Winston Churchill: Greatest British Hero or Genocidal War Criminal?

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Author Unknown,
sourced from The Week.

Abridged by Lasha Darkmoon
with added commentary and an extended endnote,
“Winston Churchill: Zionist Puppet”

“To achieve the extirpation of Nazi tyranny
there are no lengths of violence to which we will not go.”
— Winston Churchill, September 1943

British shadow chancellor John McDonnell, an avowed Communist,  has come under fire for calling Winston Churchill a ‘villain’.  Responding to quick-fire questions at the end of a live video interview with Politico, McDonnell was asked if Churchill was a hero or a villain, to which he replied: “Tonypandy — villain.” (See picture)

McDonnell was referring to a series of violent confrontations between striking coal miners and the police in the Welsh town of Tonypandy in 1910. One miner was killed and hundreds injured in the clashes. Churchill’s decision, as then-home secretary, to send the Army to reinforce police “caused considerable ill-feeling towards him in south Wales and with some in the trade union and Labour movement”, says Politico.

However, it “has been long disputed whether Churchill personally sanctioned the decision” to deploy troops, reports The Guardian.

The response to McDonnell’s comments has been swift and severe, with Churchill’s grandson Nicholas Soames telling the Daily Telegraph: “Frankly, it’s a very foolish and stupid thing to say.”

British Tory MP Soames added: “I think my grandfather’s reputation can withstand a publicity seeking assault from a third-rate, Poundland Lenin.”

Former foreign secretary Boris Johnson, who has written a Churchill biography, told the newspaper that the wartime prime minister “saved this country and the whole of Europe from a barbaric fascist and racist tyranny, and our debt to him is incalculable. McDonnell should be utterly ashamed of his remarks, and should withdraw them forthwith”.

But some commentators have echoed McDonnell’s views.

The Guardian’s Owen Jones tweeted a list of major indiscretions by Churchill, who worked as a soldier and a journalist before entering politics. Labour MP Steve Reed also weighed in with criticism of the late leader. “My grandad hated him,” he said, and wouldn’t hear his name spoken because he sent in troops to shoot striking miners.”

In 2002, Churchill was voted “the greatest Britain who ever lived”, beating Shakespeare and Darwin to the top spot. However, when closely questioned, few of those voters had read a Shakespeare play or could quote a single line written by the Bard. And half of them had never heard of Darwin.  (LD)

—   §   —

“There’s a danger in Churchill gaining a purely iconic status because that actually takes away from his humanity,” Allen Packwood, director of the Churchill Archives Centre, told the BBC.

Many fellow historians agree. John Charmley argues that it is important to remember that “great men can commit great mistakes, and Churchill’s are on the same gargantuan scale as his achievements”.

Churchill was a keen supporter of eugenics, something he had in common with the leaders of Nazi Germany, where an estimated 400,000 disabled people were forcibly sterilised. He once said that “the multiplication of the feeble-minded is a very terrible danger to the race”, and drafted a highly controversial piece of legislation which mandated that those suffering from mental illness be sterilised, according to the New Statesman.

Many historians also refuse to forgive Churchill for his views on race. The Guardian reports that he once said: “I do not admit… that a great wrong has been done to the Red Indians of America or the black people of Australia… by the fact that a stronger race, a higher grade race… has come in and taken its place.”

LD: A side note on eugenics. Many White Nationalists see nothing wrong with eugenics and point out correctly that Darwin himself would have approved of eugenics, as would (naturally) his supergenius cousin Sir Francis Galton, known as the “father of eugenics“.

Many eminent thinkers have believed in eugenics, including H.G. Wells, George Bernard Shaw, Alexander Graham Bell, Helen Keller, and DNA Nobel prizewinner Francis Crick. The fact that Hitler believed in eugenics does not make eugenics unacceptable or invalid.

Crick notes in a letter: “The main difficulty is that people have to start thinking out eugenics in a different way. The Nazis gave it a bad name and I think it is time something was done to make it respectable again.”

Crick went on to suggest that “irresponsible people” who were “poorly endowed genetically” should be stopped from having “large numbers of unnecessary children”. The best way to do this — “sterilization is the only answer” — is to bribe them by paying them cash. He points out that the Indian government had bribed its people to stop breeding like rabbits by offering them free transistor radios.

Another Nobel prizewinner, Alexis Carrel, had been even more extreme in his advocacy of eugenics, suggesting in 1935 that “deviant” human beings should be suppressed so that the “hereditary biological aristocracy” could increase.

In his book, Man, The Unknown Carrel writes: “A euthanasia establishment, equipped with a suitable gas, would allow the humanitarian and economic disposal of those who have killed, committed armed robbery, kidnapped children, robbed the poor or seriously betrayed public confidence,” 

As a result of these controversial recommendations for getting rid of criminal deviants, Carrel has been dubbed “Father of the Gas Chamber”. (LD) 

(The article continues) 

The announcement in 2013 that Churchill would feature on the new £5 note (see picture) was met with anger by Labour candidate Benjamin Whittingham, who called the late leader a “racist and white supremacist”, according to the Daily Mail.

When the Kurds rebelled against British rule in 1920, Churchill said he did not understand the “squeamishness” surrounding the use of gas as a weapon. “I am strongly in favour of using gas against uncivilised tribes,” he said. “[It] would spread a lively terror.”

“Many of the wounds Churchill inflicted have still not healed,” argues Johann Hari in The Independent. “You can find them on the front pages any day of the week.”

Hari blames Churchill for arbitrarily locking together warring ethnic groups in Iraq that “have been bleeding ever since”. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict can also be traced back to Churchill’s decision to hand over the “Over-Promised Land” to both Arabs and Jews, even though “he seems to have privately felt racist contempt for both,” says Hari.

When Barack Obama took office in the White House, he returned a bust of Churchill to Britain. “It’s not hard to guess why,” says Hari. “His Kenyan grandfather, Hussein Onyango Obama, was imprisoned without trial for two years and was tortured on Churchill’s watch, for resisting Churchill’s empire.”

As secretary of state for war, Churchill sent in the infamous Black and Tans to fight the IRA in 1920. The unit became known for vicious attacks on civilians and violent reprisals.

Historian Peter Hart described it as an “astoundingly counterproductive” move by Churchill, according to The Independent. “IRA violence only increased,” he said.

Churchill was also known for his strong anti-union sentiment. In 1910, he ordered the Army to intervene when striking miners staged riots in Wales, and again the next year in Liverpool – where soldiers fired their weapons, killing two people. Nine years later he deployed 10,000 troops to Glasgow amid strike-related unrest.

Churchill also exhibited a strong hatred for Mahatma Gandhi and his campaign of peaceful resistance, which he saw as threat to the British Empire.

He once raged that Gandhi “ought to be lain bound hand and foot at the gates of Delhi, and then trampled on by an enormous elephant with the new Viceroy seated on its back”.

LD : “I hate Indians,” Churchill remarked on one occasion. “They are a beastly people with a beastly religion.”  I’m sure the Vedic sages who gave us the Upanishads and the Bhagavad-Gita would be amused to hear that. 


—   §   —

Endnote by Lasha Darkmoon

Winston Churchill: Zionist Puppet

Conspiracy theorists sometimes like to assert that Churchill was a Jew because everything he did served Jewish interests.

They say the same about Hitler, Stalin, and Angela Merkel. They provide weird genealogical details, giving elaborate family trees,  “proving” that Frau Merkel is Hitler’s illegitimate daughter. All this, I think,  must be taken with a pinch of salt.

Stalin was certainly no Jew. Still less was Hitler. If they were, then here we have two Jewish titans inflicting severe wounds on each other, wiping out in the process allegedly six million other Jews. Which is not the way the Jews work. Jews always work together, networking closely, so as to advance the Jewish agenda. This is the secret of their survival.  Jews didn’t rise to the top of the totem pole, to the peak of the power pyramid,  by tearing each other apart. That’s what the goyim do, united only in their disunity.

What would most people think if you told them that the father of England’s greatest hero of all time, Winston Churchill, was Jack the Ripper? — Yes, Jack the Ripper! — They would laugh out loud and roll their eyes in wonder. And yet, there is a sensational article to be found on the internet giving us all the gory details about Churchill’s dad carving up prostitutes in the Whitechapel district of London’s East End in the time of good Queen Victoria! (See “Jack the Ripper” was Winston Churchill’s Father).

Even if this were true  and if Churchill were the son of the Ripper, iconic serial killer of all time, it’s hard to see how Churchill himself can be held responsible for what his dreadful dad did under the flickering gas lamps of foggy London town in the late 19th century.

There is more than enough evidence to show that Churchill was a Zionist shill. That he was on the Jewish payroll. But this does not make him a Jew. It makes him a shabbos goy, a loyal servitor of the Jews. Churchill  has no problem praising the Jews lavishly whenever he can. (See this picture quote)

Without Churchill behind them, the Jews would have found it much harder to steal Palestine from the Arabs. Churchill’s rhetoric played right into Jewish hands. In 1920 he declared: “If, as may well happen, there should be created in our own lifetime by the banks of the Jordan a Jewish State under the protection of the British Crown, which might comprise three or four millions of Jews, an event will have occurred in the history of the world which would from every point of view be beneficial”.

Churchill thought the Arab population of Palestine was a “lower manifestation” and argued that the “dog in a manger has no final right to the manger”. Meaning that the Arabs had no automatic right to Palestine just because Palestine had been their ancestral home for centuries. Not if a superior race like the Jews managed to occupy their homelands and turf them out.

In England, where Churchill lived, the land belonged by law to the landowners; in the Middle East, where the Arabs lived, the land belonged by force of arms to the land grabbers.

Machiavelli would have chortled at this Churchillian logic.

For his services to Zionism, Churchill was to have a statue erected in Jerusalem in 2012 as a thank you gift.

Churchill, like Machiavelli before him, was all for the doctrine of Might is Right, the ius gladii (“law of the sword”) of the Ancient Romans. If you could steal something, it was yours if you managed to keep it. “Finders, keepers,” to quote the slogan all schoolboys love to chant as they nick each other’s possessions. Many Jews who arrived in Palestine in 1948, penniless, walked straight into sumptuous Arab houses and took them over, including the furniture, cutlery, crockery, bed linen, and the paintings on the walls.

No great wrong, Churchill believed, had “been done to the Red Indians of America or the black people of Australia” by the anglo-Saxon settlers who felt like parking their wagons on someone else’s parking space. “I do not admit that a wrong has been done to these people,” Churchill opined,  “by the fact that a stronger race, a higher-grade race, a more worldly wise race, has come in and taken their place”.

We now know that Churchill was a chronic alcoholic, spendaholic and gambler who ran up enormous debts and faced bankruptcy and ruin on multiple occasions. He would spend £40,000 a year in French casinos. A wine bill  once landed on his doorstep demanding £54,000, including £16,000 just for Champagne. In 1940, when he rose to become Prime Minister of Britain, he received a mysterious “gift” of £1million from a secret benefactor called Sir Henry Strakosch, a naturalised Briton born in Austria who had made his money in the South African mines.

An article in the Daily Mail, which reveals all these sensational details about Churchill, curiously forgets to mention the all-important fact that Churchill’s rescuer from ruin was a Jew — an Austrian Jew who had managed to pick up a knighthood from the British government. (For full details of Churchill’s obsessive-compulsive gambling, spendaholic and alcoholic habits, see here).

Sir Henry Strakosch’s unflagging generosity to Churchill in bailing him out and paying his extravagant debts — not once but several times — came at a high price. It seems there was a quid pro quo.  Sir Henry, the munificent Jewish financier, would pay off Churchill’s mounting debts if Churchill agreed to toe the Jewish line and did exactly what he was told to do by international Jewry.

Proof that Sir Henry Strakosch was Jewish is found in a separate article in Wikipedia on Strakosch:

Sir Henry Strakosch … was an Austrian-born British banker and businessman. His parents were the merchant Edward Strakosch and his wife Mathilde, (née Winters). He was born at Hohenau, Austria, and educated at the Wasa Gymnasium in Vienna and privately in England.

He entered banking in the City of London in 1891, then began working for the Anglo-Austrian Bank of South Africa in the 1895. Strakosch became a naturalized British citizen in 1907.

Strakosch was knighted in 1921 … He was chairman of The Economist between 1929 and 1943.

Strakosch being a Jew and his involvement in the payment of the private debts of Sir Winston Churchill, in 1938, has been cited as evidence of Jewish involvement in British politics in the run up to World War Two. Strakosch had supplied Churchill with figures on German arms expenditure during the latter’s political campaign for rearmament against the Nazi regime, and the financial arrangement enabled Churchill to withdraw his home Chartwell from sale at a time of financial pressures.

Here then was a man, Winston Churchill, who was a compulsive gambler whose monetary problems were compounded by his chronic alcoholism. He was to face financial ruin on several occasions. He was repeatedly at his wit’s end, literally tearing his hair out. With the bailiffs banging at his door.

On each occasion, it was a Jewish moneylender who came to Churchill’s rescue.

All debts paid.

No need to repay the debts!

This particular  Jewish moneylender didn’t need cash. He was rolling in it. He had enough cash to last him twenty lifetimes. What Sir Henry needed in exchange for his money was political favours.

Like, for example, a Jewish state in Palestine for his fellow Jews.

77 thoughts to “Winston Churchill: Greatest British Hero or Genocidal War Criminal?”

  1. Oh well. As far as drinking, Churchill would make Donaldo appear as a Spring chicken. As for war crimes……all well documented……no discussion needed.

    1. To me th big mystery is Hitler. Until 1939 he was the hero of Germany and brought the German speaking Austrians and Sudeten Czechs into the third Reich without firing a shot. He had turned a downbeaten Germany into the most prosperous nation in Europe. Then he started to invade other coumtries and led Germany into ruin.

      Churchill saw it coming. Some of his supporters were Jews, but they were not bribing him. He was seen as the only man with the courage to stand up to Hitler, and the Jews still have every right to support anybody the want to. Everybody has that right.

      He was supported by the British people. I was a child but I remember those days. My Father had been a socialist until Churchill came to power, but he became a lifelong Conservative, going from left to right without stopping in the middle.

      I remember cleary seeing some of the first American soldiers; the first black men I ever saw were driving trucks and threw candy over the school railings as the drove by. I am still pro-American and pro-black.

      The past is a different world. Smearing a great man demeans us, not him.

      1. he was supported ?
        maybe by the dazed bombed out and confused.
        he was kicked out as soon as the war ended.

        his best friend over at the bank of england was buying and selling gold that was stolen from hungary and czechoslovakia doing deals at the swiss bis bank set up by hitler.

        standard oil of the usa was supplying aviation oils to france,spain,germany and uk.\it should also be noted that in the thousands of pages of churchills history of the talmud ritual that was the ww2
        zero pages mention a shoa a holocaust or a final solution.

        churchill and his quotes show proofs he was aware of the dangers of the sickness that lies within zionism but he took the cash to keep his lifestyle and estate going.
        we was owned by wall street and by satanic elements within the small on the square mile that is called the city of london

      2. I want to clear up a few misconceptions in your text: Austrian are not “German speaking” whatever, Austrians are Germans, in the same way Bavarians, Suebians, Silesians, Alsatians or South Tyroleans or Prussians are Germans. Perhaps a good comparison is to be had with the notion “British”. The Welsh are British, the English, the Cornish and so on, they are all united under the banner of “Britain”, and as long as they feel that way, this is the way it has to be for the rest of the world. Likewise, the Sudeten Germans are and were not “Sudeten Czechs”, they were Germans. The Czechs were barely half of the population of Czecho-Slovakia, the rest were Germans (about a third), then the Slovaks (about a quarter) then some Hungarians, Ruthenians and Poles – an artificial conglomerate of different nationalities. Both the Sudeten Germans as well as the Austrians had declared on November 11, 1918 their intent to join Germany proper – and were promptly forbidden to do so by the people who had just betrayed Germany by not honoring Wilson’s 14 Points which were the basis for Germany to agree to the armistice.

      3. He often paraded nude in his quarters,front of his cabinet. He brought American white and black soldiers to England and referred to the “English speaking peoples”. Hitler did not wish to conquer Britain and admired the English. The foreign occupiers in Britain were not Germans. Churchill as much as anyone created the cesspool which is great britain today.

  2. I first heard about the political prostitution, crimes, and moral baseness of Churchill in listening to talks by the great WWII historian David Irving, and then in the writings of E Michael Jones. Arguably his greatest crime is not mentioned in this article, and that is his ordering, at the bidding of powerful jews, of the firebombing murder of hundreds of thousands of German civilians in almost all the major German cities, for no strategic military purpose but based on obsessive and twisted jewish hatred and notions of revenge, and also his active role in supporting and implementing the infamous Morgenthau Plan (which preceded the Marshall Plan) during 1945-47 which called for the death by starvation and exposure of millions of Germans.

  3. Winston Churchill firebombed the WHITE European war refugees of Dresden and now his son wants England to take-in as many NON-White war refugees as possible and give them haven and safety and a chance for a better life and a chance to reproduce all they want — all on the government dime. Churchill credited the NON-White Muslims fighting for England for winning the war for England. The WHITE English didn’t win the war for England, NON-Whites won the war for England.

    Islam truly is a heresy of Christianity. But that’s a long story and uncle doesn’t like long stories, at least he doesn’t like my long stories, my run-on sentences and worse, I repeat myself TOO much, I’m TOO repetitive, and that makes what is inherently a long story even longer, much longer, and that’s a *yawn* bore, right uncle? Am I boring you, uncle? And what exactly can I do to make your life more interesting, more fun, more fulfilling, more exciting? I’m here to help, remember that, I’m here to help, 😇.

    1. what is your position on the talmud?
      i am sure you are aware of the term donmeh
      khazarians plots all
      muslims are just another tavistock gang counter gang

      1. to charles drake ,

        i think the talmud is disgusting and putrid.

        yes, i am aware of the term “donmeh” and yes, i know what “donmeh” means and who it refers to . yes, it does seem like the khazarians plots all.

        i think the world of islam and muslims is a bit more complicated and involved than the muslims being just another tavistock gang counter gang. islam and muslims have been around a lot longer than tavistock has.

        what is your position on the kabbalah? that’s where we get the heliocentric theory which has NEVER been scientifically proven , from the kabbalah. what’s your position about that?

  4. Churchill was a fat bloated drunken war monger who under orders from the jews started BOTH world wars losing the whole british empire and generations of englands best youth. he is still worshipped by suicidal brits who sit around while be genocided by non whites. Churchill when on his own had the right thoughts even about the jews but in order to continue being a drunk degenerate gambling blowhard he sold himself to the jews. if I wrote this article and said 6 million jews were killed by Hitler I would not put my name on it either

  5. Well, let’s look at Churchill’s accomplishments…
    • Prior to WWII and becoming PM, he ran up impossible debts due to his exorbitant living style and drinking habits.
    • As a consequence, he became indebted to and enslaved by the Rothschild’s to do their bidding.
    • Prior to the war, he slowly began belligerently turning up the burners with-anti-German propaganda.
    • Once he became PM, he deliberately ignored every logical peace offering Hitler made to preserve both the British Empire and German Reich. (Including Rudolph Hess’ flight to personally meet and discuss peace)
    • As PM, he vehemently advocated for the mass bombing of innocents in often defenseless cities.
    • He gave over to Stalin at Yalta all of Eastern Europe (including Berlin).
    • As a result of his “victory”, the British Empire was forever lost.
    • The legacy of this loss of empire and resultant servitude to the jewish money power and their media elite is every destructive social and foreign policy which has ensued. (Open borders, third-world immigration into Britain and Europe, stifling political correctness, bans on guns for self-defense, etc…).

    So, dear reader, after reading those salient facts, what do you think of Mr. Churchill now? Hero or genocidal war criminal? It depends on your prospective. He is a hero to every communist and international jew (who really revere him as an alpha shabbat goy). For those concerned only with truth, the man was one of the greatest traitors in history – both against his own nation and especially, to his race.

    1. The British Empire would have been given up anyway. Already before WW I Indian nationalists were demanding independence. Would Gandhi and Nehru not want India to be independent if Churchill would have made peace with Hitler ? You cannot rule a foreign country if the majority of the population wants you out. In the 1960s most British colonies gained independence. The defeat of Nazi Germany by the Allies had little to do with that.

    2. That will no doubt open a few eyes Joe, the truth is quite often turned into lies in order to gain sympathy for their own advantage by the Jews. It has been said that Churchill got us through the war but they overlook the fact that it was him who in fact kept us in the war after Germany tried on three occasions to arrange peace talks only to be dismissed by the warmonger himself. Anyone who disputes this should ask the question , why was Hess kept in prison all his life when in fact he was a prisoner of war and should have been released when the war came to an end. If the details of his peace offer ever were to be released for publication this would have exposed the truth about the warmonger and the influence the Jews held over him.

  6. Sure, the guy who stole my original handle “Joe” from me gets his comment featured and my comment gets censored. I could just imagine if I tried to steal a handle from a Darkmoon commentator, for me, there would be hell to pay. But the guy who stole my original handle, he doesn’t have to suffer any consequences for his scuzzy low-down behavior. He’s guilty and he’s as free as a bird and I’m NOT guilty and I’m the one all cooped-up and constrained. I would say something is wrong with this picture. I bet uncle is saying this picture is a masterpiece work of art. Yeah, a real work of art alright, stealing my original handle.

  7. The porcine monster admitted in ’46 that they could have easily avoided firing a single shot in war, they just didn’t want to.
    Apparently the Jew hadn’t signed off on it?

  8. Please know the real history of WORLD WARS Read
    1 HELLSTORM by MT Goodrich
    3 THE BAD WAR by MS King
    If anybody interested in knowing more about Indian History and Sanatan Dharma then read the Blogs of Captain Ajit Vadakayil GOOGLE AJIT VADAKAYIL

  9. Winston S. Churchill: departmental minute (Churchill papers: 16/16) 12 May 1919 War Office

    I do not understand this squeamishness about the use of gas. We have definitely adopted the position at the Peace Conference of arguing in favour of the retention of gas as a permanent method of warfare. It is sheer affectation to lacerate a man with the poisonous fragment of a bursting shell and to boggle at making his eyes water by means of lachrymatory gas.

    I am strongly in favour of using poisoned gas against uncivilised tribes. The moral effect should be so good that the loss of life should be reduced to a minimum. It is not necessary to use only the most deadly gasses: gasses can be used which cause great inconvenience and would spread a lively terror and yet would leave no serious permanent effects on most of those affected.

    Churchill’s plans to launch poison gas and bacteriological (anthrax) attack on Germany.

    I want you to think very seriously over this question of poison gas
    I want a cold-blooded calculation made as to how it would pay us to use poison gas, by which I mean principally mustard.

    who stole the gold of iraq,libya,ukrainia and syria
    london,tel aviv,newyork

    US Using Choppers to Transport Syrian Gold Stashed by Daesh

    an oldie but goodie

    9/11 Inside Job – How They Did It.

  10. winston was funded by a group of nice rice men called the focus group because he lived way beyond his means

    one of the greatest
    mass genocidal lunatics of history how many indians did he murder with his food blockades and food thefts.

    In February 1920, Winston Churchill wrote an article for the British Illustrated Daily Herald on ‘Zionism versus Bolshevism’ in which he identified Rosa Luxemburg as one of the Jewish revolutionaries involved in a ‘worldwide conspiracy for the overthrow of civilisation’. Churchill compared ‘international Jews’ like Rosa Luxemburg, Karl Marx, Leon Trotsky, Emma Goldman, Bela Kun with ‘national’ and ‘loyal’ Jews who served the nations in which they lived. He wrote that most of the Bolshevik leaders in Russia were Jews and blamed them for Bolshevism.

    The extract below covers ‘international Jews’:

    ” …the schemes of the International Jews. The adherents of this sinister confederacy are mostly men reared up among the unhappy populations of countries where Jews are persecuted on account of their race. Most, if not all of them, have forsaken the faith of their forefathers, and divorced from their minds all spiritual hopes of the next world. This movement among the Jews is not new. From the days of Spartacus-Weishaupt to those of Karl Marx, and down to Trotsky (Russia), Bela Kun (Hungary), Rosa Luxembourg (Germany), and Emma Goldman (United States), this world-wide conspiracy for the overthrow of civilisation and for the reconstitution of society on the basis of arrested development, of envious malevolence, and impossible equality, has been steadily growing. It played, as a modern writer, Mrs. Webster, has so ably shown, a definitely recognisable part in the tragedy of the French Revolution. It has been the mainspring of every subversive movement during the Nineteenth Century; and now at last this band of extraordinary personalities from the underworld of the great cities of Europe and America have gripped the Russian people by the hair of their heads and have become practically the undisputed masters of that enormous empire.”

  11. Certainly, the holocaust of the Dresden bombing demonstrates the depth to which the ‘civilized’ world stoop to insure the Rothschilds got their Jewland. Too bad ol’ Winney didn’t write about gas chambers, It would have made for some good traction for the hoax.

    1. Both Ike and de Gaulle and their versions of WW2 and like Winny the poo, didn’t mention anything about the Germans gassing millions of Jews. The Brits had broken the German code during the War. Winny the poo knew before hand when the Germans were going to bomb London. He high tailed to the country side while telling the Londoners to stand strong. Also during the War the Germans were training Indian troops. The very same troops that were really the means for India to gain it’s independence from the Brit Empire. Gandhi who liked to sleep with young, very young, nubile girls had very little to do with Indian independence. Just a lot of rhetoric. Words don’t win wars. Winny the poo, and smelled to prove it. When he did take a bath Winny liked to entertain while buck stark nude. By the way, the Brits had also broken the Japanese code and knew that the Japanese were streaming towards Hawaii but declined to alert FDR and company who also knew before hand what the Japanese were up to (just what FDR wanted). But the Brits didn’t know that. They didn’t want to alert the Americans that they had also broken the Japanese, almost worthless military code. Some friend the Brits are.
      As TJ contends, the world is run by psychopaths and has been for thousands of years.

      1. X SA,
        You are quite right. Gandhi rep was a Western media creation much like so many others. Chandra Bose like you said was the real and forgotten hero.

      2. Srila Prabhupada: “He [Subhas Chandra Bose] was my college friend… We studied in the same college.”

        “So when the Britishers understood that the soldiers, Indian soldiers, are now noncooperating, then they decided, “No, no more. It is not possible.” So they voluntarily withdrew, that Sir Sirpiting(?) Lawrence, the secretary of state for India. Then they voluntarily settled up. And they settled up means the last parting kick was partition-Pakistan and India. And they partitioned in such a way that these two people will fight everlong. That is going on. They are very good politicians.”

        Subhas Chandra Bose

  12. As far as I know Churchill’s mother was an american chosenite. By their own means that makes old Winston also a chosen one. I also have a hard time believing they would erect a statue in their own land of a goy, even a shabbos goy.

    1. You could be right. We don’t rule out the possibility on this site that Churchill was a Jew. But we require more convincing evidence before we receive the gift of certitude! 🙂

      1. Oy vey…..

        “Now I don’t personally care much whether Churchill had Jewish ancestry or not, but I see from the internet that this claim (specifically, that his maternal grandfather changed his name from Jacobson to Jerome) is popular in certain circles. Why did Churchill hate that nice Mr Hitler? Why did he betray the Aryan race? Why, it’s obvious, isn’t it — he was one of those!”

      2. Jenny Gerome cme from a protestant family, descended from a French Hugenot who arrived in America in the early 1700s.

    2. @Morningstar, @ Sister Monica

      The idea that Churchill’s mother was Jewish is a recurrent rumor on the Internet. You can find reliable information on this subject on David Irving’s website here :

      Churchill’s “Jewish Mother”, by David Burbridge.

      Conclusion : no evidence has been found of Churchill’s mother having Jewish ancestry. Her father Leonard Jerome was the descendant of the French Huguenot Timothy Jerome who migrated to America around 1717. There was however a rumor in the family that Churchill’s great great grandmother was part Iroquois-Indian, but for that no evidence has been found either.

      1. Many ‘ protestants’ hide, hid, their jewishness by being ‘ protestant’ as we all should know. They hide it through generations and act like sleepers, infiltrants in an organisation. Like Merkel a so called ‘ protestant’, just a jewess with a jewish background Kastein. It is full of jews at the top as we all should know.

  13. Ahead of Balfour 100, UK enshrines Churchill’s headstrong case for Israel

    Supported by the Balfour 100 committee, it offers a timely — if at times incomplete — account of the key role played by Churchill in honoring the pledges made by Britain in 1917 to help establish a Jewish national home in Palestine.

    A new permanent exhibition highlights the British PM’s unflinching support for the Jewish state — even under heavy pressure from his government.

    Pleasing Balfour & Walter Rothschild….

    Britain’s current Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson wrote in his 2014 biography of the erstwhile leader, Churchill “admired the Jewish characteristics that he shared in abundance — energy, self-reliance, hard work, family life.”

    “The thought, the inspiration and the culture of the Jews,” he wrote in 1950, “has been one of the vital dominants in the world history. There are none of the arts or sciences which have not been enriched by Jewish achievements.”

    Churchill’s constant theme: “No two cities have counted more with mankind than Athens and Jerusalem. Their messages in religion, philosophy, and art have been the main guiding lights of modern faith and culture,” Churchill argued in his memoirs.

    In the early years of his political career, Churchill formed a strong bond with British Jews; his constituency of Manchester North-West was estimated to have an electorate that was one-third Jewish.

    In parliament, he fought legislation designed to curtail Jewish immigration to Britain and, appalled by pogroms in Tsarist Russia, became a believer in the Zionist cause. At a rally in Manchester against the massacres that they were both addressing, Churchill met Weizmann for the first time. Shortly after, he wrote in a letter: “I recognize the supreme attraction to a scattered and persecuted people of a safe and settled home under the flag of tolerance and freedom.”

  14. Thank you for the insight on Sir Henry Strakosch’s “unflagging generosity” to Churchill. I knew there were Jews deep in Churchill’s woodpile, I just did not know their names. “For his services to Zionism, Churchill was to have a statue erected in Jerusalem in 2012 as a thank you gift.” Would that statue be located anywhere close to the Rothschild’s statue or maybe located on Rothschildstraße?

    Assigning everyone the title of “Jew” is yet another Jewish technique for maintaining invisibility. By reducing their overwhelming presence to an unbelievable level, bordering on the humorous, Jews diffuse factual accusations against them. Anyone who has tried informing the ignorant about the vast number of Jews burrowing though the historical woodpile has experienced the typical reaction, to wit: “Oh – come – on – now! You expect me to believe THAT!!? Ha ha ha! Everyone is a Jew, eh? Surely you cannot expect me to believe that everyone behind these criminal acts was Jewish! You’re just jealous because Jews are smarter and work harder than everyone else.” Of course, you never said “everyone.” That is an extrapolation resulting from a Jewish claim that everyone connected with their crimes is Jewish, when facts show this is obviously a false conclusion.

    It is notable that Churchill was a prime force in the development of anthrax for use against Germany. Contrary opinions prevailed simply because of the fear of similar retaliation by Hitler who had far more effective nerve agents than anthrax (and Zyklon B). Note how the longevity of the anthrax spore fits perfectly with the Morgenthau Plan.

    Say, here’s a thought, with Germans developing all those deadly nerve agents, why wouldn’t they test them on those poor hapless Jews enslaved in all those alleged “death camps” instead of using a common fumigant? Oh wait, I know why. Jews, like there biological brethren, lice, are parasitical vermin and by nature, Germans are poetic.

    In 1942, during the Second World War, a biological warfare test was carried out on Gruinard by British military scientists from the Biology Department of Porton Down. The British government was investigating the feasibility of a bioweapons attack using anthrax. It was recognised that tests would cause long-lasting contamination of the immediate area by anthrax spores, so a remote and uninhabited island was required. Gruinard was surveyed, deemed suitable, and requisitioned from its owners by the British Government. Porton Down meteorologist Sir Oliver Graham Sutton was put in charge of a fifty-man team to conduct the trial, with David Henderson in charge of the germ bomb. Biology Department head Paul Fildes made frequent visits. The anthrax strain chosen was a highly virulent type called “Vollum 14578”, named after R. L. Vollum, Professor of Bacteriology at the University of Oxford, who supplied it. Eighty sheep were taken to the island and bombs filled with anthrax spores were exploded close to where selected groups were tethered. The sheep became infected with anthrax and began to die within days of exposure.

    The British government “requisitioned” (read “stole”) this land from its rightful owner under the guise of “national security” and then offered to sell it back for £500 when it became habitable once again. Sound familiar? It should, “national interest/security” is a thoroughly proven Jewish technique for legal theft of valuable property. In fact this is one of the few times Jews allow the word “national” to creep into their stories. One might say, “In the final outcome, a man’s home is in reality a Jew’s castle.”

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ § ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Jack the Ripper was likely a psychopathic, Jewish serial killer. Evidence from his crime scenes point to Jewish ritual murder. No doubt, the idea Churchill’s father was Jack the Ripper is yet another Jewish guise to explain why police records for the Ripper’s murders remain sealed to this day, as only a famous figure could serve to explain this inexplicable secrecy to the gullible goyim.

    In any case, as a serial killer, ol’ Jack was a piker, a serial poseur, compared to the murderous Winston Churchill who, as PM, presided over the mass firebombings of German cities that had no strategic value at the end of a war already won. JTR would have been ashamed at his petty efforts when compared to that great, serial mass murderer, Winston Churchill. To repay their British wartime “friends,” Jews are now carrying out the usual genocidal end game plan. Germans? British? French? Americans? Who cares? They’re all white goyim! And as we all know, “even the best of the goyim should be killed.”

    One notable thing about the Ripper murders is how the news shook Britain to the core, in the same manner the first American mass murderer, Charles Whitman shook Americans to their core. Until that moment, such a thing had been unthinkable to civilized British and Americans. Jack’s murder spree was the most heinous series of murders of the day. Yet, in retrospect, JTR was quite mild when compared to Negro cretins like the Carr brothers who carried out a series of torture/murders in the unknown “Wichita Massacres;” not to mention the murderous, Negro horror presently playing out in South Africa.

    Unlike the Negro Carr brothers, Jack murdered his victims first before eviscerating their bodies. In fact, the Ripper’s minor predations on prostitutes fades to nothing in the light of the twentieth century mass murders and serial killings, now spilling into the 21st century with increasing frequency.

    How could Jack’s crimes even begin to compare with the Israeli genocidal, mass murder of the Palestinians? With mass murder and serial killings becoming the norm, people have become numb to such horror. Opening their Jewspapers, people pass right by the latest mass shooting to find the sports pages. “Yadda yadda yadda! Ya sure, more mass killings, so what’s for dinner bubala?”

  15. Shucks, and here I’ve been thinking all these years that George Harrison was “the greatest Britain who ever lived”

  16. the writer lost me when he relies upon the allegation Hitler killed 6 million jews. [to be fair, he did not support the jewish claim]

    1. @ olde reb

      Nowhere does the “writer” (i.e., Lasha Darkmoon) state that Hitler killed 6 million Jews. She writes:

      Stalin was certainly no Jew. Still less was Hitler. If they were, then here we have two Jewish titans inflicting severe wounds on each other, wiping out in the process allegedly six million other Jews.”

      Don’t you know what word “allegedy” means? It means that the writer (LD) is questioning the widely accepted 6 million figure which the general public believes in, not endorsing it! 🙂

  17. Damn!! I missed it!! 🙂

    **3,000 from the Christian and jewish communities celebrate the Balfour centenary together.

    May I offer you our heartiest thanks – I am sure that when the history of this time will be written it will be justifiably said that the name of the greatest House in Jewry was associated with the granting of the Magna Carta of Jewish liberties.

    Balfour 100 is the official tribute of the British Jewish community marking the centenary of the Balfour Declaration, issued on November 2nd, 1917.

    Balfour 100 was initiated by Lord Jacob Rothschild and is managed by a Steering Committee representing Jewish communal organisations.

    The Balfour 100 tribute is a comprehensive set of activities including a range of digital resources, educational programmes, communal events, and the Balfour 100 Tribute Lecture by Professor Simon Schama.

    Balfour 100 acknowledges with gratitude the foresight of Lord Arthur Balfour and the British government of Lloyd George. In the midst of the Great War, they looked to the future and chose to recognise the longing of the Jewish people to re-establish its national homeland in the land of Israel. We express our deep appreciation to all those British leaders in the subsequent one hundred years, who have shared in their vision.


    I read that it was Walter Rothschild who wrote Balfour! The jews need to get it right!!

    1. Yup, it was the Empire that tipped the cap to the Bankster. However, considering that the Empire was always a (((bankster))) Empire in any-case, then the “Balfour Declaration” is a propaganda effort that sells a false division.

  18. Winston Churchhill is so evil – he lines up with The Bolsheviks!!!
    He is “the author” of WW II”
    Communist England just “bit off more” than it could chew!!!
    Communist England is an ally of The Modern Bolsheviks
    The Caucasians have screwed this World Up – Royally
    There is no fix so we shall see – Venezuela – take a big hit – on the chin, soon

  19. All national leaders are phony; I even suspect most of ’em of being cryptos. Heck some of ’em even admit their Jewish heritage and are proud of it (reminds me of Jeremy Corbyn)…

    Venezuela’s ‘anti-Semitic’ leader admits Jewish ancestry

    Apparently his grand parents were Jewish. I would guess that he was always Jewish (whatever being “Jewish” really means), just like all the other cryptos. So we have a world fronted by cryptos or their shills; a world run by a global oligarchy that loves taking the p*ss. Maduro is a Monty Pythonesque spook project.

      1. Pat

        I remember Space Lizard. Memory’s a funny thing. She (as I recall, female) once commented about my use of the word “perspicacious”

        But how did you see her and (((AVATAR))) as being one and the same?

      2. Similar styles in presentations. Same locations mentioned over time. Came around when space lizard went away for being too abusive. So on….

        You remember me when I was ‘asap’ and was banned – voted off – for being too abrasive to Lobro. And now he is gone!! 🙂

      3. B-Hawk –

        HA!!! Had to be.. 🙂


        HP –

        I “BIGGLY” agree.

        He “was right when wrong – wrong when right,”wrote he. 🙂

  20. eugenics, yeah.. that’s interesting…
    it’s another logical idea, but the problem is – who decides who gets disqualified from reproducing?
    having A high IQ doesn’t make anybody mr. wonderful… it’s more about the heart..
    vegan animal rights people, refusing to be cruel and murderous to other sentient (choose their own behavior) beings are considered kookoo by ‘normal’ folks..
    taken in the biospheric ecological context most of the human race have gotta go, and will anyway…
    so yes there should be a modern eugenics program in place, where countries maintain strict control over their borders and people are rewarded for not having children…
    the overpopulation of the planet is an externality of the capitalist system and establishment religion…
    that doesn’t get the jesuits, winston, stalin, mao, pol pot, eisenhower, fdr, truman, wolfy schnicklegruber and all their realpolitiki jewish zionist minions and everyday goyim warmongering munitions contractors off the hook for reducing the human population as much as they all did…
    yes of course winston was a jew… the windsors, the pharaoh queen, they’re all jews.. the habarus married into the pharaoh bloodlines the same way they did the romans… so are the big wheels in the city of london and switzerland jews.. yes joe stalin was a jew.. now you see his kaganovitch progeny on cnn, what’s his name? so were yes hitler and eichmann and plenty of the ss hierarchy, who transferred germany’s non-zionist jews to the work camps and on to palestine… so are the clintons and bushes… so was mccain and his admiral father, who covered up the israeli hit on the listening ship uss liberty, certainly his bronfman in-laws… so was lbj, who ordered it…
    the BIG LIES are BIG LIES because they’re BIG.. a BIG LIE has to be BIG or it can’t be a BIG LIE…
    zionist jewish controlled corporate state media all to easily create and maintain media myths..
    pearl harbor, the holocaust, the moon landing, vaccines…
    lots of british people think winston was their hero, and they won’t listen to anything different..

    so, sterling holloway was a voice actor, who was actually the guy making some of winston’s speeches, the one about “their finest hour”… he also did the voice of ‘winnie the pooh”… so we have two winnies, both characters, and the same guy doing their voices.. just a coincidence, right?
    a search along these lines will get you to the url below… but the lead-in you see here disappears somewhere when you hit it…

    TIL Jim Cummings, the voice of “Winnie the Pooh,” calls children ……/til_jim_cummings_the_voice_of_winnie_the_pooh/
    Nov 25, 2012 – 62 posts – ‎57 authors
    My uncle, Sterling Holloway was the original voice actor. … But ‘ol Uncle Holloway was known to take long vacations with his …. Is it true that he made speeches on the radio when Winston Churchill was too busy or too drunk …

  21. drunk
    how very dare you sir
    winston was never drunk
    how could he be drunk
    and win a war
    no sir
    a drink sodden money grabbing khazarian satanist could never have beaten the hitler alone
    no sir
    if he was drunk
    no sir
    if anything sobriety clarity and humanity
    was his watchword
    and like all folks in westminster most certainly not an lgbt type
    way before my gay times

  22. “They say the same about Hitler, Stalin, and Angela Merkel. They provide weird genealogical details, giving elaborate family trees, “proving” that Frau Merkel is Hitler’s illegitimate daughter. All this, I think, must be taken with a pinch of salt.”
    keep the salt handy…
    give me angela merkel’s dna.. see if it matches the schnickelgrubers.. the face is close enough…
    look at it this way – imagine democracy doesn’t work and hasn’t for a long, long time…
    what do you think you would have?
    you would probably have government by bloodlines, which is what you had allover the world forever before…
    “Stalin was certainly no Jew. Still less was Hitler. If they were, then here we have two Jewish titans inflicting severe wounds on each other, wiping out in the process allegedly six million other Jews. Which is not the way the Jews work. Jews always work together, networking closely, so as to advance the Jewish agenda. This is the secret of their survival. Jews didn’t rise to the top of the totem pole, to the peak of the power pyramid, by tearing each other apart. That’s what the goyim do, united only in their disunity.”
    ‘stalins’ name was joseph d’jugashvilli… stalin was his stage name…
    so who was he really?
    none of us know for sure, but it would stand to reason a jew would be the head of the communist party, since communism is jewish zionism…
    “Jewry is the mother of Marxism.” — Le Droit de Vivre, May 12, 1936
    “Anti-Communism is anti-Semitism.” — Jewish Voice (New York: National Council of Jewish Communists), July-August 1941
    “Some call it Marxism – I call it Judaism.” — Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, American Bulletin, May 15, 1935
    “Judaism is Marxism, communism” …. “The communist soul is the soul of Judaism.” … “It is not an accident that Judaism gave birth to Marxism, and it is not an accident that the Jews readily took up Marxism; all this is in perfect accord with the progress of Judaism and the Jews.” — Harry Waton, A Program for the Jews and an Answer to All Anti-Semites (New York: Committee for the Preservation of the Jews, 1939)
    the two jewish titans were not inflicting any wounds on each other, neither one of them got a scratch..
    how many jews actually killed in combat in ww2?
    well, if the markers on the stuffed graveyards in europe are any indication, it looks like maybe 1 in every 10,000 or so…
    what they were doing was getting rid of their white russian and white german enemies by having them kill each other.. you had the war contracts, and their banks made billions on the rebuild of germany and russia… disaster capitalism at its best…
    i know it’s not easy to unstick the holohoax file… once you get that off your desktop you start seeing the rest of it differently…

    1. Just because it’s hard to believe doesn’t mean isn’t true. Five years ago a TV program called “Dead Famous DNA” took Eva Braun’s hair brush to do a DNA test, the surprising result: she was Jewish!? They didn’t know what to say to the public!

      I believe you Bark!

      1. Oh yeah. Eva Braun looks OH so Jewishy. About as much as me, an “Iroquoian Anglo-Saxon” man whose ancestry couldn’t BE any farther removed from being Jewish 😄

  23. nothing but –
    lots of ashkenazi blood in germany, even today…
    bloodlines own the world… we’ve got endless wars now, for control and profit…
    not the jews nor the warmongers will ever let adolf slip into the past.. he’s a saint in their church of exploitation… he’s on satellite tv every night…
    actually hitler did get dinged up a bit during the war, when some of his own generals finally tried to kill him…
    the bit about him and eva offing themselves at the end it more bs.
    the original report was that he escaped.. but stalin himself overrode that, created the suicide myth…
    hopefully bloggers here are learning to separate themselves from corporate state media mythology…
    there are the lies they tell, and then there are the lies of omission.. as they say BIGGLY YUGE…

    1. how about we cut it with the word jew
      and we simply say khazar
      or satanick ask a nazi

      the children dead in the dust in palestine and yemen are the true semite that is why history is being dustified

    2. Learning to separate from corporate state media mythology. Like you’ve done so thoroughly, eh Bark? 🙄

  24. i’m learning..
    i’ve learned enough to drop the hitler/holohoax myth.
    they’re one in the same..
    what else?
    i can imagine it’s harder for the muds, since they came out losers in so many on the big global land grabs…
    i can understand that..
    hopefully they’ll all drop the victim thing, stop blaming white people for all their problems and move on…
    hopefully they’ll all dump the fake democrat party, stop being stupid and exit the permanent underclass…
    so true charles – except that most jews are realpolitiki zionists now, totally brainwashed, exercising the thoroughly toxic end-justifies-the-means methodology, for their own ‘survival’…
    if you really believed the holohoax thing, i guess you would be a zionist…
    holocaust denial is totally anathema among the mazaltavers, and if you go on tv with it, you’ll probably be rubbed out…
    i’d like to ask – do we have any jewish holocaust deniers in this clubhouse?

    1. We’re ALL learning here and elsewhere. I just think you’re dead wrong by not separating the Hitler wheat from the Zionist chaff

    2. Brownhawk, I see you are a fan of Hitler, I respect that!
      I’m not a hundred per cent sure on this subject, just like anyone else, I have my doubts. But there is an issue that really bothers me, the 1934 Hitler’s purge. Until today we don’t know how many were killed on that night. Maybe I’m wrong but I see this event as something pretty evil; he killed some of his buddies!

      Can you give us some words on this historical event?

      1. NBTT

        The SA served their purpose in the early days of the NS movement by helping Hitler come into the national spotlight, but after he was made Chancellor in 1933 their presence became superfluous with the potential for dangerous in-fighting down the road. He needed to establish absolute authority to have the best chance of fulfilling the NS mission, so the SA had to go.

        I’m sure he weighed all the options and determined this course of action to be the most viable one in the long run.

        If this sounds cold it’s because it is. Politics is a bloodsport

  25. Hawk –
    You are definitely in the majority on the subject..
    Since the web we’ve all been exposed to a whole another mountain of information…
    Sure it’s not all real…
    How real is your nose?
    I’ve seen enough to doubt the official narrative…
    Surely you have too..
    None of us know for sure on a lot of the particulars though..
    The citizen has the right to make up his own mind..
    The subject does not…
    And if anybody has anything off the new web, other than the obvious snopes trolls, that actually bolsters the state media narrative, I’m all ears…
    Mostly, I’ve come to the conclusion 99% of history is lies, uttered and omitted, being perpetrated upon the public by opulent nabobs, who expect you to believe war is an inevitable fact of life…
    Speaking of subjects – madame buttercup, I hope you get hip to yourself…
    I know my assertions make you uncomfortable..
    Sorry, it can’t be helped, our beliefs will be challenged in this free thought hall…
    I don’t bother with caps, too much trouble, who needs em..
    Real people are not about appearances.
    I give URLs all the time..
    Try going to some of them..
    One the winnie subject read THE NAMELESS WAR by Captain Ramsay…
    Calling me a Jewish troll is an attempt to shift from an intellectual argument to a personal one..
    However, I have suffered the abrahamic sex torture mutilation procedure, and I’ve been a slave to the Jews all my life.. I guess at some point, if the shoes fit, you have to wear em..

    1. “I guess at some point, if the shoes fit, you have to wear em..”

      No doubt! ALL here.. “wear” the internet shoe. 🙂

    2. Bark

      My overall perspective on Hitler and co. is greatly molded by personal info given to me (of which I’ve written) regarding Abwehr sabotage that as far as I’m concerned was by far the greatest factor in Germany’s defeat.

      This info is obviously not available to the general public, and probably never will be….unless the Sphinx finally starts talkin, if you catch my drift 😉

  26. Just a medical point. Hitler had Parkinsons Disease. It showed in the “Pill-Rolling” tremor as he inspected Hitler Youth outside the bunker in 1945. He would probably have been completly incapacitated, maybe dead, within a few years.

    If we had waited five years WW2 would not have been necessary.

    1. JK

      I suspect that the drugs Hitler was taking, as perscribed by the evil Dr. Morell and overseen by the equally evil Bormann were taken as a result of years of stress leading Germany in this monumental war.

      No war = no drugs. One precludes the other

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