are responsible for flooding Europe with Third World riffraff! that JEWS are behind promoting multiculturalism and White genocide in Europe!

        Ever heard of Barbara Spectre, your evil co-ethnic? Check out this video, Smorris, and then hang your head in shame!

        1. They [Muslims] have made the mess their own countries of origin are rotting in.

          No, Iraq was doing fine until it was attacked by the US, Britain and NATO for building NON-EXISTENT WMD! On false information provide by Israeli intelligence. Syria was doing fine until it was targeted by Israel and her allies. Libya, too, was doing fine. Then the US and her allies, at the instigation of Israel, attacked these Arab countries. Your knowledge of politics is ZILCH and you are clearly a lying Jewish troll.

    5. stop buying this BS – most of them are not refugees, they are economic “migrants”

  3. Zionists are behind the illegal unlimited immigration in europe and the US and it is part of the zionist design for a satanic zionist NWO by destroying the culture and the white race in all of these countries which will destroy these nations and the process is well on the way to completion!

    This is what these satanic zionists do, they wreck and murder and destroy , it is in their DNA!

    Read the Protocols of Zion.

  4. The first thing I notice about most of these woe-begotten tales of migrant rape and government stupidity is that THEY NEVER DISCUSS THE OBVIOUS. The obvious is that most of these “victims” are from societies which allowed themselves to be DISARMED. In my home county, here in Virginia, these Muslim bastards would have had their heads blown off by vigilante fathers pretty quickly after discovery. Yes, the newspapers are reluctant to call a spade a “spade”, and I think it must be for that very reason. If my own daughter had been such a victim, it would probably provoke me enough to put on a pack of about 300 rounds, load up my AR-15, and go hunting Muzzies. (I probably wouldn’t be too picky about my targets, either! 🙂 )
    I notice the “nice” people recoil at this type of assurance – and that is WHY they are being victimized by it. Multiculturalism doesn’t work – for anyone.

    1. Agree, and that is why the zionists are the ones behind the push for gun control here in the zio/US and are behind all the false flags here in America.

    2. Yep Gilb,
      Sometimes being nice doesn’t pay. Ten years ago Donaldo married his very beautiful and elegant wife. Shortly afterwards began running the family business. Donaldo would start conversation with the employees and give out bonuses. My wife, however, quickly put a stop to this. Sure enough, the very people Donaldo had been so generous to later had been caught stealing from the business. Donaldos point is, kindness isn’t always responded with kindness. Most of the time back-stabbing. In every society there are winners and losers. Unfortunately for the West, only the scum reach it’s shores. They are trash and behave as such. Good Muslims stay in the Middle-East. Fluential Mexicans in Mexico. Donaldo knows. This past Christmas one of my daughters flew in from Mexico City to Atlanta, Georgia with two of the family pets…..a Chijuajua and a poodle…..both of which had the “pet” equivalent of passports. Completely legal. The rest have to swim across the river. Anyway, to point, the Chijuajua and poodle or Donaldos family are much more educated and behaved than the Arab/African scum that grace Europe’s shores. Oh…by the way…..they are both bilingual….. English and Spanish…..higher IQ’s than Arab/African immigrants in Europe. 😉😎

  5. I remember telling our sheriff that I usually carried an AK-47 on the seat of my car (when the MS-13 gangs were sending out threats in central Virginia). He told me to go ahead and shoot as many as I needed – he wouldn’t “look too close”. THAT is the kind of sheriff everyone in America needs!

    1. Agree, here in Montana we gave a gun grabbing governor and the californians are moving into Bozeman and Missoula and are changing these cities to left wing gun control areas and to top it off Tester one of our senators is a left wing gun grabber and Bullock our gun grabbing governor thinks he can be potus, all thanks to gun grabbing californians!

      1. Exactly the same thing that has happened to Colorado, and is currently under way in Texas. They flee the mess they created, only to bring the very same system with them and immediately set about creating their “nirvana” where they plop their fat asses.

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        What a bullsh*t world we live in, it’s ALL bullsh*t.

      3. Pat, at the end of the road, Sam might have changed his mind, and his philosophy.

        Sam’s Trans-Am collided head-on with a pickup truck in the Nevada desert. (1992)

        Sam’s best friend Carl LaBove, who had been in the following van, held Sam’s head in his hands. Carl said at first it looked like Kinison had suffered no serious injuries, but within minutes he suddenly said to no one in particular, “I don’t want to die. I don’t want to die.” LaBove later said, “it was as if he was having a conversation, talking to someone else, some unseen person.” Then there was a pause as if Kinison was listening to the other person speak. Then he asked “But why?” and after another pause LaBove heard him clearly say: “Okay, okay, okay.’ LaBove said, “The last ‘okay’ was so soft and at peace … Whatever voice was talking to him gave him the right answer and he just relaxed with it. He said it so sweet, like he was talking to someone he loved.”

      4. HP –

        Ya navah knowz!!

        He was probably dreaming what he learned to preach in his early years. Decades of Pentecostal preaching.

        His father preached in the Pentecostal church. AND Kinison and his brothers emulated their father by becoming Pentecostal preachers, themselves.

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    1. The Daily Stormer website makes a very good point about the abortion issue now becoming the focus of so much attention. The abortion issue is being used a diversion tactic ;

      “Abortion Is A Massive Distraction” by Andrew Anglin :

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  6. “a 30-year-old worker for the Finnish Lutheran Church had been naïve enough to get talking to a group of Muslim men in a bar and, worse still, go back to their flat. She was rewarded for her friendliness towards these guests by having her clitoris cut off with a pair of scissors which were then inserted into her vagina.”

    The Finns were known to be tough people fighting Russian soldiers. They have many in their military.

    I wonder if scissors were used to cut off the musselmen’s testicles, and jam the scissors up their asses!


      “It’s happening in our own backyard too. Big time. The multicultural madness.”

      The crime rate is going to go up alot here in Florida. Trump is shipping the caravan illegals in Texas here to Florida. To Broward and Palm Beach counties. I guess he lost the 2 counties during the presidential election, so he’s punishing the 2 counties. I guess those of us here in Florida who voted for Trump are supposed to think he’s real smart to punish the Leftists who didn’t vote for him. Yeah! He’s punishing the Leftists! Oh Happy Day!

      The illegals are going to commit crimes against the Leftists only, only the ones who didn’t vote for Trump will be the victims of the illegals. The illegals would never dream of leaving Broward and Palm Beach counties, they won’t spread out throughout Florida and they would never dream of moving and settling in any county of Florida where Trump won. The “Dreamers” wouldn’t dream of making life difficult for those of us in Florida who voted for Trump. They won’t commit any crimes against those of us Floridians who voted for Trump.

      I thought Florida was a NON sanctuary state, so I don’t know why Trump wants to punish Florida. How come he’s not sending the caravan illegals to Sacramento, California?

      And as us Florida residents get inundated with illegals the governor of Florida and the Florida lawmakers are planning their trip to Israel. Florida’s lawmakers have decided to move the state capital of Tallahassee to Jerusalem, Israel.

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      The USA now is ALL about third world immigration into the United States and of course ALL about Israel ; Israel and the third world is what defines America now. America is gone, it no longer exists, not really.

      1. “The USA now is ALL about third world immigration into the United States…”

        To increase debt – a commodity – for the Fed Reserve… and the rest of the world!! 🙂

    2. Pat,

      I admire the Finns for what they did in WWII. The Soviets invaded Finland in November, 1939. The Finns did a tough resistance, imposed a heavy burden on the Russians, more than 200 thousand causalities on 105 days of conflict! They suffered a lot too, and eventually they surrender, but not unconditionally. They lost 11% of its territory, a region rich in nickel and chromium, but kept their sovereignty until the end of WWII. Stalin had more paws to sacrifice.

      The Finns did guerrilla warfare. With the help of some Bofors armor piercing light canons, wisely positioned, they destroyed a lot of Russian tanks; the tanks had only a thin armor in the beginning of WWII. During the night, they stormed the Russian camps with their exceptional sub-machine gun “Suomi”, total caos! Later, the Russians tried to copy the “Suomi” and made a cheap copy of it.

      After 70 years, the cultural Marxist virus infection reached every corner in the West, things have changed. It’s called social-engineering because it works! In the twenty first century the male is becoming an effeminate eunuch, especially the youngest.

      Will the migrant invasion of Finland show us a different outcome? Only time will tell…

      1. ADMIN: I was just about to delete this silly subhuman comment, but decided at the last minute to allow it.

        The ‘ white’ men are just women dressed in men’s clothes. They are afraid for women and don’t fuck us ‘ white’ women good and enough. So the ‘ dark’ hordes invading the west provide in our needs to still them. The ‘ white’ men are too lazy, afraid and think too much. We ‘ white’ women need action!

  7. Jews have once again used their most hated enemy against itself. Lutherans are instrumental for bringing the most primitive, savage people to America. One can only wonder how long these touchy-feely, women will maintain their Christian spirit as the bipedal, animal jetsam they helped immigrate into their countries reach out to touch them with savage, barbarous atrocities. Unfortunately, too few of these foolish Christians live to tell their story. Even so, when I think of Rachel Corrie, I think the white race is simply too far gone to preserve itself.

    There is a popular meme, recently arisen among so-called “white nationalist,” to blame ourselves for the dissolution and destruction of civilization by accepting Christianity. Therefore, it is not the Jews at fault, but we who are at fault for willingly swallowing Jew poison – as if we have a choice.

    However, the real problem is not the people, but their leadership. The reason Christianity is a problem today is not because the masses suddenly had the urge to adopt a new religion. It was because a greedy, avaricious leader eager for power made Christianity a legitimate religion. After that, people had little choice but to follow the law. It was Constantine who made Christianity legal – not the people. Thus, it was a single leader that created our present problem by allowing Jews to gain power through a new religion far more destructive than its whoring mother Judaism.

    People are sheep. Perhaps the Jewish pejorative “goyim,” or “cattle,” is the most fitting term for the herd mentality of the human organism that always follows the leader, even to its destruction.

    The reason for our present predicament is due to Jews using their two illegitimate, whoring daughters to destroy each other, while the hag mother rises above it all. This has been the case since the two religious whores were created by goy men who well understood the power of “god’s” religion to control easily led herds. I’ll say it again – No Jews, no Judaism, no Christianity and no Islam.

    Europe is a perfect example of how the problem lies, not with the people, but with their corrupt governments. If people are guilty of anything, it is their willingness to follow a leader. The problem has always been strong, centralized government whose leadership has been compromised by those wielding the power of wealth. That has been the problem since the ancient monarchies ruled and remains the problem today. This appalling situation is amply portrayed in the movie Jud Süß

    Years ago, I wrote that, had Hitler won the war, it would have only been a matter of time before a corrupt leader would have been finagled into power by wealthy corrupters. These corrupters would have destroyed Hitler’s victorious accomplishments as fully as they did by winning the war. The war against the Jew cannot be won unless the problem of strong, centralized leadership is first addressed, as human willingness to seek out and blindly follow strong leadership cannot be overcome.

    It is centralized government that allows a small cadre of corrupt leaders to be the paid destroyers of our civilization. The only way to assure this cannot happen is by thinning the power base until there is no power base that can be controlled by those with the economic power to corrupt. Thousands of corrupt leaders can easily be bought off by those with the wealth to do so. However, it is impossible to buy of millions of individuals who maintain no centralized leadership.

    The control of all societal functions must be regional, especially economic functions. It has always been Jews’ focusing their amassed wealth that allowed them to fund wars and revolutions. It is Jewish wealth that funds standing armies along with the design and construction of ever bigger and more destructive weapons they turn against us.

    The answer to this is political Anarchy; leaderless societies maintained at a regional level. This is why Jews have turned the concept of Anarchy into the terror of chaotic lawlessness, the ultimate terror for humans feeling a need for strong leadership, whether it be a god, a king, president, prime minister or pope.

    Ridding ourselves of centralized government structures will rid us of the Jew. Maintaining a form of fully decentralized government will assure future generations Jews will never return to plague our civilization.

    1. QUOTE “Ridding ourselves of centralized government structures will rid us of the Jew. Maintaining a form of fully decentralized government will assure future generations Jews will never return to plague our civilization.”

      Has multiculturalism gone mad or is it authority gone mad? Is the government mad because Jews are in control? Are Christians duped, are they really Gentiles (meaning gentle peoples) under a deadly spell? Should we obey authority if authority is mad? What does the New Testament command?

      Romans 13 New International Version (NIV) Submission to Governing Authorities

      13 Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. 2 Consequently, whoever rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves. 3 For rulers hold no terror for those who do right, but for those who do wrong. Do you want to be free from fear of the one in authority? Then do what is right and you will be commended. 4 For the one in authority is God’s servant for your good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for rulers do not bear the sword for no reason. They are God’s servants, agents of wrath to bring punishment on the wrongdoer. 5 Therefore, it is necessary to submit to the authorities, not only because of possible punishment but also as a matter of conscience.

      6 This is also why you pay taxes, for the authorities are God’s servants, who give their full time to governing. 7 Give to everyone what you owe them: If you owe taxes, pay taxes; if revenue, then revenue; if respect, then respect; if honor, then honor.

      If we take “The authorities that exist have been established by God. ” literal then God must be mad or God is not what we think it is. I ask again, should we obey authority that is mad? No! Is authority established by God? NO! Are holy books written by the political authority so that we comply with their laws? YES! Did Rome write the New Testament? The brilliant answer is yes if you read Joseph Atwill’s ‘Ceasar’s Messiah’.

      I say the obvious purpose of “holy” literature is to make you a compliant slave of empire or in the early days of the priest. The priest first sells the god concept, you are taught that their is a higher authority to self, and you must comply with this higher authority or perish in hell fire. The god meme is how humans are cohened out of their natural self autonomous authority.

      Humans are strange creatures because they do not resist outside authority. Take a natural animal, like a deer. Go feed one and make friends with it and a bag of corn. Then put a rope around it’s neck and try to control it. What will happen? The beautiful little vegetarian doe deer will revolt against “outside control”, it will reject your authority over itself – it will bite and kick the shit out of you if you try to rope it.

      here’s a funny true story – called rope a dope – a novice rancher who tries to rope a deer

      Now what do humans do? They get on their knees and pray to this external authority. The voluntarily get drafted and go to lands and do things they know are wrong (like kill innocent men, women, and children). If we were noble wild creatures we would not submit to outside authority, we would burn our bibles and string up the priest (or in modern times the politician). In fact we would react to Bible control exactly how the Native Americans reacted – which is why they were rubbed out by those under the spell. Grant never killed a native but his brainwashed followers did.

      NOW WHAT SHOULD WE DO ABOUT ALL THE ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS RAPING OUR WOMEN? Eh? Got any ideas? Shouldn’t we react violently and dry the sub-human rapists out of our communities? Should we “break the law”? HELL YES! The law is a scam by the rich overlord. The Bible is a rich man’s trick. We are slaves until we reject the mind control and stand up for sanity, logic, reason, self autonomy, and a society based on these principles.

      1. Yukon

        It’s no good talking tough if you’re the only man on the block to flex your muscles and bawl, “I AM TARZAN!” You need 10,000 tough men behind you, all warriors ready to lay down their lives for their women and children, their families and their principles. Most Americans have become pussycats, all mouth and no trousers. One man can’t win a Revolution. You needs tens of thousands. And they’re just not there. They’re all sprawled in front of their TVs, obese couch potatoes watching degenerate crap on TV and zonked out of their minds on drugs, booze and endless recreational sex. You have good ideas, Yukon, but brave leaders are helpless if the noble recruits are in short supply.

        1. Thanks to Jewish control of the media, America is now a nation of degenerate losers. Millions of men seething with anger and with no outlet for their emotions. If ever a country needed a Messiah, it’s America right now. If the country ever got such a man, you can be sure the Jews would crucify him again.

  8. There is definitely a link between wars on Arabs and the tsunami of the immigrants. Those conducting these wars also definitely want to flood their own countries with asylum seekers and economic migrants escaping the devastation they rain upon their homes. If these governments are capable of funding and launching their wars half way around the world surely they could also control their own borders and prevent illegals reaching their own countries. During past wars it was common practice to gather enemy nationals, and even own nationals of enemy origin, in internment camps for the duration of the war, unless they were thoroughly vetted and willing to contribute to the war effort on behalf of their newly adopted country, all for the sake of ensuring public safety and preventing terrorism, sabotage, and espionage. So what has happened in the meantime to change how war is conducted to now expose home countries to terrorism, violence, and crime by nationals of enemy nations, or those of such origins, who even recruit enemy combatants in home countries?

    And even in my youth it was common to see a door labelled “Quarantine” at ports, airports, and other border crossings for processing those who may have communicable infectious diseases or those returning or coming from areas of the world where such diseases are endemic. So what happened to progress? It seems nowadays those originating from such regions can cross borders wherever they please bypassing the control points, and I very much doubt use is made of the quarantine even at legitimate border crossing. And I thought the idea of progress was to increase public health and safety.

    So it is the very warmongering governments that are responsible for immigration and not the NGOs, churches, and those helping and welcoming illegals since they would be promptly stopped by the governments unless they were implementing government policy (note how the government even arrests those in the Venezuelan embassy violating foreign territory, so why does it allow all those NGOs assisting illegal immigrants to operate?).

    Oh what happened in the meantime? Globalism I guess. Or so they say. But even that is a lie. Since if it was true then wages and benefits would be the same globally, in all the first, second, and third worlds, and there would be no need for anyone to move to the west seeking higher wages and benefits. And neither would the industries be relocating to areas of lower wages and overheads to maximise the profits of their owners. No, this “globalism” just seems another ideological propaganda lie to befuddle the masses.

    1. >>”If these governments are capable of funding and launching their wars half way around the world surely they could also control their own borders and prevent illegals reaching their own countries.”

      of course

      for example, the U.S. spends $700+ billion per year on “defense” but its Congress pretends it doesn’t have $25 billion one time to actually help stop the actual invasion of the country on the southern border. Those in Congress were recently proposing to increase the yearly “defense” budget to ~$750 billion per year – an increase of two walls

      the entire thing is a sham, a theatre for the rubes to follow

  9. So trump has the authority to ship illegal aliens from the border to destinations all over the country (seeding), but he doesn’t have the authority to stop them from entering the country in the first place? how screwy is that?
    the problem is that all the big PTB, that’s big government, big religion and big corporate, big zion, those who have been in control forever, all want continuously burgeoning populations of human beings everywhere… of course in israel that’s only for certain kinds of humans… we’re all just dollar signs and big demographic blocks, mostly to be pitted against each other.. the populations of affluent white countries will naturally decline, largely as a result of increased education and autonomy of females and less competitively coercive economic pressures, more freedom…. with the decrease in fundamental abrahamic religious suppression females gradually become liberated from their traditional roles as servants and breeders for the state… optimistically, as religious fundamentalism dies out and sexuality is less and less repressed, it’s forms of expression will become safer and safer, from the pitfalls inherent, such as coerced marriage, unwanted pregnancy/overpopulation, disease… and as well the public will be less and less inclined to obey the state, where its policies are imperious… these are all evolutionary developments, but they will not likely manifest steadfastly without a lasting state of affluence in the white world… the more society evolves – the more peaceful things become, as was the case in finland, which was relatively pressure-free, until the globalists instigated the immigrant invasion… imagine how affluent we all would be were there no entitlement budget and no military spending… ultimate enlightenment throughout the middle class is probably the biggest worry bothering the nabobs occupying the apex of the control and surveillance pyramid… if everyone stayed put in their own countries, eventually their predator problems could be solved, whereas it is true that most third world countries remain downtrodden because multi-national corporations have become expert at sucking out wealth and repressing real economic growth and national progress… to the extent that military superpowers back that larceny up, as explained by general smedley butler, then there will be this pressure at our borders, hondurans and the like… it is not unreasonable to infer the globalists are taking advantage of the incentive to migrate, because they want to reduce the affluent white countries to the same guarded pinkerton slavery state they’ve been exploiting in africa and south america, thereby reducing the chances for real social evolution and keeping their obscene fortunes and political power safe… and they’ll help it along with nation-wrecking bombing campaigns, like iraq, libya and syria, if they don’t think it’s happening fast enough… the influx of unskilled foreigners, females getting knocked up all over the place as fast as they can, increases the democrats’ favorite permanent big-government underclass demographic, welfare cases from the new stack and lack complexes riding public transit to work and spend their food stamps at walmart… most now will be disadvantaged even more by vaccine injury, which none of them will be in a position to resist, whereas on the other hand, with affluent white people it’s just a question of them eventually wising up to the fact that their infants are being deliberately attacked… because we are always involved in a war of the classes, with the proles always losing… as far as the super-wealthy and powerful class is concerned, whose side you’re on depends on how much money you have… and if any poor people ever do hit the lottery, they’ll change… but political power doesn’t have to be based solely on who’s got the money, if the workers ever figure out the democratic process… what’s stopping them? the immigration invasion is designed to aggravate the racial and other tensions keeping the internecine difficulties alive at that level, as illustrated by the article above… the question is – at what point do the gilbert huntleys of the white world admit they’re ready to die for their countries and take the gloves all the way off, not just with the toxic immigrants, but every bit as much with the PTB?

    1. Barkingdeer –

      I admit I’m NOT very ready to die “for” my country – UNTIL, MAYBE, IT ONCE AGAIN IT PROMISES TO BECOME WHAT IT WAS INTENDED TO BE BY THE FOUNDERS. The way it has become culturally “Marxist”-leaning, I only have a love for the beautiful, lovely countryside in which I reside. I’d at least like to stay around to witness a proper “Day of The Rope” (as William Pierce once termed it). Just watching Fox News this morning, an ignorant, Democrat congresswoman from Wisconsin was saying America was “supposed” to honor “freedom of religion” (which phrase has been perverted by the Kalergi-planners to mean that America is supposed to accommodate everyone!).
      “Freedom of religion” was first inspired by Patrick Henry when he witnessed the scourging of a Baptist preacher on the courthouse lawn in Culpeper, Virginia, for preaching outside the Angican sect. In other words, “freedom of religion” meant that no Christian sect – neither Anglican nor Catholic nor otherwise – should dictate terms of worship. Muzzies and Hindis and Jews were NOT considered participants in that “freedom”, yet the dumbed-down populace has been taught that the “freedom” is all-inclusive. Would I be willing to die for the current batch of morons?? Hell NO!!
      Please don’t mistake “love of country” for something it isn’t.

      1. Like my kinsman, George Patton, supposedly once said – “Make the other poor bastard die for HIS country…” 🙂

  10. The fact is that if Muhammad was around these creatures would be BEHEADED. Muhammad would NEVER have tolerated such behavior, especially Clitirectomies. Seriously that is NOT in the Qur’an and Asians do it also as do Southern Africans. It is a tribal thing not a religious thing.

    The problem with these creatures is not t heir theology, as I said Muhammad would have cleansed the world of them, rather it is their BIOLOGY that is the problem.

    As far as having firearms able to defend yourself and your family well that is going to end soon enough. Asians and Hispanics and African Americans and Jewish people are as one on the issue: TAKE THE GUNS AWAY.

    Professor Andrew Joyce did a piece on MacDonald’s website:

    Look at White society today and compare it to how the Muslim children view it, and this is in Denmark:

    Four out of 10 boys of Turkish and Lebanese background expect their mother to be at home to take care of family and children (Jyllands-Posten 12/11 2008).

    That to me is the way America once WAS, not as it is today, after generations of mind pollution from TV movies, rock and roll, education, books and all run by a certain group of people who are certainly NOT MUSLIMS, I might suggest.

    A Catholic woman wrote these moving words in praise of Hezbollah in 2006:

    I must confess that what strikes me the most profoundly is the sight of young Lebanese men marching proudly, as they trample an Israeli flag underfoot. Hezbollah. Many of them don’t even look old enough to shave, and yet, they are truly men. The rest of the world hems and haws at the carnage the Jews have wrought on the once modern and beautiful country of Lebanon. But the average (so-called Christian) American merely echoes the mantra of his Zionist masters as he has been trained to do all his life. Americans confidently state that the Khazar Jews have a right to “defend their country” and that Hezbollah are terrorists, militants, and now, insurgents.

    What they fail to mention is that those Khazar Jews have about as much right to Palestine or Lebanon as the Chinese have to France, i.e., none. They are simply Jewish squatters on Arab land. And the Arabs intend to evict them. That is not terror. That is justice. And that is manly.

    So, Mr. Brave Christian Weekend-Warrior, call Hezbollah terrorists if you will, but one thing you cannot call them is: cowardly. With few exceptions, they are the only people brave enough to stand up to the Jew and spit back in his face. They are willing to fight to the death for their homeland, their honor, their religion, and their women. Yes, I said “their women.” You see, unlike you, they will not let the Jewish pornographers and abortionists defile their culture and turn their women into whores.

    You have been brainwashed into believing that Muslim women hate their plight of being protected from sexual predators, getting married young, becoming mothers, being treated with respect and dignity, being taken care of in their old age by their children, and living like innocent, strong, beautiful women. To your surprise, they do not seem to miss the beer-guzzling, Playboy reading, commitment-phobic, narcissistic men-children who turn their women over to the Jewish enemy. Their men are truly manning the frontlines, as you strain your back to bow as low as possible before your Jew masters, in true lackey fashion. They own you, because you have sold yourselves (and us) out to them. You, Mr. Macho, have become their bitch.

    1. TLOA –

      Good comment. I don’t speak for Muhammed. So, not sure there.

      You wrote:
      “That to me is the way America once WAS, not as it is today,”

      To me that number was 7 of 10.

      In early 20th century was 10 of 10… even men were secretaries!! 🙂

  11. Let’s not put the cart before the horse. The plan to submerge the White west with third world humanoids was in the works long before the Zionist instigated shock and awe Middle East US military campaigns of the last 30 years.
    Don’t remember her name, which is not important, but brainwashing of Whites in the West knows no bounds. A blond young white women went to South Africa to “help out” soon after the once vibrant nation was turned over to the humanoids to rule. She was raped and killed.

    A friend of TJ’s went back to Finland last year from America to care for his ill mother. As a Finnish citizen, even living in the US for years, he could be described as a deer frozen in the headlights. Devlln’s psychological profile of the Finn fits my departed friend to a “T”. My finnish friend must be aghast as to the social conditions in Finland and I suspect still frozen like a deer in the headlights.
    I seems that Americans are just as frozen as the Finns, the Swedes, the Germans and all the rest of white men of the West. Here in the US, while watching the “games”, drinking their beer, trying to make love to their feminized wives and girl friends, working their butts off “To Make America Great Again” (my ass) the nation their forefathers conquered and built is literally going down the crapper.
    S.F, LA, Portland and Seattle here on the left coast are witness to the crap, drug needles and sometimes dead bodies left on the streets. And most of this is from born “again” Americans.
    There are already cities and towns across the US where the tipping point has been crossed and young, very young white girls are getting the loving treatment dished out by the Zionist’s humanoid refugee shock troops.

    In his small Pac12 University town TJ can’t wait to see what the politically correct-brain dead, all humanoids are welcome, diversity is divine- will do where their wives and daughters are brought to heel at the loving hands of the Zionist’s delight. Will the American while male act like a deer in the headlight Finns, Swedes, Germans etc?

    1. @ Toejamicus

      Excellent comment. I enjoyed reading your brilliant description of your Finnish friend as “a deer frozen in the headlights.” Your characterization of White Americans (especially the West coast Whites) as lost souls, totally demoralized and enervated by infighting and the “battle of the sexes”, strikes a chord with me too.

      I note a huge increase of misogyny among White nationalists, a justified misogyny in my humble opinion, given the tragic failure of white women to behave in a way that their menfolk can approve of. When White women behave like whores and drunken sluts, their menfolk can no longer respect them. This is a huge problem for white men who are being symbolically castrated by their own White feminized females.

      I was just about to delete a new comment sent in by a disgusting freak who calls herself “Annabel”. Purportedly a white woman. But she could be a Jew (male or female) pretending to be a White female. Let me know if you think this is a genuine white female or a mischievous troll pretending to be white:

      The semi-literate “Annabel” writes:

      “The ‘white’ men are just women dressed in men’s clothes. They are afraid for women and don’t fuck us ‘white’ women good and enough. So the ‘dark’ hordes invading the west provide in our needs to still them. The ‘white’ men are too lazy, afraid and think too much. We ‘white’ women need action!”

      Who could possibly respect (let alone love) a white woman like Annabel? If she can get a black lover, she can count herself lucky.

      1. Sister M,
        Annabel is obviously a troll that lives under some bridge that emerges to show off her/she/it ignorance.

    2. have you ever been to Africa?
      some of the nicest, most hospitable, freindly, gentle, funny warm human beings with a wicked sense of humour I have ever met were and are African,
      to say nothing of the music
      the jew calls us “goyim”, cattle, animals
      and treat us as such, whenever and where ever they can get away with it.
      surely we are no better than the jew if we refer to other people we share this earth with as “humanoids”?
      that’s chosenite speak.

  12. Islam is only 2.6%
    Which is 100-200 thousand people in finland

    Targeting poor muslims is uncalled for

    Result of islamophobia by zionists

  13. An illegal immigrant from Kenya NOT in the headlines!!

    The Alleged Serial Killer You May Not Have Heard Of Yet, And The Media’s Astonishing Bias.

    He was charged with killing an elderly DFW woman. Police now think he’s a serial killer.

    See the case of Billy Chemirmir, the 46-year-old former healthcare worker recently charged with capital murder in the deaths of 12 elderly women in Texas.

    The accused is not a Trump-supporting white man, but rather an illegal immigrant from Kenya. He did not use a gun to murder his victims, but rather used pillows to suffocate them. His victims were not elderly black women, but rather, elderly white women.

    1. Pat –

      I’ll bet that ‘boon was a fellow-Kenyan Obama supporter! I heard about him last week, and have checked-into Incogman to find the ugly details – but no word, yet.
      I do believe I first heard about it on Fox News, where Tucker Carlson commented about the MSM blackout of it.

    2. Pat,
      Chemirmirs future don’t look to bright. Looks like the state of Texas is gonna have an (electric chair) cookout. Barbeque Texas style. Afterwards, throw the fried Kenyan chicken in a coffin. No decent burial deserved for this scum. Chemirmir……goodbye….just goodbye and may you enjoy wearing 💄 and highheels in a Texas prison waiting for your execution date. 😘

  14. It’s not even a little bit complicated.

    If Hassan Nasrallah and Hezbollah wouldn’t put up with these miscreants,
    then why would Soldiers of Odin put up with them?

    It really is that simple.

    1. Good point, HP. Big difference is, Hezbollah has deadly weapons they can use against the “miscreants” across the border. Tens of thousands of missiles! What do the Soldiers of Odin have? Far less, I’d imagine, that you guys in America have with all your guns and ammo.

      There’s also the question of testosterone or male “fighting spirit”.
      I’d like to think the Soldiers of Odin had the same fighting spirit as Hezbollah. But I don’t think so. I bet the Soldiers of Odin have also been infiltrated by government agents so the cops know exactly what they’re going to do next.

      I have a friend who has just told me that there are testosterone-destroying drugs that can be put into drinking water so as to pacify an entire population and turn all the men into effeminized sissies. He thinks the Scandinavian countries are being used as guinea pigs, to test the effect of doping people en masse through the water supply and processed food available in supermarkets.

      1. Saki,
        May Donaldo suggest something? May these Scandinavian men get into trucking. After only one year of putting up with all the bullsh.t of no respect from dispatchers, brokers, being targeted by DOT and local police, rude truckstop cashiers with IQs lower than Scandinavian Winter temperatures, warehouses which don’t allow truckers to enter their restrooms, constantly being lied to and screwed by mechanics at dealerships, hookers interrupting your sleep in the middle of the night, paying outrageous prices for food, water, diesel and DEF fluid at truckstops, being away from friends, family and the comfort of a woman’s body for months at a time……these pussy-boy Scandinavian men would be transformed into MEN with mega testosterone, middle-finger at the ready, trigger-happy, itchy-fisted all ready to take care of business. Come on Scandinavian men. Live in Donaldos World for one year please. Transform yourselves and, later, return to Scandinavia with a message to the 3rd World darkies who think they can take what is YOURS and rape your women. Donaldo guarantees that after only one year of “rehabilitation” over the road with Donaldo, every last darkie will run for his life, tail tucked between legs, to the nearest port to board the boat back home to escape the wrath of the fury that Donaldo has taught you. Any doubts? Just call Donaldo. 😉

      2. Saki,
        TJ believes that there is a 50-50 chance, here in the former American Republic, if three White nationalists get together to talk things over one will be an FBI informer or under cover operative of the deep state. The same most likely goes for Western Europe.

  15. PAT
    we need to find a new way to execute these kind of predators… simple killing is way too good for em..
    And you’re right, you won’t hear about this on the jew media…
    There’s probably not much hope for society unless the media undergoes a major restructuralization.
    The security state likes the media fine just the way it is though..
    “The dark hordes invading the west provide in our needs to still them”…
    That is an interesting choice of words, almost poetic.
    If you’re having trouble getting laid, you might try going to a scummy biker bar having a couple too many drinks… you could rent a van for the occasion…

      1. Wig –

        ANNABEL might like ‘pulling the train’… with those soft-spoken sissy Americans.

        I noticed the blonde found his needle in the haystack! 🙂

  16. The U.S.S. Nimitz put to sea on Friday with “a load of small arms,” can anyone guess its destination? In the late nineteenth century it was called “gunboat diplomacy” today it might be better termed “aircraft carrier diplomacy.”

  17. Good bye Ukraine..
    So why is the US 101st Airborne in Ukraine? and the UK and Canadian forces?

    What is not mentioned about Ukraine? Looks like the Ukies have signed there own death warrant siding with Soros’ EUSSR. Pity that…

    Leaked report: Israel acknowledges Jews in fact Khazars; Secret plan for reverse migration to Ukraine.

    The pressure building along Russia’s borders from NATO and Western Jewish financiers, such as George Soros, is intent on establishing a new Khazaria which will be larger than the original and will incorporate the nation of Kazakhstan. The remnants of the old Khazaria are working towards this objective from within the nations of Israel, Ukraine, Poland, Georgia, and Kazakhstan.

    1. PP –
      “The remnants of the old Khazaria are working towards this objective from within the nations of Israel, Ukraine, Poland, Georgia, and Kazakhstan.”

      ‘Put-On’ is working towards this objective from within the nations of Israel, Ukraine, Poland, Georgia, and Kazakhstan.

      Thanks to ‘Put-On’ – ISRAEL and IRAN are both set to join the Russia-led free trade zone!!

      After two rounds of negotiations, Jerusalem close to agreement with Eurasian Economic Union; separately, Tehran also set to sign deal ‘in the near future’.

      The Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) is an economic union created in 2014 by a treaty between Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus.

      The EAEU heads of state comprise a governing body known as The Supreme Eurasian Economic Council, and the executive body which oversees day-to-day operations is known as the Eurasian Economic Commission, an analog to the European Commission. The Court of the EAEU serves as the judicial body.

      “The negotiations with the EAEU were launched in Moscow in April 2018, following positive results of a comprehensive Joint Feasibility Study conducted by the parties,” a spokesperson for the Economy Ministry told The Times of Israel on Monday(Feb 11, 2019).


      Free-trade agreements are expected to be signed between the Russia-led Eurasian Economic Union (EEU), Singapore, India, Egypt and Iran in the near future.
      That’s according to Russia’s First Deputy Minister of Industry Sergey Tsyb. He said WTO member states currently use over 7,500 non-tariff measures such as quotas, licenses, restrictions and embargos in respect of industrial goods.
      “Therefore, in our opinion, it would be very productive if we actively move towards the conclusion of agreements on the free-trade zone,” said the official.

  18. I have been an avid reader of for a long time and I have a great deal of respect for Dr. Lasha. I consider this website is an intellectual and serious academic source of knowledge. Sometimes I disagree with Dr. Lash blaming everything on Muslims but generally I enjoy reading this website for enhancement of knowledge and information. However, this article raises a serious question with that assumption.


    I strongly believe that Dr. Lasha will show integrity and intellectual honesty and post my comment in toto. I promise that next time my posts will not be that long.

    ADMIN: Apologies for the deletions made in your long comment. We have decided to run it in toto, without deletions, as a full-length feature article — with some added material in the form of pictures and captions. Hope this meets with your approval.

  19. “Finnish vigilantes like the Soldiers of Odin are already patrolling the streets. The welfare state will become unsustainable under such circumstances…”

    This is supposed to be bad news?

  20. The Edomite-Caananite-Jews are behind it all. They descend from Cain, from the Fallen Angels, they are trying to destroy God’s creation the white race.

    It is no coincidence that every government has been usurped by the Jews and every white country without exception is being overrun. It is a calculated invasion with 1 goal in mind.

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