The Shocking Arrest of Julian Assange


Julian Assange : The Age of Injustice

“I don’t believe the charge against Assange. . . . The governments in Washington, London, and Quito are so shameless that they do not mind demonstrating to the entire world their lawlessness and lack of integrity. . . . If Donald Trump had any integrity, he would bring this shameful and embarrassing persecution of Assange to an immediate end by issuing a pre-trial pardon.” — Paul Craig Roberts

April 11, 2019 brought us a new word for Judas: Moreno—the puppet president of Ecuador who sold Julian Assange to Washington for his 30 pieces of silver.

This morning’s arrest of Assange inside the Ecuadorean embassy in London is the first stage in Washington’s attempt to criminalize the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Washington’s man in Quito said he revoked Assange’s political asylum and Ecuadoran citizenship because Assange engaged in free speech.

As race and gender diverse police dragged Assange out of the embassy this morning [see video below], I reflected on the utter corruption of three governments—the U.S., the U.K., and Ecuador—and their institutions.

The British police showed no shame as they carted Assange from his embassy prison of the last seven years to a British jail as a way station on the way to an American one. If the British police had any integrity, the entire force would have called in sick.

If the British parliament had any integrity, they would have blocked London’s contribution to Washington’s upcoming show trial.

If the British had a prime minister instead of a Washington agent, Assange would have been released a long time ago, not held in de facto imprisonment until Washington found Moreno’s price.

If the Ecuadoran ambassador in London had any integrity, he would have publicly resigned rather than call in the police to take Assange. Is the ambassador so soulless that he can live with himself as the man who helped Moreno dishonor the reputation of Ecuador?

If the Anglo-American journalists had any integrity, they would be up in arms over the criminalization of their profession.

President Trump has survived a three-year ordeal similar to Assange’s seven-year ordeal. Trump knows how corrupt US intelligence agencies and the U.S. Department of Justice (sic) are. If Trump had any integrity, he would bring the shameful and embarrassing persecution of Assange to an immediate end by issuing a pre-trial pardon. This would also end the illegal re-imprisonment of Chelsea Manning. But integrity is not something that thrives in Washington, or in London, or in Quito.

When the Justice (sic) Department does not have a crime with which to charge its intended victim, the department trots out “conspiracy.” Assange is accused of being in a conspiracy with Manning to obtain and publicize secret government data, such as the film, which was already known to a Washington Post reporter who failed his newspaper and his profession by remaining silent, of U.S. soldiers committing extraordinary war crimes without remorse. As a U.S. soldier, it was actually Manning’s duty to report the crimes and the failure of U.S. troops to disobey unlawful orders. Manning was supposed to report the crimes to his superiors, not to the public, but he knew the military had already covered up the massacre of journalists and civilians and did not want another My Lai-type event on its hands.

I don’t believe the charge against Assange. If Wikileaks cracked the code for Manning, Wikileaks did not need Manning.

The alleged Grand Jury that allegedly produced the indictment was conducted in secret over many years as Washington searched for something that might be pinned on Assange. If there actually was a grand jury, the jurors were devoid of integrity, but how do we know there was a grand jury? Why should we believe anything Washington says after “Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction,” “Assad’s use of chemical weapons against his own people,” “Iranian nukes,” “Russian invasion of Ukraine,” “Russiagate,” and on and on ad infinitum. Why believe Washington is telling the truth this time?

As the grand jury was secret because of “national security,” will the trial also be secret and the evidence secret? Is what we have here a Star Chamber proceeding in which a person is indicted in secret and convicted in secret on secret evidence? This is the procedure used by tyrannical governments who have no case against the person they intend to destroy.

The governments in Washington, London, and Quito are so shameless that they do not mind demonstrating to the entire world their lawlessness and lack of integrity.

Perhaps the rest of the world is itself so shameless that there will be no adverse consequences for Washington, London, and Quito. On the other hand, perhaps the frameup of Assange, following the Russiagate hoax and the shameless attempt to overthrow democracy in Venezuela and install Washington’s agent as president of that country, will make it clear to all that “the free world” is led by a rogue and lawless government. Washington is speeding up the decline of its empire as Washington makes it clear that Washington is worthy of no respect.

No confidence that justice will be served can be placed in any American trial. In Assange’s trial justice is not possible. With Assange convicted by the media, even a jury convinced of his innocence will convict him rather than face denunciation for freeing a “Russian spy.”

Assange’s conviction will make it impossible for media to report leaked information that is unfavorable to the government. As the precedent expands, future prosecutors will claim the Assange case as a precedent for prosecuting critics of the government who will be charged with intended harm to the government. The age of justice and accountable government is being brought to an end.


VIDEO  :  3.15 mins

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  1. PCR is dead right about this one. Like Trump did egg Assange on during the campaign and we do have those embarassing videos of Trump thanking both Wikileaks and Aasange! The way they structured the charges to get around the espionage act is about as transparent as glass. The DOJ should be embarrassed.

    Wikileaks serves a purpose no different than the Washington post did when they published the pentagon papers back when.

    Its not often that I agree with PCR but on this one, no questions asked !

  2. PCR:

    “Why should we believe anything Washington says after “Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction,” “Assad’s use of chemical weapons against his own people,” “Iranian nukes,” “Russian invasion of Ukraine,” “Russiagate,” and on and on ad infinitum. Why believe Washington is telling the truth this time?”

    I say, “Why believe Washington is telling the truth ANY time?”

    PCR relentlessly and repeatedly mentions the ‘N’ word! This time he dug up the same old reference of nukes in Iran! How subtlety he has attempted to place false reality into the reader’s subconscious. I’m sure he learned that in his Georgetown ‘spook’ classes in DC.

    However, THIS TIME, he claimed they were part of the fake news – lies – out of Washington DC. He has it both ways… as he keeps FEAR alive! The jews like that. I don’t!!

    1. Pat,

      Veterans Today style themselves pompously as the “Journal of the Clandestine Services”. Their use of the word “clandestine” in relation to whatever they do intrigues me. Are they implying that they are some underground revolutionary organisation of ex-servicemen or are they intelligence operatives involved in “black ops”? I can’t fathom what else they could be implying by that term “clandestine”.

      1. CM –

        I gave up on VT when Duff told the world that 40% of of VT’s info was outright bald face lies. He did that about 5 years ago. His excuse was for personal safety. HA!!

        He admitted they have their own truths over there.

        So I can say, with high accuracy, that ”clandestine” means they HIDE the real facts and sources. They “pompously” make stuff up!! 🙂

      2. Veterans Today (VT), Gordon Duff (joined recently by prolific poster Carol Duff, an RN among other qualifications) and sidekick Jim Dean have held forth for years now, my own participation and visiting of that site frequent over several years at least (earliest files saved in 2014). To my knowledge , GD (not to be confused with G_D) doubled-down on his incautious “60% Truthy | 40% Not-truthy” statement, occasionally claiming he’d be killed to reveal more, more truth, etc. Thus, we have VT’s inherently confusing mix of truth and lies, good data and disinfo, etc.

        DISCERNMENT has become the watchword. I strive to glean valid data, even reasonable theories subject to verification and testing, from VT writers and posts. Having been led down the proverbial garden path dozens of times in the past decade — and not only by VT — I realize how vulnerable we be to misinformation, lies, and fakery. When that no longer works, look for censorship, extended power outages, crackdowns on gun groups, and the like.

        I agree with Duff and Company that Assange, Snowden, and perhaps others were indeed intelligence operatives. Use of BODY DOUBLES seems common among the elite powers; Hillary appeared to have at least two in her run for POTUS 2016. Resigned to eating crow, as he said, Jim Stone called the recent pictures of Assange persuasive — until he discovered the wholesale change in the Gettysburg Address web-wide! We may seriously underestimate Winston Smith’s ability, enhanced by technology, today! If John Lennon was truly NOT assassinated, then I, too, put in with Jim Stone.

        There are so many possibilities, all without a shred of chance to investigate independently. If VT really knows, VT does not tell. If VT tells, we still do not know. Hence, the fruits of Wikileaks, leaving Israel and others virtually “undisclosed”, mutely points a straight finger at the perps. And by their fruits….

  3. Any enemy of Hillary, Clinton Inc., the FIB,
    the Dept. of Injustice, the DeepState dirty rats
    and the M$M fifth column, is a friend of mine.
    Plus he’s a twin to my departed brother Daniel.

    That said, there’s also the other side of every hidden story.
    A side where if the (cia) really wanted to get rid of him,
    I’m pretty sure they could have and still can.
    Same goes for you and me..

  4. PAT,

    They actually call themselves “Journal for the Clandestine Services”, not “of”, as I wrote mistakenly. Thanks for your opinion. Many of their authors claim to be former, retired, and ex-agents of the alphabet agencies. I was of the opinion that such are never allowed to truly retire. Sort of like the Mafia, once you join you can’t leave, except in a wooden box.

    1. CM –

      In this case, it should cause you wonder if all of those claims are included in the 40% of the lies from VT. The whole group and all of the stories are suspect to me.

      We WERE warned by the one who knows… Duff!!

      I wonder about this author here. PCR. He could be compromised in many ways. We know he has a fantastic government retiree’s pension and an envied 100% medical coverage for LIFE to guard. There could be more from hanging around DC all of these years. Pay for play tips come to mind.

      1. We have LITMUS TESTS in Chemistry. For this macro-chemical problem, I suggest testing PCR with the litmus sticks 9-11 and Sandy Hook. I have found very few who think 9-11 was an inside job with foreign contractors AND who think Sandy Hook was a bloodless false flag who also believe Snowden and Assange were “true whistleblowers” of any sort. Assange and Glen Greenwald bonding together for disclosure to major MSM outlets sealed the deal early for me. I’d be shocked if PCR addressed 9-11 or Sandy Hook as false flags, the former certainly involving Israeli intelligence operatives, from art students up to the WTC landlord and BEYOND.

        VT, in contrast, has addressed both 9-11 and Sandy Hook extensively and, apparently, with greater than the usual 60% truthiness. My conclusion: PCR is a limited hangout, disinfo agent, and, at best, “controlled opposition”.

  5. The senile sage wrote:

    “President Trump has survived a three-year ordeal similar to Assange’s seven-year ordeal.”


    “Trump knows how corrupt US intelligence agencies and the U.S. Department of Justice (sic) are.”

    Despite my repeated attempts (by way of email) to convince him otherwise, the senile sage adamantly refuses to even consider the possibility that orange clown’s presidential campaign was dishonest. He still “thinks” the “deep state” really really really is out to “get” the hapless orange clown, even as the clown continues to openly and enthusiastically stab America in the back for the sake of the “deep state” agenda. In a way it’s sad to see the senile sage trash his credibility for the sake of the treacherous orange clown.

    “If Trump had any integrity, he would bring the shameful and embarrassing persecution of Assange to an immediate end by issuing a pre-trial pardon. This would also end the illegal re-imprisonment of Chelsea Manning. But integrity is not something that thrives in Washington, or in London, or in Quito.”

    LOL! If Trump had any integrity, he wouldn’t be Trump. Trump is in “Washington” precisely because he has no integrity.

    1. Agree, Trump is a judas goat leading America to destruction via a satanic zionist NWO. I voted for Trump but realized early in 2017 that he was a zionist shill and a world class liar.

  6. british police?
    what’s that mean?
    first of all, it means they’re not english police, and there is a difference…
    england was lost when it became britain, which is the anglo land of the israeli covenant…
    ‘brit’ means ‘brith’, as in b’nai b’rith…
    the union jack is the union jacob… jack means jacob…
    the queen is jewish, hebrew/pharoah bloodline, says herself she’s ET…
    but then, aren’t we all?
    icke says she’s a reptilian shapeshifter…
    he might be right for all any of us know…
    he sticks to his guns on that…
    the queen’s prime minister is obviously a zionist stooge, britain completely under the control of the jews, like france and the usa, etc…
    except for the brexit thing, which those PTB are never going to allow… it’s been voted on but they don’t care…
    the police who arrested assange are under jew-masonic control, many will be jews and/or masons, like in every other major metropolis…
    the adl sees to that…
    the offset black and white checks on their hatbands is masonic code, which shows to those in the know they are under the control of masonry, what they think and do……
    the chevrons on soldiers sleeves are a form of the square-on-square pattern, so is the blue and white symbol you see at the ‘chevron’ gas stations…
    the pattern indicates levels of secrecy, those on the lower levels are kept from the information had by those on the upper levels, otherwise the power structure ceases to exist…
    assange’ crime was he screwed with the information and therefore the power structure…
    the power structure’s first concern is protecting itself, not bringing sunlight to government and peace to the world, and the end always justifies the means…
    i wonder what PCR knows but any of that..
    he was big in the reagan administration, does that mean PCR is a 33 mason too, like reagan was?
    i’d say it’s highly likely…
    veterans today says so themselves they’re disinfo, so why listen to them?
    snowden may very well be a cia creep though, but i doubt it about manning….
    i did read all about it years ago, how assange had a lot of similar dirt on the israelis too, but he sold it for big money to the new york times, which will never publish it..
    it was only a matter of time until the cia was able to turn somebody in the ecuadoran government…
    they’re past masters at that sort of thing…
    it might indicate there was some integrity there for a while though…

    1. @ Barkingdeer

      Too much time in the Sweat Lodge is a dangerous thing. Unfortunately, I believe that Avatar might be in there with you. Perhaps Pat as well.

  7. People don’t learn; Let’s say it again: Don’t mess with the U.S. don’t mess with the New World Order, don’t mess with us Jews. Please.
    Look at Gaddafi, look at Saddam, look at Arafat and even look at Bin Laden. Gosh! look at Geronimo, the Che Guevara and Chavez!
    Just stay home after work, play Nintendo, take a deep in the pool, watch the Knicks play basketball while you enjoy some kosher Popcorn, or write a comment or two at Darkmoon,.
    The last one we might let slide, depending on the content. 🙂
    But stay out of trouble; don’t play hero. People will end up forgetting you while you rot in a cell next to el Chapo.

    🙂 🙂

    1. I always wanted to document this somewhere. Gaddafi, although a lot speaks for him, was no friend of white South Africa. My sympathy for him thus has its limits. He might have been an African nationalist, but whites were not part of his plans. I remember too distinctly the days when I could not walk around in Pretoria without fear of Soviet limpet mines (the grey SPM limpet mine being the regular model) going off. With compliments by the ANC, supported by Gaddafi. I nearly was a victim of such a mine in the mall where my employer was located (Sanlam center, Pretoria). The police discovered it in time. The one in the Sanlam center in the coastal town of Amanzimtoti near Durban went off. I saw him at the time as being on the wrong side of my barrel.

      1. Gaddafi was no different from almost all world leaders at the time; almost everybody supported the anti-apartheid movement and/or the ANC. People had no idea what was to follow and thought that truth and reconciliation would do its job.

        The good thing about Gaddafi was what he did for the Libyan people in general, greatly improving their living conditions and material wellbeing, and he lived a relatively modest lifestyle himself. But of course he tolerated no dissent and could be brutal, or let’s say his followers were brutal with his opponents. He did support various terrorist/liberation movements around the world, but his most ardent support was of course for the Palestinian groups. In my opinion, his support for the Palestinian cause, more than anything else, is what led to his eventual downfall as those he caused most harm to never forget nor forgive and act through proxies such as US, UK, France, NATO. Those same ones were also responsible for Saddam Hossien’s fate, also probably because of his support for the Palestinians.

        Should one day Palestinians regain their land, I think the Israeli Jews will fare far worse than South African whites. The revenge of the Arabs will be extreme.

        I don’t know what so say except that it’s sad, the ways of history. It’s a pity South Africa couldn’t show a different path with that truth and reconciliation policy which was supposed to forgive the misdeeds of the apartheid regime and move the country in a different direction. Of course in the final analysis it’s all wrong, wars, revolutions, nations and peoples, and just causes suffering, but what to do? I don’t think anybody has the answer and all we can do is observe the march of history, whether we take part in it or not, for better or for worse. And it seems hard to avoid becoming its victims whatever we do. Yes, quite depressing when you think about it.

      2. “People had no idea what was to follow and thought that truth and reconciliation would do its job.”

        Only the naive and the paid-off really believed or incredibly enough still believe this. The black Africans never did and still don’t want equality. That’s a pipe dream and even they know that. What they want is revenge.

        Envy and jealousy lead to frustration which leads to anger which leads to violence, mayhem and yes, bloody murder. Genocide even.
        It’s a human defect as old as Cain and Abel..

        The most obvious in our face modern day manifestation of this reality occurred in RWANDA where 800,000!! lighter skinned, taller, better looking and smarter Tutsis were beaten and hacked to death in three months time by the shorter, blacker, ugly semi-retarded Hutus. Yes, made possible by their envy, jealousy, frustration and anger culminating in an explosion of uber-barbaric genocide. And yes even the “better” Tutsis took their revenge on the Hutu.

        (ADMIN: Apologies for deleting your two links. They damage the website.)

        Anyone who thinks the South African conglomerate of blacks and their savage communist leaders don’t want the very same thing for the whites is either a fool, a proponent of white slaughter, or both.

  8. It doesn’t make sense that Trump would want Assange dragged out of the Ecuadorian embassy and get arrested, lose his asylum, get extradited to the U.S., nothing about this in any way helps Trump, nothing about this gives Trump an edge over the Deep State, nothing about this strengthens his position vis-a-vis the Deep State, nothing about this helps him politically or makes his presidency any easier for him, in fact it makes things more difficult for Trump.

    BUT Assange getting dragged out of the embassy, getting arrested, losing his asylum, and getting extradited to the United States, it all benefits the Deep State, very much so. Trump is not the one behind Assange losing his asylum/safety, the Deep State is behind Assange getting arrested and losing his asylum and behind his extradition. Hillary Clinton, for example, is very happy about Assange getting dragged out of the embassy and getting arrested and losing his asylum and she’s very happy at the thought that Assange will be extradited to the U.S.. This all serves the Deep State, NOT Trump. Time to put on your thinking caps, Darkmooners, and start thinking clearly.

    I am NOT saying Trump is honest. I’m NOT saying Trump is a good president , I’m not saying Trump’s a man of his word — I’m just saying what’s going on with Assange does NOT benefit Trump, it benefits the Deep State. As it’s the Deep State that benefits by Assange’s arrest, it was the Deep State that arranged for Assange to lose his asylum, be arrested, and possibly be extradited to the U.S.. IT doesn’t benefit Trump so Trump is not the one who arranged IT. Think everybody, think.

      1. I see it differently. He has full control of his own mouth, his hands, his twitter account, etc. He chose to run for president on a fraudulent platform. He chose to be the willing instrument of the evil that he takes his orders from. Because he has a choice to do evil or not to do evil, I see him as being fully in charge, and thus fully responsible for everything that happens (or fails to happen) under the aegis of executive branch authority.

      2. HS –

        Trump does not have “full control” of his Twitter account. Dan does:

        The man behind Donald Trump’s official presidential tweets is a former golf caddy who is in charge of the President’s social media… Dan Scavino!

        Dan Scavino is Mr Trump’s “assistant” and Director of Social Media.

        See his interview here:
        And here:

        This article shows Dan puts out fake news. 🙂

        The President’s official tweets are now written by a man who regularly promotes fake stories on Twitter!

        Dan Scavino has shared articles from websites that claim 9/11 was an ‘inside job’, Michelle Obama is a man and Beyonce is funded by the CIA.

      3. “Trump does not have ‘full control’ of his Twitter account. Dan does:

        The man behind Donald Trump’s official presidential tweets is a former golf caddy who is in charge of the President’s social media… Dan Scavino!”

        Lots of people, especially rich and influential people, e.g. orange clown, hire other people to help them with various things; e.g., lawyers, accountants, asset and property management consultants, etc. That doesn’t mean they’ve relinquished control; they’ve just off-loaded some responsibility to someone else while retaining ultimate control. And history shows that Trump routinely fires people when ever he feels like it apparently.

      4. HS –

        Thanks… for confirming what I wrote!! 🙂

        “Trump does not have “full control” of his Twitter account.”

      5. @ Pat

        Thanks for once again demonstrating that you’re a time-and-bandwidth-wasting troll.

      6. “Coming from you… that is a badge of honor and dignity!!

        I shall wear it proudly!!”

        Well of course you will; you don’t know any better.

      7. HS –

        Thanks, again… STILL!!

        Coming from you… that is YET ANOTHER badge of honor and dignity!! The hits just keep on comin’!!
        I shall wear it proudly also, my man!! 🙂

        Soon I will have a chest full of medals from you to match the ones I got in in the US Navy!!

        By continuously complimenting me… you also continue to keep showing all of us… the best use of bandwidth you mentioned I am wasting!! HA!!

        Please DO keep wasting bandwidth on me!! I am blessed! There is NO better cause on the internet!! Gotta LUVVITT!!! 🙂

  9. I sympathize with PCR, I read his website every week, very informative. He writes short articles on Economics, the fraudulent US legal system, the absurdity of Identity Politics, the war of northern aggression, Lincoln and slavery, war crimes of Israel, the Israel lobby, freedom of speech, the right to bear arms, etc. He calls the official 9/11 narrative “a conspiracy theory”.

    Yes, he usually falls for the doom porn, a cold war guy. Sometimes he is melancholic about the good old America when he was a boy. For me, he looks like a regular guy, an old school Christian. I don’t think he is a mason, he is outside the Government since Reagan!

    In one of his articles he said the comment section of his website was disabled because he could not deal with it, to many trolls; the leftists hate him. But you can email him any time.

    I used to read Veterans Today, not anymore…

    1. PCR maybe knew already and in advance of the advice offered by Darkmoon’s “THE AVATAR”, namely, “Don’t mess with the U.S. don’t mess with the New World Order, don’t mess with us Jews. Please.” Why the “purty pleas”, I can imagine. Do NOT lower or flush entirely your “personal” profitability by damaging your social credit score — lesser fees from the Soylent Green folks — the better the social credit score, the more for pound of human flesh!

      Alternatively, THE AVATAR lays out the epitome of “reverse psychology” (the 21st Century offers INVERSE psychology). PULEEEZE! Don’t go into that briar patch…..

    2. Lots of people here seem to disrespect Paul Craig Roberts. Not me. This is because, for all his faults, he knows how to write well and to hold the reader’s attention. I can’t recollect ever reading anything of his that bored me. Bash him as much as you like, but one thing you can’t say about him is: “He’s a bore.” Remember that next time you attack him.

      People attack him for writing “fear porn”. That is so silly. Why? Because the thing about “fear porn” is that it is never boring. It’s always exciting. It gives you a little frisson. A thrill. After all, how can you be bored if you are told that your doom is sealed and that death and destruction await you at any moment? Even if it doesn’t happen, so what? At least it’s exciting to read. It’s never boring.

      You can’t be bored by a fortune teller who tells you, “You’ll be dead tomorrow!” That’s for sure.

      I am more bored by the people who drone on drearily about “fear porn”, boring the pants of me with their tiresome objections to fear porn, than I am with the fear porn itself.

      1. The GAME is garnering ATTENTION, did you not know? Look up “attention” in connection with internet economy, fees, adverts, etc. Yes, PCR, promoted, self-promoted, name recognition — paid by PTB or living off his generous US, Inc. pension, PCR serves well to substract from your energy store and ability to pay attention. Mission accomplished! He offers nothing new, nothing at all, I can see — except as a sink for human attention, which is a precious mental, probably reflected in the stock values of corpses striving to secure your attention most efficiently. If you like PCR for relieving boredom, as you imply, well, GOD bless you!

      2. Saki –

        The way of the advertising world today, set up by jew media moguls, is the “Battle For Eyeballs” and PCR knows it. He uses fear porn to sell his wares on his site. It is just that simple.
        He also uses the fear porn to enhance his government and personal retirement holdings invested in defense industry and stocks.
        He uses fear porn to increase the debt to keep the Federal Reserve afloat. He needs to get paid in USD.
        There are dozens more of the reasons why he uses fear porn. They are obvious, and you can name them yourself. So, I won’t bore you with them.

        Bottom line.. fear porn pushes war which pushes spending.

      3. Yes, you have a point, Pat. Fear porn is bad if used as an advertising ploy. If it is basically insincere. But say you actually BELIEVE in the “fear porn” you are putting out?

        If millions of children are dying every year from Big Pharma’s evil vaccines, for example, and if YOU, Pat, are sincerely warning people not to poison their kids with these vaccines, aren’t you to be praised for your high-principled sincerity? Of course you are! So how would you like it if Big Pharma accused you of spreading “fear porn”?

        Genuine whistleblowers are to be sharply distinguished from people who cry “Wolf!” at every opportunity.

        See my point?

      4. Alan and Pat,

        I guess you guys don’t know his site pretty much, because there is no advertisement in it.

        Ok, if you don’t like what he has to say, I won’t try to convince you otherwise. But don’t say he pumps the “military industrial complex” (PCR’s words, old school) with his modest site, that is not fair, instead, he clearly opposes it. And how could you know where he invests his personal money?!

        As you Pat, in this particular case, PCR thinks Assange is for real; some alt-sites are throwing him to the fire, “a Mossad agent” they say.

      5. NBTT –

        Thanks for nothing….

        You wrote:
        “I guess you guys don’t know his site pretty much, because there is no advertisement in it.”

        I don’t “guess” here – I KNOW & have KNOWN – that PCR sells HIS books on HIS site THRU JEFF BEZOS – Amazon!!

        He also sells e-books on his site for $29.95 – a rip-off!! Example:

        Since you gave ME this order….
        “But DON’T SAY he pumps the “military industrial complex” (PCR’s words, old school) with his modest site”….

        ….. I’m obliged to give YOU an order back atcha: STOP using dis-information to support PCR and his money grubbing thru fear porn and his supporting of the criminal jew Bezos of Amazon!!

        PCR is a PhD in economics and graduate of GA Tech, Oxford and UCLA and Georgetown. If you believe he has no private investments, you have no credibility. If you do have credibility, and believe he has private investments, you are exposed as a PCR shill.

        That’s “NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH” – MY TRUTH!! 🙂

      6. Saki –

        Thanks! I see your point.

        I claim “fear porn” is in the eye of the reader. An opinion of definitions.

        You wrote:
        “If millions of children are dying every year from Big Pharma’s evil vaccines, for example, and if YOU, Pat, are sincerely warning people not to poison their kids with these vaccines, aren’t you to be praised for your high-principled sincerity? Of course you are! So how would you like it if Big Pharma accused you of spreading “fear porn”?”

        I would not care at all. None whatsoever. I would accuse them of “fear porn” for telling parents to fear MMR vaccines….. and charging the government & public $Millions for it.

        Then, folks can make up their own minds.

        I instructed judo & jiujitsu for years. Ya gotta take one to give one when battling! Opponents are similar. The best man may even win. 🙂

      7. Saki –


        Sorry for the confusion. I was in a rush to the smallest room in my house… Just made it…… WHEW! 🙂

        I would accuse them of “fear porn” for telling parents to fear MMR and offering them the vaccines….. and charging the government & public $Millions for it.

      8. Pat,

        Since “there are no MOBILE nuclear weapons” is not something widely accepted, not everyone in this world evaluate the risk of a nuclear war as zero. Give the old man the benefit of the doubt! 🙂

        I am with you in this “there is no nukes” thing; pretty comfortable isn’t it?

        PS: I knew my nick name would be trashed someday 🙁

      9. NBTT –

        OK, my friend!

        I am always hard on the Oxford-Georgetown elitists sucking off their “YUGE” welfare retirement teats like Billy Clinton et scoundrels.

        YES! I am VERY comfortable with no nuke missiles claims. Thanks, there.

        All in fun by me… 🙂

  10. All day this Sat. April 13, Faux News reported every hour on the hour that Assange was licked out of the Ecuadorean embassy in London because “he wouldn’t clean up after his cat.” TJ wonders if those courageous London police also arrested Assange’s cat also taken out of the embassy in shackles. Maybe the cat was the real genius behind Wikileaks. One never knows.
    On a less serious note it looks like the Americans don’t want to deal directly with Assange. They want him send directly, with or without his cat, to Sweden, to stand trial for a rape charge, hoping that if convicted there they won’t have to deal with him and his cat in the US Courts. Who knows, there might be an honest Judge somewhere, someplace in America.

    1. Toejamicus — I think you have nailed the mystery of the day! IT was Schrödinger’s (s)cat.

      Pun of the day, if not the week, I submit for review and comment. Despite naysayings all around, some of which reside with felines of a more permanent variety, I also assert that Gödel nailed it best.

      For those not previously exposed to this nonsense: Schrödinger’s cat is a seemingly paradoxical thought experiment devised by Erwin Schrödinger that attempts to illustrate the incompleteness of an early interpretation of quantum mechanics when…..

    2. Speaking of fear porn, isn’t rape the national past time in Sweden these days? Ever since the “guests” arrived.
      If he has to stand trial for rape, he’ll likely be somewhere around #17,348 on the docket,
      or thereabouts. It could take a few years..

      “There has been a dramatic rise in sexual crime in Sweden, so much so that Malmö is now the rape capital of Europe and some would argue the rape capital of the world, and there is a Swedish media that just doesn’t report it,” (Nigel Farange)

      1. @ Hp

        Very interesting! And most informative about the situation in Sweden. One can’t help wondering why the Swedish government are so anxious to get their hands on ONE White man who has ALLEGEDLY “raped” two Swedish women when the same government does absolutely nothing to stop the THOUSANDS of Muslim rapists waiting in the long queue for prosecution. Heck, they don’t even get arrested, let alone sent to prison for their crimes!

        In any case, Assange denies the rape charge most emphatically and both his female accusers had given their go-ahead to consensual sex previously. Neither of these women are role models of moral virtue in the sex department; they are only too ready to open their legs to strangers. I wouldn’t trust the testimony of these sexually promiscuous slags.

      2. Saki, the ultimate point is the possibility of a pursued rape charge serves as just one more ball and chain around his ankle. One of many they can drum up as needed. He serves as a (so far) living reminder, an ongoing example of what happens to snitches big and small both inside and outside of prison. Even as in his unique case he has already been imprisoned for years while technically a free man never convicted and sentenced for any crime.

        His real crime of course being exposing Hillary and the DeepState devils, all of whom are stockholders in Clinton Inc. She still believes she will be President and with the power of the DeepState demons behind her cannot be stopped. At least not twice in a row. But Trump, whether one notices or not, is no ordinary man.

        Not to mention, raise your hand if you think Assange received that Clinton Inc. thumb drive from Seth Rich and if you think you know what happened to Seth Rich for his trouble.
        (6 billion hands went up)

  11. Tucker Carlson: People are mad at Assange instead of Obama

    First, Julian Assange embarrassed virtually everyone in power in Washington. He published documents that undermined the official story of the Iraq War and Afghanistan. He got Debbie Wasserman-Schulz fired from the DNC. He humiliated Hillary Clinton by showing that the Democratic primaries were, in fact, rigged.

    Pretty much everyone in Washington has reason to hate Julian Assange. Rather than just admit that straightforwardly, “he made us look like buffoons, so now we are sending him to prison!”

  12. TJ
    I think they dropped the rape charge a while back, totally bogus…
    I saw the Carlson mono on Assange.. it was very astute…
    Also liked his rap on the aliens being sent to the rich lib enclaves.. never happen..
    Dems looking stupider and stupider though lately because of trump’s latest on that…
    He’s always ahead of them, because he’s dynamic and they are merely reacting, with nothing positive of their own..
    However, the dems are still winning on the migrants issue…
    And doesn’t trump realize it’s still no good for the real USA, even if they do go to the sanctuary locations they’ll still become voters?
    Maybe his long term outlook sees need for factory workers, when the manufacturing returns?
    Just guessing..
    Hard to say who PCR really is too…
    He likes to point out the boat is leaking, gonna sink, the ship is sinking… but what’s he suggesting we do??
    Time to make the move mr. ..

  13. HP

    I wonder if they section sex offenders in Sweden, or pretty much most of the west these days, for their own protection from the general inmate population or is it the reverse now, protecting any few other offenders from the majority sex pests? Can you just imagine the company he’ll keep in there.

    Also don’t forget that this came soon after Trump was cleared of Russian collusion. Are they somehow hoping to restart the Russiagate thing through a trial of Assange and questions about Russian links? They just don’t stop.

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