Turning us into robots

John Kaminski
23 October 2019 


Are we still able to recognize ourselves?

Consider the areas taken over and now dominated and warped by Jews.

We see it foremost in media, women whose boobs fall out of their skimpy costumes, then sue their pimps for back pay and claim they’re liberated. Like newspapers which shaped our view of the world and got us to support wars that left the bankers rich and the people poor. Then they claim to be our champions. No wonder nobody believes anything.

But they couldn’t have their hammerlock on media without complete control of the money supply, a quest that began in the 1640s when Cromwell and his gang of Dutch Jews engineered the beheading of English King Charles I. The centralization of Jewish control in the City of London has ravaged the world ever since with inflationary spirals, preplanned wars and absolutely corrupt banking practices.

With these three things, Jews not only control governments, but also people’s minds. As a result of their virtual monopoly on media, they define the spectrum of reality and simply blacklist aspects they wish to make disappear. They groom suitable candidates and manipulate them into public office, from where they can empty the coffers of governments and the wallets of the people. No U.S. president has served who was not completely controlled by the Deep State banking machine, which today is a totally Jewish enterprise. Those candidates and elected officials who could not be controlled were assassinated.

I think this is still the main formula.

A big part of big media’s mind control of the population is entertainment, which principally has turned white children into black wannabes through control of the music scene. America has relied on black musicians throughout its history even though white translators and adaptors generally wound up getting the credit for smash hits and masterpieces. Jews have destroyed the American music scene the same way they destroyed the Roman religion, with an infinite number of indistinguishable imitations so that no one could really tell the difference between one and the other.

Particularly noticed in the 1950s was the subtle introduction of homosexuality into fiction (J. D. Salinger) led to total obliteration of restraint in the 1960s and the legalization of homosexuality in the 1970s, a major triumph for the Jewish destabilization template, which ripped the heterosexual heart out of Western culture and doomed the nuclear family to oblivion. Next to the women’s liberation fostered by Jewish groups in the late 1800s, the legal and moral liberation of homosexuals was probably the greatest societal destabilization of Western culture ever perpetrated by those psychopaths trying to destroy it.

It accelerated the growth of bizarre behavior as it reduced the fecundity of white populations, the result of which is a world population with a lower IQ than existed in a Western culture which was primarily built by whites. But this is no apologetic. The chief problem today is that the rest of the world wants everything that the whites have invented and are willing to behave just like whites to get it. This is not good news for anyone.

Perhaps it was in the 1960s that I first noticed the really penetrating songs — genuine socially conscious analyses — began disappearing toward 1970, replaced by more superficial songs that are the ones still played today. It seemed then like the culture was shifting from marijuana to cocaine and music became more plastic and the lyrics more meaningless and less political.

They say now that was a Laurel Canyon CIA experiment, but we come to love our addictions like The Beatles and when they are deconstructed into something bad (like some kind of Frankfurt School programming), well, it hurts a little when our past is trashed.

Who among us today dares say our memories of past decades were not more pleasant that the constant string of social catastrophes that confront us today?

Yet some memory is necessary. To understand the present it is necessary to reanalyze past events in the light of subsequent knowledge, and that enables us to see the stunning idiocies that have trashed America with programs which made the elite rich richer but the average Joe and Jane a lot poorer.

Still, most people have yet to see it.

Now we can more clearly see that the trend toward corporate consolidation which eliminated the Mom & Pop grocery stores was really a clever cover story for the rise of corporate communism as now we see that rich Jewish companies can actually control what everybody else thinks and speaks. And buys.

And woe is you if you try to point out their lies.

They taught us that George Washington chopped down a cherry tree; they didn’t teach us that James and Lionel Rothschild decided to manufacture the U.S. War Between the States.

They taught us that Adolf Hitler was the bad guy in World War II. They didn’t teach us that Eisenhower starved to death 2.3 million surrendered German soldiers after the war, and kept it a secret.

They taught us that Muslim hijackers knocked down the Twin Towers in New York City. But they didn’t tell us FEMA was in town the night before, setting up shop to monitor the disaster they knew was coming.

After money and media come medicine, armaments, illegal drugs, gambling, the law, education, science, entertainment and religion. The Jews control all these aspects of our lives. Money? Jews can print as much as they want, out of nothing. All money under the present system comes from debt. It is the specious fees of middlemen that always sink economies. It happens constantly.

All the reporting on every event derives from Jewish ownership of providers and advertisers. One untoward remark about Jews can put giant corporations out of business, never mind small enterprises simply trying to tell the truth.

I first noticed something wrong in the histories of both art and music. Both have been polluted by irrelevance, unable to stand by themselves as were the masterpieces of old.

Then there is the matter of Albert Einstein, not just the plagiarism of his most basic formulas, but the lack of verification of his postulations. Curved space? Quantum physics? Big bang? Dark matter? All fiction, all Jewish fiction that has derailed physics education, as well as science in general with all these preposterous postulations.

We know about the law. Get yourself a Jewish lawyer. We know about politics. Everyone who runs for public office must sign a statement supporting Israel or they can’t get money to run their campaigns. We know about medicine – push the pills or don’t get the yacht.

Jews are not qualified to be citizens of any country except Israel because they are first and foremost members of a revolutionary clique aiming at the overthrow of all countries, a process which has already occurred in all but a few countries. The remaining countries, the ones that try to remain outside the international money cabal, are the ones the Jews and America choose to bomb, and replace with puppet leaders.

You can see Jewish influence all over the 9/11 investigation, with the Kean commission that never even mentioned Building 7, to Chertov letting 37 Israeli terrorists fly back to Israel with no charges, and of course three Israelis who admitted being sent to the U.S. to monitor the events of 9/11, with the clear implication being that lots of people had foreknowledge.

And now today you see the lockdown of information about the Jews’ Holocaust hoax of World War II as Amazon, Google and Facebook, three Jewish entities, refuse to permit any knowledge about WW2 that doesn’t match their scripted propaganda, and is automatically erased from their files.

Just as the American people are about to be erased from the files of history in the process of being turned into a mindless, tan-skinned army of robot slaves, no longer able to think independently of what Jewish media tell them to think.


50 thoughts to “Turning us into robots”

  1. We were all turned into robots many centuries ago. If you are genuinely looking for the solution, then you need to start looking in all the other places you’ve neglected to look at. It’s a simplistic notion to believe/feel/see that all our human problems lay in one corner of the human world.

    We’re all so busy dreaming up reason why the other person is wrong without admitting that we think we’re always right. Trouble is “right” and/or “wrong” are judgment calls.

    Jack Waddington

    1. No, last century most people were living souls who could judge for themselves what is real and what is illusion and the reptilian brain of the plutocrats didn’t control every sector of business enterprise and cultural self-expression. Societies of the 20th century weren’t idolaters of money and had professional standards. The world ended in 1999, and what is occurring now is the sixth extinction.

    2. what about true and false…?

      aren’t “True Jews” the Talmudic terrorists that hate Jesus..?

      as there are in fact No “Jews” in the Old Testament on account of the
      the truth, that to be a “Jew” a “PROSELYTE” to Talmudic Judaism MUST
      Hate Jesus…and have a Talmud.

      the really …REALLY GOOD NEWS…


      “JEWISH NARRATIVE”….John 8:44 !

      besides there is no TRUTH to the “JEWISH” narrative which is false.

      that much should be painfully obvious by now

  2. “The chief problem today is that the rest of the world wants everything that the whites have invented and are willing to behave just like whites to get it. This is not good news for anyone.”
    Not sure what this means…
    “Perhaps it was in the 1960s that I first noticed the really penetrating songs — genuine socially conscious analyses — began disappearing toward 1970, replaced by more superficial songs that are the ones still played today.”
    It’s true that Jews have had too much control over the music business and the rest of media..
    That didn’t help, and we know the plot is thick..
    But the fact is that capitalism itself tends to reduce everything to the status of a commodity, and then removes and reduces whatever naturally occurring quality comes with the ‘product’ as it commonly denominates all the products then to facilitate sales…
    Radio Music is no longer organic, no more than the food you buy in the supermarkets, and rarely are there real DJs on the scene at all…
    The same thing happens with movies, see all of Ronert DeNiro’s “sorry ass tragic comedies”…
    “We know about the law. Get yourself a Jewish lawyer. We know about politics. Everyone who runs for public office must sign a statement supporting Israel or they can’t get money to run their campaigns. We know about medicine – push the pills or don’t get the yacht.”
    Media is the problem, corporate money negated the fist amendment… The ‘socialist’ cure is a nationalistic, state run media channel, that provides the public with reliable information in the form of only statistics and direct quotes, video, and also provides a public platform for any candidates, so they’re not held hostage to big media on the way in…
    “And now today you see the lockdown of information about the Jews’ Holocaust hoax of World War II as Amazon, Google and Facebook, three Jewish entities, refuse to permit any knowledge about WW2 that doesn’t match their scripted propaganda, and is automatically erased from their files.”
    Right. This while they continue to run their never ending string of Hitler programs on TV and crank out their version of WW2 events, like the movies Patton, Pearl Harbor and Dunkirk, to jive with the fake history… 9-11 is going down in history the same way…
    History is a Mystery…

    1. Well said! History IS a mystery to many of our young. Just this week, I have been tutoring my daughter in her (belated) college history focus on the Founding Era – specifically the Federalist Papers vs. the Anti-Federalist Papers. Much of the same arguments are pertinently applied to England’s BREXIT plight. The United States, unlike almost every other country since the Roman Empire, began with a COMPACT of inhabitants, rather than a CONQUEST of kings. England’s Parliament operates in an evolutionary fashion. America’s Congress operates according to LAW (which is “Rule of Law”). What Kaminski laments, here, is resultant of that Rule of Law being “bent” by [the lawyers] those who were originally denied election to the republican legislature. Much of the perversion of law has come about from the ratification of The Seventeenth Amendment, whereby the “money powers” manifested their control of the United States Senate. In this, the “flaws” of [a] Constitution were validated according to the Anti-Federalist fears. That amendment SHOULD be repealed – but, of course, the masters it serves so well will not let that happen.

  3. JK –

    “Jews are not qualified to be citizens of any country except Israel because they are first and foremost members of a revolutionary clique aiming at the overthrow of all countries, a process which has already occurred in all but a few countries.”

    Germany has increased the criminal code to silence the facts just as ‘Put-On’ the Puny did in Russia….
    ……… “For Saying Anything Jews Don’t Like”!!!

    Speaking to the federal parliament, the Bundestag, Interior Minister Horst Seehoffer acknowledged that “antisemitism is anchored in parts of our society.” His plan includes an obligation to report hate speech on the internet, bans on extremist political groups, a stricter weapons law and more prevention work by the authorities.

    In his remarks, Seehofer spoke of “individual perpetrators” who “build up their frustration outside the public sphere without initially recognizable connections to anyone.” This was a new challenge for the authorities because it was no longer enough to observe an extremist party, he said.

    1. During our Founding Era, both Franklin and Jefferson voiced that Jews should be DENIED Citizenship to the United States. (in those days, the “u” was lower case, with an upper-case “C” spelling “[C]itzenship”.)
      Those letters are forever buried! 😡

      1. Jews need to be denied citizenship to ANY country. They need to be kept under strict 24 hour surveillance and monitoring needs to be available to anyone who decides at any time to check on the creeps.
        As far as banker issued debt goes, since the nail of the Jew is more precious than a million gentile lives, why not gather a few thousand Jewish nails and bones and hand them over to Rothschild and co every so often, that should settle all debt outstanding. Every now and then a few political Masonic and judiciary creatures can be added as bonus payment for payment of future debt.
        Give the quarantined Jews some kosher porn and viagra so they can mate, that will provide more material for future debt payment.
        Time is running out and the survival of humanity is at stake. Something needs to happen, soon

    2. “individual perpetrators” who “build up their frustration outside the public sphere without initially recognizable connections to anyone.”

      Pretty sure I don’t like the sound of that and if I were a German (or any EU eunuch) I’d hate it.

      Where’s Boris when you really need him..

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  5. One of the chief problems with John Kaminski is that he wants his readers to believe that Adolf H. is a good guy -´ they taught us that Adolf Hitler was the bad guy in World War II´- who fought against the j-bankers.

    John K. & the like can´t stomach that their hero is controlled opposition. The Rotschilds & co financed him:



    ´ Adolf Hitler and the Nazis were created and funded by the Rothschilds. It was they who arranged for Hitler to come to power through the Illuminati secret societies in Germany like the Thule Society and the Vril Society which they created through their German networks; it was the Rothschilds who funded Hitler through the Bank of England and other British and American sources like the Rothschild‘s Kuhn, Loeb, bank which also funded the Russian Revolution.´


    Glimpse throught their 13 points list on why AH is a jew tool.

    Eustace Mullins called John K. an infiltrator for various reasons. There is an interview in his last years with the French Conection.

    Unfortunately many alt. sites still fall for Kasminski´s false tomtom to the great satisfaction of the mossad cyber marmots. It leaks from the alt. media to the msm sheople who wake up, that is the simple reason why the hasbara herd is active.

    I wonder actually if Kaminski is a Polish jew originally.

    1. For what it’s worth, your comment accusing John Kaminski of being a “Polish Jew” amounts to defamation of character and is against the rules of this website. You are entitled to peddle the tired old conspiracy theory that Hitler was a Jew working for the Rothschilds, but don’t think the administrators of this site are happy to give you hospitality here to promote your poppycock theories. Go to some other website
      if you wish to make a fool of yourself.

      1. You do Julien a disservice, here. For instance, I’ve seen some writers bad-mouth Paul Craig Roberts, here, with impunity. (Isn’t PCR frequently featured here, as well???)
        I’ve been reading Kaminski for some years, now…ever since before Eustace Mullins passed away (and I was personally well-acquainted with Eustace). What Julien says about Eustace is true. Also, I distinctly remember Kaminski used to be vociferously outspoken against Christians and Christianity. Being no one who wears it on his sleeve, it nonetheless offended me such that I began to not bother reading him. That changed, later. Although none of us has any way of knowing for sure that the Rotheschild/Hitler relationship existed, it does make for interesting speculation in light of historic events.

        1. @ Gilbert Huntly

          No, Toby doesn’t do Julien Romanovsky a disservice here and he is unlikely to take lectures from you on how to do his job. So pipe down and stop interfering with the monitoring process which is not your job to do, and which is done as fairly and justly as possible on this website.

          I object strongly to Julien Romanovsky sneering at John Kaminski by calling him a “Polish Jew”. I happen to know, even if you don’t, that John Kaminski doesn’t like these vicious lies being spread about him. He regards them as character assassination. As defamation of character. They damage his reputation as a writer.

          Yes, Paul Craig Roberts is criticized here for his failure to use the J-word. That is valid criticism. But no decent website would allow you to vilify PC Roberts as “pedophile” or a “serial killer”. That would amounts to defamation of character. A malicious lie designed to destroy his reputation as a writer. If you can’t see the difference between “negative criticism” and “libellous defamation” and “character assassination”, I feel sorry for you.

          # 10. WRITERS PUBLISHED HERE. Feel free to find fault with the writers we publish and offer constructive criticism of their work, but please refrain from vilifying them with crude, offensive, and defamatory language. *** CHARACTER ASSASSINATION OF PUBLISHED WRITERS IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. ***


          1. Kaminski pulls back the curtain and we stare, unblinking, into the abyss of our dark, dystopian future.

            – John Kaminski, the greatest unheard voice of our time.

            1. @ Gilbert Huntly

              I don’t think Arch Stanton would approve of John Kaminski being called a “Polish Jew”, do you? Unruly rednecks like you may enjoy seeing good writers defamed and their reputations dragged in the dirt. But sensible people don’t. You should stop interfering with the monitors. They are doing their jobs and trying to keep order. You are getting too big for your boots by your arrogant lecturing of the monitors. Take a back seat, turnip head! 🙂

              1. @ Julien Romanovsky

                Your long comment “TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN” is an outright attack on John Kaminski and has therefore been deleted. Because it far more than constructive criticism of the article he has just written. It is CHARACTER ASSASSINATION writ large. This is specifically against the rules of this website which we are not going to let your trample upon. Go somewhere else and make your ad hominem allegations, none of which have been proved and depend on hearsay, chitchat, and conspiracy theory gossip. If you have any proof that John Kaminski is a “Polish Jew”, send us a copy of his birth certificate.

                # 10. WRITERS PUBLISHED HERE. Feel free to find fault with the writers we publish and offer constructive criticism of their work, but please refrain from vilifying them with crude, offensive, and defamatory language. *** CHARACTER ASSASSINATION OF PUBLISHED WRITERS IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. ***

                Commenters are free to abuse and insult other commenters if they wish, within reason, but for legal reasons they must not apply the same level of invective to the writers we publish. Treat our writers with the same degree of respect you would like for yourself. If you can’t do that, keep silent; or go to some other website where scurrility, scatology, and mean-spirited character assassination are standard practice.


                1. As for your Hitler conspiracy theories, this is the wrong website to peddle them on. We’ve had them here before and discussed them ad nauseam, and we have no wish to relaunder last year’s dirty washing. Your Eustace Mullins quotes about Kaminski have already appeared on this website, not once but several times. We are all aware of these things Eustace is reported to have said about Kaminski. So you aren’t telling us anything new or controversial. You are just stirring up old hog manure.

                  Since John Kaminski happens to be one of the most featured writers on the Darkmoon website, we are not going to let you have the pleasure of defaming him here as a dangerous and disgusting Polish Jew.

                  Go somewhere else and peddle your poison.

    2. It doesnt necessarily matter that hitler was financed by jews trying to stoke a world war. That doesnt mean that hitler played along with them knowingly.

      I would take.take jewish money and climb the ladder and then turn on them and many historical figures played double agents.
      Thats what a spy is.

      Hitler did the best he could, otherwise there would have been no need for him to die or hide at the end.

  6. The ‘biggies’ ARE making robots out of the homeless around the world thru the ‘ID 2020 Alliance’!

    Big Pharma And Microsoft Will Combine Vaccinations With Implantable Microchips”

    The ‘ID2020 Alliance’ is a digital identity program that uses vaccination to insert tiny microchips into people’s bodies as part of a “digital identity program,” which has already been rolled out for use on the homeless.

    The program was rolled out in Latin America and third-world countries, and is now coming to Texas!!


    Keep in mind that ID2020 is a part of the so-called “REAL ID,” which will soon be required for those who wish to travel. REAL ID will also be used as a backdoor method of implementing mandatory vaccination policies for adults.

    1. There are signs on every pharmacy I see which read “Get Your Flu Shot Here”. I wonder,,, Perhaps it will be spread to unsuspecting sheeple in that way. (I firmly DECLINED flu shots from my physicians and nurses during my hospital stay.) (They seem incessant about asking every time I go for blood work or check-ups, too!)

      1. Yep….same here in the UK. Bombarded daily with text messages and Emails concerning the flu shots.
        The other day we were being told there will be a shortage of flu shots to go around due to Brexit. 🙂

    2. All very easy in down under. The article linked is over 6 years old

      When the “replacement PM” and not publicly voted Turnbull took over OZ his wife was the current CEO of a Corp that produced Vaccines. Soon after the Aussie government came up with a plan:

  7. https://interestingengineering.com/the-a-z-list-of-black-inventors

    All math has its basis in (what is now) India. Darkskinned Moors who civilised Spain for 700+ years (till 1492) have their knowledge of the ciphers including their basis Zero from there.

    Santa Claus and the One he adored were dark. It was the Spanish (western European) Rodrigo Borgia born in Xativa in the province of Valencia who when he became ceo – Alexander VI – of the Vatican 11 august 1492 ´re-invented´ them, turned them white in a oprah make over avant la lettre.

    Since 1492 we do indeed live in Silly Icon times, 5G SUS!

    Marco Polo saw in the the big Indian subcontinent very darkskinned people. Most of the great contributors to Indian civilisation were darkskinned. A thing Voltaire knew when he said that from the banks of the Ganges civilisation originated.

    Cryptojew Chris C. stumbled on the Americas on while he was sailing to India. He thouight he made it to Imndia when he saw these darkskinned people in waht are now called the Caraibean islands, that´s why he labeled them Indians….

    The socalled ´West´ dominated by the fake jews should know & recognise its roots, maybe then the Apocalypso choreography will be flushed through the toilet.

  8. “Heavenly Father from above , help me to spread Divine love. Make the world understand the Venal short comings of man”

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      2. Certainly the jewish/satanic soul makes itself manifest here.
        It reminds one of a screeching foaming at the mouth demon possessed person lashing out at a priest who is about tonexorcise them in some kike hollywood satan flick.

        We can now see how they recognize their own as well as how they recognize Jesus and His followers…

  11. Here are the Cliff Notes for a very brief history of the 20th Century.
    WW1 was fought to establish the Bolshevik Communist takeover of Russia and the promise to give Palestine to the Jews sometime in the new future.
    WW2 was fought to save the Soviet Union and to begin the process in earnest of populating Palestine with European Jews of Khazar ancestry.

    The brief history of the 21st Century so far is as follows: The State of Israel got their hands on the PROMIS software via the US State Department. The oh so cleaver Israelis, who got this software gratis installed a backdoor and sold it through Robert Maxwell all around the world. This upgraded software now is used in all Microsoft software, apple and other lesser known operating systems including “smart phones” and other handheld devises. You can run but you cannot hide if you use these devises.
    Now here is where the plot thickens. Just about every county government in the US is asking their property owners to vote (of course) for an additional levy on their property tax raising multi-millions to upgrade their 911 call centers. The reason given is to get the cops out sooner.
    All these county call centers will be all tied together into a national electronic data base grid.
    Whereas before, with smart phones and cell phones, (((they))) and their minions could track the user via the backdoor in the operating systems, now when one calls 911 for an emergency the local upgraded call centers can electronically suck all the information out of your personal devise via the open line and the installed back doors. (((They))) and (((their))) minions will have a record of who you called and when. (((They))) and (((their))) minions will know where you’ve been and where you’re going and going to do. This last feature is the basis for precrime. Because of your past history, (((they))) and (((their))) minions think (((they))) can in (((their))) fevered minds predict if you are one that may commit a crime in the future.
    With all the anti-Semitic hate crime laws coming down the pike, the most heinous of all crimes, how easy it will be for certain individuals to vanish who said some forbidden word or idea through the electronic media.
    No shit Dick Tracy. One would have to be a “robot” to live in such a world.

  12. 50 or 60 years ago when an elderly gentleman commented on the stunning beauty of a young girl passing by in a public place the young girl flushed timidly and smiled back graciously giving thanks and appreciation to the heartfelt complement given. In today’s world the reaction of a young girl receiving a “compliment” from an older male in public most likely would create harassment charges or replies like: “WTF! Why are you looking at me for you old pervert. F.O. or I call the cops”.
    Psychopathy is the new human standard of human evolution – schizophrenia will be the common and final goal.
    Before robots will evolve through man designed AI all human interference and involvement will need to be strictly discarded – only then the survival of “mechanical” intelligence is saved from the distorted ones that claim to know all but hardly know themselves. When man starts to wish to become a non thinking programmed biological hybrid as thoughts have become to painful to bear life or love the human idea of definite failure in the “evolution of man” will be accomplished. To blame the Jews or oneself for it will not make a difference at all.

  13. JULIEN
    If you have a copy of this book – HITLER’S SECRET BACKERS, I’m wondering which printing it is… i see two copies of it on Amazon, and they’re both different from each other and also from the one you posted. Of the two on Amaozn, one is from 2017 and the other from 1995…
    I’m sure i want the oldest copy available…
    What year was the red one printed?
    read Trading with the Enemy.
    I’m betting there are chips in your credit cards and drivers license now…
    There’s probably one in your R-Gun too…
    i’m not sure how different the one will be on the real ID, but there’s gotta be some improvement in its capabilities…
    But that’s not the same thing as having one stuck inside your body…
    Every time i go to the VA hospital the doctors there are constantly pushing me to have MY flu shot..
    “Would you like YOUR flu shot”? – like it’s already got my name on it…
    No Way i’m ever taking any vaccinations, even without the chips…
    And what else is the internal chip going to be up to besides RFID?
    They probably will eventually deny you benefits though, if you don’t get your shots..
    That’s a very astute summary… These communications devices are the key to
    the Super Surveillance State, which can have nothing to do with freedom and democracy…
    As they say in YizRayell “In Isreal we don’t have freedom, we have security.”


      Don´t have a copy, so there might be differences in the various circulating editions, as you say, but the very fact that it was taken out of distribution the first time says enough. ´They´ did not want the true facts to be known.

      Here are 2 links on the factual financial pact between Adolf H. and the FED & the Bank of England (needless to say that both were & still are owned by the j-bankers):


      “In 1934 the foreign correspondent of the Manchester Guardian confirmed the widely diffused rumor that the bulk ofNazi funding was foreign in origin: “Hitler had large funds at his disposal, not obtained entirely from German sources. He got money from certain capitalist interests in foreign countries…..”


    1. RS –

      Thanks for your input. I choose to NOT believe Russia Insider. Russia Insider is a news website that was launched in September 2014 by American expatriate, Charles Bausman, living in Russia!

      I DO choose to believe Russia’s SputnikNews from 2014… the news ‘Put-On’ likes! 🙂

      President Putin signs law criminalizing Nazi revisionist tactics


      On Monday May 5, 2014 the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin passed a Russian Federal Law “On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation” aimed at opposing attempts to infringe on historical memory in relation to events that took place during World War II(the Great Patriotic War), according to the Kremlin. This is a clear sign to fascists worldwide.

      The passing of the law shortly before the May 9th Victory Day celebrations (a bittersweet day when Russians remember the tens of millions who fell fighting the scourge of nazi Germany and joyfully celebrate the victory of Russia, the Red Army and the USSR over the nazi fascists) and against the backdrop of the events in Ukraine (where the US installed and backed fascist junta has mobilized the army and is employing armed paramilitary nazi Right Sector extremists to engage in what can only be described as a nazi “war of extermination” against those who refuse to be ruled by the degenerate followers of nazi SS stooge Stephan Bandera and grant legitimacy to the junta which violently overthrew the democratically elected government in February) has received a lot of attention worldwide, in particular with nazi glorifiers, white supremacists and Jewish groups.

      According to the Kremlin: “The new Federal Law makes it a criminal offence to deny facts recognized by the international military tribunal that judged and punished the major war criminals of the European Axis countries, approving the crimes this tribunal judged, and deliberately spreading false information about the Soviet Union’s activities during World War II.”

      The brief summary wording of the law has been posted on the Kremlin website and recognizes the findings of the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal that would make Holocaust Denial a crime in the Russian Federation as this comes under “facts recognized by the international military tribunal”.

      1. I think mr. Johnson is just a crypto jew, a spook, which must pretend/sell that there is a real conflict between the jewsa (‘ usa’) and the jussra (‘russia’). The jews want us to believe that they don’t rule the world and that the jussra is a real opponent of the jewsa. All jewish smoke and mirrors for the gullible Goyim.

        1. Evelyn —

          Nice to know that the omniscient Evelyn, with her all-seeing eyes, has seen through the “smoke and mirrors” that the rest of us poor “gullibe goyim” cannot see! Please do continue to lecture us from your high pedestal as our self-appointed political guru. We are only too pleased to be your humble disciples. 🙂

  14. Sister Monica –

    Being an aficionado of swine dining, I was involved in annual hog-killing, yesterday, and did not read your kindly chastisement of my commentary about the treatment of one “Julien” on your site. It seems I ruffled feathers, but I meant no harm.
    Having always enjoyed reading your commenters as much as your articles, I feel inclined to defend the ones who are sometimes put-upon because their comments may be somewhat distasteful to the monitor’s etiquette. I find many of your guests quite interesting of themselves, and seldom read one so stupid that something is not to be learned from their dialogue. Even the profane ones are often amusingly informative.
    If I offended Toby to you, I apologize. I perceive you to be someone whose acquaintance I would thoroughly enjoy, and bear you nothing but kindest regards. 🙂

    1. Listen darling, I love you and all your strange ways. And I would ask you not to be to deterred by any criticisms you may receive at my hands or those of my esteemed colleague Toby. The simple fact is, we all have our faults and frailties, being human. And that includes me and Toby. Being monitors on a site like this opens us to abuses of power and sometimes brings out the worst in us. We can be beastly at times, no matter how hard we try to be fair and just.

      What you say is absolutely correct — “even the profane ones are amusingly informative” — which is precisely the reason we go on posting the comments of our madhatter friend TROJ. Banned from just about every other site, TROJ has found a home on the Darkmoon site despite his obvious lunacy. And this is largely owing to the kindly intervention of Lasha Darkmoon.

      Please take a quick look at the Gilbert Huntly poems we have published on this website and let me know which are your favorite ones. Try and narrow it down to 1-2 poems if you can. Have you ever written a poem of which you can say: “That’s the best I can do. That’s me!” Only the other day we were thinking of reissuing one or to of your best poems but were not sure which were the best ones in your opinion.

      1. Thank you, Sister. You’re too kind. I DO understand how tedious it must be to monitor such a site as this, and I very much appreciate not being constantly monitored – and I try not to be my profane self, for YOUR sake, too. 😉😉
        Whenever you and Lasha decide to re-publish one of my poems, I certainly trust your judgement in deciding which to choose. Lasha likes the love poems, and of those, “Always and Forever” was the most real life for me. You might agree it is true.
        IMO, my best poem is a war poem entitled “The Last Meeting”, inspired by the Julio painting of Generals Lee and Jackson which hangs in the great hall at VMI. Maybe I’ll send it to Lasha for your inspection. 🙂

  15. Here is how politicians are turned into pawns – no better than “robots” – Epstein used this technique in UK also.

    UK: Retired Scotland Yard Detective Explains that Children’s Care Homes Are Used for Pedophilia and Organized Child Sex Rings

    UK: Jon Wedger, a retired police detective who served with Scotland yard for 27 years and specialized in pedophile rings, reveals how police protect politicians, celebrities, and other powerful people who commit pedophilia.

    [Child sex abuse is a political strategy that creates a means to control politicians and judges through blackmail. It has become a standard method of operation at the highest levels in almost all governments of the world, which is why it is so difficult to get governments to clean it up.]

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