Trump’s support base energized by Speaker Pelosi’s attempt to impeach him: $5 million raised in 24 hours for Trump campaign
Updated September 26, 2019

TRUMP and Speaker of the House NANCY PELOSI

“She’s no longer Speaker of the House!”
— Donald Trump, yesterday

It’s been a dramatic rollercoaster of a week in Washington, and it’s only Thursday. What began as an MSM-fueled third-hand whistleblower rumor that President Trump pressured Ukraine to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden for pressuring Ukraine ended up with House Democrats launching an impeachment inquiry before looking at the underlying evidence. Then it unraveled, and it’s not going well for the left.

The whistleblower was reportedly found by the intelligence community Inspector General to have ‘political bias’ and was in favor of a ‘rival candidate’ for US president.

The claim that Trump pressured or threatened Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky into investigating Biden melted into a puddle of fake news after a transcript of the call revealed no such thing — and Zelensky himself said during a Wednesday press conference that “nobody pushed me.”

Now, as Nancy Pelosi predicted, Trump’s base has been energized by what the right largely views as a continuation of the so-called ‘witch hunt’ against their President.

The result?

According to Trump 2020 campaign manager Brad Parscale, it is an incredible $5 million raised by the GOP and Trump’s campaign in 24 hours — a “Huge groundswell of support” for the President. 

One might think Democrats would begin to understand that continuing to push absurd claims — after their two-year Russia investigation was a bust, overshadows any legitimate criticism of Trump and allows him to keep pointing to the clown show.

Nancy gets it. Her rabid constituents do not. However much to her chagrin — as President Trump noted on Wednesday:

“She’s no longer the Speaker of the House!”


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31 thoughts to “Trump’s support base energized by Speaker Pelosi’s attempt to impeach him: $5 million raised in 24 hours for Trump campaign”

  1. Those little red footsteps, that pitter pattering echo turned drumbeat incessantly prodding the old DEMO-sauress towards the tar pits is the stuff of comic books and history books, lol.

    San Fran Nan is about to be force fed a big dash of her own un-prescribed medicine and I’m guessing Trump and Xi and BadVlad and even Pope Platitude knew that..

    1. Yes Homer, I think you’re right. I’m glad to see that this website is doing its best to be impartial and objective on Trump, interspersing their anti-Trump articles with pro-Trump articles according to the changing circumstances. This article (sourced from is clearly trying to portray Trump in a positive light and the Democrats under Pelosi in a most negative light. That makes a nice change! 🙂

      1. I get a feeling Trump is going to be re-elected and that his second term will see some real changes. I may be wrong, but this is what I feel. The fact that Trump has weathered the storm and survived against all the odds tells you something about his pluck, his resilience, and his sheer capacity for cunning survival in a dirty dog-eat-dog world.

      2. I also guess the Cultural Marxists (communists) are on a political roll, aided and abetted by the M$M corporate fifth column, Marxist Academia, Hollywood and Public Enemy No.1
        the U.S. Congress.

      3. Sard –

        Have a little “interspersing” in the comment section also! 🙂

        Eric Trump Tweeted yesterday…..

        UPDATE: We have now raised almost $15 million in small dollar donations (including 50,000 NEW donors) since @SpeakerPelosi started this impeachment charade 72 hrs ago! Unbelievable numbers!! Keep it going — you and the dems are handing @realDonaldTrump the win in 2020!

        3:38 PM – 27 Sep 2019

      4. Pat,

        Well, there you are! . . . Looks like threats of impeachment are good for business and help to raise funds for the Trump campaign! So Pelosi is doing Trump a back-handed favor! 🙂

      5. But only a conspiracy theorist would maintain that Pelosi is doing this knowingly, i.e., that she is secretly in cahoots with Trump to get him re-elected! 🙂

        Surely you’re not suggesting that?

        I don’t think Harold would take kindly to that viewpoint! 🙂

      6. Sard –

        Have some ‘conspiracy facts’ today!!

        Both sides will do just as they are PAID-OFF with $$$ MILLIONS to do, in order to keep their pedophilia racket CRIMES hidden!

        There is enough evidence given over the years to point to that.

        This whole ‘impeachment game’ is a distraction to keep the public and hungry lawyers away from the hundreds of ‘Epstein-Players’ having been recently outed, with more to come, in very high places globally… That includes US Gov’t officials & even in the British royalty!!

    2. It is possible (and I hope) that Trump will be deselected at the primaries. He no longer has the support of the farmers and their states. He has damaged the reputation of the USA, which deserves better than this strange, vain man

  2. He’s far too cute for the rest of the challengers…. as we are in ‘end times’ take what you get….

    1. Wig –
      Yes! The “challengers” have come undone!! There is no whistleblower, just a ‘leaker’ and do not know who the ‘leaker’ is!
      Maggie woulda said, “They’ve gone wobbly!” 🙂

      Trump campaign: Whistleblower complaint ‘even bigger hoax than the Russia delusion’

      The Trump campaign said the whistleblower complaint is “an even bigger hoax than the Russia delusion,” according to a statement released Thursday. The response comes after the release of the whistleblower complaint on Thursday, which alleges that President Trump sought to enlist Ukraine’s help in the 2020 election by mounting a corruption investigation against former Vice President Joe Biden. “This whistleblower complaint is an even bigger hoax than the Russia delusion,” said the Trump campaign’s National Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany. “It’s built on second-hand information echoed by the biased fake news media.”

  3. So why aren’t the “democrats” trying to impeach the evil orange clown for his any of his indefensible war crimes? Why aren’t they going after him for his support of the brutal Saudi dictatorship and the genocidal war on Yemen? Why aren’t they going after him for his illegal tariffs (de facto sales taxes on the people) or for his withdrawal from the INF treaty?

    Because it’s all just political theater, that’s why.

    Being that the “democrats” helped to put orange clown in the white house in the first place, naturally the “democrats” are going to do everything they can to keep their messiah there. This has been the object all along.

    So by way of this frivolous impeachment scam, they’re helping the evil clown contrive a campaign strategy. Being that the traitor has betrayed his supporters and is openly destroying what’s left of America for his jewish-supremcist handlers, they have a problem. They can’t campaign on any of his “accomplishments” e.g., escalating existing conflicts, weaponizing the economy, starting an arms race with Russia and China, increasing the risk of nuclear war, etc., so all they can do is try to portray him as the hapless victim of a “witch hunt” – whereby the audience is supposed to conclude something like: see, he must be doing something really good for America because the evil America-hating democrats are just soooo out to get him.

    1. HS –

      “Because it’s all just political theater, that’s why.”

      Agreed 1000%!

      Smart Dem lawyers with decades of experience in congress know better than to try impeachment on ANY grounds. The Senate will not convict him.

      1. @ Harold Smith
        @ Pat

        Hmm, that’s one way of looking at it! You could both be right. Maybe it’s all theater and Trump was the original choice of the Deep State and international Jewry. It remains to be seen what happens in Palestine. If the state of Israel prospers under Trump’s presidency, if Syria gets mangled, and if Adelson is happy to go on supporting Trump, then I think we can be sure that Trump is in fact the Zionist stooge that Harold thinks he is and that this website has asserted in previous articles.

        If Lobro is reading this, which I doubt, he’s not going to be very pleased with this scenario, because according to Lobro, Trump is out to get the Jews one day and hand Israel back to the Palestinians. He’s just biding his time, waiting until the right moment . . .

        One thing in Trump’s favor is this: he did nothing to support Netanyahu in Natanyahu’s recent humiliation in the polls.

        Bibi’s gone, but Donald remains.

  4. Impeachment of Trump will not happen in this term!

    “….go hard or go home!!” 🙂
    Senate Republicans are vowing to quickly quash any articles of impeachment that pass the House and warn that Democrats will feel a political backlash if they go forward and impeach President Trump.

    Republican senators say there are no grounds to impeach Trump and are daring Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) to embark on what they dismiss as a fool’s errand that will turn off swing voters. “My response to them is go hard or go home,” said Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.), a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, which has jurisdiction over impeachment.

  5. All the dem candidates are hoaxes..
    Except maybe for tulsi, who may be getting back into it…
    If not, the election is a complete hoax..
    What else is new?
    There are probably ‘Election Solutions’ service outfits out there now that provide Elections the same way some of them provide ‘Crisis Solutions’..
    Since the Democrats HAVE NO PLAN to cure unemployment, homelessness, crime, war, etc., they have to talk about something else, the long series of phoney intrigues between trump and Putin…
    Of course there are no real so-called ‘blackface’ incidents, so the take turns presenting their own such ‘scandals’, to keep the BS racism thing alive…
    Or they appear in drag, to hype the trans thing…
    It’s about creating a Narrative and DIVERSION….
    They even revisited the Cavanaugh thing when the Mueller report flopped…
    Now they’ve got a new diversion going with Ukraine…
    From Lennin’s playbook – always accuse your adversary of the crimes you are committing…
    You can get the impression Biden is deliberately trying to confused and obfuscatie with his lunatic statements – get them talking about something, anything else…
    Are the Democrats deliberately shilling for the trump result, which it looks like, or are they really this dtupid?
    They are just as much a corporate party as the repubs…
    They maintain the permanent underclass on all kinds of subsidies, that pad the bottom line for Walmart, Big Pharma, prison industry etc., all the while cultivating the Big Lie that THEIR BASE is ‘downtrodden’ and stuck on acvount of RACISM, INEQUALITY, WHITE MEN and even POVERTY…
    That’s a real good one – all these people are poor BECAUSE of POVERTY…
    You See, it’s got nothing to do with people being STUPID..
    The solution is simply to THROW MONEY at dysfunctional crime metropolises like Baltimore, Saint Louis, New Orleans…
    No Doubt the fed bank is always down with the debt, the more the merrier for whatever reason…
    And who among the nest of rats collecting for decades since the crypto lbj’s War on Poverty as administrators of all those Big City Welfare HUD Ghetto Drug Retail Outlet programs would ever want to see that change?
    However, I think trump will MAGA, at least a lot more than the others ever would, if for no other reason than he cuts the welfare cycle…

  6. She KNOWS better!!
    Pelosi Ducks an Impeachment Vote

    The full House authorized inquiries for Nixon and Clinton. Why not for Trump?

    The same SIX committees investigating all things Trump are doing what they were doing before her statement!! 🙂 🙂

    Democrats and a cheerleading press corps are accelerating their drive to impeach President Trump, with the release Thursday of the whistleblower complaint and a harangue of the acting director of national intelligence. Not to spoil the fun, but when is the House going to hold a roll call vote to authorize this effort to oust an elected President? House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Tuesday she now supports an “official” inquiry, but nothing changed other than the political momentum for impeachment!!

  7. As disappointing as Trump is sometimes, any white person that cares about their children, grandchildren, or future generations of whites (what some people used to call “real Americans”) should be rooting for Trump to get reelected, unless you’re for Tulsi Gabbard. These are the best candidates, even with President Trump’s flaws. The Democratic Party is a racist party that will oversee the completion of the eradication of American whites (down about 25% of the American population since 1965) if they get in power. Whites are now openly hated in the US, after welcoming in millions of non-whites into their country and attempting to elevate blacks standard of living. Many Republicans aren’t much better. Everyone is scared of being called a racist, anti-Semite or some other insult. The Jews have orchestrated this. It’s amazing what people can achieve when they are united and no one is more united than Jews. If the US can maintain its white percentage of the population, the time will come in the near future when the Jewish question can be addressed again. By then, a majority of whites will want them to leave the US, and now there is a place to send them.

      1. Looks like Jerry Nadler is the real leader of the Democrats, NOT Pelosi. She didn’t want Impeachment, Nadler wanted Impeachment. Pelosi caved-in to Nadler. Nadler prevailed over Pelosi.

        The more the Democrats attack Trump the more I support Trump. I was starting not to care about 2020 and not to care if Trump wins or not in 2020. Now I want him to win in 2020.

  8. Ha! Ha!Ha! The Jews sure missed this one! What a clueless bunch of Morons! Just as the whole impeachment thing is falling apart and begins losing it share of the limelight, Pelosi is told to set up an attack on Trump and then unpredictably gets a backlash when it creates more support for Trump.

    Boy, Jews sure are stupid – aren’t they? They couldn’t even see this coming – could they? You can bet that with Trump’s pending impeachment proceedings, he will never, ever, get another term in office – will he?

    Gee I wonder why the Trump-Epstein thing was dropped from the impeachment charges investigation. Must be one of those minor oversights that happen so frequently these days.

    (Silly goy, It’s just Jews making lemonade from their lemons – again.)

  9. Congress is on vacation for two weeks on a donation seeking exercise. But they have growing problems with their lies. 🙂

    Ukrainian Embassy confirms DNC contractor solicited Trump dirt in 2016!!

    Excerpt from a great informative article: 💥👍

    “The boomerang from the Democratic Party’s failed attempt to connect Donald Trump to Russia’s 2016 election meddling is picking up speed, and its flight path crosses right through Moscow’s pesky neighbor, Ukraine. That is where there is growing evidence a foreign power was asked, and in some cases tried, to help Hillary Clinton.

    “In its most detailed account yet, the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington says a Democratic National Committee (DNC) insider during the 2016 election solicited dirt on Donald Trump’s campaign chairman and even tried to enlist the country’s president to help.”

  10. Hey, Sard…. They are ALL criminal LIARS! 🤢

    Rep. Adam Schiff Linked to Prominent Ukrainian Arms Dealer!

    Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff is connected to a Ukrainian arms dealer. Is this why he’s willing to lie in front of the nation when accusing President Trump of crimes?

    💥 Adam Schiff is arguably the biggest liar in Congress…. ever. He now leads the House Intelligence Committee and this past week oversaw the Intel Committee where he attempted to align President Trump with some ‘trumped’ up allegations concerning his phone call with the President of the Ukraine.

    Schiff lied in his opening remarks and claimed numerous falsehoods about the President’s call in spite of the transcript being provided the day before.

  11. TROJ –

    You’ll like this!! 🙂

    Donald J. Trump

    The Fake News Media wants to stay as far away as possible from the Ukraine and China deals made by the Bidens. A Corrupt Media is so bad for our Country! In actuality, the Media may be even more Corrupt than the Bidens, which is hard to do!

    7:03 AM – 30 Sep 2019

  12. Leave it to Pat to find a website about emojis! Pat always LERVED emojis! In fact, it was Pat who inspired me to also LERV emojis! Emojis are amusing! 🙂

    1. TROJ –

      Lotta stuff to like here for ya!! 😜

      Donald J. Trump

      BIG NEWS by @Hyundai, @Kia, and @Aptiv on a 4 BILLION DOLLAR joint venture to develop autonomous driving technologies in the USA. That’s a lot of $$ and JOBS! Great jobs coming back to America!!
      12:08 PM – 30 Sep 2019


      Donald J. Trump

      Great news! @Apple announced that it is building its new Mac Pro in Texas. This means hundreds of American jobs in Austin and for suppliers across the Country. Congratulations to the Apple team and their workers!
      12:04 PM – 30 Sep 2019

  13. Thank you, Pat. Trump is fun to have as a president. Hillary the Harridan would not have been any fun. Trump tweets so much I can’t keep up with the presidential tweets so thank you for keeping me abreast of The Tweets of MAGAMAN. I appreciate it, 🙂

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