Trump and the Climate Crisis: A Crime Against Humanity

Most people believe that climate change is occurring and that disaster awaits the planet if nothing is done to stop it. Others, like Donald Trump and President Bolsonaro of Brazil—where the Amazon is being decimated by thousands of forest fires right now—take the contrary view that climate change is a “myth”. What do you think? Do we have a problem or not?  


August 27, 2019

The President of the United States is a criminal.  I’m not referring to the twenty-odd investigations of him currently underway for violations of the Constitution, obstruction of justice, and collaboration with the Russian election attack, among other misdeeds.  No, I’m referring to his and his administration’s intentional and reckless pursuit of national policies that condemn American and the world’s citizens to environmental destruction and the end of life as we know it.

Specifically, I suggest that Trump should be charged with crimes against humanity. Ordinarily, these are violent crimes on a large scale, such as torture, enslavement, forced deportation, murder, and ethnic cleansing.  But policies that not merely ignore but increase the threat of climate change might be read—and I believe should be read—as creating conditions for mass removal of populations, unprecedented destruction of species and natural resources, mass starvation, and other kinds of suffering on a previously unknown scale.  The International Criminal Court statute in fact specifies “Other inhumane acts of a similar character intentionally causing great suffering, or serious injury to body or to mental or physical health.”  No wonder the US is not a party to the court.

Nathaniel Rich’s Losing Earth: A Recent History points out that we have known about the causes and consequences of climate change, and the remedies for it, for over fifty years. Yet time and again politics and corporate interference have trumped science: Scores of reports, many hours of testimony before Congress, and numerous international meetings have resulted in minimal steps that were known in advance to be inadequate.  All administrations share in this indictment, but only one—Trump’s—has very deliberately sought to sabotage its own and the world’s scientific community in order to satisfy the climate denying ideologues and their  corporate partners.

In Trump’s world, facts are the enemy of truth.  This man, who once said he had “a natural instinct for science,” holds to only one truth: money talks. “What I’m not willing to do is sacrifice the economic well-being of our country for something that nobody really knows” ( “Nobody knows”?  Sure, when you drastically limit the role of scientific inquiry in climate change.  Not only was the office of the science advisor eliminated; media access to the tens of thousands of scientists working for the government was severely restricted, as was their ability to present their research at scientific meetings.  Playing politics with science has a long history, during which specialists on climate change have come and gone in Washington.  Even in the best of times their reports have never created the sense of urgency necessary for a national effort to prevent worst cases.  Under Trump science itself has a bad name, and any government report suggesting a crisis is sure to be buried.

Nobody knows?  Trump is trying his best to by giving the fossil fuel industry, and climate-change deniers, new life by appointing first Scott Pruitt and then Andrew Wheeler to head the EPA, and Ron Zinke and then David Bernhardt to lead the interior department. They and their pro-industry staffs, riddled with conflicts of interest, are the gateway to oil, gas, and coal industries’ lobbyists, lawyers, and financial backers (such as the Koch brothers’ foundation), all of whom seek to soften or roll back Obama-era environmental regulations and carve up public lands to suit energy interests. Together, the two agencies have been doing as their sponsors wish—opening the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and national monuments to oil drilling and mining, loosening restrictions on methane emissions, promoting a dying coal industry at the expense of Obama’s Clean Power Plan, weakening safety regulations for offshore drilling, reducing protections for wetlands, wiping out endangered species, and rolling back auto fuel efficiency rules.

While Trump fiddles, the world burns.  Some recent disturbing findings:

— The Amazon rainforest, the world’s largest carbon sink, is on the verge of catastrophic deforestation now that Jair Bolsonaro, Brazil’s new president, is in charge.  What was once thought to be a victory over the forest destroyers has turned into a nightmare.  Protective mechanisms for both trees and indigenous people are being removed and, as with Trump, documentation of the startling pace of deforestation by Brazil’s own government agencies is being dismissed by Bolsonaro as “lies”.

— Within the Arctic Circle, ice is melting at a terrifying rate, starting with 60 percent of Greenland’s ice sheet. It poured 197 billion tons into the Atlantic in just one month (July), enough to raise sea levels 0.02 inches (  The ice is literally melting before one’s eyes.  But for this administration, the Arctic can’t melt fast enough. Want to know you know why Trump wants to buy Greenland?  Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has provided the answer.  Speaking at an international meeting in Finland, he said: “The Arctic is at the forefront of opportunity and abundance.”  Citing the oil and mineral resources it holds, Pompeo said: “Steady reductions in sea ice are opening new passageways and new opportunities for trade. This could potentially slash the time it takes to travel between Asia and the West by as much as twenty days”.

— A UN report on biodiversity, Bill McKibben writes, “serves as a kind of pre-obituary for all of the creatures now on the way out—the current global rate of extinction is estimated as ‘already at least tens to hundreds of times higher than it has averaged over the past 10 million years’”.

— Food production patterns are going to have to change dramatically if there is any chance to halt global warming. A draft study by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change reminds us that reducing carbon emissions in our daily lives is less than half the solution. The rest must come from reversing deforestation, soil erosion, cattle grazing, and meat consumption, among other practices.

With every passing day it seems less likely than ever that global temperatures can be kept below the 2-degree C. threshold. Already, several areas of the US have reached or exceeded the threshold.

Yes, here and there is good news: the resurgence of the Greens in Germany,  local-level activism (especially in California and the Pacific Northwest) on energy conservation, and successful lawsuits against the Trump administration’s environmental protection rollbacks by NGOs such as the Natural Resources Defense Council (

But I fear that these sporadic displays of common sense and grit are not enough.  By the time large numbers of citizens are aroused to protest, coastal cities will be on the verge of inundation, the polar ice cap will have melted, and populations of dispossessed people will be too busy fleeing to march.  In his book, Nathaniel Rich concludes that Trump & Co. are guilty of crimes against humanity—and Rich is not alone.  Jeffrey Sachs, director of Columbia University’s Center for Sustainable Development, has said the same, pointing out the many ways in which Trump and other climate crisis deniers have failed to protect the public though fully apprised of the facts of climate change (  Their crimes should not go unpunished.


By Mel Gurtov, is Professor Emeritus of Political Science at Portland State University (Oregon) and Senior Editor of Asian Perspective, an international affairs quarterly.


25 thoughts to “Trump and the Climate Crisis: A Crime Against Humanity”

  1. I just finished writing a piece on climate change and lo and behold this article appears! …Synchronicity.

    It looks as though a Sackler granddaughter is taking on the mantle of family shame by doing “good works” in donating millions of their filthy lucre to climate change research…outta the frying pan and into the fire

    (Red) Indian seers say that the truth behind climate change is that it signals a “fracturing” of this physical reality. That as many species are dying, new ones are emerging, unbeknownst to the vast majority. They call it an “overlapping” of realities, where the superimposed “old world” is disappearing to reveal a “new world order” upon the veils lifting (“Apocalypse”) simultaneous to the one (((they)) are attempting to exact. They say this new world will see “matter” transform to a less gross and more ethereal state.

    As Agenda-21 plans to keep us all in line continue apace, this could explain why some high-up muckity mucks had their little trip to Antarctica a couple years ago. Call it a contingency plan. Running and thinking they can hide out waiting to be UFO’d off the planet 👽…good luck with that

    …As Slim Pickens takes his nose dive into Oblivion …..race on

    1. The crime against humanity is the incredibly expensive policy to cut back on CO2, which is essential for plant growth, In commercial greenhouses CO2 is ADDED to the air to boost plant growth.

      Three things that plants need are water, CO2 and fixed nitrogen. The internal combustion engine provides all three. If cars are so bad for nature how come the vegetation along busy highways thrives?

      Ecology has become a religion, a cult, and its followers are like intolerant religious fanatics.

    2. BH – An ethereal state will be the only way out of the human mess. The Ether itself will replace ALL $cience and “man made fiction” instantly.
      “Scientists are clear that we need to protect at least 30% of our global oceans by 2030 if we are to safeguard wildlife and to help mitigate the impacts of climate change”
      says a $CIENTIST who’s profit based science has not only failed to safeguard nature from the “human touch of death in exchange for Mammon” but encouraged and disguised it as research. When Science transforms into an ally of nature and understands it wholly instead of a designed $capegoat money spinning machine for profiteering – Nature and the human family might have a chance to survive “fake” science and the masters of tyranny to get on with much needed evolution – this time into the right direction.

  2. Hey, diddle, diddle
    The cat and the fiddle
    The cow jumped over the moon
    The little dog laughed to see such sport
    And the dish ran away with the spoon..

    Not so fast people! There’s been a new revelation recently as to the veracity of this beloved and routinely taken for granted nursery rhyme.

    A recently released earth shattering report saying hundreds, possibly even thousands of international “$cientists” and other really smart and awesome “climate expert$” backed up by several world reknowned UN $hakedown $pecialists have all expressed serious doubts as to whether the dish really did run away with the spoon, after all. Yes, it’s another possibly life altering conspiracy brought to light by the wonders of modern $cience and M$M outreach for the public good.

    After a twenty year 100 million dollar $tudy, (and a petition for another 200 million), it seems the upper echelon brainiac$ have now reached a possible consensus that it was possibly the knife who possibly absconded with the dish and possibly blamed the spoon! This via an ongoing campaign of defamation and persecution against the spoon, possibly aided and abetted by means of bribery, coercion and questionable peer reviews by Academia and rogue elements within the M$M(cia) informational complex.

    Stay tuned for further details and in the meantime, keep an eye on that knife. You can never be too careful. Oh my, lunch will never be the same again..

  3. If Climate Change is true, if Man is the cause of Climate Change, it didn’t start with Trump. How come Climate Change wasn’t solved when Obama was the president? He was the president for 8 years. Obama was concerned about Climate Change and Climate Change is still going on. How come Obama and the Left didn’t solve Climate Change when they had the opportunity to do so. All they did was talk about Climate Change and fly around to conferences around the world about Climate Change on their private jets, making Climate Change worse.

    By the way, there were MASSIVE forest fires in the United States during the 8 years Obama was president, MASSIVE FOREST FIRES OUT WEST IN THE UNITED STATES EVERY YEAR OBAMA WAS PRESIDENT and nobody accused Obama of causing the fires — nobody associated all the MASSIVE FOREST FIRES IN THE UNITED STATES during Obama’s presidency with Obama. Now there’s fires in the Amazon and somehow it’s Trump’s fault? Really?

    The article is BULLSH*T. There’s plenty of reasons to not like Trump without having to make up bullsh*t in order to not like him.

  4. Human activity has nothing to do with global climate changes.

    Amazon forest fires were deliberately set. The Amazon forests grow back in just a few months after fires. The growth is even thicker once the shade from large trees is removed. Foliage grows there as fast as it is cut and burned, hindering construction crews. Tropical hardwoods like Virola and Jatoba have almost no knots – CLEAR – due to such rapid growth.

    FRESHMAN Democrat Representative Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) – a bartender from the Bronx – warns that melting glaciers could release ancient diseases!! 🙂

    ‘BRAIN-DEAD’ Democrat voters in NH blame climate change for economic woes!!!

    A recent poll ranks climate change and the environment second only to healthcare among the most important issues to Democratic voters in the first-in-the-nation primary state. The hot-button topic is already a main pitch among progressive Democratic candidates flocking to the state ahead of its February primary and residents say the state’s tourism industry is directly impacted by ongoing environmental changes.

    1. Pat
      Just north of where I live is Dixville, NH, where the good folks (all 12 of them) open the voting booths at midnight on Primary Day. I know of people there who in the past lined up outside the door to see who can claim to be the very first Primary voter in the nation! Oh the distinction 😆

      And speaking of climate, are you battening down the hatches as Dorian makes his arrival down there in the (we’ll have to wait awhile for the) Sunshine State?

      1. NO! I’m not “battening down the hatches as Dorian makes his arrival…” because I’m over 900 miles from there!!

        See what happens when ya trust guesses by TROJ!! 🙂

      2. No worries. Dorian is slated to fall off the edge before it gets there anyway! 😆

        We lerv ya, Joe

  5. If you ask an environmentalist how much CO2 is in the atmosphere they will tell you it is now at the highest level ever recorded, at 400 parts per million.

    In fact this is 1 part in 2,500 of the atmosphere. In other words CO2 is a trace gas. One molecule of CO2 cannot raise the temperature of the other 2,499 molecules significantly.

    We are told that the temperature of the earth has risen by 1 degree since before the industrial revolution. We have no idea how accurate that thermometer was in 1750s England.

    We cannot predict the weather next month, but we do know that most of the past 1 million years there have been an ice ages lasting about 100,000 years, with interglacial warm periods of about 15,000 years, and we are near the end of the present one.

    So the next ice age is likely coming soon.

  6. On a lighter note, and speaking of the “Green Party”…
    This A.M. I was watching a young rabbit having his own little party eating some greenery (pardon the pun) when we both heard the distinct sound of a hawk. His ears perked up but he didn’t run away, knowing that if a hawk was drawing a bead on him he wouldn’t be announcing his presence.
    What it was was a Blue Jay, a clever fellow I’m familiar with who can imitate the piercing sound of a hawk in order to scare off other Jays so he can greedily grab all the nuts I sometimes throw out for him and his pals. It works on them, but the rabbit can’t be fooled 🐇

  7. I don’t give a freaking frak about climate change or climate unchange.
    The ONLY thing in this world about which I care is the Jew control of every aspect of our lives.
    Climate change, homosexuals marrying, etc…. is nothing but a distraction.
    If we could just annihilate the Federal Reserve Bank and its buddies our lives would be so much more fulfilling.

    1. @ Dex

      If you are so concerned about Jewish control over our lives, then you OUGHT to be concerned about “homosexuals marrying” — because the JEWS are behind this! Don’t tell my you are not aware of the Jewish promotion of pornography and the homosexual/transgender movement.

      1. You are correct on all of your points Sardonicus.
        Jews are responsible for all of that.
        My point is that those things are merely symptoms of a major disease.
        I see super duper white guys like Jared Taylor complain about those symptoms but he loves Jews. The disease is the cause of the symptoms.
        It’s like all the fake conservatives complain about jobs to China and elsewhere. They never tell you that the Jew Kissinger forced Nixon to open our market to China.

    2. The sting is present in our individual minds, DEX. We’ve all been gullible, starting from early childhood. We all carry the sting of living in duality consciousness and blaming others for feeling bad. It’s time to reclaim our autonomy and make our choices consciously, with the freedom to make a new choice when the former doesn’t work for us. But always in sync with an understanding and practice of moral integrity within each of us. In short , I believe it’s boiling down to these 2 words: “Know thyself”.

  8. Hey gang, as predicted and wished for by the world elites, the reduction of the world’s human (the word human here used advisedly) population to around say, 500 million, will be just the ticket to save the world from a fate worse than death. It is the scientific theory of TJ as a trained music composer that CO2 is no problem at all. It’s the millions of tons of methane seeping from the unfreezing north and being released from warming sea beds that is the real cause of “Climate Change”. It’s the increasing volcanic and magma eruptions under the oceans that are the cause of the methane bubbling up into the atmosphere. In other words there are hundreds if not thousands of more deep down volcanic and magma eruptions over 80% of the earth covered by water then on the other 20% of dry land. Methane is a thousand times more potent then CO2 as an atmospheric heater.
    In other words the earth is for some reason heating up.
    Knowing that Mel Gurtov, is Professor Emeritus of Political Science at (anti-white Marxist) Portland State University (in the commie-lesbian led People’s Republic of Oregon) and Senior Editor of Asian Perspective, an international affairs quarterly. is all you need to know.
    Kudos to the other commenters who are not fooled for one second by this “political Scientist”. TJ thinks of political science as one of the soft headed so-called sciences. If Gurtov, Melvin is not a tribesman Pat will be surprised. Right Pat?

    1. Correct, TJ!

      His jew buddy, Jeff, popped up again…… with UN Agenda-21 Sustainable Development paying his way!!

      “Jeffrey Sachs, director of Columbia University’s Center for Sustainable Development, has said the same, pointing out the many ways in which Trump and other climate crisis deniers have failed to protect the public though fully apprised of the facts of climate change…”

  9. Since over a decade I live among a strip of remote nature on a hill covered by native, mostly eucalypt forests which were severely logged (greedily taking out the most valuable and healthy trees only) half a century ago. The regrowth became overcrowded while diversity of trees was decimated or in some cases even extinct. In that decade of my presence there were one major flood which forcefully removed a 10km access road in one of the valleys and 5 bush fires from which the most recent one – a month ago – was the most severe due to long and constant lack of rain, strong winds and struggling young and old trees of maybe not more than a dozen different species. When the fire ravaged through the undergrowth covered with eucalypt leaves many of the young trees fell during or after the fire as the majority were already hollow and sick, catching fire internally through ignited fallen tree bark around the trunk of the tree making its way to the hollow centre. Over half of the “young trees” are now now gone. Comparing it with older pictures I have taken it is devastating. Other surrounding Hill tops and ridges in the area that were fully covered with seemingly healthy trees just 10 years ago now show off their bare ridges sparely covered with remains that once were strong healthy trees while now many of the growth will not come back due to strong erosion that is leaving only rocks and bare infertile ground. The soil here is mostly decomposed granite which will become very fragile when ground cover is removed or burnt before downpours or strong winds. Erosion and disaster will follow each other closely – naturally.
    After only 10 years here I have seen drastic environmental changes in my beloved nature around me and with Nature being always part of my physical and spiritual being I can only sense with a saddened heart that these occurrences including the changed weather patterns (patchy heavy downpours running off instantly or over the ocean instead on land, dying trees, disappearing insects and species, record temperatures in summer and winter for long periods and strong winds) are not “normal” at all, even while considering all Australian weather history that is officially recorded.
    Country towns in rural Australia running out of water, big commercial farms suspending planting or abandon upcoming harvests and watering due to lack of water while the coral reefs are severely damaged thanks to agricultural over fertilising, industrial mining and new commercial ports right close to the fragile reef.
    No, there is no climate change! Or is there? At least we are arguing about it in time!
    All One can say is: It is the toxic human touch that leaves its own prints of destruction in their own self-made unnatural hell. One can only pray that nature itself will have the strength and sanity to fend off the evil pack that has befallen it before the last remaining samples of “our trees and plants of life” are genetically modified and shipped to a different planet on Zionist spaceships to cater for new human life, profit and a similar future of human castes for which our Nature is willingly destroyed.
    The silent devastating cries of slowly dying trees have brought much sadness to my heart and soul. How can I look the other way?????

    1. Jo
      They’ll transport whatever they will to wherever they go next to f***k up yet another ethereal “realm” of Divine habitat. Woe unto the next poor saps who would have the misfortune of suffering the “fate” of humans here…One school of thought suggests that in some instances, who we refer to as “Jews” are really Martians who destroyed THAT planet eons ago and needed a new one to overwhelm. That “Jews” are their “managers”

      But maybe our “evolution” here would be better termed a RETURN to spiritually evolving, this mortal experience reflecting an interruption of that. Same with this planet. A “pick up where we left off” kinda thing.

      1. Brownhawk, I am very much convinced that “this chain of insanity” can be broken in an instant, in an blink of the eye. Unfortunately there is a lack of (spiritual) willingness in the few (compared to the total of entities) needed.
        The universe and creation thrives on change. Humanity thrives on falling into “the same potholes”.

        From the Tibetan book of living and dying:
        “I walk down the street There is a deep hole in the sidewalk I fall in. I am lost…I am hopeless It isn’t my fault. It takes forever to find a way out.
        I walk down the same street. There is a deep hole in the side walk. I pretend I don’t see it. I fall in again. I can’t believe I’m in the same place. But it isn’t my fault. It still takes a long time to get out.
        I walk down the same street. There is a deep hole in the side walk. I see it is there. I still fall in…it’s a habit. My eyes are open. I know where I am. It’s my fault. I get out immediately.
        I walk down the same street. There is a deep hole in the side walk. I walk around it.
        I walk down another street.”

  10. The Sun makes up 99% of the weight of our Solar System…
    It’s roughly 95,000,000 miles away, which isn’t far in astonomical terms……
    The Earth lives as a biosphere in a narrow zone, where temperatures don’t fluctuate too much…
    Unless, that is, you really think the Sun flies across the Sky every Day, coming outta Nowhere and going away to Somewhere, I guess maybe it could be there’s a different Sun coming and going every Day?
    As the Earth orbits the Sun every Year it gets a little closer and a little farther away but not too far either way, not close or far away enough to wreck the game of life in the Alchemical Zone, so far, for us…
    The temperature on the surface of the Earth depends on the Sun…
    As big as the Sun is, slight variations in its surface temperature would perhaps be effective here…
    A pertinent question in the Climate Change Controversy would be – Does the Sun heat up or cool down at all, perhaps in cycles for some reason, enough to effect the temperature of the Planet Earth?
    Since there have been Ice Ages that have come and gone, lasting for millions of years, with Ice miles thick on top of the lower latitudes, which has melted and left us with inland Lakes, and since these Ice Ages came and went many times, eons before Man was here, isn’t it likely that small variations in the Sun’s heat radiation could be causing the Ice to melt now, the same way these variations caused the Ice to form during the Ice Ages?
    And, isn’t it the idea behind Chemtrails that the Sun has to be blocked, because it’s hotter now?
    And isn’t it also the case that HAARP is being used to deflect Jet Streams farther South in order that colder Air from the Polar Regions can be used to keep the temperatures at the lower latitudes from becoming unbearable?
    OK, people hate Trump… We get that…
    He leaves a lot to be desired, but he’s better than any of the other actors by far…
    And trump Derangement Syndrome is becoming a bit passe at this point…
    IF Global Warming is a naturally occurring phenomenon, it will keep happening no matter what people do, even if they spray the Chemtrails so thick you need a flashlight to walk around in the daytime…
    The Ice will melt faster and faster… The Seas will rise higher and higher… The Oceans will heat up and release the frozen Methane, and all the sunken oil will float back up to the surface… It’ll be a global calamity…
    In the meantime, the temperature rise will be used to push somebody’s political agenda, and the whole thing will happen and do what it’s going to do with the establishment news media never once asking the right questions……

    1. There’s no evidence of melting ice causing a deluge, barkingdeer. I recommend the work of Eric Karlstrom, who presents the results of his research here
      The mainstream media, especially the British press, are programmed to shed shadows on president Trump and there have been attempts to bring his entire family to the grave. He’s in the same position as J.F. Kennedy was, unburdened by the claims and blackmailing of the Cabal. Trump doesn’t take part in Satanic rituals and ceremonies with black magic involved.

      As an extremely wealthy man, Trump can’t be bought and although he’s a maverick for sure, I believe we’ll all be very surprised about the changes that arrive in the coming decade after 2020. America is going to rise from its ashes like a phoenix, while the planet is warming up, with all other celestial bodies in our Solar System. Study the electric universe too, I suggest.

  11. To me, after doing quite an amount of research, the Climate Change Agenda is a fairy tale told to us every evening before bedtime, deeply imprinted in our minds, when we don’t pay attention. As I perceive this worldwide imprint on our guilty conscience (does it remind you of the puritan church fathers who proclaimed the human being as a born sinner?) the fact that fear and anxiety are the ingredients in this well-timed message about our future weather forecast is a clear sign of mass manipulation of human sentiments. Right on time, just when many users of social media begin to create an identity from the virtual mind-meld while sharing sentiments that are artificial, in sync with the number of likes. To me, it’s the ultimate form of mind control. A velvet prison. The stealth-wise manner in which this strategy is designed, to create a common enemy that will unite us by day and by night, seems to lure many of us in a delusion, with eyes wide shut. Drowning in the future deluge. Poppycock!

  12. By David Demming, Geophysics Professor:-

    “For ninety percent of the last million years, the normal state of the Earth’s climate has been an ice age. Ice ages last about 100,000 years, and are punctuated by short periods of warm climate, or interglacials. The last ice age started about 114,000 years ago. It began instantaneously. For a hundred-thousand years, temperatures fell and sheets of ice a mile thick grew to envelop much of North America, Europe and Asia. The ice age ended nearly as abruptly as it began. Between about 12,000 and 10,000 years ago, the temperature in Greenland rose more than 50 °F.”

    We still don’t know what causes such changes.

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