White People and Their Achievements are Marked for Destruction

By Paul Craig Roberts
paulcraigroberts.org  via Truthseeker


“White is the new Black. Good is the new Evil. God is the new Devil on disguise.”  [LD]

The Western world is collapsing so rapidly that I am afraid that I am going to outlive it.

The Western presstitutes and politicians have demonized Putin, Maduro, Iran, and Trump to the same extent as the patriotic propagandistic Western court historians have demonized Adolf Hitler.  But no one is as demonized as much as white people, and the curious thing is that it is self-demonization—whites demonizing whites.  

One can understand why former British and French colonies from Africa through the Middle East to India, and Washington’s former colony in the Philippines and its Latin American puppet states would look with disfavor on white faces and use harsh language. But why do the New York Times, CNN, NPR, and white professors throughout the university system, school boards, white politicians, such as France’s Macron and the European Community’s  Jean-Claude Juncker and Germany’s Merkel and a wide assortment of British and Scandinavian politicians demonize white people? In Scandinavia  a blond woman who reports her rape by the latest wave of third world “migrants” invited into the country by the crazed Scandinavian politicians, is dismissed as a racist.

Scandinavian people have told me that it is becoming difficult to report any crime by migrants as the report borders on being a hate crime.

Why is fake history created in order to support this hatred of white people?

Not long ago I wrote about a white man who wrote in CounterPunch that Robert E. Lee owned 200 slaves and enjoyed abusing them.  I pointed out that Lee spent his life, until Virginia’s secession, as a US Army officer fighting for the US empire against Mexico and against the native “Indians.”  He never had 200 slaves or a plantation. He was a US Army officer who was so highly regarded by Washington that he was offered a Union command when the North decided to invade the South in order to preserve the Empire. (See here)

The fake history about Lee is just one example.  I used it because it demonstrates how outrageous are the lies that now comprise American “history.”  Despite being unattached to any known facts, they nevertheless get into history books.

Black studies avoids the fact that the British sea captains who brought African slaves to the British colonies that later became the United States purchased the black slaves from the black king of Dahomey, who captured his fellow blacks in slave wars against other black tribes.  The United States has raised entire generations on the fake history that white people hated blacks and decided to capture them in Africa and make slaves of them in order to beat and abuse them.

So how does diversity and multiculturalism work to produce a liveable society when education and entertainment teach that white people are racists?

Any answering back by whites to accusations is considered to be proof that they are racists who will not acknowledge their sins and repent from them with lavish reparations and self-mutilation.

Diversity has become such a value that the great universities have decided to destroy themselves in order to promote diversity.  Oxford University, the most famous university in the world, has decided to lower its standards in order to promote diversity. Over the course of the next four years Oxford is going to reject 25% of the qualified applicants in order to make room for unqualified applicants who are “deprived” because of standards that cause “inequality.”

Goodbye the value of an Oxford education. The once prestigious degree is becoming equalized with that of a community college,  Heaven forbid that there is anything but equality. The parents who sacrificed to send their kids to private schools to prepare them for success at Oxford, have wasted their sacrifice and their money, because the qualifications for 25% of their kids for admission are irrelevant for diversity admission. The lower you score, the more diverse and more favored you are.

All over England, or as it is now called the UK, the universities are being destroyed, as in the US.  Not only is there the example of Oxford, but the same is happening all over England and the US. The University of Nottingham has destroyed itself.  For example, the university’s philosophy department was ranked, which meant that an advanced degree meant something about its graduates expertise in the subject.

But “diversity” intervened, and scholarship took the blow. The professors with a solid research record were discarded and unqualified diversity was employed in their place. Consequently, the university lost its standing for its Ph.D. in philosophy.

This adversely affected the graduates who paid their parents’ money and years of their life for  degrees, the value of which the corrupt university administration threw away in order to please “diversity.”

Far from enjoying supremacy, white males are denied equality. They are discriminated against in university admissions and employment. Free speech is denied to them. According to military wives, white males are being denied promotions while the military achieves diversity balancing.  Google fires white males for stating basic facts. White school boys are being browbeaten and feminized.  The charge of white supremacy is being used to herd white people to the back of the bus.  While they sit there and suck their thumbs, white people are being propagandized out of existence.

paulcraigroberts.org via Truthseeker

60 thoughts to “White People and Their Achievements are Marked for Destruction”

  1. PCR: “Why is fake history created in order to support this hatred of white people?”

    Those in charge of the jew banking systems want a global ‘general population’ which will PRODUCE & CONSUME & OBEY!

    Whites will produce & consume but will not easily obey.
    Blacks will not produce much on their own… but will consume & easily obey.

    The mix is obviously needed.
    The mix is also wanted to decrease IQ to lessen competition with the elites in charge.

    1. Great answer, Pat!

      And they want to herd, specially, the white heterosexual male to the back of the bus, because they are a target in the twenty first century. The male protects the family, that’s how it works!

      As the Jewish yoke gets tighter, riots are a natural reaction. Apparently, they feel threaten by the white heterosexual male and their leadership, therefore the racism and sexism (malephobia) upon them.

      Some thinkers put the ruler classes, the tip of the pyramid, in a position of super-human power. I don’t like that, it’s counterproductive. They certainly can break all social/moral laws at will, but they can’t face the simplicity of Newton’s physical laws. If their heads, just by accident, are in the path of a flying bullet, they will die!
      Simple like that…

    2. PAT,

      I’ve often heard that one of the reasons for the great replacement is because whites are more difficult to control, or as you say “will not easily obey”, but in my experience it is the opposite. I’d say that whites are probably the most obedient of the races and that blacks and Arabs are the most difficult to control.

      Also, with greater automation they’ll need ever fewer people to produce, but they’ll still want them to consume (i.e. spend) and obey. If they decide to drastically cut the population, like the masonic Georgia guidestones stipulate, then they’ll have less consumers and lower profits which runs contrary to the population explosion which is driving their profits. Also, if they really want to cut global population I would have thought that starting with the least populous white race, as they are doing, is the wrong approach. They should first start with those with the highest reproduction rates.

      1. CM –

        “They should first start with those with the highest reproduction rates.”

        You might believe that. However….
        Since they don’t do that… it makes my point.

        Those are the same people who have few planning skills & ingenuity and can be controlled with food & water. They are starving and drinking polluted water or blood as I write this. They live in stick and grass huts…. and they are crushed by elephants for that.

        White folks simply move & invent what they need. They ARE uncontrolled! 🙂

      2. @ Commentator Mike

        …if they really want to cut global population I would have thought that starting with the least populous white race, as they are doing, is the wrong approach. They should first start with those with the highest reproduction rates.

        An excellent comment on the whole. It make sense. But the statement quoted above is one I would query.

        Once you admit, as I think you would, that it is the White race that remains the biggest threat to globalist/Jewish domination, it makes no sense to start destroying Blacks and Muslims first — “those with the highest reproduction rates”, as you say — for the simple reason that Blacks and Arabs are doing the dirty work of White genocide on behalf of the Jews/globalists. This is by mass immigration into our White homelands; and by miscegenation and mongrelization of the native population. The Blacks and the Muslims are to be used as instruments for carrying out the slow genocide of Whites over an extended period. When the Whites have been submerged into a mud-colored mass, that will be the time to cull the Black and Muslim population.

        This can only be done after the remnant population has been reduced to low-IQ status as a result of interbreeding with lower races. Enslavement of the remnant population then becomes easy. When most people resemble cattle, controlling them will be a piece of cake. The Jews will be able to relax then, secure in the knowledge that most other races around them are their intellectual inferiors — fit only to obey and serve.

    3. Oh my, oh my Toto and Pat. We’re not the Kansas anymore. No matter which way you cut it my fellow White Nationalists, PCR, in his old age is sounding more and more like a White Nationalists (about time). PCR should watch his back and his front. (((They))) may send out the goons to get him.
      Listened to part of the Mike Adams interview on The Common Sense Show. New Mexico is deep, deep do, do via the turd world invasion of that state led by a hapless female governor.

  2. When Robert E. Lee inherited Arlington Farm from his Custis relatives (his wife’s family), he lamented the fact that he had inherited black slaves with it, and wrote that he determined to free them. Raised at Stratford Hall farm, with the institution there intact, he had thought it unjust. However, being a “man of his time”, he was more concerned with the enslavement of his own people by the abuse of our Constitution, and of his home, Virginia. First, he was a Virginian – along with a slew of others who were responsible for our Constitutional government function.
    What PCR writes, here, is too true for comfort. I believe incidents like occurred at Virginia Beach, yesterday, will become more numerous, as white men lash out against a screwed-up society. That the communist bastards want our guns is because they are afraid of our retaliation. NEVER surrender them – even unto death. Keep them clean and ready!

      1. I really didn’t know his ethnicity, Hp, only that that TYPE of incident is of great concern among those who use our system against us. I don’t know Craddock’s reasons, but imagine he perceived some injustice among the beauracracy – as most of us white boys perceive. I have been to court in that municipal complex, where my legal brief concerning the Title 31USC prohibitions against the use of “government obligations” (Federal Reserve Notes) to compute certain taxes was used, and which our then-governor cited when he rescinded those certain taxes.

      2. Gilbert, he was an equal opportunity murderer, if that really means anything beyond his insanity. I can understand a gnawing grudge or a exaggerated animosity against the boss type of revenge but to murder everyone he could is just demonically insane.

  3. We have a declaration by PCR — whether the headline is his or not, I cannot discern at the moment — “The Western world is collapsing so rapidly that I am afraid that I am going to outlive it. The Western presstitutes and politicians have demonized Putin, Maduro, Iran, and Trump to the same extent as the patriotic propagandistic Western court historians have demonized Adolf Hitler. But no one is as demonized as much as white people, and the curious thing is that it is self-demonization—whites demonizing whites.” I’d like to see the scale on which PCR measured such a bold statement — I suppose he made it. As usual, and I regret to comment again, as usual for darkmoon running PCR’s aging doom porn, we have a statement of finality without recourse to debate.

    If you have no faith in GOD or Self, no belief in a “higher power” or even higher frequencies of existence, not even a thought of deliverance, whether hoping for Jesus’ coming again, perhaps a White Hat (knights play now only on chessboards) riding to the rescue (I really liked the Lone Ranger, now, doomed, we have only “lone shooters”), then, without means or strategy, give up, fall silent, and die according to your worst fears.

    Otherwise, get up, stand up, live, and help others to live well, healthy, and free from slavery. Every day brings an opportunity.

  4. White People and Their Achievements are Marked for Destruction. Is that really so?
    What are or were these white achievements that are so superior above all else that PCR fears destruction of something unique and white will be lost forever?
    Trying to conquer and rob the not so white world while leaving bloodshed, genocide and “white washing” of tradition and local history of “not white achievements” and installing mostly white foreign Governors or local vassals and white foreign armies as caretakers of colonies for further exploitation of native soil and subjectism/enslavement in the name of an “white colonial authority” far away? White skin is neither better or worse than a darker color nor stands it above anything else in the human family. What stands above all humanity is the treason of a few evil ones that taught all meanings into opposites exactly as LD wrote above: “White is the new Black. Good is the new Evil. God is the new Devil on disguise”. The only conflict and racism here is the coming destruction of the majority of the human family and not that of their skin color. The rest is dividing entertainment for the masses while waiting for the undertaker.

    1. Jo,
      Whites are less than 10% or the entire world’s population, and decreasing fast. If as you write: “The only conflict and racism here is the coming destruction of the majority of the human family and not that of their skin color”.
      What do you suppose the chances are that Whites won’t be driven into extinction if “…the majority of the human family…” stone age level or not is liquidated? In other words, are we all the new “Canaanites” now waiting around around for some of that good Old (religion) Testament treatment?

      1. TOEJAMICUS, some of that “good Old Testament treatment” most likely will reshuffle the races though I doubt that whites will completely disappear from the face of the earth as a race. All skin colors will have their survivors including whites. When all white people would come together to figure out what and who belongs to the white human race one would be surprised how much conflict could arise internally through pro and contra arguments that one will fear that the “internal cleansing of the white race” would wipe itself out through war on each other. Some are still more white then others especially these with double faces.

    2. Jo,

      In a pragmatic sense, I agree with your position. All races and nations united against Jewish Power. The Jews would be outnumbered in a proportion of 1 to 400. We could defeat this thing called Judaism, circumcision of babies would be immediately forbiden. That’s the Globalists worst nightmare! Is it possible or just a fancy dream?

      With the Jewish media, and some other tools at their disposal, they are very good applying the divide and conquer old technique. They can disrupt even the most powerful god given social bond, man and woman.

  5. GIL
    when i was a kid, raised in the catholic church, i remember constantly hearing abut ‘temptation’… i mean you would think everybody in the whole flock-town was always right on the edge of some big muckabout… nowadays, i don’t even know what it means… however, media sensationalism is all about driving media ratings, getting reactions… the commercial media is all about triggering people.. politics is good ground for that.. the media pressure is intense upon the public, trying to make people react… it’s constantly coaxing somebody to lose control, go off the deep end… there will be individuals in the audience more susceptible that others, who will snap… they like that, it shows results…
    great statement… try to keep it right there…

  6. In the UK as we are known, not Britain and certainly not Great Britain as we once were,I was talking to a retired police officer. He said when a police officer is interviewed before a panel of senior officers for a promotion for example to a Sergeant the following occurs.If the officers interviewed had a non-White candidate among their number applying for the position and a White officer is selected as the most suitable candidate then if the non-White candidate makes a complaint based on Race then even if the selection of the White Officer was found to be the correct candidate for the position available as Sergeant the senior Officers on the selection panel will receive no further promotions, thus ensuring White Officers will be overlooked, racism of course .

  7. “The Western presstitutes and politicians have demonized Putin, Maduro, Iran, and Trump to the same extent as the patriotic propagandistic Western court historians have demonized Adolf Hitler.”

    LOL! This from Paul Craig Roberts, who’s probably spent 99% of his “career” as internet essayist bashing Hitler and Nazi Germany (like every other establishment apologist). I’m surprised Roberts’ fingers didn’t fall off when he typed this.

    And Trump, who’s making threats, waging economic war against the whole world, and questioning the legitimacy of everything and everyone who won’t surrender to the empire is somehow a “victim” of demonization on the same moral plane as “Maduro” and “Iran”? Seriously?

      “I’m surprised Roberts’ fingers didn’t fall off when he typed this.”
      Best reply to this article. All the rest is talking in circles.
      “And Trump, who’s making threats, waging economic war against the whole world, and questioning the legitimacy of everything and everyone who won’t surrender to the empire is somehow a “victim” of demonization on the same moral plane as “Maduro” and “Iran”? Seriously?”
      Yes, it is his job. And it is quite in line with the demand of the paragraph ‘1’ of rabbinical instruction which reads:”Imagine all around you are fools and push your agenda boldly.”

    1. No wonder we are being wiped out, if his ranting has any base in reality.

      As for myself, I am more in line with Joseph Walsh:
      “1945 was the year of the total inversion of Aryan values into Christian values.”

    “surrender to the empire”?
    man, i don’t know about that…
    it seems to me the USA is the one who has surrendered – to the globalist empire…
    i got no problem at all with the tariffs, unless they’re not nearly high enough and should have been put in place a lot sooner… and trump did offer a mutual no-tariff deal to the chinese, but they rejected that..
    it would be ok with me if the US stopped all trade with every foreign country…
    it isn’t as if we can’t take care of ourselves.. we have every natural resource we need, and if not we’ll soon figure a new way of doing it…
    think of the innovations that would kick in as soon as we went totally national…
    the whole foreign trade fiasco is a huge waste of time and money, keeping the status quo OIL-igarchy in control, fixing up the carpet for national discombobulation by massive immigration…
    sending all the manufacturing offshore was all about corporate nabobs having an easier time of exploiting labor and dodging environmental rules and regulations, while padding their accounts even more…
    and the israelis want it that way…
    ” But no one is as demonized as much as white people, and the curious thing is that it is self-demonization—whites demonizing whites.”
    i’ve noticed for years a kind of adopted affinity a lot of white women in local media have for blacks…
    it dawned on me recently, as i was listening to a series of black compositions on night radio, that white women, SJWs, Lesbians, Feminists in general, think they’re allied with blacks, and it’s out of the perception of a common enemy… after all, white men have been repressing females since the beginning of time, so they think…
    and EVERYBODY KNOWS white men are the only reason slavery ever existed…
    “Why is fake history created in order to support this hatred of white people?”
    that’s easy PCR… it’s because white people are in charge, of what they built… they own it…
    there will be no ownership or private property in the globalists’ New World Order, certainly no Bill of Rights…
    not for the proles anyway…
    If there’s one thing the Vatican, and the masons too from what i’ve heard, really hate, it’s the idea that a regular person might have exclusive control over his on property, therefore privacy..
    when totalitarian control is what they really want..
    how do the lies get into the history books?
    well, once society loses journalism it loses history soon after…
    we live in the politically correct world now, where commercial media is on one side or the other and the whole truth will be left out, whether you’re tuned into CNN or FOX news…
    and believe me, if you’re ever placed under arrest, the officers will falsify the information on the arrest report…
    the PC phenomenon is not really the work of some kind of hippies… it’s an externality by-product of the corporate system, which commodifies everything…
    whereas otherwise, genuine human sentiment, which will straighten things out eventually, if it’s allowed, can’t get into gear without the correct information…
    really, everybody in the media is behaving as bigots.. no wonder people scream racism… it’s not far off…
    a free speaking press is absolutely necessary to the evolution of society, which is why it’s heralded in the first amendment, here in our Constitutional Republic…
    but corporate ownership of media has killed free speech and journalism therein..
    the framers were quite correct to include freedom of the press in the constitution, putting it in the very first amendment… the Bill of Rights was innovative, but it’s not complete…
    now we’ve come to the point where the first amendment needs to be elaborated, to include a specific measure that blocks corporate censorship of journalists and journalism…
    why are not all these lawyers suing for that?
    the question is – how does the public get that done, free journalism?
    “But “diversity” intervened, and scholarship took the blow. The professors with a solid research record were discarded and unqualified diversity was employed in their place. Consequently, the university lost its standing for its Ph.D. in philosophy.”
    it is the SJW (commie) mantra that this “solid research record” is racist dogma, the scholars professing it then worthy of decapitation the same as the statues of Jackson and Lee…
    racial hiring quotas have been in effect in the usa for decades…
    seeing how it was back in the fifties for example, a typical city with a thousand or more policemen, Baltimore or Richmond, Atlanta, would have not one black with a badge… no firemen either…
    Racial discrimination was systemic… so it was not as if there was not an innovation called for…
    at this point however, nationalism is the thing the globalists (masons Vatican corporate/banking hierarchy) are out to destroy… they’re using the equality concept to rid their world of white societies… it will be a loss…
    and of course there’s no such thing as equality…

    1. @ Barkingdeer

      “surrender to the empire”?
      man, i don’t know about that…

      Well what’s he trying to do to Syria, Iran and Venezuela (and Russia and China too for that matter)? He’s demanding surrender, right in front of the eyes of the whole world. And if the victims refuse, he attacks any way he can. It’s simple and painfully obvious.

      it seems to me the USA is the one who has surrendered – to the globalist empire…

      Surrender is one thing; enthusiastically doing the empire’s satanic dirty work is something else – not surrender but complicity. Obviously, the U.S. has become nothing more than a hammer in the hands of the jewish-supremacist madmen, and Trump is their loyal agent.

      “i got no problem at all with the tariffs, unless they’re not nearly high enough and should have been put in place a lot sooner…”

      I’ve got a big problem with “the tariffs” for several reasons, primary among which is the fact that they’ve been imposed not for any legitimate reason, i.e. to protect American businesses from unfair competition, but as an offensive weapon to try to “contain” China. They’re provocations, made in the same spirit as all of Mr. Trump’s other provocations, and they’re hurting Americans, about whom Mr. Trump doesn’t give a dam.

      As an example, back in January, I bought a lathe made in China, and I was a few days too late in doing so, which cost me an extra $400.00, thanks to Mr. Trump. I was at the seller’s web site on a Saturday, and I put the lathe I wanted in the “shopping cart” but I wanted to add a four jaw chuck (a heavy item which according to the seller would ship for free if I bought it with the lathe) but there was no way that I could see how to add accessories to the cart. So I figured I’d call the seller Monday morning and do a phone order. But by Monday morning the price of the lathe went up $400.00.

      So Mr. Trump basically stole $400 from me and handed it over to the farmers who are hurting because of retaliatory tariffs.

      Let’s face it there are many types of commercial products which are only available from China, and low-end machine tools is one of them. So Mr. Trump has imposed a de facto 25% sales tax. How is this situation good for America? How is it not unconstitutional?

      In the end Mr. Trump’s breathtaking arrogance, bad faith and stupidity will do nothing but drive the rest of the world away from the dollar and American markets, and speed up the decline and fall of America, if he doesn’t start WW3 first that is.

  9. PAT, SAKI,

    Good answers.
    Saki, I admit the white race is the biggest threat to Jewish world domination in theory but in actual practice there has been little evidence of this lately. It is the white nations that have been the most ardent supporters of Israel, and their JWO/NWO seems to be strongest in white countries. I’d say other races are far more aware of the Jewish threat but they do lack the organisational ability to take them on, at least on the global stage. Even AH, who wrote in Mein Kampf “It doesn’t even enter their heads to build up a Jewish state in Palestine for the purpose of living there; all they want is a central organisation for their international world swindler, endowed with its own sovereign rights and removed from the intervention of other states: a haven for convicted scoundrels and a university for budding crooks” later went on to transfer some 60,000 Jews (according to wikepedia but probably many more) to Palestine under the Haavara agreement. It looks bleak, migrants are now reaching England by boat:


    What would good old Churchill have to say about this, what with that speech about fighting off invaders on the beaches?

    1. Thanks for your reply, CM. I appreciated that brilliant quote from Hitler’s Mein Kampf. So why was Ken Livingstone demonized in the UK for saying that Hitler was a “Zionist?” Was AH a Zionist just because he packed off 60,000 Jews to Palestine? AH certainly wasn’t doing the Palestinians any favours!

      1. Saki,

        When they want to blacken somebody they’ll pick on whatever they can, out of context even. Look at the way that they disparage Corbyn and some other Labourites as anti-semites and throw around accusations of “racist”, “Nazi”, “homophobe”, “mysoginist”, etc. on the flimsiest of pretexts at those they wish to demonise. I think it’s becoming increasingly difficult to argue with them and this is stifling debate on important issues so that they can just carry on implementing their various agendas with little or no opposition.

        But those wishing to solve the JQ in the West are in a quandary what to do. Some may consider sending them all to Israel regardless of the consequences for the Palestinians. Anyway, we’re a long way from solving the JQ in the West, perhaps more so than ever before, unless future circumstances, or they themselves, help to solve it. Our own discussions so far are just hypothetical wishful thinking when you consider the state of society in the real world.

  10. Diluting the white man…. Enforced Diversity Globally has been popularized since WWI!!

    A Dark Rainbow Hangs Over the West

    Rothschilds are soooo happy! Maybe GAY would apply!! 🙂



    From Tolerance to Equality: How Elites Brought America to Same-Sex Marriage

    Diversity is the sovereign social and political ideal of our age. It is the public ideology of the country’s most powerful institutions. As Ellen Berrey said, “the word wears a halo”. Within this dominion the gay-rights rainbow is to be conceived of as perfectly representative of the diversity of mankind’s nations, races, languages and sects.
    Indeed, it was first popularised politically by American Methodist minister J. W. van Kirk following the First World War when he incorporated it into his flag for a future world federation. 

    How fitting that the rainbow flag is found fluttering above the public squares of our polis now, as the dawn of a Brave New World stirs.

    Powerful adherents of the New Age are committed to displacing traditional arrangements of family, marriage, and child-rearing in favorof individual autonomy, self-creation, and lifestyle choice shorn of long-standing commitment. World-straddling corporations have a strong interest in fostering atomized, de-normed subjects. Because their “identities” arise primarily from appetites that can be altered through both marketing and technology, they are the ideal consumers. The ideological justification for this economic project has been long-prepared by the intellectual class, which over the last four decades has devoted itself to the project of displacing traditional norms in favor of theories of self-creation in a world governed not by tradition or natural law, but solely in accordance with the human will.


    Fox is already cowering down to the Speaker of the House.

    In response to Nancy Pelosi’s complaint that FOX doesn’t show enough Black and Hispanic people on their network, FOX has announced that they will now air “America’s Most Wanted” twice a week!! 🙂

  12. HAROLD
    we all know trump has a long long way to go as the perfect president, and yes he’s way too stoogy for the tribe, most likely one of them himself…
    But he’s right on with the tariffs… and I don’t think there’s anything real complicated about it…
    The Chinese have been charging us heavy duties and we have not been charging them likewise..
    The extra costs on us would not be there, if we had the manufacturing facilities inside the USA…
    Those will reappear pretty quick, as soon as it becomes obvious the stuff can be made here at a profit…
    Wisconsin dairy farmers sent Calvin Coolidge a 147 pound SWISS cheese back in the twenties, because they were grateful for the tariffs he put on dairy products from Switzerland…
    We’re going to have to suffer a little pain making the transition back to domestic manufacturing, but it will be worth it in the end, if the chins don’t back down and simply accept trump’s genuine fair trade offer of no tariffs either way…
    I buy a ton of merchandise from China every year, and I expect the prices will be 25% higher next year… I’ll pay it, and hope for the day when the steel I buy will once again be made in the USA…
    Now he’s putting the tariff on Mexican imports too… I say HOOOOOORRRRRAAAAAAY…
    Look, when I was 18 I hung out in Pittsburgh for a while between high school and the military… I remember several pages of want ads in the Pittsburg Press calling for every kind of tradesman in existence.. all kinds of other jobs too… anybody who wanted work got it…
    When we have reacquired our manufacturing base we will have made America great again…
    And you will see this plague of homelessness cease.
    I say we manufacture EVERYTHING we need right here in the USA, screw all these multinational corporate fat cats and their whole offshore tax avoidance scheme..
    And I hope I live to see the end of metric nuts and bolts…

    1. Bark –

      Metric is here to stay. It is the global system.

      Trump is in London for more than tea with Charlie!!

      He wants a trade deal to show China and Mexico what they have to fear from UK.

      AND… healthcare would need to be on the table in any future trade talks.

      **Few KNOW…. That US healthcare providers already deliver services in the UK since the NHS puts out contracts. According to BBC, in 2017, over £140 Billion – $177 Billion USD – was spent on healthcare across the U.K., with U.S. providers taking much of that.

      1. Socialized healthcare is not working all that well in UK.

        US firms look to capitalise as NHS becomes increasingly privatised!!

        Whether it be via direct partnerships or the acquisition of well-placed British groups, US health companies see plenty of upside in ‘supporting’ the NHS.

        HCA UK are a group of world-class, award-winning private hospitals, specialist clinics, outpatients and diagnostics centres and private GP services spread across London and Manchester. As well as providing advanced, high-quality care to patients in these environments, we also partner with leading NHS Trusts.


        John Reay Appointed President of HCA Healthcare UK
        Jan 2019


        Even 3 years ago……

        HCA, with a market capitalisation of more than $28bn, is known as one of the biggest healthcare facility companies in the US. The company’s UK arm is part of the Private Hospitals Alliance, a lobbying group that supports the role of private company participation in NHS services.

        Instead of directly partnering with the NHS, some US companies have entered the UK through acquisitions, hoping to build relationships through existing British companies. To that end, the US hospital and clinic operator Tenet Healthcare in 2015 acquired Aspen Healthcare, an operator of private hospitals and clinics in the UK. Tenet said at the time of the acquisition that it hoped that owning Aspen would provide “increasing opportunities to work with and support the National Health Service”.

        Tenet also noted to investors that “privatisation of UK marketplace, given market inefficiencies and pressures on the National Health Service, should create organic and de novo opportunities” for the US company. The publicly traded Tenet employs more than 130,000 people and operates more than 470 outpatient centres, 84 acute care hospitals and 20 short stay hospitals in the US.


    2. “But he’s right on with the tariffs… and I don’t think there’s anything real complicated about it…”

      Apparently it is rather complicated since you apparently didn’t understand the real life example I gave earlier. Either that or you ignored it because you’re just being contrary.

      Once again, what is the point of putting tariffs on products imported from China for which there are no practical alternative sources other than China? If you put tariffs on low-end machine tools, for example, which are ONLY available from China, it is nothing but a gratuitous hardship on Americans; it is an exorbitant de facto sales tax. Second, please explain where the president gets the authority to levy and collect such taxes.

      “The Chinese have been charging us heavy duties and we have not been charging them likewise..”

      That’s just a bare assertion. Prove it.

      “The extra costs on us would not be there, if we had the manufacturing facilities inside the USA…”

      LOL! What a ridiculous, irrelevant statement.

      1. HS –

        If you knew much about manufacturing, you’d understand how the price of steel affects our economy. In 1981, when I started working for the family trucking business, there was only ONE steel mill left in Pittsburgh – down from 13 in the past decade. It was the Edgar Thompson works of U.S. Steel. During that time, I formed a trading company for the purpose of loading our van trucks out of New York and New England. (Freight was hard to come by, so I had the idea of buying our own.)
        Paper was my main product (“secondary fiber”), but that morphed into non-ferrous metals, and steel. Often, I, myself, hauled loads to Baltimore to be loaded on barges for China. They threw No. 1 steel into barges loaded with inferior product BECAUSE IT WAS ALL GOING INTO THE SAME FURNACE in China. The steel the Chinks sent back to the United States was inferior. Results are very apparent, if you ever use it or know what you’re looking at. Now that tariffs are in question, I see a definite rise in all facets of the steel industry here – which indicates well-being for our own economy. Trump, having been raised in the building trades, understands the intricacies of business, and IS a boon to our economy. (We’re also into dairy farming, as well as grain and hay, and I am observing positive trends, now.)

      2. “Now that tariffs are in question, I see a definite rise in all facets of the steel industry here – which indicates well-being for our own economy.”

        I bet the investors who bought US Steel stock at $44 per share back in January 2018 would disagree with you on that.

  13. HAROLD
    I understand very well, you’re complaining about an extra cost you had to pay on an imported item..
    Are you suggesting we charge tariffs on items nobody buys?
    The item you spoke of will never be manufactured in the USA unless the price on imports goes up, or unless trump stops importation, which would be fine with me…
    The price difference has been going into the fat cats pockets…
    Yes you paid a little less, for an inferior product.. the people who made it got paid a lot less.. and the multinational s made a LOT MORE..
    Intercontinental shipping is a SCAM…
    We’re trying to return the manufacturing to the USA, Reestablish the middle class, build real quality products again..
    That’s the idea… why is it irrelevant?
    And when it is being made here it will be of superior quality, like the old shackles, made out of better steel…
    There’s a lot here for the greens to like too..
    Stop wasting energy shipping stuff all over the planet, so filthy rich multinational corporate predators can exploit 3rd world slaves, defeat organized labor and trash the planet with their worthless junk…
    Outlaw planned obsolescence and stop manufacturing cheap junk that goes straight into landfills or the ocean..
    There are trump critics and there are trump haters…
    It’s hard to discuss things with trump haters, because the will not listen to reason and simply deny any reports they don’t want to hear…
    I’m sure PAT has all the dope on the heavy tariffs we pay the Chinese…
    I heard trump say it, I believe him..
    If it is proven to you, will you agree we’ve been taken advantage of?
    And will you then agree to level the trade field?
    In the case of Mexico trump may be killing 2 birds with one stone, securing the border and returning the manufacturing HERE… what he’s doing there is the first real step in the right direction this country has taken in a long time on these issues…
    And you know my fellow Americans – if we can just get those first couple steps going in the right direction, we’ll see more and more real progress…
    As long as the ball is still climbing there’s no telling how far it might go…
    And it’s getting more obvious all the time – we have to start doing things differently, putting America first…
    If people weren’t so full of hatred for the guy, the dems with no schedule other than getting rid of trump, if we could all start working together, we would fix everything faster and faster…
    Anybody who doesn’t want the border secure is a traitor..

    1. “I understand very well, you’re complaining about an extra cost you had to pay on an imported item..”

      No, you obviously don’t understand at all. My complaint was merely an example that demonstrates Mr. Trump’s ignorance, arrogance, stupidity, anti-Americanism and lawlessness.

      “Are you suggesting we charge tariffs on items nobody buys?”

      What a stupid question. BTW, who’s “we” knucklehead, you and the jew in your pocket?

      “The item you spoke of will never be manufactured in the USA unless the price on imports goes up, or unless trump stops importation, which would be fine with me…

      Well of course it would be fine with you; you’re a mindless idiot.

      “We’re trying to return the manufacturing to the USA, Reestablish the middle class, build real quality products again..”

      ROTFL! Well what you lack in common sense you almost make up for in entertainment value.

      There are trump critics and there are trump haters…
      It’s hard to discuss things with trump haters, because the will not listen to reason and simply deny any reports they don’t want to hear…

      Why can’t you get it through your thick skull that Mr. Trump doesn’t give a dam about America? He’s not there to do ANYTHING for you or me; he’s not there to do ANYTHING good for America. He’s there for one reason and one reason only, and that is to push the jewish-supremacist agenda for world domination and control at ANY COST. Mr. Trump and his jewish-supremacist handlers are desperate beyond words to stop the rise of Russia and China, and Mr. Trump is willing to risk destroying the U.S. economy and even to start WW3 if that’s what it takes.

      1. I’d like you to explain how “the rise of Russia or China” is so desireable to you. Trump is not President of Russia or China, so exactly WHY should he advocate for them above the United States?? (Yes, there are Jews involved in almost everything, but incompetence is NOT their characteristic.) World commerce will always exist, as long as there are ocean-going vessels. Ignoring advantages is ridiculous – for ANY country’s leaders. The trouble with people like you who hate Trump so much is that it blinds them to the immediate needs of the United States due to the inconvenience of paying a bit more for their Chinese junk.
        Please tell us how one of the damn communists running for office against Trump would make our country stronger.

      2. Bark, you are a true nationalist!

        To bring the jobs back, tariffs are not a solution. PCR wrote an article that explains, precisely, what is going on:


        The imported products are not cheap Chinese goods, some of them are produced by “US Corporations” in China, such as Apple, Nike, Levis, etc. These so called multi-national corporations don’t care for any nation at all other than the Rothschild nation. Or should I say Rothschild Jewish dynasty?

        From his article:

        “The evil done by globalism has taken a toll on both first and third worlds. It is entirely the result of first world capitalist profit-maximizing. It has nothing to do with China. China is being blamed not because its industry produces cheaper than our industry, but as a scapegoat to hide from view the fact that US global corporations alone are the cause of the lost American jobs.”
        “Tariffs cannot bring back the jobs.”

        Now, from one of his more recent articles:

        “The neoliberal economists are deaf, dumb, and blind, “junk economists” as Michael Hudson calls them.”

        Trump is just a product of this new worldwide phenomenon, the kosher right.

      3. Trump wants US companies to move out of China to Vietnam to help ‘Put-On’ with his military growth there!! 🙂


        US-China trade war: Moving to Vietnam to avoid sanctions

        Around 200 US Companies Considering Moving Production From China to India

      4. “I’d like you to explain how “the rise of Russia or China” is so desireable to you.”

        You don’t really expect to say something like that and then be taken seriously, do you?

        “Trump is not President of Russia or China, so exactly WHY should he advocate for them above the United States??”

        ROTFL! Trump moves the embassy to Jerusalem, pulls out of the JCPOA agreement with Iran, gives Syrian land to Israel, and generally seems to be trying to provoke a big war in the Mideast – all of which in apparent pursuit of jewish-supremacist “interests” and all of which being immoral and/or illegal, antithetical to any actual “American” geopolitical interests, and of course openly against the will of the whole world – and you sit there mute. I criticize Trump for failing to employ common sense and the basic doctrine of reciprocity and human dignity in his dealings with others, e.g., Russia and China, and you claim that such reasonable treatment of others would somehow be “advocating” for them?

        Mr. Trump’s war on China isn’t just economic, it’s personal. He’s gratuitously bitch-slapping and insulting them. Having Meng Wanzhou arrested and throwing Tiananmen Square in their faces while he commits war crimes; mass murders people all over the world and generally does everything he can to undermine the framework of international law and national sovereignty is completely beyond the pale. Mr. Trump’s breathtaking arrogance and hypocrisy is apparently pissing the whole world off like never before.

        Mr. Trump’s already damaged the farm economy, probably having already irreversibly trashed markets that took years to develop, now he’s set his sights on Silicon Valley. Does anyone doubt that China can make the semiconductors it presently buys from U.S. sources? Moreover, it seems China is now ready to cut off the supply of rare earth minerals to U.S. industry (if it hasn’t already done that), and Russia is threatening to cut off the supply of titanium; that’ll show ’em. Finally, China apparently still has the economic “nuclear option” against the U.S. and seems to be edging closer to using it. The demoniac in the white house is apparently ready to risk a massive worldwide sell-off of dollar denominated assets, all for the sake of his pathological vanity and his masters’ hopeless agenda.

      5. @ NBTT

        Here’s the thing: How can “America” hope to compete with anyone on anything when it costs hundreds of dollars for a simple office visit to a family doctor, for example? A simple MRI (i.e. no “contrast agent”) around where I live costs about $5000.00. And how about drugs; almost $20 for a single 100 mg dose of doxycycline? Seriously? These are basic health care necessities.

        For what it costs for a routine basic MRI in the U.S., the average American could fly down to Panama, stay for a week in a nice four or five start hotel, get the MRI, spend a few hundred dollars on night life and various tourist attractions, etc., then fly back home and still have $1500 dollars or something like that in his pocket. How can anyone justify that?

        Obviously, the health care industry in the U.S. is nothing but a giant wealth transfer engine; it’s a multi-trillion dollar extortion racket.

        And then look at confiscatory property taxes. In many states, e.g., PA, NJ, NY, etc., property taxation is completely out of control. It’s killing businesses and contributing to homelessness.

        In America, due to nothing but greed and corruption, the cost of basic necessities of life are moving beyond the reach of the average person. And then they wonder why there’s an opioid crisis; and they wonder why life expectancy is going down; and they wonder why the suicide rate is increasing; and they wonder why every indicator of societal health is moving in the wrong direction.

        Forget abstract economic theory, the simple question is: How are we going to manufacture anything when we have to live under a bridge and eat from garbage cans?

        But instead of looking in the mirror, everyone looks for foreign scapegoats, and the gullible eat it all up.

      6. Harold –

        What you say makes a lot of sense, I must admit. However, for lack of someone better, I must choose Trump. What he does with Israhell or any other country doesn’t concern me as much as how he behaves toward these United States. If he had me so fooled, at least I am not hurting over it! 🙂

      7. Harold,

        I enjoyed reading you last post, very touching. Thanks!
        True words I’m afraid, so sad…

        “…the health care industry in the U.S. is nothing but a giant wealth transfer engine; it’s a multi-trillion dollar extortion racket.”
        Priceless sentence!

        I hope you like this article, it’s related to our discussion on this thread, and something else.


        1. @ Winston

          Harold is not a Jew. And by calling him a Jew without knowing anything about him, you are yourself guilty of an ad hominem attack. You are guilty of the very thing you accuse Harold of.

          Are you a Jew?

  14. More than thirty years ago I decided to get a law degree so I could run a business without the expense of legal retaining fees. First I looked into state schools with more or less affordable admission fees, but found the schools jammed packed with minority applicants. And the black or Mexican minority card easily superseded my veteran card.

    A few years earlier, I had been turned down for an aircraft mechanics position at Kelly AFB. Despite the fact that I was a licensed A&P mechanic as well as a commercially rated pilot with 1500 hours in the cockpit. All I got from “human resources,” (actually “minority resources”) was, “we’ll call you if a position opens up.” Of course, no one ever called. This was at a time when the overhaul of the aging B-52 fleet was in full swing.

    As I sat for a few hours in the waiting room while being studiously ignored by the “Latina” staff, l watched two illegal aliens walk in for an interview. How did I know they were illegal aliens? Simple, I grew up in south and central Texas. As far as I could tell, they could not even speak English, as I never heard anything but Spanish spoken between them and the employment staff made up entirely of Mexican women. It’z federal you see.

    Thus, I should have known the outcome of my search for admission to law school. I began looking at other schools and finally decided SMU* would be the best value. After all, a degree is only as good as what is made from those possessing it.

    Prior to applying to law school, the first step is the LSAT. At that time the LSAT cost $500, no refund or options. Pay the fee and it’s gone, no matter what happens. As I had already had previous experience with such examination fees, I decided to talk to a counselor to see what my chances were for acceptance before laying down the cash. So I went to Dallas to talk to a counselor – female of course. After reviewing my records, she told me flat out, “If you ace the LSAT you probably have a 25% chance of being accepted.” Probably? Ace the LSAT? Me? “Just how many people ace the LSAT?” I asked.

    Moving right along, she went on to tell me candidly I was the “wrong race and the wrong sex” to have a fair chance at admission. There was not the slightest hint of vindictiveness or glee in her tone. It was obvious she was simply stating the facts to an adult male not lured in by any promise of a starry-eyed future career. I would have been dumbfounded by her comment, but as I pointed out, it was not the first time.

    After four previous degrees and countless thousands of dollars spent on education, I decided $500, not including the cost of the study guide, for a test I had to ace for a minimal chance at admission to yet another degree program was simply too much. I wasn’t going to spin the wheel of education again on my limited budget. What’s more, it was a degree in a profession I loathed. It was just too much, so I walked. After seeing what (((they))) did to Edgar Steele, this was probably one of the better decisions I made about education.

    Yesterday, while walking in the park I spotted a young woman intensely studying a book. I am always fascinated by such attention to the written word, so I stopped and asked her what she was reading so intently. She held up the book – a study guide for the LSAT. I laughed and said, “now I understand” and walked on.

    Wait until gullible, white fools find out they are truly a minority. Then they will discover just how much brotherly love and compassion the new “majority” has for them. By then I hope to be passing by the last star system at the edge of the universe, stopping only momentarily to gaze in wonder at the grandeur of it all.

    *Perhaps only the Jew exceeds the Texan for bizarre irony, especially in names. Ask yourself, If you were a wealthy Texan with the surname Hogg, wouldn’t you name your daughter Ima? Then there is Texas political irony, like the fact that after being booted out as speaker of the house for ethics violation, the not-so-Honorable Mr. Jim Wright left politics to teach at TCU, (Texas Christian University). And what did he teach? You guessed it – ethics!

    So in that same vein, SMU’s Law School was renamed “Dedman School of Law”

    SMU’s Law School was renamed Dedman School of Law in February 2001 in honor of its late benefactors, Robert H. Dedman Sr. and his wife, Nancy Dedman. SMU Law School was the only law school in Dallas until UNT opened its law school four years ago. The current dean of the law school is Jennifer Collins who is a Harvard Law School graduate (she attended Yale for her undergraduate studies). Dean Collins served on the Harvard Law Review with former President Barack Obama.

    Now thats’a spicy enough CV to make a white man fell all warm and fuzzy inside. You just can’t make this stuff up. Well no matter, I’ll soon be a dead man graduate anyway – without the degree.

  15. hey HAROLD
    those who are losing the logical argument resort to insult…
    your insults don’t bolster your argument..
    they just demonstrate your lack of intellect, and viciousness..
    and i wouldn’t be calling the jews any names on that, if i behaved like you…
    would you have the temerity to insult men to their faces, and have your nose flattened, or do you just do that on the computer?
    when i refer to WE, i’m talking about REAL AMERICANS… not a lot of subversive COMMIE antifa thugs, who want open borders… if that’s what you want i’d say your suspect…
    of course it’s not going to be real easy to make the shift back to domestic manufacturing…
    the multi-nationalist (globalists) have that wired…
    but you may have to sacrifice a lot more than a few bucks to save your country…
    but then, if you’re really an open-borders antifa-thug pinko globalist, you already hate america, because we’re all White Supremacists, right?
    i DO want the border secured and the manufacturing base returned…
    yes we all know about trump’s jew problem.. we knew that all along…
    but he is doing something about the border problem, and i still don’t see anybody else on the scene who will… i wish he would be a lot rougher with it, but it’s best not to let the perfect be the enemy of the good… he’s just taken 2 steps in the right direction… nobody else would have…
    who do you want otherwise – Cory Booker? How about Kamala Harris? maybe you want Hillary Clinton back?
    deal with reality.. there is nobody else, not right now…
    and do us all a favor – keep your personal insults to yourself, or don’t bother to reply…

  16. Bark –

    You think like I about Trump. Maybe he isn’t perfect, but he’s a helluva lot better than present alternatives! Those PcsOS running against him represent the scum of this country, IMO. Advocating against Trump is tantamount to advocating FOR them…

    that’s exactly right…
    he’s far from perfect but he’s way better than any of the rest of them…
    rand paul would be good, but he’s all wrong on the immigration issue…
    other than him, i don’t see anybody else close…
    it really doesn’t make much difference to me where trump puts the embassy over there…
    and for now i’ll eat another 25% on some imports – or i’ll get them somewhere else…
    i do agree, tariffs are not the best way to get the manufacturing back here, and i know not all imports are junk, even chinese…
    but i’ve seen way too many that are, the knockoff coats and shoes, chain saws and tubes of permatex, the parts that fall off of airplanes, the duck down made of chicken feathers… enough…
    these tariffs are a step in the right direction, at last…
    maybe another candidate will come up like trump, only without the mazaltav…
    somebody more willing to use force on the border…

  18. There’s no such a thing as white discrimination. Anglo Saxons have lived lavishly on the hard work and sweat of other race groups. Regardless of the fact that, some black tribe kings sold of their own race to them, Their forced labour still benefited you greatly. Black people have not been compensated for the hard work they put in building the western world. Whites always want to take full credit for each and every thing that makes this world what it is. Now, the chickens are coming home to roost. What your ancestors sowed, your children shall reap. All the rape, hangings and exploitation you imposed on us WILL come back to you.

    South Africa ( Where I’m from ) is just a tiny taste of what is in store for you. You cannot escape recompensation, this is your destiny.

    1. The only sin white man committed was living among the heathen. We were required by law of God to remain a separate people. Black people did not build the western world. They do not inherently possess the requisite skill, knowledge and discipline in order to do any such thing. They are what they were made to be, hunter gatherers. After a couple hundred thousand years on earth, blacks never thought of creating a wheel or even a raft to get from one side of the river to the other. Please, you are just a white hater. There are certainly white people of whom we should not be proud of but on the whole, the white people are a great people and can’t be condemned for a handful that are willing to sell their country and people out for their own greed. Look at the Canaanites, if they have any decent people, they are just a few outliers. On the whole they are a vile, despicable people.

      White people are not the same specie as other creations and created at a much later time than the hunter gatherers. Mongrels are a creation of man and will not survive the wrath to come.

  19. Macron is a jew. He’s not white. Many jews may look white but they are canaanite dogs and very nearly the most mongrelized people on earth, excepting the Mexicans. Pure white adamic DNA is not mixed with anything, albeit, not many left on earth as Christ said there wouldn’t be by the time He returned. Christ was white, an Israelite. Not a jew, a canaanite descendant of Cain who mixed with some strange people east of Eden in the land of Nod. Cain and his descendants were haters of Yahweh and His Christ.

    By the time Christ was born, Judea had become a multiracial polyglot and a person called a jew could have been an actual Judahite (white Israelite) or a mongrel edomite/canaaanite/Cainite. Just like in America, even though America was settled as a white inheritance country, it has become a multiracial polyglot and anyone living in America is now called an American, whether they are white or not.

    1. Jan –

      It seems that you have a pretty good idea of the way things are! 🙂 🙂

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