To the Christ Bashers

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“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made […]  And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us . . .” (John 1: 1-14) 

To comment on Christ in a way that carries any credibility, you need to be Christlike.

To begin with the assumption that Christ is a fraud, or that he has no historical authenticity, or that he needs to be derided and disparaged because of his so-called connection with the “Jewish race”, is to place yourself at once in the category of those who are unfit to comment on Christ.

How can one pay the slightest attention to those who, in comparison to Christ, are spiritual pygmies?

To comment on Christ worthily, you need to love and understand him and be aware of the infinite complexities surrounding the Man God — the superior person whom you have the impudence to pass judgement on.

You are not worthy to judge and pass sentence on Jesus Christ for the simple reason that you are Christ’s inferiors.

His spiritual inferiors.

Do you think great Christians like Leonardo da Vinci and Tolstoy would rather learn of Jesus Christ and his teachings by turning to the dimwitted pronouncements of the arrogant Christ bashers on the Darkmoon site? 🙂

Or would they rather get their wisdom from the fresh spring waters of the New Testament and from the fountainhead of the great Christian mystics?

Try and remember that the site you are using as a platform for the denigration of Jesus Christ is a pro-Christian site and that it is being kind enough to grant you the free speech to ridicule and revile the Man God whom Lasha Darkmoon and her family of genuine truth seekers hold in deepest veneration.

This is not the Man God of the Christian Zionists. Nor is it the Man God of Organized Religion or of the corrupt Papacy. It is the Man God beyond Time and Space and Matter.

It is the Logos. The All Mind. It is the Word made Flesh.

81 thoughts to “To the Christ Bashers”

  1. SAKI —

    Thank you for this beautiful comment. You speak for me!

    In the temporary absence of Lasha Darkmoon and the other administrators of this website — all out of contact today — I have taken the liberty of posting this as a feature article.

    If our readers have any comments to offer, especially those who have no time for Jesus Christ and would like to turn him into mincemeat, feel free to parade your sores before our saddened eyes in public.

    But try to be polite (if you can) while you do this! 🙂

    1. Thanks, Sis –

      Maybe someone could produce some documented writings of Jesus, by Jesus, the teacher. I have never seen any. The Vatican may have some.

      1. The Vatican probably does, but if they do they’re not in a position to release them

      2. Pat
        What I mean is, the authority RUNNING the Vatican would suppress any such documentation because of the threat to
        their authority this would pose.

        Sound familiar? 😎

  2. The jews have aleays been merchants of words. But they never deliver the goods. Leonardo da Vinci and Tolstoy could even have been celebrated if they were stoics, adherents to stoicism.
    the jewish christians were competing with the stoics as you should know. The stoics advised to use your brain in a rational way and also to be a good fellow for your fellowman as ‘ christ’ supposed has said.
    Of course the jewish ‘ christians’ won this battle between them and the stoics. the jews won by inventing that there will be an afterlife if and only you believe in ‘ christ’. As always these jewish christians as merchants of words haven’t delivered the goods. No one has come back after death. But thas the reason the jewish christian won of the stoics and the battle of the ‘ white’ mind. And that!s why we ‘ whites’ are brainwashed to believe in an oriental myth about a mideastern invention instead of believing in a ‘ greek’ rational way of thinking. If you think about it it’s absurd to know that ‘ whites’ pray to a non -white jewish ‘ god’ jahweh. The ‘ whites’ are completely brainwashed and look at the world with with a jewish spectacle. The ‘ whites’ just slaves of jews by jewish myths. Read the books from r.m. Price, Thompson etc about this invented jewish ‘ christ’. ‘ whites’ we don’t need jewish stuff!

    1. Christ was not a jew. Time and time again, He derided the jews. The jews in the bible are always spoken of in the third person as if they were the “other”, “the jews” did this, “the jews” did that… Never did Christ say “we jews”. Christ is always criticizing the jews! Liars! Of your father the devil! Not of Abraham! Get it , Ella?

      Christianity is not “oriental”. It is a European religion. Its Truth has been wrought out, with European modes of thought (yes, even syncreticizing with Stoicism) in Europe. Even Augustine in north Africa was a white man, as north Africa was a white region. Two thousand years ago even “oriental” Palestine was partially White. Turkey was white. I think Galatia means “milky”, as in White.

      If Christianity is a jewish invention, why do the hook noses hate it so much? Why are Christians routinely spat on by jews in Israel?

      The Catholic Church has a history of keeping the jews in check. Why do that if jews are their close cousins and creators? It is only in modern times the Church’s natural aversion to jews has been undermined by the usual suspects and their footsoldiers the freemasons.

      The really amusing thing is you put your faith in “rational” thought. Our post-Christian society has done that and where has it got us? Marxism, overtaxation, overcrowding, loneliness, war on an industrial scale, controlled invasions by coons, police states, loss of privacy, 5G to zap our brains and control us, etc etc etc.
      Good luck with the fruits of rationalism and technology!

  3. Only animals prey on the weak and the innocent. Only animals. Civilized human beings on the other hand protect and defend the weak and the innocent.

  4. Where is my comment? Freedom of speech js over?

    ADMIN TOBY: Your comment appears above. You have to wait for it to be approved. This is normal practice, you pathetic little pipsqueak! You were asked to be polite. You failed.

  5. @ Admin Toby

    You are wasting everyone’s time, your own included, posting the shitty comments of this “Ella”. Pull the plug on her right away. She is an ignorant, low-IQ cretin. Even common politeness is beyond her.

    She deserves a good thrashing.

    Women like this turn men into homosexuals. Making love to them
    is like making love to a toilet seat.

    1. Dear mr. parker no fallacies please. React with common sense and real arguments.

  6. @Pat June 5, 2019 at 6:15 pm

    Jesus, like Muhammad (saw), didn’t write anything down. That doesn’t mean Jesus’ words in the Gospels are not genuine.

    Every single time that Jesus is accused and attacked by the Jews and every time he STRONGLY rebuts the false claims, every time, but ONE:

    John 8:48. Jesus is accused of being a Samaritan and having a devil. He denies having a devil, i.e. being possessed. Yet on being a Samaritan, who were gentiles, he is SILENT. This got my attention.
    There are a few other things that cause me to believe that the people HE called “children of Satan” who do not know HIS God, is not a Jew.

    Jesus is the Messiah in, at least, Shia Islam, and his mother Mary is considered very special indeed.
    How many “Christian” denominations still really believe that?

    We will only fight those who are enemies of humanity, those who humiliate others, abuse them, make mental and physical slaves of them, or think of them as lesser beings.

    For example, you can say that you’re secular, that you don’t believe in a god, and you don’t believe in worship. You don’t think it’s required of you. So your ideology is different. But based on this, we will never clash with each other. Whoever truly understands Islam will never wage war against you for not believing. This is why I will never have a conflict with the average person.

    However, if someone’s ideology says that I am a lesser person, that he rules over me, or he’s my boss, we will probably clash with each other.

    And ALLAH (swt) has warned us in the Qur’an about the Jews.

    Look how good America has been to them. And what was their thanks? Since 1885 they worked to change the immigration law, succeeding in 1965. Doctor MacDonald’s Culture of Critique documents it. And now as it nears the end you can see what they have done.

    “How plenty in numbers are the lessons to be taken and how less in numbers are those who learn lessons.”
    Nahj Al-Balaagha

    1. TLOA –

      Thanks for the response directed to me.

      You wrote:
      “For example, you can say that you’re secular, that you don’t believe in a god, and you don’t believe in worship. You don’t think it’s required of you. So your ideology is different. But based on this, we will never clash with each other. Whoever truly understands Islam will never wage war against you for not believing. This is why I will never have a conflict with the average person.”

      I saw the “for example” and wanted you to know very clearly that the “you” in the paragraph does not represent me. I believe that “someone” would have been a much better word! 🙂

      I believe in a creator. I do not believe in anyone else’s gods. I do not believe any preachers, pastors, priests or popes. I do not believe any gurus or prophets or their ridiculous cults.

      I also believe that we will never clash.

  7. Readers’ Digest version, I dare mention, for context, (1) raised “Roman Catholic”, an altar boy for many years; (2) a seeker (HOOM, est, MISC); (3) teachings, songs, and discourses of Yogananda; and (4) Yogi Bhajan. The nickel tour. From then to now, I did not encounter any “nasty”, denigrating, disparaging words about “Jesus Christ”. I did find many interpretations of “Jesus Christ” as spiritual and physical and mythical being (or non-being!). Until I read Michael Hoffman’s Judaism Discovered.

    SRF has this on their website. As the author of the current post asserts — To comment on Christ in a way that carries any credibility, you need to be Christlike. I would hope that author would agree that Yogananda earned his spiritual stripes as one who was “Christlike”. I, Narcissus-like, have not. Self-Realization Fellowship (SRF) take on Jesus Christ, established by Yogananda, follows. I find nothing in it with which to disagree.

    SRF: The full understanding of Jesus’ original teachings — including the fact that he bestowed on his disciples the esoteric techniques of yoga meditation — is revealed in Paramahansa Yogananda’s in-depth commentary on the Gospels: The Second Coming of Christ: The Resurrection of the Christ Within You. In his Introduction to that work, Yogananda wrote:

    “Jesus Christ is very much alive and active today. In Spirit and occasionally taking on a flesh-and-blood form, he is working unseen by the masses for the regeneration of the world. With his all-embracing love, Jesus is not content merely to enjoy his blissful consciousness in Heav­en. He is deeply concerned for mankind and wishes to give his followers the means to attain the divine freedom of entry into God’s Infinite Kingdom. He is disappointed because many are the churches and temples founded in his name, often prosperous and powerful, but where is the communion that he stressed — actual contact with God? Jesus wants temples to be established in human souls, first and foremost; then established outwardly in physical places of worship. Instead, there are countless huge edifices with vast congregations being indoctrinated in churchianity, but few souls who are really in touch with Christ through deep prayer and meditation.

    “To reestablish God in the temples of souls through revival of the original teachings of God-communion as propounded by Christ and Krishna is why I was sent to the West by Mahavatar Babaji….

    “Babaji is ever in communion with Christ; together they send out vibrations of redemption and have planned the spiritual technique of salvation for this age.”

    1. @ Alan Donelson

      Readers’ Digest version, I dare mention, for context . . .

      Your opening sentence worries me. It appears to be suggesting that my short comment, made into a feature article by Admin and therefore offering me a pat on the back for my defence of Christianity, is nevertheless superficial and trashy — that it is a mere “Reader’s Digest” approach to Christianity.

      I don’t mind you saying this, but I ask you kindly to clarify if:

      (a) you are sneering at my article and its simplicity and superficiality?

      (b) and if so, do you believe that your own comment posted above is more profound and “adds context”, making it worthier for publication as a feature article?

      Thank you in anticipation for an honest answer.

      1. @ Saki

        Your article was brilliant. It moved me to tears. Don’t let this toxic son of a bitch attempt to poison your spirit with his sneering negativity.

      2. @ Pat et al

        The words “Readers Digest”, in association with any written work, always has derogatory connotations. It is used as a way of dismissing the work as lacking in depth. As superficial. In using this negative terminology about Saki’s moving little statement, straight from the heart, Donelson is being deliberately offensive. Make no mistake about that.

      3. Donelson, to my mind, is the very epitome of nastiness.
        He sends out extremely bad vibes. He gives me the creeps.
        I wouldn’t like to meet this bearded beast in a dark alley.

      4. Writing and reading styles differ. I have clearly not exercised sufficient care and sensitivity, a repeated offense here. I shall check the quality and content of my writing before posting again on Darkmoon, beginning now. Thank you for the query and offer for my correction and clarification.

        I mentioned “Reader’s Digest” ONLY in reference to my brief biography, with which I attempted to establish a direct and solid connection to the topic at hand. (I am often accused of off-topic and|or provocative tangentials! A Narcissist!)

        I offered the extended quote attributed to SRF (concerning a book I also read carefully) written by Yogananda, whom I count among my teachers. I regret the misunderstanding. I regret the other comments, presumptive, reflexive, heartless. Some appear to have it “out for me”!

        So, I offer this to you, not my personal nay-sayers of the moment: I am sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. I shall strive for clearer communications in the future.

        I did not agree that “To comment on Christ in a way that carries any credibility, you need to be Christlike.” Respecting your position on that, I offered thoughts attributed to one of the more “Christ-like” figures I have encountered, namely, Yogananda. I certainly do not deserve such an appellation! Do any of us?

        1. @ Alan Donelson

          “Please forgive me. I love you.”

          Yeah, and we all love you to bits too. So maybe you can stop insulting people with almost everything you say. I suggest that would make you a bit more lovable.

          I don’t accept your pathetic attempt at self-exoneration by pretending you used the words “Readers Digest” in a totally innocent way. You are lying. There was absolutely no need to use those derogatory words, and the only reason you could have used them in this context was to wound, to insult, and to make Saki look small.

    2. AD –

      I don’t understand why SRF founder, Paramahansa Yogananda, died before he was 60 years old if he were SOOOOOO spiritual!

      The official cause of death was heart failure at a banquet…. must have had a bad diet.

      1. PAT, some souls have bodies that “die” in the womb — or, given current trends, increasingly shortly after exiting the womb. Jesus had about 33 years (!) on the planet before a certain, contentious culminating event — or three or four thereafter! You cast such an aspersion on a respected teacher, Yogananda, and by extension, his lineage of gurus. Shame.

      2. AD –

        Being so spiritual and telling others how to act…. he might have prayed more and been a better steward of his meager talents.

        I feel no shame. I had nothing to do with his early passing. Plainly… He screwed up!!

        I do not believe any ‘gurus’ any more than my parents, who were decent folks.

        My mom live to 85 and my dad to 92. Dad never spent a day in the hospital before age 90. Neither were ‘gurus’ at all. Just good folks who helped anyone in need.

    3. Alan, for your entertainment and, well, who knows..

      I’m not too sure Yogi Bhajan or Yogananda would approve, but what the hell.

      HAMLET: Indeed ’tis true that Mayavada does not actually even exist, for what is this fabrication of impersonalism but a figment of the imagination of the lord of tama-guna, Shiva Shankara himself.

  8. Saki –
    I like your comments! 🙂
    In reading my Bible, I have always noted that Christ – and Old Testament scripture, as well – promoted SIMPLICITY. We are most “at peace” when we have simplified our lives. Trying to explain the Peace of Christ gets more difficult the more we try to justify our faith in Him. To some it is given; to some it is not. Many words are insufficient to cause us to feel His presence. Although “faith comes by reading and hearing the Word”, the results of prayer are the most real to us. Simple prayer. On our knees. We needn’t justify it to ANYONE.
    Jesus said “you will know them by their fruits” (at Matthew 7:16). I believe He means for us to simply live clean, honest, industrious lives – always attentive to Him in prayer. (He likes to hear from His children, and see them prosper.)
    We screw-up a lot, but He promised to forgive. All we need do is ask, sincerely. I’ve screwed-up a lot, and I realize I am not really worthy of the many blessings He has bestowed upon me, but He knows I am grateful. That is important. Be simply grateful.

    1. Gilbert,

      My hat off to you, sir, for this moving comment. One of your most candid and heart-felt on this site. Yes, simplicity is everything. One doesn’t need a PhD to achieve holiness! Knowing one knows nothing is far better than knowing one knows everything.

      1. Sardonicus, Peace Be Unto Thee. You knowing you is better than the intellectual void between Nothing and Everything, which we all endeavor to fill with thought, emotion, and commotion. Even persons who earn the Ph.D. can learn that!

        I apologize to you and to all others offended, micro-aggressed, by my thoughtless verbal, written malfeasances. Please forgive, forget, until I transgress again!

        1. @ Alan Donelson

          I apologize to you and to all others offended, micro-aggressed, by my thoughtless verbal, written malfeasances. Please forgive, forget, until I transgress again!

          How gracious of you! And what makes you think Admin Toby will allow you to go on “transgressing” here? He must have the patience of a saint to let you continue posting on this site after your constant harassment of his niece over a long period.

          Here, this is what Admin Toby said to you in a previous comment which you have chosen to ignore but which I’m sure others have noticed:

          ADMIN TOBY writes:

          SHOCK NEWS! — Anti-Semitism on the Rise
          4 June, 2019 at 6:37 pm

          I hear you have been stalking my niece for the last 6-9 months in a series of unsolicited emails. She has asked you to stop. Not once, but several times. You promised to leave her alone. “I will probably not darken your email door again,” you informed her sniffily (in your last but one email), after she had made it clear to you that your attentions were unwelcome. She was as polite to you as she could be without being openly rude, having had little experience before in dealing with internet stalkers like you.

          I note she has received yet another email from you today. Which she hasn’t opened because she’s in hospital right now. As her uncle and assistant editor, I have the oversight of her emails during her occasional absences from her computer. (She doesn’t own a laptop or smart phone). The email you sent her is still unopened and I have refused to read it. It is headed:


          So you are fully aware it seems, going on the subject heading of your email, that you are oppressing her and darkening her life by your stalking. Why are you doing this to Lasha, to my vulnerable niece who is in hospital right now suffering from post traumatic stress disorder? Can’t you leave her alone? Can’t you get the attention you seek from your own wife? Do you have to keep pestering other women?

          A damning indictment, Mr Donelson. I feel sorry for you. The less said the better.

      2. @SARDONICUS re “STALKING”. I rarely utter, even more rarely write, the exclamation “WOW”. I have to do so now. WOW!! I had yet to know of, much less read, the note you represent as replying to me or sent to me. I never read it, received it, or knew about it. If ADMIN allows your post, then I hope ADMIN would post my retort — else delete, as I suppose ADMIN has, both our posts in the interest of gracious discourse.

        I profess honest and true ASTONISHMENT, and a measure of sincere disbeLIEf.

        1. @ ALAN DONELSON

          You have been allowed to repudiate Sardonicus’s claim and express your utter astonishment at the outrageousness of his claim. So you are now even with Sardonicus.

          All future discussion on this topic is now closed. Finito. We are not going to allow either of you two trouble makers to continue with these off-topic distractions.

          Both of you are banned. Go elsewhere and create havoc.

          1. @ Admin

            I thought Sardonicus was already banned? He banned himself a few weeks ago, i.e., he withdrew voluntarily from the site after revealing that Lasha Darkmoon had asked him politely to stop posting here any more as a special favor to her. He agreed. And stopped posting. So what happened? He just came back after agreeing to go?

            1. Yes, that’s about it. He’s gone now. The oldest poster on our site, the only one who has met LD personally and worships the ground she walks on. Her most fervent supporter. Which is why he agreed to leave the site at once when she asked him. She advised him to go for his own sake and concentrate on the book he was writing.

        2. @ ALAN DONELSON

          Lasha sent me this email earlier today:

          I just want you and Uncle Toby to know that the news that Alan Donelson has been “stalking” me for the last 6-9 months “in a series of unsolicited emails” is absolute piffle and poppycock. Alan has behaved at all times like a gentleman, with impeccably good manners. Let Alan rest assured that there is no stain on his honor whatsoever.

          I suspect my sister Lucy is to blame by breaking into my emails and misrepresenting the situation to my Uncle Toby. I am surrounded by mischief makers, it seems, even among my own family.

          Please make sure, my dear Sister Monica, that all our commenters are treated fairly in future, with the respect and dignity they deserve.


      3. Thank you for your kind words, Sard. I found out the hard way about “being too big for my britches”. My genteel parents were of the finest variety, but I reckon they gave me too much independence when I was younger. I thought I could do ANYTHING – in work, play, or social mingling. Later, I found out otherwise. Only God’s mercy has spared me from further “correction”.

  9. Saki,

    Excellent comment! It was a pleasure to read.

    In the words of another Jesus, the son of Sirach:

    “Listening to a foolish person talk is like travelling with a heavy load, but it is a pleasure to hear what intelligent people have to say” Sirach, 21.16.

  10. JAKE
    “If Christianity is a jewish invention, why do the hook noses hate it so much? Why are Christians routinely spat on by jews in Israel?”
    that’s a fair question..
    as we have said, the people who invented judaism want jews to believe everybody else hates them, indeed it’s ok with them if that’s true, as long as it’s no so much that they lose control, in case all the goyim have a big stampede and trample them all, which could happen… they have been thrown out of probably every white country on the planet… not just for religious reasons either…
    if everybody hates the jews anyway, why should they worry about what they do to everybody else?
    religion is really all about hatred for plenty of adherents…
    not saying that’s entirely it in SAKI’S case but the person is clearly lashing out at others in defense of her/his religious belief/identity, striking a blow for jesus, going on record…
    genuflecting and praying to your god is good, but striking out at his enemies is probably a lot better…
    i’m afraid it’s sad but true – for a lot of people religion is about strife..
    even christianity, the main message of which is that – there are no enemies among men…
    but then, how peaceful a religion could one be, that sports a torture murder victim as its main symbol?
    these questions are not meant to scoff…
    people want to believe in some sort of religion, me too…
    but the establishment ones are pretty hard to take, they’ve all been around forever and have not fixed the world yet…
    i’ve seen the BIG MCWHAP, so i do believe in something… there’s obviously something totally wowie out there… i guess if you at least know that much, you’re not a complete loss…
    i think it’s a safe bet that any bigshot who dies at a banquet, like alexander the great greek and a bunch of people at james buchanan’s dinner party, was probably poisoned… james would have died too, but he always had sharp doctors around with him, they jumped right on him at the first choke and pumped his stomach… so i heard…

  11. Here’s something to ponder…

    Jesus Christ taught that the father PRINCIPLE * is within us all

    “Christianity” reflects credibility in the “father” denoting a FALSE AUTHORITY extracted from Judaism

    *part and parcel of what we would aspire to reflecting that we are our OWN authority

    1. You are wrong a bunch of jewish imposters invented the myths, miracles. There is till now not a piece of evidence that ‘ christ’ existed!!!
      Imagination or a feeling is no proof. Just placebo.
      Grow up and get get rid of all the jewish stuff. Free your mind.

      1. OK, you’ve had your say. NO CENSORSHIP! Off you go now!
        Find some nice Jewish site. That was your last post.

      2. Admin you don’t understand I said get rid of all the jewish stuff. Why then should I find a jewish site?? Logic?? Is this jewish logic or jewish christian logic?? Help me out please?

        1. @ Ella

          OK, let me just ask you one or two questions. Answer truthfully. Are you hostile to Christianity? Do you think Christians are fools and are deceiving themselves? Would you like Christians to dump Christianity? If so, what would you like them to do? Become atheists? Become pagans? Have lots of sex? Not believe in an afterlife? Just be a lost soul like you trying to convert everyone to your own brand of freethinking?

          Please let us know what your own beliefs are and what beliefs you would seek to impose on your children. For make no mistake, you are not the kind of tolerant person who would like your children to choose their own set of beliefs. You would like to force them them to adopt your own beliefs.

          Speak! You have been given the chance. If what you say is rubbish, you will be banned from posting on this site. If you are ANTI-CHRISTIAN, this is not the site for you. Understand?

          We are not against other religions. We do NOT believe Christianity is the only path. We are sympathetic to most other religions except Talmudic Judaism.

  12. The pope buttresses my skepticism about man-made religions.

    The pontiff in the fish-hat carrying a smoking fire on a chain, JUST CHANGED THE WORDS OF JESUS!!!

    Now THAT is the work of an arrogant CHRIST-BASHER!!

    Led not into temptation: pope approves change to Lord’s Prayer!!
    New wording for Catholics asks God not to ‘let us fall into temptation’ now!

    SO, the logical question arises….
    How many times have arbitrary changes to what Jesus said, like this, been made over the last 2000 years by popes and other writers??? How many changes in the book of Revelations??

    Thomas Pained warned everyone about revisions like this and was shunned and died alone for it. No family or friends attended his funeral. Just 2 freedmen grave diggers and a preacher and undertaker with her son….. 5 in all.

    I believe in a creator.
    I do not believe in anyone else’s gods.
    I do not believe any preachers, pastors, priests or POPES.
    I do not believe any gurus or prophets or their ridiculous cults.

    1. ADMIN: Please correct typo in your email address or your comment(s) will be held up for several hours. This only creates extra work for the monitors. Not complaining, just asking you to take more care. 🙂

      Pat, how about miscreants, cretins and goblins?
      Big devils, little devils, demons, and things that go bump in the night..

      Not even a peek?

      1. HP –

        Not to the folks in the inscription on the Magic Carpet 🙂 woven there…. of “Urbi et Orbi” – to the city (Rome) and the world: to everyone.

    2. Pat
      I prefer saying “I believe in Creation”*. That way you’re less apt to lend credibility to any false notions of the identity of a “Creator”.

      *For that matter, this way you’re not “be-liev-ing”, per se, but just be-ing.

      Ol’ Tom Paine would approve 😁

  13. Admin Toby writes
    “We are not against other religions. We do NOT believe Christianity is the only path. We are sympathetic to most other religions except Talmudic Judaism”.
    TJ has read somewhere in the Gospels that Jesus reportedly said that “only” he was the path to the father. Also, if you are sympathetic to most other religions, except the Talmudic cult, thank God for that, didn’t Jesus also say something about spewing such luck warm sympathies and many paths to the Father out of his mouth.
    Thomas Jefferson, one of the greatest , kindest, and moral human being to ever grace this country and planet earth wrote his version of the Gospels, sans the miracles and the supernatural, called The Jefferson Bible. He distilled the sublime teachings of Jesus that he thought were the finest for moral behavior. To that extent he called himself a Christian. Otherwise he was a deist as were many of his generation.

    1. TJ –

      Jefferson attended church in th US Capitol building for many years!!

      The cornerstone of the Capitol was laid by President George Washington in 1793., but it was not until the end of 1800 that Congress actually moved into the building. According to the congressional records for late November of 1800, Congress spent the first few weeks organizing the Capitol rooms, committees, locations, etc. Then, on December 4, 1800, Congress approved the use of the Capitol building as a church building.

      The approval of the Capitol for church was given by both the House and the Senate, with House approval being given by Speaker of the House, Theodore Sedgwick, and Senate approval being given by the President of the Senate, Thomas Jefferson. Interestingly, Jefferson’s approval came while he was still officially the Vice- President but after he had just been elected President.

      Jefferson attended church at the Capitol while he was Vice President and also throughout his presidency. The first Capitol church service that Jefferson attended as President was a service preached by Jefferson’s friend, the Rev. John Leland, on January 3, 1802.

      Significantly, Jefferson attended that Capitol church service just two days after he penned his famous letter containing the “wall of separation between church and state” metaphor.

      1. Thanks Pat,
        I was after years of study and reflection that Jefferson in 1820 clipped the sayings of Jesus from the Gospels for his version of the Gospel minus the miracles . Jefferson was a Unitarian in that believed he in one God only and not the trinity.

        1. The “Greatest Achievement” of the whiteys, separating their whitey governments from their whitey religion of Christianity! Way To Go whitey! In the meantime, the racial enemies of the White Race would never separate their respective religions from their respective governments. Only whitey thinks it’s a wonderful liberating thing to separate one’s religion from one’s government and when governing NOT consider one’s religion and NOT allow one’s religion to inform or guide one in governing. What exactly is the point of having a religion if you think your religion shouldn’t have any say in your government?

          Jefferson supported the first JEW/FREEMASON COMMUNIST REVOLUTION, the French Revolution. Jefferson even supported the Reign of Terror part of the JEW/FREEMASON COMMUNIST French Revolution.

          We have Separation of Church and State and we now have Catholics and protestant Christians in the government promoting some extremely ANTI-Christian policies/laws. How one can promote very ANTI-Christian policies/laws and also call oneself a Christian ; We can “thank” all the Whites throughout the centuries who fought so hard to have a separation of their Christian religion from their White Occidental governments for all the politicians today who claim to be “Christians” while promoting very ANTI-Christian policies and laws.

          whitey hasn’t gotten around to Separating Synagogue and State and whitey hasn’t gotten around to Separating Freemason Temple and State. And whitey doesn’t seem too interested in Separating Mosque from State. ONLY Christian Church and State should be Separated, as per whitey. Way To Go whitey!!!

      2. TJ –

        Thanks. To dig a little deeper….

        In 1786 George Washington claimed the USA was NOT founded on the Christian Religion.*

        Treaty of Peace and Friendship between the United States of America and the Bey and Subjects of Tripoli of Barbary.

        ARTICLE 11.
        *As the government of the United States of America is not in any sense founded on the Christian Religion, -as it has in itself no character of enmity against the laws, religion or tranquility of Musselmen,-and as the said States never have entered into any war or act of hostility against any Mehomitan nation, it is declared by the parties that no pretext arising from religious opinions shall ever produce an interruption of the harmony existing between the two countries.

  14. HAWK has it right PAT, in my humble opinion…
    CREATOR implies some kind of separate being, and a hierarchy, which will be authoritarian, of a master race…
    look at the words AUTHO-RIT-TARIAN…. RIT means BLOOD…
    MASTER is OM-ASTRA.. RACE is R-ACE.. the K RACE… the ACE is he SP-ACE-MAN above the K-ING… RIS is RACE… K-RIS-T…
    i think it’s all one in the same consciousness, and you are the vessel of the universe…

    1. Bark –

      B-Hawk –

      Could be. Who really knows? It matters not a whit to me.

      I chose that word to keep people off my ass, so as to NOT get an off-topic conversation started about atheism deism or other matters about my opinions of faith.

      As you see, I failed!! 🙂 🙂

    2. Bark
      That we ARE vessels of the same consciousness is exactly the kind of thing Jesus TAUGHT. That Divine Creation is a “concomitance”** wherein, e.g.; the “father” and comparable appellations refers to a principle of authority WITHIN man and not an external authority figure WITHOUT him

      Those Pharisees Jesus railed against would have you accept this spurious notion, which has caused Man to defer his power in all matters worldly and otherwise to a falseness that the Essenes call the Demiurge; Master of the Universe; Darkness – an impostor that would steal your very soul if you let it.

      After Jesus was “silenced”, the false claims of the pharisees were perpetuated with the founding of the church, something he never endorsed. This isn’t to suggest that ALL of its founders were aware of the fact that this is not a proper representation of what he’s all about in signifying Man in full recognition of his Divine nature. It’s more of a misapprehension on their part, and not a jewish invention, strictly speaking, although the fraudulent priests have certainly run with it for all it’s worth TO THIS DAY!

      A proper representation of Christianity would reflect the community Jesus was born into – the Essenic, those who know the nature of the pall (pale) cast over Existence. THEY are the true Christians

      **Divinity manifested

      1. To understand the Essenes, a “Jewish” sect, is to understand the man known as Jesus. But to equate him or them with “Christianity” reflects a misapprehension.

        I think lasha understands what I mean by saying this.

  15. TheRealOriginalJoe writes: “Jefferson supported the first JEW/FREEMASON COMMUNIST REVOLUTION, the French Revolution. Jefferson even supported the Reign of Terror part of the JEW/FREEMASON COMMUNIST French Revolution.”
    You fail in your history. Yes, Jefferson supported the French revolution hoping for an outcome similar to the American colonial break with England. He was well aware of the excesses of the French royalty. However, Jefferson was appalled at the Reign of Terror. Jefferson was not a great lover of the British but as the American representative to France loved the manners, food and general culture of the French. You imply that because of Jefferson’s initial support of the French Revolution that somehow he was a supporter of Communism. Somehow, many forget that Jefferson was the architect of American Liberty, a liberty and freedom that the Marxist Commie miners and sappers have been busy trying to destroy dating all the way back to Lincoln’s aggressive war on the South. The current phalanx of Democrat socialist/communists running for the Democratic nomination to run against Trump in 2020 is a wonder to behold. All the while Trump in many cases is betraying his Republican base of traditional middle America possibly handing the commie Democrats the White House in said year. Jefferson would be appalled as to the current state of affairs.

  16. @ admin Toby. Yes I am hostile against ‘ christianity’ as it is a jewish invention and has always been managed at the top by jews who hid for the common ‘ christians’ that they are jewish. ‘ christianity was invented to beainwash the european oeople by jews who emigrated from the orient to Rome and made everybody crazy especially the roman slaves with their myths. That’s why Rome was destroyed. Revenge by the jews. Christianity was invented as a second class of ‘ religion’ especially for rhe common europen people as the jews could have made the european people all jews. Of course they didn’t want this as the jews find themselves special above the european common people. Later the jews used the same trick with the arabic common people who were brainwashed in becoming muslims.
    So yes ‘ christians’ and muslims are fools and deceived by jews ruling the vatican by jewish popes etc claiming to be not jews. Christianity has just a placebo-effect..
    No factual proof of ‘ christ’ exists. Just falsifications, interpolations etc. The common ‘ christians’ have been made slaves by the jewish christians and when you control someone’s mind you can control him. The jewish vatican has always intimidat the common people with fear, illiteracy, profiting of their children, kiddyporn etc. Make many children says the ‘ christian’ church so the jews have more christian slaves. People should get rid of christianity, islam and even judaism should not exist. As long as that that doesn’t happen the common people, christians and muslims will be slaves of the jews.
    What alternative can I present to all those deluded
    Christians and muslims. Try stoicism, buddhism etc and live with the fact that there is no guarantee of an afterlife especially if this promise comes from the lying, cheating jews.
    I don’t think the christians will follow my advice as they are too brainwashed by the jews and also narcistic to accept that there might not be an Afterlife. It’s absurd that european people believe in an oriental not european god.
    People have live thousands of years and died. Do you really believe because the were not chrjstians there is no llace for them in a christian heaven invented by sneaky jews. And what about the chinese, the buddhist people, our ancestors died before christ???

    I repeat get rid of christianity, islam and judaism to become free of the jewish brainwash. Just do the right thing with your neighbour and don’t expect any reward. At the end it is possible that the god the christians, muslim and jews pray to is just the devil. God = devil it’s not impossible. Why did ‘ god’ let us alive? To play with us? To experiment and then let us die. Only a cruel god does that unless he/she/ it is the devil himself.

    1. @ Ella

      “So yes ‘christians’ and muslims are fools and deceived by jews . . . ruling the vatican by jewish popes etc claiming to be not jews.”

      How nice of you to be so clever that you can see what 2.2 billion Christians have failed to see: that Christianity is a stupid religion invented by Jews!

      Here is a long list of great Christian scientists. I guess you’re smarter than them, right? This would include such luminaries as Isaac Newton, discoverer of the laws of gravity and motion; Galileo who revolutionised cosmology; the mathematician and discoverer of calculus Blaise Pascal; Kepler who discovered the laws of planetary motion; Leibniz the great philosopher scientist; Swedenborg the mystic and discover of the nebula hypothesis; Antoine Lavoisier, the father of modern chemistry; and Linnaeus, Swedish botanist, physician, and zoologist, “father of modern taxonomy”.That’s only a handful of great Christian scientists of the 18th century. They are even thicker on the ground in the 19th and 20th centuries.


      So you think they were all fools, taken in by the Jews? Your own education, madam? Do you have a degree in science? Could you hold an intelligent conversation with Isaac Newton on the laws of gravity?

      I doubt it! 🙂


      Yes, Ella, Christians are so stupid and gullible that they have won more Nobel prizes than any other religious group in history:

      I’m not going to waste any further time on you, Ella. Please go away and educate yourself. You’ve had your say and can add nothing new to our dialogue. This is a pro-Christian website and we don’t want low IQ idiots of the female sex telling us what fools we are.

      Goodbye! 🙂

      1. Well said, Toby! And you’ve only mentioned some of the great Christian scientists. You forgot to mention the great Christian artists, musicians and authors: Leonardo da Vinci, Michaelangelo, Mozart, Beethoven, Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Solzhenitsyn……….

        I feel so desperately sorry for these lost souls, women like this Ella, wandering the internet trying to spread her contagion and soul sickness by puffing her bad breath into other people’s faces. Intellectual halitosis, she’s got it bad! Poor kid. Maybe all she needs is a good husband and a couple of gorgeous kids!

        My parting message for Ella, Lost Soul: Du mußt dein Leben ändern!

      2. Saki –

        “Intellectual halitosis” !!! 🙂

        Damned good one there, girl!!

        If I keep toasting sake to your astounding gems, I’ll be as bad off as the Butterfly Gal!! 🙂

      3. Not defending Ella and not an attempt to downplay Christian and Western science, rather in defense of the truth.
        Bhaskaracharya’s Law of Gravity : Discovered 1200 Years before Newton
        The speed of light 1200 years ago! C’mon man!

        Kepler’s Law of Planetary Motion copied from RIGVEDA

        “I am convinced that everything has come down to us from the banks of the Ganges, – astronomy, astrology, metempsychosis, etc… It is very important to note that some 2,500 years ago at the least Pythagoras went from Samos to the Ganges to learn geometry…But he would certainly not have undertaken such a strange journey had the reputation of the Brahmins’ science not been long established in Europe” (Voltaire)

        1. Hp,

          I’m a bit baffled that you should send me these videos, as if I needed “putting right” on some point. As far as I know, dear Homer, I have never made any disparaging remarks about Hinduism or questioned the insights of the great Vedic sages! 🙂

          (Lasha and I think alike on this point)

          If the point you are making is that the greatest insights of modern science, including quantum physics, were already anticipated in the dim dawn of history by the wise men of India and Himalayan seers, I have no problem accepting this viewpoint. I accept it! 🙂

          The only point I was making with “Ella” was that Christianity was not a religion invented by Jewish con artists to hoodwink 2.1 billion gullible fools known as “Christians” to believe a lot of claptrap. In order to convince this silly goose (“Ella”) that Christianity was not a “religion for fools”, I listed an impressive array of great Christian scientists to demonstrate that super-intelligent people throughout the ages have believed in Christianity. In short, that Christianity and science were compatible. However, she is too slow-witted to accept this simple truth and has sent in a further comment I have deleted. I quote it exactly as she wrote it, copying it from our Spam folder:

          What has science got to do with ‘christianity’? They are both two different subjects. You use a fallacy by equating these subjects. One is about ‘belief’ or must I say superstition and the other about facts. I can not remember ‘christianity’ was a fan of science and ‘christ’ didn’t talk about science.

          I don’t think we need waste any more time on this woman. What would you think of her if, instead of referring to Christianity in disparaging terms, she had mocked “Buddhism” or “Vedanta”?

          What has science got to do with “Buddhism/Vedanta”? They are both two different subjects. You use a fallacy by equating these subjects. One is about ‘belief’ or must I say superstition and the other about facts. I can not remember ‘Buddhism/Vedanta’ was a fan of science and ‘Gotama Buddha/Shankara’ didn’t talk about science.

          Does that make any sense to you?

          In any case, Homer, this woman must be disappointingly limited in her outlook to think she has the right to badmouth Christianity on a pro-Christian site. A bit like a person going into a restaurant and abusing the cook, the management, and the food — and then demanding to be served another free meal. “Hey, why are you banning me from your restaurant when all I’m doing is telling you how lousy your food is?” 🙂

      4. @ Admin Toby

        I agree with everything you say here about Ella, but I ask you to make allowances for her. One the one hand, she could be a person with learning difficulties. We are under obligation, as you know,
        to treat such backward people with the respect they deserve.
        After all, we are all “equals”. A gifted person with a high IQ is not entitled to any more respect than a person who is “differently gifted”, if you know what I mean.

        Apart from this, Ella is a woman. As an average female, she is naturally of a lower order of intelligence than the average man. We all know that men are far better at mathematics and music than women. They are also better warriors. How many great mathematicians, musicians and warriors do you know who are female? Not many!

        Women should stick to the things they are good at — like cooking, cleaning, gossiping, gadding about and spending money, and having lots of sex. These are the things they are good at and should specialize in. I advise Ella to concentrate on these noble activities and avoid making a fool of herself by talking about depressing subjects like philosophy and science, religion and politics.

      5. Toby, first of all the videos are for everyone, not just you. And yes I understand your point hence my “not defending Ella” and I also understand your sentiment but I won’t defend that either. Inaccuracies made as matter of fact statements from a point of habit and sentiment rather than fact are one thing and the very same inaccuracies made after knowing the facts is another thing. An errant thing. And I know you know the facts. At least a few very relevant very pertinent facts as applies to Newton, Kepler and many other Western philosophers, mathematicians, and scientists and their “relationship” with the Vedas.
        Perhaps there was a time when you did not know but you know now.

        What I’m saying. is bad habits are hard to break and I know this as well as Newton or Gandhi or you know this.

        Would you expect me to agree with you or Lasha or Ella or anyone if they were to say, for example,
        “The Taj Mahal was built by Shah Jahan for his dearly beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal”?

        I hope you wouldn’t because I don’t believe that and you know I don’t believe that and I can produce copious concrete facts to support my belief the Tejo Mahalaya was built by Jai Singh.

        Sentiment, habit, sensitivities, etc. do not trump the truth.
        That’s all I’m saying or desire to say.

        1. We are in full agreement on all the most important points, Homer. That’s all that needs to be said.

          I know exactly where you are coming from. I’m glad you mentioned Gandhi. Here was a man who knew his Bhagavad-Gita backwards, while at the same time praising the New Testament and holding its ethical teachings in the highest reverence. The same with yogananda and countless other Indian seers well versed in the Vedas.

          At ashrams in India, including the one at Pondicherry set up by Aurobindo, Christians and Hindus meet and mingle freely in spiritual friendship. Mutual tolerance and understanding are found here among the supporters of Shankara, Gotama Buddha, Jesus Christ, Mahavira, and Guru Nanak. That’s how it should be!

          — TOBY

          (Think of me as a fallible human being, not as a stern monitor!
          The job I do here is unpaid, voluntary, and not very enjoyable.) 🙂

      6. Toby, I think you’re a fine fellow.
        A gentleman, a scholar, and a tolerant user friendly monitor..

        Of course, you must also consider the source of the complement.. (lol)

  17. I have been thinking that there is a compromise possible as the goyim common people can not live obviously without ‘ christianity’. I keep repeating it is a jewish invention but let us keep it as compromise BUT with the condition that all ‘ christians’ of jewish origin should all be kicked out out of ‘ christianity’, ‘ catholicism’ , ‘ protestantism’ etc. ‘ christianity’ should be judenfrei!

    1. This compromise won’t do. It is German arrogance at its worst. Patronising. Condescending. “We must put up with Christians because they obviously have a sick need to smoke the opium pipe of evil Jewish Christianity.”

      You think that delights me as a Christian? That I’m going to throw my arms around your neck and kiss you on both cheeks? Forget it! You are saying, in effect, that you despise Jesus Christ because he was a JEW — and that you wouldn’t mind him at all if he were a nice blonde beast of an ARYAN.

      You have the ideas of a juvenile delinquent. You remind me of a precocious and unruly teenager with a passion for Nietzsche. I bet you love the mad genius who wrote the Antichrist, nein?

      1. You are wrong. First there is no proof that ‘ christ’ ever existed. If there is proof that he once existed I could change my mind about’ christ’.
        It is the power ( brainwashed) which the jews have over the common people by having invented ‘ christianity’ that makes that the jews are still protected by ‘ christian’ people. The top/management ‘ christians’ ( cryptos) have always been jews till today and protect their brothers in secret of the synaguogue.
        ‘ christianity’ and ‘ judaism’ have always worked together, just two jewish factions ( two jewish corporations) ruling over the Goyim and profiting and damaging the Goyim with world wars etc. To get rid of this power to free the Goyim of the jews I presented a compromise. Kick all jewish ‘ christians’ out of ‘ christianity’ and let the Goyim themselves rule ‘ christianity’ without jewish trojan horses in the middle. And let met tell you that there are more ‘ christians’ of jewish origin than the jews want the Goyim to know.

        1. OK, if that’s the song you are singing, you can sing it as loud as you want in a different music hall. And to a different audience with an appetite for discordant, atonal, cacophonous music. In the interests of quality control, this particular website rejects your sub-standard music and says: “Off you go! Find somewhere else to sing your song!”


  18. Thank you for having published my view about ‘ christianity’. Remember the jewish problem will not be solved unless we get rid of jewist stuff and jewish mind control. Auf wiedersehen.

    1. Goodbye, dear. this is first time I’ve ever had to ban someone from this site whom I actually like, and for whom I feel like a mother toward her errant daughter. I predict you will go far one day and see the world with new eyes as you grow older.

      1. Bye dear I like you too unless you are jewish. You are very naive about the jews, useful idiot, or you are a jewish “christian”. As I repeat it is only in the interest of the jews to pretend having a hate for the “christians”. The rabbis and the jewish “christians, management of “christianity”is jewish through and through and work together in secret from the beginning until now! Jewish scam.
        There are more jewish “christians”in this world than the jews want the Goyim to know.

        1. @ Ella

          Bye dear I like you too unless you are jewish.

          Strange thing to say. (Of course I’m not Jewish; I’m an ex-nun). I would never ask someone “Are you Jewish?” before deciding to like them. And if I liked someone who later on revealed he was Jewish, that wouldn’t suddenly turn my liking for him into hatred. That’s how we differ.

          Do you think Christianity is an evil religion because its founder was a Jew? Would you give Christianity a second chance if you discovered that Christ was NOT a Jew, as many people erroneously like to think? I can’t see how he could have been non-Jewish, given that he was called “Rabbi” in the New Testament and actually taught in the synagogue.

          (Not sure if you’ll read this, but I ask the questions anyway).

      2. Sister –
        Respectfully, dear Sister, He taught in synagogues because there were no Christian “churches” at the time. Calling Him “rabbi” was like calling a Pepsi a “Coke”. My understanding is that, at the time, “rabbi” was a moniker of respect, and a popular label.
        In reading Scripture, especially the KJV, I try to remember that the translators actually SPOKE and READ the Greek, Latin, and Hebrew from which it was translated. Even though the commissioner, King James, is said to have been a sodomite, it makes their translation no less valid. Moreover, Mary, being from the House of David, was likely not a jewess (and all Jews are said to get their validation from their mothers).
        (Of course, we cannot ascribe any ethnicity to the Father!) 🙂

  19. In the article titled “Christ vs. Antichrist: A debate”, pasha denounces Nietzsche for his stance against Christianity….

    “It is no measure of mental health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society”

    ….and yet who is LESS well-adjusted than Nietzsche? The one who was reported to have finally gone over the edge of “madness” upon getting MAD when witnessing an act of inhumaneness by a man whipping his horse. Does this sound like the behavior of an anti-christian? Repulsed, as was Jesus by acts of cruelty against innocent beings?!

    1. Listen, Brownhawk. I am sick of reading your substandard comments and would like you to go away and post on some suitable anti-Christian website. BTW, LD is known as “Lasha” not as “pasha” — and Nietzsche (and his madness) has NOTHING to do with your own anti-Christian denunciation of the Lord’s Prayer as an inadequate and stupid prayer, using words in it which you personally don’t like and which you claimed Christ would never have used himself, i.e. the words, “FORGIVE US OUR TRESPASSES, AS WE FORGIVE THEM THAT TRESPASS AGAINST US.”

      Didn’t you object to this perfectly acceptable sentence? Yes, you did. More than once.

      OK, fine. Supergenius Brownhawk wants to rewrite the Lord’s Prayer to suit himself. Well, you can do that on some other website. LD didn’t spend weeks preparing this major article on the Lord’s Prayer only to have an arrogant and self-important pseudo-intellectual like you come along and diss the Lord’s Prayer and offer to correct Jesus Christ and rewrite the sacred prayer for 2.1 billion Christians!!!

      (CORRECTION: Yes, you are not actually “correcting” Jesus Christ. You are making out that he would never have used such words himself and that some SOMEONE ELSE, a subsequent scribe with evil intention, fabricated these words and slipped them into the Lord’s Prayer, much to your annoyance. However, where is your evidence for this act of literary skulduggery? You have no evidence at all. It’s just your personal opinion. In short, yet another irresponsible conspiracy theory.)

      You also said Christianity was “stale” and generally unfit for purpose. You can’t say this on a pro-Christian website. Period. Freedom of speech ends when you spit in your host’s face at the dinner table. You crossed a red line there.

      So please, GO AWAY and LEAVE US ALONE!!! You have thousands of other Christ-bashing sites you could post your comments on.

      GOOD LUCK! 🙂

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