Trump and Netanyahu: Partners in Crime

By Finian Cunningham
November 25, 2019


“Trump seems to be aiding and abetting Netanyahu’s agenda of inciting national security tensions with Iran in order to hand Netanyahu a get-out-of-jail card . . . Trump and Netanyahu seem to be working hand-in-hand to ratchet up tensions with Iran.” — Finian Cunningham

It seems more than coincidence that as the legal noose tightens around Prime Minister Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu, Israeli military have suddenly stepped up air strikes on Iranian forces based in Syria.

Playing the strongman role on national security and winning another term as prime minister would stave off prosecution over pending corruption charges.

If Netanyahu is ousted from office he will be immediately subjected to trial. A subsequent conviction on all charges could result in him facing up to 13 years in jail. A lot is at stake for Israel’s elder statesmen. At 70 years old, he is the longest-serving prime minister in the history of the Israeli state, having been elected four times already.

Therefore the longer he can hang on as premier, the longer he can postpone his day in court, as the leadership position affords a certain immunity while in office.

Israel’s current political impasse is a particularly dangerous time for Netanyahu. After two elections held earlier this year, neither Netanyahu nor his nearest rival Benny Gantz have been able to form a coalition government. Netanyahu is still the sitting PM. But lawmakers could vote for a new prime minister in the next few weeks, or else failing that the country will be forced to go to a third election in March next year.

Either way, Netanyahu needs to stay in office if he wants to throw the prosecution trial into the long grass. That means the temptation will be ever-stronger for the hot-headed commando-turned-politician to rile up security tensions with Iran and Syria, as well as neighboring Palestinians. Netanyahu has always drummed up votes by presenting himself as the great defender of Israelis.

Over the past week, as a three-year criminal investigation concluded with charges being leveled against Netanyahu for bribery, fraud and abuse of power for favorable media influence, Israeli forces under his command launched deadly air strikes against Iranian targets in Syria. Reports indicated that around 23 people were killed, most of whom were Iranian military belonging to the elite Quds Force. Though Syrian media claimed that most of the attacks were intercepted. Whether Iranian personnel were killed or not, the Israeli intention is to provoke Tehran.

Notably, Israeli military usually do not confirm or deny when they carry out air strikes on Syria or neighboring countries. This week, however, Israeli leaders including Netanyahu were bragging about the strikes.

Netanyahu said: “I have made clear that any who attack us, we will attack them. That is what we did tonight [November 20] toward military targets of the Iranian Quds Force and Syrian military targets.”

The Israelis claim they were responding to rockets fired from the Golan Heights. But it seems those rockets were provoked by earlier Israeli strikes on Syria just days before.

There is more than a suspicion that Israel was orchestrating the pretext for a flare up in violence. The purpose being to allow Netanyahu to dust off his war medals and flex his muscles for the electorate.

Such a ploy is in keeping with how Netanyahu over recent months has been cranking up the bellicose rhetoric. Before the elections this year in March and September, he has been declaring that if he is re-elected his government would annex large swathes of the Palestinian territory in the West Bank. In spite of international law and UN resolutions designating Israeli settlements as illegal.

US President Donald Trump obliged Netanyahu’s electioneering when the White House announced on November 18 that Washington was henceforth recognizing all Israeli settlements on Palestinian territory as legitimate. Was this Trump shifting US policy to help bail out his friend Bibi, knowing that the indictment sheet was on the way?

Over the past month, Israeli forces have also escalated air strikes on Gaza with dozens of civilians being killed, including families and children. Netanyahu has been cynically winding up fears among Israelis of rocket attacks from Palestinian militants in the besieged Gaza strip. A densely populated area of 1.8 million people subsisting in poverty, deprived of fresh water and electricity, due to Israel’s military cordon.

But in ginning up tensions with Iran in such a provocative way by targeting its elite Quds Force in Syria, Netanyahu is playing with fire.

Russia condemned the Israeli air strikes on Syria last week as unlawful aggression. The Russian foreign ministry warned that such acts were risking a wider conflict in the region.

Again, Trump seems to be aiding and abetting Netanyahu’s agenda of inciting national security tensions with Iran in order to hand Netanyahu a get-out-of-jail card. No doubt Trump knows the feeling as lawmakers in Washington push an impeachment inquiry into his alleged abuse of authority for favors regarding Ukraine.

The dramatic eruption of street violence in Iran over the past week has seen provocateurs hijack public protests over fuel price increases. The rapid spread of arson attacks on public property and shooting dead of several Iranian security force members indicate a foreign role in agitation.

President Trump and his Secretary of State Mike Pompeo issued stark statements of interference in Iranian internal affairs, by encouraging further street disturbances, hypocritically claiming that the US “was standing with the Iranian people”.

Brian Hook, the White House’s special envoy for Iran, even went as far as openly admitting that the US has been working for the past 18 months on finding ways of helping anti-government activists to circumvent internet restrictions imposed by the Iranian authorities to quell the spread of disturbances.

“We have been able to get into the hands of the Iranian people circumvention tools that allow them to communicate with each other when the regime tries to censor them,” said Hook.

Last week, Trump told Congress that he was sending 3,000 US troops to Saudi Arabia to “prevent Iranian provocation”, another move which Russia slammed as provoking regional tensions. Meanwhile, the USS Abraham Lincoln aircraft carrier strike group entered the Persian Gulf.

Trump and Netanyahu seem to be working hand-in-hand to ratchet up tensions with Iran. Evidently, Netanyahu is betting that the sound of war drums will drown out the calls for his prosecution trial over corruption charges. But rather than facing justice, the Israeli leader seems prepared to ignite a war with Iran just to save his own hide.


Did you know that America pays Israel $10 MILLION A DAY  in blackmail extortions? and plans to cover America with more HOLOCAUST MUSEUMS at the expense of American taxpayers?

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  1. Just like Trump, PM Satanyahu was indicted in crimes ranging from his violation of public trust to bribery and fraud.

    According to 16 US intelligence agencies and IAEA inspectors, Iran has no nukes, but Israel does. Iran has signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and Israel (with nuclear weapons) refuses to sign and refuses to allow AEIA inspectors into their nuclear facility.
    This begs the question, why is it Iran-and not Israel-that is being subjected to strangling sanctions? Iran has never threatened Israel, America, or any of its neighbors, whereas Israel is threatening to bomb Iran every day and has a long history of attacking and invading many Arab countries. Israel is now making life a hell on earth for Palestinians in Gaza, the West Bank and Jerusalem as I write this. Where is the outrage, threats of sanctions and the calls for Israel to adhere to the rules of civilized nations?

    After all, if Satanyahu thinks God is on ISISrael’s side, they why does israHell need the US and NATO to fight its dirty wars? Americans are sick and tired of sending their sons and daughters into foreign lands to die for the sake ISISrael

  2. I should point out here the role of AIPAC in shaping US policy in the Middle East. AIPAC who is merely a bunch of unregistered foreign agents who speak only for Israel, not for Jews and not for America. AIPAC calls for war and not for diplomacy-one more war for Israel. A dirty and disastrous war for all. A war that neither they nor their children will be fighting. Red-blooded Americans should be screaming; no more dirty wars for Israel.

  3. After Oslo Peace Agreement, PM Nazinyahu organized a back-door lobby to mobilize US Congressional opposition to the peace accords. This was the first time an Israeli lobby worked in the US to oppose their own government. He should have been charged with treason.

    1. Mahmoud, my friend, I am sorry that your land was stolen, and your people betrayed, not least by the so-called “President” and traitor, Mahmoud Abbas, who, by all accounts, does not even live in Palestine..

      1. It is refreshing to see you back here at Darkmoon. After all of the verbal abuse that I have to endure, your arrival was like a breath of fresh air.

        I share your views about Abb ass. He is nothing more than subservient to the ISISraeli Occupation.

      2. Thanks Mahmoud, my good friend.. I remember you got some verbal abuse on TUT as well, until I explained that you were Palestinian.. Hope you and yours are well..

        PS:@Stormin’ Norman: I think Abbas is Palestinian, he is just a greedy, stinking traitor, and there are, unfortunately, many of those..

        PPS: thanks Lasha for your invitation..

        1. @ Ingrid

          Welcome back! Mahmoud needs your moral support here, where he is often under attack from people who do not understand the importance of Palestine. Do not be deterred by further attacks on you. Your main attacker (“H——-r”) is no longer posting here, if that’s any comfort to you! 🙂

      3. Lasha, Hi! had I known that Mahmoud needed my support, I would have been here sooner. Palestine is, in my opinion, extremely important. The Palestinian people have, for many years, been suffering under a brutal occupation, the likes of which is now being inflicted on the people of European countries, by brutal, repressive dictators, who are puppets under the control of a greater force..

        I sometimes see H in the comments sections at The Truthseeker..

        Is the real original Joe still around? Ingrid..

        1. Ingrid ‒

          Welcome back!

          The Original Joe [‘TROJ’] is still around but fewer of his posts are published nowadays, because they are all extremely long and totally off-topic, mostly preaching the Flat Earth Theory and attacking the administrators of this website for failing to inform its readers that the earth is flat. 🙂

          1. @ INGRID

            Yes, Ingrid, TROJ is still around. And just like always, I spend most of the time in Spamblinka and on rare occasion every once in the blue moon uncle has “mercy” on me and releases me from Spam and puts me under very heavy duty “moderation” so I have to walk on eggs and be very very careful as to what I say in order to be “free” out on parole. If I say one little thing uncle doesn’t “approve of” he immediately sends me back to prison. Nothing has changed Ingrid, I’m still treated like a reject.

            So Rejoice and be happy, Ingrid, I’m still here — under very heavy duty “moderation” when I’m not in Spamblinka [ like 90% of the time I’m in Spam ] I’m stuck in a cold dark and damp solitary confinement cell ; I’m still an outcast/pariah.

            Also, I’m not as young as I used to be and I find myself getting even more curmudgeonly and crotchety as I get older and older . I have less patience than ever before and I never had much patience to begin with. And what’s new with you, honey?

            1. Perhaps “Uncle Toby” needs to explain that many of TROJ’s comments have needed “censorship” in view of their highly charged pornographic content, including certain females associated with this site having late night sex with stallions in stables.

      4. Sard –

        TROJ is very intelligent.

        What he doesn’t know is…. if Planet Earth were flat…. there would be no need for time zones! The Sun would be seen and disappear all at once by all people on the globe. 🙂

      5. @Sardonicus

        “… but I wouldn’t like to be with him “in the same boat” — as he rows off the flat disk of the earth into the void..!”

        Your remark is of course satirical, but based on a common misunderstanding. If the earth were really flat, the water of the oceans would not flow “over the rim into space”, nor would ships “fall off the earth”. The earth in what ever form would still attract objects as a magnet, which is what gravity really is. Thus the water of the oceans would flow “over the rim” to the under side of the flat disc, where it would stay attached to the under side just as to the upper side. Likewise with ships.

        1. Franklin,

          Thanks for explaining this. My comment was indeed satirical and was not meant to be scientifically based. It was simply an attempt to reproduce the ordinary man-in-the-street’s unscientific “common sense” viewpoint. It was widely believed by simple folk at that time, especially unlettered mariners, that they had to be very careful not to sail their ships too close to the edge of the earth — or they could simply fall off into the abyss!

          Like in this picture, when they had never heard of the Laws of Gravity later discovered by Newton:


          I’m not saying this is how it IS if the earth was a flat disk. I’m saying this was how it was commonly misconceived by the uneducated masses.

      6. Hi! Sardonicus, Pat, admin Toby, and, of course, the unforgettable TROJ. You guys haven`t changed, still the same, it`s nice..

        Will read, later, the piece about the wonder child, Greta, granddaughter of Ingmar Bergman, who travels the oceans in a yacht owned by Rothschilds, her purpose? to encourage young Europeans to stop having babies..

      7. FR –

        I’m with you there on flowing water…. due to gravity.

        Remember, flat earth folks do not believe in gravity either!! 🙂

        BTW – there would be NO changing seasons since the sun would shine on all the globe with the same intensity. ALL SURFACES HOT or ALL SURFACES COLD!! 🙂

  4. Modern Day so-called “Jews” cannot be “Israel”.

    Israel is a people, @ Genesis 49….no “Jews”.

    So-called “Jews” arrive in the stool sculpture deity cult compound on account
    of the Jesus hating “Pharisees” and filthy lucre “Money Changers”.

    Talmudic Judaism makes a stool sculpture deity cult compound “Jew”
    a “Jewish”….”PROSELYTE” – {{{TWO FOLD CHILD OF HELL}}}…
    whether from the land of Gog & Magog…or Khazaria.

    The Rally Really Good News is No One on earth has to believe lies…
    “JEW”…Synagogue of Satan…LIES [John 8:44] !!!

    The modern day cult compound in Palestine full of Jesus hating “JEW”
    terrorists will never be Israel…See Psalm 105 & 106…No “Jews”.

    The issue is the ‘Money’….and the First Commandment.


    Matthew 13:39-43….the solution.

    the “Jewish” dung god is not the Almighty.

  5. @ Y’all:

    Great comments. Ingrid, just like ISIS is lead by JewHell Mossad agents and IsraHell’s supports ISIS, the Palestinian Authority leader (former PLO), Mahmoud Abbas is a Mossad agent plant (Jew pretending to be a Muslim – ie. 9/11 hijackers or even Saudi royals), for there is no better way to control your opposition than to lead it. That is called CONTROLLED OPPOSITION. Just remember ZioBanksters and their Illuminati cohorts/lackeys, control both sides. If you want to understand this go to:
    Then scroll down over the articles of the past week. Nov. 25, 2019 going backwards.

    1. Well put STORMIN NORMAN! Aside from Abb ass treason, what about the 1600 injured ISIS fighters who received medical treatment in ISISrael?

    here’s some – check out this zombie..
    excerpt – “It wasn’t a Muslim, as Tommy or Raheem will tell ya, or some Rastafarian as the NF will lead you to believe. It was the people behind Bolshevism who were responsible for the madness.
    Yep, the same people behind the fall of South Africa, the wars we find ourselves in across the globe and at the fore of the push to see LGBT values taught to kids across the West. That lot.”

  7. Crime Minister Satanyahu is a dirty rat. He is a cheater, adultorer, liar and nuclear trigger device smuggler.

    During the last election, Benjamin Netanyahu tried to convince the owner of a popular news site to run a negative story about the wife of a political rival, according to a television report.

    Israel Television News reported that the prime minister called on Shaul Elovitch — at the time the owner of Walla News — to run a report stating that Gilat Bennett, the wife of Education Minister and Jewish Home faction leader Naftali Bennett, once worked as a chef in a non-kosher restaurant. The report, about events said to have happened in 2002, was never published.

    The police have previously recommended that Netanyahu be indicted for allegedly offering Elovitch favors in exchange for better coverage. Earlier this week they again recommended his indictment in a separate case in which he stands accused of offering a similar quid pro quo to the owner of the Yediot Aharonot daily newspaper.
    Bennett described the prime minister’s alleged attempt to tar his wife as as “despicable and cowardly act.” In turn, the Likud Party accused the prominent national-religious politician of hypocrisy and of slandering first lady Sara Netanyahu.
    Netanyahu has previously complained about press coverage of his own family. Earlier this year Sara Netanyahu was indicted for allegedly using $100,000 in state funds to order takeout from high-end restaurants despite employing a cook at government expense. Police have recommended she be indicted in the Elovitch case as well.

    Any wonder where 45 get his ideas about the Ukraine Gate?

    1. MEY –
      “Any wonder where 45 get his ideas about the Ukraine Gate?”

      NO! I do not wonder!!! 🙂

      I have been following Giuliani, Trump’s personal lawyer, for years in his shady business dealings globally…. especially Russia & CIS!

      Some of this is not available on the web anymore.

      The US, NATO and Russia are all big partners in business.
      US firms like Rudy Giuliani’s have Energized the Caspian and CIS for decades. 

      They help Russia and CIS set up banking and stock markets and…
       write their BUSINESS LAWS** for them.

      Bracewell & Giuliani LLP of Houston, set up offices in Almaty, Kazakhstan, in 1997.

      Greg M. Bopp was managing partner of what was then Bracewell & Giuliani
      …….but is now called only Bracewell:

      “Our London office, operated by Bracewell & Giuliani (UK) LLP, is located in the centre of the world’s financial and capital markets.  It works closely with other Bracewell offices, particularly those in New York, Dubai and Houston, to provide English, US and local law services to international clients.  The London office’s primary focus is on international capital markets, banking, securitizations, structured finance and mergers and acquisitions work, particularly in the Middle East and emerging markets including Kazakhstan, other countries of the former Soviet Union and the Ukraine.
      “Bracewell played an early, leading role in helping Kazakhstan create and expand its banking infrastructure, securities markets and commercial legal and court systems.  Because of our long presence there, we understand the region’s cultural, business and legal realities.  Since 2000, we have advised on approximately 95% of all Eurobond issues by Kazakhstan issuers, representing more than thirty issuers, including eight debut bond offerings and offerings by leading financial institutions in the region.  We have used our Kazakhstan experience to expand into other emerging markets in the region.”


      Bracewell & Giuliani chose to open its CIS office in Kazakhstan, mainly because projects there in which they had been involved provided “a wonderful base, context, knowledge and contacts” says Vojack.

      “It was natural for us to continue on and practice law in Kazakhstan rather than going to Moscow,” he says.
      As a new lawyer seeking opportunities for Bracewell, Vojack, who speaks conversational Russian, went to Moscow with business expertise gained through negotiating deals for Minneapolis-based Honeywell Corp. from 1979 on. (Honeywell has been in Russia for many decades.)

      Practicing with Bracewell, he found himself in Kazakhstan by July 1994, spearheading a project to create Kazakhstan’s equivalent of the Securities and Exchange Commission, with a team of Kazakh lawyers and advisers from the United States. Bracewell then entered into a joint venture with Arthur Andersen to create the security laws for the stock exchange and Kazakhstan’s market institutions.

      At the same time, Bracewell banking partner Robert L. Clarke worked with a team to help create Kazakhstan’s banking system and banking regulations.


      [Week of March 17-23, 2006 Vol. 36, No. 45
      Houston Business Journal –
      Law firms energize their Caspian-area business]

      Thanks to Houston’s leading role in energy, the
      exotic names of former Soviet Republics forming
      the Commonwealth of Independent States —
      entities such as Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Ukraine,
      Tajikistan and Uzbekistan — are familiar to locals
      active in oil and gas. They are also well known to
      Houston law firms that serve energy interests.
      Serving Russia and the Caspian region, Haynes
      and Boone LLP opened a Moscow office last year.
      Bracewell & Giuliani LLP set up offices in Almaty,
      Kazakhstan, in 1997. Baker Botts LLP opened a
      Moscow office in 1993. Vinson & Elkins LLP
      established a Moscow office in early 1991.
      These law firms face common challenges
      inherent in practicing in the region. Because the
      CIS countries have only been capitalists for about
      15 years, their legal infrastructure is still
      “They’ve made good strides, but it is
      still challenging to deal with the evolving laws in
      various jurisdictions,” says Vinson & Elkins
      Houston partner James L. Cuclis, who coordinates
      V&E’s international practice.
      In some countries, corruption may be an
      issue. American companies, in particular, must
      remain in compliance with the Foreign Corrupt
      Practices Act.
      “In any of these emerging markets you have to
      figure out how to get the job done without getting
      entangled in that,” says Bracewell & Giuliani
      partner Gregory J. Vojack, who is a leader in the
      firm’s work in Kazakhstan.
      Figuring out “the culture” and “what life is all
      about” also presents challenges, says Vojack.
      “A lot comes down to how to work their system
      to achieve your goal,” says Haynes and Boone
      partner S. Douglas Stinemetz, who established and
      runs the firm’s Moscow office.
      Developing trust with business partners cannot
      be emphasized enough, he adds.
      “They are still at an earlier stage of capital
      development in these countries. Many don’t trust
      institutions. They don’t trust companies. They
      don’t trust abstract organizations,” he says.
      “But they do trust people, and it is only if they
      trust you personally that you will make
      any headway.”
      Stinemetz describes his firm’s mission as helping
      clients get things done in an environment that can
      be “obstinate.”
      “It takes somebody to help push deals
      through, who knows the local ways and how to
      get things done. Plenty of Russian lawyers know
      Russian law, but may not have the drive to make
      things happen. My background is securities and
      closing deals. I’m a closer,” he says. “I close deals
      in one of the harshest environments possible for
      finalizing deals, given all the bureaucracy and
      other unusual circumstances.”

      In addition to his law degree, Stinemetz has
      bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Russian from
      Harvard University. He has negotiated ventures in
      Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan
      since 1997 on behalf of Haynes and Boone clients
      — “primarily oilfield services and oil companies,
      with a mix of others, such as financial, mining
      and manufacturing companies,” he says.
      “Ultimately, there was so much client activity,
      that it became silly not to have an office, so we set
      one up and have been increasing work since,”
      he says.
      Representative projects include the first
      telecommunications ventures and first oil
      exploration ventures in Russia. The firm also
      Bracewell & Guiliani LLP partner Gregory J. Vojack
      is assisting Robert L. Parker, president and CEO of
      Parker Drilling Co., with projects in Kazakhstan.
      He represented Turkmenistan in 2000 in a tender of
      oilfield properties, drafting a production-sharing
      agreement that has become the industry standard.
      The new office, which opened in April 2005,
      focuses on joint ventures, inter-national
      acquisitions and divestitures, offshore project
      structuring and investment transactions and
      technology transfers, with particular emphasis on
      structuring complex transactions under local law.
      Stinemetz describes the client mix as “half U.S.
      or non-Russian clients and half Russian or Russian
      investor-group clients.”
      Stinemetz started his law career with Haynes
      and Boone’s Dallas office as a mergers and
      acquisitions associate. Moving to Washington,
      D.C., with Denver-based law firm Davis, Graham
      & Stubbs, he worked on Soviet projects with Gary
      Hart. He then served as in-house counsel, doing
      mergers, acquisitions and setting up joint ventures
      in the former Soviet Union, for a Houston oilfield
      services company for five years. He rejoined
      Haynes and Boone in Houston in 1997.
      He now spends about one week per month in
      Houston for every three he spends in Moscow.
      The firm has two Russian associates.
      Seeking to keep overhead down, Haynes and
      Boone refrained from selecting “the most elegant
      offices” or staffing it too quickly, says Stinemetz.
      This allows them to charge Houston rates for work
      in Moscow, which Stinemetz believes gives them
      a competitive advantage.
      Most firms in Moscow charge London or New
      York rates, which, depending on the firm,
      Stinemetz estimates can be 30 percent to 50
      percent more.

      Bracewell tax partner John A. Couch, who also
      serves as co-manager of the Caspian practice,
      worked in the tax arena, facilitating cross-border
      and international tax planning and tax controversy
      work, financing and infrastructure transactions.
      Bracewell’s expertise in Kazakhstan has brought
      the firm business. Bobby Parker, chief executive
      officer of Houston-based Parker Drilling Co.,
      working in Kazakhstan since 1993, turned to
      Bracewell three years ago for assistance in
      handling tax and customs law issues.
      “Because they have been on the ground in
      Kazakhstan, they understand where the
      government and authorities are heading,” says
      Parker, “and have provided outstanding
      guidance and leadership in dealing with the local
      Kazakh government.”
      “For our practice as an emerging market
      practice, we are right in the center of where all the
      action is,” says Vojack, noting that Moscow is only
      a four-hour plane ride from Almaty, like Houston
      to New York, with air access to other major centers.

      Baker Botts first began assisting clients in the
      Caspian region in the 1970s and opened its
      Moscow office before opening in London, says
      George F. Goolsby, partner-in-charge of the
      Moscow office.
      “Our thought was, ‘Let’s go to the capital of the
      former Soviet Union’ — We thought that was the
      place to be — ‘and open an office there with a
      focus on energy,’” he says “… primarily to represent
      foreign oil interests, clients we knew from Houston
      doing transactions in the CIS.”
      Goolsby serves as the firm’s project team leader
      for the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan Main Oil Pipeline
      Project, involving transportation of over 1 million
      barrels a day of crude oil from the Caspian Sea
      region to Europe and other markets.
      The BTC project required drafting and
      negotiating intergovernmental and host
      government agreements with Azerbaijan, Georgia
      and Turkey, as well as agreements relating to
      business organization, pipeline construction, trans-
      portation services and operating arrangements.
      For a time, the firm opened a Baku office to
      serve the BTC pipeline project and a later pipeline,
      says Goolsby, but closed it once the projects reached
      a level of maturity allowing the work to be handled
      out of Moscow or London.
      Baker Botts lawyers also have represented
      Azerbaijan International Operating Co., an
      operating company formed and owned by a
      consortium that includes BP, ExxonMobil Corp.,
      Unocal Corp., Devon Energy Corp., Statoil,
      Amerada Hess Corp. and TPAO.
      The office, which now has 12 lawyers, is looking
      for new space that will accommodate up to 25.
      “The plan is not to have offices in every country
      in which we do business, but to start building
      regional hubs,” such as Moscow, says Steven
      Wardlaw, executive partner for the Moscow office.
      “It is a natural assumption that we are here purely
      to service our international oil and gas clients who
      need help in Russia … but two-thirds to three-
      quarters of our work is actually generated through
      Russian clients, including large Russian oil and
      gas companies.”
      Baker Botts is also seeing more work involving
      mergers, acquisitions, project finance, capital
      markets and real estate.

      In the early 1970s, decades before establishing
      its Moscow office in 1991, Houston-based Vinson
      & Elkins represented energy clients doing business
      in the former Soviet Union. By the late 1980s, in
      the wake of Gorbachev and Perestroika, clients
      sought to invest in the Soviet energy sector,
      primarily through joint ventures of U.S., Western
      European and Soviet oil and gas entities, says
      V&E’s Cuclis.
      After the Soviet Union collapsed, the new
      countries created developed their own laws
      regulating foreign investment and adopted
      different approaches to privatizing their
      companies. From 1992 to 1995, V&E dispatched
      Cuclis, who has a “working knowledge” of Russian,
      to establish its Moscow office, which now has three
      partners and three Russian associates.
      V&E also services its Caspian region practice
      out of the firm’s offices in London, established in
      1971, and Dubai, established in October 2003.

      The firm’s presence in the Caspian region
      primarily derives from:
      Representing international companies,
      including Chinese and European companies,
      acquiring oil and gas properties.
      Working on transportation-related projects
      designed to get oil and gas from field to market,
      including financing and trans-border pipeline
      Representing oil and gas service companies,
      such as drilling companies.

      V&E’s objective: to be one of the “preeminent
      firms” in the Russian and Central Asian energy
      area, says Cuclis.

      The firm’s Russian/CIS practice group represents
      foreign investors, local Russian and Central Asian
      companies with transactions in Russia,
      Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Kazakhstan,
      Azer-baijan and other republics of the former
      Soviet Union.
      “It is a dynamic time due to the emergence of
      Russian, Chinese, Indian companies all competing
      for influence,” Cuclis says, “not just the American
      and British.”
      For lawyers working in the CIS, there is a theme
      of “constant change.”
      “The political landscape changes, the markets
      continue to change. One needs a certain
      nimbleness, a certain ability to adapt to change in
      all of these markets as all this is happening,” says
      Baker Botts’ Goolsby. “What we are seeing is
      there is not one way to do things; you need to
      adapt, to continue to respond to client needs
      and the situation. That is one of the hallmarks of
      this market.”

      1. Pat, another hallmark of the demon$ moving forward. Nur Sultan, Kazakhstan’s new capitol city formerly known as Astana (March 2019).
        How do you say … Bizarro Xanadu
        in Kazakh and/or Russian..

      2. Yes, Homer – So far below the public radar!!

        I have been attacked numerous times for telling this type of documented statement of Russia & CIS in cahoots with US:

        “The US, NATO and Russia are all big partners in business.
        US firms like Rudy Giuliani’s have Energized the Caspian and CIS for decades.
        They help Russia and CIS set up banking and stock markets and…
        write their BUSINESS LAWS** for them.”


        Giuliani Fund Raising Reaches Into Kazakhstan
        Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s campaign is looking for political cash this week in an unlikely place: Resource-rich Kazakhstan, where the Republican presidential front-runner’s law firm does substantial business in the often murky oil, gas and minerals industries.

        A fund-raising event tomorrow in Almaty, the commercial center of the former Soviet republic, will mark the campaign’s third foray overseas for cash. Last week, Mr. Giuliani flew to London for a fund-raising luncheon where about 100 Americans living in Europe will attend.


        Rudy had to dump the “YUGE” amount of baggage in 2016! 🙂

        Former Mayor Giuliani to leave Houston-based law firm

        Houston-based international law firm Bracewell & Giuliani LLP will be known as just Bracewell following the departure of Rudy Giuliani, former mayor of New York City.

        According to the firm’s statement, Giuliani is leaving by amicable agreement effective Jan. 19. In a separate statement, Greenberg Traurig LLP announced Giuliani has joined its New York office as global chair of the firm’s cybersecurity and crisis management practice and senior adviser to Executive Chairman Richard Rosenbaum. Greenberg has 1,900 lawyers worldwide, including 53 locally, making it the 24th-largest law firm in the Houston area, according to Houston Business Journal research.

        Bracewell has 450 lawyers in Texas; New York; Washington, D.C.; Connecticut; Seattle; Dubai; and London.

  8. coming to conclusions before every thing has played out
    is like deciding at half time who won the game.

    1. Deep, very deep! . . . So who would you like to win the game?
      Or are you saying that all bets are off and that anyone could win?

  9. During the last 10 years, three United States citizens were murdered in cold blood by IOF soldiers in two separate incidents. Where were all the treasonous US presidents, US Congress and Lame Stream Media?
    After an armed IOF was captured inside his tank by Palestinian resistance back in 2006, his name became a household name all over the world and every western leader demanded his immediate and unconditional release.

    Here the three the names and ages of the three Palestinian victims. Their stories did not made past their hometown newspaper:

    1- Mahmoud Shaalan, a 17-year-old honor High School student from Florida. Mahmoud was murdered on March 2, 2016 at a checkpoint near the Beit El settlement in the occupied West Bank. As always, the IOF claimed that Shaalan, from the West Bank village of Deir Dibwan near Ramallah, had attempted to stab armed soldiers. No Israelis were injured during the incident. The Palestinian Health Ministery stated the boy’s body was ” riddled with bullets.”

    2- Abdulrahman Abdulmajid al-Barghouthi, 26, was shot dead on December 4, 2015 after being stopped by soldiers at a checkpoint in Aboud village near Ramallah. Once again, spokesman for IOF claimed that al-Barghouthi had attempted to stab soldiers, but the Palestinian Center for Human Rights said al-Barghouthi was willfully killed by the military after he shoved a soldier who had slapped him in the face. Al-Barghouthi has had traveled to the West Bank to arrange his marriage and was returning from visiting his fiancée’s home when he was shot dead.

    3- Orwah Hammad,14, a Palestinian-American teenager living in the West Bank, was killed by members of the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF). Witnesses reported that the Israeli soldiers who shot Hammad through the neck and head accused him of throwing stones at them. . Hammad was born in New Orleans and moved to the West Bank when he was 6.

    Isaeli soldiers frequently fire at Palestinians with live ammunition in the Occupied West Bank with impunity. The soldiers often violate their own live-fire regulation when they commit violence act against children on a daily bases. The IOF (Israeli Occupation Forces) injure and kill Palestinian children with impunity, because they know that they will not be held accountable for their actions no matter what the result .

  10. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving in the United States which includes the state of Flohr-eee-duh so I’m trusting as I’m praying, I’m hoping the kitchen workers who slave away in the basement kitchen of Chattahoochee cook up an Ummmmmmmm Yummy Yummy juicy & delicious Turkey dinner with all of the fixins for Pat & Gilbert, two patients at Florida’s premier mental institution! I imagine the head cooks in the basement kitchen have college degrees in healthy healing nutrition! Hey Pat & Gilby, the best dieticians/nutritionists in the state of Flohr-ee-duh work in the basement kitchen at Chattahoochee so enjoy your Thanksgiving meal tomorrow! When the nurses bring your Thanksgiving dinner to your room I hope the nurses put your bibs on in a gentle manner, politely and with the utmost respect. I hope the nurses aren’t rough with you guys. Try, lol, try not to make TOO much of a mess when you eat, that goes for both of youse. At least try to eat in a civilized manner, lol, good luck with that! Even mental patients can have fun on holidays — as long as the staff is kind and understanding and not unfeeling, cold, and indifferent. Enjoy the holiday! 🙂

  11. Netanyahu, the bushes, clintons, retired fatcat general dynamics generals, all the mi56 and cia intel licensed-to-kill mofos, those people who arrange for the violent deaths of millions of all kinds of people great and small it stands to reason probably have a hard time seeing the wisdom eventually of refraining from involvement in common crime, so mundane and morally insignificant by comparison to their usual egregiations….

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