Trump Is America’s First Zionist President

Coalition To Govern America
24 March 2019


Trump has now placed US foreign policy into Israel’s hands . . .  His extreme pandering to Israeli Zionism is a disgrace to the United States . . . It is reasonable to conclude that Trump is America’s first Zionist president, a development that bodes ill for the world.  —  Paul Craig Roberts

It is impossible not to feel some sympathy for President Donald Trump. His agenda to restore normal relations with Russia and to end Washington’s gratuitous wars has been frustrated by the “Russiagate hoax” that the military/security complex and corrupt Democratic Party used in the effort to remove Trump from the presidency.

Trump and his wife have been embarrassed by the fake “Steele Dossier” paid for by the Clinton campaign and used by a corrupt FBI leadership to illegitimately obtain spy warrants on Trump and his associates.  Accused of cavorting with prostitutes in Moscow and confronted with claims by a porn star of an affair in order to boost the recognition value of her name, Trump and his wife have experienced uncomfortable times.

Now that the lies the presstitutes have told since 2016 have been exposed by Mueller’s inability, despite his use of every dirty trick, to come up with any indictable offense connected to “Russiagate,” the psychopathic liars who comprise the presstitute media are on the verge of tears.  Mueller has betrayed them, they claim, by letting Trump off the hook.

In other words, there will be no apology to Trump.  Don’t be surprised to see the deranged accusation that Mueller himself was part of the Russian collusion and was appointed for the purpose of covering it up.

Weakened by “Russiagate” accusations, Trump was forced to back off his agenda of ending the wars.  He put policy in the hands of neoconservative warmongers like John Bolton and Pompeo, and expanded the prospect of wars into Iran and Venezuela. Trump in office bears little resemblance to Trump campaigning for the presidency.

Under such pressure Trump has broken American diplomatic precedent and international law with respect to Jerusalem and the Syrian Golan Heights in his effort to seek the protection of the powerful Israel Lobby.  He recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and moved the US Embassy there, and on March 22 he said it is time to accept the reality of Israel’s occupation of Syria’s Golan Heights as Israeli territory. This extreme pandering to Israeli Zionism is a disgrace to the United States.

It is not clear how Trump has benefited from his groveling. If polls can be believed, Trump’s pandering has done him no good with American Jews, 70% of whom disapprove of Trump.  Moreover, the Israel Lobby failed to use its influence to silence the presstitutes false “Russiagate” accusations against Trump.  Perhaps the Lobby wanted to keep Trump in a weak position in order to extract more concessions from him.

Nevertheless, by terminating US aid to Palestinians and by being the only head of state to fully recognize Jerusalem as the Israeli capital and to assign Syrian territory to Israel, Trump has established a US relationship with Israeli Zionism that the US has with no other state and that Israel has with no other state.  On any issue that pertains to Israel’s interest, Trump has placed US foreign policy into Israel’s hands. 

Various diplomats and analysts are saying that Trump gifted the Golan Heights to Israel in order to help out Netanyahu who faces indictment for corruption.  I think the explanation is that the neoconservatives running US foreign policy are Zionists and that the only ally Trump has, other than the remnants of the American working class now dismissed as “white supremacists,” is the Israel Lobby.

The hostility of the Trump regime toward Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, Syria, and Venezuela does America no good (except for the shareholders of the military/security complex). But the hostility toward Iran, Syria, and their protector—Russia—does benefit Israel. Israel has been frustrated in its desire to occupy southern Lebanon by the Hezbollah militia, which is supported by Syria and Iran.  If Washington can destabilize Syria and Iran, as it did Iraq and Libya, Hezbollah would be cut off from support. Moreover, Washington’s accusations against Russia and missile bases on Russia’s border can distract Russia’s attention and resources away from the Middle East and leave Syria and Iran less able to resist the US/Israeli pressures.

Trump, who campaigned on peace so that America’s attention and resources could be focused on America’s own situation, now has the US more embroiled than ever in the affairs of foreign countries, principally Israel, a Zionist state.  This fact makes it reasonable to conclude that Trump is America’s first Zionist president, a development that bodes more ill for the world.


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  1. Paul Craig Roberts gives me hope that maybe more prominent people aware of what is happening in the world will write intelligent, truthful articles. Right now there are very few and some of our most highly educated and intelligent people are forced to use pen names to hide their identity and no university would hire them, forcing them to write for websites (not the mainstream media) where exposure to their articles is limited. Hopefully the think tanks, universities, media outlets and other halls of power will be staffed by people that don’t all kow tow to Israeli and Jewish interests some day.

    1. @ Peter

      Right now there are very few and some of our most highly educated and intelligent people are forced to use pen names to hide their identity and no university would hire them, forcing them to write for websites (not the mainstream media) where exposure to their articles is limited.

      Well said, Peter. You could be talking about Lasha Darkmoon here. She has been forced to write articles under a pen name for her personal security and the safety of her family. Many of these articles have been translated into foreign languages and published on similar dissident websites, notably on Truthseeker and the Occidental Observer. LD tells me that at least half the authors writing for the Occidental Observer are writing under pen names.

      1. Sister Monica, there is no anonymity.
        Not anymore. Not even a little bit.
        The illusion of “anonymous” is a societal, literary, personal placebo of safety.
        There is no safe space, no literary repose. The ever expanding algorithms and instruments preclude this and have for quite some time.

        This is not a fanciful sci-fi dream or fatalistic reflex arisen from an ordinary every day paranoia nor a societal neurosis, rather the cold hard fact of modern life.
        The rulers of this world have taken “you can run but you can’t hide” to where no pugilistic pursuit has gone before.

        Most everyone, from the highly educated intellectual with a ton of brain power and real world experience, to the average 80 I.Q. bum on the street has never even heard of the old NRO, much less the new and improved version. This, among other sensor bristling spies by the skyful. And then there’s the electrons made corporeal (aka) the Ghost in the Machine.
        Yes, you guessed it; A.I.

        How ironic and fatally constricted this world has become from top to bottom when
        a person nowadays might actually be more informed and attuned to the realities of this not so brave new world via reading Hugo Gernsback rather than Victor Hugo.

        I might not know Pat’s or Madame Butterfly’s or Lasha’s real name,
        but Anonymous A.I. certainly does.
        %The only frontier left is inside one’s head and that too is just a matter of time and a very short measure of time at that.

        And God knows I hate being the messenger.
        (He knows everything)

        1. @ Hp

          Sister Monica, there is no anonymity. Not anymore. Not even a little bit. The illusion of “anonymous” is a societal, literary, personal placebo of safety.There is no safe space, no literary repose. The ever expanding algorithms and instruments preclude this and have for quite some time.

          Thanks for this info, Homer, but I am already aware of this and so is Lasha. It was Lasha, after all, who wrote these opening words in an article called Secret Surveillance:

          Imagine a world in which you are being spied on 24/7 by an all-seeing Eye. And be aware that Big Brother is watching you, not only from the US and Britain but also from Israel. Mass surveillance is the new norm. Big Brother is watching you and listening to you always. With the help of microscopic cameras and wireless concealable microphones and precise location tracking devices, he is keeping his tabs on you twenty-four hours a day.

          Many people know exactly who we are apart from the major intelligence services such as NASA, GCHQ, Mossad. No one has TOTAL anonymity in the world of the internet. Lasha nevertheless has anonymity where it matters. Most of her family and friends, for example, don’t have a clue that she is Lasha Darkmoon. Her best friends are unaware that she writes poetry. Her doctor and dentist, her work colleagues, her next-door neighbours, all of these have no idea she is a political dissident who writes for the Occidental Observer or has a website called darkmoon. me. This gives her all the anonymity she needs. She will sometimes reveal in conversation that she has a website but refuses to reveal the name of the website when asked.

          She is not too concerned that Big Brother and his agents could track her down if they wanted, as they could track down any of us if they were intent on doing so. This is because she knows Big Brother is chronically short-staffed and lacks the resources to keep a close tab on everyone. Big Brother and his agents have huge nets to catch all the big fish they need to catch, but the little fish can slip through the holes in the nets.

      2. And how has the world changed for the better now that so many pen writers have been writing about the jews??? How many years??
        Nothing has changed the keypositions are still and remain in their power which has even more increased worldwide. Keep writing guys the jews will be shocked by all the revelations about them. They will be afraid , not, they watch, read and laugh about the goyim.

      3. Thanks Sister Monica, I should have known Lasha knows.
        Still, I’m glad she does what she does and feels comfortable doing it, because I think she’s a pretty big fish all the way around.

      4. @HP

        The rulers of this world have taken “you can run but you can’t hide” to where no pugilistic pursuit has gone before.

        Like a rat with two-cell brain, you all seem lost in a maze that has only two slots in it. The solution to this maze is as simple as the maze itself: Don’t run and don’t hide buttheads; fight instead with an open face and open mind, like Circassian does, that’s all what it takes.

        You do not seem understand what your first and foremost problem is. You are soft, you are liars, you have absolutely no moral qualities left in you, and you want to win from the comfort of living (which is derived, btw, solely from fleecing the rest of the world with your fake money system rather than from your engineering or scientific ingenuity) without taking any chances. It does not work that way… not any more.

        This is precisely why Russia will prevail over the rotten to the core West against all odds.

        Start learning Russian language; it will go long way in helping you to survive in the world which is becoming Russian with each and every passing day.

      5. Circassian, you’re an incarnation of history repeating itself.
        Perhaps even Billy Conn himself!
        You might only wish..

      6. Circ –

        The “YUGE” characteristics of jews is bragging, boasting and demeaning others. You “BIGGLY” do ALL of that and much, much more!! 🙂

        I will leave it to you to become a good Russian…. since they make $250 a month. They are so primitive that they still slaughter camels, chop them up and burn them in their rituals!!

        And the country is run by mobsters. The Vory v Zakone, or Thieves in Law, have been an untouchable mobster elite, accumulating vast fortunes with little fear of retribution, for many decades.

        But they do get The Disney Channel & Turner TV!! 🙂

        Keep your jew credentials and sheenie badge & and beanie handy… you might be assigned to visit Venezuela!!

      7. Truth is a powerful thing, is it not?

        With that I start a new sanitary-hygienic project which I’ll call “Putin, Patout” – to the benefit of all mentally sick and poor souls around here.

        Take the first pill, my Western brothers and sisters, and start your long and thorny journey to recovery:

        I am quite sure I can help you to recover to some degree, otherwise spending my precious time with you wouldn’t make much sense .

      8. Circ –

        You can’t handle truth:

        Ilya Matveev says….
        Since Putin has come to power, the FNPR and the government’s “welfare” bloc have neither increased the MROT to the minimum subsistence level nor simplified the procedure for collective bargaining disputes and strikes, which was made extremely complicated, in fact, by the new Labor Code adopted in 2001.

        Workers in Russia are deprived both of a minimum guaranteed income and effective means for raising wages to acceptable levels. This makes our country more of an anti-welfare state than a welfare state.

        In fact, none of the things enumerated in Article 7 of the Russian Federation Constitution—“labor and the health of the people”; “guaranteed minimum wages and salaries”; “state support […] to the family, maternity, paternity and childhood, to disabled persons and the elderly”; a “system of social services, […] state pensions, allowances and other social security guarantees”—are fully provided, even by the letter of the law, despite the massive bureaucracy employed only in solving these problems.

        That is why the slogan “For the welfare state!” chanted at rallies held by a broad coalition of Russian leftist groups, independent trade unions, social movements, educators and students.

      9. I think that the cluster of concepts|topics — among them, supposed or presumed anonymity, freedom of speech and ways to speak without freedom, thought police and priorities among the enforcers of lies and executioners of Truth — is an array of related subjects that deserves its own post and comment board.

        I regret that I conclude the “horse left the barn”. You want to kick a dead horse? Look outside your window at the 5G stations going up!

        We are not anonymous. We hide in open sight, laser sights beaming for us. We are known by certain of the PTB, easy-peasy. The trick, perhaps, is to project one’s Self as a “small fish” — catch and throw back!. Then, proceed apace to grow into a shark. Then, proceed en masse to the feasts! Admiralty Law creates a lot of food for thought and fodder, too!

        This is why I use my own given name on this site and many others, too.

    2. @Sister Monica – I was thinking about Lasha Darkmoon as I wrote the comment. I meant Lasha, Dr, Kevin MacDonald, Dr. Andrew Joyce, Dr. Greg Johnson, David Irving and many others. Does Lasha have a PHD? I will address her as Dr. in the future if she does.

      1. @ Peter

        Your question about LD’s academic status is addressed clearly here. It could not be stated more clearly. Click on any article and note the name of the author:

        No need to address LD as “Doctor” in the Comments’ section. She believes the term “Doctor” is best reserved for those with degrees in medicine. However, as a mark of respect, the term ‘Doctor’ is often given to those with doctorates in non-medical subjects such as Classics, Philosophy, English Literature etc. etc.

      2. I share an apropos anecdote. Is there a DOCTOR in this house? On this plane?

        Once upon a time, when my son was still alive, aged five years at the time, an occasion arose such that families and school teachers gathered to meet and celebrate. My son introduced me to one of his very first teachers. “This is my father. He’s a doctor. But not the kind that helps people.” Ph.D., right?

        Many, many years later, after my several tellings of this “Art Linkletter moment” to good effect, I encountered someone who pushed back. An Attorney at Law, he told me quite sternly that, once upon a time, DOCTOR was the proper term, exclusively, for the academic achievers (Ph.D. the current prime piece of paper, I suppose), NOT the more lowly, empirically, experimentally oriented “physicians” (MECHANICS of the human body, for GOD’s sake, some of whom still believe in blood letting, purging, vaccines, etc.!).

        The predominant ethnicities (if any) and demographics of this “movement” I have not yet researched. Nonetheless, folks traveling in the path blazed later by others — Big Money, Big Pharma, Big Gov, Big Ag, well, you get the picture — developed Big Med and in the process purloined the title DOCTOR and made it “superior” to the Doctors of Philosophy that gave medicine men their start to understanding the barbarity and stupidity of “doctoring” in the 19th century. An analogy is the hijacking of “gay” and “pride” from the connotations of decent English.

        One other pushback: Wife always points out how this Doctor, her husband, actually does help people. Assisting in rescuing good men and women from the jaws of the criminal justice system, for one.

  2. “Trump has now placed US foreign policy into Israel’s hands . . . His extreme pandering to Israeli Zionism is a disgrace to the United States . . . It is reasonable to conclude that Trump is America’s first Zionist president, a development that bodes ill for the world.” — Paul Craig Roberts

    What a surprise!! HUH???

    Zionist jews built his empire & TV show for him. They gave him 4 bankruptcies & then, ran his campaign!

    He is obligated to pay them back!!

    1. Mr. Roberts knows all about the jews, but keeps on and on pretending, acting, he wants to be inportant and also have a piece of the cake without taking risks. He facilitates, gives credit to the jew world order by acting in this way.

      1. PCR may or may not be someone long positioned to project “opposition” — as in controlled opposition. Consider his CV. PCR would not be the first, I feel sure we have cadres of such grooming and practicing as we discuss. I simply do not trust PCR. If I knew off-hand his views of 9/11 and Sandy Hook (!), I could, as I have previously posted, be more definitive in my judgment.

        After much angst, reading, and even (gasp!) meditation, guided by thoughts of key others (Michael Hoffman foremost), I concluded that the word|term JEW is not only imprecise and misleading but also introduced long after all the languages in play, from ancient even to this day, had OTHER TERMS, some of which may illuminate (!) our understanding. Therefore, as Veterans Today denizens do on occasion, the phrase Khazarian Mafia comes into vogue among a very narrow slice of humanity.

        The word JEW, to me, has become (1) an aging and still productive psychological operation (psy-op) and (2) a means of identifying people who use the term and perhaps, self-identify as “Anti-Semitic”. Which leads down another rabbit hole. I think PCR wise not to use the word JEW, therefore.

        Brandon Smith (alt-market) glommed onto “global elites” very early on. Others like “banksters”, “gangsters”. I prefer, until better and more convincing evidence comes forth, to call (((them))) the Powers That Be. And powerful they truly be.

  3. Trump isn’t a Zionist, please!
    Let’s examine what the conditions are for becoming a Zionist:
    ……….But first let’s examine what a great site called Wikipedia says about Zionism:
    “Zionism (Hebrew: צִיּוֹנוּת Tsiyyonut [t͡sijo̞ˈnut] after Zion) is the nationalist movement of the Jewish people that supports the re-establishment of a Jewish homeland in the territory defined as the historic Land of Israel (roughly corresponding to Canaan, the Holy Land, or the region of Palestine).”
    Zionism isn’t bad! It’s just that, a people trying to make a homeland. Or, as stated by the greatest empire ever (Great Britain) “a land for a people without land” and “a people for a land without people”
    Never mind that troublemaking word “Palestine” … that is just a territory, there isn’t such a thing as “Palestinians” see what the greatest American politician says about it here:
    Why isn’t Trump a Zionist?
    daah! Because he isn’t a Jew!
    On the other hand, you could be a Free-Mason which is actually a Goy lover of Jews (for our money and power, influences etc.) or what it’s called “a Jew without the Jew religion”; but even this last one isn’t correct because there are many of us Jews (almost 60 percent) who are atheists, so no, that can’t be either.
    Free-Masons are the closest to Jews because there is an invisible signature you have to provide in order to be a Mason.
    Loyalty to the state of Israel.
    Free-Masons are economically and politically stronger than Zionists because Zionists are just normal Jews going about their business, whereas Masons…
    Masons are members of the Powerful world wide group …yes! The hand that rocks the cradle!
    So no, Trump isn’t a Zionist.
    But yes, You must be a Zionist to enter the club, you must swear alliance to us..
    Is Trump a Free Mason? well, he is trying to, but it looks like members of the club are still testing him.
    It is very difficult for someone to become part of the club because amongst other things you must be a philanthropist which Trump isn’t…. you actually have to have class…
    Example of Free-Masons?
    I’ll give you six: The founder of Turkey (yes, a Muslim) Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, FDR, J. Edgar Hoover (was a Master Mason by 25), Silvio Berlusconi, Yitzhak Rabin and King Hussein of Jordan both seen here: (
    There are more than a few things that you are asked to do to be a member of the club not just signing away land (The Golan Heights) that isn’t yours lol!;)
    There are more than a few things that you are asked to do in order to be accepted by us…
    -Masters of the Universe-

    1. ” J. Edgar Hoover (was a Master Mason by 25)”

      A Master Mason is one who has completed the first 3 degrees. Most do that in a couple of months or less.

      John Hoover, the cross-dresser, might have made it in 2 years…. 🙂

    2. Avatar*

      What a fool you truly are, to think you’ll be immune to what’s comin’ round the bend. Let me give you a heads up, pal. The true “masters of the universe” don’t give two shits about the Jews or the masons or human beings IN GENERAL. We are ALL fodder, or “cattle” to (((them))). Yeah, that’s right, cattle. With the plan, at any rate, to be chewed up and spit out once we are no longer of any use.
      For you see, as I’ve been saying for years here, ALL humans are the “goyims”. And ALL are in (((their))) crosshairs.

      *I advise that Avatar’s Star of David be removed from this site. It contains very dark energy, whose negative power shouldn’t be underestimated, and we can do with as little of that as possible….in this world

      1. Brownhawk, I find myself nodding far more often than shaking my head as I read your posts on DARKMOON. I do take exception to your advisement, namely, “that Avatar’s Star of David be removed from this site. It contains very dark energy, whose negative power shouldn’t be underestimated, and we can do with as little of that as possible….in this world”

        Firstly, I immediately thought of Vigilant Citizen, a very interesting site visually sporting the assertion “symbols rule the world”. The Nameless One hardly a “symbol”, I think VC’s slogan silly — yet another rabbit hole! Secondly, in the meantime, and in mean times we live, meaner and meaner they’ll get, THAT symbol predates its adoption and “copywriting” by some of the same folks who got themselves DOCTORates! By probably a few thousand years.

        As powerful as many other symbols adopted for use by adepts through the ages (so I am told), the “as above, so below” symbol depicted conveys to the viewer what the viewer projects on the symbol. The symbol itself transcends human variability and stupidity. It’s truly all in the Mind. Yogi Bhajan’s The Mind worth considering putting on your reading list!

  4. @ Hp yes the jews know who we are. But as long as we keep on writing AND not acting they just watch, read and laugh.

    1. Marcus, quite often writing is acting’s equivalent and every now and again actually transcends acting out.
      From whence arose the saying he’s so crude, unrefined and sarcastic (honest), he can “piss off the Pope”

      1. Yes, well spoken but at the end the Pope has, had, the power. It’s all about Power!

  5. Quite right – the operators and everybody who contributes to this blog are all on file with every Intel outfit that might care.. but we’re pretty mild compared to some of the more toxic sites..
    Yes they probably laugh at us but where we are insightful they take care…
    Trump’s not the first Zion president.
    Zionism is supposed to be merely the idea that the Jewish people should have their own exclusive ztate… that idea’s been around for centuries..
    Marx and herzl were hardly the first people to think of it .. and every Jewish president since Theodore roosevelt has entertained the idea.. to the extent that theodor perpetrated the bolshevik groundwork from his presidency from 1901 to 1909, the fed bank and the IRS, he furthered the Zionist cause… woody Wilson made that happen in 1913, and it’s probably safe to say the Zionists would not be where they are today if the rothschild fed bank never happened…
    Fdr, Truman, Eisenhower – all Jews and all facilitators of the the plot..
    In fact the crypto LBJ actually authorized the Jews’, aggression in the 6 day war, including his order to sink the listening ship, then the big lies about who started it and the cover up of the details afterwards… I’d say LBJ was in a lot deeper than trump is yet, but he’s trying.
    Since trump has been such stooge for them lately, now we should wonder if these latest tokens will not turn out to be harbingers of another even bigger attack coming up…
    I doubt DJT would argue much if the Jews hit Iran hard next….
    Nixon, Ford, Clinton, the bushes, Obama – none of those presidents re-opened the history books on all that’s gone before so dastardly with “that shitty little country”, much less did any of them refuse them nukes, as JFK would have done..
    Clinton and the bushes are probably crypto too….
    Really, the whole federal government is a Zionist operation

    1. Zionism is supposed to be merely the idea that the Jewish people should have their own exclusive state… that idea’s been around for centuries. Marx and herzl were hardly the first people to think of it.

      Hardly? That “idea” has been around since Moses* and the Israelites took their bowl harps and hot footed it out of Egypt with “borrowed”** Egyptian gold to form the well known rock group “Golden Calf”.

      The groups first hit single, “Radar Judaism.” composed while wandering in the desert, is about the Israelites’ uncanny ability to sniff out a host culture and move in. It rocketed to the top of the charts to stay for more than three millennia.

      That hit was followed by another hit single “We are God’s Chosen”, a gold record still played incessantly on host stations around the world. One of the groups most profitable albums was an anthology of their victim-hood during WWII.

      Six Million and Counting is still extremely popular among host cultures. Played across global airwaves, Jews and their hosts still join hands to dance daily to the tune. The groups current hit, (We are) Masters of the World, is also getting increased air time around the world.

      Jews (or their god) have been murdering everyone in sight ever since, trying to achieve what they never really wanted, a homeland. Jews found their “Diaspora” was really a swell idea to solidify the hive minded collective that seeps into host cultures. Why? Because sadly, parasites cannot exist by preying on themselves.

      Many say that all the “borrowing” of Palestinian homeland really accomplished was to provide Jews a university for advanced degrees in criminality, free from public view, just like all those race exclusive Yeshivas around the world.

      Israel also provides Jews a get-out-of-jail-free card from their host country after committing rape, murder and other foul criminal deeds. By simply making “aliyah” to the land promised them by lying, duplicitous Jew priests masquerading as god, Jews can escape prosecution in their host culture.

      Examples of aliyah working to produce budding, criminal psychopathic murderers.

      Two girls, Avigayil Broide and Emma Frank, graduated from Katz Yeshiva High School last June and will both make aliyah (declare Israeli citizenship) in late June and then join the IDF. — Marvin Glassman, Jewish Journal, – “Jewish high school grads to join IDF, U.S. Army,” 28 June 2018

      Broide, the daughter of Rabbi Josh Broide, director of the Deborah and Larry D. Silver Center for Jewish Engagement Division of Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County, was elated about making aliyah on June 25 and joining the IDF. — Marvin Glassman, – Jewish Journal, “Jewish high school grads to join IDF, U.S. Army,” 28 June 2018

      Saaaaay, with a minute! I thought Emma Frank died in a Nadzee gaz chamber along with her sister Anne, screaming in agony because her ballpoint pen ran out of ink at an inopportune moment. Glory be to YHVH! Another Hallowed-be-thy-hoax survivor’s tale.

      *The oldest guitar-like instrument, dating back about 3,500 years, can be viewed today at the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities in Cairo. It belonged to an Egyptian court singer by the name of Har-Mose.

      Really! No joke, Har-Mose

      **”And the children of Israel did according to the word of Moses; and they borrowed of the Egyptians jewels of silver, and jewels of gold, and raiment.” – Exodus 12:35

  6. “In 2015, 47 percent of Americans described Israel as “an ally.” In 2017, the number was down to 41 percent. In the most recent poll, the figure is even lower, at 37 percent”

    That is a quote from, a Jewish web site.

    For a race that prides itself on its intelligence the Jews are blundering around making enemies. Israel is no longer a persecuted small nation but a ruthless bully, caring nothing for its victims and not much for its friends.

    It has become so emboldened that it can ignore any opposition. Hubris now, but nemesis awaits.

    The Palestinians are not stupid either, and they must be working on the problem.

    1. Don’t believe anything the jews write on face value. They are always busy with disinformation and deception, having an ulterior motive. I keep on wondering all these posters on this site knowing what they know about the jews and still in fact being naive.

    2. @ John Kirby

      “For a race that prides itself on its intelligence the Jews are blundering around making enemies.”

      They have to make enemies; to put it another way, how do you climb to the top of the world – by way of the general method of bringing everything and everyone else down – without making enemies?

      What’s critically important is not exposing yourself too much and/or making more enemies than you can handle *at any particular point in time* as you relentlessly destroy your way to the top.

      But once you get to a point where you have sufficient power and control, then you start taking the mask off; with subtlety at first, e.g., taunting and giving hints about “pulling” buildings, and openly celebrating terrorist acts, leaving cartoonishly absurd clues at the scenes of your crimes, etc.

      But eventually you take the mask fully off; e.g., by dispensing with flimsy pretexts for your crimes and openly doing evil; by moving the embassy to Jerusalem; by openly, shamelessly stealing others’ property and land, etc.

      After all, what good is it, ultimately, to rule the world if you have to hide in the shadows all the time?

  7. PCR appears firmly ensconced as a “limited hangout”, as always. I personally find his words, however thoughtful, not worth reading. Hey! Just like some of you do not countenance reading the work of Miles Mathis! Whatever floats your boat, as one of my wife’s grandchildren often said! We two often disagreed about certain things, too!

    1. Alan, I think some of Miles’ work is outstanding. Dylan, Lennon, Hemingway and HPB, which I read a few years ago when he burst upon the scene, are incredibly well done.
      Heeey wait a second, those are my initials too. Uh-oh..

      1. HP, cryptically speaking, poetically appreciating:
        I knew you be a JEW!
        It’s written all over you.
        From beak to feet,
        From naught to feat.
        Your ancestors speak!
        EINs and MANs
        By names banned,
        Changelings not,
        Appearances deceive.
        We shall receive our due,
        Everything, eventually.

        THANKS, HP!

    2. Alan, speaking of float your boat, HPB, the Theosophists and “The Beats” always reminds me of when my brother lived in Lawrence Kansas (early 90’s) a block or so from William Burroughs.

      When visiting I would daily stroll by Burrough’s little red house. He had a small gold fish pond, a garden and an orgone pyramid out back. More often than not he would be puttering outside or sitting on his porch smoking and drinking.

      I initiated a small ritual of sorts which he went along with and which makes me chuckle to this day. While walking, if he was outside I would shout Hare Krishna! Hare Rama! as I passed and he would stop and shake his fist at me and laugh. (lol) I think we both got a kick out of it. Sometimes little things like that stick with a person quite a while. I can still smell the reefer smoke..

      1. A ‘reefer’ & ‘orgone’ rumblings during the day might come close to Irish coffee & paisley skirts in Vesuvio’s in Haight-Ashbury district at midnight on Saturdays for me in 1966… 🙂

  8. Off topic I know, but
    Before you disparage miles Mathis go look at his article on the sharon Tate Manson murder hoax.. see the crime scene photos… sharon Tate is smiling in death? I don’t think so …

    1. I thought Miles Mathis essay on Manson was brilliant…………and convincing to me at least. He shows so many things to be ‘hoaxes’ but I am not sure about following him all the way. ‘All the way’ means believing JFK death was ‘hoaxed’ (I think) plus SO many more. It seems pretty much the whole of WW2 was hoaxed and so on. At the same time I think he is a very good corrective to the manufactured and artificial world we mostly live in. See his work on the latest hoax the ‘event’ in Christchurch NZ. Again I find it convincing.

  9. Can you say duplicitous Jew boys and girls? A thought worth pondering – Why is it there is never a crazed “lone guman” around when one is needed?

    Dear Friend,

    Last week, I received a call from a member of Senator Bernie Sanders’ staff. The Senator wanted to visit Muslims and pay his respects to our community after the terrorist attacks in Christchurch, New Zealand. We brought together interfaith and Muslim leaders, along with community members, for a historic morning.

    As a United States Senator, Mr. Sanders is the highest-ranking US official to visit a mosque since the New Zealand attacks. He spoke eloquently against xenophobia, a threat to all Americans.

    It’s a testament to our community’s openness that any guest, whether a public official or a neighbor, can walk into a mosque and feel at home simply through our shared humanity and experience. We integrate our faith fluidly.

    For thirty years, thanks to your support, we’ve been building access and inroads into the highest offices in America to ensure that the concerns of American Muslims are being heard, addressed, and acted upon. The access we’ve cultivated is critical in creating the change we seek. Whether it’s ensuring the safety of worshippers at a mosque, synagogue, church or temple, or pushing back against racism and bigotry, these relationships amplify our values and give our community representation where it matters most–in the arena of public policy.

    Help us continue to build inroads with top officials of our nation to ensure that your voice is heard and we improve on the safety of our community and on all human security.
    Thank you for your support.

    In service,

    Salam Al-Marayati

    I guess these “Muslims” aren’t paying attention to what Jews just like good ol’ Bernie are doing to their Palestinian brethren. Or is it the deep, fat wallet in Saunders pocket?

  10. As Trump and the nation will learn there is a price to pay when one plays patty cake with the Synagogue of Satin.
    There was a time when PCR could or would not utter or write the word Zionist or Jew, In the past few years Paul has finally seen the light of who really runs this world. You have come long way Paul.
    On another note, Trump is not, repeat is not, the first Zionist president of the USA. President Trump is just another in a long line of presidents starting with Truman,(mason), not Ike or JFK. Johnson may have been a Crypto Jew as was Lady Bird. Reagan not, I think. The Bushes and Clinton toed the line and Obama was hot and cold on Zionism. Obama as a so-called Black thought he could get away with sometimes thumbing his nose at the Zionists.
    TJ would like to read what other Darkmooners have to say about Trump the first Zionist president.

    1. TJ –

      Correct. Trump is not the FIRST… ALL have been.

      I guess…Ya hadda be there. You would have hated JFK!!

      Kennedy claimed:
      “You know I was elected by the Jews. I have to do something for them.”

      We despised Ike, the Swedish jew(sic), for his atrocities committed in Europe… and we despised JFK for being a jew lover, and for his dad fixing the elections.

      Ike & JFK were traitors in every way… even worse than McCain!!

      Those of us ‘in the know’ subscribed to The Defender & Liberty Lobby & Thunderbolt… etc in the 50s.

      Defender is no more.
      Liberty Lobby became Spotlight – now American Free Press.
      Thunderbolt became Truth At Last – now defunct.

      Since jews like to brag & boast – “BIGGLY” – I suggest…
      Hawks vs. Doves: The Story of the First US-Israel Arms Deal

      The newly-elected president, John Kennedy, had expressed his profound friendship with Israel while he was still a congressman, and when he won the elections, the Government of Israel had a good reason to be optimistic, as an opportunity emerged to improve the relations between the two countries. In May 1961, Kennedy and Ben-Gurion met in New York, and during that meeting the Israeli Prime Minister once again raised the issue of the HAWK missiles, noting that a year earlier, President Eisenhower had given him a reason to believe that he would not rule out the possibility of Israel being provided with those missiles.

      The President replied that “While the HAWK is a defensive weapon it is also a missile and should missiles come into the Middle Eastern area, military weaponry will escalate fast.” He added that “The HAWK had been given to only a few other countries and if it were introduced into Israel, the next development on the other side might be an air-to-ground or ground-to-ground missile.” Nevertheless, Ben-Gurion reported that at some point, Kennedy took him aside and told him:
      “You know I was elected by the Jews. I have to do something for them.”

      The task was assigned to Myer Feldman, a close aide to President Kennedy and White House counsel, who served as the unofficial liaison to the Israeli Government and the Jewish community in the US. In an interview to the Kennedy Library, Feldman said that he explained to the President that although the US was committed to maintaining the balance of power in the Middle East, as the USSR had started supplying advanced surface-to-air missiles to Egypt, “The United States could either supply the HAWK, which was better than SAM, or they could look around and see if somebody else would supply an equivalent weapon.”

      Even within the US administration, prolonged discussions were conducted for and against the sale of the missile batteries to Israel. In early July 1962, the Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs, Phillips Talbot, wrote to Secretary Dean Rusk that the HAWK missiles “Would enable Israel to reduce considerably its vulnerability to surprise air attack by low-flying aircraft.” He recommended, however, that the sale be avoided at that point, arguing that Israel could deter Egypt from attacking and that the possibility of an Egyptian attack did not seem likely, in addition to the American unwillingness to introduce missiles into the regional arms race.

      The Pentagon, on the other hand, noted that “Israel is vulnerable to air attack” and that the danger will increase when Egypt has received new bombers, so the HAWK missiles “Would fill an important gap in their defense.” “Acquisition of the HAWK missile system by Israel would not alone act to shift the balance of military power between Israel and its neighbors,” said the Department of Defense. Consequently, in early August, Secretary Rusk wrote to President Kennedy as follows: “We recommend that if within the next two months there is no serious prospect of an arms limitation agreement (on Egypt’s part), we offer the HAWK to Israel after consultation with the British and discussion with the UAR.”

      That was good enough for President Kennedy, so he asked Feldman to inform the Israelis that he was willing to provide them with the missiles, but further instructed him to find out what Israel would be willing to give in return. According to Feldman, Ben-Gurion and Golda Meir “were ecstatic” when they heard the news. “They were to celebrate at that moment and they really had not expected it.” When he presented the US administration’s position regarding the “permutation,” the two told him that Israel would be willing to join the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and to enable US inspectors to visit the Israeli nuclear reactor in Dimona. Additionally, Israel would be willing to accept a limited number of Palestinian refugees. Feldman noted that he welcomed those statements and thought the Israelis had made serious concessions – a position that was supported by the State Department as well.


      1. Pat
        The obvious question, then, is why was
        JFK get assassinated, if not because he finally saw the light on who exactly he was messin with, when for all intents and purposes his intentions became known to the whole world with that speech on national TV.

      2. Too obvious to even comment on I suppose. Except to show how all POTUS have to pay the requisite “tribute” to the Jews. Then the big test comes when true colors are revealed. At least JFK ended up showing some sac before getting his head blown off for his troubles

      3. Pat,
        I used to receive 100 copies of “The Truth at Last” while Dr. Fields was still putting them out. At the local university I would take the extra copies of TTAL divide them up and put them in the University newspaper boxes for the students edification. I was much younger then. If the current crop of College and University students were to read something like TTAL, they would foam at the mouth with many going into epileptic seizures.

      4. TJ –

        Dr Ed Fields was a chiropractor in Birmingham for decades, then, retired and moved to Marietta Georgia. He gave me loads & loads of free papers and handouts when I called him, because I was a subscriber for 40+ years. He once gave me 1000 of his (U) & (K) Kosher tax special edition. I handed them out selectively and gave the last ones away about 5 years ago. He was the best. Not about the money, just the TAL – Truth At Last! I really liked him because… SPLC hated him:

        PC Millennials would have a shit-hissy-fit!! 🙂

  11. @ Marcus

    I think that exposure will be the death of the Jews. They have done great evil to us, have they not? What will be the natural reaction when this is found out?

    1. That exposure is due to arrogance. Jews cannot help but crow over their destruction of a culture. Barbra Spectre provides a classic example of the Jews’ arrogant, in-your-face, chutzpah. “We’re destroying your country and there isn’t a thing you can do about it. Ha! Ha! HA!”

      There will be no “natural reaction,” there never has been. Were that the case, there would not be a Jew left alive today. Had the true nature of the Jew been appreciated as the most dangerously fatal parasite to ever infect civilization, they would have been eliminated from the face of the earth long ago.

      That is why Jews are so arrogantly confident nothing can stop them; the ignorant, gullible goy have no clue as to what they are dealing with.

      1. You are correct if you say that the ignorant gullible goy have no clue as to what they are dealing with!!! But don’t get fooled Arch so called posters on this site might be jews, trolls etc. when they talk in a ‘ naive’ way or ‘ reasonable’ way about the jews. It’s a perfect way to interfere, to pretend, on sites like I will not give the names of these posters on this site. You will find that these posters have often opinions contradicting themselves.

  12. tj
    eisenhower was jewish..
    there’s no such thing as a non-zionist jewish president…

  13. PCR was as much a part of the system back when as those he complains about now. Where was his voice then ? What he says that I do agree with is the control not just the military industrial complex has over our goverment but the entire GovCon sector. The federal government spends a half trillion dollars a year and there are more than 500,000 contractors. They do everthing from cutting the grass at military bases around the world to making missiles. This is where the real power is. I know this industry well and can tell you that they have there hooks into Trump. Look at the recent arms deal with the Saudis. This is what drives mideast policy! Perhaps Trump is trying to thread a needle and should be given a chance to see his policies play out. Congress approved the move of the US embassy administrations ago. And no President had the balls. The Golan heights were won in a war more than 50 years ago and like it or not Israel is not giving it up. Trump’s action here is more symbolic than anything. Lets see his peace plan unfold. I for one believe that he will exert much pressure on Israel at the right time. His ego far to big not to suceed at what would be the biggest deal of all time. He is a zero sum player and answers only to his narcissism. I am not a big fan of Trump but this I know. I expect and interesting turn of events now that Russiagate is mostly clear. I am a Jew not an Israeli and believe that Israelis and Palistinians will be living in peace in the near future. This may not be what their respective goverments want however the majoriy of the people do, will see!

    1. @RALAN

      Israel withdrew from the Sinai despite winning it in the same war, so why not give back Golan too some time in the future?

      All US presidents have been pro-Israel but this Trump is overly so. I suppose he’s thinking of the next election. So he’ll have firmly all the Zio-Christians on his side, the Zio-Nationalist component of the white nationalists, but will he draw more Jews away from the Democrats? Jews count more in terms of the money and propaganda value they bring, and not so much in terms of actual votes.

  14. Paul Craig Roberts said:

    “It is impossible not to feel some sympathy for President Donald Trump. His agenda to restore normal relations with Russia and to end Washington’s gratuitous wars has been frustrated by the “Russiagate hoax” that the military/security complex and corrupt Democratic Party used in the effort to remove Trump from the presidency.”

    It is impossible not to feel some sympathy for the senile sage, Paul Craig Roberts, whose embarrassing contradictions make him a laughing stock.

    If the senile sage had the ability to defend his incoherent drivel, I would ask him: How is it possible that orange clown can be a “zionist” (let’s be honest: all U.S. presidents are “zionists” but orange clown is an exceptionally militant zionist extremist) and yet also have an “agenda” “to restore normal relations with Russia and to end Washington’s gratuitous wars”?

    Zionists don’t want to normalize relations with Russia; rather, zionists want to destroy Russia. Zionists don’t want to “end Washington’s gratuitous wars”; rather, zionists want to escalate existing wars and to start more wars.

    “Weakened by ‘Russiagate’ accusations, Trump was forced to back off his agenda of ending the wars.”

    So why did orange clown *escalate* the wars? And why is he resisting the apparent congressional effort to end U.S. support for the war on Yemen? And why did he undo Obama’s efforts to minimize civilian casualties in the various ongoing U.S. wars? And why is he apparently trying to start a war in South America?

    “He put policy in the hands of neoconservative warmongers like John Bolton and Pompeo…”

    But Mr. Senile Sage, the warmongers didn’t appoint themselves; rather, it was the imposturous orange clown who put them where they are.

    “…and [he] expanded the prospect of wars into Iran and Venezuela. Trump in office bears little resemblance to Trump campaigning for the presidency.”

    LOL! And this is precisely why many non-senile observers now believe – or at least, are willing to consider the possibility – that orange clown is a con man whose campaign was a calculated bait and switch fraud from the beginning.

    If the senile sage was accepting advice, I’d advise that the time has come for him to hang up his laptop and find another hobby.

    1. “Senile sage”, “orange clown”….I like these nicknames, HS. I’m sure there’s many more where those came from! 😆

  15. I think Trump probably was sincere when he said things while he campaigned in ’16 that made Americans who longed for the old White country to get behind him in a big way. But I don’t think Trump has any idealism, which is a moral quality. And I think that is a general characteristic of people who have made a lot of money — they lack idealism. And the reason for this, I think, was expressed by Christ when he taught that you can’t serve two masters.

    1. @ Kendra Blewitt

      “I think Trump probably was sincere when he said things while he campaigned in ’16…”

      How can you possibly…POSSIBLY say that at this point in time? If that’s true then it’s equally valid to say that Obama really was sincere about “hope” and “change” for example, and where does the exculpation stop?

      “But I don’t think Trump has any idealism, which is a moral quality.”

      idealism noun
      ide·​al·​ism | \ ī-ˈdē-(ə-)ˌliz-əm , ˈī-(ˌ)dē-\
      Definition of idealism
      1a : the practice of forming ideals or living under their influence
      b : something that is idealized
      2a(1) : a theory that ultimate reality lies in a realm transcending phenomena
      (2) : a theory that the essential nature of reality lies in consciousness or reason
      b(1) : a theory that only the perceptible is real
      (2) : a theory that only mental states or entities are knowable
      3 : literary or artistic theory or practice that affirms the preeminent value of imagination as compared with faithful copying of nature

      I don’t see anything about a “moral quality” there.

      The fundamental problem seems to be that orange clown simply doesn’t know right from wrong; and to the extent he does, he doesn’t give a damn. Obviously, he’s willing to do any manner of evil for a taste of power. Such a “person” is not even capable of forming an intent to “make America great (again?),” in any meaningful sense, let alone actually try to do it, IMO.

      1. @ Harold Smith

        Because Trump is President I wish to support him — for the simple reason that he leads my country, and I care about my country.

        I think his election in 2016 was a wonderful thing. I think people were voting for the old White country.

        I think Trump is a simple and very limited man. I think he is effectively a peasant who has become rich and powerful. He has no real education. Western Civilization is unknown to him. Its value is not appreciated by him.

        Yet I think that Trump identifies as a White American. And I think the love from White Americans that he experienced in 2016 must have touched him.

      2. “Because Trump is President I wish to support him — for the simple reason that he leads my country, and I care about my country.”

        Because Mr. Trump is obviously a con man who lied during the campaign and calculatingly deceived millions of us with his fake “America first” motif, Mr. Trump stole the election, just the same as if he’d rigged voting machines. Thus Mr. Trump is no more the legitimate president of the U.S. than Mr. Obama (who was not even legally eligible to run for president in the first place).

        Furthermore, because since taking office Mr. Trump has shown himself to be a lawless, mass-murdering war criminal – who appears to be willing to sacrifice what’s left of America on the altar of militant zionism – he must be deemed an anti-American traitor, thus he deserves only contempt.

        “I think his election in 2016 was a wonderful thing.”

        So you’re jewish. That’s what I thought.

  16. harold
    your first statement was great.
    however, i think you need a little light on this subject –
    “Zionists don’t want to normalize relations with Russia; rather, zionists want to destroy Russia. Zionists don’t want to “end Washington’s gratuitous wars”; rather, zionists want to escalate existing wars and to start more wars.”
    be advised good buddy – zionists already have total control of russia.. they’ve had that since 1918 (the question now being – are trump and putin progressive capitalist rogues against that old deep state power complex, which might have to have happened sooner or later).. and the zionists gradually acquired total control of the usa after that, beginning with the murder of president mckinley and the installation of TR as president and pretty much culuminating with ww2.. after ww2 it was a question of the ZOG “making america compatible with the soviet union”… the korean and vietnam wars were joint efforts, and people still don’t know the half of it.. that’s why they had to get rid of macarthur….. if russia were destroyed it would be the end of the big multi-trillion dollar military industrial complex ZOG bankster warmongering swindle.. the zionists want russia right where it is and has been since ww2… ragan and gorbachov’s glasnost was just a greater shift into the final stages of the mutual exchange money making pipeline network, with daddy bush’ hundreds of billion dollar aid package to the russians going to all the big filthy rich masonic insider managers…
    that’s my learned opinion…
    as long as trump keeps giving the israelis whatever they ask for most jews will be willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, maybe even making hopeful predictions about future peace and harmony… glad to hear it’s what you really want.. looming large however is the big conflict coming up with the iranians, which both the israelis and djt seem to want so bad… if we were seeing peace overtures and compromises proposed with the iranian instead, we might also aspire.. you’re right, it’s the warmongering bureaucrat contractors who really control the swamp.. senators and congressmen are just pr window dressing, with a few exceptions nothing but a lot of scumbags really, maxine waters and adam shiff poster children.. they all know all about pizzagate, DC jimmy infants, bucks fishing and camping supplies and all the rest of the big pedophile network.. they stay in office as long as their main endeavor is keeping-on bringing the military contracts back to their districts.. the jews, who cash in big-time, more or less manage all that for the pentagon, by controlling who gets to run for office, which is nobody who doesn’t kowtow to the mfers… and who doesn’t? you saw how fast they shut that muslim woman up..
    i think ben gurion was the one who sent the non-zionist jewish israeli kids on the field trip with the radioactive lunches, right? it was a nationwide field day, killed thousands of them.. because if there’s one thing a real zionist zohan devil hates, it’s a gaddam non-zionist jew…
    the hawk missile episode sounds to me like jfk was getting to know the israelis.. the hawk missiles were small potatoes compared to the nuke program… from what i’ve read, jfk’s tactic was to cozy up to the ones he was getting ready to whack… it’s what he did when he borrowed a few hundred mil from the fed bank, which was considered very riske at the time, something truman wouldn’t have done… jjk was the first real ‘liberal’ president.. a liberal was at that time someone who was ok with the government borrowing money from the fed bank, which was originally sold as merely a sort-of big banks pressure regulator on the money circulation and supply, kinda like the human heart regulates the blood pressure… now we’re one big aneurysm…
    listen to me bro – if the kennedys are really roosevelts, as dallasgoldbug asserts, that would explain a lot about why jfk was initially friendly with the israelis, though it could be he wasn’t really wellaware himself of all his bloodline would require, as opposed to his own personal ideas on peaceful progress… the resemblance between quentin roosevelt and the supposed joe kennedy is too close for coincidence among such heavyweights.. it’s been bloodlines that have controlled the world forever… and i see the resemblance as well (a unique glare) between bobby kennedy and elanore roosevelts, fdr’s cousin/wife…

    1. Bark –

      This zionist method of control is here now… thru the currency…

      Emergency / War Power Act

      The Bank of England caused Washington to create the First bank of the United States in 1791 for the purpose of controlling the money. It then ran into a problem in 1846 when the Independent Treasury was created by the U.S. and the States to protect their own money.

      President Lincoln then made us the enemy of the Government (State) by 12 Stat 319 in 1862 and Congress continued to keep the status quo by the creation of the….. Reconstruction Acts in 1867. Then in 1868 the 14th Amendment placed the people of both the north and south under the control of the military rule. The “other” banking system, after gaining a foothold in 1913 by the creation of the Federal Reserve System, caused the demise of the Independent Treasury. To complete the enemy status, Roosevelt finalized us as enemies of the bank in 48 Stat 1, March 9, 1933.

    2. The Kennedy’s and Bisset looked jewish to me as the Bushes too. When are the goyim finally understand that the so called twist between ‘ catholics’ and ‘ jews’ is just a twist between two jewish faction elites who have duped the goyim for already 2000 years.

      1. @ Marcus

        “The Kennedy’s (sic) and Bisset looked jewish to me as the Bushes too.”

        I wonder if anyone here has figured out that you are the ultimate Garbage Merchant and purveyor of trashy comments on this site. You don’t even know how the use an apostrophe correctly. FYI, it’s “the Kennedys”, not “the Kennedy’s”, moron.

        The plural of dog, in case you didn’t know, is DOGS ‒ not DOG’S.

  17. We have had nothing but “zionist” ISRAHELLI BUTT KISSING PUPPETS since the mossad murdered Kennedy and we had many zionist puppets long before that. FDR was a frikkin zionist puppet

  18. Zionist ties???

    Trump, Felix Sater, Putin and their ties to mafia Don Semion Mogilevich

    Trump’s ties to the Russian mafia go back 3 decades….
    …. as Journalist Craig Unger talks Russia, Trump, and “one of the greatest intelligence operations in history.”

    Longtime journalist Craig Unger opens his new book, House of Trump, House of Putin, with this anecdote. The book is an impressive attempt to gather up all the evidence we have of Trump’s numerous connections to the Russian mafia and government and lay it all out in a clear, comprehensive narrative.

    Zionist Sater’s Other names
    Felix Satter
    Felix Slater
    Felix Sader
    Haim F Sater
    Hai Ying Sater

  19. Lots of opinions here, Lots of smart people who believe what they believe. Opinions of
    many different kinds, some rational and thought through, others emotional and rationalized. Give the man a chance, he did become the 45th President of the US and those odds aint easy whatever you think. PCR can say and write what he wants but he is one of tens of thousands that worked in these administrations with a title that might give the impression that they were inside, when in fact he was just a number.

    I say will see 🙂

    1. “Do you really think I’m Jewish? Or are you just angry?

      Well since orange clown must destroy America in pursuit of his jewish-supremacist masters’ agenda, and since you must support him while he does it, of course I believe that you’re jewish.

      I obviously don’t think very highly of you, accordingly, but I’m beyond “anger” at this point. I believe that we’re in the inevitable Biblically predicted “end-times” and we’re watching evil destroy itself in slow motion from a front-row seat.

      1. @ Harold Smith

        For the record, my mother’s name was Herr — which is so-called “Pennsylvania Dutch” — which is German blood that has been in the country for a long time. You already know my father’s name.

        But if I were Jewish, would that totally condemn me? Are there not Jews who are patriots? Ralan may be one such. I think the situation has become so bad that even patriotic Jews must be expelled, for our own safety. But that is another matter. I think Jews who are patriotic Americans definitely do exist.

      2. Here we have a case in point about the veracity, precision, meaningfulness, and import of employing the term or word JEW and its derivatives. I submit for consideration the notion that “Jew”, “jewishness”, and other such words serve best and sometimes ONLY to derail coherent conversation. Bless me, Father, for I have sinned — mea culpa — I too have done that.

        When you cannot name the Name, you might consider X to mark the spot. X means nothing until assigned some meaning. Let me designate X as the FOES OF MANKIND, our enemy. Not your enemy? Hmmmmm.

        I fear we get fooled into naming X as “Jew” or characterizing X as “jewish”. There are so many OTHER names, epithets (many in Yiddish!), euphemisms, artificially constructed phrases (“global elites”, bankers, usw.). Khazarian mafia? Russian mafia? There’s NY and Jersey mafiosos, too, surely! Hell’s bells (my devout Roman Catholic mom’s closest approach to “cursing”), let’s all of us SELF-IDENTIFY as JEWS and have done with this! Je sui juif! 😉

        I have occasionally referenced what I call consistently “The War Against Humanity”. Before “humans”, no doubt the war had gone on for uncounted millennia, everywhere in the “Milky Way” galaxy, throughout our Universe. WHY? Because that’s the way GOD made it. You want to rise above the strife? Transcend, head your soul toward Heaven, the True Eye of this storm. Look into The Mind. Just my opinion.

      3. AD
        What “GOD” made a Universe in such a way as that? Or what “GOD” WOULD? What “master of the universe”?

      4. @ Kendra Blewitt

        “But if I were Jewish, would that totally condemn me?”

        With your own words, you condemn yourself. I’m just an observer taking your statements at face value and trying to understand how any reasonable person could possibly take the position you’ve taken in support of orange clown; that’s all.

        “Are there not Jews who are patriots?”

        Orange clown’s a lying, mass-murdering, Israel-first, militant zionist extremist war criminal who appears to be setting us up for a war with Russia and/or China as I type this. This perfidious presidential poseur lied his way into the white house by deceiving people who gave him the benefit of the doubt…and you’re actually going to imply that supporting this traitorous, anti-American scumbag as he and his handlers plot to destroy us all is somehow an act of “patriotism”?

        So how do you expect me to respond to you? How would you respond if I claimed that Jeffrey Dahmer was the best thing that ever happened to America, or something like that?

        You’d think there’s something seriously wrong with me. Likewise, I think there’s something seriously wrong with you, and my first guess was that you’re a zionist jew loyal to the zionist agenda above everything else. That’s wrong? Then the only other possibility is that you’re an ignorant, mentally and morally defective fool. Sorry but those are the only choices and there’s no other way to put it.

      5. KB –

        I don’t call Irwin Schiff a ‘patriot’ but he died in prison in 2017 after being there for years for writing books exposing the IRS… “The Federal Mafia” and “The Biggest Con: How the Government is Fleecing You” and others. They were very good. He did not follow orders from headquarters!!

        He was forced to die alone in prison.

        He was Peter Schiff’s dad.

      6. I’ll answer my own question, for all those with “ears to hear and eyes to see”. But therein lies the rub. We have the ability to hear and see in the spiritual sense, but something got in the way. Something that calls to attention what has been misidentified:

        Jews call him Yahweh
        Christian’s call him God
        Hindus call him Brahma
        Muslims call him Allah
        Most Red Indians call him Creator

        Whereas, Essenes and others with a shared understanding (eg; kiowa apache) know who this really is. “He’s” known to the Essenes as the Demiurge; the Great Impostor; the “antichrist”.

        Yet we rationalize what IS, instead of seeing what IMPOSES this life we suffer through. Buddha had it wrong. He JUSTIFIED, and in so doing RATIONALIZED suffering by saying it is inherent in life. But it’s only “inherent” in life IMPOSED upon, not life as Divinely sanctioned.

        In a past life I’d be burned at the stake for uttering this blasphemy. Another one was crucified.

  20. @Grammar Fiend

    And why not “Kennedies” since the plural of “tranny” is “trannies” and of “granny” it’s “grannies”?

    I must be dyslexic. For ages I used to read “Grammar Fiend” as “Grammar Friend” until I looked closely. But I guess it shows the attitude. I myself prefer “friend” to “fiend”. Oh, and I don’t care how you spell the Kennedys, as long as they’re dead.

    1. CM,

      You are perfectly right in suggesting the alternative spelling “Kennedies”, in accordance with the strict logic that the plural of “tranny” is “trannies” and the plural of “granny” is “grannies”. I’m certainly not going to shoot you for that! 🙂

      However, as a grammatical purist, I have a feeling that sticklers for correct usage would insist on “Kennedys” to “Kennedies”. The reason for this is obvious. Whereas “tranny” and “granny” are common nouns, “Kennedy” is a proper noun. So it’s a different class of noun. The plural form “Kennedies” should only be permissible, I feel sure, if the singular form were written as “Kennedie” — not as “Kennedy”. Do you follow my pedantic logic?

      However, most people would prefer your alternative plural. I personally prefer “Ronnies” to “Ronnys” and “Tommies” to “Tommys”.

      One thing I’ll say for sure. I prefer the plural “cats and dogs” to the plural “cat’s and “dog’s”. 🙂 As I prefer the plural “Nazis” to “Nazi’s”, and “Israelis” to “Israeli’s”, which you find is used all over the internet by people who should know better!

      1. Thanks for the reply. Actually “granny” can also be “grannie”.

        Oh well, with the Internet anything goes and grammar standards are dropping in the output of reporters in main stream media too. It’s all a hotchpotch of abbreviations, acronyms, and new invented words with a few conjunctions and verbs thrown in. I think in time people may very well become illiterate or almost so.

        Have you noticed how many people are switching from the written to the spoken word both for teaching and learning? Also, how many bloggers are becoming vloggers? There’s a clear trend in this. I suppose it makes sense as people can listen while doing something else, and audiovisual instruction is superior to the written form. I wonder if their Internet traffic grows when they make that switch? Eventually the limits of written language may be just some computer code, and the services of a grammar “fiend” or “friend” will no longer be required. People who read books, hard copy or even of the “e” variety, may become a curiosity.

        1. @ CM

          Absolutely agree with everything you say. Here is an email from LD to me when I asked her about the new trends you mention in your above comment about people making less use of the written word. I hope she doesn’t mind me quoting her:

          “For me personally nothing can replace the written word. The new trends you mention, if they were any good, would not have borne such toxic fruits: growing illiteracy, a crude philistinism, a diminished attention span with vast numbers now suffering from attention deficit disorder (ADD), a dumbing down of educational standards, and, finally, a marked decline in general IQ which will continue with dysgenics and the proliferation and even legalization of mind-sapping drugs like cannabis. Progress has now given way to definite regress. We are in the midst of DECLINE AND FALL…”

  21. hawk
    the pantheists call it the universe.. it was not created. nothing came from nothing.. it has always been and always will be… you have always been part of it… in fact you are a vessel of the universe.. it is in you, you are in it…

      1. HP

        Sorry buddy. I completely reject this “anthropic theory” More bogus explanations AFAIC.

        But I suppose you knew that. Dueling theorists 😁

      2. BH, I don’t agree with all of it either.
        Especially the ending..
        It is however, good exercise.

    1. Bark
      Pantheism: A doctrine that equates God with the forces and laws of the Universe.

      Don’t be fooled. These very forces and laws reflect what I call the “original trespass”. A usurpation which violates Creation in it’s true state by SUPPLANTING it with said forces and laws.

      This trespasser is the true identity of the “Master of the Universe”

      I’ve written of this on darkmoon in the past, and I’ll trot some of it out again soon for readers who may find it interesting.

      We’ve been hoodwinked in ways few can imagine

      1. HP

        According to my own “swami”, non-human animals don’t “aspire” to become human animals (however that would work). They are all they will ever be in their basic forms. This isn’t how evolution works. “Survival of the fittest” is a reactionary function within a co-opted world. It doesn’t progress to something greater than what it already is.

      2. To elaborate, in case it occurred to anyone, “basic” in this context refers to whatever the adapted form is from WITHIN the animal kingdom

      3. Brownhawk elder swami too
        Him name Red Eagle
        Him brave Kiowa
        Him say
        This is this
        That is that
        One real deal
        One not so much
        Heap big trap
        No fool Red Eagle
        Him see what true
        Get out trap
        Him fly home
        No come back

        Before leaving Red Eagle say…..

        During Original Man’s free will journey through Creation he came too close to what had become a disorientation of spirit – a very dense state called “matter”. In so doing he got stuck there, and was thus subjected to its restrictive ways. Ever since then he has only been led to BELIEVE he has free will. But in truth, volitional acts have become conditioned to occur within the confines of this dense existence, bound in seemingly endless rounds of karma and reincarnation back to a material state.

        Him say being here NOW affords the opportunity for all “viable”* Beings to restore TRUE free will, which cannot occur on this level of density

        *It’s unclear to me exactly what the use of this word signifies, except to say be careful what you wish for 😳

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