Torture in Britain Today: The Case of Julian Assange

As Brits prepare to vote in another Tory government the day after tomorrow, few are aware that this country has now become a venue for torture and misrule by the Enemies of the People.  

Consortium News via Truthseeker
December 9, 2019

“I think I’m going out of my mind,” Julian Assange told John Pilger at Belmarsh Prison.  — “No you’re not,” Pilger responded. “Look how you frighten them, how powerful you are.”

I set out at dawn.

Her Majesty’s Prison Belmarsh is in the flat hinterland of south east London, a ribbon of walls and wire with no horizon. At what is called the visitors centre, I surrendered my passport, wallet, credit cards, medical cards, money, phone, keys, comb, pen, paper.

I need two pairs of glasses. I had to choose which pair stayed behind. I left my reading glasses. From here on, I couldn’t read, just as Julian couldn’t read for the first few weeks of his incarceration. His glasses were sent to him, but inexplicably took months to arrive. [An example of of psychological torture disguised as bureaucratic incompetence. LD).

There are large TV screens in the visitors centre. The TV is always on, it seems, and the volume turned up. [Another sadistic refinement known in the literature of high security prisons as “torture music” LD].

Game shows, commercials for cars and pizzas and funeral packages, even TED talks, they seem perfect for a prison: like visual valium.

I joined a queue of sad, anxious people, mostly poor women and children, and grandmothers. At the first desk, I was fingerprinted, if that is still the word for biometric testing.

“Both hands, press down!” I was told. A file on me appeared on the screen.

I could now cross to the main gate, which is set in the walls of the prison. The last time I was at Belmarsh to see Julian, it was raining hard. My umbrella wasn’t allowed beyond the visitors centre. I had the choice of getting drenched, or running like hell. Grandmothers have the same choice.

At the second desk, an official behind the wire, said, “What’s that?”

“My watch,” I replied guiltily.

“Take it back,” she said.

So I ran back through the rain, returning just in time to be biometrically tested again. This was followed by a full body scan and a full body search. Soles of feet; mouth open.

At each stop, our silent, obedient group shuffled into what is known as a sealed space, squeezed behind a yellow line. Pity the claustrophobic; one woman squeezed her eyes shut.

We were then ordered into another holding area, again with iron doors shutting loudly in front of us and behind us.

“Stand behind the yellow line!” said a disembodied voice.

Another electronic door slid partly open; we hesitated wisely. It shuddered and shut and opened again. Another holding area, another desk, another chorus of, “Show your finger!”

Then we were in a long room with squares on the floor where we were told to stand, one at a time. Two men with sniffer dogs arrived and worked us, front and back.

The dogs sniffed our arses and slobbered on my hand. Then more doors opened, with a new order to “hold out your wrist!”

A laser branding was our ticket into a large room, where the prisoners sat waiting in silence, opposite empty chairs. On the far side of the room was Julian, wearing a yellow arm band over his prison clothes.

As a remand prisoner he is entitled to wear his own clothes, but when the thugs dragged him out of the Ecuadorean embassy last April, they prevented him bringing a small bag of belongings. His clothes would follow, they said, but like his reading glasses, they were mysteriously lost.

For 22 hours a day, Julian is confined in “healthcare”. It’s not really a prison hospital, but a place where he can be isolated, medicated and spied on. They spy on him every 30 minutes: eyes through the door. They would call this “suicide watch”.

In the adjoining cells are convicted murderers, and further along is a mentally ill man who screams through the night. “This is my One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest,” he said. “Therapy” is an occasional game of Monopoly. His one assured social gathering is the weekly service in the chapel. The priest, a kind man, has become a friend. The other day, a prisoner was attacked in the chapel; a fist smashed his head from behind while hymns were being sung.

When we greet each other, I can feel his ribs. His arm has no muscle. He has lost perhaps 10 to 15 kilos since April. When I first saw him here in May, what was most shocking was how much older he looked.

“I think I’m going out of my mind,” he said then.

I said to him, “No you’re not. Look how you frighten them, how powerful you are.” Julian’s intellect, resilience and wicked sense of humor – all unknown to the low life who defame him — are, I believe, protecting him.  He is wounded badly, but he is not going out of his mind.

We chat with his hand over his mouth so as not to be overheard. There are cameras above us. In the Ecuadorean embassy, we used to chat by writing notes to each other and shielding them from the cameras above us. Wherever Big Brother is, he is clearly frightened.

On the walls are happy-clappy slogans exhorting the prisoners to “keep on keeping on” and “be happy, be hopeful and laugh often”.

ASSANGE:  “I think I’m going out of my mind.”
WALL PLACARDS:  “Be happy! Laugh often!”

The only exercise he has is on a small bitumen patch, overlooked by high walls with more happy-clappy advice to enjoy ‘the blades of grass beneath your feet’.

There is no grass.

He is still denied a laptop and software with which to prepare his case against extradition. He still cannot call his American lawyer, or his family in Australia.

The incessant pettiness of Belmarsh sticks to you like sweat. If you lean too close to the prisoner, a guard tells you to sit back. If you take the lid off your coffee cup, a guard orders you to replace it. You are allowed to bring in £10 to spend at a small café run by volunteers. “I’d like something healthy,” said Julian, who devoured a sandwich.

Across the room, a prisoner and a woman visiting him were having a row: what might be called a ‘domestic’. A guard intervened and the prisoner told him to “fuck off”.

This was the signal for a posse of guards, mostly large, overweight men and women eager to pounce on him and hold him to the floor, then frog march him out.  A sense of violent satisfaction hung in the stale air.

Now the guards shouted at the rest of us that it was time to go. With the women and children and grandmothers, I began the long journey through the maze of sealed areas and yellow lines and biometric stops to the main gate. As I left the visitor’s room, I looked back, as I always do. Julian sat alone, his fist clenched and held high.



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  1. I received notice, yesterday, that a “Virginia Israel Advisory Board” has been established in our (Virginia) state government, ostensibly for funding and promoting Israhell-based businesses and corporations in our commonwealth. I will be watching to see who, like Julien Assange (if anyone) will report this publicly, and what spin will be made on it. No doubt, the bonehead evangelicals will bolster it and condemn anyone who exposes the “Chosenites” for what they are…😡
    I have forwarded this information to some influential Virginians, and can only hope they understand its implications. Poor Julien Assange would have been the type to expose this, and that is why he will never see the freedom of daylight, again. All the more reason for we Americans to NEVER surrender our guns! I’d much rather die shooting than rot in a jail cell like Assange (and I have little doubt that he would now feel the same!).
    “If the fight for a new view of life is not led by heroes willing to sacrifice themselves, then no more will death-defying fighters be found.” – Mein Kampf, p.134, Houghton-Mifflin English Translation

    1. Gil –

      I just searched that damned advisory board. I was so very surprised(not) when I found it seems rampant with corruption by the ag & guvner:

      The Virginia-Israel Advisory Board
      Taxpayer-Funded Israel Lobbying Inside State Government
      Reconstitution from Governor’s Office to the Legislature

      BTW – As you well know…. CIA is in Langley, Va. 🤢

      1. Pat –

        The more I read Grant Smith’s work, the more urgent I consider broadcasting the insidious nature of the Israhell lobby! Thanks for your attention to this! 🙂

  2. Perhaps that’s a red line no one can cross… Do you remember that real journalist from Cyprus (if I’m not mistaken), she tried to expose the Panama Papers, too hot for her caste! Her car mysteriously (not so) blew away!

    1. NBTT –

      That was Daphne Caruana Galizia, a blogger writing investigations focused on corruption and was described as a ‘one-woman WikiLeaks’ by many. Her posts often attracted more readers than the combined circulation of the country’s newspapers. Hadda be silenced.

      Lotta ‘car’ stuff used to get rid of informed women who would not shut up.

      They killed Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco in 1982 by tampering with the brakes. She was going to expose the P2 Masons.
      Becoming a royal was not a cheap deal for Grace Kelly. Her family had to fork over a $2 million dowry for her to become a princess. Then she learned too much over the years, after wedding Prince Rainier III in 1956.

      The same with Jessica Savitch, an aggressive reporter, in 1983…. while working on exposing the P2 Masons. She and a driver died in a car that was pushed into a canal in Houston. Both had head wounds, but it was ruled drowning.

      1. @ Pat

        You are a remarkable fund of useful information, Pat. Keep up the good work!

        Assange will be he next to bite the dust.

        I think the whole point of this article, if we take another look at that final picture and the caption under it supplied by LD, is that both Trump and Boris Johnson are working for the Deep State and would like to see Assange end up like all the other people you refer to in your post. Dead. They all suffered the same fate — death — because they knew too much. They were snuffed out before they could drag out more skeletons from the cupboard.

        Epstein was obviously snuffed out, because if he’d been put on trial he would have named some really big names and gotten a lot of important people into trouble. I can’t help feeling that the next one to have a convenient “car accident” will be Ghislaine Maxwell.

    2. I knew you had some good info to share here, Pat!

      I try to avoid as much as possible electric steering wheels, cyber hijack is no conspiracy in the XXI century. Authorities should definitely avoid it. I love the good ole dirty, although effective, hydraulics.

  3. Russia reports:

    Pamela Anderson ‘Threatened’ by Warden at UK Prison Holding Whistleblower Julian Assange—report/

    With an extradition hearing in Julian Assange’s case set for February, medical experts have been raising the alarm that the WikiLeaks founder might not make it until the hearing, as the whistleblower’s longtime friend, actress Pamela Anderson arrived in Australia Monday to plead his case.

    Pamela Anderson has claimed she was threatened by a prison chief at the maximum security prison where her friend, WikiLeaks whistleblower Julian Assange, is incarcerated, reports the Daily Mail.

    It is believed the actress and activist intended to reveal the shocking incident during a speech before Australian lawmakers in Canberra this week, but cancelled due to a “scheduling conflict”.

    In what is claimed to be a full transcript of the speech, seen by, the Baywatch star said that towards the end of her meeting with Assange at Belmarsh high security prison in London in May the warden “stormed in”.

    “The warden made it very clear to me, that if I were going to be a problem – he’d make problems for Julian. It was a direct threat,” the actress reportedly said.

    It was unclear why the warden, or “prison governor” as he is known in the UK, might have thought the activist was going to cause trouble.

    In the speech she had been set to give, Anderson says she was “scared and stressed” when she and WikiLeaks editor Kristinn Hrafnsson met Assange in prison for the first time, but to their relief the whistleblower was “clean shaven” and his eyes “bright”.

    In her speech, the actress says:
    “He was ready to fight – smart/clever as always. His mind working fast. But what was abnormally out of character – he was looking to us like his life depended on us. He was looking to us for hope.”

    According to the actress, “minutes before our time was up” the prison official stormed in.
    The 52-year-old Anderson insists that every moment Assange is in prison “he is in danger”.

    “I’m sure he is being punished for every bad word said about that prison. So I’m taking a big risk here. To let you know – it is a different set of rules there. There are no rules. That benefit him. Remember this,” warns the actress.

    In response, a UK Prison Service spokesman is quoted by the outlet as saying:
    “The Governor of HMP Belmarsh did not threaten Ms Anderson or Mr Assange.”

    While it is not known which official Pamela Anderson was referring to, the current governor of Belmarsh – a Category A high-security prison in south-east London and deemed the toughest in Britain – is Rob Davis OBE.

  4. “…..the same environment.” But not the same plates of food & drinking containers….. and not the same medications. There are many delivery systems.

  5. Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning, and Edward Snowden put the truth and the public’s need to hear and see it above their own personal security. The are worthy of receiving the Noble Peace Prime. For that, we should all support and respect those three courageous individuals.

    1. What everyone of awareness should do is use the strategies of “Antifa” and publicly ridicule the persecutors. I never miss an opportunity to belittle the persona of the bonehead “Israel-firsters” I encounter (which has made me pariah to many of my friends and acquaintances), but I word it to try and make their minds engage critical thought. Most people are just too goddam lazy to care, but might one day be where I can say “I told you so!” 😊
      People of good social standing and affluence are MOST effective. (Tattooed white trash is ignored – as is only natural.)

    2. Nobel Peace Prize — NOT “Noble Peace Prime.”

      (Well, at least you got “Peace” right — so, well done!) 🙂

  6. I just switched-on the Rachel Maddow communist spin “news” to hear her take on the House of Representatives impeachment articles. She’s interviewing ol’ Butt-plug Mayor Pete, excited about the prospect of further ruining our country. My trigger finger is twitching! 😡
    The Jew problem is malignant – and the sub-goy are rejoicing (for now).

  7. In Julian Assange’s case, the squeeky wheel does not get the grease, it gets the nail in the coffin, one nail at a time. The more Assange and his visitors complain about the conditions of incarceration, the closer to dead Assange gets. Assange is in an environment that is like being strapped to a plank, face up, while different amounts and different sizes of water droplets are dropped at different rates on his forehead. The old Maxwell Smart “Chinese Water Torture”, just short of water-boarding. To endure that requires will, stamina and psychological strength that only God can provide. The same could be said about the victims of Jeffrey Epstein’s abuse or the German women that survived the perpetual rape by Russian, American and British troops during and especially after WW2. Let’s also not forget the 20 -30 million Ukrainians that the Bolshevik Communist Jew Stalin killed/starved, known as the Holodomor, in the 1930s. Then there is Mao Zedong and his Communism (Jew concept) in the Cultural Revolution of 1949 onward that killed over 50 million Chinese. I pray that Julian Assange survives to be able to testify somewhere, just like Alexander Solzhenitsyn lived to tell his story. We can only Hope!

  8. I am the starman
    Waiting in the sky
    I’d love to come and meet you
    But I know I’d make you cry

    Please… please…
    Be brave if you can
    Because if you can’t
    We’re all going head first down the pan…

    I am the starman
    Crying in the sky
    I thought I’d join in with you
    As we all begin to die

    So they dragged the young teenage boy out and he knelt down and he was decapitated with an Islamic breadknife. His Etonian know it all Ancestors watched it happen with Starman from above. In tears they turned to Starman, he looked sternly at them and said:

    ‘Dignity and respect, it always goes full circle’.

    I suggest that you Etonian elites get word to your bosses that Julian needs transfering to a jail that shows him some dignity and respect, pretty pronto.


    OK… fuck you, you’re not sane. Reap the breadknife. I’ll be crying and laughing with Starman.

  9. I’m wondering what our very own in-house MEGA-intellectual Henry Kissinger expert on International Relations type, Pat, has to say about the impact of Boris Johnson/The Conservatives winning yesterday in England? How does the election result in England impact International Geo-Political relations? What’s going to happen to England’s Gross National Product? Will England’s GNP go Up^ or down or what? What will happen to Great Britain’s military strength? Will it decrease or increase or remain lame the same? Is Queen Elizabeth The Second happy with the election results, or no? …..

    1. TROJ –

      I only know the Windors are really Germans!! And Johnson has worse hair than trump!! 🙂

      The House of Windsor is actually a German house – Saxe Coburg and Gotha!!

      1. The “Palestinian” Walid Shoebat is deeply deeply concerned. Why is the “Palestinian” deeply deeply concerned you ask? The “Palestinian” is deeply deeply concerned because Boris Johnson’s election victory could very well lead to Germany turning *gasp* NAZI again! NO! OMG NO!

        For a Palestinian his concerns are always jew concerns. The things that get the jews worried are the same things that get Walid Shoebat worried, but he’s *wink* *wink* not a jew.

        Boris Johnson’s election victory is going to lead to Germany taking over Europe — and the next thing you know Germany is going to take over the world! And the next thing you know we’re all going to be speaking German! OH NO!!! OMG NO!!!!!

        Having to speak German is WORSE than getting Genocided, which is what the Jews are doing to the Palestinians, the Jews are Genociding the Palestinians, but ((( The Palestinian ))) is not worried about the Jews Genociding the Palestinians, he’s worried that Germany may take over Europe [ and maybe even the world after the Germans take over Europe!!! ]. ((( The Palestinian))) is worried because the guy who tried to drown Pachamama in the Tiber may be a *gasp* NAZI!!! OH NO! OMG NO!!!! He’s worried about a “Nazi” drowning a wooden statue of the native indigenous South American goddess Pachamama in novus ordo Rome while the Jews Genocide the Palestinians and he never has anything to say about the Jews Genociding what he claims are his own people [ as he constantly worries because any minute now the Germans may turn *gasp* NAZI again! OH NO! OMG NO!!!!! ] Yeah sure, he’s a real Palestinian *wink* *wink*.

        The Noosphere is a HOOT! It is, you have to admit, very entertaining! 🙂

  10. human rights ????? they can’t spell it, but the west inclusive of
    Britain and the USA can murder all they can and the UN says nothing about it.

  11. I was wondering, how important the profession of journalism is? We don’t have real journalists anymore, only good looking TV actors reading the teleprompter.

    I like the concept of critical mass; I have to give credit to Barkingdeer to bring that out. The idea is that beyond certain point the perception of the masses will change naturally in a fast rate, unstoppable. If the critical mass (great number of people sharing a change of perception) is hit the phenomenon goes for itself. (((They))) can’t allow the formation of a critical mass. For example, it would be a real embarrassment to the “system” if the 1969 Moon Landing was finally viewed as what it is, a hoax.

    Real journalists are a real treat to the system. Ask yourself dear reader, if we had 300 real journalists like Assange, would that make any difference? I bet it would. Ask the “Intelligence” Agencies, ask the MOSSAD.

    In this centuries (millenniums?) old war, and I don’t feel hyperbolic using the word “war,” we must see real journalists as huge assets, and assets must be protected. Any field General protects his precious assets, the expendable ones not very much. We do have a problem when to be a real journalist the professional has to be a hero, a martyr with suicidal tendencies.

    Conclusion: real journalists must be protected with guns, a private security team at minimum.

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