Will Benjamin Netanyahu Start a War With Iran to Save Himself?

“Yes, many Americans will die in a war against Iran . .. as in Iraq.
But that is a sacrifice Israel is willing to make.”

LD: This Haaretz article, by two highly respected Israeli reporters, speculating that the unscrupulous warmonger Benjamin Netanyahu might start a new war with Iran simply to get himself reelected as prime minister next year, has caused considerable controversy because of the refusal of the New York Times to republish it. They don’t wish to upset and alarm American Jews or give Netanyahu a bad press in America. It seems Jews in Israel are far more open to free discussion than Jews in America are.

According to Mondoweiss:

Here, yet again, is an article you can read in an Israeli newspaper that you will never see in the New York Times.

The Haaretz headline tells it all: “Netanyahu should not be allowed to start a war with Iran to save himself.” The two authors note that Israel’s prime minister goes into his third election campaign in a year facing three criminal indictments, and “The concern is that he could initiate a major armed conflict with Iran in the hope of convincing the Israeli electorate that there is no substitute for his leadership in spite of the costs to Israel of such a war.”

What makes the article even more compelling is that its authors are hardly left-wing extremists. Shlomo Brom is a retired Brigadier General in Israel’s army, and Shimon Stein is a retired ambassador who is a senior fellow at the Institute for Security Studies at Tel Aviv University.

Here is the Haaretz article which is being kept from Jews in America:


December 26, 2019 

The prime minister needs a win in the next elections, and initiating a
major conflict with Iran may be his only hope to convince Israelis that
there is no alternative to his leadership

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s decision to place Israel’s conflict
with Iran at the center of his recent election campaigns has been
causing much concern that his rhetoric might further inflame tensions
with Tehran. Netanyahu presents himself as the only one who can protect
Israel from what he describes as an existential threat posed by Iran and
believes this could help him garner more support in the March 2 elections.

This time, Netanyahu is running his third election campaign in a year
while facing three criminal indictments that could end his political
career, and he assumes that a victory at the polls might help him gain
immunity from prosecution. The concern is that he could initiate a major
armed conflict with Iran in the hope of convincing the Israeli
electorate that there is no substitute to his leadership in spite of the
costs to Israel of such a war.

Indeed, Israel’s military operations in Syria and Iraq aimed at stopping
Iranian forces and proxies from arming Hezbollah with modern strategic
weapons, as well as the build-up of Iranian strategic infrastructure in
those countries, may eventually escalate into a vaster military
conflict. But Iran’s attempts to retaliate against these strikes have so
far been relatively weak and very unsuccessful. An escalation is not
inevitable and goes against Israeli interests, so the country should
avoid initiating a conflict for internal political reasons.

Most Israelis understand that such a conflict is not in their interest.
In recent years, public opinion polls on security matters have
repeatedly indicated that a majority of Israelis does not perceive Iran
as an existential threat as long as it does not acquire nuclear weapons.

Even then, the majority believes that Iran can be deterred from using
nukes, and therefore when an Israeli attack on Iran’s nuclear
installations seemed imminent in 2011-2012 public support for such a
strike only went down.

Against  this background, the mere existence of public suspicion that
Netanyahu could initiate a military escalation to serve his political
purposes in the lead-up to the elections may be enough to deter him from
entertaining such ideas, because he understands that war with Iran would
be a very risky gamble. The odds that he would be hurt politically by a
costly campaign with inconclusive results and no unambiguous victory are
very high.

The escalation can also be avoided because both states have nothing to
gain from such a scenario. It is true that Iran is hostile to Israel and
this hostility also serves its ambitions in a Middle East with Arab
populations that traditionally oppose Israel, but a major conflict with
Israel would not be to Tehran’s advantage.

Iran is currently facing many other issues that are higher on its
agenda. It is struggling with U.S. sanctions and domestic instability
while trying to retain its influence in Iraq, Lebanon and Syria, protect
Shi’ite minorities abroad and oppose Saudi Arabia in the Persian Gulf
and Yemen.

On the other hand, Israel’s security and political echelons are indeed
determined to prevent Iran from arming Hezbollah and building up Iranian
strategic capabilities in Syria and Iraq, but believe this can be done
cautiously and without a major escalation.

Mutual understanding of the thinking on both sides could be helped by
delivering messages between them through third parties and would be very
useful in preventing an escalation from becoming inevitable.

This still leaves open the possibility that Israel might initiate a
major conflict as a result of a decision to attack Iran’s nuclear
infrastructure. But it does not seem that in the few months leading to
the Israeli elections Iran will take steps in the nuclear area that
would justify such a strike.

Tehran will probably continue to cautiously violate the provisions of
the nuclear deal that the United States withdrew from, without creating
a perception that it is really resuming its military nuclear program,
thus denying Netanyahu a real excuse for a major escalation also in the
nuclear domain.

In summary, an escalation is far from inevitable. Toning down the often
arrogant and insulting rhetoric used to threaten Iran (Israel’s strikes
deliver the message clearly enough) and continuing to carefully plan and
consider the steps aimed at countering the Iranian build-up in Israel’s
vicinity should be enough to stop an all-out war.


54 thoughts to “Will Benjamin Netanyahu Start a War With Iran to Save Himself?”

  1. We need true freedom of speech, not “freedom-of-speech-so-long-as-it-doesn’t-say-anything-critical-of-the-Jews. This unpleasant bully could start WW3 because we aren’t allowed to criticize him, and Israel, and AIPAC.

    You can bet that any war will be fought by American boys. Israel will fight down to the last American.

    It is up to American Jews to rebel against AIPAC. Non-Jews can’t.

  2. If the war gets bloody enough, Americans will begin to question “why” we’re involved… The answer will be most uncomfortable.

  3. Netanyahu /the Jews better start the war with Iran ASAP — because very soon there won’t be enough Whites in America to win any wars against any country. The blacks, the African-American population, and the Hispanics and the Asians and all the other NON-Whites in America, are not going to fight to the death to try to win any war. The Jews in Israel and/or here in the United States can continue to start wars if they want to, but the NON-Whites in America are NOT going to win any of the wars. The NON-Whites in America wouldn’t fight hard to protect the United States let alone fight hard for another country. The NON Whites are in the United States for what they can get for free, they are parasites and they know it too, though they would never admit it — the NON-Whites in the United States are NOT here to fight for the United States or fight for any other country. The NON Whites in the United States are useless in every way, including useless in the military. Their presence in the U.S. military actually weakens the U.S. military, very much so.

    Every year, there’s more and more useless NON-Whites and less Whites in America. The Jews better start their long-dreamed-for war with Iran ASAP — the longer they wait to start the war with Iran the less and less chance the United States will win the war. If the United States loses a war with Iran, Israel is toast. I think this is why Trump hasn’t started a war with Iran — he knows the U.S. military is not in good shape and he knows there’s a big chance the U.S. military would lose a war with Iran and he knows the U.S. losing to Iran means Israel is toast. He’s reluctant to start a war with Iran for Israel’s sake, NOT for the sake of us White Americans.

    Side Note : Trump is full on board with replacing White Americans with NON Whites. He wants to replace White Americans “legally” as opposed to the Democrats who want to replace White Americans “illegally”. He fully supports that JEW NWO agenda of replacing White Americans with NON-Whites. With Trump, thankfully it’s not an illegal replacement but a legal replacement! Muh legal replacement! All this winning makes one exuberant!

    As it is right now today, the U.S. military would have a really difficult time winning a war against Iran. In a few years from now, there will no chance of Uncle Sam winning a war against Iran [ or any other country ] NOT with the demographic changes going on in the USA.

    1. Trump says nobody will be a better president than him. He’s right. Having no body as president would be better.

      The Orange Clown dislike anyone who is Non-White. Reason? 45 is an ethnocentric who holds on the attitude that his own group is superior to others.

      1. “The Orange Clown dislike anyone who is Non-White”

        Gee Mahmood…. THAT must be why Whites are the most suicidal in the USSA: They’ve NEVER had it so good… you DUMB %$#@ !

      2. Mahmoud:

        I get what you are saying, but you misunderstand Trump. Trump is a President that is full of Noise, Signals ( Virtuous and Bluster), Misdirection and Repetition, all from Reality TV training. The essence of Trump is as Carrie Sheffield of BOLD TV says, Trump is an Equal Opportunity Racist. If Trump hates anyone, he hates everyone equally. Imagine the new doctrine of Equal Opportunity Employment applied to Racism. This is why the MSM can NOT make the call of Trump as a Racist stick. The Orangeman is actually a Teflon man! And what you see of Trump is not what you get, whereas Nutjobyahu is what he is and what you see is what you get! Nutjobyahu can not fool the people anymore!

  4. Well, admittedly this is just speculation at the moment. But……

    “Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu hinted that they were working on a mutual defense pact. Such a treaty, if signed, would officially and permanently mandate an American military intervention if Israel were to ever start a conflict with its neighbors.”

    1. That’s pretty much a given, Wiggy. The American eagle and the Israeli eaglet. Fellow spawns, in as Stormin’ Norman put it, “the greatest playbook ever written” 😎

      1. Birds of a feather
        flocking together
        Fight side by side
        Their fates to be tied
        One falls in the fray
        No wolves kept at bay
        When eagle returns
        to aerie he yearns
        Across the Atlantic
        Its wounds it will then lick
        While mourning its offspring
        Whose bells are now tolling
        A sober reminder
        Of histories rejoinder
        Life comes with a fee
        The bell tolls for thee

        Credits to E. Hemingway

  5. Bennie Nuttinyahoo doesn’t have the ABILITY to be the one who starts a war. Nor Trump or any OTHER politician in the back pocket of the “Godfather”

    Politicians, bankers, judges, black popes, etc. are ALL pawns operating under that mysterious phenomenon known as the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion”, and no worldly power is gonna stop it’s “Great Work of the Ages”…..It’s all gotta play out before it withers and dies on a vine that will no longer support it.

    1. Yes, the greatest playbook ever written, but because it is so accurate in its schemes, tools and methods, the Jews want to discredit it, The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, as a fraud, forgery and that Jews did Not write it. So all the Jewish lies are the truth and if they tell the truth, it is all lies, as they have their fingers crossed behind their backs.

  6. The creation of Israel also created a permanent state of war and hatred in the arab world, and a large part of the rest of the world. To support Israel America has arranged the ruin of surrounding countries, and has lost its moral authority. Yet to watch US television news you would think Israel is the victim. Most of the rest of the world sees the situation for what it is; the theft of a country, the continuous assimilation of more land and the subjugation of the Palestinian people.

    It isn’t over yet. The Palestinians will never give up the fight, and they desrve to win back their country. I don’t think they should use violence. Mahatma Ghandi showed the way. Thousands of Palestinians just sitting down in the street would bring the country to a halt, and any violent response by the Israeli would not look good on tv, and now smartphones are available we army don’t have to watch CNN’s version of events.

    1. “I don’t think they [The Palestinians] should use violence. Mahatma Gandhi showed the way. Thousands of Palestinians just sitting down in the street would bring the country to a halt, and any violent response by the Israelis would not look good on tv, and now smartphones are available we don’t have to watch CNN’s version of events.”

      Sounds very reasonable, but I question your naive assumption that passive resistance by thousands of peaceful Palestinians is going to melt the heart of the cruel, unregenerate Jew.

      The Jews are not like other people. They don’t have human hearts or feel compassion for any but themselves. They have their mantra “NEVER AGAIN!” and will invoke it if ever they feel existentially threatened. They have shot children in cold blood, blasting them in the eyes to blind them. They have crushed children’s bones without a qualm of conscience. And they will do so again, finding a pretext for their sadistic violence by lying that “The Palestinians started it all!” and by manufacturing false flag attacks to justify their savagery.

      Oy veh, we had no alternative!” they will wail, wringing their hands in anguish.

      Remember the Polish proverb, “The Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you.”

      Be sure of one thing, dear Mr Kirby: when the Israelis start mowing down the Palestinians in their thousands, you will get 60 million Christian Zionists in America cheering them on in a frenzy of bloodlust. You must be a very saintly person to expect the sanguinary Jews of Israel to behave like a committee of saints: like St Francis of Assissi, Mother Theresa of Calcutta, and Mahatma Gandhi.

      Good luck to you, Mr Kirby, in your simple-minded sanctity.

      1. @Saki December 30, 2019 at 6:43 pm
        “Be sure of one thing, dear Mr Kirby: when the Israelis start mowing down the Palestinians in their thousands, you will get 60 million Christian Zionists in America cheering them on in a frenzy of bloodlust. You must be a very saintly person to expect the sanguinary Jews of Israel to behave like a committee of saints: like St Francis of Assissi, Mother Theresa of Calcutta, and Mahatma Gandhi.”

        A most poignant response.
        Most of the writers KNOW the reality, it is just that they are in the pay of The Enemy of Humanity.
        Yet there have been a very, very few who have been honest…
        “Children have been shot in other conflicts I have covered, but never before have I watched as soldiers enticed children like mice into a trap and murdered them for sport.”
        Christopher Hedges, Pulitzer Prize Winning American Journalist, on assignment in Gaza

        Most religious leaders say NOTHING about the genocide underway in Palestine, nor the ROBBING of their land. As Netanyahu demonstrated with his map the other day. Greater Israel. Trump gave them Syrian land, he is giving them control over Syrian farm land and oil as well.

        And, to my knowledge, imperfect as it may be, every Christian denomination is on the side of The Enemy of Humanity. Other religions are, of course, not much better.

        As Jesus (Isa) warned all of us in John 8:44-45 speaking to the Jews:

        44 You are of your father the devil, and you want to do the desires of your father! That one was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand firm in the truth, because truth is not in him. Whenever he speaks the lie, he speaks from his own nature, because he is a liar and the father of lies. 45 But because I am telling the truth, you do not believe me.

        The list of learned Christians who found their way to Islam through Scripture is quite extensive and dates back continuously to the time of the Revelation, we do not lack for insights into Scripture from those who knew it best. It’s really fascinating reading when you know the story they never told, which remains, today, clearly articulated in Scripture.

      2. Saki:

        You are right on! The only thing that will defeat the JEW is to use their own schemes, tools and methods against them. When some non-Jew controlled entity (Antichrist, Mahdi or Maitreya) figures that out, the end is near for the Jew as they are being corralled into IsraHell! As the plan is unfolding, someone (perhaps Trump or future Karl-Theodor von Guttenberg of Germany) will gain IsraHells trust and then stab them in the back. This is what Christians call the Tribulation, which is 2 halves of a 7 year period where each half is 42 months long. That time is coming soon!

      3. My belief in passive resistance is based on Ghandi. Nowadays, with smart phones transmitting live video to the world I think a non-violent outcome is possible, (And desirable)

      4. Hi Saki
        “Sounds very reasonable, but I question your naive assumption that passive resistance by thousands of peaceful Palestinians is going to melt the heart of the cruel, unregenerate Jew.”

        I certainly agree that some/many Israelis are cruel, using the Holocaust as justification. But I find the majority of Jews in Britain and America are good people and they would be forced to act if the Israeli army was to use violence against Palestinian passive protestors, (On live video from thousands of smartphones).

        I agree that passivity is not going to succeed against a truly evil and ruthless foe. Israel does not seem to care what the non-Jews of the world think, but it would have take notice if world Jewry demanded decency.

        It worked for Ghandi and I am sure it would work for the Palestinians. At least it would be better than war and jihadist intifada.

        The Palestinians have suffered terribly at the hands of the zionist Jews. After 75 years nothing has worked for them, so I think they need to try a different method of resistance, not surreder, but resistance.

      5. Donaldo believes that Israeli politicians are much more accountable to their citizens than in Western countries. Bibi is a dickhole no doubt. But I doubt he alone could start a conflict with Iran. He’s no tirant. Donaldo isn’t an authority on Israeli politics but is sure that nothing’s gonna happen without due political process from all Israeli parties involved. Donaldo has faith in the Israeli people. They are educated , informed and won’t allow fat-ass Bibi do anything stupid. 🤔🧐🍷🌮😎

    2. @KIrby -“America has arranged the ruin of surrounding countries, and has lost its moral authority.”

      America? Moral authority??? HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAAHAAHA!!!!!

      Oh man… I needed that! Thanks for the LAUGH pal!

    3. @KIrby “Thousands of Palestinians just sitting down in the street would bring the country to a halt, and any violent response by the Israeli would not look good on tv”

      Are you REALLY that DUMB???

      1. Hi Realist,
        You must be young if you consider the USA to have been the bad guy in the past. I agree that now the USA is spreading pro-zionist wars throughout the near east. In earlier days the USA stood against the Nazis and the totalitarian USSR, where you needed a permit from a party official to travel, that is to travel WITHIN the USSR only.

        I think America’s main problem now is the influence of AIPAC in Washington DC. It has become so blatant that the Jewish Press brag about their power and influence. The best study of Jewish power in America is the book by Meirsheimer and Walt.

        Despite your lucid and logical comments I still think that passive opposition would achieve good results for the Palestinians

      2. Jewish Power is base mainly on the holocaust, the official story of the holocaust, which is so full of holes as to be unbelievable.

        We will not be able to stop Jewish Power until we have true freedom of speech and a full scale honest academic archaeological study of Auschwitz. The Jewish Lobby has been blocking efforts to conduct such an investigation for the past 75 years.

      3. JK –
        You wrote:
        “Jewish Power is base mainly on the holocaust, the official story of the holocaust, which is so full of holes as to be unbelievable.”

        That is correct, but in only a small part. The pharisee-jew bankers setting up and owning the Federal Reserve in 1916…. and the IMF/World Bank/BIS later, way before the holocaust lie, is, overwhelmingly, the MAIN source of jew power.

        It is also correct that “The Jewish Lobby has been blocking efforts to conduct such an investigation for the past 75 years.”

        That “blocking” is only possible through FINANCIAL controls….. which they have garnered 100%!

      4. Point taken Pat, but the Jewish Lobby exerts its power with the accusation of antisemitism, with its image of stuffing Jews into gas chambers.

        I agree that the control of the creation of money in bank ledgers is all-powerful, but the holocaust is used to bludgeon free speech, even free thought.

        I am still an optimist. The internet is spreading the revision of the false history of the 20th century,

      5. Israel did not make the list of most tech-savvy countries.

        The Netherlands top the list of 10 most tech-savvy countries in the world according to [The Network Readiness Index reports]. Surprisingly, Singapore made the list but Israel did not, despite the fact that Israel always brags as being the most advanced country in the Middle East and holds the current position of number 4 in the world, which has surpassed Germany and the U.K.

        Here are the other 8 countries that made the list: Japan, Luxembourg, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, the United States, Norway, Sweden, and Finland.

        I do have to confess that Israelis are smart and intelligent and those with a high IQ are those who conduct cyber war warfare or work in the public relations sector. However, the Israelis with a low IQ are those who man the 522 roadblocks and checkpoints that terrorize, humiliate, and obstruct Palestinian movement in the occupied West Bank. Those permanent road blocks are staffed by the Israeli Occupation Forces are an obstacle to peace.

        Incidentally, Israel is one of eight countries that possess nuclear weapons and American politicians’ election campaigns are mainly funded by the powerful Jewish lobby, better known as AIPAC. That is the reason why Israel is so influential that no western journalist or politicians dares to criticize Israel.

        Yes, Israelis are intelligent but those in power misuse their intelligence to promote their own individual interests by harming and abusing their Palestinian as well as their other Arab neighbors. Ashkenazi Jews have an average IQ score in the range of roughly 107 to 115, well above the general average of 100. Israel’s average score is 95, which is lower than the US.

        Sorry about your luck, Israel! Maybe next time.

      6. MEY –

        Israel is out of the listing because they want to be under the radar. The skirmishes are big games for big stakes. The bigger bucks $$$ win even bigger!!

        July 16 2019

        LAST SUMMER, ISRAEL shot down yet another military drone near the line that separates the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights from the rest of Syria. The confrontation would have been business as usual, if not for a twist: Images of the destroyed drone showed Cyrillic tail markings and other identifiable components of a Forpost belonging to Russia. The findings presented an awkward geopolitical moment: Syria and Russia are allies, and Syria and Israel are bitter enemies — but the Russian Forpost shot down by Israel was designed in Israel itself.

  7. As written by Fed B on TheTruthseeker.co.uk

    It does not sound that Boyle has actually spent much time in his life working and living with Jewish people to know what makes them tick and stay together.

    They use everything pragmatically even their history with every distortion and embellishment to carry on their traditions and unity with their own members, and in the midst of nations in which they want to prosper and to control. Their methods are not unlike the Romans or the British and Americans when minorities in conquered lands.

    Their history is replete and kept alive with the persecutions at the hands of non-Jews who are characterized as their foes. Never is any persecution or expulsion justified, is the predicable mindset. This is a strong unifying element passed down by most parents. They are different and they jealously maintain that essential difference because of the overall success of their history which is mostly built on a David and Goliath model until they Goliah holdings and influence mae all subservient.

    Their children are taught to avoid occupations in menial, laboring or trades jobs, except in places where they are in a majority and the opportunities are not there. Fiances and professions yielding more money and involving working with their brains rather than their hands are preferable and encouraged. Influence is everywhere.

    Loyalty in the culture is largely focused around money and the favors it can buy with their own and with outsiders. If you are of the tribe it is far easier to get help with cash or with influence, in starting a business, and often interest free. However, if one has received any favors, they do not come for free. Historical unity, tribal protection, and favors received, are all key power factors for a strong sense of obligation. If you are asked to go and occupy turf and start over again in a foreign land like the West Bank, you will go.

    Power mainly comes from money, and with the Jewish culture originating in the Middle East where business and financial wheeling and dealing goes back thousands of years, while most white men of the North were sill hunter and gatherers and clubbing each other to death with dead animal bones, their cultural unity and loyalties unity gave them significant advantages as they settled in the north. With the opening up of new trade routes, their communities followed the Roman conquests and they mainly settled throughout the empire in various business centres.

    Their loyalties have mainly been “tribal” and have always been international. It was not Nathan Rothschild who discovered that power essentially comes first from centalizing and consolidating wealth. Jewish bankers and financiers before him could always come up with more money than the local gentile boys because of their money supply and lending power from their international organizations. Also, through international monetary power, they made even more money by funding both sides in local wars. Eventually, it became known that if a king or leader wanted to borrow large sums to finance some conflict, that the winner would be obliged to also pay the debts the loser was unable to repay.

    The first Rothschild took the principles of concentration and consolidation of capital one step further, to nepotistic dynasty by concentrating the monetary wealth and holdings within his immediate family. The family also centralized knowledge and intelligence gathering, and by the time of the Napoleonic Wars, it had a spy system more sophisticated and pervasive than any other nation.

    When you are a part of the tribe and you criticize it, then you betray it. In any case, they suppress all criticism of any of their power, wealth or influence abuses, and with their control of finances, the media, and ultimately our laws, there are very few who dare to criticize.

    These methods have never been been effectively challenged mainly because of the vast power which has been concentrated and consolidated through their international organizations. On the other hand this vast Goliath is actually controlled by relatively few people, which is the David aspect making them psychologically feel vulnerable, and serving to justify vast liberties with the truth and efforts to divide and conquer any potential or actual strong (concentrated and consolidated) rival unions in diverse cultures, nations, and religions.

    1. If not for G.I. Joe who stood against the Nazis we’d all be speaking *gasp* German! Hitler wanted to *gasp* gas anyone who didn’t speak German *gasp*!

      1. You’re looking at the wrong end of the stick! Thanks to FDR’s Lend-Lease program and allowing Soviet Russia to buildup armaments, Stalin was going to attack westward toward Germany to takeover all of Europe. All continental Europe would have been Communist, except UK/GB. Hitler heard from spy intelligence sources, what Stalin’s plan was and Hitler attacked Stalin/Soviet Russia only weeks before Stalin was to give the order to head west and conquer all of Europe for Communism. Hitler saved Europe in that way! Remember, also, all Politicians – Churchill, FDR and Stalin, were Jewish in someway (by mother or grandparent) and all military generals on the Allied side were dupes to those Jewish politicians. The only General that was different, an outsider and expressed a contrarian view was General George S. Patton. General Patton said after Germany was defeated after VE day, that the Allies had fought the Wrong Enemy, Fascism. They should have fought Communism, where General Patton wanted to take his American forces with the German Wehrmacht (POWs) combined to march East toward Moscow. This was NOT allowed to happen because Patton had a suspicious Car Accident (think Hillary Arkancide) for which Patton was hospitalized and then murdered in the Hospital by probable Rothschild Bankster agents or American Military patsies. If you doubt this, check the undertones of the movie “The Last Days of Patton” with George C. Scott and Eva Marie Saint. In the movie pay particular attention to Patton’s German Military Riding partner and their conversations together.
        Sorry, TROJ, but you have been suckered by propaganda!

  8. As Fred B adds:

    Those who seek the truth mainly to spread more hatred and violence, is the strongest justification evil doers have to justify their distortions, lies, and suppressions of the truth. Whereas, the only real justification in seeking the truth to expose the evil deeds of others is to right wrongs through honorable means, and to prevent further evils.

    If you simply fight on the same level of those who have wronged you, using deceit and exaggerations, you go to their level and become equally corrupted. The Zionist focus on the holocaust is entirely political. It may be effective to reinforce their propaganda and divert attention from what they have done to the Palestinians, but at the heart of it, most people now know that it is a largely sham, but are afraid to say so, or why.

    Even if one million Jews were deliberately murdered in WWII, the Nazi elites who were running Germany at the time, were not justified according to the higher law of God, which the Nazis conveniently ignored regarding such unwanted in their midst, just as the present-day Rothschild Zionist continue to ignore that law, with respect to anyone not Jewish and following Zionist dictates. However, in time it will be the law of God which will deal more harshly with the Zionists, than it has with Germany, because that law was first given to them not just for their own benefit, but to all mankind, and it was deliberately abused by them.

    They were mainly responsible for the continuation of WWI and the continued slaughter of millions, for a homeland in Palestine. The Jewish people in Germany were for the most part not Zionist at the time. They were not being persecuted in Germany but were very prosperous and influential. The Rothschild Zionist cabal funding all sides in the early years of that war, betrayed Germany cutting off its funding, and used their financial, media, and political control of the US to bring it into the war to defeat Germany – after Germany was ahead and wanted peace. The German people in the aftermath were ravaged with war reparations and extreme poverty while the favorites of the Zionists in that nation prospered, creating even more resentment. Meanwhile, it was the hidden hand of the largely the Zio-bankster-Masonic cabal which had engineered the communist revolution in Russia and was mainly responsible for bankrolling and spreading communism all throughout the West following that revolution.

    This colossal abuse of wealth and power was intended to advance exclusive tribal interests by deconstructing the Western civilization and by directly attacking its religious roots. This was the elephant in the room which all of our politically-correct academics in our bankster & corporate-funded universities are not allowed to comment upon. Fascism, in various European nations after WWI, was a reaction to the spread of communism which was threatening to eradicate private ownership, the middle class, and Christianity, as it was busy destroying all such in Russia in the 1920’s. It was seen to be essentially a Jewish movement because it was mainly the Jewish banksters in New York, London and Zurich funding it, and it was also mainly led by people who were of Jewish backgrounds. For all we know, the Great Depression which greatly accelerated the spread of communism all throughout the West was just one more monetary engineering operation to serve that end. That is another elephant in the room that our fake-history professors conveniently ignore and try to bury.

    Until the 1930’s most Christians in major Western Europe nations (not including Britain which was essentially owned and controlled in the same way as was the US), supported the Christian Democratic parties, which were opposed to big banking and corporate control of their finances, economies and their lives. They were for the protection of small businesses, local ownership, the family system, as well as their religious roots. Communism was used to attack all of these institutions.

    The reaction in Germany ended up in Nazism with one destructive fire fighting for the truf and human fodder of the another. Cui bono? In all of the conflagration of WWII, in addition to all of the senseless suffering, and the killing of some 80 million people, none of the wealthy elites, whether they were Zionist, Masons, banksters, or multinational oligarchs perished, even in Germany. Yet, innocent lower-class Jewish people and many many more who were deemed not trustworthy or happened to be aligned with some nonsense rammed down their throats, perished or suffered.

    When the entire sordid history of the 20th century is laid out, what mainly becomes visible is the incredible abuses of power and money, held by people who were totally corrupted by it. They are the ones mainly responsible for all the major wars and all of the sufferings and the “holocausts” of countless millions of people. All blame should be laid at their doors, and not ours or the people of Germany. The elites who think they own every Western nation and everyone in them, carry on polarizing into political factions of their choice, insuring the middle is always divided, and can never rise against them and cast them out. They ignore the evils of their progenitors, and simply carry on with their monstrous plans and exploits, with virtually no real exposure or checks and balances.

    And as I say, you can add Bibi NutJobYahu to this list of Jewish manipulators and Liars!

  9. Jacob Rothschild, as we know, boasted a few years ago that it was his family which created Israel and that is largely true because without his family’s money and power the US would never have even entered WWI or WWII and the entire Zionist cause would never have got off of the ground. Like the insatiable greed for more and hegemonic control of world finances and resources, his model nation has inherited the same restlessness. Israel was never intended to remain small. The Zionists were successful in taking over the lands they now occupy mainly through money and when that did not work then by terrorism and violence, backed by the US and Britain which are two of the major nations the Rothschild financial cartel and associates largely control. The Zionists are in the Middle East to expand and take more turf. Iran has to fall because it is right smack in the way of the BRI (Belt & Road Initiative) which will make the ME the hub of planned huge trade roots to and from the far East, Africa and Europe. It will also be an new materialist mecca for Jordan and Saudi Arabia, and which ever nation can occupy Syria and Iraq. The oil and gas resources of Iran are also extremely huge, and the deal with Israel (Rothschild’s) is that our Western multinationals will get most of the the plunder if Iran can be taken out. With such resources fall into the control of the US military, then they become more collateral for the status and security of the US petrodollar. Hence, everyone can expect more shock and awe and a “really big shew” sometime in early 2020, to be kicked off no doubt with another major false flag on par with 9/11. There is an old saying in politic, “if you know their interests you can predict their actions”.

    1. @ Fred B:

      Glad you could respond personally! And you are correct that the next big Economic Bonanza will be the Eurasian Landmass’ development due to the New Silk Road or BRI (Belt & Road Initiative) as pushed by China, Russia, India, Iran and Germany ( EU leader) in secret. This landmass trade is being done to avoid blockades by British and American Naval power ( American 5th, 6th and 7th fleets). Amerika’s decline is happening by design and Trump may be aiding and abetting by fomenting an Amerikan Civil War 2 from 2020 onward. The Impeachment and China-USA Trade War are distractions while Congress passes more laws to reduce Free Speech, Enact Gun Restriction Laws or allows money (US Dollar) to be printed to the point of Hyper-Inflation, where a wheelbarrow full of money will buy a loaf of Bread, like 1920s Weimar Germany. Only time will tell and 2020 will be that year! The global power transfer continues from West to East across the Atlantic. Also watch what Turkey is doing. Turkey leaves NATO, NATO is dead and, Turkey and Germany (EU leader) look East to Russia: think Nord Stream 2. Why does America have sanctions against that pipeline?

      Thanks Fred B for joining us!

    2. Fred –

      You wrote:
      “Jacob Rothschild, as we know, boasted a few years ago that it was his family which created Israel and that is largely true because without his family’s money and power the US would never have even entered WWI or WWII and the entire Zionist cause would never have got off of the ground.”

      More to the point…. Jacob ‘Red-Sign’ knew that Walter ‘Red-Sign’ ordered Lord Balfour to establish Israel in 1917.

      The Balfour Declaration was a public statement issued by the British government in 1917 during the First World War announcing support for the establishment of a “national home for the Jewish people” in Palestine, then an Ottoman region with a small minority Jewish population. It read:

      His Majesty’s government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country.

      The declaration was contained in a letter dated 2 November 1917 from the United Kingdom’s Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour to Lord Rothschild, a leader of the British Jewish community, for transmission to the Zionist Federation of Great Britain and Ireland. The text of the declaration was published in the press on 9 November 1917.


      1. Oh, yes and the Rothschild ZioBanksters used the Balfour Declaration and the SINKING of the LUSITANIA to guarantee the Entry of the USA into WW1. This despite German Ambassadors placing ADS in Yankee newspapers telling American citizens not to travel on that ship. (False Flag anyone!) International Jewry, such great Blackmailers.

        PS: Do we real trust Wikipedia as a proper, reliable source for facts and history. High School teachers and Universities DO NOT, and forbid its use as a reference!

  10. It is said that “anti-semitism” is on the increase in America. Maybe it is building up to the “final solution”(?). A war with Iran might trigger it. What I DO know is that the Jews with whom I am acquainted have gradually revealed all their loathesome characteristics, and are very nervous. Nothing is beyond them for lying and back-stabbing. Consider the Democrat/commie influence in our legislatures. Does it need to hit us more obviously than that???

      1. Do not forget FBI, AIPAC and the lobbyist … the real guvmint like ACLU, ADL, IJC ad infinitum . ALso the 4th estate. How many jews to run a government ? Jew has been defined with Joh n Dewey education . It plans to make us all jew or jew worshippers—– or victims.

        Few , who need re elections to survive defy the jews directions. Silence is golden. One indiscreet word and their career is over. One can count the faithful in last 100 years almost on one hand. Not including victims of sudden death.

    1. There may be a good reason that the slimes and the compost have not as yet covered this story in Haaretz. The average casual reader without realizing the source or authors could think the article as antisemitic. Now the slimes, the compost or LA slimes 2.0 could not take that chance. Just a thought.
      Any conflict between Iran and Jewdom would cost the apples of God’s eye very little. The rotten apples like to take pot shots at Palestinian children for target practice and use the Gaza strip for bombing practice, much to the chagrin of decent Jews at home or abroad, There are some out there you know. It would be the American boots in the sand that would take the brunt with Congress, R&D, cheering from the safety of the Imperial City. The cash register of the US imperial treasury would be wide open for any shekels cost and military equipment lost to the imperial outpost.
      True story. There is a will known conservative Jewish writer in the US. He wrote something that kind of ticked TJ off. So TJ emailed him info that would leave no doubt that the Israeli Mossad was the driving force behind 9/11. His response? “I wanted to turn some Islamic city into dust for 9/11.” Which is an interesting twist on the Polish proverb: “The Jew screams in pain as he hits you.” In this case the Jew pontificates that “we did it” and the Arab and Islamic world is going to suffer big time because of all (((our))) pain because “we did it”
      The title of the famous book “The Riddle of the Jews Success” fits someone like Elie Wiezel to a tee.
      Elie admits his true stories never happened | Elie Wiesel …
      [Search domain http://www.eliewieseltattoo.com/elie-admits-his-true-stories-never-happened/%5D http://www.eliewieseltattoo.com/elie-admits-his-true-stories-never-happened/
      “Wiesel has repeated his idea that “some things are true that never happened and other things that happened are not true”… “He has written it in four books documented here, and probably more then that… It’s the key to what has been called “the riddle of Elie Wiesel.”

    “Long live Zionism.
    Death to America.”
    There you have it – at the center of the disc Zion is allied with Islam, even while they are played off against each other at the outer limits… Both back ISIS… Both are dedicated to the demise of the Constitutional Republic USA, a Free Country, not a loony Religious TheoFasciocracy… And it is probably like General Mad Dog said – “have a plan to kill your neighbors”…
    “Loyalty in the culture is largely focused around money and the favors it can buy with their own and with outsiders. If you are of the tribe it is far easier to get help with cash or with influence, in starting a business, and often interest free.”
    Not just starting a business NORMAN; finishing one too…
    As in burning your furniture store for the insurance, or the World Trade Center…
    What about the Supreme Court?
    And the last I heard 95% of all ambassadorships are held by Jews….
    Presidential Advisors – it goes without saying…

  12. Pat :

    What’s going on with the recent attack on the U.S. embassy in Baghdad, Iraq? What do you know about it? You usually know a lot about everything so I ask you. And what is your opinion about it? Do you think that it’s a false flag attack? Was the embassy was attacked by mercenaries [ pretending to be Iranians ] on USrael’s payroll? Or maybe even Israelis pretending to be Iranians attacked the embassy? Do you think the attack on the embassy will be used by Trump to start a war against Iran?

    1. “Do you think that it’s a false flag attack? Was the embassy was attacked by mercenaries [ pretending to be Iranians ] on USrael’s payroll?”

      That would be my guess.

  13. @Kirby -re “You must be young if you consider the USA to have been the bad guy in the past.”

    THe USSA – since its I NCEPTION – has been nothing but a ROGUE ENTITY… a DOMESTIC & GLOBAL OUTLAW…. thinking NOTHING of blowing the brains out of its own President in Dallas… and later concocting 9/11 to WAGE WAR on Humanity (after taking a break to NAPALM cilivialns in Vietnam!)

    It MIGHT be an idea to take your head outta your ‘Captain America’ comics and take a cold hard look in the mirrorf and REPENT before its too late.

    1. Hi Realist. You forgot the two atom bombs dropped on Japan in 1945, which I consider was a terrible thing to do.

      But we had a neighbour who had been in a Japanese POW work camp, (Burma Road I think) and he reckoned that had the bombs not been dropped he and most of his fellow prisoners would have been dead within a month. They had a poem:–


      The past was a different country.

  14. We tend to think that every hierarchy of every major government and institution in the West, is rotten to the core, and that the groups, cartels, cabals, and clubs which have the most power are clearly the rottenest. This silly misconception came largely from people like Lord Acton who said that power corrupts, and that absolute power corrupts absolutely. The truth is that people like me who have advocated “the rule of law”, and “the silver rule” are simply idealists and nothing but windbags. I know this and now admit it, because it is total nonsense to think that the power brokers of our world will ever lay down their ruthless methods including their blackmail, intimidation, cheating, insider trading, debt-rigging, crimes against the weak and vulnerable, nation destabilizations, assassinations, wars and plundering. All of these pejorative notions are in fact just relativistic value judgments meant to neutralize the aspirations of the masses, holding them “in check” so to speak, to enable the privileged and most favored to aspire to the upper echelons of our civilization.

    It truly is a “dog eat dog”, “might makes right” world and always has been. Stealth, deception and violence are necessary for any real “upward” mobility and attaining real power. Marx was right, and the ends clearly justify the means. The successes of the Zionists, the CIA and the Masons absolutely prove this contention.
    The ever-ascending, hegemonic, Rothschild family truly has a lot to be proud about, but we cannot criticize them or the Zionists, lest we also cast dispersion on various individuals under them who appear to have controlling interests in the financial system, the corporate media, most major corporations, the food and drug industry, the MIC, the entertainment industry, governments, courts, etc. However, but it is not just that we should refrain from such criticism out of fear of ending up as victims to their “ruthless” means. It is that there is no longer any real basis for any such criticism to be justified in common sense, thanks mainly to their efforts and the liberating aspects of corporate media and their gift of cultural Marxism to us.

    We just have to get it through our thick heads that very often “ruthless” means are now considered as “good”, in much the same way that the idea of “evil” has been transformed into “good”. All is good. For example, the means used in 9/11 were “ruthless” but because they were deemed “necessary”, we should now consider it as a good deed, and stop all of this conspiracy nonsense as if there is really anything really evil in the world anymore.

    Having now cleared the air with respect to my past erroneous value judgments, it must be held that because Zionist ends have been completely honorable according to their interests and self-determination as a people, that therefore, any necessary means they have used to accomplish their ends were also justified. They propose to be “leader people” of the world, and in fact they lead in almost everything. What this should mean for all of us, and especially because of their overwhelming successes, is that every nation, group, tribe, religion, or cabal, ought to follow very carefully their very good example by studying and applying their methods, and by using them in the exact same ways for their own advancements and successes. Not only should all “anti-Semitic” criticism immediately cease, but as more groups and organizations enter more fully into the dog-eat-dog, tooth-for-tooth, fray of the real world, realizing the hindrance of their outdated and idealistic morality, they will in fact attribute more honor and praise for this brilliant tribe which led the way out of our post-Christian muddle-headed restrictions. All ethnic groups, all tribes, all peoples in any organization should follow their leadership to advance their own status and control over others, by concentrating and consolidating their wealth, power, and eugenic intelligence, and using what every means they deem fit for their advancement. In this respect there is no reason why diverse groups should feel in any way hindered in also emulating the ways and means of other successful organizations like the CIA, MI6, the Mossad, ISIS and the PRC government of China.

    1. Fred –
      “…there is no reason why diverse groups should feel in any way hindered in also emulating the ways and means of other successful organizations like the CIA, MI6, the Mossad, ISIS and the PRC government of China.”

      I agree. Good people should stop ‘turning the other cheek’…. and use the successful groups’ elements against the supporters of those same groups. Fight fire with fire. 🙂

      1. Pat – Very good idea. Lets all go out and buy machine guns and everyone mow each other down.

  15. https://russia-insider.com/en/more-holocaust-reparations-2020-gift-keeps-giving/ri28117

    Luciana Clare Berger is a Jewish Zio-Marxist Labour politician and the great niece of Manny Shinwell, Jewish trade union official, leading figure of Red Clydeside-Jewish Marxist extremism that characterised the city of Glasgow in Scotland from the 1910s until roughly the early 1930s and the Jewish politician at the heart of Clement Attlee’s Labour cabinet.





    1. Thanks, HH –
      Good links…..

      I listened to Mrs Dilling speak several times in Lutheran Church in Little Rock, as a guest of Rev. Gerald Winrod, one of the other defendants in the sedition trial in 1944. She exposed communists in FDR’s administration: “The Roosevelt Red Record and Its Background (1936)”

      From the article:

      One day an awakened United States will emerge from the Jewish chrysalis.

      Pennsylvania Avenue will then perhaps be renamed Elizabeth Dilling Avenue. Today, slumbering in their Jewish shroud, few Americans have heard of a lady who should replace the Statue of Liberty.

      On July 21, 1942, Dilling and 27 other anti-war activists were indicted on two counts of conspiracy to cause insubordination of the military in peacetime and wartime. The charges were dismissed by federal judge Bolitha Laws on November 22, 1946, after the government had failed to present any compelling new evidence of a German conspiracy. Biddle later called the proceedings ‘a dreary farce’.

      Elizabeth Dilling continued to publish the Patriotic Research Bulletin, and in 1954, she published The Plot against Christianity. The book “reveals the satanic hatred of Christ and Christians responsible for their mass murder, torture and slave labour in all Iron Curtain countries, all of which are ruled by Talmudists’. After her death, the book was retitled The Jewish Religion: Its Influence Today.

      In the 1950s Elizabeth studied all English translations of the Talmud. Elizabeth Dilling considered herself an expert on the Jewish interpretations of their law. She began signing her name Elizabeth Dilling D.D.T, the acronym meaning was Doctor of the Damned Talmud. A frequent contributor to Conde McGinley’s paper Common Sense, she is quoted as saying, “Neither the races nor sexes can ever be equal. They will always be different and have distinctive functions to perform in life.”

      A diligent researcher and round the clock writer Elizabeth Dilling penned hundreds of pamphlets and articles. She was also the author of many books that today are very difficult to find. The titles to her books include The Red Network: A Who’s Who and Handbook of Radicalism for Patriots (1934). Other titles included The Roosevelt Red Record and Its Background (1936), and The Octopus (1940) under the penname Rev. Frank Woodruff Johnson. The Plot against Christianity was republished as The Jewish Religion: Its Influence Today (1964).

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