Will Donald Trump Unleash Hell on Iran?

By Michael Burleigh
The Daily Mail
16 September 2019

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Oil prices soaring, threats of ‘full-on war’ from the Ayatollahs, and the US saying it’s ‘locked and loaded’ – are we on the brink of war in the Gulf?


“America is locked and loaded . . .”
— Donald Trump

At three in the morning on Saturday, residents of the Saudi oil town of Abqaiq were roused by something other than the pre-dawn call to prayer.

A massive series of explosions at the huge oil processing plant sent flames up to thirty feet into the air, gunfire was aimed at what seemed to be a drone in the sky. Abqaiq’s residents fled with their families into the surrounding desert.

The events in this obscure town rocked world oil prices and dramatically raised the stakes in the ongoing tensions between the US and Iran.

Abqaiq is the Saudi Kingdom’s largest oil processing hub, each day converting 5.7 million barrels of crude oil into differently graded products. These are then delivered by pipeline to petrochemical plants or tankers on the Saudi coast destined for the West.

The fires at Abqaiq mean Saudi Arabia has had to take half of its daily oil output offline. Since the Kingdom produces roughly ten per cent of the world’s crude oil, that means a five per cent shortfall, with immediate effects on the global price of oil. At one point the price rose by 20 per cent, from $60 to $72 a barrel.

Abqaiq was clearly a well-chosen target, but not the only one, since on the same night more drones struck the Khurais oilfield, causing more fires.

This could not have come at a worse time for Saudi Arabia’s giant Aramco state-oil concern. The Saudis are trying to part privatise Aramco, on an optimistic valuation of $2trillion. The attacks will have knocked a good $300billion off the company value.

No one should underestimate how these drone attacks have ratcheted up the threat of war in the region.

The Saudis and the US are convinced they were the handiwork of Iran, refusing to believe the claims that Yemen’s insurgent Houthi rebels – currently fighting a brutal civil war against a Yemeni government backed by a Saudi-led military coalition – have the equipment and the skill to mount such sophisticated attacks.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was straight out of the box, saying Iran must be ‘held accountable for its aggression’. President Donald Trump has said America was ‘locked and loaded’, though he would be guided by the Saudis as to how he would respond.

Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guard, meanwhile, has announced it is prepared for a ‘full-scale war’. Its commander, Brigadier-General Amir Ali Hajizadeh, warned that the region is ‘like a powder keg’, saying: ‘It is possible a conflict will happen because of a misunderstanding.’

So who should we believe? And are we really facing conflagration?

Certainly the Houthi have previously struck at Saudi oil pipelines and cities, but those efforts were like inaccurate pinpricks compared to the hugely damaging and sophisticated drone attacks.

The US claims that satellite images of the 19 blast impacts show the drones must have been launched from Iran, or by Shia militants in Iraq, who are clients of the Iranians. Inspection of downed drones or unexploded missiles will indicate who made these weapons, but add little information as to where they were launched from.

Whatever the case, the attacks put President Trump in a seriously tight quandary.

Right from the start of his presidency, he has been piling maximum pressure on Iran to renegotiate the 2015 nuclear deal struck when President Obama was in power, under which Iran agreed to limit its nuclear activities in return for the lifting of crippling economic sanctions. He pulled America out of the deal and imposed tighter sanctions to stop Iran from exporting oil, forcing it to dramatically cut production.

But were the US to strike at Iran’s oil fields and refineries, this would hurt its allies like India and Japan which, along with China, still buy Iranian oil – getting round the sanctions by avoiding paying in US dollars or using a barter system.

It would also further drive up global oil prices, and the cost of gasoline ahead of Trump’s election year in 2020. US consumers are already feeling the pain of the trade war with China.

What’s more, despite his belligerent rhetoric, Trump is actually trying to burnish his role as a peacemaker. We saw this recently with the White House’s peremptory sacking of hawkish National Security Adviser John Bolton, whose idea of diplomacy is to bomb hostile countries. Rightly, Trump wants to call time on wars his predecessors inherited or started.

That is why he has been trying to coax the Taliban, North Korea’s Kim Jong-un and, latterly, Iran’s President Rouhani to the negotiating table. What makes Trump’s position more difficult is he now lacks a National Security Adviser – and his Defence Secretary has only been in the post since July.

In the absence of long-trusted advisers, and as tension ratchets up by the day, the chances of stumbling into war seem terrifyingly real.

Although they are threatening retaliation, the Saudis are unlikely to take unilateral action. Iran would be more than a match, with 523,000 active military personnel and more than double the number of tanks and artillery pieces. The Saudis are already bogged down in a never-ending war in Yemen.

Perhaps more pertinent is the question of what Iran may or may not be doing. They have been engaging in a covert war against the US for many months, with tankers being attacked or hijacked, and the US has responded with cyber-attacks on Iranian facilities.

The head of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard aerospace command has warned its ballistic missiles could strike US bases around the Gulf and aircraft carriers at a range of up to 1,212 miles. This is not an entirely empty threat since Iran has the Middle East’s largest arsenal of ballistic missiles. Iran’s navy also has Russian Kilo-class attack submarines, while the Revolutionary Guard have swift boats which could swarm enemy vessels.

The fact is that, as yet, Iran is not seriously contemplating a war with the US. It is telling the world loud and clear that if it cannot export its oil because of US sanctions, then no one else is going to do so either. That was the message sent out by the drone attacks.

But something even more potentially ominous is overshadowing this desperately febrile situation.

Iran is not without allies, as was clear at yesterday’s summit in Ankara of President Rouhani, Turkey’s President Erdogan and Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

We can bet that it was not just peace in Syria that was on the agenda. Russia and Iran may have their mutual suspicions, but both powers are in lockstep in resisting what they regard as American attempts to dictate the rules of any world order.

Russia will not be a passive spectator should Trump attack Iran – a thought that may stay his hand. If it doesn’t, Armageddon could be unleashed on the Middle East.


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31 thoughts to “Will Donald Trump Unleash Hell on Iran?”

  1. To answer the title: I hope not. I hope he blames it all on Pompous Pompeo, sacks him, and then meets up with the Ayatollah in Qatar or Dubai to sign some piece of paper, even if meaningless, and smile for the MSM cameras. Sort of like he took it to the brink with North Korea then walked it back. Why not? Oh yes, there’s no Israel in the Far East, only in the Middle East. Well they have Birobijan there but they don’t seem to be making any trouble just yet.

      1. Ross,

        No Jews so no trouble. They say there are still about 4,000 Jews left out of a population of 73,000. Maybe it’s better that way.

    1. No he won’t. Nobody wins a war. Both sides suffer, and weird as Mr Trump is I don’t think he wants the deaths of Americans on his record.

      What was GW Bush thinking?

      1. John –

        Dubya, – the ‘Proxy-Prez’ – was thinking about the ‘goat book’ he read to 1st-graders. 🙂 So, his daddy – ‘Poppy’ Bush – directed him as always…. to kill Saadam, a CIA asset, who he hated since the 1st Gulf War(sic)!

  2. Trying to second guess a psychopath controlled by psychopaths is a foolish.

    Air forces and navies are rendered relatively mute by anti-aircraft and anti-ship missiles. Western armies have the friction of obesity, perverts and women in their front-line ranks. The only option for the Belligerent Nation is nukes; ( with a nod to Pat) that is if they exist.

    China and Russia seem to strongly support Iran.

    Thus Trump must take a high-roller gambler risk in attacking Iran. Did he learn anything from his casino past?

    1. @FLAN O’BRIEN – “Did he (Trump) learn anything from his casino past?”

      Apart from being a SERIAL BANKRUPT (5-times!) – when not taking a cut from laundering money for (((The Mob))) – it appears not… especially since he’s since he’s about to roll the Mother Of All Snake-Eyes.

      1. Bankruptcy is no big deal. Hell I know guts I used to work in the Post Office with who did that. Shut up and make your payment every month Benji

  3. Since 1973, America has kept the agreement with OPEC to import diesel fuel. Hence, no diesel fuel is refined in these United States. It had much to do with supporting the Dollar as the reserve currency. Should a war escalate, not only America, but China and Russia, too, will suffer great financial hardship. (Don’t look for “Armageddon” this time!)
    If Iran is, indeed, behind these attacks, it is in keeping with the attitude of suicide bombers. NO ONE WINS. The means of transportation and agricultural production, here in the United States, will become prohibitive. The value of China’s treasuries will collapse. Russia lacks the means of production to exploit its vast resources. The almost immeasurable power of the United States Navy will have to be carefully controlled by a desperate America.

    1. Gil –

      Changes are always constant at USEIA. 🙂

      Last updated: June 12, 2019

      Most of the diesel fuel consumed in the United States is produced in U.S. oil refineries

      U.S. oil/petroleum refineries produce most of the diesel fuel consumed in the United States. In 2018, imports of ultra-low sulfur distillate (ULSD) fuel oil, which is distillate fuel with a sulfur content of 15 parts per million or less, were equivalent to about 4% of total ULSD consumption in the United States. About 54% of ULSD imports in 2018 were from Canada. ULSD is sold as diesel fuel and heating oil in the United States.

      How does diesel fuel get to a refueling station?

      Most diesel fuel moves by pipeline from refineries and ports to terminals near major consuming areas. Barges and trains also move diesel fuel to terminals. Trucks transport the diesel fuel from the terminals to retail service stations and to large volume consumers such as vehicle fleet operators.

      Diesel fuel and other products are sent through shared pipelines in batches. These batches are not physically separated in pipelines, and some mixing or commingling of products may occur. Because mixing is possible, the quality of the diesel fuel and other products must be tested to make sure they meet required specifications as they enter and leave pipelines. When products fail to meet local, state, or federal specifications, they are either removed and transported back to a refinery for further processing or are sold as different products.

      1. Pat –

        It has been about twenty-five years since I was involved in purchasing our diesel for the trucks. It came via truck from the Shell depot in Springfield – to which it was trucked and railroaded from Chesapeake. An oil executive informed me of the import status. That was the last I ever heard anything about it, but it explained a lot.
        Yes, things certainly change.

  4. “Right from the start of his presidency, he has been piling maximum pressure on Iran to renegotiate the 2015 nuclear deal struck when President Obama was in power, under which Iran agreed to limit its nuclear activities in return for the lifting of crippling economic sanctions.”

    This statement is pure nonsense. Right from the start the evil orange clown has done everything he can to make war with Iran inevitable. Why would Iran (or anyone else for that matter) demean themselves by attempting to “negotiate” anything with the evil orange clown and his coterie of lying, mass-murdering Israel-first, America-last scumbags who do absolutely nothing in good faith?

    1. always look behind the curtain, first….

      Tomorrow Never Dies…{{{who owns the media}}},
      {{{who pays cartographers}}}…{{{who prints the currency}}}

      review, ibn Saud from Edom…!


      curiously, the story about the Children of Israel in the Bible @ Genesis 49 – Deuteronomy 33
      mentions not one time any so-called “JEWS” or Synagogue of Satan {{{PROSELYTES}}} to
      the TALMUDIC TERRORISTS {{{JEWS}}} BAD FAITH so-called “RELIGION” a truth hating
      …business model…for the Synagogue of Satan…{{{MONEY CHANGERS}}} & {{{PHARISEES}}}

      how much has been spent on the GOLDEN EYE…TOTAL EYE IN THE SKY…”Awareness”….
      so-called “DEE- FENCE”….?

      as if,
      only piddling “JEW” dung doodling scriptwriters come up with these…PLOT TWISTS.

      really what matters is removing the “SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN” Truth hating terrorists from
      the whole world !!! SEE Matthew 13:39-43 !!!


      No one on Earth HAS to be a Jesus hating psychopath=TALMUDIC TERRORIST….{{{JEW}}} !!!


      please share the GOOD NEWS…TODAY !!!

      No one has to stay in the stool sculpture deity cult compound
      so-called “JEWS” cannot be “Israel”….See John 8:33 !!!

      in the book attributed to ben Gurion, The Jews in Their Land,
      are some photo’s of Yemeni “Jews”…Joe Bob sez check it out.
      proselytes to Talmudic Judaism from the land of Gog & Magog
      Birobidjan…cannot be “Israel” !!!

      the story about the Children of Israel is not about “Proselytes” to Talmudic Judaism
      all work for and serve the Synagogue of Satan…{{{PSYCHOPATHS}}} that hate Jesus


      Truth is not on holiday….


  5. Trump will not attack Iran. He “BIGGLY” got exactly what the US & Saudis wanted…. $$$$ price increases.

    Oil prices have been STAGNANT and there has been an OVER-SUPPLY for months.
    This event ALLOWED wanted changes in the global oil markets!
    This is the largest disruption of oil supply in history = 6% of global production.

    The Saudis reported they will be BACK ONLINE at full production in 2 weeks or less…. leads me to believe this was done under KNOWN control of Saudis.

    BENEFITS to Saudis & US & ALL oil producers:

    **Allowed charging a RISK PREMIUM (insurance) of $5-$10 to be put in place PERMANENTLY!! 🙂

    **Continue producing at record breaking levels WITH the increased prices!

    **It now takes pressure from ‘environmentalists’ off of ‘fracking’ and record setting oil production in US where….. production has increased from 3 million barrels per day to 12 million barrels per day in the last THREE years. The prediction is 13 million barrels a day soon.

    That increase alone is equal to the production of Kuwait!

    North Dakota produces more than Libya.
    New Mexico produces more than Venezuela.
    Texas produces as much as Iraq.

    Reporter for S&P Global Platts covering US crude oil policy interview yesterday:

    1. CNBC Plays along to justify the PREMIUM!! 🙂

      “The risk of wider conflict in the region, including a Saudi or U.S. response, will likely raise the political risk premium on crude prices by $5-10 (a barrel).”

      An oil price RISK PREMIUM is back after attacks in Saudi Arabia wipe out 5% of global supply

      An oil processing facility at Abqaiq and the nearby Khurais oil field were attacked on Saturday, knocking out 5.7 million barrels of daily crude production — or 50% of the kingdom’s oil output.

      That’s more than 5% of global daily oil production.

      Brent crude futures, the international benchmark, rose as much as 19.5% to $71.95 per barrel, which is the biggest intraday jump on record.

  6. Coming soon! A new book by Donald Trump!

    “The Art of Getting (and Keeping) Them Right Where You Want Them” (aka) They’re All Shook Up.

    This way they’re sooo much easier to manipulate, deal with, restructure, guide, direct, suggest.
    C’mon man, it’s just bidness..

    1. You’re RIGHT… It’s just bidness. A damn shrewd move, too!
      The problem is, though, EVERYONE will suffer – not just a select few. Look for your supermarket prices to dramatically increase. (Trucks need diesel fuel; and tire manufacturers require large quantities of diesel, as there is about a gallon and a half of #2 in every truck tire). Even machines of war!!
      Diesel/electric locomotives require it; most agriculture machinery requires it (no farmer wants to have to look a mule in the ass all day!), manufacturing machinery requires it…, ad infinitum. There is NO viable substitute!

  7. “So who should we believe? And are we really facing conflagration?”
    I can tell you this much – they won’t get me over there…
    Look – Trump got rid of Bolton
    The Tribe was counting on Bolton to get it going…
    So they just upped the ante…
    Trump, for all his apparent obsequiousness before Zion, will not escalate beyond the current level of the problem, whatever it is..
    He’s “not going to kill 200 people” over what was , though serious, a relatively minor incident…
    So, the Agents are jacking the level…
    If this is the case, The Donald is on, as JFK said – “Very Dangerous Ground Here”…

  8. “One of Trump’s more likable qualities is his penchant for publicly humiliating all the lickspittle Republicans who try and ride his coattails,” writes C.J. Ciaramella of Reason, remembering how Chris Christie was treated during the 2016 campaign. It’s true!
    SO TRUE…
    The Republicans had Nobody to run for President, they looked about as lame in 2016 as the Dems do now…..
    Trump bestowed himself upon the Republican Party, he brought it back to life…
    But even so, where are the Republicans now, where were they when they had the majority?
    And what could Trump really be doing for the Country, if he had any support from the worthless sunzabitches..?
    Say what you want about him, but He does epitomize traditional Republican America…
    He’s Smart, He’s Big, He’s Brash, He’s Rich, He’s Fearless…
    Trump’s too big man…
    And now his Target Factor is As Huge…
    There’s gotta be a whole squad of Assets following him around, waiting for the signal…
    Maybe Pat’s right, this latest hit was just another Disaster Capitalist Oiligarchy Market Manipulation…
    I hope that’s all it is…
    If not, we saw what happened to the last guy to seriously screw with the real PTB, when they were lining up their war in Vietnam…

    1. Bark –

      “He’s Smart, He’s Big, He’s Brash, He’s Rich, He’s Fearless…”

      With those qualities he would not be afraid to use the MAIN CORE SYSTEM put in place by Reagan & North who are “YUGE” icons of “traditional Republican America…”!! 🙂

      It was used in the George W Bush’s “traditional Republican America…” administration to round up dissidents and send them to Gitmo & other camps for rendition without trials and lawyers…. using secret FISA warrants!

      Main Core Database: Secret List Of Citizens To Detain Under Martial Law

  9. The Republicans don’t have anyone in the Republican party even close to Trump in terms of popularity. So after Trump the Republicans are going to have a real hard time winning presidential elections. After Trump there will be Democrat presidents long in to the future. After Trump, whatever good Trump has done will be Undone by the Democrats. After Trump the Democrats will turn the USA into a total COMMUNIST tyranny.

    A lot of webmasters and commentators in the alt media don’t like Trump [ because of his total support for Israel ] . The Democrats don’t like Trump [ but not because of his total support for Israel. Except for The Squad the Democrats also totally support Israel just like Trump ] The Democrats hate Trump because he has some patriotic feeling for the United States and he has some common sense, logical, ideas to make the United States a little bit better country.

    It’s actually very scary to think what the Democrats are going to do after Trump. if he wins in 2020 then after his second term the Democrats will get their revenge on the United States. If he loses in 2020 the Democrats will start imposing their COMMUNISM and getting their revenge sooner. In their minds the Democrats feel they must get “revenge” against us Americans who don’t want COMMUNISM, who don’t want a One World Global government. One World Global government and COMMUNISM is one and the same thing.

    The USA has to be taken down to the level of a third world country in order for the NWO ilk to have their NWO Global government. The Democrats [ and a lot of Republicans ] and a lot of VIP type Americans support bringing the country down to a third world level for the sake of a NWO Global government. This is amazing to me. They don’t want a people, a folk, a common culture, they want to be ruled over by strangers from foreign cultures who are mobsters mass-murderers and tyrants. This is what they want. It’s amazing to me that so many Americans want this. Most non whites want it, most jews want it, at least 40% of white Americans want it, most of the politicians want it, it’s just amazing to me.

    1. TROJ –

      This’ll keep ya in conniptions for a good long while!! Hillary and Warren could hook up for a female ticket!! 🙂


      Clinton, a former secretary of state and first lady, is not a candidate in the party’s primaries and was the Democratic nominee in the 2016 election, which she lost to President Donald Trump. Despite winning the popular vote by almost 3 million, Clinton lost the Electoral College.

      At the bookmaker Ladbrokes, Clinton has seen enough backing by bettors to rise to the seventh favorite for the 2020 nomination at 20/1. Booker, a senator of New Jersey, is eighth at 33/1. O’Rourke, a former representative of Texas, is ninth at 50/1.

  10. TROJ
    I think our society is really controlled by those who have an extra reason to work together…
    With the Jews it’s the result of centuries of persecution, robbery, ostracization, etc…
    It could hardly be more obvious – jews control the USA…
    Lump all the sexual ‘deviants’ into one group – pedophiles, all kinds of homosexuals… they’re in a different ball game… and they have formed a major control network among important public officials…. it’s a prerequisite and it puts you in… they’re totally allied with the Jews…
    Masons, Secret Societies are all designed specifically for the purpose of infiltrating and using political and any other power structures for the benefit of the bretheren…
    Big Religions all strive for the same inside power…
    It’s interesting, who will follow trump, what’s that gonna look like. Rand Paul would work for me, if he would distance himself from the Jews and their border policy… he’s right on the bank problem.
    Repubs, The Party looking lost without DJT….
    Pence a Pedo too…
    Trump’s all alone up there….

    1. The Iranian attack on Saudi oil field was a great move by Iran and their allies. The problem will be Russia and China. Iran need really to know wich side will be those two countries and reliability of russian-jewish mafia to counteract Israel. Russia is a pro-profit nation and diverge from iranian strategic interest to consolidate the Axis of Resistence,from Syria to Iran. The other real problem of Iran are the internal inequalities tightened by pro-wealthy,pro middle class and pro rich rulers like Rouhani.

  11. PAT
    “Clinton, a former secretary of state and first lady, is not a candidate in the party’s primaries and was the Democratic nominee in the 2016 election, which she lost to President Donald Trump. Despite winning the popular vote by almost 3 million, Clinton lost the Electoral College.”
    Don’t forget DooD – that 3,000,000 was the illegal alien vote…

    1. Bark –

      That 3 million coulda been 10 million. Pick any number ya want. 🙂

      Don’t forget ALL voting figures are rigged!!

      ES&S already has the 2020 election outcome numbers entered!! Hillary may have won a month ago, ALREADY!! 🙂

  12. Rossi,

    Yes, but plenty of muslims in Pakistan. And the worst seems to be when you get Jews and muslims together like in the Middle East. I know it doesn’t have to be that way, they kind of got along in the past.

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