A Nation Falling Apart

Piece by piece

The Unz Review
July 22, 1020

First they came for the toilet paper and kitchen towels, then they came for flour and now they are taking your coins. Yes, the American public sitting out the COVID-19 virus is now having to deal with what is referred as a “small change shortage.”caused apparently by hoarding.

Coffee shops and other retail outlets that deal in cash have been hit hard by the shortage, finding themselves unable to make change. Apparently, people have decided spontaneously and in large numbers that nickels, dimes and quarters, as they have value as being made of metal, will somehow maintain their worth better than the pieces of paper being printed in Washington.

The government has acted decisively to meet the threat by having the Federal Reserve convene a 22 strong U.S. Coin Task Force to “mitigate the effects of low coin inventories caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.” Ironically, of course, the Fed is the source of America’s long suffering backed-by-nothing currency. As several of the major private banks, including JP Morgan and Bank of America, are represented on the Task Force as well as a swarm of government bureaucrats, one can assume that nothing will happen except possibly a decision to change the design of the coins to eliminate Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln. Sacagawea can stay on the funny looking dollar coin, which no one has actually seen in years as she represents an approved ethnic minority.

There are a lot of indications that the American stratocruiser is about to crash. My wife and I went to a local gun range last week for a refresher course. I knew how to shoot from my time in the Army and CIA but have not actually fired a weapon since 1978 and my wife learned how to use a handgun about fifteen years ago when we made the decision to have one available in the house “just in case.” To be sure, the current situation with deranged radical groups unrestrained by feckless politicians and a complicit media, our decision to re-arm as it were was based on the assumption that we can no longer rely on a demoralized and passive police force to protect either us or our property, particularly if there are any racial overtones to who is doing what to whom. So, we might have to be prepared to defend ourselves.

The first thing we learned was that it was hard to get an appointment with a trainer at a licensed range. It took us weeks to make an appointment and we only got one when there was a cancellation. It seems large numbers of ordinary Americans are looking to defend themselves because they, like us, are shocked when they see politicians ignore looting, beatings and arson even as they kneel before thugs. Meanwhile, the media endorses the process, also throwing in a blanket condemnation of the white race, which suggests that there is nothing good that will come out the other end of what it taking place.

We did our shooting training but the next hurdle was upgrading our weapons. We had a venerable 9mm automatic and an even older 38 caliber revolver. Modern handguns have better safety features and their mechanisms work more smoothly for ageing hands. We were looking for a new 9mm automatic and an AR-15 so-called assault rifle for greater reach if that should become necessary but the man at the sales desk shook his head and said “No, everything is back ordered for six months or more. Everyone is buying new weapons. Give me a deposit and I will call you when something comes available.”

So “everyone” is training to shoot and buying new weapons, and it is even being reported that break-ins to steal guns from sporting goods shops are increasing dramatically. Weapons are a hot commodity, which just might mean that the confidence among people that the state will keep them safe is at the vanishing point. Even the mainstream media has noticed the spike in gun sales, but they predictably use that fact to explain the surge in gun homicides across the country in the past several months. More weapons, per The Washington Post, means more armed racist white people are out on the streets raising hell, but it ignores the fact that the gun deaths have been overwhelmingly black-on-black, as has always been the case.

I would also suggest that at least part of the explanation lies elsewhere, in less policing as cops have figured out that they have no one on their side and are best served by doing as little as possible when the shooting starts. Policemen have, in fact, been on the receiving end of much of the recent violence. Instead of seeking help from a cop, violent crime victims should call 911 and ask the operator to have Mayor Bill de Blasio send out a social worker whenever they get attacked by irate gang bangers. The NYPD cops are apparently too busy in any event as they are guarding the black lives matter paintwork covering Fifth Avenue in front of the Trump Tower.

Another thing one is now having difficulty in buying is alcohol.

People are depressed and are drinking a hell of a lot more than normal, which can, of course, result in impulsive behavior. I live in Virginia and our state store is constantly running out of everything. A cashier told me that they are selling 300% more booze than normal for this time of year. Last week I went into a large and well-known liquor store in Washington D.C. and bought the last few bottles of our favorite scotch The Famous Grouse. They had run out and didn’t know when they would get more. My wife and I are anticipating a Famous Grouse crisis and we have discussed setting up a still in the basement.

Finally, a family member owns a construction company. He recently said that business is unexpectedly booming, in part because people are building panic rooms, safe havens and even 1960s style fallout shelters in and behind their houses.

But unlike the threat of nuclear war in the sixties, the current fear is that with the wreckers being given a free hand by the authorities, organized home invasions penetrating prosperous neighborhoods cannot be that far away.

Most of the construction work is being done as unobtrusively as possible because the clients don’t want their neighbors to know how scared they are.

So, there we are. The United States is troubled by a pandemic that the government seems unable to respond to which has produced record unemployment and bankruptcies. Meanwhile, guns and liquor and even coins are in demand while frightened citizens are building home defenses. And much of the government at all levels acts like it is either on the side of or afraid of the destroyers. America certainly has always had flaws but it was once a land of opportunity where people could prosper and enjoy more freedom than nearly anywhere else. Those days are gone so just relax and turn on the evening news. Watch a once proud country with a resilient and hard-working people come apart before your very eyes.


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  1. The nation is not falling apart, it is being torn apart by a bolshevik, communist revolution being led by zionist puppets to bring in a draconian, demonic , satanic one world government ruled by the zionists.

    1. Desert Fox —

      You have said it all in one sentence. No more need be said. And it’s going to get worse no matter who wins the November election. Anyone who thinks Trump is likely to be an improvement on Biden is living in cloud cuckoo land.

      1. The last thing I want is to hurt the feelings of the Trump supporters. I know exactly what they want and I sympathize deeply with their concerns. I wish their very reasonable demands — that Trump should keep the solemn promises he made to them four years ago — were honored and kept.

        But Trump has honored none of his promises in regard to building a wall and curbing immigration. Things are infinitely worse for most Americans today, especially the White Americans who voted for this promise-breaking president. Can they honestly say that Trump has made America great again? No, they cannot.

        How anyone can live on broken promises I fail to understand.

        The self-deception of the Trump supporters gives me cause for concern. Are they in their right minds? I ask myself. Surely they have some kink in the brain, some psychiatric defect, that makes it possible for them to go on worshipping this blustering conman.

        Maybe I am mistaken and the one in need of psychiatric treatment. I won’t rule that out as a possibility.

      2. When the zionists had JFK shot, since that point every potus has been a zionist puppet and Trump and Biden are no exception.

      3. Indeed, Saki. Desert Fox wrote one great sentence there and your comment on Trump is spot on.

        Even though some still think Trump is a better option. Don’t hear about 6-D chess anymore, but the idea of Joe taking over seems to be enough.

        All I can do now is try and glean some entertainment value from the collapse of Civilization as we once knew it.

        1. @ Rich

          An excellent comment. I sense your sadness and disillusionment though, because of that throwaway comment in your last sentence: “All I can do now is try and glean some entertainment value from the collapse of Civilization as we once knew it.”

          *Sigh*. Have we reached this stage of resignation where all we can do is watch the doom fall upon us without being able to do anything about it? Have faith, brother Rich. The Unknown God works in mysterious ways. You’ve heard the old phrase: “COMETH THE HOUR, COMETH THE MAN.”

          Trump may not be the man. I very much doubt if he is. But I believe there is a “man of destiny” somewhere, waiting in the wings for the Unexpected Event to occur that will sweep him into power.

          History is full of unexpected events. Who would have thought an obscure little man with a funny mustache, a street artist from the back streets of Vienna, would one day, against all the odds, be swept into supreme power in 1933 in Germany? He lost. But he was a man of destiny all the same — whether “good” or “evil” is not for me to say — but there’s no doubt about it that no one in their right minds would have imagined it possible that this nonentity from the back streets of Vienna would one day make all civilization tremble and change the course of history.

          So we need to have faith in the unseen forces behind history. There is a Hidden Hand that weaves the Web. We will not go down into the darkness without a fight. Our enemies may gloat now, but their gloating will be short-lived. They will live to count their scars.

    2. DF –
      Saki –

      We are there, already!! The “one world government” was established decades ago as the United Nations.

      The UN governs the infrastructures of all countries today, through the numerous agencies, agents and ‘agendas’ it has established. (Agenda-30 has surpassed Agenda-21.)

      See the list they proudly display:

      Funds and Programmes

      Headquarters: New York City, USA

      The United Nations Development Programme works in nearly 170 countries and territories, helping to eradicate poverty, reduce inequalities and build resilience so countries can sustain progress. As the UN’s development agency, UNDP plays a critical role in helping countries achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.
      Headquarters: Nairobi, Kenya

      The United Nations Environment Programme established in 1972, is the voice for the environment within the United Nations system. UNEP acts as a catalyst, advocate, educator and facilitator to promote the wise use and sustainable development of the global environment.
      Headquarters: New York City, USA

      The United Nations Population Fund – UNFPA is the lead UN agency for delivering a world where every pregnancy is wanted, every birth is safe, and every young person’s potential is fulfilled.
      Headquarters: Nairobi, Kenya

      The mission of the United Nations Human Settlements Programme is to promote socially and environmentally sustainable human settlements development and the achievement of adequate shelter for all.
      Headquarters: New York City, USA

      UNICEF works in 190 countries and territories to save children’s lives, to defend their rights, and to help them fulfil their potential, from early childhood through adolescence.
      Headquarters: Rome, Italy

      The World Food Programme aims to eradicate hunger and malnutrition. It is the world’s largest humanitarian agency. Every year, the programme feeds almost 80 million people in around 75 countries.
      UN Specialized Agencies

      The UN specialized agencies are autonomous organizations working with the United Nations. All were brought into relationship with the UN through negotiated agreements. Some existed before the First World War. Some were associated with the League of Nations. Others were created almost simultaneously with the UN. Others were created by the UN to meet emerging needs.
      Headquarters: Rome, Italy

      The Food and Agriculture Organization leads international efforts to fight hunger. It is both a forum for negotiating agreements between developing and developed countries and a source of technical knowledge and information to aid development.
      Headquarters: Montreal, Canada

      The International Civil Aviation Organization develops standards for global air transport and assists its 192 Member States in sharing the world’s skies to their socio-economic benefit.
      Headquarters: Rome, Italy

      The International Fund for Agricultural Development, since it was created in 1977, has focused exclusively on rural poverty reduction, working with poor rural populations in developing countries to eliminate poverty, hunger and malnutrition; raise their productivity and incomes; and improve the quality of their lives.
      Headquarters: Geneva, Switzerland

      The International Labor Organization promotes international labor rights by formulating international standards on the freedom to associate, collective bargaining, the abolition of forced labor, and equality of opportunity and treatment.
      Headquarters: Washington, DC, USA

      The International Monetary Fund fosters economic growth and employment by providing temporary financial assistance to countries to help ease balance of payments adjustment and technical assistance. The IMF currently has $28 billion in outstanding loans to 74 nations.
      Headquarters: London, United Kingdom

      The International Maritime Organization has created a comprehensive shipping regulatory framework, addressing safety and environmental concerns, legal matters, technical cooperation, security, and efficiency.
      Headquarters: Geneva, Switzerland

      The International Telecommunication Union is the United Nations specialized agency for information and communication technologies. It is committed to connecting all the world’s people – wherever they live and whatever their means. Through our work, we protect and support everyone’s fundamental right to communicate
      Headquarters: Paris, France

      The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization focuses on everything from teacher training to helping improve education worldwide to protecting important historical and cultural sites around the world. UNESCO added 28 new World Heritage Sites this year to the list of irreplaceable treasures that will be protected for today’s travelers and future generations.
      Headquarters: Vienna, Austria

      The United Nations Industrial Development Organization is the specialized agency of the United Nations that promotes industrial development for poverty reduction, inclusive globalization and environmental sustainability.
      Headquarters: Madrid, Spain

      The World Tourism Organization is the United Nations agency responsible for the promotion of responsible, sustainable and universally accessible tourism.
      Headquarters: Bern, Switzerland

      The Universal Postal Union is the primary forum for cooperation between postal sector players. It helps to ensure a truly universal network of up-to-date products and services.
      Headquarters: Geneva, Switzerland

      The World Health Organization is the directing and coordinating authority on international health within the United Nations system. The objective of WHO is the attainment by all peoples of the highest possible level of health. Health, as defined in the WHO Constitution, is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.
      Headquarters: Geneva, Switzerland

      The World Intellectual Property Organization protects intellectual property throughout the world through 23 international treaties.
      Headquarters: Geneva, Switzerland

      The World Meteorological Organization facilitates the free international exchange of meteorological data and information and the furtherance of its use in aviation, shipping, security, and agriculture, among other things.
      World Bank
      Headquarters: Washington, DC, USA

      The World Bank focuses on poverty reduction and the improvement of living standards worldwide by providing low-interest loans, interest-free credit, and grants to developing countries for education, health, infrastructure, and communications, among other things. The World Bank works in over 100 countries.

      International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD)
      International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID)*
      International Development Association (IDA)
      International Finance Corporation (IFC)
      Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA)*

      * International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) and Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA) are not specialized agencies in accordance with Articles 57 and 63 of the Charter, but are part of the World Bank Group.
      Other Entities and Bodies
      Headquarters: Geneva, Switzerland

      The Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) leads and inspires the world to achieve its shared vision of zero new HIV infections, zero discrimination and zero AIDS-related deaths. UNAIDS unites the efforts of 11 UN organizations—UNHCR, UNICEF, WFP, UNDP, UNFPA, UNODC, UN Women, ILO, UNESCO, WHO and the World Bank—and works closely with global and national partners towards ending the AIDS epidemic by 2030 as part of the Sustainable Development Goals.

      Headquarters: Geneva, Switzerland

      The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees – UNHCR protects refugees worldwide and facilitates their return home or resettlement.
      Headquarters: Geneva, Switzerland

      The United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research is a voluntarily funded autonomous institute within the United Nations. An impartial actor, the Institute generates ideas and promotes action on disarmament and security. UNIDIR brings together states, international organizations, civil society, the private sector and academia to work together—internationally, regionally and locally—to build and implement creative solutions that will benefit all states and peoples.
      Headquarters: Geneva, Switzerland

      An autonomous UN body established in 1963, the United Nations Institute for Training and Research is a training arm of the United Nations System, and has the mandate to enhance the effectiveness of the UN through diplomatic training, and to increase the impact of national actions through public awareness-raising, education and training of public policy officials.
      Headquarters: Copenhagen, Denmark

      The mission of the United Nations Office for Project Services is to help people build better lives and help countries achieve peace and sustainable development. UNOPS helps the UN, governments and other partners to manage projects, and deliver sustainable infrastructure and procurement in an efficient way.
      Headquarters: Amman, Jordan

      The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees has contributed to the welfare and human development of four generations of Palestine refugees. It’s services encompass education, health care, relief and social services, camp infrastructure and improvement, microfinance and emergency assistance, including in times of armed conflict. It reports only to the UN General Assembly.
      Headquarters: Turin, Italy

      The United Nations System Staff College is the learning organization of the United Nations system. It designs and delivers learning programmes for staff of the UN system and its partners. It helps the United Nations become more effective by fostering a common leadership and management culture across the system.
      UN Women
      Headquarters: New York City, USA

      UN Women merges and builds on the important work of four previously distinct parts of the UN system, which focus exclusively on gender equality and women’s empowerment.
      Related Organizations
      Headquarters: Vienna, Austria

      The Preparatory Commission for the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization promotes the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (which is not yet in force) and the build-up of the verification regime so that it is operational when the Treaty enters into force.
      Headquarters: Vienna, Austria

      The International Atomic Energy Agency, is the world’s centre for cooperation in the nuclear field. The Agency works with its Member States and multiple partners worldwide to promote the safe, secure and peaceful use of nuclear technologies.
      Headquarters: Geneva, Switzerland

      The International Organization for Migration works to help ensure the orderly and humane management of migration, to promote international cooperation on migration issues, to assist in the search for practical solutions to migration problems and to provide humanitarian assistance to migrants in need, including refugees and internally displaced people.
      Headquarters: The Hague, Netherlands

      The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons is the implementing body of the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC), which entered into force in 1997. OPCW Member States work together to achieve a world free of chemical weapons.
      Headquarters: Bonn, Germany

      The UNFCCC Secretariat (UN Climate Change) was established in 1992 when countries adopted the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). With the subsequent adoption of the Kyoto Protocol in 1997 and the Paris Agreement in 2015, Parties to these three agreements have progressively reaffirmed the Secretariat’s role as the United Nations entity tasked with supporting the global response to the threat of climate change.
      Headquarters: Geneva, Switzerland

      The World Trade Organization is a forum for governments to negotiate trade agreements, and a place where member governments try to sort out the trade problems they face with each other.

      1. Too many organizations to pay attention to! 🤔 I believe their many goals of “control” will cause them to bumble their overall effect, in that each organization ALWAYS has its self-serving activists in charge. Like the United States “intelligence” agencies, they’re always in competition for the same $$.
        For many of us Americans, range-finding scarcity is not a problem, like the author has encountered. We had guns in our hands shortly after the time we could walk, and learned how to use them even before our tenth birthdays. (I recall my “first” firearm was a Colt .22 Police Positive model revolver an old great uncle let me have when I asked him about “that old pistol under the pile” of magazines on his night stand.) I was then about five years old, and had already been taught how to handle a firearm.
        Many of my generation taught our own offspring how to handle firearms at an early age, too. There is a huge, quiet population of this country well-armed enough to be a concern for the usurpers. Of course, a lone individual has the odds against him or her, but having millions of compatriots guarantees a significant obstacle.
        I really don’t believe “1984” is as near as we often fear. From what I gather, natural disasters are more prevelant. God will determine our collective fate.

      2. Pat, not to mention how the UN-Corporate collaborators and Co. are connected at the roots via all the hundreds if not thousands of mini-UN outposts extant throughout the U.S. from sea to shining sea, all across the looted plain.
        (aka) Cultural Marxist Academia “R” Us.

      3. Gil –

        “Too many organizations to pay attention to!”

        Yes, it is! That’s the exact problem! AND most don’t know the tentacles, which is why I posted them, instead of JUST a link!!! The UN controls the IMF, World Bank & WTO.


        Homer –

        Don’t forget ICLEI…. as an agent of Agenda-21 – Sustainable Development for LOCAL governments.

        In our urban era, cities are a driving force for global sustainable development

        At the ICLEI World Congress 2018 in Montréal, local and regional leaders across the ICLEI network released the ICLEI Montréal Commitment and Strategic Vision. This vision orients their path towards urban transformation and sets a course for delivering on the global sustainable development agenda.

      4. Agree, and now they are using the coronavirus scam ie psyop to bring in UN Agenda 2030, a draconian Orwellian satanic zionist one world government.

      5. TJ said many years ago that the UN was a gaggle of unelected communists, cannibals and assorted parasites suckling on the teat of the US Treasury. Nothing’s changed.
        “Apparently, people have decided spontaneously and in large numbers that nickels, dimes and quarters, as they have value as being made of metal, will somehow maintain their worth better than the pieces of paper being printed in Washington.” That for the most part is quite correct but not a new phenomenon.
        Back in the middle 1960s the mint was churning out silver coins by the tons and they were being socked away as fast as the mint could turn then out. But for many the hand writing was on the wall. With President Johnson’s war on poverty and great society money printing the silver would soon be worth more than the face value of the coins. Over the decades since the value of silver has been up and down and up and down, but over that time the value of the silver in the coin has been worth more then the face value. Today in the year of our Lord July 2020 a $1,000 face “bag” of silver coin is worth anywhere from 17 to 18 thousand fiat paper “dollars”.
        With the current out of control computer created “dollars” because of Covid-19 and the summer of love in America’s major cities, again the hand writing is on the wall. Soon the value of the metal in the base metal US coins will be worth more then the face value.
        Oh how far the US has fallen. Only gold and silver coin was to be the US dollar(s) per the US Constitution.
        What is the main difference between computer/paper “dollars” and current and past metallic coins you may ask?
        For over one hundred years all Federal Reserve Note “dollars” have been borrowed into circulation for interest either direct from the private Federal Reserve System are from any commercial bank. Paper “dollars” only represent a tiny faction of the total US money supply. Metallic coins are even less. All the rest is digital computer created money. Hence, there is not enough coinage to go around.
        However, all metallic coins of the realm, gold, silver or base metal are minted by the US mints and issued interest free into circulation.
        The bottom line is the Federal Reserve System strapped onto the backs of the American people 1913 is the greatest financial crime in the history of the world. The present state of the nation is a direct result of this evil demonic money system.
        How bad is it? When anyone uses a credit card for purchase the user creates the debt (money) on the books of the bank etc. and pays interest of the balance after 30 days on the money that the credit card users created themselves with the initial credit card purchase. The merchant pays 2-3% to the bank to process the credit purchase and the credit card user can pay anywhere from 6 to 18% or more on any balance in not paid within 30 days. What a scam.

      6. TJ –

        Great comment.

        “Only gold and silver coin was to be the US dollar(s) per the US Constitution.”

        It should be noted that using “gold and silver coin” applied to the individual states only. Not to the people or businesses.

        That was put in there in 1789 to please King George. He demanded all outstanding debts owed by the states for ‘THE KERFUFFLE’…. which settled down somewhat in 1783, were to be repaid in sterling silver only. Gold was added by the liars who were sent to specifically amend the Articles of Confederation And Perpetual Union…. but invented another document instead.

        The ‘loser’ made this demand:
        The Definitive Treaty of Peace 1783
        Article 4:
        “It is agreed that creditors on either side shall meet with no lawful impediment to the recovery of the full value in sterling money of all bona fide debts heretofore contracted.”


  2. Paint a red star on your front door and on your car. Full blown Zio-communism is the New Reset Reality. The Goyim are now zombie-slaves. Two utter hoaxes- global warming and the pandemic – finally accomplished the Zio-Communists’ objective, to rule supreme. Get a Che Guevara TShirt and start writing left wing screeds. Act like a dumbed down asshole. Watch porn, drink heavily and chase chicks. Become a BLACK like me. Just act dopey. All universal truths are now long gone. Make your own truth. Choose a gender type or combination of types from the 112 available. I personally have settled on bi-older women, fellatio, oral, transvestitism. Get tattoos and piercings. I have 7 rings on my old fella. Get with the victorious Zio, Jewish, Communist, Corporates and become a winner.

  3. I believe I read on this site that LD is a religious non-voter. Follow her example!

    “Democracy” as practised in the West is an evil Punch and Judy show. We had “vote for the least evil” refrain at the last election – any significant difference? WWIII is an invalid argument Trump has risked that several times already.

    Participation = association with a stinking evil.

    The US participation rate is ~ 50%. If that came down to 25% we could without exaggeration state that the US was run by a dictatorship.

    @MAX In order to blend in it is also essential to have a dozen or so “Social Media” accounts. Just set up a software robot to enter “Likes” on FaceFxck and crass drivel on Twitter otherwise you will still get picked up.

    “There is a huge, quiet population of this country well-armed enough to be a concern for the usurpers.”
    That is wonderful, but unless the countryside is prepared to live cooperatively like the Amish, you will be subject to ostrasization and starvation when the world goes cashless.

    1. @ Flan O.Brien

      Your comments are brilliant. Very well-balanced and far-seeing. I cannot see how there can be any hope for the White race unless, as you imply, there is a religious revival of some kind. Americans as a whole have been hopelessly brutalized. Their morale is low. They need to turn off their TVs and live simple lives like the Amish, toiling in the fields and supporting each other with kindness and dignity. All one large happy family, with children brought up to respect their parents. Only then will the tide turn.

      1. @ SAKI

        The last thing I want is to hurt Saki’s feelings but he is a two-faced hydra-headed snake in the grass but saying that can’t hurt his feelings — because snakes don’t have feelings — so I’m not hurting Saki’s feelings by calling him what he is, a hydra-headed two-faced snake in the grass.

        1. Also : In the New World Order ~ the novus ordo Mother “Superior” LERVS so much ~ you also have to go along with whatever Saki says and you ALWAYS have to pay Saki the Utmost Respect and you ALWAYS have to agree with Saki if you wish to be a winner and if you disagree with Saki about anything they will make sure you wind up a defeated loser eating outta cans of Spam in Spamblinka and there’ll be NO chance of you becoming a winner.

    2. “Cashless” will only accelerate the demise if the massive debt is not repudiated.

  4. There’s a big difference between Trump and Biden and anyone who says they’re both the same and it doesn’t matter who wins because they’re both the same is either blind or a troll [ for the COMMUNIST Democrats ]. To say they’re both the same is not true, as there’s a big difference between Trump’s vision for the country and Biden’s vision for the country. If Biden wins he [ and his ilk, his handlers ] will plunge the country into a very deep COMMUNISM, he’s totally beholden to JEW COMMUNISTS and to CHINESE COMMUNISTS.

    Trump is beholden to Jews, and to some pretty nasty ones, but NOT to die-hard Communist Jews. Trump is not beholden to the Chinese, Communist Chinese or NON-Communist Chinese. Biden is beholden to BOTH die-hard JEW COMMUNISTS and to die-hard CHINESE COMMUNISTS. Biden is controlled by the COMMUNIST JEWS of Chicago who controlled/still control Obama, and Biden is also controlled by the CHINESE GOVERNMENT which is a COMMUNIST MAFIA government. Biden is TOTALLY CONTROLLED BY DIE-HARD COMMUNISTS.

    To say they’re both the same is to say that Trump is beholden to BOTH die-hard JEW COMMUNISTS and to die-hard CHINESE COMMUNISTS but that’s not true, so there is a difference between Trump and Biden. Biden is a COMMUNIST, Trump is NOT a COMMUNIST — that’s a BIG difference. Not only are the two NOT the same there’s a BIG difference between the two.

    1. TROJ –

      Yes! Trump is kicking China out of the embassy in Houston!! 💥 😜

      The US has ordered China to close its consulate in Houston, Texas, by Friday – a move described as “political provocation” by Beijing.

      US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the decision was taken because China was “stealing” intellectual property.

      China’s foreign ministry condemned the move on Twitter, saying its embassy in Washington had received death threats.

      Earlier, unidentified individuals were filmed burning paper in bins in the Houston building’s courtyard.

      Tensions have been rising between the US and China for some time. President Donald Trump’s administration has clashed repeatedly with Beijing over trade and the coronavirus pandemic, as well as China’s imposition of a controversial new security law on Hong Kong.

      Then on Tuesday, the US Department of Justice accused China of sponsoring hackers who had been targeting labs developing Covid-19 vaccines. Two Chinese nationals, who allegedly spied on US research companies and got help from state agents for other thefts, have been charged.

      **Speaking at a press conference on Wednesday, Mr Trump said it was “always possible” he would order the closure of more Chinese consulates.

    2. @ TROJ

      There’s a big difference between communism *with jews at the top running everything* and any other communism, i.e. Chinese “communism,” Cuban “communism” or “communism” in the USSR, IMO.

      For example, the Chinese apparently see their political system as “socialism with Chinese characteristics.” According to Wikipedia:

      “Jiang [Zemin] elaborated on three points to develop the primary stage of socialism.[13] The first—to develop a socialist economy with Chinese characteristics—meant developing the economy by emancipating and modernizing the forces of production while developing a market economy.[13] The second—building socialist politics with Chinese characteristics—meant ‘managing state affairs according to the law’, developing socialist democracy under the party and making the ‘people the masters of the country’.[13] The third point—building socialist culture with Chinese characteristics—meant turning Marxism into the guide to train the people so as to give them ‘high ideals, moral integrity, a good education, and a strong sense of discipline, and developing a national scientific, and popular socialist culture geared to the needs of modernization, of the world, and of the future’.”


      Fostering “high ideals and moral integrity, a good education, and a strong sense of discipline” in the people is a concept completely at odds with what Marx and his fellow tribesmen had in mind for the non-jewish balance of humanity.

      And this is because Jew-run communism is a fraud intended to enslave the people, not to make them “the masters of [their] country” in any meaningful sense. And since jews are small in number (compared to the goyim), the jewish idea of communism relies on the the concept of getting the goyim to enslave themselves – basically through sin, just like what satan did to Adam and Eve. IOW morally corrupt people can be manipulated like cattle, the more corrupt the better. So the jew idea of communism is the creation of a satanic society where the jew-controlled government is the “god” that the people “worship” (and the agenda of Isaiah 14:13,14 is thus fulfilled).

      To quote Ben Franklin: “Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters”; and the obverse of this is the basis of jewish communism.

      Anyway, as I see it, both Trump and Biden are similar in the sense that they are both evil servants of the same satanic power and they both work toward the same goal i.e., that jews should rule over the corrupt masses of goyim. They differ in the sense that Biden himself is a political opportunist (just like Obama or Clinton) who would sell out to anyone in a second, either jew oligarchs or aliens from outer space, but who has limits; and Trump is a psychotic psychopathic ideologue who can be manipulated into doing things that are far more dangerous than a political opportunist like Biden or Clinton would ever do.

      I can’t vote for either of them.

  5. TROJ
    Great Comment…
    Wouldn’t you have to say Trump is beholden to the NYC Jews?
    So there’s a difference between the Chicago Jews and the NYC Jews, something more than just a contest for which Shabbos, Trump or Biden, gets the podium?
    I think at best it’s just an internecine struggle for political power between 2 different Zio-Factions from 2 different HQ locations… Because whoever gets to be The Prez will be able to direct the flows of money, if it’s Trump again, it will go first to a different crowd of no-good assholes than if Biden calls the shots…. Biden will give it to the Chicago crowd… The proles will be left pointing to their own open mouths… Of course the bigger players in London and Rome will be sure to get their cuts first…
    I doubt there’s enough ideological difference to make any call otherwise, it’s just about a contest for the money and power… None of them have any decency, if they did they’d put a stop to the virus scam….
    There’s apparently very little real decency around anymore, when it comes to this virus hustle..
    All the doctors are keeping their mouths shut too…
    They’ve all been down with the every-day vaccine kick-back for decades now, they know there’s an bigger cut in it for them when the big-pharma state mandates the Gates Vaxx…
    they’ve been corrupted gradually by the profit motive, pecuniary imperatives, somebody else ” will take fill responsibility”, “I’m running a business here”…
    Old people die in rest homes all the time, they’re all dying… So now they die a little sooner than later.. So What…
    Good Comment…
    Jiang Zemin makes a lot of sense, when you realize he’s trying to move China away from Mao’s dreadful Land of the Red Menace where the 80,000,000 were slaughtered by the Red Guards etal, toward a more ideal society, where at least socialistic safeguards keep exploitation at bay… If that’s what’s really happening with Jiang…
    At the same time there are those in the West trying to apply the same sort of corrections to the capitalist system…. Some people believe socialism is the ideal equilibrium between the two….
    I don’t think it matters which kind of government you have, as long as it operates totally in the open, no secrecy.
    Marx was a Jewish Supremacist, his commie buddies would own and operate the whole world, the untermunchen would do what they were told, and a lot would be wiped out getting the program set up…
    Yisrael was to be the flagship state, and I guess maybe it is, though, if there ever were any genuine idealism driving it, it’s gone by now…
    So Trump/Biden as capitalist imperialists with maxx-vaxx mandate and stack-and-pack sustainability plans for the proles here are either now at odds with Jiang because he’s got more progressive socialistic ideas or because it’s just competition for market share/political control over who gets to pass out the government money…

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