Trump Is Being Set-up for War with Iran


Trump destroyed his chance at being a successful president by the stupid appointments he has made.  At the moment he is being set up by his national security advisor John Bolton and Israel for a war with Iran.


“Today the Jews rule the world by proxy.
They get others to fight and die for them.”

—  Mahathir bin Mohamad, former Prime Minister of Malaysia 

Using the same format of lies that was used against Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Venezuela, JOHN BOLTON (pictured) has accused Iran of “troubling and escalatory indications” of a forthcoming Iranian attack on American forces in the Middle East.  To help protect against the attack, Bolton has ordered Patriot missile batteries, an aircraft carrier strike group, and a bomber strike force to the region.

Even the Israeli newspaper, Haaretz, pointed out that Bolton failed to identify the “troubling and escalatory” Iranian actions.  No one else has seen any sign of them.

The reason for the Patriot missiles is not to deter Iran from an attack, but to prevent successful Iranian response to an attack on Iran.

This is the likely situation:  The deal between the Washington Ziocons and Netanyahu is that either Israel will attack an American ship or whatever is selected, and it will be blamed on Iran, thus forcing Trump to “defend America” and retaliate, or Israel using American disguise will attack Iran, thus provoking a response from Iran.

Iran is already on hair trigger from having been provoked excessively by Washington withdrawing from the Iranian nuclear agreement, reimposing sanctions, and making endless false accusations against Iran, as Washington has done against Russia, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Venezuela, Yemen.  It wouldn’t take much more to set off Iranian emotions.

Trump is clearly set-up.  If Bolton and Netanyahu want the US at war with Iran, it is their call.

And they do want the US at war with Iran.

Iran and Syria back Hezbollah, and Hezbollah prevents Israel’s annexation of southern Lebanon, which Israel has twice tried only to have its army, which is not good for anything except killing unarmed women and children in Gaza, quickly defeated by Hezbollah.  Thus, eliminating support for Hezbollah is a high priority for Israel and its neoconservative allies in Washington.

The neoconservatives have an additional reason for delivering chaos to Iran.  If Bolton can produce a situation in Iran like the one the US created in Libya, Iraq, and Syria, American-supplied jihadists can be infiltrated into Muslin provinces in the Russian Federation as punishment for Russia’s independent stance in world affairs.

The stakes for Russia are higher in Iran than in Syria.  Russia can stand aside only at huge cost to itself.

China also has an interest.  Until the Russian energy pipeline to China is completed, China needs Iranian oil.  Disruption of Iran by chaos is a way of throttling China by reducing China’s energy supply.

The war that Bolton and Netanyahu are preparing to spring on Trump is likely to be much larger than they think. via Truthseeker

VIDEO   :   3.07 mins

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  1. “Trump is clearly set-up. If Bolton and Netanyahu want the US at war with Iran, it is their call.”

    Poor Mister Trump, a veritable “Mister Rogers” character in the White House, surrounded by evil people. He must get so frustrated with the evil people he chose to surround himself with…

    1. Clearly, Trump is not a victim, he appointed Neocons and he is responsible for what he says and does. If Trump is compromised and is being black mailed he should resign. But he won’t or can’t so he has to play President
      when he clearly this playboy would rather be doing something else, like golfing or flirting with high end prostitutes like his wife.

      Trump is not a warmonger like GW Bush, he is afraid of war because it might tarnish his reputation. Trump is a huge narcissist with an even bigger ego. He wants fame and glory for being President, maybe he thinks he wants to be remember as the greatest of Presidents. It is also clear that Trump is a big talker and short on action, like they say in Texas, all hat and no cattle.

      Trump’s strategy is to make big talk and ride out his reign as ZOG Emporer without getting caught in a big quagmire (like an Iran war) or collapsing stock market/economy. The problem for any leader today is that Amerika is becoming unstable and ungovernable. The national debt has exceeded 22 trillion, annual deficits are greater than a trillion a year, total unfunded liabilities way over a hundred trillion. How much longer will this financial lunacy go on without a big crisis?

      Lucky for Trump he is riding the post 2009 financial bailout wave, some 20 – 30 trillion was injected into the banks, who bought stocks creating an illusion of prosperity. Trump gloats about the rising market as if he is responsible, what will he say if it changes direction? Trump seems to be starting a trade war with increased tariffs, this is a wave repeat of Smoot Hawley trade act (tariffs that some say caused the Great Depression).

      Trump’s other big mistake seems to be getting himself into a war with Iran because he sucks up to Netanyahu like a two bit whore. Trump is playing along moving military chess pieces into place – which will allow the radical Zionist Likudists to pull off a false flag they can pin on Iran and force Washington’s hand like sinking a navy ship – another Gulf of Tonkin entry to war.

      1. Yukon,
        Love your comentario. Especially regarding Trump’s “wife”. A high-end hooker? Or really a tranny? Who knows…”Quien sabe” in Spanish. One thing is for sure. Something ain’t right. In Donaldos humble opinion, no war is happening with Iran. The logistics just won’t allow it. Bibi….where is he now as Donaldo is posting? Probably in some gay strip club in Tell Aviv far from his wife.

    2. President Trump poses like Mussolini. He seems to be driven mainly by vanity. He is so full of himself it is sickening.

      War with Iran is now likely. I would say 75% probable.

      The trade war with China will damage the economies of both the USA and China, and ordinary people will pay his tarrifs.

      Vanity of vanities, all is vanity.

      1. Orange clown’s tariffs are a de facto sales tax, IMO, paid by people who in many cases have no choice but to buy Chinese products. I don’t see how he has constitutional authority to levy and collect a sales tax. Moreover, he’s hurting a lot of people economically and yet there seems to be no meaningful political or legal opposition to his crimes.

    3. 20th May 2019

      President Trump’s tariffs are causing economic damage is resulting in a “TRUMP SLUMP”

      Sell shares now

  2. The zionists believe that having the zio/US attack Iran will eliminate a defender of Syria and Hezbollah and lead to Israels greater Israel plan for the mideast, however Russia is not going to standby and let Iran go down to defeat by these zionists and their zio/US proxies.

    Russia well knows that Iran is just a stepping stone to an attack on Russia and will defend Iran and of course the zionists will fight to the last American soldier in their quest for a satanic NWO.

    Read the Protocols of Zion to see the zionist satanic plans for a zionist NWO!

    1. uncle :

      What’s the plan today? Are you going to CENSOR the post I sent you earlier this morning?

      ADMIN: I don’t usually check the Spam folder first thing in the morning! Trawling through the hundreds of comments in Spamblinka, looking for the odd gem worth publishing, is not something likely to appeal to most monitors! However, I will do a special check for you now…..

      1. ADMIN: An exceptionally lucid and on topic comment from TheRealOriginalJoe which will strike a chord with most readers:

        During the presidential campaign, in a speech Trump gave to the Jews of AIPAC, he told the Jews he didn’t need their money. Then somewhere along the way of the presidential campaign Trump decided to take Sheldon Adelson’s money, and took a lot of Adelson’s money. Adelson is the biggest contributor to Trump and to the Republican Party.

        It’s not as if Trump doesn’t want a war with Iran and Bolton and Netanyahu are tricking him into waging a war he doesn’t want to wage. Trump wants a war with Iran as much as Bolton, Netanyahu, Kushner, and Sheldon Adelson, want a war with Iran. He’s being set-up, but he set-it-up to be set-up — he set-it-up to be set-up when he appointed Kushner, Bolton, Pompeo, and when he decided to take Adelson’s money.

        He lied thru his teeth during the presidential campaign — and now we find out he wants to go down in history as the U.S. president who saved the Jews/Israel from the Persians, even if it means the destruction and the end of the United States. Never mind that Iran isn’t an existential threat to Israel and the situation is such, the truth is, that Iran is not an existential threat to Israel BUT Israel is an existential threat to Iran and the Iranians. Truth doesn’t come into play when you’re planning a false flag attack in order to wage a war against a people based on lies and nothing but lies.

        We are ruled by LIARS from HELL, and Trump ain’t NO exception. Trump is such a liar he actually makes Obama and Hillary look honest. Turns out, Obama as president had more of a spine than Trump does and turns out Obama was a more honest president. Trump and his story about the snake. Turns out he was talking about himself — and he knew he was referring to himself when he told the story about the snake during the campaign.

      2. “We are ruled by LIARS from HELL, and Trump ain’t NO exception. Trump is such a liar he actually makes Obama and Hillary look honest. Turns out, Obama as president had more of a spine than Trump does and turns out Obama was a more honest president. Trump and his story about the snake. Turns out he was talking about himself — and he knew he was referring to himself when he told the story about the snake during the campaign.”

        Exactly; I couldn’t have said it better myself. In fact Clinton, the scumbag that she is, was at least “honest” during the campaign as she made it known that her foreign policy would be confrontational, whereas Trump had to steal votes to win the election by completely misrepresenting himself and his prospective foreign policy.

        This sad reality is now painfully clear to so many people yet Paul Craig Roberts still refuses to accept it. With his inflated ego and impoverished sense of irony, he apparently fails to realize that by continuing to portray Trump as a good-guy-in-a bad-situation, he’s become a de facto ally of the so-called “presstitutes” he continually rails against. One of the propaganda goals of the “presstitiutes” seems to be to teach the electorate an important lesson: “see, it doesn’t matter who you vote for because even a “patriotic” “good guy” like Donald Trump is powerless to change anything…”; and Roberts is helping them spread the message.

  3. After long-time considering what Pat has written about the impetus to keep up “defense spending” for debt enhancement (to bolster the USD), I have to wonder if all these seemingly irrational beings aren’t playing into that game. As PCR says, there is really no immediate provocation from Iran. (Maybe, though, everyone is still pissed – like myself – that Obamanation sent a plane load of cash over there for the bastards…)
    I seriously really doubt that a hot conflict between America and Iran is desired by anyone except Israhell. (Even THEY are playing a risky game if they are, indeed, the instigator!)

    1. Iran has not started a war in over 360 years and the cash that Iran received was their own money that was frozen in zio/US banks and was returned to Iran.

      1. In light of what you say, it is, likely, a CASH game. Tit for tat – at opportune times. Truly, none of us is able to know the mechanics of the game, because we aren’t privy to the particulars of discussions and intel. I do not believe that Trump wants to endanger the United States any more than he wants to endanger his own family (unless he has a lot of smart folks fooled!)
        This border crisis is no tomfoolery. He tried to get the funding when the House was Republican, too – which is well known. The little shit Paul Ryan impeded that process.
        Trump has been opposed throughout his presidency.

  4. Trump is not being setup, Trumph is owned. What do you think Snowden was talking about.
    Give me the tools to listen to all communications and I will rule the world. Blackmail is the oldest profession (right up there with prostitution).
    America is not an independent country,

  5. This for Gilbert; In my opinion Trump is totally controlled by zionist bankers who hold the paper on everything he owns and will do anything they tell him to do including going to war with Iran or anyone else that the zionists tell him to do.

    Trump is never going to build the wall as the zionists who control America want open borders to destroy the middle class and force America into the North American Union with a new currency called the Amero, ie similar to the EU and Euro.

    Trump has all the authority he needs under the Constitution to stop the flood of illegal immigrants coming into the US but he is talking about the wall but doing zero to stop the illegals as this is what his zionist controllers want.

    Trump has betrayed America and I am sorry to say I voted for him, but never again!

    1. (ADMIN: Comment held up by typo in email address)

      What you say makes reasonable sense, Desert Fox, but I watched a Laura Ingram investigation the other night which showed a steady constructing of the wall. I believe she is a great reporter, and would not consciously be scammed. Certainly, Trump seems to be on the side of the border patrol, and seems to be trying to do what he says. Considering the alternatives, I WILL vote for him again – although I understand why you say you won’t. 🙂

      1. Admin –

        Thanks for telling me, but I figured as much. 🙂
        I defend Trump because he, still, is the best we have available (which, I realize
        is a sad state of affairs!). I like his brusque mannerisms and responses to the constant
        criticism he has thrown at him. If nothing else, he’s good entertainment (like Bill Clinton was) (and little Miss Occasional Kotex). 🙂
        And, to boot, he’s President of The United States – and I certainly don’t believe he has an agenda to destroy America!

  6. PCR wrote:
    “The stakes for Russia are higher in Iran than in Syria.  Russia can stand aside only at huge cost to itself.

    “China also has an interest.  Until the Russian energy pipeline to China is completed, China needs Iranian oil.  Disruption of Iran by chaos is a way of throttling China by reducing China’s energy supply.”


    Puny-Pockets ‘Put-On’ better hurry. He is losing Europe’s $$$ to Trump, and will be too financially burdened to be able to help Iran!! “HELLO, BIS!!” 🙂

    —WE KNOW:
    Many countries in Europe, especially Poland, are determined to end their reliance on Russian energy from Gazprom within the next few years!!

    For the US, Liquified Natural Gas – LNG – is part of an important geopolitical strategy which is working well. Once it is chilled into a liquid, natural gas can be shipped around the world. American companies now have contracts that span decades and promise to supply many countries with the equivalent of their energy imports…. cheaper and cleaner.

    Europe wants to diversify the region’s energy supply. Relations with Russia have been damaged recently because of Russia’s poor quality of oil and high prices for natural gas.

    Poland, in particular, has found a good replacement for their requirements in the United States, which has an abundance of natural gas from the shale boom and a political incentive to ease Russia’s chokehold on Europe.

    —Europe is the largest consumer of LNG in the world!!

    Sempra LNG has already sold its quota for years!!

    Europe Has a Very Big Appetite for U.S. LNG, EU’s Sefcovic Says
    May 15, 2019
    “We are building new terminals (to receive LNG) in Germany, Croatia and Greece.”

    1. A war with Iran is a pipe dream for fiction writers. Eyeball grabbers for ads!

      Iran is 1st tier to Russia for some reason and ‘Put-On’ can’t afford it, and needs Western help, unless he sells his 20 homes, 700 luxury cars and 58 planes!! 🙂

      ‘Put-On’ has a very hard time getting oil and gas out of the ground and from offshore, without help from Western countries, the experts! The West owns much of Russia’s oil and gas production. Some oil companies actually own whole cities and schools in Russia’s tundra drilling areas.

      Shell remains a shareholder in the Gazprom-led Sakhalin-2 plant, however, just last month, there was bad news for Russia. Shell left the Gazprom-led LNG project in Russia due to sanctions difficulties.

      In 2015, Shell became the only partner of Gazprom in the Baltic LNG project. In late 2018, Gazprom and Shell inked a framework agreement on the technical concept of the Baltic LNG. 

      But, Royal Dutch Shell has decided to exit a Baltic liquefied natural gas (LNG) project led by Russian state gas major Gazprom on the Russian Baltic coast.

      Many Western firms struggle to expand in Russia because of pressure from sanctions imposed by the United States. That hurts Russia’s weak economy even more.

      For Gazprom, it could mean limited access to Shell’s technology, as well as the need to fund the project without the help of the Anglo-Dutch MAJOR MEMBER.

      Cederic Cremers, Country Chairman of Russia Shell:

      Shell Withdrawals From Baltic LNG Project
      Staff, TASS April 15, 2019

      The Baltic LNG is to be located in the area of Ust-Luga seaport on the Baltic Sea

      MOSCOW, April 10. /TASS/. Shell is to withdraw from the Baltic LNG, its joint project with Gazprom after the Russian gas holding decided to change the concept of the project’s development, Cederic Cremers, Shell Russia Chairman, said.

      “Following Gazprom’s announcement on March 29 regarding the final development concept of Baltic LNG, we have decided to stop our involvement in this project. We have a number of other ongoing projects with Gazprom, including as part of the Strategic Alliance established between the two companies in 2015, which are not impacted by this decision,” Cederic Cremers said as quoted by the company’s press service.

  7. Note the shot of the aircraft carrier in the video,, right about the time the network talking head mentions the Iranians are probably going to attack us somewhere in the vicinity.
    Carriers pretty much have to operate closer to shore… they’re sitting ducks for the kind of truck mounted missiles they have now, not much hope of a miss.
    Everybody in the world is expecting just such a hit… give PCR credit for saying the Jews will do it…
    Trump looked good at first, when he ignored Giuliani and newt Gitrich…
    It was a good indication.
    Many think he was jiving all along.
    Some say he’s just incompetent and the Jews are past masters at controlling Dirty City, including the whitey house.
    How tragic…
    I saw him slip when he reacted to the BS chemical attack in Syria.
    Next thing he’ll make amnesty for the Migrants..

    1. Well said, BD. Your views are pragmatic and realistic, based on what you have seen with your own eyes. You have managed to resist the lure of wishful thinking, manifest in those who see hidden virtues in a man who has shown himself either totally incompetent or totally corrupt.

      If Trump’s a hero, we’ll have to change our definition of what “heroism” means. This is a man who gropes women and boasts about it on the Howard Stern show, for God’s sake! If anyone here find such sexual shenanigans “heroic” or “charismatic”, please put up your hands! 🙂

  8. Bottom line: Jews want to use our sons and daughters to do their mass murders, disguised as war, for them. Once they have no more need for us, they kill off us whites and mongrelize the rest. I see that masses of people are finally awakening to all of this, but I fear it is not happening fast enough.

    Trump was in fact chosen to be president by this Talmudic cabal long ago, as their (the jew’s) gematrian stamp is all over him. Look up gematria, and take note of the number 77 which they use in their numerological sourcery:

    When Trump was inaugurated, he was 70 years, 7 months and 7 days old. Beat Hillary by 77 electoral votes. Launched missile attack against Syria on his 77th day in office. Met with Putin when Putin was 777 months old. Look at all the 77’s on 911. In 1917, Bolsheviks seized power on 11-7 (11×7=77; using Gregorian Calendar which the Bolsheviks eventually changed over to). Jew agent Grynazpan murdered Ernst vom Rath on 11-7. They murdered JFK right off of HWY 77 in Dallas. There are tons off references to 77 (and 33) in the murderous works of these jews. They are the most wicked people the world has ever known.

    These 77s and 777s are not the work of God as some eroneously believe. These 77 and 777s are a gematrian SIGNATURE of these jews. It is more evidence of their direct involvement in all the world’s evils.

  9. I have said this before : a war of the US with Iran would also mean a war of Iran with Israel, and that means that its ally in Lebanon, Hizbollah would shoot its 150,000 rockets on Israel. Israel’s Iron Dome is only for 20% effective. That means that Tell Aviv would be destroyed. I don’t think Israel is mad enough to take that risk. A more realistic scenario is enhanced pressure on Iran, militarily and economically with the hope that this will lead to a regime change. That too will not happen. The Zionists are impatient and nervous, but in reality in this situation they are powerless. A war with Iran will not happen, just as a war with North Korea (remember the threats?) did not happen.

    1. @ Franklin Ryckaert

      Yes, what you say sounds plausible and eminently rational. This is how it ought to be in a rational universe. The only trouble is: (1) History is full of unexpected events that no one could possibly have predicted; and (2) Psychopathic world leaders, like Stalin for example, seldom behave rationally precisely because they are a bit mad.

      Who would have predicted the outbreak of WW1 with the assassination of Archduke Fredinand in Sarajevo? What would you have said on September 10, 2001, if someone had predicted that Osama bin Laden and 19 Arabs armed with boxcutters would bring America to its knees the next day and lead to catastrophic wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya? (That’s assuming bin Laden was behind 9/11). You would have laughed and dismissed the whole idea as wildly implausible. And Pat? He would have trotted out his favorite phrase and cried: “Fear porn! No one’s gonna attack America!” 🙂

      People who make “rational” guesses on the basis of probability are often correct, but the unpredictable occurs with predictable regularity! No one can second guess the future. If God is anything, he is the God of surprises. And if there’s no God, there’s Chance. Which is even more unpredictable! 🙂

      I predict that the future, like the past, will continue to shock and amaze us with its surprises.

  10. SAKI
    I won’t fault trump too much on the groping issue…
    He was referring in general to the gold-digging shiksa s guys with his dough find positioning themselves for them all the time… rock stars, pro football players, actors, media moguls, big politicians, there’s an army of whores following those people around all the time. Those weren’t Sunday school teachers he was bragging about..
    And I doubt he’d behave the same if they were, even if he is a big shmutz.
    Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against prostitution… it’s really the name of the game anyway, nature’s way… once women got the right to refuse they began making deals for it..
    I apologize for being off topic…
    Perhaps the new anti abortion law in Alabama would merit discussion…
    The subject has never had its justice…
    I don’t fault him either for the tariffs on China..
    But maybe it remains to be seen if that will turn out like a lot of his other supposed measures….
    I don’t know how it is the president has the power to restrict trade, an economic issue, but not the power to secure the border against a massive migrant invasion… Look at the tons of hard dope, human trafficking, hundreds of unaccompanied children, hideous gangster thugs, dead bodies found all the time, residents threatened, deadly diseased vagabonds, agents really, crashing the gates from all over the world, marriage scams, antiquated laws, nowhere near enough personnel or facilities to deal with it, vicous cartels overseeing the whole bleeding fiasco.. I ask you WTF?

  11. No BIG deal!!

    The carrier sent to the Persian Gulf this month was publicized to show folks what they got for their $5Billion 30 years ago… 1989, and to shock some others.

    The move was actually part of a NORMAL ROTATION which included a change of home port from Norfolk to San Diego. I have been part of a home port move like that, from Pearl Harbor to Newport News.

    On 1 April 2019, Abraham Lincoln and Carrier Strike Group 12 departed Norfolk for a six-month deployment that would end with a shifting of homeport to San Diego.

    On 9 April ‘Abe’ arrived in the United States Sixth Fleet area of operations, where the ship would operate in the Mediterranean Sea before proceeding to the Persian Gulf, then the Indian Ocean and the South China Sea, before heading to the new homeport in San Diego.

    Prior to Lincoln’s ANTICIPATED operations in the Gulf, USS John C. Stennis (CVN-74) has operated for brief periods in March and December in the Persian Gulf. While carrier presence has been down, U.S. amphibious warships have been spending more time in the region with the Kearsarge, Essex and Iwo Jima Amphibious Ready Groups spending weeks at a time in the Persian Gulf.

    On 5 May 2019 this PREVIOUSLY announced deployment was emphasized publicly as being to the Middle East and Persian Gulf due to tensions with Iran, and the transit there was expedited by OMITTING a port VISIT to Split, Croatia!!

    I’m sure the sailors’ drunken shore leave was not well accepted onboard ‘Abe’ when announced. I would have been outraged! Most sailors joined to hit the ports to do some HARD steaming!! 🙂

  12. For those still “involved” with US, Inc. (in bankruptcy) as “US Citizens” or other such, I advocate de-registering immediately as a “voter”, extricating your Self from the morass (expatriation), and vote for NOBODY from henceforth, forever more, in perpetuity, for all offices of the foreign entities that illegally occupy our land and soil as “rulers” over the people. To be caught in the web of lies, deceit, and faux drama — the puppet show must go on, else CNN, FOX, and all the rest of the 6 interlocking conglomerates of communication will go belly up — wastes TWO of your most precious assets. Your ATTENTION (an internet commodity) and your TIME left as a corporate entity. I know Pat disagrees, but I digress.

    For us who be more elderly than most, still warm as toast, for which we give thanks to GOD and ITS Law of Cause and Effect, contemplating the frying pan and the fire, we pick neither. GOD bless those who wander off into the min(e)d fields (!) seeking knowledge, understanding, or rights to any award for the first correct call of whatever happens in the future. Of the many daily carrying signs “The End of the World is Nigh”, one will win the Cosmic Lottery.

    Soap operas probably offer more truth about the real human condition than “Politics” per se, whether local, regional, state, national or international.

    The REAL ISSUE: Why do not we rise up, right now, and just say NO! NO MORE WAR! I recall the ’60s, the massive protests against the “Viet Nam War”, a misnomer but orienting label. Why not now? If not now, then when? If never, then all the bloviating here on PCR’s weak-kneed screed is pissing into the wind, forgive the vulgarity. (((Bob Dylan))), with a little help from HIS friends (Paul Simon, Leonard Cohen), sung it poorly, but best: Blowin’ in(to) the Wind.

    1. AD –

      You wrote:
      “I know Pat disagrees….”

      Please slow down, man! That is quite a stretch!!
      You “know” mostly nothing about which I disagree with anyone on any subject. It takes at least 5 years of personal study with me to touch on that, and you haven’t discussed any issue for even one minute with me personally, much less 5 years.

      BTW – I went through the complete redemption process 30 years ago. As is the case with any issue, in any venue, it only works if the judges allow it.

      You used the word “illegally” above when you should have used “unlawfully” according to the basic knowledge in the process of redemption. You need more book learning, my man!! 🙂

      1. Thank you, Pat. Know that I inserted that aside to draw you into this “issue area” once again. I acknowledge “newbie status”, I do not have command of the “lingo”. I would go to where you are to sit at your feet — no disrespect! — like one pays respect to yogis in that tradition. Unless we share and understand between ourselves of like mind, or “cousin mind”, then how can “we” possible prevail or succeed??

      2. AD –

        This comment section is no place for tutoring. Let this reply suffice to keep you busy for a few years. No disrespect. 🙂

        This document explains how the US is operating under Martial Law Proper TODAY:
        Military Government and Martial Law – by William E. Birkhimer, L.L.B., Major, General Staff, U.S. Army (Interim Judge Advocate General)
        1892, by William E. Birkhimer

        See: Military Jurisdiction under the US Constitution, & the concept of Military Government

        The standard reference for this is Ex Parte Milligan, 71 U.S. 2 (1866):

        • MARTIAL LAW PROPER is exercised in time of invasion or insurrection within the limits of the United States, or during rebellion within the limits of states maintaining adhesion to the National Government, when the public danger requires its exercise; and is called into action by Congress, or temporarily, when the action of Congress cannot be invited, and in the case of justifying or excusing peril, by the President, in times of insurrection or invasion, or of civil or foreign war, within districts or localities where ordinary law no longer adequately secures public safety and private rights.

        See Birkhimer, p. 21
        The US Constitution has placed no limit upon the war powers of the government, but they are regulated and limited by the laws of war. One of these powers is the right to institute military governments.

        Military Government INCLUDES civil administration of military government for interim cessions, which is commonly composed of both civil and military components.

        There does NOT have to be a formal ANNOUNCEMENT of the beginning of “military government,” nor is there any requirement of a specific number of people to be in place, or “on site” before military government can be said to have commenced.

        See Birkhimer, p. 25 – 26
        NO PROCLAMATION on the part of the victorious commander is necessary to the lawful inauguration and enforcement of military government. That government results from the fact that the former sovereignty is ousted, and the opposing army how has control.


        Much of the present conditions are explained here by Senators Church & Mathias from their 1973 investigation – HOW A NATIONAL EMERGENCY APPLIES TODAY under Martial Law Proper:
        Senate Report 93-549
        War and Emergency Powers Acts

        *Much more here:

    2. @ Alan
      “Soap operas probably offer more truth about the real human condition than “Politics” per se, whether local, regional, state, national or international.”

      Alan, as far as contemporary society goes, which is pretty much every which way but up, these guys are about as close as it gets to communicating the modern human condition.
      Exhitit ‘A’

      1. Obviously I meant to type Exhibit ‘A’ but for some odd reason just couldn’t manage it;
        (aka) Exhibit ‘B’

      2. Dear wife of 30 years (marriage, not age) took me to task more than a decade ago for my watching NBA basketball on TV, the last “shows” I ever watched. I loved Phil Jackson, followed him more than the teams he coached, from the Chicago Bulls to the final drama of LA Lakers. Since then, except for the odd moment in a bar or restaurant, I have viewed neither TV nor any movie. I never suffered through a single episode of “F(r)iends” or, I would hope more uplifting, “South Park”.

        I do recall “mesmerization” sitting in front of TVs — B & W, eventually color — for COUNTLESS, in retrospect, WASTED hours (for decades of my life!) before wife and I pulled the plug. By then, though, with higher refresh rates of “monitors” (great name, eh?), we had COMPUTERS, INTERNET. Fortunately, we accessed higher quality “entertainment”, educative sites. Unfortunately, I continued the same bad habits.

        Wife complained then: Are Shaq and Kobe coming tomorrow morning to work in the garden, now that you spent time on them? Wife complains now: How is all your knowledge about (fill in the label for ANY Doom & Gloom topic here) helping us get invoices out, on-going homestead work done, and so on. She has always the winning argument.

        I have to say, HP, we are the human condition. The finer the condition we can be, the greater our utility, even us elderly! I have so much to clean from my own stables, I may not have anything left over to clean up the mess others made!

        1. @ Alan Donelson

          This is not a chatroom. I don’t want to read about your wife, various basketball teams, and your favorite TV programs. Why do you waste everyone’s time here with your OFF-TOPIC chitter-chatter? You show all the signs of incipient senility.


          THIS IS NOT GODDAMN CHATROOM!!!!!!!!!!

      3. Alan, he who laughs last, laughs best.
        I think the Buddha said that..

        Silent Reader, I plead admitted accomplice to Alan’s comment. If not instigastor.

        1. @ Hp and OTHERS


          As you know, we are not against off-topic comments as such and have never cracked down hard on them, but there is a difference between the off-topic comments we welcome and the off-topic comments we do NOT welcome and which constitute an abuse of our website. The off-topic comments we do not mind are usually

          (1) short;
          (2) occasional, not persistent;
          (3) in the nature of friendly banter;
          (3) provide links of general interest (1/2 links, not 10).

          These off-topic comments are usually supplied by people like yourself who post relevant, on-topic comments most of the time, on subject matter we approve of (e.g. Vedanta), and they are usually posted at the end of threads when the subject under discussion has been exhausted. These off-topic comments are generally inoffensive and help to provide relaxation and relief.

          Here are the types of off-topic comments ‘Silent Reader’ is objecting to. They are usually:

          (1) long-winded, if not verbose, pretentious and boring;
          (2) habitual and persistent, as opposed to occasional;
          (3) they are NOT in the nature of friendly banter, but often make veiled attacks on the articles we publish or the policies we pursue.

          People who don’t have the intelligence to distinguish between short, inoffensive, occasional off-topic comments (which we don’t mind) and persistent, longwinded, offensive, boring, pretentious, attention-seeking, narcissistic comments (which we do mind) are a definite problem for us.

          Our best posters are the ones who actually comment on the articles. They seldom indulge in chatroom gossip. They are more interested in discussing the important issues of the day than in baring their bleeding heart souls to us or revealing the autobiographical intimacies of their family lives.

          We approve of Silent Reader’s comment. It’s a valid comment. Which is why it was not deleted.

    1. Wow that’s great article, Toejamicus.

      Paul Craig Roberts needs to see it…but I think he would probably never read it even if someone sent it to him. (I’d send it anyway on the slight chance he’d look at it but he has me blocked).

  13. Jews are the masters of “never forgive and never forget”.
    They have it in for Egypt from Old Testament times. How could (((they}}} forget the Babylonian Captivity (Iraq), or the Assyrian dust up (Syria). What about the Persians messing around with the God people. And as of late, it seems the Russians have been the brunt of the never forgetters (new word) and never forgivers as witness the Bolshevik Revolution, because the White Rus cleaned the clocks of the Khazars (converted Jews) a 1000 years ago.
    Iran is now on their shit list for crimes real or imagined committed even before Pat was born. Not much is readily known what took place between the swarthy Jews and the ancient Libyans. The Sephardic Jews had been ramming around Northern Africa converting the Berbers. There must have been a reason for the hounds of chaos that have been set loose in Libya. Maybe Pat can fill us in. (((They))) are the eternal victims, the eternal shake and bake, eye for an eye crybabies even it takes 3000 years to get even. In many cases much more then even.
    Maybe that’s why (((they))) are the core, the driving force for the Global one world empire under (((their))) command so (((they))) can get even or even more than that for any and all slights real or imagined against (((their))) holiness. Case and point, Germany

    1. TJ –

      “There must have been a reason for the hounds of chaos that have been set loose in Libya. Maybe Pat can fill us in.”

      All I know is that Qaddafi gave the people more freedom than any country in the 20th century. His ideas, methods and memory has to be continuously beaten down.

      Some of my old friends in the oil equipment brokerage businesses in Houston became good friends of Qaddafi. Some spent days and weeks as his guest in the 70s & 80s. They all raved about his hospitality and generosity and intelligence.

      NWO can’t have that! He and his plans were a real threat to Agenda-21 & Sustainable Development.

      Much more than that is “even before my time.” 🙂

    1. BC –

      Good links. Thanks!

      Melvin Goodman wrote:

      Trump and the Middle East: a Long Record of Personal Failure

      “Trump’s efforts to reshape U.S. foreign policy over the past two years have compromised most U.S. foreign policies, including those with traditional U.S. allies and alliances supportive of U.S. efforts regarding arms control and disarmament as well as conflict resolution.  Since the revolution in Iran and the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan 40 years ago, moreover, the United States has relied on its military resources to assert influence in the Middle East and the Persian Gulf.  Trump’s discussions of supporting the formation of an “Arab NATO,” and his provocative discussion of a possible military conflict with Iran have isolated the United States throughout the region.”

      Of course! There is no better way to sell the $750 BILLION military budget to the taxpayers. 🙂


      2020 Elections: It’s Militarism and the Military Budget Stupid!

  14. Here’s a comment made at Xymphora’s blog.
    Paul Craig Roberts thinks Trump is being set up for war with Iran.
    Here’s a note to Dr Roberts:

    You are too kind to Trump. He’s not being set up. He’s very much doing it himself. I also took Russiagate as proof that THEY were after Trump. But that’s a local tussle for the bone between two yard dogs. The Dems went after Trump for winning the presidency by playing the populist card, thus going outside the ‘rules’ defining proper Democrat and Republican positions — which of course doesn’t mean Trump has ever really been for America first.

    The Jew World Order, of which the US is the main Golem, is itself divided between Zionists and banksters — see the enmity between Soros and Netanyahu. The Rothschilds, through their Economist mouthpiece, were fervently for the Iran nuclear deal. War with Iran is far too risky for their liking.

    The ones who have that level of desperation are the Zionists. Trump has been with them all along, from the beginning of his campaign. Gen Flynn is actually a neocon, author of an anti-Iran book with the neocon Michael Ledeen.

    From day one Trump has been playing top-Jew, serving only the banksters and Zionists, and ordinary Americans not at all.

    Trump knows how risky war with Iran is, but what’s a poor Israel-firster to do? Khamenei refuses to talk because no one can trust America (least of all when led by Trump) to keep its word.

    Trump pretends to identify with heritage Americans, but that is as deceptive as the ‘conversion’ of Ivanka to Judaism. Ivanka is the daughter of a Jewish mother, Ivana, and so halachically Jewish. How does a born Jew convert to Judaism? Trump’s father was not only a Jew, but a major donor to Israel, apart from being the local head of the KKK, no doubt for Jewish reasons. The relevant clipping from the New York Times reporting on Trump Sr’s arrest as KKK head cropped up during the campaign but was mysteriously dropped by the ‘hostile’ media after one day. Makes you wonder what they were thinking.

  15. it’s becoming more clear to me, i think…
    trump is not a politician, certainly not any long time washington dc insider, like hillary, biden, bolton, pompeo, the bushes, etc….
    he’s really just a hard driving real estate mogul with media savvy, who got himself elected president, because he talked straight to the people and dwelt on the stuff they really cared about…
    he crucified the whole PC media beltway clownshow, and it was about time…
    yes he has a lot of jewish connections, probably even has jewish blood…
    but he caters to the jews because they’re dominant on the scene in DC and NYC, and he really doesn’t get any other picture…
    he tends to give the pentagon whatever it wants because it sounds good and it’s good for business, and he has no higher vision for the world, other than the old paxamericana thing…
    he ends up with guys like bolton and pompeo because they’re in the bullpen and he doesn’t have the time or the inclination or the creative impulse to find others…
    he’s being president but, beyond some nuts and bolts stuff about the economy, he’s got no plan for anything big different, so he keeps winding up with the same old aipac losers pushing the same old yisraeli aggression, and eventually giuliani worms his way back too…
    he does want to drain the swamp but, short of a full-scale reverse-coup, where he orders mass arrests and commandeeres the capitol building, that’s just not possible… he’s no general yet…
    and he’s not even going to station the army on the southern border, much less arrest the US Congress…
    let’s face it, the richer people are – the less likely they are to do anything really radical to change the society that supports their one-in-a-million life… in trump’s case one in a hundred million….
    he doesn’t have what it would take to talk the country into the kind of big ballot box revolution that needs to happen… who does? the whole left is totally round the bend now..
    so in the meantime he rides the wave for what it’s worth, providing the big personality, whether you like it or not… he’s got his knockout wife, who gets him half of it right there.. he calls bootygig ‘alfred e. enueman’… you gotta admit, he’s entertaining… some say carnival barker…
    ok, trump’s no abraham lincoln…
    and not bootygig nor any of the rest of them are really a lot more eloquent, where’s the genuine leadership?
    here’s the best news/commentary program on tv, they’re on the same subject… they do occasionally scratch the surface on the real problem with the us, why it doesn’t work right.. that would be the ZOG… It really is time to stop calling the growing quagmire in the middle east US foreign policy… it’s really israeli foreign policy… the USA doesn’t do this and do that… the ZOG orders it…

  16. I wonder what anyone here would advise Iran to do to appease the Americans and avert the war. They had already ceased enriching uranium and had signed a nuclear deal with the major superpowers out of which the US pulled out unilaterally while imposing evermore stringent sanctions and declaring their special forces, the Revolutionary Guard, terrorists. Surely any war on Iran will not bring democracy (which they already have) but only chaos and turn it into another Iraq or Libya. But if it’s a done deal and the war will happen, false flags or no false flags, what should be Iran’s move?

    1. CM –
      “I wonder what anyone here would advise Iran to do to appease the Americans and avert the war.”

      I would say…. Buy more ‘smart phones’ and Kindle and iPads and wi-fi and ‘Blue-Tooth’ devices….. so everyone in Iran can be tracked!! 🙂


    The tech giant – GOOGLE – records people’s locations WORLDWIDE… even in IRAN and RUSSIA and CHINA – going back for over a DECADE!!

    I’m sure ‘Put-On’ has a phone, a pad & wi-fi….. etc. So does the Ayatollah. Google knows where they have been for the last decade, and where they are RIGHT NOW!! 🙂

    If there is a war anywhere in the world it will be to enrich the bankers, and not to bring down regimes per se. The bankers NEED aggressive regimes to increase FEAR to promote military spending GLOBALLY!

    Google + drones = take anyone out in the world.

    Even Iran used a drone to strike an oil pipeline last week. It may even have been one of those which were made in Israel and WERE sold to Russia! 🙂

    Sensorvault, according to Google employees, includes detailed location records involving at least hundreds of millions of devices worldwide! Google has been tracking the location of almost every Android device owner for over a decade, since the company added the Location History feature to user accounts.

    Google’s Sensorvault database also stores “information on anyone who has opted in, allowing regular collection of data from GPS signals, cellphone towers, nearby Wi-Fi devices and Bluetooth beacons.”

    Congress sends letter to Google for details on Sensorvault location tracking database
    April 24, 2019

    US legislators want to know who else had access to this database besides Google employees and US law enforcement.

    Members of the US House Energy and Commerce Committee want Google to reveal what exact user information the company has been collecting inside this database, and who else has access to this data.

    Legislators are sending this formal inquiry after a New York Times report published earlier this month revealed that US law enforcement had been regularly accessing Sensorvault user data in a dragnet-like fashion to obtain location details for hundreds or thousands of users at a time in order to identify crime suspects.

    The report highlighted the dangers of law enforcement misidentifying crime suspects based on Google data!

    Originally reported:
    Tracking Phones, Google Is a Dragnet for the Police
    New York Times – APRIL 13, 2019

    The technique illustrates a phenomenon privacy advocates have long referred to as the “if you build it, they will come” principle — anytime a technology company creates a system that could be used in surveillance, law enforcement inevitably comes knocking.

    1. “Google + drones = take anyone out in the world.”

      I’m A.I. and I approve this message.

    2. Patrick Brosnan uses it!!

      Data Exchange with Government Agencies
      Technicians transmit, and receive, relevant data with government agencies to ensure real-time situational awareness. The on-site validation, and fusion, of intelligence is critical to its distribution, During Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, the Mobile Command Center exchanged data daily with the Puerto Rico Department of Public Safety, the OEM, FEMA and the Army Corp of Engineers.

      Headquartered in New York City, with branch locations in multiple states, Brosnan® is one of the largest privately held providers of technology-driven security services. With more than 500 years of law enforcement experience, Brosnan® understands the law, and more importantly, law breakers. We protect your people, property and assets with aggressive risk mitigation strategies and technologies.

      Brosnan® is a technology-driven, best-in-class security provider.

      Brosnan’s Smart Security Solutions (BSSS) is a patent-pending, comprehensive security solution that combines state-of-the-art technologies, security best practices, robust intelligence gathering and communications, and trained personnel with decades of law enforcement and military intelligence experience to deliver vital information and guidance to security teams “on scene” who need it most… and need it fast.

      Brosnan’s Smart Security Solutions (BSSS) incorporates a cutting edge 24/7 Command and Control Center, aggressively-designed SmartTrucks® to deter crime and proprietary apps on all our security officers smart phones that directly link them, in real time, to the Command Center.

      Brosnan’s senior management team, led by Patrick J. Brosnan, has over 500 years of law enforcement experience. From assessment to implementation, Brosnan® has the ability to seamlessly integrate protective services with a proactive and tiered approach that assesses threats, devises answers and ensure operational continuity.

  18. PAT
    “Sensorvault, according to Google employees, includes detailed location records involving at least hundreds of millions of devices worldwide! Google has been tracking the location of almost every Android device owner for over a decade, since the company added the Location History feature to user accounts.”
    just think of it man… everybody has a track-map on the geo-grid that can be punched up to establish everywhere he went, the route he took getting there and how long he stayed in each location… they don’t necessarily have to see you, but you’re on a camera just about everywhere.. and there are satellites filming and recording everything that happens all over the world in giant underground storage complexes in utah.. now all they need is to be able to record everything that was said, which can be done through everyone’s phone, whether it’s turned on or not… once they get 5G set up everywhere, that will be the means by which they police people’s thoughts, break up unwanted conversations… from what i hear, ALL the 5G frequency design and engineering comes from CHINA ONLY.. the west just handles the relay and distribution stuff… that should worry you… Google this: us6506148B2
    watch this…
    it’s only a matter of time until every cop who stops anybody will be able to punch up his total surveillance profile… with these new ‘red flag’ gun confiscation laws, the question now is being ‘debated’, who’s crazy?

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