When Darkness Falls



By Xanadu

When darkness falls, think of that summer morning.
Drink in the holy sunshine. . . . Here you are
After a long night of tossing and turning.
You can’t go back now you have come so far.

Be calm in meditation now, sad one.
You’re not going mad; because I’m with you now 
And see how lost you are, how pale and wan
And sick of life. From life itself there grow

Black flowers like these, the toxic blooms you know.
See how they flourish in the fractured mind
And cast upon its walls a febrile glow—
The lurid light of madness from beyond.

Peace, peace to you, sad soul, my peace I bring.
When darkness falls, fly to your angel’s wing.
Find refuge there and kiss the Sacred Ring.

— Xanadu, Translations from a Lost Language

One thought to “When Darkness Falls”

  1. Excellent poem! It is a reminder of some I know, and, no doubt, the poet wrote it with someone in mind. A peaceful sentiment.

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