Trump Exonerated: Russiagate a Big Lie Spawned by Toxic Media

Robert Mueller has come up empty handed, exposing two years of relentless Russiagate propaganda and the media that sold it.

By Peter Van Buren
The American Conservative
March 27, 2019

“It was all a lie.”

The short version? Mueller is done. His report unambiguously states there was no collusion or obstruction. He was allowed to follow every lead unfettered in an investigation of breathtaking depth.

It cannot be clearer.

The report summary states, “The Special Counsel’s investigation did not find that the Trump campaign or anyone associated with it conspired or coordinated with Russia in its efforts to influence the 2016 US Presidential Election…the report does not recommend any further indictments, nor did the Special Counsel obtain any sealed indictments that have yet to be made public.”

Robert Mueller (pictured) did not charge any Americans with collusion, coordination, or criminal conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia. The special counsel also considered whether members of the Trump campaign “coordinated,” a much lower standard defined as an “agreement, tacit or express,” with Russian election interference activities. They did not.

Everything—everything—else we have been told since the summer of 2016 falls, depending on your conscience and view of humanity, into the realm of lies, falsehoods, propaganda, exaggerations, political manipulation, stupid reporting, fake news, bad judgment, simple bull, or, in the best light, hasty conclusions.

As with Dorothy’s ruby slippers, the proof of no collusion has always been with us. There was a guilty plea from Michael Flynn, Trump’s national security advisor, on one count of perjury unrelated to Russiagate. Flynn lied about a legal meeting with the Russian ambassador.

— Rick Gates, deputy campaign manager, pled guilty to conspiracy and false statements unrelated to Russiagate.

— George Papadopoulos, a ZZZ-level adviser, pled guilty to making false statements about legal contact with the Russians.

— Michael Cohen, Trump’s lawyer, pled guilty to lying to Congress about a legal Moscow real estate project.

— Paul Manafort, very briefly Trump’s campaign chair, pled guilty to conspiracy charges unrelated to Russiagate and that for the most part occurred before he even joined the campaign.

Roger Stone, who never officially worked for Trump, awaits a trial that will happen long after Mueller turns off the last lights in his office.

Mueller did indict some Russian citizens for hacking, indictments that in no way tied them to anything Trump did and which will never see trial.

Joseph Mifsud, the Russian professor who supposedly told Papadopoulos Moscow had “thousands of Hillary’s emails,” was never charged.

Carter Page, subject of FISA surveillance and a key actor in the Steele dossier, was also never charged.

After hours of testimony about that infamous June 2016 Trump Tower meeting to discuss Hillary’s email and other meeting around the Moscow hotel, no one was indicted for perjury.

The short version of Russiagate? There was no Russiagate.

What Will Happen Next is already happening. Democrats are throwing up smoke demanding that the full Mueller report be made public. Even before AG Barr released the summary, Speaker Pelosi announced that whatever he decided to release wouldn’t be enough. One Dem on CNN warned they would need the FBI agents’ actual handwritten field notes.

Adam Schiff said, “Congress is going to need the underlying evidence because some of that evidence may go to the compromise of the president or people around him that poses a real threat to our national security.” Schiff believes his committee is likely to discover things missed by Mueller, whose report indicates his team interviewed about 500 witnesses, obtained more than 2,800 subpoenas and warrants, executed 500 search warrants, obtained 230 orders for communications records, and made 13 requests to foreign governments for evidence.

Mueller may still be called to testify in front of Congress, as nothing will ever be enough for the #Resistance cosplayers now in charge. Overnight, the findings, made by Mueller the folk hero, the dogged Javert, the Marine on his last patrol, suddenly weren’t worth puppy poo unless we could all look over his shoulder and line-by-line second guess him. MSNBC host Joy Reid, for her part, has already accused Mueller of covering up the crime of the century.

The New York Times headline “As Mueller Report Lands, Prosecutorial Focus Moves to New York” says the rest—we’re movin’ on! Whatever impeachment/indictment fantasies diehard Dems have left are being transferred from Mueller to the Southern District of New York. The SDNY’s powers, we are reminded with the tenacity of a bored child in the back seat, are outside of Trump’s control, the Wakanda of justice.

The new holy land is called Obstruction of Justice, though pressing a case against Trump in a process that ultimately exonerated him will be a tough sell. In a sentence likely to fuel discussion for months, the attorney general quotes Mueller:

“While this report does not conclude that the President committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him.”

It sounds dramatic, but in fact it means that, while taking no position on whether obstruction took place, Mueller concluded that he did not find enough evidence to prosecute.

In the report, he specifically turns over to the attorney general any decision to pursue obstruction further. Barr and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, meanwhile, have already determined that the evidence does not support prosecution of the president for obstruction of justice.

Mueller also specifically noted that obstruction of justice requires proof of intent, and since he found that Trump et al did not conspire with Russia, there can be no intent to obstruct an investigation Trump knew could not lead to anything. The case is thus closed judicially (Mueller having essentially telegraphed the defense strategy), though Democrats are likely to quixotically keep pursuing it.

What’s left is corruption.

Politico has already published a list of 25 “new” things to investigate about Trump, trying to restock the warehouse of broken impeachment dreams (secret: it’s filled with sealed indictments no one will ever see). The pivot will be from treason to corruption: see the Cohen hearings as Exhibit A. Campaign finance minutiae, real estate assessment questions, tax cheating from the 1980s, a failed Buffalo Bills purchase years ago…how much credibility will any of that have now with a public realizing it has been bamboozled on Russia?

At some point, even the congresswoman with the most Twitter followers is going to have to admit there is no there there. By digging the hole they are standing in even deeper, Dems will only make it more obvious to everyone except Samantha Bee’s interns that they have nothing. Expect to hear “this is not the end, it’s only the end of the beginning” more often, even if it sounds more needy than encouraging, like a desperate ex checking in to see if you want to meet for coffee.

Someone at the DNC might also ask how this unabashed desire to see blood drawn from someone surnamed Trump will play out with potential 2020 purple voters. It is entirely possible that the electorate is weary and would like to see somebody actually address immigration, health care, and economic inequality now that we’ve settled the Russian question.

That is what is and likely will happen. What should happen is a reckoning.

Even as the story fell apart over time, a large number of Americans and nearly all of the mainstream media still believed that the president of the United States was a Russian intelligence asset—in Clinton’s own words, “Putin’s puppet.” How did that happen?

A mass media that bought lies about nonexistent weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and then promised “never again!” did it again. 

The New York Times, WaPo, CNN, MSNBC, et al, reported falsehoods to drive a partisan narrative. They gleefully created a serial killer’s empty wheel-like bulletin board covered in blurry photos connected by strands of yarn.

Another generation of journalists soiled themselves.

They elevated mongerers like Seth Abramson, Malcolm Nance, and Lawrence Tribe, who vomited nonsense all over Twitter every afternoon before appearing before millions on CNN.

They institutionalized unsourced gossip as their ledes—how often were we told that the walls were closing in? That it was Mueller time? How often was the public put on red alert that Trump/Sessions/Rosenstein/Whitaker/Barr was going to fire the special prosecutor? The mass media featured only stories that furthered the collusion tall tale and silenced those skeptical of the prevailing narrative, the same way they failed before the Iraq war.

The short version: there were no WMDs in Iraq. That was a lie and the media promoted it shamelessly while silencing skeptical voices. Now Mueller has indicted zero Americans for working with Russia to influence the election. Russiagate was a lie and the media promoted it shamelessly while silencing skeptical voices.

The same goes for the politicians, alongside Hayden, Brennan, Clapper, and Comey, who told Americans that the president they elected was a spy working against the United States. None of that was accidental. It was a narrative they desperately wanted to be true so they could profit politically regardless of what it did to the nation. And today the whitewashing is already ongoing (watch out for tweets containing the word “regardless”).

Someone should contact the ghost of Consortium News’s Robert Parry, one of the earliest and most consistent skeptics of Russiagate, and tell him he was right all along. That might be the most justice we see out of all this.


VIDEO  :  2.40mins

43 thoughts to “Trump Exonerated: Russiagate a Big Lie Spawned by Toxic Media”

  1. The more the Democrats pull stunts like this the greater will be support for Trump. They never seem to learn that the people will vote against these frenzies.

    Trump’s election and Brexit show where the people’s support goes, and it isn’t to the professional politicians and civil servants.

    Of topic, but it looks as though the powers that be in Britain are about to overturn the referendum result and have us stay in the EU. If they succeed there will be an electoral revolution and most of the the 75% of MPs who want to remain in the EU will be kicked out. The political establishment don’t know what they are facing. I for one have become totally anti-government,

    The best form of government is that of Switzerland, where referendums are held and woe betide any government that ignores the result

    1. @ John Kirby

      “The more the Democrats pull stunts like this the greater will be support for Trump.”

      Bravo! You’ve stumbled onto something very important…whether you realize it or not. Of course that’s been the whole plan from the beginning.

      Allow me to fill you in on the details. But before going further with that particular aspect of the plan, it’s helpful to step back for a minute and glance at a bigger picture. As I’ve been saying since orange clown’s calculated betrayals became painfully obvious, it seems clear that that he’s a deep state sleeper agent, long-groomed for a role as “president of the U.S.” and waiting-in-the-wings for his handlers’ beck and call. And the call apparently came when it became clear that Obama was not going to deliver the world to the elders on a silver platter.

      And by now the average person is probably wondering: What’s so special about orange clown that they picked him over Clinton, for example? This is a good question, and to answer that we have to step back a little further yet to see a little more of the big picture.

      When you look at the whole history of the U.S., what’s the basic theme? Where’s it been headed almost since it began? I would argue that U.S. history is really all about the accumulation and use of power; coercive power, that is. This would include economic power, military power, political power and of course the power of persuasion, made possible by way of the disproportionate control of modern mass communications.

      What good is all this power? IOW why would someone want this? There’s really only one reason that I can see: Apparently somebody wants to dominate and control the whole world, and “America” was intended to be the platform from which they would project this power to achieve their goal.

      If you look you’ll see that every obstacle to the accumulation and use of power has been methodically removed over time. What do you need to take over the world? You need money, for one thing. Lots of money. You need money to build a massive military; you need money for bribes; you need money to pay for a rent-a-mob to overthrow an uncooperative government; etc. So we have the dollar reserve currency/petro-dollar, we have the fed…we have an almost unlimited supply of money. And we have a massive military, accordingly. And we have nukes; we have bases all over the world; etc.

      A lack of money and military would be “hard limits” on power projection; these obstacles have been removed. Next we had “soft limits” that had to be removed; i.e., the constitution and the rule of law. After all, what good is it to have all this potential for power projection if the constitution and laws of the U.S. prevent the illegitimate use of it?

      And this is where 9/11 comes into the picture. The false flag attack of 9/11/2001 was the enabling act; the gateway crime, which facilitated the final overthrow of the constitution and the rule of law in the U.S. It was 9/11 that enabled our masters to erect a domestic police state and consolidate power into the executive branch…thereby creating the most unprecedentedly powerful and unaccountable seat of political power the world has ever seen. (And the consummation of the new lawlessness of the new super-executive was apparently the completely unjustifiable attack on Iraq).

      Moreover, 9/11 also gave our masters an opportunity to smear any morally competent political opponents that might still be lurking in the halls of power. Anyone who didn’t want to go along with the program was smeared as being unpatriotic, soft on terrorism, etc. (In fact I believe that evil has a self-purifying effect: once an institution becomes so utterly corrupt, e.g. “government”, it has the effect of keeping decent people out. IOW no morally competent person wants to be a cog in the wheel of a murder machine).

      So by this point our masters have removed both the hard and soft limits on power projection and have set precedents for its illegitimate use. And there now seems to be only one remaining relevant factor: The character of the person holding the office of president.

      What good is it to create an unprecedentedly powerful and unaccountable political office only to install a Mister Rogers clone into it? What good is it to create a military force bristling with nuclear weapons if the person at the top won’t use them? The only “restraint” on evil – and the damage that evil can and will do in the world – is the moral compunction of the person holding the office of president.

      And this is where orange clown fits into the picture. Our masters need the most evil person available to install into the seat of power that they’ve created. In a sense they’ve created the office especially for him. They need someone who is willing to take personal responsibility for giving orders which carry the risk of planetary extinction; such a person is very special.

      Apparently orange clown is that person. If anyone is going to have a chance to deliver the world to the elders, it will be orange clown. In light of this, they need to pull out all the stops to maintain public support for their most evil puppet. They need to present him to the audience as a “victim” (thus we had “Russiagate”). They need to present him as the lesser of the evils (thus the “democrats” must be seen as being worse, a domestic enemy who promote all manner of (politically correct) evil, e.g., open borders, infanticide, gun control, “communism”, oppression of White people, etc.

      Do you see what they’re doing, how they’re using psychology to manipulate people?

      1. HS –

        Could be…..

        I wrote this similar GUESS yesterday:

        How to keep the dirt away…. for 4 years!!

        Trump VS ‘Put-On’ and Russia was a red herring. It was a diversion from the hundreds of “YUGE” scandals and shady dealings for which Trump was known for for decades.

        Russia and ‘Put-On’ were used because they could NOT be brought in to testify.

        NOW… investigations of the last 2 years of investigations will take up the next 2 years… until elections come again!! They ALL laugh at the electorate!! 🙂

      2. HS (you did make it through “higher education”, I surmise :-)),

        In my judgment and experience, I concur, I think you have not advanced a single idea or conjecture with which I can disagree. Excellently presented, succinct. Let arguments with your unassailable points begin!

        Well met, sir!

  2. People are sick of the partisanship in DC, fed up beyond belief myself included. Its true that Russia attempted to interfere with our election. So what, goverments including the US have been doing this in various countries for years. Trump and his transition team were guilty of being newcomers and naive and whatever the appearance of what they did it was none the less unintentional.

    Trump does believe that the USA has no right to impose its beliefs on others and given the chance we just might have established better relationships with countries like russia, perhaps still the case now.

    Trumps business practices on the other hand may pose a problem for him over time should the southern district proceed. The voters knew what they were getting into when he was elected, so such is life! Perhaps he can push his way through things now and ultimately get some important things done. Whatever the case US politics will never be the same and Trump has changed things for better or worse

    1. Hi Ralan, Yes, Trump wanted to improve relations with Russia, which would be a good thing. I now wonder if the Mueller investigation was started to damage US-Russia relations rather than to damage Trump.

      1. John, how do you know Trump actually wanted to improve relations with Russia? How do you know that “Russiagate” wasn’t just a scam to create political cover for Trump’s calculated betrayals?

  3. How to keep the dirt away…. for 4 years!!

    Trump VS ‘Put-On’ and Russia was a red herring. It was a diversion from the hundreds of “YUGE” scandals and shady dealings for which Trump was known for for decades.

    Russia and ‘Put-On’ were used because they could not be brought it to testify.

    Now there will be investigations of the investigations for the rest of his term!! And the folks ALL fall for it on both sides… as Trump & Pelosi & Schumer laugh “BIGGLY” and scape-goats are jailed!! 🙂

    There is no secret or Democratic Party-created Trump dossier. All the dirt on Trump is in plain sight and freely available. Here is some of that dirt:

    Trump Dossier 2018….

  4. Here is my opinion. The vote for Trump in 2016 was really a vote for the old White America. And this totally blew the minds of the Jewish community. It was a reality they couldn’t bear to believe. Okay, the theory that Russia had been responsible for the Trump election was a solution to their distress, and they believed it for this reason.

    1. KB –

      You are too smart to believe in National elections anywhere in the world.


      (and every country where their machines are used)

      Vote Fraud – Diebold Whistleblower, Chris Hood, Speaks Out

      Main points:
      1-Malicious co-workers can insert unauthorized software into voting machines.

      2-Thousands of votes were lost when tabulation cards were ‘erased’ and never recovered.

      3-Problems with machines are kept away from press.

      4-People with no experience are temporarily hired as technicians for election day.

      5-Diebold workers took the jobs that state workers should have done.

      1. @ Pat

        I know there is vote fraud, but I think there are limits as to how far it can go. And I think the Trump vote overwhelmed these limits.

      2. KB –

        There are NO limits when chips are replaced, lost or destroyed…. by the ones performing maintenance and programming the machines. That happens all the time. The Diebold employee told you that in the video.

        There are dozens more ways to steal the votes and put in fake ones!

        Just because you choose to deny it, does not mean it will not happen.

        There are other ways…. including by PRE-PROGRAMMING the machines!!

        Hacking Democracy Video of the Hursti Hack (Demonstration and Testing)
        How votes are stolen by pre-programming Voting Machines!

        “Can the votes on this Diebold system be hacked using the memory card?”

        2 people voted Yes. 6 people voted No. The machine reported 7 Yes, 1 No.

        As a software “hacker” (in the proper, non-malicious definition), I can say this is definitely a completely valid and utterly shocking “hack” that may have affected countless elections over the years…

        “If I had not seen what was behind this, I’d have no reason not to, I would have certified this election as a true and accurate result of a vote.” – Ion Sancho, Supervisor of Elections, Leon County, Florida.

        From the highly underrated documentary, “Hacking Democracy”. See more about the hack and its background:

        Even Wiki knows…

  5. Happening Now: The House Intelligence Committee, chaired by Rep. Adam Schiff, holds a hearing on “Putin’s Playbook: The Kremlins Use of Oligarchs, Money and Intelligence in 2016 and Beyond.”

    I am disgusted with both sides. None of them gives a damn about ordinary people, that’s why the US must and will fail.

    Some powerful forces behind Trump hell bent on bringing down the US. These are not good forces, but let them do their job. Russia’s job is to finish these dark forces when they are done with bringing down this parasitic state.

    1. Circ –

      ‘Put-On the Puny’ is no different. He cares more about Adelson’s casinos than ordinary people.

      1. Pat,

        You are a good guy, but you have next to zero understanding what Russia is all about and how it operates. I’ll give you a few bits of information for you to ponder over.

        Q: Who are the three most hated in the West rulers of Russia?
        A: Ivan the Terrible, Joseph Stalin, Vladimir Putin.

        Q: Who are the three most loved and veneered in Russia rulers of Russia?
        A: Ivan the Terrible, Joseph Stalin, Vladimir Putin.

        Think about it, brother. If you could comprehend Russian a bit, I would simply recommend you to listen to the following video, and you, in no time, would be on your way to understanding what is going on in Russia right now, and what is to happen in the next few years:

        Unfortunately, you do not speak Russian, so you have to start from somewhere. Start from here:

        1. @ Circassian

          This is an anti-Stalin site. I am not going to let you use the Darkmoon site as a platform for promoting your PRO-STALIN views. Understand? For the same reason that no pro-Stalin site (run by you or your Stalin cult worshippers) would ever dream of letting LD promote her anti-Stalin views on YOUR sites.

          I have let your 40-minute video pass through undeleted this time, but don’t try to pull these tricks again. Okay? The next time you take advantage of our hospitality and kindness in this way, you will be banned.

          I guarantee you that no one here will have the patience to sit through your 40-minute video in Russian.

          — Admin Toby

      2. Circ –
        I couldn’t care less about Ivan the Terrible, Joseph Stalin or ‘Put-On the Puny’ and paranoid prick.

        I am not a good guy to many who know me well. I am too demanding.

        I do not need your help. I prefer the official word of Russia – RT – not wikiworks. That way I learn that ‘Put-On’ & Russians prefer to consume ‘mass quantities’ (SNL 🙂 ) of vodka with their gambling & black market businesses.

        ’Russian Las Vegas’ to open in Crimea in 2019

        The gambling zone in Crimea was first announced in 2014 after the regions reunification with Russia.

        “There is a large operator (Adelson) ready to invest in the project. There are subtleties, mostly linked to the Western sanctions, so there is a need to remain anonymous about who will do it,” Aksenov said. The unnamed casino operator is ready to invest 8 billion rubles (about $150 million) in the project, he added.

        According to various estimates, the republic will raise up to $500 million a year from the plan.

        Putin proposes setting up gambling zone in Crimea

        Russian president Vladimir Putin has submitted a draft law to the State Duma to establish a gambling zone in Crimea, the fifth in the Russian Federation.

  6. this is a great article as it clearly states that democratically elected president Donald Trump is innocent of all charges!
    I want to thank Darkmoon and all staff members for NOT removing my comments which gives the impression that this site is NOT a racist nor anti-semitic site.
    I also want to clarify to some that not all Jews are bad.
    I am a very good person; ask my seven children, i wish you could meet them, you could stop by on any Sabbath!
    Shabbath Shalom you all! it starts tomorrow evening.
    i am going to recommend it to the whole gang who will be visiting very soon.

    1. Removing the Star of David was a good first step, Avatar. Now take the next one and disavow Judaism altogether

  7. Palestinians, “American Indians”….Branch Davidians –

    Truth and Justice do not apply –

    the Synagogue of Satan – Who Prints the Currency – Who pays the SCRIBES –

    who built the theatre..who pays the actors . . in “JEW” script

    why should the braindeadgoy study History. . . .

    when did the Jesus hating Pharisees show up with the Money Changers in the

    FIRST FIVE BOOKS OF THE BIBLE….where no little KHAZARS can be found dragging the

    little TOE of RA through the SINAI….for FORTY YEARS

    ISAIAH 13 : 14 !

    and for all the NEW TESTAMENT “Christians”….Matthew 13:39-43 !

    did the Temple Veil rent from top to bottom

    stage play theatre and Talmud Vision are 100%… {{{JEWISH}}}

    knowing the truth is the exit strategy – even for modern day so-called “Jews”.

    there is even former “Jews” on You Tube explaining why they are no longer in the
    “Stool Sculpture Deity Cult Compound”…!

  8. Exoneration… so far, but still pro-zionist…. Always has been!!

    At the 2015 Birch Run, Michigan Lincoln Day Dinner—a regular event for the Republican faithful across the nation—Trump spoke of his close friendship with Israel, at the 28:44 mark in the video.

    “I’m very close to Israel . . . very close. I have a great relationship, very close. Far better than our president has,” he told the jubilant Birch Run audience.

    Trump proved his close ties to the Israeli government by doing a recent television commercial, broadcast in Israel, to politically support Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu.

    “I know Bibi very well. In fact, he asked me if I’d do a commercial for him,” Trump told Hugh Hewitt’s daily radio show. “In fact, I’m the only so-called celebrity that did a commercial for him.”

  9. @ Pat

    I followed Patrick Little’s run for Senate, and when it looked like vote fraud may have happened I researched the issue. I don’t doubt that you know what you’re talking about, but I found some apparently knowlegeable opinions then that vote fraud, while it existed, was limited as to how far it could go.

    1. KB –

      Whose “apparently knowledgeable opinions” are you believing?

      What did they claim are the limits?

      What do you claim are the limits?

      I claim here are no limits. They even steal paper ballots for mayors all the time!

      Then, there were ‘hanging chads’ in 2000!! A real hoot in Florida!! 🙂

  10. NOBODY for POTUS 2020. Campaign workers needed! As Yogi Bhajan might well have suggested to those of us about to emulate Crusaders of old, had YB lived long enough to see what has come to pass, much of which he did foretell [e.g., The Master’s Touch]: CUT THROUGH the mess DIAGONALLY. (Still working on that one. Any insight, anyone?)

    My take: Rather than “two parties” — a joke nowadays, probably since 1783 [Treaty of Paris] — or a THIRD party, or fractions asymptotically headed to membership of ONE (n = 1), let’s form NO PARTY! I propose launching NO PARTY with the expected nominee NOBODY, of course! Also running on the ticket — NOBODY needs a VICE President [takes one to know one, the swamp runs deep and illicitly!) — whom that will be NOBODY knows. I do not know, either, strangely enough. But then, I am not NOBODY. 🙂

    We shall plan to have a UNconVENTIONAL CONvention [thx WB7]. Unconventional in the spirit of Our Fearless Leader, still a CON, however, given the fraudulent nature of (s)elections in US, Inc. Echoing stirring calls for transformation , revolution, and overthrow of oppressors [Volunteers for America, Jefferson Starship, a band last seen heading into the wilderness to establish the STATE of JEFFERSON], let’s have NO PARTY!!

    The Political Action Corpse (PAC), my Self the soul member at this moment, certifies that you are among the FIRST to have read the declaration of intent for “NOBODY for POTUS 2020” right here on DARKMOON. Any volunteers for America lurking about? Have no fear, we shan’t hurt you 😉

  11. Don’t worry. The two-party system of government and opposition is failing whites all over the world, even when there is a “house of review” such as a senate. People are beginning to notice.

    I”m afraid it has to go.
    Whatever system crawls up out of the primeval slime of politics, it cannot be worse than what we have now.
    The first step is to get psychologically prepared for a revolution.

      1. Pat
        Point taken on vaccination.

        In addition, note that in the Soviet Commonwealth of Australia child welfare payments are withdrawn from parents that refuse to vaccinate their children. They are also forbidden access to child care facilities. It really gets you wondering…

        I disagree on your definition of revolution. I think web sites like this are part of the early psychological phase.

        Genuine revolution involves a head-lopping process.

      2. BTW – I spoke with as friend in upstate NY today, he told me that Rockland County in New York is mainly Hassidic jews. They are the stinky ones with long locks & curls who beat all of their women. They pass diseases just looking at them. Vaccines won’t help. 🙂

  12. It seems that the poster girl for dementia, Nancy Pelosi, whom the late Allan Stang called Pelousy, wants to read the entire 300 page Mueller report on Russia/Trump and not the 4 page summery of A.G. Barr.
    Rep. Pelosi was singing a different tune when she told her colleagues in the house they had to vote for Obama care before they had a chance to read it. It is assumed that most legislation voted on and passed before is not read by Congress, if ever.
    On another note; it looks like AOC the soul mate of Obama, were both out of central casting of the Deep State Black Lagoon. What is most amazing is that the voters would ever elect someone like AOC or Obama into any kind of political office. But that can be said of most members of congress. O well, what can one expect from American’s pubic school system. Can there be any argument that Americans love to lied to and screwed.
    It’s not known at this time if AOC can find Washington DC or even the North America on a map. It’s assumed that by this time AOC knows she was elected to the legislative branch of the Federal Gov.

    1. Lies, damned lies, and statistics. The rules for polite speech on Darkmoon preclude stronger language. Which seems just as well, I can’t think of the word anyway, my 72nd birthday looming. Forget words and thoughts in mid-sentence: My Mom always said, “It must of been a lie!” Passed at age 92, my Mom would be amused at the excuses people give nowadays (something about short-term memory and drugs, as I recall, sometimes!).

      Nonetheless, from one who knows a little about one [statistics] and a whole lotta about lies, I have to ask: Is this source at all related to the P(h)ew Family Charitable Trust that funds disinfo PBS — or did?

      Do not believe everything you read. I do not know where you live, Jake, but you clearly do not know “Americans” well enough to bring this forward to anyone….I say no more.

      Some of my best friends are “Americans”. In fact (BLUSH!!), some of my best American friends are WHITE! I could go on and now shall…

  13. The commercial media is most appreciated as a slam-force for affecting public opinion..
    It lost whatever journalistic qualities it may once have had years ago..
    Detrimentally you have the combination of national security cooption and regular old corporate capitalist drivers taking up all it’s time, keeping it pretty much totally under control…
    Both of those lay in bed with the big Pentagon…
    There must be a worry that dealmakers trump and Putin really will get the world past the old deep state days of managed tension for profit between the superpowers…
    After all, trump survived the election in spite of Hillary’s dough, sums unheard of ..
    Yes trump feeds the bulldog too, but if these are different flow patterns, that might explain the panic.. not everybody Hopes for Change…
    Obviously the Clinton News Network etal got totally hooked on the DNC campaign money… now they’re stuck in the tactic, pitiful as it is..
    For whatever reason trump’s case was really kicked, no journalist remains to find it out… at least not anywhere allowed on the corporate media….

  14. Jake
    Nothing wrong with this form of government.
    Not a lot needs to be wrong with most state methodologies…
    The problem is the media….
    Not much hope without a properly functioning free speech media.
    It’s why the white masons put it up front in the guatantees.
    It remains to be seen, if the net will be the answer
    There are good indications…

  15. AD & BD
    Thank you for those kind rebuttals. Clearly, you are generous and civilized people. I think that is in your natures and not the result of Ms Darkmoon’s rules.

    But you are right. I am not even from the northern hemisphere and have met only about a dozen Yanks in my life. A small sample indeed.

    Just letting off steam I suppose about my country getting dragged into all these infernal wars and grieving for our soldiers. Our fault that, too.
    I go around feeling like I need arses to kick all the time.

    I make the odd comment here because I respect the intelligence of the posters.

    1. Jake –

      Thanks for your comment!

      From what I see… most of us do what we can without any power to control national elections… Bankers’ (S)elections rule all.

      The media are no longer journalistic organizations, but political groups controlling the people’s thoughts. They are using “1984” methods!!

  16. jake
    i appreciate your attitude… we’re coming around slowly here…
    are you from new zealand?
    not trying to get you in trouble, but in case you are from there, here’s the very video of the fake christchurch shooting…
    lots of technical info on air-blank guns and blood squibs…
    i’d like to know what you think…
    JIM FETZER (3-20-19) Christchurch False Flag Shooting (Analysis begins 36:00)
    everybody else watch it too…. it’s well worth your hour…
    it’s so fake, like a cartoon… especially the part here he’s shooting the pump shotgun through his own windshield – only nothing hits it.. little popping noises, that are supposed to be shotgun blasts – no smoke, no broken glass.. ridiculous…
    no wonder they don’t want people to see it…

  17. BD
    Instead of a straight answer, a poem, for the thread is near the end, and those that are bored by poetry need not read.
    The poet addresses our enemies…

    “Do you think, you slaves of a thousand years to poverty, wealth and pride,
    You can crush the spirit that has been free in a land that’s new and wide?
    When you’ve scattered the last of the farmer bands, and the war for a while is over,
    You will hold the land – ay, you’ll hold the land – the land that your rifles cover.

    Till your gold has levelled each mountain range where a wounded man can hide,
    Till your gold has lighted the moonless night on the plains where the rebels ride;
    Till the future is proved, and the past is bribed from the son of the land’s dead lover –
    You may hold the land – you may hold the land just as far as your rifles cover.”

    by Henry Lawson

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