Trump pumps new poison into US confrontation with Iran

Sourced from RT
9 April 2019


LD:  Iran’s Revolutionary Guards are an elite offshoot of the Iranian Army, quite separate from it, their main purpose being to serve as bodyguards — or a protective mini-army — for the Iranian government. 

US President Donald Trump has now branded the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps [IRGC] a “terrorist organization”, an unprecedented step that raises the spectre of retaliation from Tehran in an increasingly tense Middle East. It is the first time the United States has formally labelled another country’s military a terrorist group. In retaliation, Iran plans to blacklist the US Army in a game of tit-for-tat.

It seems that Trump, who was elected on a promise of peace, is doing the very opposite: looking for an excuse to pick a fight with Iran in order to please Israel and AIPAC and get himself reelected for a second term. Given that Iran has done nothing to deserve this gratuitous bullying, Trump’s belligerence can only be seen as totally inexcusable. [LD]


“The IRGC [Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps] is the Iranian government’s primary means of directing and implementing its global terrorist campaign,” Trump said in a statement.

The US action against Iran’s Revolutionary Guard is a dangerous escalation which can only endanger a fragile world peace and widen the breach between the Trump administration and many of its closest allies, principally the EU.
On Monday, the US designated Iran’s Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) as a “terrorist organization”.

It is the equivalent of declaring the US Marine Corps a terrorist organization, though with much less justification given that Iran hasn’t invaded another country for centuries. Washington’s description of Iran as “expansionist” is enough to make a horse laugh given the world-wide projection of US bases and military hardware around the world – and around Iran.

It is the first time ever that a US government has designated a part of a foreign government as a “terrorist organization”. Anyone doing business with Iran will have no way of knowing if they are “bankrolling terrorism” by doing so, and that of course is the point.

Taken in the context of the stand-off between the US and Venezuela, the disturbing nuclear cooperation between the US and Saudi Arabia, the ever-closer relationship between the Trumps and Israel, the ongoing crisis in US-Russia relations, the escalation now against Iran shows a mighty American over-stretch which can only lead to tears – and blood.

Any one of these dangerous confrontations would be risky, any two terrifyingly so. All of them taken together would tax the ability of any empire even in its pomp. For the American empire, well past its height, beset by looming economic problems and utterly riven by internal political division, it looks an impossibility, though many and much might be destroyed in the attempt.

The 2003 invasion of Iraq was for oil, to be sure, and for Israel also. But its principal goal was to demonstrate the hegemony of the American Empire. A declaration that this was a new American century. The result proved the exact opposite, and that before the renaissance of Russia under Putin and the long awaited arrival of China on the world stage packing a military and political punch commensurate with its economic importance.

The ill-clad, ill-equipped (and warring) militias in Iraq soon made the country ungovernable and US withdrawal from the streets inevitable.

The result – as anyone with knowledge could have predicted – has been the Finlandisation of Iraq, increasingly closely coordinating with Iran next door. Destroying the Arab Sunni power in Baghdad could only lead to the strengthening of Shia Iranian power there. And so it has.

Iran is now too big and powerful for the US to fight – short of using nuclear weapons.

The Revolutionary Guard is as intrinsic to the Islamic Republic as any other organ of the state, bar none. In fact, without the IRGC, there is no Islamic Republic. The Guard is not just a fearsomely strong military force, its political and economic reach in the state also renders it internally untouchable. No Iranian government would, or could, move to trim its strength.

Thus, Washington actually declared war on Iran this week. A threat to the IRGC is an existential threat to the state and will be treated as such by the Iranians.

Iran has the ability to hurt US interests throughout the region – in Iraq, in Yemen, in Syria, in Lebanon and, please note Mr Trump, in Saudi Arabia itself. Not to mention that without the Straits of Hormuz, there is no Western economy. Its closure would bring most economic activity to a shuddering halt, moving the oil price into undreamt of heights.

The new sanctions, a prelude to a new phase for sure, will radicalize the politics of Iran, marginalize the moderates in its government, and unite the vast majority of Iranians behind their government and the IRGC. Europeans will refuse to go along with it. If the US seeks to punish them for doing so, it will further antagonize European allies, weakening NATO, and reduce support for other American foreign policies.

It is all a far-cry from the America-First campaign cry of Trump’s election.


DONALD TRUMP  to Iranian President Rouhani,  Jul 23, 2018:


40 thoughts to “Trump pumps new poison into US confrontation with Iran”

  1. Trump may not be a card carrying Jew but that last statement is SO very jewish,


    implying that once upon a time they accepted words of violence against them, when in reality it is they that offers genuine violence, the real article, all over the planet.

    It is almost laughable if it were not so serious.

    1. @ Harold Smith

      Comment posted on previous thread:

      HAROLD SMITH: I’m wondering: Does anyone else here agree with me that there is a high likelihood that the evil orange clown will eventually start a major war?

      His provocations seem to be getting steadily worse; where will it end if not in a major war?

      According to the 4D “kabuki” school of thought (which I know you hold in complete contempt) Trump is a heroic figure just pretending to act tough to placate the powerful Jews around him. In other words, according to the 4D brigade, your fears of “Orange Clown” starting a nuclear war are unfounded and indeed laughable since Trump is just a Paper Tiger. All bluff. He plays the part of the Fearful Ogre, but underneath it all he’s just a big softie. Your description of the man as “Orange Clown” is therefore apt. Because he IS a clown.

      No, I’m not saying this myself. No way. I’m just giving you the mindset of Trump’s most fanatical admirers.

      As for your point that Trump has actually carried out a few bombing raids in Syria and killed a few innocent people, and so he does have the makings of a mass killer, your 4D critics would dismiss this charge easily enough and indeed have already done so on this site through the ex-poster known as “Lobro”.

      Their answer: “The actual damage Trump has done is peanuts. Little more than collateral damage. It’s all for show. Just to show he’s a mean critter, so don’t mess with him! As Madeleine Albright once said in a different context, ‘This is a price worth paying’.”

      Personally, I don’t think Trump is as powerful as you think. He operates in a system where there are lots of checks and balances which limit his power. He just can’t start a nuclear war on a whim or caprice of his own. He ain’t Dr Strangelove.

      Apart from which, the Jews are a smart people and the last thing they want is a nuclear holocaust. They would be among the first casualties.
      6 million Jews would go up in a puff of smoke in Israel. The towers of Tel Aviv would lie in smoking ruins … and there would be mushroom clouds hanging all over the Middle East.

      Oy veh, not very nice for the Chosen Ones!

      1. “Their answer: ‘The actual damage Trump has done is peanuts. Little more than collateral damage. It’s all for show. Just to show he’s a mean critter, so don’t mess with him!'”

        I can certainly understand where they’re coming from here. And my counter-argument is twofold: (1) I think their concept of “damage” is very narrow in scope. Not only do they generally keep raising the bar and ignoring the risks he’s taking, but they seem to studiously ignore the damage orange clown is doing in ways that will not manifest immediately, but later on; e.g., driving the rest of the world away from the dollar; and (2) they fail to appreciate the significance of the fact that the low-hanging fruit has already been picked; i.e., the days of casually attacking Yugoslavia or Panama or Iraq – on a whim and without consequences – seem to be over with. Thus orange clown does not have the same “freedom of action” that many of his predecessors had, so his wars, while less frequent, will be much worse if they happen.

        “Personally, I don’t think Trump is as powerful as you think. He operates in a system where there are lots of checks and balances which limit his power. He just can’t start a nuclear war on a whim or caprice of his own. He ain’t Dr Strangelove.”

        Well I’m rooting for you here. I see it differently, but I hope I’m wrong. I think the elders’ strategy (being implemented by orange clown) is to try to provoke wars, similar to how lincoln provoked the South to attack Fort Sumter or how fdr provoked Japan to attack Pearl Harbor. So far nobody’s taken the bait, but his efforts seem to be getting more and more brazen.

      2. Hi Saki,

        If you allow me, maybe your conclusion isn’t quite right.

        We’ve been listening to doom porn for more than 10 years now, but some day the wolf really comes, we must prepare ourselves. If the DUMB bases are being set up inside the US and Europe, we should ask why? It seems the US is going to play the roll Germany did in WWII, that’s the script.

        The Jews are waiting for their messiah for more than 5 thousand years now, and the Rabbis clearly stated that 6 million will perish before his appearance (some prophet sad that); since the Holohoax doesn’t count, what is next? Another function of the Holohoax is to calm down the ordinary Jew. Since 6 million Jews already perished they don’t have to worry anymore, the necessary sacrifice, in the Elders’ demented vision, was already done, supposedly. It’s astonishing how mankind, in the twenty first century, is governed by this barbaric Tribe who still believe in the power of human sacrifices, a common practice in the ancient world (see the History of the destruction of Cartago – after the battle, 500 hundred sacrificed children was found in a pit).

        As you said, the Jewish population in Israel is about 6 million Jews. Maybe the destruction of Israel is on the Elders’ script; that would fit Albert Pike’s famous letter…

  2. “Any one of these dangerous confrontations would be risky, any two terrifyingly so. All of them taken together would tax the ability of any empire even in its pomp. For the American empire, well past its height, beset by looming economic problems and UTTERLY RIVEN BY INTERNAL POLITICAL DIVISION, it looks an impossibility, THOUGH MANY AND MUCH MIGHT BE DESTROYED IN THE ATTEMPT.”

    This has been the gist of many of my past comments here where I’ve pointed out how unique orange clown seems to be compared to his predecessors. After many years of banal presidential puppetry and modest imperial gain, all the low-hanging imperial fruit has now been picked; thus the remaining fruit comes only at much greater risk. And the jews desperately needed someone willing to climb much higher – on the increasingly shaky ladder – if they are to reach the salivatory fruit at the top. IOW in order to advance the Satanic jewish-supremacist agenda further, the jews needed an exceptionally evil person; they needed someone willing to double down in the face of almost certain self-destruction. I hope I’m wrong, but I think orange clown is that person.

    This brings me to the other observation made by George Galloway; the apparently-ever-worsening “internal political division.” Let’s think about this for a minute. If orange clown is the demon-possessed person he seems to be, and is willing to risk planetary extinction for the elders by presenting their ultimata to the world regardless of cost – it seems reasonable that the elders would want to distract the masses in the U.S. with domestic issues. With political theater they divide and conquer us domestically, while their loyal puppet advances their risky “foreign policy” of world conquest.

    So they create political division; e.g., with “Russiagate”; they distract with a manufactured “border crisis” – only orange clown can save us from the menacing hordes at the border (and the evil democrats behind it all). Thus as orange clown waxes worse and worse on the international stage, the evil democrats must wax worse and worse commensurately (domestically) – pushing everything from infanticide to gun confiscation to anti-White hysteria to wide open borders, etc., etc., etc. All this while our “hero,” orange clown – the hapless victim of all manner of vituperation and heinous plots and calculatingly ineffective schemes to “remove” him – postures mightily – in “defense” of (disposable) America.

    1. @ Harold Smith
      @ Saki

      These comments are by far the best I’ve read on this site so far, or indeed any similar AltRight site for a long, long time. Quite stunning not only for the knowledge of current affair they reveal but also stylistically sophisticated and grammatically correct. Such a pleasure to read such lucid prose on the internet!

      The high standard of the Commentariat on the Darkmoon site in general impresses my forcibly, apart from the comments of a small group of time wasters and trolls. Why Admin puts up with these idiots with their trivia and off-topic distractions is a mystery to me. I wish they could be a bit firmer with these low-quality clowns. It beggars belief that they should publish the comments of someone like “Circassian”, a self-declared enemy of the site (obviously Jewish) who confesses quite openly that he would like to damage and destroy the site.

      1. It beggars belief that they should publish the comments of someone like “Circassian”, a self-declared enemy of the site (obviously Jewish) who confesses quite openly that he would like to damage and destroy the site.

        It beggars belief that “stylistically sophisticated and grammatically correct” incubus should go so low. You are a little man, GF.

  3. Trump’s lies and boasting – PT Barnum actions – are all to garner eyeballs and support in 2020 elections…. PERIOD!!

    It is plain that US will trade with Israel – Israel will trade with Russia – Russia will trade with Iran… so by intermediaries… all set up by ‘Put-On’… the US WILL TRADE WITH IRAN, and few in the public are the wiser!! AS USUAL!!!

    The best enemies are the ones the US BUYS!! 🙂 A Lend-Lease of sorts for IRAN – which “BIGGLY” needs help!!

    Thanks to ‘Put-On’ – ISRAEL and IRAN are both set to join the Russia-led free trade zone!!

    After two rounds of negotiations, Jerusalem close to agreement with Eurasian Economic Union; separately, Tehran also set to sign deal ‘in the near future’.

    “The negotiations with the EAEU were launched in Moscow in April 2018, following positive results of a comprehensive Joint Feasibility Study conducted by the parties,” a spokesperson for the Economy Ministry told The Times of Israel on Monday(Feb 11, 2019).

    The Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) is an economic union created in 2014 by a treaty between Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus.

    The EAEU heads of state comprise a governing body known as The Supreme Eurasian Economic Council, and the executive body which oversees day-to-day operations is known as the Eurasian Economic Commission, an analog to the European Commission. The Court of the EAEU serves as the judicial body.


    Free-trade agreements are expected to be signed between the Russia-led Eurasian Economic Union (EEU), Singapore, India, Egypt and Iran in the near future.

    That’s according to Russia’s First Deputy Minister of Industry Sergey Tsyb. He said WTO member states currently use over 7,500 non-tariff measures such as quotas, licenses, restrictions and embargos in respect of industrial goods.

    “Therefore, in our opinion, it would be very productive if we actively move towards the conclusion of agreements on the free-trade zone,” said the official.


    The whole deal may be completed by now.

    1. —Iran’s news agencies KNOW!!!

      10 February 2019

      The Israeli regime will also be joining the EAEU in the near future, according to the report.

      “Therefore, in our opinion, it would be very productive if we actively move towards the conclusion of agreements on the free-trade zone,” said the official.

      This would make it possible to promote exports within the framework of regional trade hubs, he explained. “That will definitely help in this challenging and highly sensitive situation on global markets to provide the opportunity for promotion of Russian export initiatives.”

      More than 40 countries and international organizations, including China and Indonesia, as well as some South American countries, have expressed interest in a free-trade deal with the EAEU. The trade bloc has also held negotiations with South Korea, Egypt, and India, Russia Today reported.(RT !!!)

      (playing these games for 3 years now!!) Iran signed an interim agreement with the economic bloc last year, with a full-fledged agreement expected within three years.

      Iranian Ambassador to Russia Mehdi Sanaei said Friday that he expects the Iranian parliament to ratify the free trade agreement between the EAEU and Iran in the near future.

      “The agreement is very important for Iran,” he said, adding “because it opens the gates to a big market for our country, and also opens the Iranian market to Russia and northern countries.”

  4. Trump is going to attack Iran on instructions from his zionist masters and this is going to bring in Russia and WWIII, which is what the zionists want to bring in their satanic zionist NWO.

    The zionists believe they can survive a nuclear war in their DUMBs ie deep underground military bases which they have throughout the US and Europe, they care not if hundreds of millions are killed, in fact the zionist satanists believe the more the better.

    If interested read the Protocols of Zion.

  5. look, fear porn aside, there are tons and tons of millions and millions of dollars flowing through the pentagon and into the pockets of defense contractors… that money has been flowing in greater and greater quantities for centuries.. to say those flows are well established would be an understatement… there’s more and more political power put into increasing those flows of money… trump increased defense spending first thing… if the valve, if there even is a valve, restricting the flows of money were to close a little, the pressure upstream put on the economic machine, down through all the little congressional districts with their defense contracting factories, shippers, financiers, would increase… afghanistan has been a cash cow for war contractors all over the world, but mostly the usa and russia, two of the biggest warmongering-for-money countries on the planet, who in fact have been working in cahoots with each other since ww2, their pentagon and kremlin connected corporate predators staying increasingly rich and fat on the taxpayers and fed bank money borrowed to cover their national debts… but we always need more targets… and you notice – we have no ‘department of peace’… instead we have the biggest building in the world put there for war purposes and the second biggest nsa backing it up to make sure nothing changes too much… the pressure is always on to jack the threat somewhere, so there will always be the excuse to move those war materials… there’s no law against senators and congressmen, military officers or catholic bishops investing in the likes of raytheon and general dynamics, and who really cares about the kickbacks? it’s an unholy global competition for profits, where the prices are much higher and the contracts are sometimes open-ended… when another terror attack happens or trump makes an inflammatory statement like this, it means all the insiders adjacent have already moved a lot of their dough into the specific markets to be positively affected; his rhetoric gets the deals signed… earnings per share stay good, stock prices go up, shareholders are happy, more materials are put on order, useless vice presidents get promoted and the whole rotten business keeps going, while whatever sucker soldiers and peasants caught up in it in yemen or syria take the punishment…
    wars are about the debt they create, they’re created for the debt… if they had to be paid for up front, they wouldn’t happen… and of course, if the people running the world wanted world peace, we could probably have it in a couple years…
    it’s doubtful nuclear weapons even exist…
    i believe the underground base network does exist all over the world including in antarctica… but i seriously doubt any more there is some plan to incinerate the whole world, while the big PTB hideout under there until the radiation goes away…
    yes, they probably do have a plan to exterminate several billion humans off the face of the earth, and it might even be necessary at some point in order to save the planet, but surely by now they have better ways of doing it than nuclear holocaust…

    1. @ Barkingdeer

      You said, “it’s doubtful nuclear weapons even exist…”

      Are you serious? My dad worked with nuclear reactors in Oak Ridge and Argonne national laboratories. Nuclear reactors are driven by nuclear chain reactions. Such chain reactions are the principle of nuclear bombs.

      1. KB –

        “Nuclear reactors are driven by nuclear chain reactions. Such chain reactions are the principle of nuclear bombs.”

        My dad did not work with nuclear reactors at all…. I DID!!

        I operated 3 different nuclear reactors over a span of 7 years while in the navy:

        1- S1C – Submarine 1st generation Combustion Engineering
        2- S5W – Submarine 5th generation Westinghouse
        3- S5G – Submarine 5th generation General Electric

        I am serious when I write that nuclear reactors definitely exist and MOBILE nuclear weapons do not exist.

        Don’t believe the mainstream fear peddlers. You know better than that.

        1. @ Pat

          I too have work in the nuclear industry. My brother is part of a nuclear inspection team that monitors the proliferation of nuclear armaments worldwide. I can assure you that nuclear bombs most definitely exist. Frankly, I prefer the testimony of my own eyes and that of hundreds of thousands of nuclear scientists all over the world than the kooky disinfo coming out of one internet crackpot on the Darkmoon site! 🙂

          No disrespect intended, Pat, but I have to tell you that you sound like a total conspiracy theory crank.

          Check out this video:

      2. CN-

        Thanks for the attempted help. It did more to bolster my claims than diminish them.

        Immediately, the picture to the left(as we look) of Jane… shows that the mushroom cloud was photoshopped. The upper half of the mushroom ‘stem’ has a much larger diameter than the lower half, It should be consistent all the way up.

        The ‘experts’ always mention “LOST” films – proof – from decades ago!! 🙂


        My exact claim is that MOBILE nuke weapons do not exist. So, I have left the door open for the existence of stationary nuclear explosions in the deserts and atolls across the world…. which would be accomplished with the utilization of all the electronics and mechanisms to do so.

        Since you are a nuclear expert, you should know the limitations of geometric and material bucking hurdles necessary to be overcome in nuclear reactions…. especially if they were to be applied to weapons design.

        As a person who does not follow in certain areas, I have been called way worse than a “crackpot” by those who need to keep their cognitive dissonance intact.

        BTW – I once saw a film where an orange gorilla named Chewbacca flew a spaceship!! Go figger… 🙂

  6. I think it was Willis Carto in the early days of one of his publications that said, in so many words: “A people, nation or country that exists for the benefit of another people, nation or country will sooner or later be the loser.”
    Think WW One and Two, think Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and showing soon at a war theater near you, Iran.

  7. The United States will lose WW3. Israel, with the help of a lot of jews living in the United States, did 9/11. Everyone in Washington knows the JEWS did 9/11, and trump knows it too. Yet Uncle Sam is solidly on the side of JEW israel, the VERY COUNTRY that attacked the USA on 9/11.

    When your country is attacked by country A and you know country A attacked you yet you remain close allies with country A and blame countries XYZ for the attack and start WW3 because your “ally” country A attacked your country but you’d rather blame countries XYZ for the attack you know your “allied” country country A did to you, you LOSE — and you F*ckin deserve to lose for being so spineless and pathetic.

    The American Congress gave Netanyahu, the prime minister of the country that attacked the USA on 9/11, 29 standing ovations. Yes, 29 standing ovations!!!! Absolutely pathetic.

    This post is my way of saying: Willis Carto has The Correct View. The USA is headed for the garbage dumpster of history.

    1. @ Pat

      We dropped two atomic bombs on Japan, didn’t we?

      Here is the principle of an atomic bomb, as I was taught in a college chemistry class years ago: U235, which has to be refined from Uranium as it naturally exists, which is mostly the U238 isotope, has a critical mass whereby a chain reaction occurs and there is a nuclear explosion. That is, whenever a certain amount of U235 is in one place there will occur a nuclear explosion. Okay, in the atomic bombs dropped on Japan half of the critical mass of U235 was at one end of the large steel shell of the bomb and half of the critical mass was at the other end of the steel shell. Then to detonate the bomb dynamite blew the U235 at one end into the other end so that there was a critical mass in one place.

    2. @ Joe

      Have faith, friend. America still lives, and where there is life there is hope.

    1. @ Barkingdeer

      You referred me to a UFO site. I think that stuff is disinfo.

      What makes me disbelieve in flying saucers is that their motion is impossible. Supposedly they can de-materialize in one place then re-materialize in a different place. For a Kantian like yours truly such motion is impossible. Every change is a change of a substance that stays the same, and substance can neither cease to be nor come to be.

      1. @ Barkingdeer

        Let me expound on my belief that flying saucer stuff is disinfo.

        First, before Jews became overwhelmingly powerful in White nations, the act of telling a lie was thought to be bad. Now that Jews rule us, however, lying is thought to be okay. Our government lies to us all the time for reasons that are thought to be admirable.

        Second, the central thought of anti-Semitism is that there is an alien living in our midst. Okay, the flying saucer myth works like a heat sump regarding this central thought of anti-Semitism — its energy is sucked out of it.

        Thirdly, when did the flying saucer myth come into existence? Right after the defeat of German National Socialism, which was an attempt to break free from Jewish rule.

    2. Bark –

      Interesting. I never knew of Cathie. He believes nuke bombs exist but are too sensitive to drop willy-nilly – any time. I don’t believe the bombs exist at all. Like you… I am usually against mainstream media claims generally accepted without scrutuny.

      I am not big on ET stuff. Just me.

    Before any of you pass judgement on atitudes toward IRAN I would encourage you to read this article One of the individuals mentioned here has been a close friend and colleague of mine for 30 years. He holds duel passports in both the US and Iran. His wifes family lives in Tehran. I was at his retirement dinner when we all wished him well to go off and enjoy what had been a life’s passion to fulfill his dream of conservation. He is now rotting in Evan Prison in Tehran with cancer convicted with no due process and sentenced to death. Be careful when you defend something and some place you do not know and be happy you dont live there.

    1. @ RANLAN

      As a self-confessed Jew and supporter of Israel, Israel right or wrong, you would naturally say bad things about Iran. Iran, after all, is an “existential threat” to your precious “homeland” in the Middle East that is built on stolen Palestinian land. So naturally you defend your second homeland, Israel, against “Evil Iran” which is a defender of Palestinian rights.

      Are you a dual citizen by any chance? Do you live in America and hold an Israeli passport? or do you live in Israel?

      My guess is that you are Israeli Jew, because if you were an American Jew you would know how to spell the word “dual”. You don’t. You write: “A close friend of mine … has duel (sic) passports.” From this misspelling, I have to conclude that English is a second language to you. Or else you are an uneducated Jew with very poor spelling. Which is it?

      1. @ GF

        Fair question! I am not a zionist and frankly have never been to Israel. My friend in jail in Tehran is an American just as I am. I am only pointing out the truth. Some places are worse than others although we all have our problems

    typing on a phone is one big reason i gave up trying to use capitals.. my fingers are way too big and hands too shaky from glyphosate poisoning, FCS or something…
    you did hit one big crux…
    lots of arab regimes over there are totally corrupt gangster state military dictatorships, and we have no doubt iran is almost as bad as saudi arabia… therefore, we can always use that excuse, when we’re rattling our sabres or actually firing up the cruise missiles… as GWB put it simply “saddam was a brutal dictator”…
    btw, it’s the military dictatorships taking the place of corrupt gangster kingdoms in some african countries that actually elevate the human rights…
    trouble is, israel and the usa are really not too much better, especially since the big 9-11 rewrite of the rules on human rights V the security state… prolonged solitary confinement in the SHU is considered torture by all the human rights organizations.. i’ve heard of prisoners in the usa held in darkness in SHUs for 10 years… i guess darkness is worse than sensory deprivation, where everything is painted white in order to decrease the prisoners orientation… that’s where the put the teflon don… as far as i know we don’t use air-tight oxygen deprivation cells in the usa, but they do in switzerland… i’d bet they do in israel…
    once again i ask you – if you say you are not a zionist, does that mean you disapprove of israel at some level, and if so how would you recommend it change its policies?
    this is important because the real key to getting the world past this problem is the enlightenment of the jew in this regard…
    i was trying to point out bruce cathie’s statements on nuclear bombs, that they can’t be set off like sticks of dynamite, any time, any place… he says mathematically, detonation is only possible if the bomb is located at exactly the right place on the earth grid at the right time, correct angle on the sun, stuff like that… he has his theories on UFOs too…
    so do i..
    i’m going off topic again…
    UFOs, flying saucers, are not propelled by anything other than the force of gravity, which is itself merely an energetic field, which gives weight to an object, if the field is present in the object… when you hit a baseball, you project its gravity field away from it by the impact.. that causes a noise. the field doesn’t quite disconnect completely from the baseball and the material of the ball is drawn toward the new position of the gravity field, in the bleachers if you’re babe ruth.. think of it like that when you shoot pool, it will improve your game… antigravity is a lot like magnetism, because of the flow of electrical current… the metal becomes weightless and moves seemingly by itself… i doubt the UFO thing is all just jewish media diversionary dis-info to keep the public off track, though i admire you depth and i don’t doubt for a minute such schemes exist..
    insects and fish block gravity all the time, that’s how the sail fish can swim at 70 knots and why he changes colors when accelerating, and it’s the real meaning of the scarab beetle, whose wings produce anti-gravity for lift, included in the egyptian hieroglyphs… flying saucers use an electric current around the outside to block the effect of gravity, the B bombers do the same thing on their wings, so i hear… UFOs are not weightless inside the craft… gravity pushes from all directions, except that planets like the earth shield its effect from one side, it’s not pushing on your feet because the planet is blocking it, but if you jump off a bridge it will push you into the planet… if you get out into space, it pushes you from all sides, which is why you’re hanging there weightless… antigravity is the factor in perpetual motion machines… maybe antigravity technology will free the human race someday and save the planet, when the ‘masses’ are no more…
    i posted a couple links to cathie a while back, guess you missed them.. i one of his books.. worth your time…
    i ran a conventional plant myself, we used blackoil boilers… i was an mm not a bt… i guess they’re the same on the steam side of it…

    1. Bark –

      It is very much the same on the boiler side, since they steam generators operate with the same engineering designs. When I was there the MM, BT, EN, SF ‘snipes’ – ‘black shoe’ gang – were secondary plant operators, steam plant operators, not reactor operators. The reactor was used only to provide the heat for the boilers.

      Please keep in mind there has NEVER been a live warhead test for any MIRV missile striking and destroying 16 different targets at once. That has never been practiced. So, even if they had them, they don’t know they work!!
      Just imagine not testing a rifle or a tank before using one of them!! Total joke!! 🙂

      I mention nuke weapons(sic) so often because… the mainstream news outlets mention something about them daily, even hundreds of times a day. That is to keep the FEAR alive.

      Comment writers in almost every thread here, and authors of many articles, especially those of Paul Roberts, have mentioned the destruction of whole countries by nukes.

      The fear of nuke weapons is continuously waved in our faces. The jews want it that way. Most oblige them. I don’t!!

  10. Trump himself qualifies as a terrorist for having so much to do in supporting the mercenaries in Syria.

  11. I wonder how many people the evil clown has already murdered in Venezuela? Between the sanctions and the sabotage of the power grid, I would be surprised if the death toll is not at least in the hundreds. I wonder how many poor people lost all the food they had in their refrigerators when the power went out?

    And to think that Venezuela has been giving free heating oil to poor Americans for many years.

    “For the eighth straight year [2005-2013], Venezuela’s state oil company is donating free heating oil to hundreds of thousands of needy Americans.

    The CITGO-Venezuela Heating Oil Program has helped more than 1.7 million Americans in 25 states and the District of Columbia keep warm since it was launched back in 2005.”

    I believe there’s a special place in hell for the demoniac in the white house who repays kindness with cruelty.

    Not only is this hell-bound scumbag hurting poor people in Venezuela and Iran, but in his efforts to hurt them, he’s apparently driving up gas prices here, thus hurting people here as well.

    His handlers certainly won the lottery when they found this piece of sub-human filth under a rock somewhere. Can anyone here imagine a more evil person in the white house? I can’t. To put it another way, I believe orange clown is the embodiment of the spirit of Satan, and it doesn’t get any more evil than that. If that’s the case then I believe he’s fully capable of making WW3 happen.

  12. Let’s pin the tail on the donkey. This is all for MIGA – Make Israel Great Again – (after 3000 years) – courtesy of Trump himself, Jared Kushner, AIPAC, the US Congress, Christian Zionists and the acquiescence of the American people. The push for the Greater Israel Project may well result in a real WW III – bombs away. It’s already a 6G world – God, Gold, Grub, Guns, Guts and Getaway. The arms of the Zionist Octopus are ubiquitous . America’s incestuous relationship with Israel knows no bounds. BTW, any nation (Iran) that produces such beautiful woolen rugs, is no enemy of mine.

  13. Harold,
    Trump is pulling the same crap that Clinton pulled with sanctions on Iraq that was responsible for the untimely death of around 500,000 Iraqi kids that Clinton’s Sec. of State Madame Half Bright though was just hunky dory.
    The US, the big bully on the block with the big dollar dick, has a habit of putting sanctions on other countries, countries that don’t have the means to do anything about it. Burma, Côte d’Ivoire, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, again Iran and now Venezuela. The US poses as the world’s superior moral leader, loves to pick on countries who may or may not do this or that the US doesn’t approve of but have something the US wants. There may be other countries with bully dollar sanctions not listed. Then after the said countries are weakened and lots of kids as “collateral casualties” the US will send in the troops if there is enough oil or other resources that the US needs for corporate America and sometimes just for the hell of it. But mainly for Israel and it’s world wide criminal racket.
    Harold, you are much to kind in the comments about Trump the consummate fibber. Could it be that Jared, don’t call me Jerry, Kushner, of the famous Kushner crime family, who’s bed Nittinyawho sleeps in when visiting NY, hopefully not at the same time, Lord Forbid, is the Israeli handler of Pres. Trump. Maybe, Jerry is the male version of a Queen Esther. Say it aint so.

  14. Pump and Trump is government policy.

    I told you all, if Trump was elected he would be posed as the strong leader necessary to take America into another global war. I wrote this six moths before the election. Anyone studying Jewish history and understanding the Jews’ deviousness could see this coming. Yet how many listened? I keep telling you – “know the Jew, know your future,” but it’s all for naught. It has most certainly been a slow awakening for Trump supporters.

    Jews have effectively manipulated the presidency since Woodrow Wilson forced America into WWI against its collective will. How many of you were alive then? The situation worsened with FDR, again manipulating America into a global war against its collective will. How many of you were alive then? LBJ was the Jew tool that turned a minor “brush war,” Vietnam, into a serious conflict costing many lives on both sides. By that time, thanks to Jew TV, America no longer had any collective will.

    Jews hardly went to the trouble of masking their control when their boy Dubya, courtesy of the Jews’ staged attack on the Trade Towers, brought America into what has become an ongoing conflict in the Near East, a conflict Trump is now bringing to a head. Yet there are readers that still maintain this present, grim development is nothing more than Trump blustering for the next election cycle. At the rate things are progressing, Darkmoon readers will be fortunate to be alive in 2020.

    If there is another election and Trump stays in for a another term, it will be to finish off the Jews’ war in the Near East with the utter destruction of Iran, the last threat to the Jews’ hegemonic control over that region. This will almost undoubtedly culminate with another global war. Don’t you see it yet? Jews get sexual pleasure from inducing terror, horror, fear, hatred, genocidal mass murder, with rivers of your blood flowing through the streets of their host nations. Jews receive more pleasure getting there than once they have actually arrived.

    America is naught more than an illusion, a Jew illusion of “freedom” and “democracy.” It’s all lies! Jew lies! There is no “freedom,” “there is no democracy,” you have no voice in government. Your vote does nothing more than validate the Jews’ utterly corrupt political system that keeps you, and everyone else, “down on the farm” with your nose in the Jews’ muddy pigsty. America is nothing more and nothing less than the Jews’ totalitarian Golem, mindlessly carrying out orders that will soon provide Jews total global control over everyone’s life. Jews are so close now they can feel it! They can taste it! They want it, they want it bad and they are losing their patience in finally achieving what their baloneyus god YHVH supposedly promised them millennia ago. Now Jews will “ride like effendis” over their goyim slave herds.

    Doesn’t anybody read their history? Don’t you understand the depths of the cunning deviousness of the Jews’ hive mind? This lack of understanding, this ignorance of the true magnitude of the situation, is what contributes to the Jews’ ability to manipulate not only your fate, but the fate of your race, nation and now the entire planet. The fact that so many gullible goy could be led to believe Trump was some sort of savior for America spells their nation’s doom. No matter who is elected to office, they will be nothing more than an empty-headed goy Jew tool.

    I hear what you’re saying, “if we just allow Jews to confiscate private firearms it will save countless American lives.” But look at the massive number of deaths Jews have wrought with their control over your government’s “guns.” Do you think Jews give a damn about your life or the lives of your children? Can you see the Jew induced, mental disconnect in your thinking?

    Don’t you get it yet? There ain’t no good guys anymore. Jews own the whole goddamned planet! They can do anything they want because they are smarter and work harder than everyone else. Don’t you see, Jews have been named the high priests of the LORD, ministers of your money God, destined to consume the wealth of the Gentiles, and in their glory, shall ye yourselves not boast of their victory? Now they’re going to let us have a taste of their idea of the good life. They’re gonna’ let some of us live so we can feed their flocks, be their plowmen and vinedressers if we just go along with them. Now I know you want to get rid of the Muslims, hell everybody does. The Jews are going to get rid of them for us. They’re going to build us a better world, a world where we can all live in peace and harmony, if we just pull their wagon loads of misery and despair for others into the future. Can’t you see it? Don’t you understand? If we want to live, all we gotta’ do is go along with them!

    White man, you’ve done it to your own kind.

    1. America is the last armed people in the west, that’s a good thing.

      As the Jewish yoke gets tighter, should we expect more goy resistance? Naah….Don’t count on that! Any goy resistance will only increase the system’s entropy but, probably, won’t change the outcome. If we exclude some social/political shocks such as 9/11, or any other revolution, all changes are done in small steps, a slow, quasi-static process. In this way, the people barely note the “thermodynamic” change of state from A to B. Think about how things were different 10 years ago, 20 years ago… One day, you will wake up in the morning as a slave asking yourself how that happened, after the last Jewish revolution.

      The only way to change the outcome is a mutiny in the Army and Police. When they are going to realize they are taking orders from traitors?

    2. Arch –

      You told us:
      “It has most certainly been a slow awakening for Trump supporters.”

      WHILE… 9 States Have Passed ‘Red Flag’ Gun Seizure Laws, on Trump’s watch!! Only 41 more to go!!

      More than 1,700 orders allowing guns to be seized for weeks, months or up to a year were issued in 2018 by the courts after they determined the individuals were a threat to themselves or others, according to data from several states obtained by The Associated Press.

      **The actual number is probably much higher since the data was incomplete and didn’t include California!!

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