2 thoughts to “The Windmill Farmer: A Poem without Words (Video)”

  1. You know you’re getting closer and closer to Ash Wednesday and Lent and The Four Last Things when Septuagesima Sunday rolls around once again.

    “The sorrows of death surrounded me, the sorrows of hell encompassed me….” [ Psalm 17 : 2-3 ]

    From The One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Faith, the ONLY TRUE AND REAL Religion in the world and ONLY Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ God can save our souls, the music of the angels, the music of HIS Faith AND HIS Church :

    ~ Circumdederunt Me ~


    The religion with THE MOST SUBLIME MUSIC ~ The Music of The Angels ~ is THE TRUE AND REAL RELIGION.

    We got here at Darkmoon hindu supremacists, buddhist supremacists, new age supremacists, jew supremacists, muslim supremacists. So I shall be Darkmoon’s Catholic Supremacist, in order to provide some Balance, and as we all know Balance is an important aspect of True Spirituality.

    I shall be Darkmoon’s Catholic Supremacist, because the “Catholics” Monte, Lasha, and Sister Monica, sure ain’t defending Catholicism from the hindu supremacists, the buddhist supremacists, the new age supremacists, the jew supremacists, the muslim supremacists. Darkmoon’s “Catholic” “holy trinity” welcomes supremacists from all the religions of the world to denigrate Catholicism, so I provide Balance so Darkmoon’s NEO-“Christian/NEW”Catholics” don’t go TOO overboard allowing everyone and their grandmothers to denigrate The Catholic Faith. I’m not tolerant, I’m not pope francis, pope of the NEO-“Christian”/NEW”Catholics” — and what an ANTI-Christ pope he is ; No one can refute that [ without lying ]. Videre Licet on this Septuagesima Sunday.

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