The Surrealist Paintings of Vladimir Kush

Vladimir Kush (pictured) is sometimes called the “Russian Salvador Dali”. He was born in Moscow in 1965 and moved to the USA in 1990 at the age of 25. He now owns four of his own art galleries in America. It is almost impossible to unravel the meaning of Vladimir Kush’s  surrealistic pictures. They are magnificently conceived and executed. One could examine these paintings for hours. We have collected here a wide range of this talented artist’s most impressive works.

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One thought to “The Surrealist Paintings of Vladimir Kush”

  1. Phenomenal, to the eyes irresistible, ensconced in Mind, entrancing, Illuminati-ly seductive, earth-entrenching, anchoring the senses. A worthy successor to S. Dali, for sure!

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