Why Putin’s Christian Faith Is Most Likely Authentic

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson
The Barnes Review via Truthseeker


LD (by way of introduction) : Putin roundly condemns the atheistical Communism and Cultural Marxism associated with the Stalinist era. Any attempt to portray Putin as an heir or successor to Stalin — the virulent atheist, persecutor of Christians, and mass murderer of millions of Christian peasants — is pure poppycock and propaganda promoted by the Stalin cultists.

In the video below, you will hear Putin in his own words praise “traditional moral values”, the very antithesis of the debased morality and sexual decadence associated with Cultural Marxism. It is a far cry from the bleak godlessness and nihilism of the Lenin and Stalin period (1917-1953) to the devout piety of Putin.

Quote from the video below:

PUTIN :   “We should not forget that it was by undermining the spiritual and national values and through persecution of the Russian Orthodox Church  and other traditional religions in Russia  that we started to lose the unity of our state and slipped into persecutions, fratricides, bloodshed, conflicts and wars.”

(He is referring to Stalin’s Red Terror and destruction of thousands of churches, including the mass murder and torture of Christian monks, priests and nuns both in the Soviet Union and in Franco’s Spain during the Spanish Civil War). 

Video below, @ 1.10 – 1.40    

— LD]

Vladimir Putin is fairly mute about his own religious views. Being a member of the Communist Party is no evidence of atheism. It’s evidence only of conformity. Party membership was essential for having any a career of any substantial kind, especially in the security services. Military and police careers were, as in all societies, attractive to patriots and nationalists, though it had to be a “Soviet” rather than a specifically Russian nationalism. However, he does say that he was secretly baptized by his mother at 18 months in Petersburg at the Cathedral of the Martyrs Alexandria and Antonia of Rome. From this, it is safe to say that Putin was secretly taught the faith from a young age.

According to his mother, it was the day of St. Michael and all the Angels, so it had to be November 21st. Putin’s views are, in his own words, to be internal, and never the subject of a show. The cross that his mother gave him at the Sepulcher Church in Jerusalem he wears always. In his house many years ago, a fire broke out from the heating unit of the sauna malfunctioning. Worried that the cross, which he had left near his bed, was gone forever, one of the workmen found it perfectly intact in the midst of all the rubble.

Putin stated on Larry King that he sees this event as a miracle and a “revelation.” His personal commitment to Orthodoxy never wavered afterwards. Normally he goes to obscure, rural churches to spend the holidays, wishing to avoid the cameras and distractions of the major cities. His natural constituency is the Orthodox population, who, as polls have stated since the mid 1990s, trust the patriarch more than anyone else in Russia, even more than Putin himself.

Unlike Slobodan Milosevic, Putin is clearly comfortable and at home in an Orthodox setting, and his ritual movements are smooth and comfortable, not jerky and artificial as might be expected for a hypocritical display. Milosevic was noted for his awkwardness in Orthodox churches in the 1990s, suggesting he had no experience in them. The only time he seemed slightly stiff is when, upon kissing an icon, the background noise was of hundreds of cameras taking pictures.

Putin is far more influential for the church than Peter the Great and many others. Non-Orthodox monarchs in Russian history include Peter I, who was a materialist Freemason.

Putin’s concern with ecumenism with Rome is puzzling. His constituency is Orthodox and nationalist. He has only to lose with this policy. Yet no one else on earth right now has done more to strengthen and spread Orthodox Christianity than Putin and the Moscow Patriarchate. On February 13, 2012, Putin condemned the Red Army in the Russian Civil War. In 2012, 65,000 gathered at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow to defend the church against the feminist group Pussy Riot and other attacks on it. This is the new Russia.

Back in 2001, Izvestia interviewed Putin’s spiritual father, the Archimandrite Tikhon (Shevkunov) of the Sretensky Monastery. This was December of 2001, probably prior to anyone really knowing too much about his policy agenda. The Archimandrite stated:

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is an Orthodox Christian really, and not nominally. He confesses, receives communion and is aware of his responsibility before God for the ministry entrusted to him from on high and for his immortal soul. The burden and severity of the problems he is undertaking to solve and his responsibility for these is truly enormous. Anyone who really loves Russia and wishes her well can only pray for Vladimir Vladimirovich whom the Providence of God sent to deliver Russia.

The Archimandrite was himself sent to prison by the old KGB and had members of his family perish because of them. Thus, Putin’s background in this organization did not initially endear him to the President. However, he soon was convinced of Putin’s Orthodox mind. In his book, the Archimandrite writes:

Combining the modern Russian state with past forms, Putin has undertaken a huge effort to connect it to the heavens. The construction of churches, the reconstruction of destroyed parishes, monasteries and the revival of Russian shrines has become an urgent matter for Putin. For the dark, soulless landscape that was imposed on Russia after 1991 – one dominated by nihilism, anger, and nonsense mercantile scams – Russia was in a condition completely unsuitable for any future development. Anything built in this context, any laboratory or university, immediately plunged into the abyss of a toxic lifestyle. The restoration of churches and monasteries is truly the creation of huge sewage treatment plants which are to filter and processing the fetid waste of the 1990s. It is the construction of spiritual filters through which passes the poisoned spirit of the Russian people.

In his visit to Valaam, Putin stated that “without Orthodoxy, there would be no Russia.”

On the website of the Valaam monastery, they speak of the sincerity of the President’s faith. They state that visiting the northern shrines was a “turning point” for Putin and began a sincere conversion. He ensured that there was a minimum of meetings and no talk of politics. On August 16th of 2001 Putin first began his pilgrimage and acted like an “ordinary believer.” He walked the three kilometers to the main monastery to St. Nicholas’ skete. He then decreed that the island of Anzer be granted officially to the church and more specifically, the monastery of Solovki.

On the 1025th anniversary of the baptism of Rus under St. Vladimir, Putin stated:

Today, when people are again looking for moral support, millions of our fellow citizens see their Russian Orthodox religion as a beacon. Trust the wise pastoral words of the Russian Orthodox Church. Her selfless, educational and social service demand respect. Her public authority and peacekeeping efforts aimed at strengthening the harmony and stability of Russia, as well as her efforts to restore the historical ties among peoples, and especially with our compatriots abroad, has been her legacy. It is also important that a new level of state-church relations has developed. We act as genuine partners and as co-workers in solving the most pressing domestic and international challenges in the implementation of joint ventures for the benefit of our country and people.

On the 90th anniversary of the restoration of the Patriarchate, Putin stated:

The Patriarchate of the Russian Orthodox Church helped the people survive the agony of the 20th century. It helped defend the faith, to unite the flock and to save not just the church, but the ideas of Christianity. And later, already in a revival of religious life, the Church has helped continue his tireless service. And today, we appreciate the desire of the Russian Orthodox Church to return the ideals and values to Russian society that for centuries were our spiritual landmarks (Putin, 2007).

It is common to condemn Putin for being a “KGB agent.” The truth is that the security services of any nation attract nationalists. Few doctrinaire Marxists existed in the USSR. This is the exclusive domain of capitalist universities.

Putin has condemned Marxism and communism. He has stated that the fall of the USSR was a great “catastrophe.” Indeed it was. Solzhenitsyn said the same. The destruction of the Soviet economy in a few years and its liquidation into the bank accounts of a few Jewish oligarchs is well known. The USSR was preferable to the 1990s in Russia. The life expectancy of the Russian male went down to under 60 years.

To be a career man of any kind in the USSR, one had to join the party. Spouting a few slogans that no one believed is a minor price to pay for the ability to feed one’s family. Putin clearly (albeit secretly) rejected the party’s atheism. He was and is a Russian nationalist. My book, Russian Populist: The Political Thought of Vladimir Putin (TBR Press, 2012) shows this at great length. I’ve translated some speeches and writings that have not seen the light of day in the west. The revelations of Putin’s secret baptism make sense out of his post-soviet career and ideological development.

Originally published on The Barnes Review
via Truthseeker

VIDEO  :  4 mins
Russian with English subtitles)

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  1. The official attitude to Putin on this site is one of guarded neutrality. Though all the articles we have published on this site have been pro-Putin, including the article above, we realize that many people have good reason not to admire Putin and suspect that he might up to no good. These Putin haters — or perhaps “critics” would be a better word — are of course welcome to speak their minds freely here and let us know why they don’t like Putin.

    1. I never knew this:

      Lilith is a figure in Jewish mythology, developed earliest in the Babylonian Talmud (3rd to 5th centuries). Lilith is often envisioned as a dangerous demon of the night, who is sexually wanton, and who steals babies in the darkness. HABIT!!!
      http://tinyurl.com/y2wjbr5h (nice snake) 😉

      Lilith may be linked in part to a historically earlier class of female demons (lilītu) in ancient Mesopotamian religion, found in cuneiform texts of Sumer, the Akkadian Empire, Assyria, and Babylonia.

      In Jewish folklore, Alphabet of Sirach (c. 700–1000 CE) onwards, Lilith appears as Adam’s first wife, who was created at the same time (Rosh Hashanah) and from the same clay as Adam—compare Genesis 1:27. (This contrasts with Eve, who was created from one of Adam’s ribs: Genesis 2:22.) The legend developed extensively during the Middle Ages, in the tradition of Aggadah, the Zohar, and Jewish mysticism. For example, in the 13th-century writings of Isaac ben Jacob ha-Cohen, Lilith left Adam after she refused to become subservient to him and then would not return to the Garden of Eden after she had coupled with the archangel Samael.

    2. Lilith! The tongue dances briefly before poking out between nearly closed teeth for the vibrant TH sound! Ah, jappa so sweet! Lilith in my younger reading life followed very quickly after Nabakov’s Lolita. I researched Lilith + novel and — hmmmm — many, many entries.

      I remembered this from so long ago: After he followed the old man through the mirror, nothing in his life was ever right again. It was a special mirror and the man he followed was a special man — a man who led him to the things that underlie the fate of all creation.

      Narcissus. Louise Hay’s Mirror Work. The Truth lives among us!

  2. Putin is just slave of zionists as same as trump

    Russia is ruled by same cabal that rules usa
    Russian ruling class is non ethnic russians

    Just by googling you can get facts who are the ministers who are billioners majority if them are non ethnic russians and have ties with israel jews

    Day by day israle will get stronger

    Europe africa middle east asia america all will get weakend by gmo cyber ware fare cultural marxist warfare (lgbt) pharma depopulation etc

    Keep peddling same line putin the saviour


    1. This video proves nothing.
      A televised meeting between Putin and Netanyahu
      means Putin is in Netanyahu’s pocket?
      I don’t think so!

      International leaders meet each other every day.
      It doesn’t mean they are big buddies or soulmates.
      It doesn’t mean one is taking orders from the other.
      It’s known as diplomacy.

      1. A christian leader who said to be arch rival of zionists as peddled by truth movement artists

        Celebrating 25th anniversary of israel and russia relationship

        Also russia simple research over above said facts will reveal how putin is hand in gloves with jews and chabad lubavitch

    1. FR –

      Thanks for the informative and well produced video. I searched google maps and found the location of his huge obscenely luxurious mansion on the Black Sea. WOW!!! What a nice ‘crib’!! The boy ‘done well’ for hisself…. 🙂

  3. I share the attitude of “guarded neutrality” as applies to Putin and admit much greater negative biases toward such as May, Merkel, and Macron, not to mention our live wires closer to home, Trump and Trudeau. I wonder in passing who will fill the next bill with names beginning with “N” and “S”. Our pathetic “leader-puppets” might just as well be alphabetized for ease of remembering their names after they leave the scene. Get your scorecards here! 😉

    Perhaps we might apportion most pity to the foolish and fooled living men and women who still look for that White Knight, the one with wavy hair and a cape [say what? Captain Marvel???], anyone SAVE ONE’S SELF to save our collective butts. Heaven forbid that we pull up our socks, gird loins, and take complete and personal responsibility for leading ourselves and others willing to walk with us, not follow per se. In all fairness, the alternative path of self government, which has to include gradual abolition of enslaving, thieving, destructive corporate entities, both public and private, does seem daunting. We ourselves begin at home and source organic growth within our community. No more war for me.

    In contemplating Putin in relation to Orthodoxy and Orthodox churches, the thought came to mind that “Putin’s middle east strategy and tactics” may well have have a Christian aspect: Fully clothed and armed for the great struggle ahead, Putin turns a cheek here, brandishes a sword there without drawing blood. On the other hand, Putin describes how “it is also important that a new level of state-church relations has developed. We act as genuine partners and as co-workers in solving the most pressing domestic and international challenges in the implementation of joint ventures for the benefit of our country and people.” To me, this seems reminiscent of the Vatican and City of London carving up jurisdictions of this planet (land [national], sea [international], and air [global]) and proceeding to wreck havoc just about everywhere! I hope the Russians and their fellow travelers (!) fare better with government, corporations, AND religion working in concert!

  4. Only the Lord knows the answer to that question.
    Because the FSB and (cia) likely have his secret closet bugged and listen to those prayers (if any) in the dark.
    But he’s no doubt a sly dog so he could be just praying what he thinks they want to hear.
    So I’ll stick with (only) the Lord knows..

  5. anybody who cares what we might know is tuned into this site, finding out how leaky their skin is, what needs more censorship, seeing if anybody knows anything, and how much, they’re not supposed to know…
    this is our chance to straighten them all out, assuming we’re not already totally taken over by AI robots…
    all we have to do is say the right things, expose the truth, shift the consciousness, liberate minds, open the gates to the the creative center…
    speaking of which, putin’s speeches leave everybody else in the dust for sincerity and authenticity…
    he talks like a decent man with a better mission, a real leader for everyone…
    him and trump, if they are genuine, would have not much chance of overcoming the big PTB power structure, in there for centuries anyway.. not unless they cooked up one hell of a move together…
    trump can’t even find people to fill his offices and stay put…
    chances are they’re really all cia plants by now, everybody who is somebody…

  6. Good article.

    I also loved an article at Al Jazeera where they … let me just give you the link … it is an article where “Putin and Trump And Netanyahu” are mentioned and how Netanyahu who just won the elections -again- is mentioned as a man of great political maneuvering and wisdom ..
    … it is called … netanyahu-trump-putin-a love story-
    You guys grow older but don’t want to understand:
    NO leader today is good!
    it’s all about money and money making ..there are no ideologies whatsoever..
    we are terribly screwed!

    1. Au contraire, Avatar, practically every person here understands that. Pat told us so. He tells us everyday.
      And some folks understand other “stuff” too.
      Maybe even stuff you don’t understand.

      Besides, 100% of everyone is naturally screwed by Mother nature on the get-go.
      You know, those four iron clad guarantees for all living beings. Yeah, all 4 suck..
      The only question which remains to be answered is just how screwed each of us are, and for how long? Because we can run but we can’t hide.
      Not even in death.
      That just wouldn’t be fair, would it?

      1. HP –

        The AV must have gotten it the 200th time I wrote all that he wrote… as in… Trump-‘Put-On’-Bibi Partners LLC and ALL National Leaders are LIARS and ALL National (S)elections are fixed. HUH?? If not…. there it was again!! 🙂

    2. A question arose as I pondered your post, AVATAR.

      YOU WROTE: You guys grow older but don’t want to understand: NO leader today is good!
      it’s all about money and money making ..there are no ideologies whatsoever..we are terribly screwed!

      DEFINITION of “avatar”:
      1 : the incarnation of a Hindu deity (such as Vishnu)
      2a : an incarnation in human form
      b : an embodiment (as of a concept or philosophy) often in a person She was regarded as an avatar of charity and concern for the poor.
      3 : a variant phase or version of a continuing basic entity the latest avatar of the conservative movement
      4 : an electronic image that represents and may be manipulated by a computer user (as in a game)

      Your message: WE ARE TERRIBLY SCREWED! Hmmmmm.

      The prophets of days of ancient, maybe nonexistent times, for all I know, would declare “YOU ARE TERRIBLY SCREWED!” For which, according to Jesus, they met with unkind fate at hands of those “terribly screwed”. One wonders. Who was terribly screwed, after all?

      I’ll leave it at that, lest I too be terribly screwed by Admin for wasting electrons and patience.

  7. Putin…..not so “Christian” in his personal life. He had no problem betraying his wife for a younger woman and he seems to have no issues with casinos. In this sense, Putin is the ultimate hipocrite. Better he should never claim any moral authority. He also has no problem sucking “Kosher pickles” when the moment requires it. Just business as usual for all politicians.

  8. Or conversely, do you think that every priest truly believes in God? Now imagine if you had a priest who went through all the motions of being a priest and serving his church just as a career move to provide for himself materially but deep down in his own mind, when he put reason to work, didn’t actually believe in God and all the stories he was teaching and preaching. Now could that be possible, that a pious priest’s faith wasn’t truly unshakable? I think that’s worse than an atheist believing in God.

    1. No. There is no good, no evil, no nothing, no everything, no thing, no, no, no. NOW! Let’s proceed to WHAT IS. WHAT IS is not a LIE, is not a beLIEf, is not even a thought, though WHAT IS generates more thoughts in an instant than you can receive and contemplate in a lifetime! Such is Mind. How can we employ such words and phrases as Commentator Mike — think, truly believes, imagine, assertions of facts not in evidence, questions without adequate foundation, a judgment rendered with no reliable evidence! — and not call into question our mutual understanding of Mind and how to relate to each other directly and impactfully, mind to mind. I call that question. I hope we can address it here somewhere sometime.

      1. A.D.

        “reliable evidence”.

        How about priests officiating over same sex marriages? Or how about priests fiddling with kids? So this demonstrates their belief in God, does it?

  9. The only real good about Christianity was Jesus Christ. Christianity as we know it today didn’t exist as such during the years of Christ’s “mission”, until it was set in motion and codified, via the council of Nicene circa 325 AD. At that time, and even before the advent of Christ, so-called Christianity was a hodgepodge various churches based on a multitude of “gospels” all claiming to be the truth of the events of 300 years prior. There are stories that the Nicene council was a real knock down drag out, which of the many “gospels” were to be included in the so-called “New Testament”. These many “gospels” were in fact stories that had been floating around the Roman Empire years before the advent of Christ and lifted from for older myths and legends.. The four Gospels picked were then added to the Pauline letters.
    It was all down hill from there. Some of the Presbyters (from which the word Presbyterian comes) at the Nicene council, wanted to call the mother of Jesus ISIS because so much of the story of Jesus comes straight out of the ancient Egyptian myth.
    With the “New” New Testament in hand arose the Catholic Church with the 1700 years of blood, gore and wonderful architecture.
    All this leads us to Putin. Lets not kid ourselves. The history of Europe leading up to the American Civil War and then WW1 and 2 right up to date has been a history of so-called Christian killing so-called Christian with wild abandon. Make no mistake, Putin is a Christian, Trump is Christian makes no real difference. With the authors of the Old and New Testaments in control the killing will continue.

    1. Toejamicus, you seem to plot someone’s (your own?) representation of the manifestation of Christ in earth (aka “material reality”). That representation multiplies by the number of scholars (not me, perhaps not you) who actually research the history, especially revisionists (re-visioning) who untangle, wipe away, restore the ORIGINAL PORTRAIT of His Story. Which is unending. Boy, think of the folks who got hired to write and play the background music. Talk about eternal boredom…Maybe not. If I could play along with David Gilmour, I’d play in THAT band forever! PRAISE the LORD!

      Before I join the boys warming up in the backroom — a few Christians, one Jew, I know, a few darkies carrying KoolAid to thirsty members of the audience on the edge of a jungle — I have to leave you with a question. Have you ever truly entered your own heart, hungry for love, raised up your arms to the heavens above, and entreated GOD to bless you with a loving feeling? BeLIEve me or not, that’s the attitude and altitude we both have to strive for. No one’s gonna cart you off to heaven. Try Louise Hay’s Mirror Work, 21 days to loving your Self!

      1. In the year of our Lord: AD
        That’s the problem. Self love is the heart and soul of the psychopath. With all the selfie love there’s no room for a more generalized love of the other(s) which was the main Christ message someone placed in his mouth. The Judahite is a prime example of self love. Maybe they took that rout because no one else would or could love them. Which brings up the thought; could Jesus Christ read and write. After all he wrote down nothing of his thoughts. There were plenty of literates 2000 years ago. How do we know this? We know this because of all the writings by persons known and unknown who wrote all about this man-God who put The Word in his mouth. I can’t think of his name, but there is a Canadian biblical scholar that thinks that in the writings of the Paul, Christ, the son of God was born and crucified in Heaven to save us from our sins. As screwy as the Romans became they must have thought the early Christians were a bunch of crack pots. At least the Roman Gods were real. They were made out of stone.
        As Pat might say, it’s all lies, lies, lies.

  10. Just because someone is an atheist it doesn’t mean that they don’t know good from evil or that they have no moral compass. I have met many atheists with high moral standards, and good family and traditional values, as well as plenty of depraved and degenerate religious folks.

    Since this site is concerned about the plight and rights of Palestinians I’d like to make the following observation. Except for Stalin being among the first to recognise Israel, and the USSR allowing so many Jews to move to Israel, the Palestinian cause was much better served by those former communist regimes in Russia and Eastern Europe. Since the fall of the Berlin Wall and the Iron Curtain, Jews and Israel are on a roll in all those countries. Not only are the Jews there getting immensely richer, Israel’s influence is far greater than ever. This does not bode well for the Palestinians, and neither for the inhabitants of those former communist countries, religion or no religion.

  11. Criminals abound in ALL religions. Prisons are full of momma’s “good Christian” boys, and the mafia’s Christians.

    Even if ‘Put-On’ is a Christian, he is very likely a Christian thug, according to Karen Dawisha.

    How does someone who was unemployed twice in the 1990s become president of Russia in less than four years, and then by 2014 head the Forbes magazine list of “The World’s Most Powerful People”?
    Excerpts from Karen Dawisha’s work may help answer that:

    Putin has eroded the 1993 Russian Constitution. In doing so, Putin’s kleptocracy has made Russia the planet’s most unequal large country. Dawisha reports that between 1991 and 2011, Russia’s super rich doubled their wealth, while in 2011 the bottom 20 percent of Russians were earning 55 percent of their 1991 income in real terms. While growing inequality is an issue in many countries, Russia’s inequality is extreme. Dawisha cites Credit Suisse data that while globally billionaires control 12 percent of total household wealth, Russia’s 110 billionaires possess 35 percent of the country’s wealth.

    Karen Dawisha warns that “Putin’s ability to rule with a charm offensive has been largely exhausted . . . . maintaining control will more and more depend on coercion (p. 348).” Putin, she adds, “will not go gentle into the night.” Even his former public-relations aide “believes that Putin will never leave power and, indeed, is hampered by the idea that Russians will always decide matters by violence” (p. 349). Today’s Russia is Vladimir Putin’s handiwork, the expression of his will to power. As such, it is something profoundly disturbing to behold.

    Within weeks of Putin’s coming to power, the Kremlin began to erode the basic individual freedoms guaranteed under the 1993 Russian Constitution. [End Page 165] This pattern of gradually closing the public space and denying citizens the rights of free press, assembly, and speech was present and planned from the very beginning, as will be shown in my discussion of a document, never before published outside Russia, detailing the plans made in late 1999 and early 2000 to reshape the entire Presidential Administration to achieve these ends (p. 2).


    Putin has adroitly assembled a reliable group of cronies who have shown vast expertise at extracting rents (both natural and artificial) while creating their own media reality, and they have helped him to cut a path to wealth and power.

    In her opening pages, Dawisha introduces us to a Russian sistema (system) based on massive predation that has produced the most unequal wealth distribution in any developed economy. She sees this system, in both its political and its economic aspects, as the intended product of an “intelligent design”:

    Dawisha’s account contains ample details about the Putin clique’s wealth and its implications for Russia and for the world. Here are just 5 of the themes:
    1) Putin’s disdain for electoral politics;
    2) his transformation of a merely corrupt state into a ruthless predator;
    3) the close-knit nature of the group that benefits the most from this sistema;
    4) the social consequences of a regime that fosters massive inequality even as it destroys the climate that legitimate businesses require;
    5) the international ramifications of a state run by crony predators who safeguard their loot by relying on public goods produced in the very democracies that Putin’s political technologists disparage.

    Dawisha cites evidence that the results of both the 1999 legislative elections and the 2000 presidential balloting were fraudulent. Specifically, she says, the Kremlin erased the success of the Fatherland–All Russia Party in the Duma races (p. 228). Yury Luzhkov, Fatherland’s leader, accepted a deal to be reelected to Moscow’s mayoralty in return for acquiescing in the results.

    In place of competitive elections, Putin has created a predatory state [End Page 166] that allows his loyal cronies to reap tremendous rewards. Putin and his closest associates have garnered most of the rents from hydrocarbons. Dawisha describes how they run a tribute system, trading permission to do business in Russia in return for complete loyalty and contributions to specific projects. The cronies have nearly free rein to exploit other resources and raid businesses.

    Dawisha describes Putin’s special approach to making illegal activity legal (p. 158). His business activities have included involvement with the Tambov and Malyshev crime groups in the Petersburg Fuel Company to “fix prices, evade taxation, and skim deliveries” (p. 142). This led Spanish authorities to tell the U.S. Embassy in Madrid that Russia was a “virtual mafia state” and to express concern that Putin was involved with the mafia (p. 144).

    1. The article above points out the salient fact that Putin, like his counterparts in other countries, does not act alone. He is merely the front man for a cabal of psychotics. Just like here, Obama and/or Trump take the heat for the group behind them. They all work for the same bosses.


      Putin was part of the Twentieth Trust Company in early 90s when he was a deputy mayor of St Petersburg.

      Andrei Zykov, a police investigator, said Putin built a villa in Toro Viella Spain.



      “Putin’s Secret Riches”

      This video of ‘Put-On’ shows his $BILLION Palace on the Idokopas Cape, built from diverted – STOLEN – funds for healthcare for the wealthy. (6:10)

      Long-time friend of ‘Put-On’, Sergei Pugachev, is on the run for revealing secrets about ‘Put-On’ and his wealth. (9:10)


  12. Mocking US jew officials…. giving him cover… being seen as Christian…

    ‘Put-On’ said the Mueller probe ‘gave birth to a mouse’

    Vancouver Sun – April 9, 2019

    ST. PETERSBURG, Russia — Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday mocked U.S. special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation of Kremlin interference in the 2016 presidential election, saying “a mountain gave birth to a mouse.”

  13. What I don’t understand, looking from the South African perspective, is Russia’s policy toward South Africa.

    1) Dr. Dan Roodt (who sometimes writes on Amren and elsewhere) contacted the Russian embassy in Pretoria some time ago about the dire situation of the whites. They were not interested. During the Cold War years the Russians were expelled and the embassy closed down, and communism made illegal. But today the Russians should be fully informed about the dire situation of the whites, but we see not one finger being lifted to help them.

    2) Russia is part of BRICS. Are they supporting the ANC behind the curtains? Rosatom tried to sell unaffordable nuclear power stations recently. Do they not understand the black mentality? They are incompetent to run nuclear power stations. Affirmative action will force incompetent persons to replace highly qualified white personnel. Just as happened at Koeberg (the only nuclear power station, based in the Western Cape province near Cape Town). There are problems at Pelindaba and Vulindaba (nuclear research stations outside Pretoria) because of incompetence. Do they want all South Africans to die in one huge Chernobyl? You can’t hand over nuclear power stations to a third world mentality. If you do, you clearly have no idea how the African mentality works.

    3) When Russia was still part of the Soviet Union, they were the people behind the current government. They were comrades in arms during the Cold War period, and we and Rhodesia and Portuguese Angola were the enemy. Then Putin arrives in South Africa and the old comrades shake hands (ex president Zuma and Putin). Putin must know quite a lot about Germany, but I am not sure he is so clued up about South Africa. So what is Russias role in South Africa with BRICS and sucking up to the ANC regime, which is trying to implementing its National Democratic Revolution phase II (fully blown communist state).

    Today at least the former Soviet and South African combatants on an army level are on good terms. It goes beyond a truce. It has become friendship. Perhaps the Russian Angola veterans should have a little chat with Putin, or?

    4) Then suddenly some white farmers are allowed to emigrate to Russia. Although I read that one of them married a Russian girl. That eases emigration (in return, quite a few Russian girls moved over to South Africa and have married Boers – the Cold War has become history). Here Russia suddenly is friendly. What game is being played out here? Who is running the show here? Russia? Putin? Certain interest groups in Russia overriding Putin (they will have to think beyond Putin. He will not be here forever)? It all is a closed book to me.

    So from the perspective of white South Africa, Russia does not mean much to them. Russia anyway has other problems. A challenged economy and NATO surrounding it. So perhaps Putin tries to expand his power base by keeping old contacs (the ANC) in South Africa alive, I don’t know. I am sure the whites would be much better allies, but I don’t understand how those minds work.

    The Chinese are active in Zimbabwe and part of BRICS and allies of Russia. Perhaps Russia does not want to upset that power balance by siding with the whites, I don’t know. At this stage I can just speculate.

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