The Sackler Family – A Secretive Billion Dollar Opioid Empire

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Sourced from Information Clearing House

August 27, 2019

“With over 200,000 deaths caused by Opioids, it’s important to look at how this tragedy took place and who’s behind it. In this video we look at the Sackler family, the family that has caused untold damage to the lives of millions.” (ICH)


The Darkmoon site has published several articles about the Sackler family which is directly responsible for the opioid crisis in America. This abridged version by Lasha Darkmoon of an article by Kevin MacDonald on the Occidental Observer is well worth reading. The full version by Kevin MacDonald, running to roughly 5000 words, can be read on TOO: Opioids and the Crisis of the White Working Class.

The Sackler family was in the news today. They had been forced to admit culpability for the opioid crisis but, conveniently for them, had managed to “settle out of court”.  Meanwhile, the drug company Johnson & Johnson that had marketed the dangerously addictive painkillers (oxycontin)  has been fined the colossal sum of $572 million. Incidentally, not a even a hint was given in the extended BBC report on TV news that the Sackler family was Jewish. That fact had to be concealed.     


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  1. There are many blames for the opioid crisis, not the least of which is the enormous profits enjoyed by the pharmaceutical salesmen, and the physicians who prescribed them. The over-the-counter status of opioids like Percocet and Xanax in Mexico, however, has accelerated the illegal trafficking by those who have access to across-the-border business in other fields of endeavor. These class-action lawsuits need be applauded – especially against Monsanto and Johnson & Johnson. It is no stretch to imagine some ambitious lawyers eventually going after the Sackler family if there’s any stretch they may be held culpable in the crisis. Beware the politicos who petition to statutorily limit the liability settlements of such entities. Let the lawyers get rich!! (If they get too greedy, they will be in danger of assassination, anyway…)

  2. What is a crime in the first place?
    When a nation’s government is regulating the health industry while collecting huge individual and secret bribes and favours, the Australian Medical Association being run by big Pharma is influencing national doctors with constant updates on how to prescribe and how to use their poison on patients and after that (Australia) calls their own health system ONE OF THE BEST HEALTH SYSTEMS IN THE WORLD while inventing “pain clinics” where critical patients can learn which medications should not be mixed or interchanged and how to take their doses of Oxicontin or other opioids for “not getting addicted” but has no alternatives available one has to ask oneself when are the real criminals and “parts of the authority” arrested for their crimes that has and is officially allowing such nonsense for exploitation against their own fellow people while officially by law denying or choking ALL HEALTHIER ALTERNATIVES for pain or other treatments of sickness and disease out of existence. Isn’t it time to remove the criminal rot from the source of all evil (Government) that gladly allows it to happen while enriching themselves. Arresting a billionaire like Sackler or Epstein here and there will not make any difference. New kosher ones will take their place and nothing ever changes. Drain the international worldly governmental swamps, dissect their criminal political marionettes for good instead of re electing and the infected noxious sewer where these greedy power hungry microbes constantly arise will heal itself (at least for a little while).
    Life on earth is pain. For thousands of years nature did provide everything for any human health needs until some runaway tribe decided to invent mental heath and as a backup tiny pills that can be exchanged for gold and power. In the meantime here in Australia nearly all important medical herbs and plants for human consumption during health issues, native or not are declared “TOXIC OR NOXIOUS WEEDS” by the authorities and are officially declared unsafe for human consumption while poisoning the patient with kosher toxins and chemical warfare through medication.

    1. Jo –

      You wrote:
      “Drain the international worldly governmental swamps, dissect their criminal political marionettes for good instead of re electing and the infected noxious sewer where these greedy power hungry microbes constantly arise will heal itself (at least for a little while).”

      When you wrote – “instead of re electing” – that signals to me you believe that elections are not fixed.

      I can help you there:
      Smart people need to shed their thinking that elections are actually the choices of the people. THEY ARE NOT!! They ARE RIGGED!!

      Google just admitted they can swing 16 MILLION votes!

      Hacking Democracy Video of the Hursti Hack

      (Demonstration and Testing)

      How votes are stolen by programmed Voting Machines!

      People in the group voted on: 
      “Can the votes on this Diebold system be hacked using the memory card?”
      **2 people voted Yes. 6 people voted No. 
      **The machine reported 7 Yes, 1 No!

      As a software “hacker” (in the proper, non-malicious definition), I can say this is definitely a completely valid and utterly shocking “hack” that may have affected countless elections over the years…

      “If I had not seen what was behind this, I’d have no reason not to, I would have certified this election as a true and accurate result of a vote.” – Ion Sancho, Supervisor of Elections, Leon County, Florida.
      From the highly underrated documentary, “Hacking Democracy”. See more about the hack and its background: 
      Hursti Hack

      From 2012…………
      DIEBOLD and ES&S co-workers can insert unauthorized software into voting machines.

      Fraudulently counting the votes with pre-programmed ‘chips’ puts it away… with no doubts.
      Here… a technician supervisor tells another way. Faked ‘patches’ performed:

      Vote Fraud – Diebold Whistleblower, Chris Hood, Speaks Out

      Main points:
      1-Malicious co-workers can insert unauthorized software into voting machines.
      2-Thousands of votes were lost when tabulation cards were ‘erased’ and never recovered.
      3-Problems with machines are kept away from press…. and THAT means a good election – NO Problems!

      1. You are correct Pat. English not being my mother language is just a lame excuse and I seem to have many problems with many words in any language that I speak in pigeon style. Elections are rigged. Democracy is communism and tyranny and voting is a waste of time. Unfortunately the majority of WE are still playing “citizens” instead of their real role being non thinking slaves. Though if it is finally realized by some of the public that “some” of these well paid “democratic” freeloaders in parliaments have lost immunity against political crimes including official money laundering, corruption, pedophilia and genocide through warmongering and profiteering a domino effect of real justice might apply and reshuffle some “democratic” cards – if not a global war will interrupt the “free thinking process” bringing ALL back to normal with much to “invest” for the “future”.
        The best paid hackers work for “national security” or are silenced forever when their skills interfere with the masters rule of disguise. As selfishness rules this world real heroes are rare – even in “real counter terrorism against the evil of this world” much is staged for the same cabaret/show.

  3. 9-11 was about a lot more than making an excuse for the pentagon to move into Iraq and the rest of the Middle East, “take out” General Clark’s 7 countries. anywhere they want to go really, off the books, whatever…
    9-11 placed the corporate hierarchy on a national security level, shaded under the Rex 84 penumbra..
    They operate with more immunity now…
    Big Pharma wasn’t left out, no lawsuits allowed against vaccine makers..
    Vaccines, drugs, medicine, all an exigent national security issue…
    The Sackler opiate operation is right in that ballpark…
    All corporate activities are protected in a different league…
    Since corporations get away with even more now in the post 9-11 world, the Sackler boys took advantage of the situation with their super-addictive synthetic opiate…
    There’s nothing real new about the concept though, Eli Lily’s Prozac’s been around for a while, brought to you by Dan Quayle and daddy Bush…
    And in fact contracting for war materials is 90% of what the swamp is all about…
    Lots of money in pharmaceuticals too, sickness , death… Doctors are killers…
    If the spooks can start wars for profit, why can’t the Sacklers exploit drug addiction?
    The graphs are interesting… They got it started in West Virginia and Nevada, hillbillies and Indians…
    It’s still going strong there and has branched out bigtime…
    The Dakotas will be the lat to go…
    They’ve got their own window in the Queen’s Cathedral Castle…
    What does the Royal Family know about the drug business?

  4. The drug pushers are doing business for a long time. I will take this opportunity to write about another drug being pushed, with more devastating effects socially, alcohol. Why the hell do we (not me) ingest this primitive chemical product? Every corner in the world is saturated with this poison. I knew a Jordanian who said they drink a lot in his country.

    These are some direct consequences of alcohol consumption abuse (show me a regular drinker who never abused): car crashes, bar fights, hepatic cirrhosis, alcoholic amnesia, weakened immunological system, unplanned pregnancy, dementia, chemical dependency, irrational bursts of rage, domestic violence, etc. Does anybody need it? And if one mixes alcohol with cocaine he becomes a maniac, literally, because he is able to stand up after intoxicated with a whole bottle of whiskey, while his brain fries, permanently.

    A prohibition is the solution? No, for Christ sake! We have free will to do wherever we want with our god given bodies (sorry abortionists, abortion involves two bodies). Drug pushers love prohibition because of the rising prices of their products. A huge security apparatus is needed to the point that murders are not solved anymore, only 15%, depending on the country. It is very difficult for the State to suppress a large economical demand from the population. Enlightenment is the key!

    Below is a very interesting paragraph from the Protocols…of Zion, chapter one:

    “Behold the alcoholic animals, bemused with drink, the right to an immoderate use of which comes along with freedom. It is not for us and ours to walk that road. The peoples of the GOYIM are bemused with alcoholic liquors; their youth has grown stupid on classicism and from early immorality, into which it has been inducted by our special agents – by tutors, lackeys, governesses in the houses of the wealthy, by clerks and others, by our women in the places of dissipation frequented by the GOYIM. In the number of these last I count also the so-called “society ladies,” voluntary followers of the others in corruption and luxury.”

    If you have the will to stop drinking a cold alcohol free beer really helps.

  5. NBTT
    When I was a foolish young man I got into a fight one night with some equally foolish local rednecks who like me consumed copious amounts of whiskey. I got so mean and crazy that I bout near killed one of them with my bare hands (with help from an empty bottle). I haven’t touched the evil firewater since.

    Here’s one of many such sad stories from my ancestors:

    Before the European invasion, the Southeastern peoples had used no fermented drinks of any sort, and when they were introduced to hard liquor, the impact was devastating. Warriors who valued courage imagined that whiskey made them fearless. Shamans believed that rum helped them achieve a dreamlike state in which they were better able to communicate with the Spirit world.

    The truth was appallingly different. Lacking any tradition of moderate social drinking in the European sense – and perhaps genetically more vulnerable to alcohol’s toxic and addictive effects – untold numbers of Indian men fell victim to the bottle. Entire communities were thrown into turmoil. Rum and whiskey became one of the White traders most effective bartering devices for gaining an edge over their native counterparts – who in some cases were willing to trade a whole season’s supply of hides for a jug or two.

    Native leaders were not blind to such problems, and by the 1750s many were speaking out against the alcohol trade. One of the most eloquent was a Catawba chief known as King Haglar, who lived near the N. Carolina and S. Carolina border. In 1757 he chastised traders who would “rot your grain in tubes, out of which you take and make strong spirits”, and vainly urged colonial officials to stem the flow of Caribbean rum and English whiskey into his people’s villages.

    “You sell it to our young men, and give it to them, many times…it rots their guts and causes our men to get very sick, and many of our people have lately died by the effects, and I heartily wish you would do something to prevent your people from daring to sell or give them any of that strong drink” – King Haglar, Catawba

  6. NBTT
    I gave it up decades ago..
    In fact i have my Old Milwaukee on my computer hour in the evening, just had one…
    The non-alcoholic kind, has the sexy broad on the box…
    Put em on the freezer until right on the edge of slush and they ain’t too bad, especially in the summer… Not too sure about the water they use to make it though…
    ” Warriors who valued courage imagined that whiskey made them fearless.”
    Well, not to be facetious, but that’s true enough… However, “Discretion is the better part of valor”
    “Shamans believed that rum helped them achieve a dreamlike state in which they were better able to communicate with the Spirit world.”
    Oh Yeah, it’ll put you right in the spirit world…
    Peter Mattiessen’s book ‘In The Spirit Of Crazy Horse’ gives a pretty clear picture of devastating effect alcohol still has on the Aboriginals… It’s chemical warfare…
    Trouble is, you can’t expect to make it illegal…
    In fact, Prohibition was a tactic the Jews used to increase organized crime and police corruption in the USA…

    1. Bark –

      Prohibition was a tactic used by Rockefeller to force farmers to use petroleum products – especially gasoline – rather than their home-made alcohol from their tons of field corn & silage… and establish the BATFE police enforcers. Once that was accomplished it was repealed. Now individuals are limited to 5 gallons a year for personal use only.

      Among Woodrow Wilson’s greatest accomplishments, but little known, was doing the bidding of Rockefeller’s Standard oil, by imposing ‘Prohibition’ to force the people to use gasoline, a waste by-product of oil refinery. That just might be the biggest scam in the US which is NEVER mentioned. Wilson forced people in the US to use gasoline… and eventually, all other countries had to use gasoline. ‘Rocky’ became an even bigger oligarch.

      Before 1920, almost all vehicles ran on alcohol which every country boy and farmer could produce…. FREE from silage and grass. The unconstitutional amendment forced people to buy gasoline.

      Most don’t have a clue that the Ford Model-T had a switch to change the timing to burn gasoline or alcohol. The engine was capable of running on….. gasoline, kerosene, or ethanol!!

      —The introduction of Prohibition made ethanol an impractical fuel for most users.

      During the 1920s over 50,000 brand new and used farm vehicles capable of running on alcohol were bought up CHEAP by US Govt and shipped to the Philippines….. where they could make their own alcohol!!

      The amendment had to be repealed in 1933 due to the fact that it was unconstitutional. Amendments to the US Constitution cannot be directed at the general populace.

      Prohibition caused the worst corruption and crime sprees and allowed the worst abuse of police power since the Civil War.


      During that time, Brigadier General Smedley Butler was called to Philadelphia to clean up the crime and enforce Prohibition. He was appointed director of public safety, 1924-25. He was relieved because he was shooting and beating too many criminals on the streets… as if he were on the battlefield..!!
      “Butler was no shrinking violet. He designed his own police uniform, using the cape from his Marine uniform with a bright red lining, quickly reorganized the police department, fired some officers and vigorously enforced the Prohibition laws.
      “In fact, he enforced them too vigorously for Mayor “You have a completely free hand” Kendrick. It seems Butler decided the elite Ritz Carlton and Bellevue Stratford hotels were operating as speakeasies and decided to shut them down. That was a little bit more enforcement than Mayor Kendrick bargained for, and Smedley was sent packing after about two years on the job.”

      “Butler, who spent nearly 34 years in the Marine Corps and received 16 medals, five for heroism and two medals of honor and was the most decorated Marine in history at the time of his death, noted that “cleaning up Philadelphia was worse than any battle I ever saw.”

      1. Outstanding, Pat! 🙂

        (((They))) changed the world on this particular juncture, for worse!

        These are the steps, grossly speaking, required for the fuel to get to the gas station:
        a) experimental seismic data and analysis to locate the black gold;
        b) drilling deep (3 miles depth) holes on the ground or off shore;
        c) pumping up the oil;
        d) refinery plant;
        e) storage/transportation/quality control;
        f) gas station.

        It takes approximately 5 years to complete the process, until then there is no inflow of money. Very risky, lots of wells are drilled to find just mud water, and if the drilling is off shore prepare to waste a lot of money. The refinery plant business isn’t very risky but it requires a great amount of capital. Furthermore, imagine the costs to build a steel pipeline 200 miles length or more and worse, under the sea. Conclusion: the oil industry is a business for only a few highly capitalized chosen ones, otherwise it has to be State sponsored.

        Autonomous Energetic self-sustained properties NOT ALLOWED!!

    2. “I gave it up decades ago..”
      Wise decision, Bark!
      In a few years, I’m going to complete my first alcohol free decade.

      “It’s chemical warfare…”
      Nice metaphor! Or perhaps, it’s not a metaphor at all.

  7. PAT
    “The amendment had to be repealed in 1933 due to the fact that it was unconstitutional. Amendments to the US Constitution cannot be directed at the general populace. ”
    What about number 16 then?
    Can we get rid of it too?
    Somebody killed Rudolf Diesel too, threw him overboard…
    His high compression engine was an improvement on the gasoline/alcohol burner..
    The idea was that farmers could all produce the diesel fuel, like they did the alcohol…
    That was at about the same time the Rockenfelders came up with petro-diesel…
    I changed in 1985…
    It’s no metaphor…

  8. Tucker Carlson Lambasts the Sackler Family that Promoted Addictive Opioids.
    He also Criticizes the Justice System that Allows Elites to Get Away with Murder!!

    Carlson says the ruling class becomes incredibly rich by wrecking our country and killing people. When they get caught, politicians and celebrities pretend to be concerned for a week and then nothing happens. None of these people ever are sent to prison.

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