Tulsi Gabbard: R.I.P

By Paul Craig Roberts
August 06, 2019

It is unfortunate that Tulsi Gabbard succumbed to the Israel Lobby.  The forces of the Empire saw it as a sign of weakness and have set about destroying her.

The ruling elite see Gabbard as a threat just as they saw Trump as a threat.

A threat is an attractive political candidate who questions the Empire’s agenda.  Trump questioned the hostility toward Russia orchestrated by the military/security complex.  Gabbard questions the Empire’s wars in the Middle East.

This is questioning that encroaches on the agendas of the military/security complex and Israel Lobby.

If fear of Israel is what caused Gabbard to vote the AIPAC line on the bill forbidding criticism of Israel, she won’t be able to stick to her line against Washington’s aggression in the Middle East.  Israel is behind that aggression as it serves Israeli interests.

But the Empire is taking no chances.  The Empire has sicced its Presstitute Battalion on her. Josh Rogin (Washington Post), Joy Reid (MSNBC), Wajahat Ali (New York Times and CNN), and, of course the Twitter trolls paid to slander and misrepresent public figures that the Empire targets.  Google added its weight to the obfuscation of Gabbard.

Gabbard, who in the second “debate” between Democratic Party candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination, took down the despicable Kamala Harris with ease, was promptly labeled “an Assad apologist” and a conspiracist with Russia to put herself as a Putin agent in the White House.

Wars in the Middle East against Israel’s enemies and preparation for major wars against Iran, Russia, and China are the bread and butter for the powerful US military/security complex lobby.  All that is important to the military/security complex is their profits, not whether they get all of us killed.  In other words, their propaganda about protecting America is a lie.  They endanger us all in order to have enemies in order to justify their massive budget and power.

Those of us who actually know, such as myself and Stephen Cohen, have been warning for years that the orchestrated hostility against Russia is producing a far more dangerous Cold War than the original one.

Indeed, beginning with the criminal George W. Bush regime, the arms control treaties achieved at great political expense by US and Soviet leaders have been abandoned by Washington.

The latest treaty to be discarded by Washington in service to the military/security lobby is the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF) negotiated by President Ronald Reagan and Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev. This treaty banned missiles that Washington could place in Europe on Russia’s border with which to attack Russia with little or no reaction time, and Russian missiles that could be used to attack Washington’s NATO puppet states in Europe and UK.  The treaty resulted in the elimination of 2,692 missiles and a decade of verification inspections that satisfied both parties to the agreement.

But suddenly Washington has pulled out of the treaty.

The main purpose of pulling out of the treaty is to enable the military/security complex to develop and produce new missiles at the taxpayers’ expense, but Washington also sees a military advantage in withdrawing from the INF treaty.

Washington, of course, blames the US withdrawal on Russia, just as Washington blames every country that Washington intends to attack. But it is completely obvious even to a moron that Russia has no interest whatsoever in abandoning the treaty.

Russian intermediate-range missiles cannot reach the United States.

Russia has no reason to attack Europe, which has no military forces of any consequence.

It is the American nuclear missiles on European soil that are the problem.

Washington, however, does gain by tearing up the INF treaty.  At Europe’s risk, not America’s, Washington’s intermediate-range nuclear missiles stationed in Europe on Russia’s borders permit a preemptive nuclear attack on Russia.  Because of proximity, the warning time is only a couple of minutes.  Washington’s crazed war planners believe that so much of the Russian retaliatory capacity would be destroyed, that Russia would surrender rather than retaliate with diminished forces and risk a second attack.

Putin stresses this danger as does the Russian military.

US missiles on Russia’s border puts the world on a hair trigger.

Aside from the fact that a nuclear attack on Russia is the likely intent of the criminal neoconservatives, nuclear warning systems are notorious for false alarms.  During Cold War I, both sides worked to build trust, but since the criminal Clinton regime Washington has worked to destroy all trust between the two dominant nuclear powers. All that is required to obliterate life on earth, thanks entirely to the crazed fools in Washington, is one false alarm received by the Russians. Unlike past false alarms, next time the Russians will have no choice but to believe it.

Intermediate-range nuclear missiles leave no time for a phone call between Putin and Trump.  The Russian leader who has suffered hundreds of diplomatic insults, demonization of his person and his country, illegal sanctions, endless false accusations, and endless threats cannot assume that the warning is false.

The idiots in Washington and the presstitutes have programmed the end of the world. When the alarm goes off, the Russian leader has no choice but to push the button.

Any remaining doubt in the Russian government of Washington’s hostile intentions toward Russia has been dispelled by Trump’s National Security Adviser, the neocon warmonger John Bolton.  

Bolton recently announced that the last remaining arms control agreement, START, will not be renewed by Washington in 2021.  

Thus, the  trust built between the nuclear powers that began with President John F. Kennedy and reached its greatest success with Reagan and Gorbachev has been erased. It will be lucky if the world survives the destruction of trust between the two major nuclear powers.

The American government in Washington has been made so utterly stupid by its arrogant hubris that it has no comprehension of the dangerous situation that it, and it alone, has created.  We are all at risk every minute of our lives because of the power, of which President Eisenhower warned us more than a half century ago to no avail, of the US military/security complex, an organized powerful force determined and able to destroy any American president who would threaten their budget and power by making peace.

Donald Trump is a strong personality, but he has been cowed by the Israel Lobby and the military/security complex.  As reigning president, Trump sat there Twittering while an attack orchestrated by the military/security complex and the Democratic Party, with 100% cooperation from the American media, tried to portray him as a Russian agent as grounds for his impeachment.  

A strong personality in what is allegedly the most powerful office in the world who allows his entire first term to be wasted by his opponents in an attempt to frame him and drive him from office is all we need to know about the likely fate of Tulsi Gabbard.


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33 thoughts to “Tulsi Gabbard: R.I.P”

  1. ……Tulsi……
    Should come as no surprise. ALL US politicians are bought and paid for to some degree. Donaldo would never contemplate being a senator or rep. Better to just retire and keep ones dignity.

    1. If a nuclear exchange ever were to take place, it wouldn’t require the approval of “recognized” World leaders. The “swamp creatures” in the U.S., Moscow, Turkey, China, India, etc. would be the ones whose fingers are punching the codes to unleash hell. Shadow people that the World has never heard of. But guess what Darkmooners? It’ll never happen. Why? Because it’s all only fear porn created for the masses to justify governments (hostile elites) milking their sheeple-citizens for as much as possible. Military budgets are the tip of the iceberg. Yes Darkmooners. There are swamps in all countries. Take note folks. Swamp creatures from all over the World are getting filthy rich from the game. Aaaahhhh…..yes…..the game. Been going on for a long time. These swamp creatures, some Jew….some Goy, live in their own Universe apart from the masses. Filthy rich….mostly at tax-payer expense. They are constantly in contact. They vacation together. Party together. Attend each other’s weddings and funerals. All very reclusive. Let us DMooners get the overall picture. Ain’t gonna be WW3. No need for it. Getting dark in the swamp now. Crickets chirping. Lighting bugs flying. The swamp creatures bellies are full. So content. Life is good…..life is good….

    2. Hi Donaldo
      Yes, you make the most important point, that the Jewish/Zionist network are pressing for war with Iran, and probably also Russia. I expect a big false flag event that will be used as an excuse for America and NATO to attack Iran.

      Iran does not have the conventional military strength to defeat the US and Nato forces; but Pakistan has nukes and could make them available to the Jihadis, and the Jihadis would not hesitate to use them, probably against a carrier group.

      The US Congress has been described as “Israeli-occupied territory”, and until that is changed the USA is exposing itself to the (Justified?) anger of Islam.

      The USA should stay out of the Near East and leave the Israelis to fight their own wars.

  2. I see this article by PCR as a veiled push to increase military spending by implanting nuke fear porn. The more military spending, the bigger his retirement portfolios.

    I have heard this warning since the 1950s,… so I’m not very scared anymore, but ‘millenials’ might be:

    “Aside from the fact that a nuclear attack on Russia is the likely intent of the criminal neoconservatives, nuclear warning systems are notorious for false alarms. During *Cold War I, both sides worked to build trust, but since the criminal Clinton regime Washington has worked to destroy all trust between the two dominant nuclear powers. All that is required to obliterate life on earth, thanks entirely to the crazed fools in Washington, is one false alarm received by the Russians. Unlike past false alarms, next time the Russians will have no choice but to believe it.”

    Gotta just luv his term – *Cold War I – !!!

    1. What’s wrong with you. Take a look at Democratic party headshots. Schumer, Shiff Sanders, Rosenstein, Wiessman, Nadler, Blokmenthal, Feinstein, Wasserman, Schulz…are all Jewish. And they don’t have friendly attitude to Israel. President Trump is not Jewish, but it is very fond of Israel. Thank God for that.

      1. What’s wrong with you Helen. It’s all a game between jewish factions using the Goyim sheeple. Is Hillary allready in prison???

      2. @ Helen

        I simply pointed out the obvious: that it’s wrong to identify someone as Jewish just because they have a name that some Jews may have but which is also very common among NON-Jews. Thus Evelyn said “Gabbard” was a Jewish name, but without stating it is also a NON-Jewish name. So the name “Gabbard” does not necessarily make Ms Gabbard a Jew, given that many non-Jews have that name.

        Evelyn is quite happy to accuse Gabbard of being Jewish, so what does she feel about the fact that “Evelyn” is ALSO a Jewish name? 🙂


        Moral: People who could be Jews themselves have no right to accuse others of being Jewish unless they ABSOLUTE PROOF of Jewishness. Speculation and guessing games will not do!

        Now accuse ME of being “Jewish” for being a stickler for logic! 🙂

  3. And Tulsi’s competition hasn’t even started in on this yet.
    They’re holding it in reserve. An ace of Clubs up their sleeve (pun intended), need be.

    The idea, the conception and the striking realization of Tulsi Hindu Gabbard will not play well in Peoria.


    Her dad’s (her?) guru Chris Butler (Siddhaswarupananda) was a former disciple of Srila Prabupada who got a little bit of power and proceeded to ‘jump over’ his guru and declare himself a big big guru. He is uber-intelligent with a huge charisma akin to Joel Osteen. He even looks like Joel. The first time I heard and saw him I thought they could easily be twins.

    So as soon as the competition brings up Tulsi’s Hindu, Hare Krishna, Science of Identity Foundation esoteric Eastern roots, it’s really gonna hurt. Basically game over.
    But she’ll be back..

    1. Prabhupada is on tape saying that the ENEMY of Humanity poisoned him. This was told to me by a Brit who has been involved with the Hare Krishna Movement for decades. He is an honest and deeply spiritual man. I don’t KNOW that it is so but I have no reason to doubt the gentleman. You are probably aware that almost the entire movement in the USA was taken over by THEM.

      Prabhupada was a decent man, unlike many in the religious movements of modern times.

      Tulsi played the game with THEM and she may have been doing a TRUMP with this opposition to destroying Iran and Syria.
      In any event her endorsement of CENSORSHIP with prison time marks her as no one that I would support.

      O’er the Land of the FREE and the Home of the SLAVE:


      The praise to the One!

      1. Sorry about that ADMIN.
        For those interested in reading the article go go:

        The article is titled:
        We’re All Enemies Of The State: Draconian Laws, Precrime & The Surveillance State

        The author is:
        John Whitehead

      2. TLOA, yes the demons poisoned our beloved Srila Prabhupada and one of the original instigators is now the Golden Boy of Srila Prabhupada’s ISKCON. Radhanath Swami (aka) little Richie Slavin. A (((usual suspect))) of the lowest order.

        I had a tete-a-tete with little Richie Slavin some years back as he was in the midst of making his big move within the leadership. He didn’t much like what I had to say or how I said it. Nuff said..

        All praise and glory to the One indeed!
        (He knows everything)

  4. Gabbard doesn’t want anyone saying anything negative about the way the Jews treat the Palestinians and she voted to make it illegal to boycott Israeli goods. For Tulsi, it’s okay for the Jews to GENOCIDE the Palestinians but it is not okay to be opposed to the jew GENOCIDE of the Palestinians that one actually boycotts Israel-made products. To boycott Israeli-made products, BIG SIN! A HORRIBLE CRIME! For the Jews to GENOCIDE the Palestinians, Oh, that’s very moral!

    We should not interfere with the Jews , the Jews know best what’s best for their Jew Israel! I bet if anyone asked her about the boycott of South Africa when South Africa had apartheid , I bet Gabbard would say she totally supported boycotting South Africa for being an apartheid state. But if anyone wants to boycott Israel for being an apartheid state, why that needs to be made ILLEGAL!!!! And if anyone wants to boycott Israel for GENOCIDING the Palestinians, why that needs to be made ILLEGAL!!!! We shouldn’t do anything to put an end to the GENOCIDE of the Palestinians ; What WE MUST DO : WE MUST do everything we can to put an end to anyone boycotting Jew israel. Just because the jews have an apartheid state and are Genociding the Palestinians [ a NON-White people, by the way ] does NOT mean WE have The Right to boycott ((( them))). ((( They)) need a steady stream of income like all of Us do, to deprive ((( them)) of a steady income stream is another way to inflict a HOLOCAUST on
    ((( them)) and WE are NOT Nazis, that’s NOT who WE are as a People!!!!

    She’s opposed to the wars in the Middle East but she certainly does have alot of love in her heart for the one country in the Middle East fomenting all the Middle East wars she’s opposed to, and that country is Israel. Her thinking is double-minded. And we already have enough double-minded thinking in this country, in our culture. We do NOT need another double-minded politician and/or another double-minded president.

    “I’m opposed to the wars in the Middle East but I stand firmly behind the one country causing all the Middle East wars I’m opposed to, and I will ALWAYS stand firmly behind Israel, the country fomenting all the Middle East wars I’m opposed to. Israel can do no wrong! Even when Israel is fomenting all the Middle East wars I’m opposed to , Israel can do NO wrong and I will always stand firmly behind Israel the most war-fomenting country in the Middle East!”

    1. @ TROJ (Off topic)

      If you use Google Chrome, you should be able to make use of smiley faces quite easily.

      To get a smiley face, do this:

      Put in a colon [ : ], followed immediately by a closed bracket [ ) ].

      This will produce a smiley face when you click on SEND. 🙂

  5. Poor Tulsi, not a snowball chance in hell the Jews will ever let her near power. Speaking of Krishna (Hindu fundamentalist sect), they are well aware of the Jewish problem – see this link:

    HITLER A GOOD MAN & JEWISH HOLOHOAX – Says Prabhupada, the Hare Krishna Saint & Original Revisionist

    Swami Prabhupada is the founder of the big Krishna movement in the west called ISKCON (Those orange robed chanters you see in the airport). ISKCON is the International Society of Krishna CONsciousness. They are good people because at one time for a short while I worked for them as a carpenter and maintenance man at the Columbus, Ohio temple. They are for life and thus are our allies in this struggle against Jewry.

    I have a funny story for you all, a while back I was an avid surfer who spent all winter surfing down the west coast of Amerika, and like any starving and dashing young surfer you eventually find the free food (they call it Prasadum) at your local Krishna temple. (And yeah cowboys make great surfers because we are tough as nails and can take the cold water and spectacular wipeouts – lot less worse than being thrown from a horse)

    I was a regular at the Santa Cruz temple and the one in Laguna Beach (near Los Angeles). So I read their book in a few hours (boring as hell) and one day I asked a young buck about the Krishna painting on the wall, it was a typical of Krishna art – Krishna with his favorite gopi girl (a cow herder). Krishna never married and I saw their hypocrisy of them preaching monogamy. (Note: all fundamentalist religions preach no drugs, no alcohol, and no sex and monogamy because they want you to channel all your primal chi energy into the organization and not wasting it on getting drunk and chasing tail.)

    Typical Krishna painting they have a version of it at all their temples:

    Anyways (this is a true story by Yukon Jack) I ask this young buck about the gopi girls in the Krishna painting, and he told me his favorite was Radha. I then asked if Krishna every got married. He said no. I had him and I asked the last question if it was true that Krishna had 16,108 gopi girlfriends. He was amazed at my knowledge and he said yes! He said hardly anyone outside of the organization knew that number. I told it was the sacred number phi encoded in their spritual literature. Phi = golden ration = 1.618034.

    I then delivered the punch line that I wanted to just like Krishna and have all those cute girlfriends and we both laughed. Years later, when the internet became available. I went by my first avatar Phishna which is Phi + Krishna combined. All a joke to me, but they take it seriously just like all fundamentalists who believe holy text literal.

    So I can attest to you all the Krishna are good people and by their spiritual vibration are opposed to the opposite vibration of Judaism. If their is ever a war for love and life against the forces of Jew darkness you can count on the Krishna to be on our side. They are spiritual warriors of the first order.

    1. Yukon Jack, I remember Phishna and so I remember you, all those years ago when I typed on a Tandy.
      Small world. In fact, it’s a small universe..

      1. You can find some of original essays when I first started writing about politics here:


        Unfortunately you now have to subscribe to read scribd essays, they have a free trial period, wasn’t like that when I posted there. Here is one on Boloji that survived:


        Also note that avatar Phishna is not be confused with others who follow the band Phish and call themselves Phishna or Phish’na. Back in 2010 I was in email contact with John Kaminski and reading all his essays, and he changed my thinking, actually he corrected my thinking so that I could see the Jew problem clearly.

  6. Admin –

    The site format was skewed after TLOA or Sard posted the links above.

    (ADMIN: Thanks for the alert, Pat! The two defective links (by Hp and TLOA) have been removed. All back to normal!)

  7. “The ruling elite see Gabbard as a threat just as they saw Trump as a threat.”

    LOL! Good old PCR still tenaciously clings to the notion that orange clown was sincere in his campaign rhetoric and really does put America first.

    Then he says this:

    “Intermediate-range nuclear missiles leave no time for a phone call between Putin and Trump. The Russian leader who has suffered hundreds of diplomatic insults, demonization of his person and his country, illegal sanctions, endless false accusations, and endless threats cannot assume that the warning is false.

    The idiots in Washington and the presstitutes have programmed the end of the world. When the alarm goes off, the Russian leader has no choice but to push the button.”

    This is a true and correct statement which reflects the author’s great perception of a very serious yet drastically underappreciated danger, IMO. How is it Roberts can grasp this, while holding orange clown almost blameless?

    “Donald Trump is a strong personality, but he has been cowed by the Israel Lobby and the military/security complex.”

    How do you talk someone into becoming a nuclear armed suicide bomber, willing to risk planetary extinction for the sake of the jewish-supremacist agenda? You don’t. Orange clown is a psychotic, psychopathic madman now, just as he was during the campaign.

  8. curiously however there is a rising tide of obesity and low class ne’er do wells
    that have their pantaloons and underwears hanging below they buttocks…

    and what with the henny penny turkey lurkey religion of the day in clown world

    well a backfire downtown can cause an instant melee…or worse


    what matters is the truth about the synagogue of satan psychopaths that print the currency
    and own the media…and have a mass murder for filthy lucre business model as a
    {{{BAD FAITH}}} so-called religion


    CLOWN WORLD….honk honk

  9. Jewess Marianne Williamson, both parents of the persuasion, is a modern day apostle of the lub, lub lub of all man kind, If she does not come to the defense of Tulsi we will know what Marianne is all about, as the Demonrats kick Tulsi to the curb, with the Bolsheviks from commie central casting stomping Tulsi’s pretty face into the cutter of the American political process.
    It seems that Tulsi is getting a real wake up about the viciousness of the Democrats and their trained seals in the deep state controlled media. She stepped into a hornet’s nest by not toeing to the party line via the Camela.
    When things really start to fall apart in America and the West, it will accelerate very fast with open hunting season on White people. The present generation, young and old, have been living for the last 40 years at the beginning formative stages of the 2nd Bolshevik revolution. TJ wants to live long enough to be around to witness what the Russians experienced a bare 100 years ago.
    American gun owners, do not, repeat, do not give up your guns for any reason what-so-ever.

    1. That’s right, TJ!

      Maybe Americans are the last hope to halt (((their))) agenda. Do not give up yours guns! If the State you (plural) live is red flagged, hide weapons and ammo in a place where the Police won’t find, to be used later when the SHTF. Keep just your carrying piece at hand. Do not fight the SWAT team alone because you will die, unless you want to be a martyr but, guess what? You won’t. The Zio-media doesn’t give a s**t when white people are killed by the Police.

      Houses are a horrible place to defend, a simple tear gas grenade and you are done. A trench in the woods is a far better place to be under a siege, with an escape route.

      If things really get nasty, a guerrilla is the answer. Now, a heresy: learn how the Taliban fights your f***ing Army, maybe someday you will need their expertise. The guerrilla never fights when the other side wants some action, it chooses when and where.

      Governments in the West abandoned the “Social Contract” a long time ago, when they did that they lost their legitimacy completely. In these days Governments (ZOGs) represents only thieves, liars and murderers and we, the people, had enough.

  10. “A threat is an attractive political candidate who questions the Empire’s agenda. Trump questioned the hostility toward Russia orchestrated by the military/security complex. Gabbard questions the Empire’s wars in the Middle East.”
    well yes they questioned, but was that ever for real or are they just feeding the fish?
    It helps the popularity, when candidates tell the public hopeful stuff, most still believing things can change through the democratic process…
    Not saying they absolutely cannot change, but it will never happen until we all run for office or go out and work for someone who is …
    Trump so far in the synagogue from the gitgo, Tulsi, as soon as she started showing up good in the debates, already Sold Out to the Stienies…
    “Wars in the Middle East against Israel’s enemies and preparation for major wars against Iran, Russia, and China are the bread and butter for the powerful US military/security complex lobby. All that is important to the military/security complex is their profits, not whether they get all of us killed. In other words, their propaganda about protecting America is a lie. They endanger us all in order to have enemies in order to justify their massive budget and power.”
    That’s right, and we could have peace in the world, if that’s what the People in Power wanted…
    Who are They?
    All the Monarchs, the Vatican, all the big religious cheeses, Muslims, Jews… All the filthy rich munitions contractors all over the world and all their revolving door political hacks… All the Media Magnates…
    Look at debates.. Not one question about how do we get to World Peace.. Don’t be Ridiculous…

  11. “Wars in the Middle East against Israel’s enemies and preparation for major wars against Iran, Russia, and China are the bread and butter for the powerful US military/security complex lobby.” This statement is misleading. It mentions who the wars are fought for (Israel) and then claims the ” US military/security complex lobby” is responsible for our wars. There is no evidence that all people that work for defense companies all want as many wars as possible to maximize profits, that in effect, they are all bloodthirsty murderers. Yes, wars are in their interest and that “could” affect executives opinions on if they support a war, but the key part of the sentence is “Wars in the Middle East against Israel’s enemies”. That means the wars are due to Jewish influence, pushed by Jewish lobbies like “AIPAC” and to the degree the “US military/security complex” has any power, it isn’t over who will be our targets. We don’t attack enemies of Switzerland, South Africa or any other country in the world, all our wars are fought against Israel’s enemies and that means Israel’s lobbyists direct our wars, not the “US military/security complex”. China is the only country mentioned i8n the sentence is which Jews don’t have a direct interest. In both Iran and Russia, Jews have stated clearly they don’t like either government. So, even any contemplated wars are all directed or heavily influenced by Jewish lobbyists.
    With all that said, the article clearly mentions the “Israel lobby” as having a major say in the USA’s wars as Lasha and other articles on the website echo.

    But I continuously see comments on this website that say to me the commenter has no idea why we fight the wars we do and I recently saw one by someone that one of the admin people told me in a comment was a very good writer and that is why the website featured an article by him (I won’t mention his name). Recently that “good writer” wrote comments asking why he Jews don’t attack Trump for his military attacks on countries in the middle east and this supposedly shows how Trump is in bed with the Jews. Trump is in bed with the Jews (despite initially promising he would not be during his run for the presidency), but this “good writer” clearly lacks any knowledge as to what motivates Jews and US foreign policy. Let me state again what I (and I’m sure others) have written many times already. Jews want those attacks on Syria, and the wars against Iraq and Libya. That is the proof Trump is in bed with the Jews. What is so complicated about seeing that destroying Syria and killing Assad (the supposedly “evil dictator” that protects Christians) is in Israel’s interest? The country borders Israel, has fought multiple wars with Israel, is an ally of Israel’s enemies (Iran and Iraq) and Israel wants the Golan Heights that it took from Syria in one of the Arab-Israeli wars, and Trump recently recognized as Israeli. Despite laying it out again I’m sure I will continue to see ridiculous claims and questions. I have to wonder if his commenter isn’t actually trying to divert criticism away from Jews, a group he clais to oppose.

    1. “The poor [and the demons] you will always have with you, but you will not always have me.”
      Srila Prabhupada: “There are many jealous people in the dress of Vaishnavas in this Krishna Consciousness movement, and they should be completely neglected.”

      “Bhaktivinoda Thakura says, Kali-cela. He indicates that there are other Vaishnavas, pseudo-Vaishnavas, with tilaka on their nose and kunti beads around their neck. Such a pseudo-Vaishnava associates with money and women and is jealous of successful Vaishnavas. Although passing for a Vaishnava, his only business is earning money in the dress of a Vaishnava”

  12. I disagree with right-wing and anti-establishment people who favor Tulsi Gabbard or Bernie Sanders or Andrew Yang as a means of ending the current political system. There is no possibility any of those candidates could defeat Trump, all they do is force Joe Biden to wage a more difficult campaign to get the Democratic presidential nomination, than he otherwise would have to, so they make it harder for him to defeat Trump in the general election. Trump is obviously completely owned by his Jewish Zionist extremist son in law Jared Kushner, we have never had a president as committed to doing Israel’s bidding in the Middle East as Trump has been, and Trump will almost certainly invade Iran if he is re-elected, which will cause many social and political problems in the USA. It will be a long and costly war, the USA will end up either losing it or being in perpetual stalemate in Iran, it will cost thousands at least of American lives, it will cost millions at least of dollars and it will make the general public in the USA angry. It may lead to violence including more mass shootings like the one of the Jewish Temple in Pennsylvania last year. Biden is far less likely to invade Iran than Trump because Biden is not influenced by an extremist Jewish Zionist such as Kushner. If Tulsi Gabbard, Bernie Sanders and Andrew Yang are promoted it forces Biden to devote more resources to defeating them for the Democratic presidential nomination, and this will make it harder for him to win the general election. The liberal news media promoted Patrick Buchanan in the 1992 Republican presidential primaries and caucuses against President Bush I in order to make it harder for him to win the general election, then promoted Ross Perot in the general election in order to take votes away from Bush so Bill Clinton could win. Gabbard, Sanders and Yang would very likely have a similar effect on this election and cause Trump to win inadvertently if they get a lot of support and attention, and in this election it would be better if Biden won than Trump.

  13. With the Democrats we may not get a war with Iran, but we get die-hard COMMUNISM in the United States. COMMUNISM is the domestic policy of the Democrats. With Trump and the Republicans, we get war a with Iran and little bit of freedom [ a little bit, not a lot, just a little bit, but more than we would get with Democrats, with Democrats we get NO freedom]. With both parties, us White Americans get swamped with third world immigrants, BOTH legal and illegal. The Republicans would like to see us White Americans get flooded and swamped and DISPLACED by “legal” third world foreigners. The Democrats would prefer us White Americans get flooded/swamped and DISPLACED by “illegal” third world foreigners. JEW SUPREMACISTS orange jew clown president and his daughter and son-in-law — “javanka” — they want us White Americans to get DISPLACED “legally”.

    Both parties are deeply against White Nationalism. Both parties avidly support Jew Nationalism. Both parties want a black-brown-Jew United States with as few White Americans as possible. Both parties want a JEW ONLY Israel. Both parties love and respect NON-White people so much, yet both parties support the Jew Genociding of the Palestinian people, a NON-White people. Including NON-White Kamala Harris and NON-White Cory Booker, they also support the Jews in the Jews Genociding the NON-White Palestinians. [ Kamala is married to a Jew, she’s a gung-ho supporter of Jews and Jew Israel, and Cory Booker is also a gung-ho supporter of Jews and of Jew Israel. Cory Booker is a NON-White version of Steny Hoyer. ]

    White Americans are totally screwed, whether there’s a war against Iran or not. Us White Americans will get DISPLACED whether there’s a war with Iran or not. With Democrats, us White Americans will get DISPLACED “illegally” ; With Republicans us White Americans will get DISPLACED “legally”. Really, with BOTH parties, doesn’t matter what party the future presidents belong to or what party controls Congress, us White Americans will continue to get DISPLACED BOTH “illegally” and “legally”.

    The White politicians pushing for the DISPLACEMENT of us White Americans by third world foreigners, the White politicians with children who support the DISPLACEMENT of us White Americans, their progeny will be disenfranchised and their progeny will be reduced to poverty and will be surrounded by violence and ugliness on all sides with no escape from the “precious” NON-Whites. Their progeny will have no say or influence in the culture and will suffer a lot of violence and be reduced to poverty and their progeny certainly will not be elected to any political offices by the black-brown masses. Their progeny, if they’re allowed to vote, their votes will count for NOTHING. The White politicians don’t care for us working-class White Americans but they don’t even care about their own off-spring , their own progeny. Their own progeny they sell down the river to the Jews along with us White working-class. But hey! Thank God they’re not selling us down the river to the Russians! They’re protecting us from the Russians while selling us down the river to the Jews and while flooding/swamping us White Americans with third world foreigners effectively DISPLACING us White Americans.

    At least Trump doesn’t want to sell us White Americans down the river to the Chinese. With the Democrats we get sold down the river to BOTH the Jews AND the Chinese. With Trump we get sold down the river to ONLY the Jews. With BOTH parties us White Americans get DISPLACED by “illegal” and by “legal” third world foreigners, all of whom are ANTI-White. This is called “choice”. This is our “choice” as White American voters.

    I’m against war with Iran, but even if there’s no war against Iran us White Americans will get screwed and screwed BIG TIME and screwed BIG TIME by BOTH political parties.

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