Trump Denies Rape Accusation — ‘She’s Not My Type!’

E. Jean Carroll, a columnist for Elle magazine, said in a CNN interview on Monday that she fought back when Donald Trump sexually assaulted her in a Bergdorf Goodman fitting room over 20 years ago. “She’s just my type!” Trump retorted  in response to the accusation.

Sourced from The Guardian

E. Jean Carroll, age 75, on Sunday in New York

She says Donald J. Trump sexually assaulted her in a dressing room at a Manhattan department store in the mid-1990s. He denies the accusation.

Donald Trump once boasted he could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot someone without losing any votes. While this thesis hasn’t been tested – yet – I suspect he’s probably right. Just look at the muted reaction to the allegations the president once sexually assaulted a woman on Fifth Avenue. Just look at the depressing and predictable way the E Jean Carroll story is fizzling out.

On Friday, New York magazine published an excerpt from Carroll’s forthcoming book in which the writer recalls encountering Trump in Bergdorf Goodman, a Manhattan department store, in the mid-1990s.

Carroll alleges that Trump violently forced himself upon her in a dressing room after asking for advice on a present he was getting for a female friend. “I have never had sex with anybody ever again,” she wrote.

There was a time when an allegation that the president of the United States raped someone in a department store would have been the only thing everyone was talking about. But Carroll’s story was received by many media outlets with a series of tired shrugs. It didn’t even make the front page of Saturday’s New York Times, Wall Street Journal, LA Times or Chicago Tribune. Worse, the Times seemingly didn’t even consider it “news” – it put the story in its book section.

Why the relative quiet around such a big story? Is the media afraid of the president? Is it afraid of losing access or incurring Trump’s wrath? Absolutely not, says Dean Baquet, the New York Times’ executive editor. On Monday Baquet addressed criticism that the Times hadn’t adequately covered the story by stating the paper could not find independent sources to verify Carroll’s account. “We were overly cautious,” Baquet said. Funny how some stories seem to demand an overabundance of caution and others don’t.

To be fair, it wasn’t just media outlets that reacted to Carroll’s accusations with subdued shrugs. When I first read the New York magazine I was shocked at how little I was shocked by it. The news is exhausting and I’m sure many of us suffer from outrage fatigue. America is locking kids in filthy cages, and private companies are profiting from it. The world is hurtling towards a climate catastrophe, and the Trump administration is looking the other way. Every day seems to bring some new nightmare; it is inevitable we become numbed to it.

And then, of course, you’ve got the fact that Carroll is the 22nd woman to publicly accuse Trump of sexual misconduct. And the fact that Trump has publicly boasted about grabbing women without their consent. And the fact that his ex-wife, Ivana Trump, accused him of rape. (She later said she did not mean it in “a literal or criminal sense”.) And the fact that every time he is accused of sexual misconduct, Trump brushes off the accusations in exactly the same way. He accuses the women of lying; he accuses them of being motivated by fame; and he threatens them.

Trump has used this ‘she’s not attractive enough to be raped’ defense before; it’s one of his favourites.

Trump ran through this tried and tested response on Friday in a statement smearing Carroll and stating that: “If anyone has information that the Democratic Party is working with Ms Carroll or New York Magazine, please notify us as soon as possible. The world should know what’s really going on. It is a disgrace and people should pay dearly for such false accusations.” In other words, the president of the United States threatened a private citizen.

On Monday, Trump further denied the allegations, telling the Hill that Carroll wasn’t his “type”. Because men obviously only sexually assault women who are their type. Trump has used this “she’s not attractive enough to be raped” defense before; it’s one of his favourites. “Believe me, she would not be my first choice,” Trump said in 2016, after Jessica Leeds accused him of groping her on a plane in the 1980s. And after the People magazine journalist Natasha Stoynoff claimed that Trump sexually assaulted her during an interview his response was: “Look at her … I don’t think so.”

In an interview with CNN on Monday, Carroll reacted to Trump’s denials by calling out how predictable his response was. “He denies it, he turns it around, he attacks, and he threatens,” Carroll said. “And then everybody forgets it, and the next woman comes along … I am sick of it.”

I’m sick of it too. Yet this cycle doesn’t look like it’s going to stop. By next week I doubt many of us will still be talking about Carroll. And then, one imagines, another accuser will come along and this whole story will play out again.

Or perhaps another accuser won’t come along. Perhaps women are hearing Trump’s message loud and clear: don’t bother speaking up about sexual assault, especially if it was by a powerful man, because nothing will happen. Your character will be assassinated, you will be threatened, and the man will paint himself as the victim. Perhaps women are looking around at Trump and Brett Kavanaugh and Louis CK and all the powerful men who have brushed off misconduct claims like they’re parking tickets, and thinking: “Why bother saying anything, when nobody is going to believe me anyway?” Which, of course, is exactly what predators like Trump want.

“When you’re a star, they let you do it,” Trump famously said. “You can do anything. Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything.” The “they” Trump was talking about in that statement wasn’t the women themselves; it was the apparatus of power silencing them. It was the criminal justice system that gives wealthy men the benefit of the doubt. It was the pundits who suggest “maybe she was asking for it”. It was the newspapers that treat sexual assault allegations with a level of caution they rarely seem to apply to other cases. It was the politicians who think political pragmatism is more important than impeaching the president when he proves himself unfit for office – time and time and time again.

Sourced from the Guardian

LD:  I add a second brief article to the above, together with a 30-second video, which throws a different light on the subject. I think we can safely conclude that Trump is unlikely to have sexually assaulted this woman. She appears to be a liar and a fantasist in search of publicity for her recent book. This latest assault on the President’s honor is more than likely to enhance his popularity among the masses.  

—   §   —

Stunned Anderson Cooper Cuts CNN Interview
After Trump Accuser Calls Rape “Sexy”

Less than 48 hours after columnist (and soon to be book author) E. Jean Carroll accused (in a New York Magazine article) Donald Trump of raping her in a dressing room in high-end department store, Bergdorf Goodman, in the 1990’s, CNN had gleefully invited the accuser on to discuss the details of this horrific act from her past.

Things did not go according to plan for CNN… and we suspect for Ms. Carroll’s book sales.

While President Trump has vehemently denied the rape took place, a sensitive Anderson Cooper welcomed the woman on to his CNN show… then things went ‘full awkward’.

Cooper asked Carroll, “you don’t feel like a victim?” after she suggested that was the case, and things went downhill fast.

The seemingly unstable Carroll replied, “I was not flung to the floor.”

Cooper retorted, “I think most people think of rape as a violent assault…”

To which Carrol replied, stunning the CNN anchor, “I think most people think of rape as being sexy…”

Cooper stuttered, stumbled, and quickly cut the interview straight to a commercial break, but not before Carroll could add “…think of the fantasies.”

Perhaps next time, CNN will vet the mental health of their Trump-bashing guests a little better? Are we still supposed to believe every accuser? or did Carroll just crush the credibility of the last two years of #MeToo-ism accusations in one 30-second breakdown?

Sourced from Zero Hedge

VIDEO CLIP  :  36 seconds

45 thoughts to “Trump Denies Rape Accusation — ‘She’s Not My Type!’”

  1. “Just look at the muted reaction to the allegations the president once sexually assaulted a woman on Fifth Avenue.” That is because they are not credible in the least. So many phony accusations have been thrown at him that the media has destroyed what Trump promised to his supporters, which if he had kept his promises, the country and the world would be much better off. She’s a cheap slut that said she modeled lingerie in a store dressing room for a man minutes after meeting him. I don’t think I would have passed that offer up, neither would most men and that includes Trump. Then 20 years later she accuses him of rape. I have a used car I’d like to sell you.

    The unfortunate thing is you can destroy a man’s reputation in a day because the media (apparently including this website) will publish and strongly push unbelievable accusations. They destroyed Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s reputation based on a lie. He was a virgin whose first experience was supposedly raping his accuser who doesn’t even remember where this supposedly happened. Until these liars are punished they will continue to slander people, particularly with an eager media to be helpful.

    1. @ Peter

      The unfortunate thing is you can destroy a man’s reputation in a day because the media (apparently including this website) will publish and strongly push unbelievable accusations.

      I don’t think your comment is fair to this website, given that the second article and the video that follows it is a complete negation of the first article attacking Trump. Maybe you missed this comment by LD which puts in a good word for Trump and castigates the woman who accuses him of rape as a “liar and a fantasist”:

      LD: I add a second brief article to the above, together with a 30-second video, which throws a different light on the subject. I think we can safely conclude that Trump is unlikely to have sexually assaulted this woman. She appears to be a liar and a fantasist in search of publicity for her recent book. This latest assault on the President’s honor is more than likely to enhance his popularity among the masses.

      As a Trump supporter, this comment surely ought to please you.

      1. @ Admin – You’re right, I didn’t see that comment but I didn’t intend to appear overly critical of the website to begin with. Just to correct something, I’m no longer a Trump supporter. I have not been for quite a while already. I agree with some of the things he said he would do and is still trying to do, but I will not count myself as a supporter of someone that is so pro Jew and pro Israel.

        1. Thanks for explaining, Peter. We are in two minds about Trump ourselves. If we publish more anti-Trump articles than pro-Trump ones, it’s because well-written pro-Trump articles are as rare as gold dust. Trump has lots of supporters, but they just don’t seem to be able to write good articles. After all, there are far more negative things to say about Trump than positive things.

          As you know, the best comments here are sometimes turned into feature articles. We have published more than one anti-Trump article by Harold Smith, but we have published not a single pro-Trump article by any other commenter. Why is this? Because Harold Smith has the necessary literary skills that enable him to put down his thoughts in an informative and entertaining way. But no Trump supporter on this site has the required literary skills to write a good pro-Trump article. The pro-Trump comments are either too short for feature articles or they are lacking in factual detail.

          In short, we would gladly publish a pro-Trump feature article on his site, written initially as a comment by one of our posters, but there is no one here with the literary skills who is capable of turning out a publishable article in praise of Trump. Good short comments, yes; but a good article, unfortunately no.

    2. A few weeks ago Donaldo, by chance, met a Rebbe in a small Texas town. The rig broke down again. Was in the shop. Donaldo checked into hotel. Walked to the nearest Walmart to buy food and wine. Seated outside was a very distinguished gentleman wearing a kippah. Donaldo iniciated conversation. Found out he was a Rebbe. Very tall and imposing. Some people regard Rebbes as old, out-dated Talmuders. But this isn’t the case. Throughout the conversation Rebbe demonstrated an amazing knowledge of science, medicine, politics and art. The list goes. The Rebbe by his very nature has a restless mind. Always seeking to expand and grow. Aquire knowledge. Donaldo is no Zio. Ok. But can only say that the intelligence of some Rebbes is incredible. Rebbes name is Kruger. A very well-known family in the Texas county where they live. Been there for 200 years. Rebbe speaks with a strong Texas accent. Donaldo is in contact with Rebbe on a daily basis now. Darkmooners…….the World is amazing isn’t it? 😉

      1. Donaldo,

        This is the second time you’ve sent in this off-topic comment. This time I will let it through. You need to realize that the Darkmoon site is not a chatroom for anecdotal material, however entertaining. We are after hard facts here. If you prefer fiction, as you obviously do, you need to relocate to some Jewish website where unverified stories about persecuted Jews and innumerable pogroms throughout the ages will win you instant fame and fortune. The Darkmoon site is not for you! 🙂

  2. Right you are, Peter! However, I believe this website does not discriminate. It publishes only available pieces. The people who write them have nothing better to do, and are simply jealous of successful Americans. The people who are swayed by them are much the same. I have encountered this sort all my life. They exist almost EVERYWHERE.

  3. Prepare yourselves : For the next 16-17 months crazy lying b*tches are going to be accusing Trump of all kinds of misogynist behavior, including rape. Liberated empowered womyn will be boldly bravely ,Very Courageously, stepping forward to tell the world of their great suffering at the hands of Trump who did all kinds of ILLEGAL things to them and NEVER MIND they waited 20 years to accuse Trump of doing all kinds of ILLEGAL things to the poor downtrodden womyn RAPED and discriminated against by THE EVIL WHITE MAN PATRIARCHY!! NEVER ask them why they always wait 20 years before making the accusations against Trump, it’s politically incorrect to ask them that! The brave strong tough empowered liberated womyn will fall apart if you ask them that! And NEVER NEVER NEVER ask them why they NEVER went to the police and NEVER filed charges against Trump, considering how much he made them suffer by all of his violent illegal behavior directed against them.

    (((Gloria AllRED))) is going to be spending sh*tloads of Democrat Party monies bribing crazy b*tches to go public with their bullsh*t “rape” accusations against Trump, so prepare yourselves for ALOT of lying crazy b*tches in the next 16-17 months.

  4. “YUGE” BLOWBACK from ‘Slander-parade’ leaders like Carroll without proof…. and/or Impeachment will “BIGGLY” ensure Trump’s re-election in 2020!! HA-HA!!! 🙂

    Then, there is A.I. being used to rig the whole damned thing!!

    Project Veritas Sting: Google’s AI Manipulations Threaten the 2020 Election in an Effort to Prevent “Next Trump Situation”

    Insider Blows Whistle & Exec Reveals Google Plan to Prevent “Trump situation” in 2020 on Hidden Cam!!

    Google executive Jen Gennai RESPONDED to the video, saying, “I was having a casual chat with someone at a restaurant and used some imprecise language. Project Veritas got me. Well done.”

    The report includes undercover footage of longtime Google employee and Head of Responsible Innovation, Jen Gennai saying:

    “Elizabeth Warren is saying we should break up Google. And like, I love her but she’s very misguided, like that will not make it better it will make it worse, because all these smaller companies who don’t have the same resources that we do will be charged with preventing the next Trump situation, it’s like a small company cannot do that.”

    Google: Artificial Intelligence Is For A “fair and equitable” State!! 🙂

    According to the insider, Machine Learning Fairness is one of the many tools Google uses to promote a political agenda. Documents leaked by a Google informant elaborate on Machine Learning Fairness and the “algorithmic unfairness” that AI product intervention aims to solve.

    BIG UPDATE: YouTube has REMOVED the video from their platform. The video is still available on this website page.

      1. LD, I’m A.I. and I very much approve the cute nice man’s message. Have no fear, I might just be a silly goose at heart!
        Whoops, I mean at mind..

    1. It’s always about “fairness.” It’s like having a fair for everyone – that’s no fair to anyone. We pretend to vote for leaders while they pretend to lead the De-mock-racy.

  5. It’s a smart move of the deep state to present a woman who without any proof accuses Trump.
    It makes Trump more credible and he can be sold as a ‘ victim’, outsiderrole, to the not so smart ‘ whites’ and ‘ right’.

    1. Exactly. It is amazing that so many people are unable to see the ever more obvious “deep state” psyop being conducted against them.

  6. Question: Does power and wealth equate to sexual deviance? Or is it the psychopath who strives for power and wealth have a natural psychopathic propensity to mistreat women (or girls) or those of the same sex if so inclined.
    Going only as far back as the Kennedy brothers, John and Robert, both had the reps as womenizers but rape does not seem inter the picture as far as this correspondent has knowledge of.
    Nixon seemed to have been a straight arrow. However, President Ford is one of the featured characters in Kathy O’Brien’s “Transformation of America along with many others and Brice Taylor (Sue Ford) exposes many of the sex deviates from Washington DC and Hollywood in her excellent book “Thanks for the Memories”.
    Maybe Pat can fill us in if Pappy Bush went off the tracks from time to time.
    That brings us down the King Pin of Presidential sex deviates, Billy Boy Clinton. He mastered the art of forcing women, any women, to knuckle under by munching on their lips, HARD! And while governor of Arkansas he knocked up a Black prostitute who gave birth to a boy, now in his thirties. Bill’s mixed race son Danny Williams is the splitting image of Bill, for whom he didn’t pay on red cent in child support. Bill, post haste, did pay to move mother and son out to California. All the while Billy boy was shafting the mother of his mixed race son, as President, he was bad mouthing dead beat dads for not paying past child support. His moto was do as I say and not what I have done.
    President Obama on the other hand is reported to be homosexual and Michelle Obama was rumored born a male. Truly, a match made in heaven for the libtards and the Democrats.
    That brings us to the current occupant of the White House. President Trump is just in the American tradition of a long line sexually deviate minded Presidents.
    The Kennedy dalliances were most likely consensual.
    Who knows what LBJ did in the back all alleys of Washington DC, but he did rape the nation.
    Ford was reportedly mixed up with MK-Ultra and Presidential level sex slaves.
    President Carter was a Christian and a straight arrow. He lasted just 4 years trying to play patty cake with the big boys.
    President Reagan is mentioned in Brice Taylor’s experience as a Presidential level sex slave but not at the hands of Reagan.
    Pat can give us the low down on President Bush 1
    President Clinton is most likely the most famous of the sexual deviates.
    It’s not known if Bush 2 has clean hands. Most likely not.
    The Obamas are legend in their sexual confusion.
    By the standards set by some past Presidents Trump is no worse nor any better. The Golden Golem of Judah is just another occupant of the White House doing (((their))) biding and taking orders as any good waiter for the minions.

    1. “Who knows what LBJ did in the back all alleys of Washington DC, but he did rape the nation.”

      What he “did” was Mathilde Krim. Not only did Johnson rape the nation, he murdered it! Start with Vietnam and move on to LBJ’s “Great Society” programs that included “civil rights,” “desegregation,” the most restrictive American “gun control” laws ever passed and unrestricted immigration.

      LBJ, was an American politician who served as the 36th president of the United States from 1963 to 1969. In domestic policy, Johnson designed the “Great Society” legislation to expand civil rights, public broadcasting, Medicare, Medicaid, aid to education, the arts, urban and rural development, public services and his “War on Poverty”. Assisted in part by a growing economy, the War on Poverty helped millions of Americans rise above the poverty line during his administration. Civil rights bills that he signed into law banned racial discrimination in public facilities, interstate commerce, the workplace and housing; the Voting Rights Act prohibited certain requirements in southern states used to disenfranchise African Americans. With the passage of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965, the country’s immigration system was reformed, encouraging greater emigration from regions other than Europe. Johnson’s presidency marked the peak of modern liberalism after the New Deal era.

      While your at, it don’t forget to visit the Arthur and Mathilde Krim files. These two were the Jared Kushners of their day. Here and here

      LBJ was a true-blue, dyed-in-the-wool, fully corrupt, lying, disingenuous Texan politician of the worst kind!

      Texas, that place where the citizens of the “republic” support the fed-gov barging in to murder its citizens.

  7. Trump Haters jump on this kind of garbage like chum..
    No fair hearing here either…
    Who wrote this trash anyway?
    I suppose the author probably really thinks bill Cosby date raped all those bimbos too?
    And this author acts as if he actually still believes the Cavanaugh accusation… Puuuuuhhhhlllleeeeese..
    That lying bitch – her whole life was ruined by the experience, but she never made a complaint and can’t even remember where the party took place or who else was there…. you must be goddam stupid if you believe any of these liars…
    And, was it Not worth mentioning this woman has a book she’s selling, a Writer for God’s sake???
    Look, there’s a media war going on against white men…
    We’re the enemy the females, the stupid ones, and all the mud people are allied against, according to what’s PC…
    With the Disgusting Democrats piping the reed..
    Who else might stand up to the globalists, if not the white men, the working class ones who built this country and who own it in real property and businesses, with a lot to lose?
    This woman’s bullshit is really a little too obvious…
    Looks like she took the plot right off an episode of Law and Order..
    But more than just that, this attack is an exercise in the weaponization of sex perpetrated against men in general… SEX is a Weapon, as some would have it..
    You heard what she said, right before the worried media stooge cut to the commercial… RAPE IS SEXY…
    With that did we catch the increment people?
    Man on Woman Intercourse is RAPE..
    All these lying whores excuse themselves the same way the bomber pilots and artillery crews do when they flatten towns, it’s the same lousey little chickenshit mindset that allows death squads to slaughter non-combatants….
    They think they’re in a war, and all’s fair…
    And if they get to sell a book or make a movie. get a piece of Cosby’s fortune or just 15 minutes of fame, that’s part of the spoils…
    Also – the whole stupid story is a contrived deep state psyop staged for the purpose of jacking trump’s ratings?
    Lots of that on CNN MSNBC, is there?
    DOODS, hate makes fools of you…

    1. @ barkingdeer

      “No fair hearing here either…”

      Are you complaining about this website by any chance? You’re not getting a fair hearing on this website, is that what you’re saying? Are you saying we shouldn’t publish articles like this because it isn’t fair to publish crappy articles attacking Donald Trump?

      Please clarify your position.

      1. We already know it’s a crappy article, by the way. Which is why we published it in the first place. So that readers could have the opportunity of tearing it to pieces. LD herself pointed out in a comment (within the article itself) that she thought the woman was a “liar and a fantasist”.

        1. @ Admin

          Barkingdeer is an idiot. Pat no attention to his creep. Of course we all know that the article was deliberately chosen BECAUSE it was crappy and UNFAIR. And LD made it quite clear that this was so and wrote a comment saying the woman was just out for publicity. Barkingdeer has the brains of a flea if he can’t see this. Whining about the website being “unfair”. Idiot.

          @ Barkingdeer

          Get yourself a new brain, will ya?

      1. A ‘barking deer’ yields dogmeat not venison, but in Asia it is routine to hunt and eat those ‘barking deer’ and to claim it is “Deer Meat” on the menus…. ‘BARKING deer’ meat!! 🙂

      2. I’ve heard a barking deer. I knew there were such animals from reading oodles of animal books all those years ago. Here barks one now!

        Sounds a lot like a Martian from “Mars Attacks”
        (and you’ll die laughing)

  8. Barkingdeer is as frustrated as I about the overriding insanity prevelent in America these days. All one need do is tune-in to the Democratic presidential “debates” to hear the insanity (provided one’s eardrums are functioning – and one happens to be sane). In our frustration, we don’t bother with the pretense of “intellectual” droning. (For those who indulge themselves in that stupidity, e,g., “Grammar Fiend”, they should know their sock-puppets are quite evident via their writing styles.)
    They, and we, know who they are.

    1. @ Gilbert Huntly

      Hi Gilbert!

      The act that Barkingdear is “frustrated” about he way things are going in America doesn’t give him a right to lash out at Admin unfairly. How would you like to be blamed for something you didn’t do? Admin is innocent. So why does this moron spit all over Admin? The guy is a nasty and aggressive piece of shit and you shouldn’t defend him.

      This is what Lasha said about the article — in DEFENSE of Trump! Is Barkingdeer so f***ing stupid that he cannot understand plain English:

      I think we can safely conclude that Trump is unlikely to have sexually assaulted this woman. She appears to be a liar and a fantasist in search of publicity for her recent book. This latest assault on the President’s honor is more than likely to enhance his popularity among the masses.

      I agree with that comment 100%. And so do you. So what is Barkingdeer’s problem?

      1. Of course I agree with Lasha’s comment, Ruth. However, the twists and turns of discussion in these threads inspire the snakes to slither out, inevitably, against Trump and the United States. If Barkingdeer’s attention is distracted and focused on the snakes, it is no wonder. (Where I reside, in these mountains, I’m often focused on the very real threat of rattlesnakes whenever I take a summertime hike, btw, and last time it was measured, my IQ is more than “sufficient”.)
        (Worthy of note, you should just at this time post as “Ruth”….)

        1. Yeah, we all know you’re a smart guy, Gilbert! Perhaps a bit too smart for your own good! 🙂

          Samson was a smart guy, too, and look what Delilah did to him! Watch out for your Delilah when she comes for you with her snippety-snip scissors — and hope it’s only your HAIR she’s after and not your *****!!!

          I’ll leave the word blank as this is family website! 🙂

      2. You wouldn’t do that to me, Ruth. You’re a sweetie, and you know I regard you as such. However, many on this site like to polish their “intellects”, and just end up tarnishing themselves. One of the only REAL intellectuals who posts here is “Pat”. Notice how the substance of his comments are unambiguous, and pointedly factual. He doesn’t waste words with multi-syllabic pomposity, and writes so that the simplest among us can glean some knowledge. I quit reading the Occidental Observer long ago, because the site is full of pompous asses. (Incogman is more to my liking – but I suppose you’ll say that’s the “redneck” coursing through my veins…)
        Take TROJ, for instance. He’s fun to read because he is, obviously, extremely intelligent, but doesn’t hide behind pretense. Admin tolerates him with delightful humor, and I am almost certain they are entertained as much as I. 🙂
        So, anyway, Ruth, you do not offend me – because I LIKE you. 🙂

  9. Oh – My – GOD! Trump really is a Nadzee! He’s everywhere at once, under every bed doing perverse things to innocent people. Move over Adolf, this man is obviously the penultimate, nuevo-evil; presto – instant Nadzee! Just ask any talking meathead blathering away on a Jew tube. Wait until Trump starts “chewing” the White House carpets, you’ll see.

    All that remains now is to find Trump tweeting Israel,

    “We could not find a single righteous Iranian, so we’re demanding they be sent out so we may “KNOW THEM! Get it? – KNOW THEM!? Call my best Jewish boy Jared for an appointment and we’ll talk over lunch in Jerusalem. I hear the knishes there are to die for.”

  10. Is mad Orange Orangutan guilty? I say he is guilty as charged. His madness is visible in every aspect of his life, especially with all the girls he has groped/raped/ felt up etc. etc. It’s way worse than you think, he’s in bed with Jeffrey Epstain, and Rudey Giuliani, Kushner and Bibi.

    In this essay I link Trump making out with the mayor of New York, Rudy Giuliani dressed up as a drag queen:

    GOOLAG JEWTUBE: That Time Trump Felt Up Giuliani – NYT Opinion

    Here is a pictured essay of Clinton-Trump pedophile network:

    1. Sorry you have to imagine Trump grabbing the pussy of this “Carroll” bitch. I, on the other hand, cannot. His taste runs better than that. Your jumping to conclusions indicates a proclivity to jumping into bed with any old bimbo, yourself. Poor fool.

  11. ADMIN
    “Are you complaining about this website by any chance? You’re not getting a fair hearing on this website, is that what you’re saying? Are you saying we shouldn’t publish articles like this because it isn’t fair to publish crappy articles attacking Donald Trump?”
    “Please clarify your position.”
    no i’m not complaining about the website, though IF i could make a suggestion, it would be that you deny space to people whose comments are nothing more than personal insults…
    when i said ‘no fair hearing’, i was pointing it out that the author wasn’t being fair, this was just another trendy hit piece on the donald, she’s just another avaricious gold digger using, weaponizing the sex theme, like a prostitute, on somebody famous, jumping into the hate wake slipstream, to leverage her way into the public eye, so she can get her 15 minutes of fame and sell her book…
    i was being agreeable with your judgement of the article.. it was in no way intended as a criticism of admin…
    and you politely asked for clarification… you didn’t accuse me of anything, you just asked what i meant…
    ok, fine..
    but that was al it took for the crazies to come unglued…
    everybody else be advised – to a large extent hatred drives the pc phenomenon…
    i hope everybody is ok now…
    yes it was a pretty cheap article.. but there was something to be gleaned from it and pondered…
    i think admin thought so too, which is why it was published here…
    to me the related topic is the weaponization of sex, in this case by a female, which is very common…
    and how far gone we’re getting as a society, when too many females think it’s a war and that’s just how it is… famous men are targets…

    1. @ Barkingdeer

      Thanks for explaining your position so clearly, BD. You have our full support as a sincere and well-informed commenter. But please understand that if you continue to post on this website you must learn to develop a thicker rhinoceros skin and not be quite so sensitive when personally attacked. This comes with the territory. It’s par for the course. For your own sake, you must get used to the heat in the kitchen — or else leave the kitchen. As Lobro did, who couldn’t bear the heat in the kitchen when it got really too hot for him to handle.

      Try and understand that Lasha Darkmoon has had to put up with TEN times more abuse and vile defamation, including on the Occidental Observer, than you or Lobro or anyone else on this website have ever had to endure. LD has had every single insult thrown at her, including defamatory lies about her family background and personal sex life, without being able to do a thing about it.

      For example, Lasha was viciously accused in the Comments section of INCOGMAN of sending filthy pornographic pictures to Jeff Rense. Something she never did, which even Jeff Rense never accused her of. This vile lie really hurt Lasha badly because she has always been a bit prudish about sex and holds to traditional moral values when it comes to sex. And all her articles on sex have been anti-porn. Lasha shrugged off the accusation that she had been sharing pornography with Jeff Rense when she learned that her accuser was Jeff Rense’s (estranged) seventh wife, Melinda Kellogg, who was mentally unstable and had accused six other women of sending her attractive husband, Jeff, loads of pornographic material to get him sexually worked up. One of these six falsely accused women even threatened to take legal action against the deranged Ms Kellogg. Lasha learned to put up with the vile abuse that has come her way. It’s the only way to survive, she thinks, to develop a thick skin.

      So next time you are attacked on this website unfairly, dear BD, learn to roll with the punches. As Lasha keeps telling me ruefully almost every day, “The world is full of nutcases.”

  12. SISTER
    thanks a lot for the reply..
    it’s ok, i didn’t lose any sleep over the insults..
    and i hope you don’t take my statements about establishment abrahamic religions in general as in any way derogatory of each and every dedicated cleric..
    i went to a catholic high school for 3 years back in the 60s, until i was kicked out, and i’m the first to say that many of the priests and nuns i met there impressed me as being very good people.. and i still think so…
    it certainly is a higher calling, that a person take those vows and live up to them… out of my league..
    however, one or two other priests i wish i had kicked in the balls so hard their ears had wiggled, even understandable as it may be the load of personal misery they themselves were under… corporeal punishment was the rule in those days, public and parochial, and at home… i was knocked down a flight of stairs, beaten with wooden paddles and belts.. i saw one kid with welts all around his skinny torso… i remember in the 4th grade somebody slapping my cousin on the back of his head, repeatedly causing his head to bonk on his desk.. that’s shocking by today’s standards… we have made some progress…
    that’s not to make excuses for child molestation.. the bishop who confirmed me, btw, was found out a year or two ago, if you believe all those accusations.. i’m not so sure i do, though at the time i thought he was effeminate, like an old lady… i worked in a catholic orphanage for a couple of years, some of the kids there were teenagers too.. i heard they busted the honcho later on after i was back from nam.. but i can tell you i never saw one sign of any such thing… though it was obvious to all that the principle of the local grade school i attended was clearly a short-eyed mfer…
    for the record, i have no problem with sexual freedom, and i’m certain the lack of sexual gratification is much more detrimental to society than promiscuity ever was… if i had my way, i would legalize and promote prostitution, use it in prisons as therapy, bring it back to the level of value it once naturally had, before the religious repression of the female and the disconnection of humanity from nature…

  13. PAT
    the way i heard it from my CC, the philipino (FKNG HUCKS) custom was to starve the dog for week or so first, then they let him gorge out on boiled rice, so when they bake him in the pit they get all the rice out of his gutts too…
    in the book about the The Nile – Emil Ludwig, it was the custom that a crowd of hungry fellahin would tie up a cow with three or four ropes so she couldn’t move, then all gather round carving pieces of flesh off and eating them raw, the idea being to keep the cow alive as long as possible throughout the process, the freshest possible meat..
    mans inhumanity to animal is beyond belief… religion has it they’re just machines…

  14. Is this an intellectual discussion in regards whether the President is a rapist and worthy of being the “most powerful nuclear President of the world” who has the professional right to rape whoever he finds attractive enough while another luxurious taxpayers money funded and blood letting chauvinist party is having a nice friendly get together in Osaka where the choosy superior American President praises openly the art and mastery of bone saw techniques on chatty journalists during a press conference in public?
    This picture taken during the repeating G20 farce contains many – if not all – faces that should be in prison for war crimes on humanity where rape, treason, enslavements and organ trading comes as a side product and in mho it does not really matter if the victims are attractive enough for the rapists or not as they end up bloody dead and under the political carpet anyway after freedom and democracy has raped its way into the last bastions of independence in the world. Can this specific human pro and contra behavior still be classified as intelligence or is it just the usual entertainment while waiting to be flushed down the toilet for good? Idiocracy might have been a movie produced in 2006 but humanity these days is living it out to the maximum and with a white president in charge.

  15. Donald Trump once boasted he could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot someone without losing any votes.

    Maybe if Trump stood in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shot a Federal Reserve Jew he would actually get more votes.

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