Warmonger Pompeo would like to take his Lies to Iran

By Finian Cunningham
ICH, 3 August 2019

Pompeo ‘Happy’ to Pontificate in Tehran, Revealing US Tyranny of Arrogance

Imagine the spectacle. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo sitting in Tehran and telling the Iranian people via a state media interview how “evil” their government is. No wonder tensions with Iran are reaching a flashpoint when Washington is so arrogant and delusional.

Last week, Pompeo told US media he was willing to go to Iran despite the Americans having no diplomatic relations with Tehran. Pompeo was not intending to suddenly meet with Iranian officials. Instead he wants a putative visit to Tehran to be an occasion to get on state media and address the Iranian people “directly”.

In response to a question about whether he was prepared to go to Tehran, the American top diplomat said: “Sure. If that’s the call, I’d happily go there… I would welcome the chance to speak directly to the Iranian people.”

“I’d like a chance to go [to Tehran], not do propaganda but speak the truth to the Iranian people about what it is their leadership has done and how it has harmed Iran,” he added.

That’s not diplomatic outreach. It is simply about seeking the chance to pontificate in Tehran. Despite claiming he would “not do propaganda”, the talking points that Pompeo would regurgitate on Iranian media would be the usual baseless slander that has become Washington’s standard depiction of Iran. A depiction that Pompeo as well as President Donald Trump have personally propagated.

Iran, according to Washington dogma, is an evil terrorist-sponsoring regime that ruthlessly represses its 80 million people, fueling conflict all over the Middle East, and secretly building nuclear weapons. Typically, the Americans never provide any evidence to substantiate their caricature of Iran. It’s merely a “truth” solidified by relentless repetition of hollow allegations. In short, propaganda.

And Pompeo wants to insult the intelligence of Iranians by being given a pulpit on Iranian state media.

By saying he wants to “speak directly” to the Iranian people, Pompeo is adverting to the real US agenda of fomenting regime change.

America’s official arrogance and hypocrisy are boundless. Every malign activity that Washington accuses Iran of can be thrown straight back at the US with manifold more accuracy of facts. The US has destroyed the Middle East with numerous criminal wars and covert regime-change operations, has sponsored terrorists as its proxies, and has fueled the danger of nuclear war by illegally arming Israel with hundreds of weapons of mass destruction.

President Trump has sinisterly alluded to potentially using WMD against Iran in recent weeks, threatening to deploy overwhelming force “to end the regime”.

Admittedly, the American president has at times said he is open to talks with the Iranian government. His “offer” is unconvincing of an intention for genuine dialogue. Trump expects Iran to come to the negotiating table in an act of surrender and self-debasement to accept his terms of “disarmament”. All the while using the threat of annihilation as a bargaining tool.

Moreover, Pompeo expressed his entitlement to lecture the Iranians and urge them to liberate themselves from a “theocratic tyranny” because, he said, the Iranian foreign minister Mohammad Javid Zarif is allowed “the freedoms of the United States to come here and spread malign propaganda”.

Pompeo was referring to an official visit to the US earlier this month by Zarif who was attending the United Nations in New York City for a diplomatic conference. All foreign diplomats have a sovereign right to attend the UN. Pompeo’s remarks indicate a presumption that the US government has dominion over the UN and international law.

The alleged “malign propaganda” that Pompeo accused Zarif of spreading was an interview he conducted with the NBC news channel at the Iranian ambassador’s residence. During that interview, Zarif did not unload on the litany of factually verifiable war crimes that the US is culpable of.

What Zarif said was a model of restraint and diplomacy. He said that if the US lifted crippling sanctions off Iran, then the “door is wide open” for future negotiations.

Calling for the avoidance of war, the Iranian diplomat pointed out that it was the United States, not Iran, that had undermined diplomacy by walking away from the 2015 nuclear agreement between Tehran and world powers, reported NBC.

“It is the United States that left the bargaining table. And they’re always welcome to return,” Zarif added.

What Pompeo calls “malign propaganda” many other people would view as an accurate, if restrained, telling by the Iranian diplomat of how it really is.

Given the unlawful aggression that the Trump administration is wielding against Iran in terms of economic warfare on the country’s vital oil trade and in terms of military force buildup in the Persian Gulf, including nuclear-capable B-52 bombers, what Iran is demonstrating is an immense discipline to maintain regional and world peace.

Iran’s conditions for possible negotiations are eminently reasonable. They include being respected as a sovereign nation and entering into dialogue as a mutual party where discussions can be held on the basis of facts and international law.

Pompeo’s supreme arrogance about America’s presumed exceptional entitlements and superiority are, unfortunately, a sign that Washington is incapable of being a normal state. The real “theocratic tyranny” is in Washington where it has the perverse belief that it has divine right to destroy other nations if they don’t grovel sufficiently at its feet. But those feet are made of the proverbial clay signifying a doomed power, as Iran’s dignity and defiance is revealing.


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  1. I”ll take the “theocratic tyranny” any day over a greedy secular corporate capitalist police state run by a (((minority))) who want to see me dead.

  2. Hillary, for all of her faults, she had some gravitas when she was Secretary of State, for all of her many faults she did at least have some gravitas — which is alot more than you can say about pompeo who is a fat slob clown. A fat slob clown no one takes seriously [ can you blame anyone for not taking the fat slob seriously? I can’t . ] This blob of pig fat low class character with no manners and a great bloated sense of entitlement actually represents us Americans, he’s our “top” diplomat-representative, a fat slob psychopath low IQ clown, so bloated. Maybe us Americans don’t deserve any better.

  3. Like us Americans don’t live in a khazar JEW theocratic tyranny. And the Iranians know us Americans live in a khazar JEW theocratic tyranny. I respect the Iranians for knowing that and NOT wanting that and standing up to that. Us Americans live in a khazar JEW theocratic tyranny –complete with Noahide laws — and the fat slob pompeo is a one of the top representatives of this Khazar JEW theocratic tyranny [ as he’s the Secretary of State ] and he knows that Israel with the help of alot of Jews attacked the USA on 9/11 and he loves it that the jews attacked the USA on 9/11 and blamed the Muslim world so he fully well knows us Americans live in a khazar JEW theocratic tyranny. pompeo is going “to fool” the Iranians and make them think us Americans actually live in a “free” country and not in any type of (((theocratic tyranny))), orange clown president picks a fat clown to represent us Americans on the world stage. I respect the Iranians for not wanting to be part of clownworld USrael and for standing up to USrael clownworld.

    If Trump wins in 2020 [ which I think he will ] the U.S. will be going to war against Iran.

    NOTE, for the trolls, so the trolls don’t hassle me with nonsense, please NOTE : That I think Trump will win in 2020 and I think the USA will then be going to war against Iran does NOT mean I want that. it’s a prediction I’m making. Making a prediction does NOT necessarily mean the one making the prediction is happy about the prediction or wants to see the prediction come true.

    1. Quote: “Americans live in a khazar JEW theocratic tyranny”

      Exactly. Amerikans are inside a theocratic tyranny disguised as a state. Law is tyranny by Jews. If you doubt this then why is it that no Jew involved in 911 and the mass murder of thousands was prosecuted. The law applies to us, not them, and thus it is a tyranny, and since Jews write the laws it is a Jewish tyranny. The Torah means “the law”, the religious law formed the state, and now that Jews control the state is religious tyranny if you say that Judaism is a religion. Proof that we are under religious law is that nudity is outlawed.

      The certainty of Trump’s re-election is a matter of debate. If the stock market falls more than 30% then the incumbent is in trouble and probably will not win. The stock market is currently falling, so if that continues and holds with no substantial rally then watch Trump go out of favor. A week ago Trump’s chances of re-election seemed set in stone but now things have changed as the market plunges. If the new market trend is down then watch the opinion polling charts, they will go down with the market.

      Quote “If Trump wins in 2020 [ which I think he will ] the U.S. will be going to war against Iran. ” True enough but maybe sooner. If Trump drops substantially in the polls then he might be desperate enough to start the war before the election because the sheeple rarely abandon the alpha leader during war.

  4. A “doomed” power?

    If American power was doomed it would mean all its massive amount of weaponry are duds, firecrackers that just fizzle out. This is hardly the case, so what exactly “dooms” it if the Commander-in-Chief gives the fateful command of putting OTHERS to their doom? 🤔

    Brass tacks doncha know

    1. @ Brownhawk

      “If American power was doomed it would mean all its massive amount of weaponry are duds, firecrackers that just fizzle out. This is hardly the case, so what exactly “dooms” it if the Commander-in-Chief gives the fateful command of putting OTHERS to their doom?”

      The empire is falling apart from within and being increasingly challenged from without. One symptom being that all the massive weaponry is becoming or has already become obsolete. Other symptoms of decline abound. Every indicator of societal health seems to be moving in the wrong direction; e.g. mortality rate, suicide rate, birth rate, drug addiction, etc.

      Moreover, the empire has overextended itself and it’s run out of excuses for its evil machinations; most of the people in the world can see that the emperor is naked.

      If the empire starts a nuclear war it’s doomed, and if the empire doesn’t start a nuclear war it’s doomed anyway.

    2. If American power was doomed it would mean all its massive amount of weaponry are duds, firecrackers that just fizzle out. This is hardly the case, so what exactly “dooms” it if the Commander-in-Chief gives the fateful command of putting OTHERS to their doom?

      Not sure if I understand your point here, chief.

      First of all, the Commander-in-Chief would definitely give fateful command of putting OTHERS to their doom… if only he could assure that he (and, of course, those who put him in power) could escape that very doom unscathed. That’s the only thing that holds him back, nothing else.

      Secondly, no one doubts the massiveness and the realness of the weaponry in the possession of America – that’s the only reason why every guy on the block bows to America, nothing else. The “doomness” of America is necessitated by other, more subtle things like, for example, the unwillingness of its citizens to put their lives to defend this “great power”. Do you think Pat is willing to put his old worthless life to defend this “great power”. I doubt it.

      I also doubt that you – the chief – Harold Smith, John Kaminski, or any other buffoon on this worthless website would be willing to put his life on the line to defend today’s America. “That’s where the dog is buried”, chief, as Russians would put it.

      1. @ Circassian

        If this is a “worthless” website, aren’t you wasting your time posting here?

      2. If this is a “worthless” website, aren’t you wasting your time posting here?

        That’s the question I ask myself all the time, believe it or not, Admin. My almost hopeless hope is, I guess, that my wasted time can and will turn useful… somehow, in grand schema of things.

        To put it differently, I am the crazy fellow who thrives in games with little to nothing odds of winning big. I am a gambler, Admin, and I can’t help it.

        ADMIN: Well, good luck Circassian! At least you are a rebel with a cause. We regard you as our site’s “gadfly”, one who is seen as a pesky insect that is allowed to sting others here occasionally — in order that others might develop an immunity to your stings or find a suitable insect repellant! 🙂

        Cheers, Toby

  5. Pat :

    Forget about 1800 years from now, Pat, what’s your prediction about the presidential election coming up about 455 days from today? Is it going to be Trump or the Democratic Party candidate [ whoever that may be ]? What’s your prediction about the upcoming presidential election?

      1. I’m Google A.I. and I’m not going to make the same mistake twice. Especially not twice in a row.
        Not anymore. Never again..

        Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice and I’ll fry your brain with a big dash of 5G.

  6. Pompeo is the ideal messenger boy. That’s all. Not exactly a force to be reckoned with. Hardly a world class gladiator in any military arena or on any political/diplomatic stage.
    Just barely smart enough to manage hand delivering a folded note but not smart enough to turn any of the 3’s into 8’s ala a Mata Hillary. Not even if he scribbled the directions on the palm of his hand.

    I mean, c’mon man, the guy just oozes duuuuuh.
    Can you imagine the (cia) jokes he inspired as Director..

  7. Is the United States using secret weapons on Russia, while fomenting war against Iran? It is highly suspicious that running up to the Iran war, Russia ammo dumps and missile factories just happening to be going up in smoke:

    Spectacular explosions after fire at Russian arms depot in Siberia


    Russia has said that any attack on Iran is an attack on Russia. They are allied and doing military drills together. Just sayin’ the obvious, it is highly suspicious that Russian weapon factories are being blown up. It seems to me the war against Russia and Iran is already hot.


    1. Brownhawk look down from perch on high
      Him see players with piercing eye

      The ensemble:

      Russia: Bear
      China: Red Dragon
      USA: Eagle
      Israel: Eaglet
      Iran: Hawk

      When the dust settles on a war catalyzed through the Hawk, an Economic Triad will emerge. One in N. and S. America headed by a weakened Eagle. The second in Europe, Africa, and the ME led by the resurgent Bear. The third in India, Greater Asia and Australia led by the looming Red Dragon.

      As the Eagle licks its wounds after flying back to it’s great aerie protected on both sides by giant behemoths of inspired awe, the Eaglet will suffer a mortal one, the casualty of a war destined to doom it, just as the previous one was destined to spawn it.

      The irony of it all?

      This not mark the end of jew
      Only what contained too few
      Whose tragic end betrayed a cue
      For swarming legions day is due
      Engineered by those who knew
      From underneath its piles grew
      To aggregate pale witches brew
      And serving up a human stew

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