Trapped in our own fairy tales

By John Kaminski

Only common sense
can save us from
our own obliteration

“Americans will continue to exist in a semi-conscious coma . . .”

We can’t escape the conditioning that has misled us throughout our lives to properly assess the damage we have done to ourselves by letting our societies go as far down the road to totalitarian chaos as they have. Not only are we at a loss as to how to correct the imbalance between haves and have nots, but the vast majority of the population should now worry about their planned elimination in this multifaceted social tsunami now being inflicted upon us by forces often described as “too big to fail”.

What are you going to do? Defend a government planning to kill you? Is that how docile your modern conveniences have made you?

Our government has fabricated disasters and wars for its own benefit (Venezuela was its latest attempt) and yet failed to respond adequately to “natural” disasters at home. Worse than that, it has failed to coherently describe many public shootings and other suspicious disasters that trigger more questions than answers.

That the world is horribly out of balance is precisely because one group has harnessed the power of money and used it to enslave all other groups. To understand how this has happened requires understanding that it was bankers who first invented writing, and bankers today who are determining our dismal future, which is dismal precisely because of the exorbitant fees bankers extort from all producers and consumers, which they rake in by permission of the politicians they put in power.

With each new technological advance the average consumer gets stupider and stupider, with each new modern convenience the average human becomes less able to care for himself. The flooding of white countries with Africans funded by Jewish billionaires is an object lesson in civilizational paralysis, which the moneymen want to instill to better refine the requirements of those who should have money and those who should not. This is total top-down control of the population.

Governments have always kept secrets, but we as an interested public have never been kept further in the dark than we are today.

Our universities are no longer centers for public learning. They have become indoctrination centers for the power elite, teaching children to become perverts at an early age to distract them from focussing on the hidden powers behind the artificial reality that keeps them in check.

Especially letting toddlers be molested at Drag Queen Story Hours must give the Jewish social planners a lascivious thrill to know that they are destroying another child’s natural sexual development, and thereby furthering their evil plans to destroy the family structure altogether in favor of their no-family lesbian Communist upbringing.

Maybe the biggest fairy tale of all that Americans have swallowed over the years was that anyone could rise up through the ranks and become president. Anyone indeed! A New York Realtor who knew every Jew in Manhattan and knows everything that happened on 9/11 and has never said a word about it. Or a Boy Toy from Indonesia, whose history was erased and replaced with a quick trip through Chicago bath houses, Harvard and the White House.

There can be no honest U.S. president until somebody is willing to come clean about the U.S.-Israeli military and intelligence alliance that foisted off this predesigned terror attack that led to millions of innocent deaths in multiple wars all over the world. And that is exactly what 9/11 was designed to accomplish.

Until a U.S. president is able to be forthright about elements of the inside job that included previous presidents, Americans will continue to exist in a semiconscious coma inside a plastic replica of what Jews think freedom for the goyim should look like, namely, lots of pornography, violent gratification and addictions to keep people from realizing the chains that keep them in check even exist.


15 thoughts to “Trapped in our own fairy tales”

  1. Could the walking dead photo represent American public school 8th graders out for recess after another 10 years of sex education?

  2. “Hugs replaced with high fives in sexual consent course for kids. For many children, a sloppy kiss from grandma was a rite of passage growing up. Now it is being used as a light-hearted example to help empower children against potential sexual abuse.”
    And the fairytales continue and are getting worse turning into nightmares. No more hugs and kisses from Granny and grandpa.
    Kaminski tells it as it is.

  3. Sometimes – like when you hit a bridge-support head-on at 100mph (even with a seatbelt) – there is NO “coming back”.

    The USSA – riding a motorcycle without a crash-helmet – has splattered into the side of a granite mountain at 500mph… head-on

    There’ll be no “coming back. It’s O-V-E-R.

  4. You can lead an Americans to bldg. 7 but you can’t make him drink.
    If a bldg 7 shaped cream pie was rubbed in his face he’d only ask for more pie, please.
    After checking Social and M$M media consensus, of course.

    To bolster this theory just see how Americans are reacting to the latest shenanigans of the (cia) in trying to usurp the sitting President for a Mata Hillary 2020 coup.
    And with complete M$M, Academia and Hollywood lockstep collusion. (so say we all!)

    Hardly a knucklehead American even knows Obama’s (cia) Director (and coup ring leader) Benedict John Brennan voted for the Communist Party USA candidate for President in 1976? 1976! Ring a bi-centennial bell, lol.
    Our very own two hundred years together, and counting..

  5. We’re the Zombies alright…
    We’ve got our Money in the Zombie Banks…
    It’s Zombie Money…
    There are no Real Banks anymore…
    They’re all Walking Dead Empty Husks…
    Any why should there be Real Banks, because there’s no Real Money…
    It’s no longer about how much money you have anyway, it’s about how much Debt can you Foist…
    There was a time too, when politicians were respected..
    But now they’re all Zombies too, even the ones you like otherwise…
    Exactly NONE of any of them you see on TV have ever told the truth about 9-11…
    Except when they say it was the New Pearl Harbor, which was a false flag of sorts too, the part about the Sneak Attack… So in that sense they do tell the truth…

    1. Excellent comment, Bark. We’re the zombies alright, as you say. But we particular zombies, who know we are zombies, are maybe a cut above the zombies who don’t know they are zombies. Don’t know if you’ll agree…..

      1. @ Toejamicus
        @ Barkingdeer
        @ Sardonicus

        Once you know you’re a zombie, you’re one step closer to unzombiefying yourself. You’re no longer the Walking Dead. You’re the Walking Half-Dead.

        You’ve begun to shake the cobwebs from your brain. You’re beginning to realize that life’s a bad dream and that you’re a sleepwalker in it.

        Just my two cents…

      2. In the world of zombie families are ranks or castes too – like on “real life TV”. Some even might realize that being “undead” is quite profitable and fulfilling even though unzombiefying might be tempting – to change ones habit is far too scary. If one lives as a dead the whole life living might become to complicated and stressful to try.

        1. I love your comments, Jo. They are unusually perceptive, giving us a glimpse into a world of ideas that is beyond the imagination of the man in the street as he goes about his daily business.

      3. Thanks Madame. I have been a caterpillar once and now I feel like a butterfly with one lame wing going around in circles while trying to figure out this idiotic purpose of “restricted flying” when no wings are needed for flight at all in the first place.

  6. Sure, Trump ” a New York Realtor who knew every Jew in Manhattan and knows everything that happened on 9/11 and has never said a word about it” and his administration is riddled with JEWS who also know their JEW tribe did 9/11 and none of them ever have a word to say about it, this Trump has somehow managed to have A LOT of swamp creatures arrested!! Many have been executed! MANY MANY MANY swamp creatures have already been arrested and even executed ! We know this is true because Ustava our female version of Q has told us so!

    Kaminski captures the essence of Trump! Kaminski’s description of Trump here is just absolutely perfect, succinctly perfect, perfectly succinct! Just PERFECT!

    As per Trump : The Jews are TOTALLY INNOCENT of 9/11 — and EVERYTHING ELSE!!!! JEWS ARE ALWAYS TOTALLY INNOCENT!!!! The Arabs in Saudi Arabia did 9/11!!! Why isn’t the government releasing the WHOLE report on 9/11!!!??? Why is the government hiding 28 pages of The Report!!!??? This is An Outrage! I’m going to find out who did 9/11 once and for all you can count on me to reveal the Whole Truth about 9/11!!! The Arabs of Saudi Arabia did 9/11 and the government is hiding that information from us!!! I’m going to put an end to government secrecy about 9/11!

    On one hand Trump wants everyone to think the Saudis did 9/11, he blames the Saudis, and the other hand he makes deals with the Saudis as if the Saudis are our best friends. So even if Trump truly thinks the Saudis did 9/11 he thinks it’s okay to treat a country that attacks us and kills close to 3,000 Americans as if the foreign attackers are our friends and deserve to be treated with the highest respect when making deals with them. Which kinda gives the whole world the message that’s it’s okay to attack the United States, the Americans will treat you like their best friend and make all kinds of business deals with you if you attack the United States and kill 3,000 Americans. So even if Trump manages to fool foreign leaders into thinking the Saudis attacked us on 9/11, the foreign leaders so fooled can only come to the conclusion that it pays to attack the United States. That’s the message Trump sends out to the world, whether he realizes it or not.

    He also is NOT leaving Syria. In fact, he made it clear the U.S. military will stay in Syria and the Yankees will continue to steal Syrian oil. He made this clear about a week after he said he was “withdrawing” from Syria. I bet all the stolen Syrian oil goes to Israel and I bet the Israelis don’t even have to pay for it. I bet they get the stolen oil free, courtesy of Uncle Sam. That’s just a guess, but it’s a GOOD guess.

    1. TROJ –
      “I bet all the stolen Syrian oil goes to Israel and I bet the Israelis don’t even have to pay for it. I bet they get the stolen oil free, courtesy of Uncle Sam.”

      MY bet is on ‘Put-On’/Russia. Russia has been a welfare state of the US since 1917! Then ‘Put-On’ can make a deal with Israel, his favorite country. He likes Saudis too!! 🙂

      Just 3 weeks ago:

      The president also said Iran’s missile programme should be dealt with as a separate matter to its nuclear programme, ahead of his first visit to Saudi Arabia in over a decade.

  7. Also, The Fake Money is about to become even more fake as the State shifts from paper currency to any and all forms of Crypto Currency…
    And what a great name that is for the latest form of Jewish Bankster Fiat Dollars…
    They’re still calling it Coin though, as in Bitcoin…
    First the Coin got turned into fiat bank paper, now the fiat paper gets turned into electronic signals…
    But what’s being lost forever along the way is the Anonymous Transaction…
    Crypto money becomes a tracking device, where every person’s entire financial history is a matter of record… That’s my friends is Bankster Communism…
    But I’ll bet you anything that somehow You will never be able to track the transactions of whomever you want, definitely not Chuck Shumer and Dian Feinsteiny…
    We shouldn’t overgeneralize, but you have to know what you’re up against…
    Unless they denounce Zion, ALL Jews in Government are first and foremost representing the Estate of Israel…
    And they are not here to Preserve Protect and Defend the USA, not unless they’re using it for their own purposes…
    Maybe it was OK to take a little break from the Usual Suspects subject, but there’s no ignoring the fact for long of the Subversive Faction, which has been essentially controlling the country, especially for the last 100 years, since the foundation of the latest privately owned Central Bank and the growth of the modern media…
    Trump is the perfect example of the best we’re likely to get for a President of the United States…
    He talks a good game on MAGA…
    His trade policies are an improvement..
    He denounces the Fake News Media..
    He even claims disgust with the useless foreign entanglements, and to give him a little credit – I don’t think he would have done the bombing in Africa and contributed to the immigrant flood of Europe that the Hillary Obamas did… But that doesn’t matter now…
    But whereas the USA needs more than anything to be freed from the Tribe, he won’t touch the Third Rail of Zion..

  8. Check this out folks.
    Project Veritas today released bombshell footage from an ABC News insider Amy Robach revealing to her producer on a hot mic that she had the Epstein story years before it came out, but ABC News helped cover it up.

    And to top that off Robach is good looking white women.
    At least there is someone that ABC that’s only partly walking dead at least when she thought the mike was off.
    I wonder when ABC sends her to the back shed for some, well, remediation..

    1. TJ –

      ‘Creature From Jekyll Island’ author, Ed Griffin, posted the story also….

      Amy Robach, ABC’s Good Morning America Breaking News Anchor and 20/20 Co-Anchor, was recorded on a ‘hot mic’ during a conversation with a producer last August saying that she had convinced Virginia Roberts Giuffre, a victim of pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, to come forward with her story three years ago. However, ABC refused to air Robach’s interview with Virginia Giuffre. Robach said that ABC was threatened by ‘the Palace’ to prevent allegations against Prince Andrew from being reported. Robach also claimed that she had proof that Epstein’s right-hand woman, Ghislaine Maxwell, would recruit the girls for the sex operation. Robach said that she believed Epstein was killed by someone because he made his living blackmailing powerful people. James Goldston was the president of ABC News at the time the story was allegedly censored.

      ABC and Robach responded to the video by saying that her interview did not meet the station’s editorial standards. ABC’s claim that it did not have enough evidence to run the story is fishy as it was only a year ago that the network published wild allegations against Brett Kavanaugh without any corroborating evidence. The corrupt media covers for its political allies, but has destroyed the lives of those who oppose their politics.

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