The US Has Officially Gone Insane

by Finian Cunningham
Strategic Culture
October 29, 2019

Ezra Pound said it long ago . . . Finian Cunningham says it today.

The low-ball mudslinging and pantomime palaver among America’s political class is like a theater of absurd. Any form of vilification is now acceptable. President Trump and his Twitter rants may have helped set the bar of indecency to an all-time low, but Democrats and Republicans have quickly joined the descent into madness.

The sanity test was spectacularly failed recently when former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton lashed out at her party member Tulsi Gabbard, inferring she was a “Russian asset”. The Hawaii congresswoman, who is vying for a run at the presidency in next year’s elections, was defended by some fellow Democratic politicians. But many Clinton aides and media pundits doubled down on Clinton’s smear campaign, reiterating that Gabbard was “working for the Kremlin”.

This bipartisan Russophobia can be traced back decades to the Red Scare paranoia of the Cold War and McCarthyite persecution during the 1950s of suspected Soviet sympathizers in Washington and Hollywood. But for the past three years, since the 2016 election, the Cold War has been crazily enlivened with the “Russiagate scandal” of alleged interference in American political affairs by Moscow. It was the Clinton campaign, establishment media and her intelligence agency supporters that launched that canard against Trump.

Despite lack of evidence and credibility as shown by the vacuous Mueller probe earlier this year, the ridiculous Russiagate narrative and its underlying Russophobia still manages to dominate the views of the US political class, as exemplified by how Clinton’s preposterous smearing of Gabbard was given undue media coverage and supportive commentary. Affording trust and respect for such inane paranoia is surely a sign that America has officially gone insane.

Another symptom of collective madness is seen when truth and factual evidence are presented, but then the truth-teller is pilloried and the facts are blankly ignored.

Tulsi Gabbard told the truth on a recent national TV debate when she said plainly that “the US supports Al Qaeda terrorists”. The incredulous looks from the other Democratic candidates indicated that they are cocooned in a fantasy-world of official American propaganda which claims that US military forces are in Syria and elsewhere to “fight terrorism”.

For speaking such unvarnished truth, veteran servicewoman Gabbard was savaged in media reports and commentary for disseminating disinformation and lies. As well as being labelled a “Russian asset”, she is also denounced as an “Assad apologist”.

Hillary Clinton calls Tulsi Gabbard a “Russian agent”.
Tulsi Gabbard lashes back and accuses Hillary Clinton
of “corruption” and “warmongering”.  (See video below)

This week two developments demonstrate that Gabbard is correct in her linking of US support to terror groups in Syria and the Middle East more widely.

First, we had President Donald Trump announcing approval of $4.5 million in aid to the White Helmets, the so-called rescue group operating in Syria. Trump hailed them as “important and highly valued”. Last year, the president also signed off on $6.8 million of aid to the White Helmets.

Despite this group winning an Oscar award for one its propaganda films, the White Helmets have been outed by several investigative reports as a media arm for the Al Qaeda-affiliated Hayat Tahrir al Shams (formerly, Nusra Front) and other Islamic State (ISIS) outfits. The pseudo rescue group only works in the diminished areas that are under the control of the jihadist terror network. The White Helmets are unknown to, or repudiated by, most of the Syrian civilian population. They have been exposed for having mounted false-flag terror attacks with chemical weapons and falsely attributing the attacks to the Syrian Arab Army or allied Russian forces. “They are a complete propaganda construct,” says award-winning journalist John Pilger.

For Trump and other Western governments like the British and French to openly support the White Helmets with millions of dollars is irrefutable proof of the official sponsorship by Western powers of the terrorist network in Syria. Of course, that is consistent with the analysis that these same governments have waged a covert criminal war of regime change against Syria. Again, it is only Tulsi Gabbard among American politicians who has explicitly stated this nefarious involvement of Washington in Syria. Yet she is condemned from all sides as a liar and foreign agent.

The second development this week indicting US links to terror groups – but which is studiously ignored by the Western media – are credible reports of American military force airlifting Al Qaeda-type jihadists out of northeast Syria.

Russia’s Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu this week confirmed that hundreds of suspected jihadi prisoners had escaped from jails and camps amid the turmoil of the Turkish offensive against Kurdish militia.

Syrian state media reports that, “US occupation continues to transport hundreds of Daesh [ISIS] terrorists from Syria to Iraq”.

Many of the detained terror suspects were lifted by American transport helicopters from the giant Al Houl camp near Hasaka city and relocated to western Iraq. Rather than handing over these illegal militants to advancing Syrian state forces, the Pentagon seems intent on holding on to its proxy assets. Maybe to fight in a renewed insurgency against Syria or elsewhere that Washington designates for regime-change operation.

In separate media reports, US forces are also being relocated from eastern Syria to set up bases in western Iraq. This suggests a concerted consolidation between US military forces and the terror groups which were used to wage the failed war in Syria.

Whenever Washington’s political class has descended into name-calling and smearing based on clueless prejudice and paranoia, and whenever the stark truth of America’s criminal war-making is roundly rejected – indeed twisted to demonize truth-tellers like Tulsi Gabbard – then we surely know that the USA now stands for the United States of [Mental] Asylum.


Tulsi Gabbard lashes back at Hillary Clinton
and accuses her of “corruption: and “warmongering”

VIDEO   :   5.20 mins   

38 thoughts to “The US Has Officially Gone Insane”

  1. This woman is just probably controlled opposition like all the others…………..i’ve been told many times that there is no political solution to fix America’s problems only violent revolution will work……….and I can quite believe that is true.

    1. Beware of people who say ‘they’ve already won, there’s no point resisting we’ve lost, there’s nothing we can do, it’s all over, only civil war will solve this’ all of these things are devil speak.
      The problem is there are many power hungry psychopaths trying to create as much misery as possible and defeat the peoples spirit by demoralising them, thats the greatest threat, if the good people get demoralised a mouse could walk in and do whatever it wants, if the peoples spirit is high nothing can defeat that, absolutely nothing. Do not let corporations or politicians or fancy superficial ‘famous’ people affect your conviction or displace your morals, these people are weak in spirit and will. The split in their mind, a psychosis, is quite irreversible but I’m in no doubt those types will not last too long but they may cause suffering to many people in their short chaos creating time in the spotlight. Do not be downtrodden they are failures in life and it will not serve them well. God Bless.

  2. “Hillary Clinton calls Tulsi Gabbard a “Russian agent” for not so obvious reasons

    Here’s why:
    Tulsi Gabbard’s rift with Hillary began in 2016.

    In 2013, Gabbard was elected vice chair of the Democratic National Committee. She resigned in February 2016 to endorse Sen. Bernie Sanders in the Democratic presidential primary. THAT infuriated Hillary because she wanted every Democrat woman’s support, especially one in the top tier of the DNC, which could sway a lot of women.

    Gabbard’s academic, professional, and political career:

    2013-Present U.S. Representative from Hawaii’s 2nd Congressional District
    *[She is the first practicing Hindu and the first Samoan-American member of Congress.]
    2003-Present: Company Commander, Hawaii Army National Guard
    2010-2012: Honolulu City Council
    2009: Graduated from Hawaii Pacific University with a bachelor’s degree
    2006-2007: Legislative aide to Senator Daniel Akaka
    2002-2004: Hawaii House of Representatives

    AND… she IS a better shot with a pistol than Hillary!

  3. Almost all of us (Hillary included) grew up in a time the Cold War was raging. “Russians” and “communist bastards” were almost synonymous. The trainings of that aversion seem to have carried-over, and still impose on our psyche, causing anyone who seeks peaceful society with Russians to become suspect. No one despises communists worse than I – but I welcome any chance for The United States and Russia to get along amicably, now. (Anyhow, judging from the American businesses now friendly, it seems we’re doing just fine, and no hot war will ensue, thankfully.)


      “To my mind the greatest lie was that “Adolf Hitler planned to conquer the world and enslave the inhabitants of all nations”. In reality the ones making those accusations are the ones who plan to conquer the world. The defeat of Germany was a defeat for all the inhabitants of the world, just as Adolf Hitler predicted.

      The group promulgating that big lie was successful in its efforts to instill a deep sense of both fear and hatred of the man who wanted only to restore some of the areas of land that had been sliced out of Germany by the Versailles Treaty after WWI, bring the German people back into the fold of their natural country borders, and protect western Europe from the Communist/Bolshevik tyranny threatening to wreak its havoc throughout the continent, and the world.

      In another small book titled, The Nameless War, Captain A. H. M. Ramsay gives convincing evidence of the above statement. For some of our readers this will be a turning point (as it was for me). The more lies you uncover, the more truth you desire. Those of you who would rather remain blissfully ignorant will leave now. Those of you who know the truth and hate the truth will be frothing at the mouth that the lies are being exposed.

      Captain Ramsay was a veteran of the first World War, a former member of His Majesty’s Guard, and — at the time of his arrest and imprisonment — a member of the British Parliament. He was arrested without formal charges and thrown into Brixton Prison for nearly three years because he discovered and attempted to reveal the culprits who were clamoring for, orchestrating and promulgating what became the Second World War.

      Nobody wanted war in England or Germany except Winston Churchill and the War Hawks who controlled him and the press (just like in the U.S. of A. then and today). When Prime Minister Chamberlain returned from a trip to Germany where he had entered into one-on-one conversations with Chancellor Hitler, he announced to the Parliament and the British people that “there will be no war”.

      Behind the exuberant celebrations of the people in both Germany and England, the planners went to work. Inside of one week, the controlled press was printing lies about the Prime Minister and began clamoring for his resignation. He was blamed for a military blunder that had actually been committed under Churchill’s orders as Admiral of the Navy. Instead of Churchill standing accused, it was Mr. Chamberlain.

      Chamberlain was out; Churchill was in, and on the very evening of the day Churchill became Prime Minister (May 11, 1941), England began indiscriminate bombing of Germany. . . homes, churches, schools, hospitals, slaughtering defenseless men, women and children (just like the U.S. has done in Afghanistan, Iraq, and dozens of other nations).

      The situation is the same now as it was then, and the same unseen hand at work today is the same force behind every revolution and war carried out since time immemorial. . . the English Revolution in the 1600’s (which resulted in the entrenchment of the Bank of England); the French Revolution, Russian Revolution (creation of the U.S.S.R), and the foiled (thanks to Mussolini and Hitler) Spanish revolution which Mrs. Webster relates in this book.

      Germany and England was presented to me by a friend in her senior years, along with several boxes of books she had been accumulating over the past four decades. As I sat reading this book, in the privacy of my home, I was silently (and sometimes audibly) gasping in shock at the revelations herein.

      First, Mrs. Webster’s reference to the ‘Jews’ who controlled the U.S.S.R. and whose minions were over-running western Europe and literally running Germany under the Weimar Republic created a first-impression that she was “anti-Semitic”. Until that time, any information sent or given to me about the Jews, was set aside without a glance, believing that the givers of this information were ‘Jew haters’. I wasn’t. And I’m not today.

      However, there is no denying that the plan for World Dominion is a millenia-old plan, and those born into the ‘religion’ of Talmudism (they call themselves Jews) are being used by their Elders to push the plan — along with tens of millions of “Christian-Zionists”. The word ‘religion’ is emphasized, because Judaism is not a religion, according to Moses Mendelsohn, a learned Jew well-known and respected by Jews. Mendelsohn said that:

      “Judaism is not a religion, it is a LAW, religionized”.

      The story is directed by God’s project, a project always focused on freedom and life.

      — This additional link has been deleted for similar reasons.
      (Your other links are OK).

      The destiny of a society always depends on the attitude it takes towards this project: either it will have freedom and life or it will produce slavery and death.

      1. Your comments will be held up for monitoring if you use more than THREE links in each post. This is an automatic feature of WordPress in order to guard against Spam.

      2. UF –

        I like this pic you gave us…. worth 10,000 words:

        Russia and ‘Put-On’ would be nothing without the USA.

        Eugene Fedorov knows! 🙂

        The best and the shortest way to get good information on Russia today is to listen to a man who is not only inside the system, but has some informal relations to Putin. His name is Eugene Fedorov – a Deputy of the State Duma.

        Unfortunately, this guy does not speak English, so in order to tap into the wealth of unique information at his disposal one has to have some knowledge of the Russian language.

        He is not welcome at the Russian political talk shows, and he rarely can be seen on Russian TV screens at all. But he does not hide his information and his views; everyone who wants to get them, can do so by visiting his site:

        Here is a random sample of his assertions:

        Russia has been a US colony since 1991.Russia lost its sovereignty as a result of the defeat in the 40-year cold war with the United States of America. This is the most important secret in Russia, closed by censorship and propaganda in the media.

        The Russian Academy of Sciences is an element of Russia’s sovereignty. Let us call everything by their proper names:
        1. Colonies are forbidden to have a fundamental science.
        2. The US is increasing the export of our scientists.

        **The Constitution of the Russian Federation was written by the Americans. The US State Department officially admitted that the Constitution of the Russian Federation, as well as a number of key laws of our country, was written by American advisers in 1993.

        Who owns the ruble? The ruble is owned by the Central Bank of Russia, but the Government of the Russian Federation has absolutely no control over the Central Bank!

        Russia faces a national catastrophe. Russia is still “the largest shrapnel of the USSR”, which is yet to become an independent state.

        See Fedorov:

  4. During the 60’s the Leftists loved Communist Russia and the Leftists loved the Communist Fidel Castro and the Leftists were in cahoots with the Communists from Russia [ and Cuba ] — and Fidel Castro having deep connections to Communist Russia didn’t stop the Leftists from praising Fidel Castro ; In fact, the Leftists loved Castro exactly because he had deep connections to Communist Russia.

    During the Cold War the Leftists sided with COMMUNIST Russia [ and Communist Cuba and Communist China ] AGAINST the United States. During the Cold War the Leftists did NOT want war with Russia [ or any other Communist country ] , the Leftists claimed to be “Anti-War”, “make Love not war” “give Peace a chance” . Now that Russia is not Communist anymore the Leftists want to start up another Cold War with Russia and the Leftists would be happy to even have an outright war with Russia. What the Left is saying now about Russia is diametrically opposite to what the Left said about Russia during the Cold War when Russia was a Communist country.

    It’s a bit much to have to listen to Hillary get up on her high horse and act morally indignant because maybe Trump has some connections with some Russians. Hillary herself has connections to many Russians, Jew mobster Russians, and Hillary has also deep connections to Communist Chinese mobsters and she always loved Fidel Castro and she loved Castro exactly because he had deep connections to the ((( Communists))) in the former Jew Communist Soviet Union. Hillary was also connected to the Chinese Communists in the United States who were agitating the blacks to riot in America’s cities. Hillary played a role in the huge riots in the 60’s in America’s cities. She loved it that White Americans were getting killed by the black panthers. She helped the black panthers A LOT during the 60’s. She was always deeply connected to the Chinese COMMUNISTS. Hillary has A LOT of blood on her hands. A LOT more than Trump has, if he has any blood on his hands. She’s about pure ruthless murder.

    When Jew Communists owned and controlled Russia 100% Hillary and the Left loved Russia. Now that Russia is not a Communist country anymore Hillary and her Leftist ilk want to wage war against Russia. I can’t listen to Hillary. It will be a great blessing for the United States when she drops dead. If she is already dead and it’s a doppelganger we’re dealing with, it will be a great blessing for the United States when the doppelganger drops dead.

    Like Michelle Obama, Hillary loves blacks and other minorities ; Like Michelle Obama, Hillary lives surrounded by Whites. Hillary in Chappaqua, NY. Chappaqua is not a predominately black/minority town, it’s a predominately White town and on the wealthy side. Michelle lives in a neighborhood in Washington predominately White and well-to-do. Plus she has a 15 million dollar home on Martha’s Vineyard. Martha’s Vineyard is not a black/minority island. Martha’s Vineyard is a very White place. Kamala Harris also loves blacks/minorities, she lives with her wealthy JEW husband in a 100% JEW WHITE neighborhood far from any blacks/minorities, Brentwood, CA. I think she was just burned-out of her home. Instant Karma is going to get you!

    All the politicians : They all love blacks and other minorities so much, they all hate Whites so much, yet they don’t go live with the blacks/minorities they love, they instead live surrounded by Whites who they do not like. Even the black politicians prefer to live surrounded by the Whites they hate than live surrounded by the blacks/minorities they love so much.

    I’m hoping Hillary drops dead soon and may she take all of her doppelgangers with her to the grave. That’s one of my prayers for America.

  5. The rift between Hillary and Tulsi is a Good Thing. May the rift go on throughout the whole presidential campaign year. Their rift helps divide the grass roots Democrats and Trump will get more votes because of the Tulsi-Hillary rift. I would like to see Hillary be the Democratic choice to be the The Nominee to go against The Donald, this way it will be Hillary’s THIRD LOSS at the presidency and she can go to her grave angry and frustrated and bitter. When she drops dead ((( they))) can bury her putrid body in COMMUNIST China.

    Even a lot of Democrats don’t like Hillary, that’s because she stole the nomination from Bernie Sanders in the last Democratic convention. So it would be Good for Trump if the Democrats elect Hellary to be their Nominee to go up against Trump. May Trump’s people be on top of the all the vote-fraud the Democrats will try to commit as they always do, may Trump’s people nip the vote fraud in-the-bud, may Trump’s people watch the Democrats like hawks on Election Day. The less vote fraud the better chance of Trump winning. How the Democrats love vote fraud so much. The Democrats will try to steal the election no matter who the Democratic nominee is, joo commie bernie, fauxcahontas, buttplug pete, or HELLARY, whoever, the Democrats simply can’t restrain themselves when it comes to vote stealing / vote fraud. Tulsi has NO chance of winning The Nomination, you can forget about her. Personally, i don’t think she’s so wonderful and I would not want to see her become the president. But that’s for another comment. Stay tuned to my Upcoming comments about Tulsi and about Everything else under The SUN! 🙂

      1. Pat,
        I wonder if Peter is a plugee or a plugger or both. He’s pretty smart and quick on his feet. What a combo it would be of ailing, Mrs. Clinkon with Peter trailing behind as her VP choice.
        Wake me up just before so I can see the end.

  6. “Insane” is too mild a description? Hows about “Bat-Sh!t Fcking CRAZY!”
    There’ll be NO “coming back” from The Abyss for the USSA. If’s FALL with be SWIFT… and EPIC.

    Have a Nice Day… while you still can.

    1. Ol’ Buttplug Pete’s gonna save us! 😜 TROJ knows (but he ain’t tellin’) !!

  7. Three quarters of the blood that runs under the beautiful olive skin of Tulsi Gabbard is Euro-American and one quarter Samoan. Her beautiful face and the shape of the nose is a reflection of the Nordic (Aryan) female ideal.
    The Hindu religion and antiwar of Tulsi Gabbard is refreshing. TJ hasn’t heard or known of anything such as Judeo-Hinduism.
    (However, according to the late and lamented Acharya S (D.M. Murdock) in her book “Suns of God”, Krishna, Buddha and Christ were and are a theme and variations that grew out of ancient sun worship.)
    Tulsi G. was associated with or a member of the Council of Foreign Relations, a tentacle of the globalist ‘New World Order” nation destroying One World Government, a dream of the (((elites))).
    Unless or until Tulsi G. renounces and denounces the Communism of Bernie Sanders and the CFR and all its other sister One world Government organizations one would have to agree with R that “This woman is just probably controlled opposition like all the others…” Also TG agrees with R “…that there is no political solution to fix America’s problems only violent revolution will work……….and I can quite believe that is true.”
    To TJ’s limited knowledge never in the history of the world has human freedom and liberty been claimed or regained without blood shed (just as Thomas Jefferson predicted) and lots of it.
    Otherwise, Tulsi is just another pretty face in the crowd of lunatics called Americans.

    1. I have always admired Acharya as she wrote convincingly that ‘ christianity’ was concocted by the Alexandrian jews. We should be grateful for her outstanding work.

      1. Acharya was wrong. You only admire her because she says what you want to hear. A Christ-hating Hitler worshipper is sure to get Evelyn grovelling at her feet and licking her toes! Are you a Jew by any chance?

        1. @ Madame Butterfly

          Pay no attention to this troll. For a start, Evelyn’s comment is completely off topic and has nothing whatever to do with the article she is supposed to be commenting on. She only comes here, the sick bitch, to vomit and spit on Christianity. She needs to be raped by a hundred African Jews pretending o be Muslims. That would teach her a lesson! 🙂

          @ Evelyn

          Hey bitch, haven’t you heard this is a pro-Christian website?

    2. A fairly well known Med. Dr. thinks that Hillary Clinkon has Parkinson’s. One of the symptoms is unable to stand and set up straight. He thinks that the really heavy clothing and the hardware beneath, other then to hide her blimp like body, is to hide the back brace that keeps her royal highness upright. Another symptom can be Parkinson’s dementia.
      Considering the above, and how Mrs. Clinkon attacked Tulsi Gabbard for very transient reasons should give pause to the ambitions of this force of the unnatural and to those who would most likely vote for her if she were to head the Democrats into the 2020 selection.

  8. @ madame butterfly, I thank god/destiny for not being born jewish. Thanks to god. Are you jewish yourself by the way? There are a lot of jewish christians who desperately hide that they are jewish, hiding by the mask of being ‘ christian’.

    1. Good try, Jewess! Only a Christ-hating Jew would come to this website to attack Jesus Christ and vilify Christianity. And that’s what you do in post after post, even though it’s completely off-topic. Showing your obsessive hatred simply makes you an object of pity, as one who is in need of psychiatric treatment.

      As for me — if I was a “Jew”, idiot, would I praise Jesus Christ?
      Not likely!

      You are not only a Jewess, Evelyn, but you have the brains of low-IQ retard. I think you should relocate to some Jewish website where your anti-Christian ravings would be more appropriate. At least you would get some praise from your fellow Jews.

  9. The US (and the world) got officially insane in 2004 when it politically correct signed its own death penalty while becoming the International Head Office to Monitor and Combat Anti – Semitism globally. The star of David’s patriotic pirate’s patch over one American eye will keep the covered eye in a state of readiness when darkness falls within American borders. – ‘Global Anti-Semitism Review Act of 2004’

      1. PAT :

        What’s going on with the Israeli embassies, all of the Israeli embassies around the world have been shut down, what’s up with that? What are your buddy-buddies at Langley saying about the reason for all the Israeli embassies being shut down? Give us the lowdown, if you’re at liberty to say. If you’re not at liberty to talk about it, if you’re under orders not to talk about it, WE’LL understand. WE’RE very understanding that way, *grin*.

      2. PAT, there is nothing to change in USA anymore. It has been accomplished. UNITED NATIONS, UNITED STATES, UNITED KINGDOM are all fully “UNITED” and regulated under the same kosher ownership of the money changing guild. When the “laws” of these UNITED NATIONS officially favor one tribe above all others and the “NATION” itself can not legally prosecute specific criminals that are the cause of tyranny, treason, deceit and suppression in their own homeland – then there is no law or justice at all. All is solved through an eternal get out of jail card for free that comes automatically with kosher birth. There is no common law for commoners in kosher UNITY.
        How can ANYONE be ever brought to justice in regards to 9/11 if the kosherness is displayed to any American judge that “serves his country righteously”?
        Chaos is all there is in the mentally disabled part of human existence. One can only hope that the poor “Semites” that are smeared so much with ugly truth that hurts will get a handsome compensation for the horrific accusations they have suffered by the unworthy servants that should not speak at all.
        The new law that will come to the UNITED world will look similar to what the colonial research facility for futuristic suppression – Australia – is coming up with now.
        Fighting “terrorism” nationally:

  10. Ulysses et al:

    Your discovery of the truth about the real events of WW2 is a godsend. What you say is also confirmed by what General S. Patton said before he was killed due to complications from a minor car accident. Patton said, We fought the wrong enemy and should have combined the western allied forces with the Wehrmacht to march against the Soviet Union-Bolsheviks, ie. Jews to Moscow. If that would have happened the Zionist Caballah Bankster scrouge would be finished. But because it did not happen that way now the ZioBanksters own America and America is insane because America does the ZioBanksters bidding. For more info on the Hitler narrative as Ulysses explained it watch: Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told. Sorry I cannot copy-paste but Google and its googleAds seem to filter – block it out. Also perhaps use a different search engine like Startpage or Yandex to find the multi-part video..

    1. Stormin’ Norman –

      America is TRULY finished if we Americans allow ourselves to be disarmed. Our being left defenseless is what (((they))) covet. But it’s not ONLY Jews who are so traitorous… There are many of our own whose apathy or downright cowardice is compliant. If you believe, you MUST meet such with lethal force. At this point, shunning their society is adequate. The host and hostess of a privileged social gathering the other night commended me when I was so “rude” as to accuse certain partys present of being low-life scum traitors. I don’t mind saying it to their damn faces – especially if it stands to embarrass them. (It doesn’t embarrass ME one iota!)

  11. The US has officially gone insane in that many people who don’t believe in divine intervention simultaneously believe it’s the only chance the human beings have to, God willing, fend off the demons. I wouldn’t call it faith or hope or justice, rather another ironic reality in a long line of ironic realities, many realized in 20/10 hindsight. Some not at all.

    But irony or reality or both mixed and matched together into an amalgam of reality, I still believe in divine intervention and I also believe it’s a great idea!
    There are precedents..

  12. @ Gilbert Huntly

    ´America is TRULY finished if we Americans allow ourselves to be disarmed. Our being left defenseless is what (((they))) covet´

    It is a little more complicated than that. You end your above comment, my dear Eustace Mullins* friend, with iota.

    All will get in a very short time a WMD Weapon of Mass Destruction, a 5G antenne box in front of their comfy house as part of what I cal the IoT(a) roll out.

    IoT(a) Internet of Things (abattoir). Needless to say, the abattoir for the sheople, the people who are uninformed and are being lied to (certainly not only in the US).

    Iota is the smallest letter of the Hebrew alphabet. the fine print in the contract.


    When governor Cuomo of NY went to the SLC Sweet Little Country on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean for a socalled (2 days) solidarity trip end of June 2019 ( there had been alleged shootings in public places of American jews) he returnred with a contract of 17 slc companies that will take care of the rolling out of the IoT(a).

    One of the companies will take care of the implementation of the autonomous driving systems in the metro network of NYC the largest in the world.

    * @ULYSSES FREIRE DA PAZ JUNIOR and other Adolf H. adorers:

    Watch this vid of Maestro Eustacio Mullinski :

    In Canada, aug. 2000 EM states, the reason why the Nazi generals were executed after the Nurnberg tribunal after the war, was because they knew about the pact of the Nazis and the Zionists: 53.51 – 54.40

    Mullinski even cites someone a little further in the vid who proposes a statue of Adolf H. in the SLC. Mullins chuckles when he says it´s true without Adolf Hitler it would not exist.

    Simply put AH founder of ISRAHELL.

    1. Thanks for your fascinating lessons, Mr. Julien. I had not seen that video of Eustace, but it reminds me of the way he would talk to me while sitting on his porch, or in his dining room (where he wrote) in Staunton, when I visited. EVERYTHING was a history lesson!😊
      Often, I would just sit there sipping a beer (he loved Samuel Adams beer), taking half-assed notes, just appreciating the privilege of being his friend. He and I had become acquainted through our association with League of The South, and through our common college association at Washington & Lee University.
      A lot of the things he told me about were, basically, a study of human nature; and most here would be shocked to learn how “judeaized” we’ve become as a society. I soon understood how controversial such knowledge is among commoners. It causes many of us a conscious separation from everyday, mundane social interaction (as you no doubt understand). My eventual reaction became reclusivity, only being comfortable around people who had some inkling of understanding the challenges confronting our governance. Darkmoon is a comforting visitation because I perceive that so many of you (especially Lasha, Sister Monica, and their family) seek to verbalize proper understanding. I find myself wishing that ALL history professors would entertain such fascinating dialogue! 😱

    2. @ Julien Romanovsky:

      You are referring to the Transfer Agreement that Hitler signed with the Globalist Zionists, to allow German/European jews to peacefully go to Palestine. The only problem was not enough Jews took the bait. The Zionist backup plan was to cause the slaughter of 6 million jews to terrify the jews to go to Palestine – future israHell. However as numerous newspapers from as far back as the early 1900’s attest the 6 million number was stated by Zionists at their conventions/conferences many times. The Zionists needed that number as a sacrifice to ensure their new future homeland. This is part of the Satanic Talmudic Caballistic worship to guarantee their success. Furthermore you must remember that the Jews (crypto/fake or real) have invaded every instituition on the planet. They are in the Church , Roman Catholic or otherwise, as the Jesuits and the Christian Zionist movement. They are in Banking from the time of the Pharisees, the city of Venice, The Bank of England, The Federal Reserve and thus BIS (Bank of International settlements). They are in the Media from the time The FED started in 1913 and they bought up the 25 most influential newspapers in America. Then again after WW2 and the formation of the CIA (OSS -Dulles brothers) , the CIA penetrated the Media again in radio and Television. Today people like Anderson Cooper , Wolf Blitzer, Charlie Rose, Charlie Krauthammer, and Miss Maddow front the Zionist Banksters narratives. Forget about the obvious intelligence community stooges like Brennan and company being just analysts for the MSM presstitutes. Then the Zionists are in Hollywood in the likes of Woody Allen, Steven Spielberg, Bryan Singer, and the heads of Walt Disney, CNN, etc.. Sorry, then back to Banking with The FED heads being Allan Greenspan, Ben Bernanke, Janet Yellen, etc.. All Zionists (Jews). Then in pornography you had Ron Jeremy, a fast slob Jew, denigrating women. They even started and infiltrated the Illuminati, as Adam Weishaupt, who was a Jew that pretended to convert to Catholicism. In politics, Karl Marx, was a jew who was converted to Lutheranism so his father could keep his cushy job. Like the Germans said about Americans and their troops in Germany – they are everywhere like ants (Ameissen). These Zionists are everywhere, whether crypto/fake or real, in plain sight, for the gentiles/goyims destruction so they could be our Masters from Jerusalem. As for politics again, Winston Churchill, Josef Stalin and FDR all had jewish parentage. Now as for this new technology and push for 5G. It is nothing more than having cell towers every 500 meters, thus creating conditions of electromagnetic, radio radiation waves like being inside a microwave oven, so humanity can be roasted like a turkey. Only devine intervention can save us from this Zionist hell! Thanks y’all.

      1. SN –

        You are correct about 5G. A Spanish telecom company – E – has experimented with its POWER on a grand scale in England!

        Mass microwaving of hundreds of thousands at Glastonbury Festival – here’s the video evidence
        JUNE 29, 2019 / THE HOLISTIC WORKS


        In my previous article about the testing of 5G technology at this year’s Glastonbury Festival in Somerset, I wrote about how we tested the EMF frequencies around the Pilton site about five days before the crowds began to arrive. At this point, EE and British Telecom were just setting up their presence, and promising to keep the voltage of their 5G EMF pulses low.
        However, our electromagnetic frequency meter was bleeping alarmingly and flashing red!


        5G Whizz – BBC Click


        Potential Risks to Human Health from Future Sub-MM – UHF – Communication Systems: Paul Ben-Ishai, PhD

      2. Sorry – I left off an ‘E’ above. The is EE…. now owned by BT – British Telecom. It is nice to know who is killing you and your families & friends. 🤢

        EE will switch on its 5G service in six UK cities on 30 May, the first mobile network in the UK to do so.

        People in London, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Belfast, Birmingham and Manchester will be first to get faster services with plans for 10 more cities to be added this year.

        Prices for 5G – which will require new handsets – will start at £54 per month for 10 gigabytes of data.

        EE confirmed that its range of 5G phones would not include Huawei.

        “We’re pausing the launch of the new Huawei 5G smartphones coming to market,” said a spokesman, adding that EE is working with both the Chinese firm and Google to “make sure we can carry out the right level of testing and quality assurance” for customers.

        EE promised three major improvements for customers making the swap from 4G to 5G:

        -increased capacity – making it easier to get service in busy places such as railway stations and stadiums
        average speeds will go up to 150Mbps (megabits per second) compared with a top speed of 50Mbps when 4G was launched. Some customers will get speeds of up to one gigabit, with improvements for everyone over time

        -low latency – of particular benefit for online games and new services such as those utilising augmented reality

        The mobile operator has also signed an exclusive deal with Niantic, the makers of Pokemon Go, to carry its augmented reality game Harry Potter: Wizards United game when it launches in the UK in the summer.

        Matthew Howett, a mobile analyst with research firm Assembly, said: “To convince consumers to make the leap from 4G to 5G, it’s important to communicate that it’s more than just about speed.

        EE (formerly Everything Everywhere) is now owned by BT – British Telecom.

      3. @ SN Not really, besides the Transfer Agreement there is a real financial pact between Adolf H. and the j.bankers.

        Check out the jr comment November 2, 2019 at 6:13 pm at:

        2 links by an American and a Russian academic on the factual financial pact between Adolf H. and the FED & the Bank of England (needless to say that both were and still are owned by the j-bankers)


        The US should copy ” One flew over the Cukcoos nest” did not the patients kill off the psycho personell of that mental asylum?

        via: jpaulson.blogspot (uploaded 31 oct. 2019)

        Fed Secretly Bailing Out Banking System AGAIN! The Jimmy Dore Show

  13. Who was who in 1492 ? That´s the question !

    America as asylum started in 1492 when the white Euro invaders beginning with the Spanish under the Discovery Doctrine issued by Spanish Rodrigo Borgio born in Xativa in the province of Valencia who became Vatican ceo Alexander VI at 11 aug. 1492.

    It was this man who instigated the whitewashing of the authentic deep darkskinned icons of JC & his Hebrew crew. You can find them still on the net via pinterest.

    Since then no (needless to say, white) pope ever brought this very basic hot issue up.

    Since 1492 we all live indeed in Silly Icon times, ¡ 5 G sus !

    1. The Alhambra Decree/Decreto de la Alhambra was an edict issued on 31 March 1492, by the joint Catholic Monarchs of Spain (Isabella I of Castile and Ferdinand II of Aragon) ordering the expulsion of practicing Jews from the Kingdoms of Castile and Aragon and its territories and possessions by 31 July of that year. Interesting times began and “faces” and religions changed including Christianity. “National security” was born including infiltration from the “enemy” within.
      Who was really who at that time? The myth of “Pedro Malazarte” is alive and well in South America! Though the life long trickster and cheat had lost all roots of Judaism – officially.

  14. I guess my comment got lost…
    What did I say?
    California leads the way down the drain… Virginia and Maryland are almost California, except they don’t have the fires and power outages…
    Texas is becoming California… It will be a Blue State before too much longer…
    “Russia has been a US colony since 1991.Russia lost its sovereignty as a result of the defeat in the 40-year cold war with the United States of America. This is the most important secret in Russia, closed by censorship and propaganda in the media.”
    Let the last 9 and 1 change places in that date…
    The Bolsheviks would never have made it without all kinds of funding and manpower from the real world Jewish Communist Headquarters – New York City…
    The Bolsheviks have been allied with the District of Columbia Complex since WW1 and all through WW2, Korea and Vietnam…
    That alliance is what the Deep State is really all about…
    The USA built Russia after WW2…
    We shipped boxcars of hundred dollar bills over there, even some money printing presses…
    Fred Koch was Joe Stalin’s favorite oilfield infrastructure man..
    You remember Stalin’s mass-murdering henchman Solomon Perlmutter, the Ukrainian Jew, AKA Nikita Khrushchev, banging his shoe on the podium at the UN in NYC – “we will bury you”…
    It was all an act… The Cold War was a Hoax.. The Bomb was the Big Kicker…
    The fake adversity between the US and the Soviet Union has been the main theme driving the money and politics in Washington DC for decades…
    All the media pundits screaming anti-Russian epithets and pushing the Russian collusion fantasy, Hillary and her accusations against Tulsi Gabbard as a Russian agent, are Deep State Operatives…
    Because that’s the way it is… You can’t be somebody in Dirty City unless you fall in line and play the Deep State Jewish Bankster warmongering game…
    And you won’t survive in establishment steno media long either…
    Jewish Bankster Globalists have been in control of both countries for a long, long time…
    And while they play the citizenry off against each other for profit and control, they use the supposed standoff to continue to transfer money from the working classes up through the government to the owners of the Military Industrial Central Banking Complex in both hemispheres…

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