The Street of Wrath

The Street of Wrath

By Xanadu

Lost, lost, lost in the labyrinth,
lost in the maze of madness,
lost in the lands of fog and filth,
lost in the cells of sadness.

Crazed eyes, hazed eyes, lost and lonely,
looking out dazedly
from deep sockets—this is the only
question they ask, Why me?

Fellow traveller on the dark path,
this path many have trod
to the last inn on the Street of Wrath.
— Come, let’s hide there from God. 

— Xanadu, Translations from a Lost Language

13 thoughts to “The Street of Wrath”

  1. “Fellow traveller on the dark path,
    this path many have trod
    to the last inn on the Street of Wrath.
    — Come, let’s hide there from God.”

    That sums it up nicely! The poem is nowadays reality.

  2. For such a post, is not a poem an appropriate response?

    The Mirrored Labyrinth

    I paid a pence to enter a Hall of Mirrors.
    I got lost after my first or second turn!

    You are demented, have delusions,
    You need psychiatric remediation!

    I took your pills, have no more ills,
    Little ability to discern, exercise will.

    I wander on, through Halls of Mirrors,
    To each I encounter, so I shall appear.

    acd 16 June 2019

    1. @ Alan Donelson

      Sorry, I don’t care much for your poem. Needlessly facetious with its juvenile use of exclamation marks. Inviting sympathy by its portentousness.

      You are demented, have delusions,
      You need psychiatric remediation!

      Spare us the bogus theatrics and pompous verbosity! “Psychiatric remediation” indeed! What’s wrong with “psychiatric treatment”?
      Not polysyllabic enough for you?

      I thought you’d been banned from this site for your disgracefully bad behavior, so how come you’re still having your comments posted here?

      1. @ Admin

        Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t Alan Donelson recently banned from this website for his insolent and obnoxious comments? And also for subjecting Lasha Darkmoon to a blitz of unsolicited emails when he was asked politely to stop pestering her?

        Please explain. What’s going on?

        1. I am the Head Monitor here and I am not aware that Alan Donelson had been “banned” from this website. Severely ticked off for his bad behavior, yes, but not banned.

          He is now in Spamblinka, along with TheRealOriginalJoe (aka TROJ) and several others. From Spamblinka, which we regularly check, their comments are occasionally approved for publication if they happen to be polite, informative, and, above all, on topic .

          The trouble with TROJ and Alan Donelson is that their posts are almost always off-topic and prolix — excessively long — even when they manage to be polite.

          1. THINGS BE GRIM

            It’s true!
            things aren’t looking very good these days
            it makes sense to feel oppressed
            because The Matrix System is
            winning all the time
            and We The People are always losing.

            WE always get the short end
            We are the sheeple-people
            without a Good Shepherd.
            We are led by evil beings.
            The state of everything these days,
            it really stinks, man.
            The lousy state of everything
            is conducive to really depressing poetry.

            BUT Hope beats Eternal in The Heart Of Man.
            I think that’s in The Bible, who knows where?
            Anyway, no need to be totally sad.
            After all, the Sun still Rises
            in the morning every day,
            and you can still access
            Flat Earth Geocentric TRUTH videos.

            No reason to be despondent
            No reason to mourn
            Our dead Western culture.

            The Past, man, is like totally yesterday.
            That’s what I think and what I say!
            Is Where It’s At, man.
            Check it Out, dudes!

  3. Re ‘The Street of Wrath’

    Excellent poem, all the more effective for its brevity and the unexpected punchline at the end as a climax. From her other recent poems, the poet would appear to be going through a significantly bad patch in her life.
    I wish her well and hope she turns this dark corner soon.

    BTW, the scary surrealist picture, by a painter well known for his macabre pantings, is particularly appropriate. The whole world appears to be collapsing in ruins around us.

    1. Saki –

      It doesn’t take a bad turn in life to perceive bad things. However, it takes some optimism to often see the good. We know Who wins, in the end. We have read the Book. This poem well suits the topics discussed, here, but is not necessarily indicative of a disparing mood in the poet. Poetry is mostly a reflection of a temporary mood. Tomorrow, she might write a love poem! Good poets are moody! 🙂

      1. Gilbert,

        I have read your poems. I really do like them. Lasha would never have published them if she hadn’t also liked them and recognized their inner core of sincerity. In many ways, your poems are reminiscent of the romantic verse of the Victorians. You are a natural descendant, among the Americans, of Longfellow and Poe. You have an instinctive feel for rhyme and rhythm and traditional forms. I’m so glad you don’t write the chopped-up prose that calls itself “free verse”. Free verse, as some great poet once remarked, is “like paying tennis without the net.” I forget who said that. I think it was Robert Frost.

      2. Saki –

        Robert Frost wrote one of my favorite poems, “Stopping By the Woods on A Snowy Evening”. I committed it to memory when a child, and recite it to myself, often. (“Miles to go before I sleep” happens often.) 🙂

    2. Yes, brevity is wonderful! The shorter the better — is always a good thing, a very good thing, especially when it comes to Lasha’s poems,*grin*.

  4. Hey uncle, you’re a HOOT! anybody ever tell you that, if not, they should have, you’re hilarious!

    There would be less suicide if Lasha would only give up writing poetry, her poetry is so depressing, it’s so awful, lol…..

    Let’s see you put this here comment FIRST, *grin* . Gee, I can’t wait to see this comment of mine FIRST. And FIRST is where ALL of my comments belong, right uncle? amirite or what! LOL….

    WE never censor whiddlejoew . In Fact WE always feature all of his posts and WE always put his posts FIRST on the commentary boards….. ROTFLMFAO!!!!!!!!

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