WHITE HOUSE INSIDER: ‘Trump Plans to nuke Iran and wipe it off the map’

According to a whistleblower in the White House, a deadly war with Iran involving tactical nukes and a ground invasion is planned for this coming Fall by Donald Trump, i.e. 4-5 months from now. This is because Donald is bored with golf and wants to play “soldiers”.  

Israel Today News

DONALD  TRUMP  (thought bubble):
“I’m doing this for Israel . . . a Hanukhah present for Bibi and Jared.”

President Donald Trump and his inner circle are planning an extensive invasion of Iran, according to a source working in the White House. The plan involves a ground invasion and the use of tactical nuclear weapons, in a campaign planned for the Fall of 2019. Iran will be “wiped off the map” according to the source, and the war effort is expected to cost “two and half times the Iraq War.” 

The war will be promoted by the news media and Trump will go right along with it, after an “expected False Flag pinned on Iran, probably something involving the boats in the Strait of Hormuz.” The False Flag is an “integral part of the plan” as Iran has reportedly no desire or intent to start a war, according to the whistleblower.

The war plans have the White House staff “in an excited tizzy” as war-hawks like John Bolton put the “finishing touches” on the planned strike. President Trump initially showed resistance to the plan, but has since jumped on board with enthusiasm, convinced Iran is an “existential threat to Israel” and as such, a war is required to “eliminate them.”

Further details have been revealed, including:

— 100 tactical nukes will be used to eliminate the Iranian military.
— 120,000 U.S. ground troops will be used in the invasion.
— France, the U.K., Canada, Saudi Arabia and Israel are expected to join a “coalition” in support of the war.
— CIA assets and counter-intel efforts have been ramped-up over the past year in preparation.
— A “False Flag” is being prepared to be used before the war with Iran.
— Propaganda is being prepped by White House and Israeli counterparts.
— Israel will support the effort and Benjamin Netanyahu was reportedly “smiling ear to ear” during a recent meeting with John Bolton.
— There are concerns Trump’s “base” may resist or criticize the efforts, so further propaganda efforts are being made to “shore up support” for the war.
— Expected casualties range between 1.2 Million and 2 Million Iranians and 5,000 US troops.

Due to President Trump’s close relationship with Jared Kushner, a sense of “sober import” has been placed on the war effort, which is being seen as a fulfillment of “Jewish prophecy” within White House circles.

Many in the White House believe Jared Kushner is the “Messiah” or Jewish “Moshiach” who cannot attain his “throne” until Iran is wiped out.


Further information on the war with Iran is revealed in the video below.

The information in this article was provided to David Goldberg, a Jewish advocate and fellow at the Jewish Center for Antisemitic Study, by a former White House employee only known by the name of “Isabel”. Her story has been aired on Mr. Goldberg’s YouTube channel, and she continues to provide valuable information about what is going on in the Trump White House.

Antisemitic attacks against Mr. Goldberg continue, and are documented in his video series. Efforts to block this information and shut down the social media accounts of Mr. Goldberg continue to be an issue.

Source via Truthseeker

VIDEO  :  6 mins

60 thoughts to “WHITE HOUSE INSIDER: ‘Trump Plans to nuke Iran and wipe it off the map’”

    1. One year ago President Trump unilaterally abandoned the existing nuclear deal that the USA and Iran had signed in 2015 after two years of negotiations by the Obama government and 7 other nations. Now The Trump administration is fomenting war against Iran.

      All wars are bad but a war with Iran would be catastrophic. How could it benefit the USA? How could the Great Republic fall into the hands of the Zioniststs? who want the USA to destroy Iran and Russia.

      1. It should be obvious there is no benefit for America from a war that will only benefit Israel. That is the only reason cowardly-Jew “warhawks” hiding in Washington are banging their drums so loudly for more American goy to die for Israel. That is the only reason there is no hint of an “anti-war movement” with Jews leading the revolt.

        This time it will be America’s white wives and daughters fed into the Jew’s bloody meat grinder alongside her fathers and sons. – Remember that when the day comes to thank Jews for their “Tikkun Olam” services.

        Before Trump’s election, I wrote he would be present the strong, decisive leadership needed to lead America’s goy sheeple to war. This should have been obvious to anyone knowing the Jews’ bloody, murderous, psychopathic mindset. When one knows the Jew, one knows their future.

        And wouldn’t you know it, a two bit punk, still wet behind the ears, turns up as the Jews’ fabled “Mashiach” that will drain the remaining of white goy blood from the country with his pied-piper march to destruction.

        The other Washington cretin, also with no military experience, receiving that Jew accolade is Trump. Just as anti-semitism* labels those whom Jews hate, “Messiah” is the label reserved for any leader promising to deliver the world into the hands of the Jew so they can “ride like an effendi” over their global, slave plantation.

        America’s coming Jew war will benefit Israel by providing it hegemonic control over the region and thus the bulk of the world’s sweet crude oil reserves. You can guess what oil will cost when Jews have full control over that essential resource.

        In the first century, elite Temple Jews’ monopoly on the ashes of the “red heifer” for ceremonial purification, resulted in Judeans burying their loved ones alive. Now Jews will bury our loved ones both dead and alive to serve their voracious greed and avarice for power and wealth.

        However, it may benefit the world to be rid of the Jews’ American golem and should China and Russia become involved, that will undoubtedly be the result. If global nuclear war fails to occur, the resulting debt load may signal the end of America. Should foreign creditors like China and Russia not pull the plug on the Jews’ dollar system, it will provide positive proof of just how much control Jews exert over our planet.

        Yet there is but one pressing question for mindless American masses at this darkest hour of decision – what Negro ballgame or fantasy show is playing on Talmudvision tonight?

        Know the Jew, know your future. Know the Jew, know your future. Know the Jew, know your future. Know the Jew, know your future. Know the Jew, know your future. Know the Jew, know your future. Know the Jew, know your future. Know the Jew, know your future. Know the Jew, know your future. Know the Jew, know your future. Know the Jew, know your future. Know the Jew, know your future. Know the Jew, know your future. Know the Jew, know your future. Know the Jew, know your future.

        *Has anyone noticed how the dictionary no longer features the word “anti-Semtism?” The word now pops up sans the hyphen and capital “S.” That’s Jew wordsmithing changing the way the subconscious mind views the world.

      2. Arch –

        Yep! The yehudi learnt that folks were noticing the ‘semitism’ part too much. And used google. The folks were understanding that ‘semitism’ was derived from ‘semitic’ — Shem-itic — meaning a language GROUP and NOT A RACE!!!

        Oooops!! 🙂

      3. Arch, et al
        I get the feeling that my post regarding there being TWO separate factions of Jewry is being dismissed as what, preposterous?

        In spite of the fact that I can offer no proof of this, I’ll simply say that the veracity of it would certainly disrupt a lot of narratives on the subject of the jews

        Consider that there are DA Jews, and then there are DOZE Jews

      4. Trump’s a Shabbos goy, bought and paid for by Israel and Zionists! He’s no different from 99.9% of the rest of those in the corrupt Executive branch and those in the corrupt Congress, as well as the equally corrupt Judiciary. THE FACT IS THE US IS ISRAEL’S BITCH!

  1. If the M$M and other outlets, especially Israeli “mouthpieces”, say so, then it ain’t so. Disinfo, misinfo, lies their stock in trade. I feel nothing for the puppet Trump, no more or less for the puppets Clintons, including their up-and-comer Chelsea, who, I regret, bears the same name my first ex-wife and I chose for our own daughter. The Universe balances all.

    1. This is so stupid, no disrespect intended to whomever. The PTB have so much weaponry — explosives, biological poisons air, land, and sea [Fukushima, a word rarely mentioned here on Darkmoon! check in with Nuke Pro elsewhere in cyberspace!] — you rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic (another false flag!). I say no more.

  2. This seems to harken back to “the leak of FDR’s war plans” doesn’t it?

    “[] More recently, in 1987, historian Thomas Fleming advanced the intriguing theory that President Roosevelt himself orchestrated the leak as a way to goad Hitler into declaring war on the United States. []”


    Perhaps they’re trying to goad Iran into striking first, or doing something that they will portray as some kind of casus belli?

    In any case, it seems orange clown has painted himself into a corner and there is no face-saving way out. He almost has to have a war now, doesn’t he?

    And how can it not be a big war? Just trying to hit Iran with some conventional missiles and bombs isn’t going to accomplish much of anything, is it? He’s going to have to go all-out, right?

    And what will Russia and China do at that point? Will they not conclude that they’re next on the madmen’s hit list? If orange clown does this, they will need to put an end to America’s ability to make war, won’t they? In which case won’t they need to strike first?

    1. Just theatre to keep little minds like yours occupied. Trump is the best thing that has happened to America for a long while. But of course, unlike you, we are patriots for our country, and willing to take on all enemies. If Iran puts itself into position of threat, it is an “enemy”. Can’t really help it that Israhell has manipulated us into this position. (We all made the mistake of allowing them too much access.). The readiness and willingness to try to be “Mr. Nice Guy” has caused this for us. Nobody ever said that America was infallible.
      Anyway, “nukes” would have already been used – if they existed in the capacity little minds imagine! 🙂

      1. Obviously, your country is israel, so why don’t you stop pretending to be an American and get your sickly jewish ass over there?

      2. Gil
        This isn’t a case of Israel manipulating “us” into this position. “We” allowed OURSELVES to be manipulated starting a long time ago, and when the point of overall manipulation reached the end of WW2 with the creation of the fraudulent state of Is-ra-el, “we” became joined at the hip with (((them)))
        This has always been a mutual effort on the part of statists who have rendered moot any notion of what America was supposed to represent as a beacon of freedom for the world.
        The TRUE “we” should be completely disgusted ☹

      3. Harold Schitt –

        I’m certainly not “sickly” enough to be intimidated by the likes of YOU. Also, upon further consideration, I have determined that your citation of Hitler’s speech concerning Roosevelt was just conjecture on the part of some other hopeful asshole like yourself. Whereas Hitler MIGHT have said something like that, he had no way of knowing Roosevelt’s mind at the time. (Critical thinking is a gem, you bloated crud.)
        (And, FYI, the best thing I could think of for Trump during his campaign was that HE WASN’T THAT AWFUL BITCH, HILLARY.) While I know Trump kisses Israhell’s ass too much, I try to support him on his word, otherwise. You, on the other hand, seem to devote your miserable life to finding fault with him and America.
        (Makes me wonder about that idiot savant “Grammer Fiend”, who praised you…)

      4. @ Gilbert

        “I’m certainly not ‘sickly’ enough to be intimidated by the likes of YOU.”

        Obviously, you’re a mentally and morally incompetent fool.

        “Also, upon further consideration…”

        LOL! As if an embarrassing moron such as yourself should have some expectation to be taken seriously.

        “…I have determined that your citation of Hitler’s speech concerning Roosevelt was just conjecture on the part of some other hopeful asshole like yourself.”

        Being called an “asshole” by subhuman judenfilth like you is actually a great compliment. Thanks, Shlomo. (BTW maybe you can find a helpful adult in your neighborhood who can help you to construct a meaningful sentence, idiot).

        “Whereas Hitler MIGHT have said something like that, he had no way of knowing Roosevelt’s mind at the time. (Critical thinking is a gem, you bloated crud.)”

        ROTFL! What a laughably absurd thing to say. Why don’t you do the world a favor – especially the Goy world – and take another heart attack; please make it the “big one” this time.

    2. I just knew all the preppin’ wife and I have done over the past decade would FINALLY pay off!! 😉 The only remaining questions: Do we go “debt-free” by payin’ off fraudulent loans, FDIC-guaranteed, or does GOD simply declare a long overdue DEBT JUBILEE?

        1. Harold is one of the reasons my wife and I now regularly visit this site. This is not because he is particularly “scary”! It’s because he always presents a balanced argument, with lots of facts to back his argument, and because his prose is professional and has a crystalline clarity to it. It’s a pleasure to read such good English.

    3. HS –

      “This seems to harken back to “the leak of FDR’s war plans” doesn’t it?”

      HELL, NO!!

      The IMF and BIS are in charge & on the front lines, under Rothschild’s hand today. Those corporations did not even exist back then!!!

      Stop with the world war FEAR tactics!!!

      There IS a WAR on the Mexican border right NOW!!

      1. @ Pat

        I’m sorry that you don’t like it, but there are historical parallels here between what jew puppet orange clown has been doing since being inaugurated and what jew puppet FDR did. Put simply, FDR sought to destroy Germany for his jew handlers, just like orange clown seeks to destroy Iran for his jew handlers.

        FDR (who was born in NY and born into privilege, just like orange clown), did all kinds of provocations against Germany just like orange clown is doing all kinds of provocations against Iran.

        Here are a few select statements from Adolph Hitler’s Reichstag speech of Dec 11, 1941:

        “Why is there now another American president determined to incite wars and, above all, to stir up hostility against Germany to the point of war?

        The circle of Jews around Roosevelt encouraged him in this. With Old Testament vindictiveness they regarded the United States as the instrument that they and he could use to prepare a second Purim [slaughter of enemies] against the nations of Europe, which were increasingly anti-Jewish. So it was that the Jews, in all of their satanic baseness, gathered around this man, and he relied on them.

        The American president increasingly used his influence to create conflicts, intensify existing conflicts, and, above all, to keep conflicts from being resolved peacefully. For years this man looked for a dispute anywhere in the world, but preferably in Europe, that he could use to create political entanglements with American economic obligations to one of the contending sides, which would then steadily involve America in the conflict and thus divert attention from his own confused domestic economic policies.

        His actions against the German Reich in this regard have been particularly blunt. Starting in 1937, he began a series of speeches, including a particularly contemptible one on October 5, 1937, in Chicago, with which this man systematically incited the American public against Germany . He threatened to establish a kind of quarantine against the so-called authoritarian countries. As part of this steady and growing campaign of hate and incitement, President Roosevelt made another insulting statement [on Nov. 15, 1938] and then called the American ambassador in Berlin back to Washington for consultations.

        Starting in November 1938, he began systematically and consciously to sabotage every possibility of a European peace policy. In public he hypocritically claimed to be interested in peace while at the same time he threatened every country that was ready to pursue a policy of peaceful understanding by blocking credits, economic reprisals, calling in loans, and so forth. In this regard, the reports of the Polish ambassadors in Washington, London, Paris and Brussels provide a shocking insight.

        This man increased his campaign of incitement in January 1939. In a message to the U.S. Congress he threatened to take every measure short of war against the authoritarian countries.

        He repeatedly claimed that other countries were trying to interfere in American affairs, and he talked a lot about upholding the Monroe Doctrine. Starting in March 1939 he began lecturing about internal European affairs that were of no concern of the President of the United States. In the first place, he doesn’t understand these problems, and secondly, even if he did understand them and appreciated the historical circumstances, he has no more right to concern himself with central European affairs than the German head of state has to take positions on or make judgments about conditions in the United States.

        Mr. Roosevelt went even beyond that. Contrary to the rules of international law, he refused to recognize governments he didn’t like, would not accept new ones, refused to dismiss ambassadors of non-existent countries, and even recognized them as legal governments. He went so far as to conclude treaties with these ambassadors, which then gave him the right to simply occupy foreign territories [Greenland and Iceland ]. []”


        The parallels are obvious and ominous, are they not? I point these things out not in the spirit of “fear mongering” but because some people here are interested in this topic even if you aren’t. Perhaps you should consider not reading my comments if you find them so upsetting.

      2. HS –

        I replied to your comment because you led off with an open question to all readers of this article:

        “This seems to harken back to “the leak of FDR’s war plans” doesn’t it?”

        I answered it forthrightly, as usual.

        My main point was there is an invasion occurring from Mexico right now, by criminals from over a dozen countries, even from China, Kenya and Somalia. That invasion is resulting in the killing of more innocent American civilians than Iran is! Today!

        The priorities are totally misplaced at this moment.

        AND – I don’t give a damn about FDR and Hitler.

        Perhaps if you don’t like my answers you should consider not asking open questions. 🙂

      3. @ Pat

        I replied to your comment because you led off with an open question to all readers of this article:

        “This seems to harken back to “the leak of FDR’s war plans” doesn’t it?”

        I answered it forthrightly, as usual.”

        You said: “Stop with the world war FEAR tactics!!!” How is that statement of yours an answer to my questions? It isn’t; your irrelevant, subjective value judgment had nothing to do with my questions. You changed the subject, apparently because you were upset.

        BTW the topic of discussion is an article entitled “WHITE HOUSE INSIDER: ‘Trump Plans to nuke Iran and wipe it off the map’”; if you have an issue with “fear mongering” why are you even here in the first place?

      4. Pat –

        To give some credit where credit is due, I find Harold’s citing of this particular “Hitler tidbit” fascinating. However, I will go on to say that MANY Americans admired Hitler, and understood what FDR was up to. They were shouted down, but were widely heard. This is the America I defend. I have been privileged and thankful to have been born, here, into a long-time American family, and have been blessed by the benefits thereof. I was never taught we were infallible, but defending my country is hammered into my psyche. Our greatest mistake was The War Between the States – from which we have NEVER recovered.
        Realizing that a lot of what Harold writes is true, I’m nonetheless offended by the constant fault-finding. I hope enough of us write to President Trump expressing our displeasure at being Israhell’s lacky for him to consider it before election. I want to keep him in office if he is willing to follow-thru with border security – but am becoming highly skeptical of his affinity to Israhell. (Biblical Israel is NOT modern Israhell, and therein lies the dangerous LIE believed by so many so-called American Christians.
        Also, I am wondering if the Jew in the audio cast is really a Jew – or a planned subversive.

      5. HS –

        You changed the subject to FDR & Hitler. Hitler was the Commander of the German Military and FDR was Asst Sec of Navy. Trump has no formal military experience. So, I disagreed with that comparison. That obviously hurt your your feelings.

        I commented further to point out that the threat from invasion right now from Mexico is more deadly than Iran. I believe that major threat from Mexico is likely the reason for the move into the Persian Gulf. A distraction.

        Gil –

        I don’t see any comparison of Hitler & FDR to Iran either.

      6. Harold is right. The parallels are quite obvious and ominous: economic sanctions, boycotts, threats, and military encirclement. Hitler was right too as any serious scholar of WWII history would know. International Jewry with its vast banking network orchestrated and instigated the whole catastrophic event, and we are still living in its wake.

      7. Sorry, Pat.
        I commented too quickly on that POS Harold’s citing of a Hitler speech excerpt! My bad. 🙁
        Harold Schitt remains EXACTLY that piece of offal perceived by my first impression. Of course, many of you see things about Trump I have never been willing to admit, but in light of consideration of the other crop of upcoming presidential hopefuls, I feel it is imperative that we give Trump more encouragement. When I consider the rhetoric spewed by the likes of Bernie Sanders, Corey Booker, Kamala Harris, Pocahontas, and their ilk, I shudder for my country’s prospects!
        Imagine the absurdity of having little “Occasional Kortex” as a Member of Congress…
        Yes, this country is in decline – and you are spot-on about the southern border war!
        Iran is a crafty Jew diversion!

      8. @ Pat

        “You changed the subject to FDR & Hitler.

        No, I didn’t change any subject. In support of the subject article’s contention that orange clown intends to start a war against Iran, I pointed out what I though was an interesting similarity between orange clown’s actions vis-a-vis Iran and FDR’s actions vis-a-vis Germany. That’s all.

        “Hitler was the Commander of the German Military and FDR was Asst Sec of Navy. Trump has no formal military experience. So, I disagreed with that comparison.


        LOL! Anyone can look at our earlier comments and see that this statement is not true. Your dishonesty is breathtaking. Apparently you're really getting desperate. Sad.

        I mentioned Hitler only in my second comment (in reply to you), not in my first comment, and I did so not to compare the personage of Hitler to anyone else (as you dishonestly assert) but because his speech provides an excellent summary of FDR's treachery against Germany, which I am comparing to orange clown's treachery against Iran (and Syria and Venezuela for that matter).

        “That obviously hurt your your feelings.”

        Nothing so melodramatic chumpy. What I objected to was the impertinence of your comment. You voluntarily peruse an article here which suggests that a nuclear WW3 is approaching, and then for commenting on it, you’re going to accuse me of “fear mongering”? Seriously? ROTFL!

        It seems your pathological contrariness – and your dishonesty in the service of it – has plumbed new depths. Maybe instead of wasting anymore time and bandwidth here you should go put some salve on your hurting butt.

    4. But did you know the Japanese did not attack Pearl Harbor? No – siree – bob! According to Jew propagandist, it was Hitler’s Luftwaffe! As I have written so many times in the past, if one cannot trust what the Jew says, who can one trust?

    5. PAT :

      Who have the pharisees decided they want to win the presidential election in 2020? I know election results are decided long in advance. I ask you who the pharisees want in 2020 because before the last presidential election you predicted Hillary would be the winner, lol, so WE know your predictions are always right on-target! *grin*

  3. Zios in Israel have had a hard-on for Iran for decades. So far, Bibi himself has suffered from erectile disfunction. No secret there……..but……now he appears to be popping the Viagara pills. Will things REALLY change? No more chest-beating and real action? Will Bibi finally be able to “perform” and stop the Iranian menace? Let’s all take a deep breath. But don’t hold it. Relax. We shall see. We SHALL see. 🌮

  4. The information in this report seems credible to me. I think this war on Iran is going forward this time. Trump is cowtowing to Israel like no President before him, and you know Trump has complained in the past about what was the point in having nukes if you can’t use them. He’s impatient for a big win.

    According to Veterans Today, small micronukes were used multiple times in the Syrian war – and often under the cover of a MOAB Daisy cutter fuel-air bomb – which looks like a small nuke. (See VT article – “Israel Strikes Syria with Tactical Nuke” )

    I think they are using nukes, if they are willing to pull the Trade Towers on 911 I have little doubt that the Zionists would use small nukes in Syria and elsewhere. Some say they used a micronuke on 911. Does anyone really think the Zionists have any problem nuking Arabs or Iranians?

    Netanyahu has campaigned for a war against Iran for a long time, and since he narrowly won the last election, I believe he realizes his extremism is fading amongst the voters so he has to go all out in this term. This is his last chance to pull off war with Iran and he’s got Trump in his pocket and on a short leash.

    The MSM propaganda machine and Trump’s sanctions are a dead giveaway that the machinery of war is moving in this direction. WIth Neocons Bolton and Pompeo in the drivers seat war seems inevitable to me. This time they are going to do it. They’ve waited long enough and aren’t going to dilly dally any longer, the war is on this time I believe.

    They’ve tried before but cooler minds prevailed. Remember the hijacked Minot B-52 that ditched into Barksdale AFB? Here’s wikipedia spin on the incident (which is bullshit):

    “On August 29, 2007, six AGM-129 ACM cruise missiles, each loaded with a W80-1 variable yield nuclear warhead, were mistakenly loaded onto a United States Air Force (USAF) B-52H heavy bomber at Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota and transported to Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana.”

    Israeli mole Dick Cheney almost got his Iran war but the crew declared an inflight emergency and landed foiling the plan. Several USAF servicemen were executed covering up the false flag. And NO the nuke tipped cruise missiles were NOT mistakenly loaded – the procedures for moving nukes are extensive and no one makes a mistake like that. Nukes aren’t just accidently moved or loaded or flown off base, lol.

    What will Russia do? Stand by and let Iran get blown away? What will China do, let it’s oil source go up in smoke. We’ll see if General George Custer Trump has got the balls to carry through. We all know Bolton and Pompeo are both batshit insane for war, let us see if Trump is dumb enough to pull the trigger. I liken Trump Iran’s war as Amerika’s last stand like Custer riding down into the Little Big Horn.


    A good movie clip that of Trump’s predicament is Mule Skinner telling Custer to go down there if he’s got the nerve – “them ain’t helpless women and children waiting for you.”

    1. Agree, the zionists are in total control of the zio/US and are going to use the US to do their dirty work as in all the wars since WWI and right down to the mideast and on the side they created ISIS aka AL CIADA to keep the fake war on terror in operation.

      Now the zionists are going for the kill shot using the US troops and money as usual ie as in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria and now Iran, as long as there is an American left to die for Israel and the zionists they are going to push us into another war for their ruler satan.

      However in my opinion, Russia and China are not going to standby and let Iran be destroyed and so the war will go nuclear and then Israel and the zionists will finally have their nuclear war that they have always wanted and humanity be damned!

      I live about 70 miles from the Custer Battle Field and your right on as this war with Iran will be one for the books, with Iran playing the part of the Indians and Trump as Custer and we goyim are going to end up like the 7th Calvary!

      May God Help us!

  5. The National SECURITY Advisor of the United States, John Bolton, has NOTHING to say about the situation at the U.S.-Mexican border. He has nothing to say about the huge number of illegals invading the United States — and he’s the National SECURITY Advisor. This is amazing that the National Security Advisor of the United States has NOTHING TO SAY about the illegal alien invasion of the United States. The Secretary of State of the USA also has nothing to say about the illegal alien invasion of the USA. Neither the Secretary of State of the United States nor the National Security Advisor of the United States has anything to say about the illegal alien invasion of the United States, this is amazing.

    Trump declared a “National Emergency” because of the illegal alien invasion of the United States. It caused controversy in Washington. Trump, however, managed to get his “National Emergency” in spite of the opposition. After winning over the opposition Trump does NOTHING about the border situation, after declaring and getting his “National Emergency” the United States is getting more illegal aliens invading the USA than before Trump declared and won his “National Emergency”. Why he declared a “National Emergency” is beyond me.

    Trump, Bolton, Pompeo, they want a war against Iran and they will get their war against Iran. It will cost alot of money, the 2 to 3 trillion dollar figure is probably a low-ball figure. They have 2 -3 trillion for war, they probably will have more than 3 trillion available when they start a war against Iran. NOT one of the three thinks to take 25 billion from the 2 to 3 trillion [ and probably more than 3 trillion dollars available to them ] so the United States can have a WALL on the border. 25 billion to build a WALL to protect the United States, that money is not available [ money doesn’t grow on trees you know and where do you think this money is going to come from, 25 billion is alot of money and we don’t have that kind of money, we don’t have any money for a WALL, forget about the Wall, it’s not going to be built, 25 billion is simply way too much money and we don’t have that kind of money ] ; 2 to 3 trillion for a war against Iran, that kind of money IS available, AMAZING!!!!!

    1. Ralan

      There may not be an immediate plan, but this wouldn’t mean such a plan is off the table entirely…..not by a longshot

  6. This is just absolute nonsense. Call me when its 2020 and none of this has happened. Be real people. Good fodder for getting people all riled up for the near term until nothing happens. There is no planned invasion and its all a crock! Frankly, just plain stupid publishing this nonsense! There are more important issues to discuss.

    1. @ Ralan

      Frankly, it’s just plain stupid publishing this nonsense! There are more important issues to discuss.

      It occurred to me too that this article could be nonsense. That did not prevent us from posting it. You see, we reserve the right to publish articles that angry Jews consider “nonsense” when “there are more important issues to discuss.” We must be doing something right to get on your nerves. If every article we published received your unstinted admiration, we would have no readers left here here except you, would we? 🙂

      1. Dear Admin, I am not an angry Jew. If the purpose of LD is to anger the Jews I can promise you it is not working.
        I follow your site and read many of the articles and comments here because I share similar views with many posters when it comes to government in general and how far we have moved from our founding principles.
        Like many here I worry for the next generation and my children. There are some very intelligent posters here and I only wish that LD were a little more mainstream and less so about fostering hatred as it the site might get more attention which might be a good thing.

      2. Ralan –

        You seem the type of Jew with whom I am familiar, at home. 🙂
        I often get reproached for departing from the herd instinct by not condemning ALL Jews for the duplicity of a relative few (just as it is among my own Anglo people).
        Thank you for your good-sense comments, here!

  7. The guy sounds a lot like yahu…
    “Trump’s base is with him no matter what “…
    Don’t bet too much on that…
    Ann Coulter dumped him months ago…
    Big money Pentagon contractors all lined up on the bonanza already… the boys want the toys…
    If trump did call it off he’d wind up shot like JFK…
    From the way trump’s been acting the punk for the tribe there’s no reason to think he won’t give them this too…
    See how happy it makes them, so sick…
    There are peaceful solutions to the world’s problems… but the money is all in war now…
    How to make peace more profitable?
    That’s the question foya brains..
    You can bet they would back off if they knew they would be the first to get killed in the conflict..
    Only as long as there are fools the world called soldiers will this continue to happen…
    Forget the border crisis..
    He said he would deal with it, not just do what the Congress allows… fake news is on Donald now..

  8. Claims by “Deep-Throat” in the video notwithstanding….

    May 1, 2019 –


    The EU Instrument in Support of Trade Exchanges (INSTEX) might be one of Iran’s ways of dodging US sanctions.

    Iran’s Ambassador to London attended a recent meeting where he discussed the use of Europe’s Instrument for Trade and Exchanges (INSTEX) to continue trade despite US sanctions.

    In the works since the US walked away from the JCPOA Iran Deal, the concept was created in January by Germany, France and the UK.(NATO members)

    Iranian state media now says INSTEX is ready to conduct transactions. This comes after meetings in March and a delegation from Iran’s Foreign Ministry met with Europeans. In the UK, which is facing economic hurdles due to Brexit issues, the concept has been presented to UK-based businesses to explain how the transactions will work.


    Iran’s news agencies KNOW the score!!

    The Israeli regime will also be joining the EAEU in the near future, according to the report.
    10 February 2019

    Free-trade agreements are expected to be signed between the Russia-led Eurasian Economic Union (EEU), Singapore, India, Egypt and Iran in the near future.
    That’s according to Russia’s First Deputy Minister of Industry Sergey Tsyb. He said WTO member states currently use over 7,500 non-tariff measures such as quotas, licenses, restrictions and embargos in respect of industrial goods.

    “Therefore, in our opinion, it would be very productive if we actively move towards the conclusion of agreements on the free-trade zone,” said the official.

    Iranian Ambassador to Russia Mehdi Sanaei said that he expects the Iranian parliament to ratify the free trade agreement between the EAEU and Iran in the near future.

    “The agreement is very important for Iran,” he said, adding “because it opens the gates to a big market for our country, and also opens the Iranian market to Russia and northern countries.”


    **Russia Today: Russia-led free-trade zone will soon include 5 more countries

    Russia Today reported: Iran signed an interim agreement with the economic bloc last year(2018), with a full-fledged agreement expected within three years.


  9. Gil

    The America you defend, the one reflected by American isolationists in the 30s, is the America I too would defend…. On these shores of N. America! Not every goddamned place around the world with this “American Century” bullshit that aspires to Empire and one that carries a superiority complex like the arrogant British way back in the day.

    But this ain’t that America, not even close! So what the hell are we defending?

    1. 🙂 Brownhawk.
      You’re right. But what else are we gonna DO???
      Every day, I see substantiated the assertion that America would be conquered “from within”,
      and long for treason trials and the public hanging of traitors. Wishful thinking, I suppose, but it seems to me (among my own peers) the thought is becoming contagious! 🙂
      (I miss the words and spirit of J.B. Campbell!) (But, when I read “Incog Man”, I realize there are others among us.)

      1. Gil
        It may be wishful thinking, but worth thinking about nonetheless, even if it means rebuilding an America “from the ashes” if it comes to that.
        As for Trump, he needs to show the kind of courage that would surely get him killed. But SO WHAT! What better way to die* than to say, effect the bringing back of troops all over the world and station them in a ring surrounding the entire border, ESPECIALLY along Mexico.

        * “today is a good day to die” – Geronimo, before going off to battle the interlopers 😡

    2. Yeah, Hawk, the “arrogant British” have declined a couple notches, too. Just consider all the ado made of the new, Royal Pickaninny (just about as much as about the beautiful Ivanka Trump becoming a Jewess).
      I suppose it is inevitable – and just desserts. Nonetheless, it hurts watching it. 🙁

  10. I’ve said it before. but it bears repeating.

    There are TWO rival factions of “elite Jewry”. If this wasn’t the case then a virtually complete totalitarianism would already be shrouded over the world. At present one is HQd in the US, the other in China.

    The scuttlebutt is that had Hilary won, this would have meant the vanquishing of one faction and the aforementioned world totalitarianism being a done deal

    It all goes back to Slick Willy’s admin. when all that techno-info got into Chinese hands, thus putting them on the fast track to superpower status.

    At present, BECAUSE Hilary lost, it would appear that its not a matter of IF, but WHEN a major clash occurs between the two, the money reality being secondary to what is an internecine “blood feud” going on.

    Also, the thinking is that Russia has no dog in the fight because of Putin’s successful ouster of pertinent Jews involved

    1. When I ran this by Mark Glenn over @ “Ugly Truth”, and by extension lobro, they saw it as being like a family squabble, which is to be expected but not to the point of moving them off the same page. But this isn’t that at all. I’m talking about sheer hatred with mutual intentions for a fight to the death.

      My info suggests that had Hilary won, “her Jews” would have swiftly gained complete control of both the U.S. AND China. And when I say complete, I mean in control of BOTH country’s military, meaning ULTIMATE control rendering any financial dynamics moot.

      But because Trump became the POTUS (and maybe the Russians WERE instrumental in effecting this for reasons of maintaining an even playing field), China’s Jews (same as “Hilary’s jews) remain an adversary to the West

      And again, if there were NOT these two factions, then at this point wouldn’t we ALREADY be experiencing a total “jew nightmare”?

      1. Da China yehudi… 🙂

        Three prominent non-Chinese lived in China from the establishment of the People’s Republic of China to the contemporary period: Sidney Shapiro, Israel Epstein, and Ruth Weiss, two American emigres and one Austrian emigre, are of Jewish descent.

        Another Jewish-American, Sidney Rittenbergserved as interpreter to many top Chinese officials.

        Structured Jewish life returned to Beijing in 1979 with the founding of Kehillat Beijing, an egalitarian lay-led community serving ex-patriate Jews from all over the world.

        Sara Imas, the Shanghai-born daughter of Shanghai’s Jewish Club president, Leiwi Imas, became the first Chinese Jewish immigrant to Israel after the two countries established formal diplomatic relations in 1992. Leiwi Imas, who had to leave Germany for Poland in 1939, arrived in Shanghai the same year. He spent his final years in Shanghai until 1962, prior to the beginning of the Cultural Revolution. Although Sara Imas’s non-Chinese appearance and family background brought her much trouble during the Cultural Revolution when she was accused of being a foreign capitalist and spy, today Sara Imas has returned to Shanghai, working as the Chinese representative of an Israeli diamond company.

        The Institute of Jewish Studies was established at Nanjing University in 1992.

        Since the 1990s, the Shanghai municipal government has taken the initiative to preserve historical Western architectures that were constructed during Shanghai’s colonial past. Many formerly Jewish-owned hotels and private residence have been included in the preservation project. In 1997, the Kadoorie-residence-turned Shanghai Children’s Palace, had their spacious front garden largely removed in order to make room for the city’s overpass system under construction. A One Day Tour of the history of Jewish presence in Shanghai can be arranged through the Center of Jewish Studies Shanghai. 

        Rabbi Shalom Greenberg from Chabad-Lubavitch in New York City arrived in Shanghai to serve this community in August 1998. Rabbi Arthur Schneier, president of the Appeal of Conscience Foundation of New York, donated a Torah to the community that same year. On the first day of Rosh Hashanah, in September 1999, a Jewish New Year service was held at the Ohel Rachel Synagogue for first time since 1952.

        As of 2010, it is estimated that 2,000 to 3,000 Jews lived in Shanghai. In May 2010, the Ohel Rachel Synagogue in Shanghai was temporarily reopened to the local Jewish community for weekend services. Synagogues are found in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong, serving both native Chinese Jews, Israelis and diaspora Jewish communities across the world.

        In 2001, Rabbi Shimon Freundlich from the Chabad-Lubavitch movement came and settled in Beijing with the mission of building and leading the Chabad-Lubavitch Centre of Beijing. Kehillat Beijing continues its practice of conducting weekly lay-led Shabbat services, regular holiday observance, and community activities including retreats and celebrations.

        In 2007, the Sephardic community of Shanghai opened a synagogue, study hall, kosher kitchen, and educational classes for children and adults. The community has its own hacham, who functions as a teacher and chazan, in addition to Rabbi Ephraim Bezalel, who manages local community affairs and kashrut needs. Since a significant amount of Chinese food products and food ingredients are exported to the American market, a number of kosher certification agencies send rabbis to China to serve as kosher inspectors (mashgichim). As of 2009, over 50 mashgichim have been stationed in China, 7 of them from the Orthodox Union.

      2. Pat
        Maddening, isn’t? How we’re so reduced to offering endless speculations that are unable to be substantiated?

        1. I’ll say that for Pat.
          He is a fund of useful information.
          And nothing fazes him.
          What’s your secret, Pat?

      3. Saki –

        Secret is 2 parts:
        1- Time on earth, with numerous years in military.
        2- I held political office, and so did my dad, in a very corrupt area…. Arkansas. Billy was a personal friend.

        Formula: 1 + 2 = seen most things dozens of times. Not shocked or offended.

        Dad’s slogan – “If your pleasing everyone, you’re lying to more than half of them! Do it YOUR way! Haters will still hate ya!” 🙂

  11. Full nukes, if they exist would be needed to defeat Iran, especially if their allies provide top class defensive weaponry.

    What does tactical nuke mean? If it does any decent amount of damage, surely the radiation will be a hazard for the “ground force”.

    The “ground force” would be met by more than sticks and a few rifles by the Iranian population. Remember sticks and a few rifles is what it took to see the US depart from Vietnam. The US army has been subject to Tribe diversity and gender twisting for so long I doubt they would perform equal to in Vietnam.

    Any attack, and all hell breaks loose throughout the Middle East. If the nuke power stations in Israel were hit , that would end the Tribe problem over there.

    China and Russia may assist Iran.

    All in all, if there is any truth in this article, it is a pathetic macho display put on for Zio masters by effete Bolton and Trump and by tactical halitosis Pompeo. That’s not to say they wouldn’t go ahead with it – they are very stupid and greedy (just look at Pompeo)

  12. The government of, by, and for the people has indeed perished from the earth. And ironically, Lincoln himself
    facilitated the dissolution of representative government. Now Trump’s hatchet men, John Bolt(head) and Mike Pomp(ous) will seal the deal.

    A famous man once said – “A man has got to know his limitations.” If Asymmetric Warfare has any meaning, we will soon find out Trump’s limitations.

    “Insider says Israel poised to stage false flag attack against U.S. targets to start war with Iran”
    “Which new war next: Iran or Venezuela?”
    “Trump’s Iran policy is becoming dangerous”
    “The United States is being stealthily destroyed by Neocon-hijacked foreign policy”

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