A Stolen Election?

November 4, 2020
paulcraigroberts.org via Truthseeker


Paul Craig Roberts senses foul play. Trump was winning, and suddenly Biden surges ahead and pips Trump at the post. Smells really fishy? — You decide.

When I turned in last night, President Trump had comfortable leads, considering the amount of votes counted, in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennslyvania, North Carolina, Georgia, and Florida.  I had noticed and was puzzled by the halt to reporting of voting in these states.  It did not seem to me, based on previous elections, that Trump’s margins could be overcome by the few votes remaining to be counted.  I assumed Trump had won.

This morning when I checked I saw that Trump’s lead in Wisconsin had been replaced by Biden’s lead by a fraction of a percentage point, and that Trump’s lead in Michigan had been reduced to a fraction of a percentage point, since lost.  I also noticed that neither Pennsylvania, North Carolina nor Georgia had managed to count any more votes with most votes counted and Trump in the lead.  The halt of vote counting  is puzzling. It suggests that authorities were waiting to see how the vote went.

It really makes no sense for people in Michigan, who have severely suffered from the American Establishment’s offshoring of their manufacturing jobs to Asia, thereby destroying the economic wellbeing of people in Michigan, to prefer Biden, the Establishment’s candidate over Trump, their champion. I wondered if this was yet another example of dumbshit insouciant Americans being unable to act in their own interest.  But I dismissed this thought and looked for other explanations.

What I found was astonishing.  During the early hours of November 4 in both Wisconsin and Michigan there was a sudden vertical upward adjustment to Democrat votes, and every one of the approximately 150,000 newly found votes was for Biden.  This sudden ballot dump accounts for the lost of Trump’s lead in Michigan and Wisconsin:  http://www.informationliberation.com/?id=61890

It is possible that shifts of vote counters in the two states finished their shifts and went home, and that when the new shifts arrived they found that Biden had jumped even or ahead in Michigan and Wisconsin.  This would be plausible except that all the vertical shift in votes were for Biden.  Not a single vote in the suddenly changed situation was for Trump.  How likely is this?

For someone like me who, with Dave Kranzler, has watched the manipulation of the gold futures market when a sudden drop of naked shorts into the futures market drives down the gold price in order to protect the US dollar, the sudden shift of Wisconsin and Michigan into the Blue state count from a sudden ballot drop stinks.  Any move straight up or down smells to high heaven.

Why would a sudden delivery of mail-in or absentee votes only contain votes for Biden?

The presstitutes will not investigate this question.  Instead, Trump, who will raise it, will be denounced as a fascist who refuses to abide by the will of the people.

Democracy cannot work without a free press, and a free press is what the United States most  certainly does not have.


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      Is this all you do — jeers and sneers and juvenile scurrility?)

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  1. “Paul Craig Roberts senses foul play. Trump was winning, and suddenly Biden surges ahead and pips Trump at the post. Smells really fishy? — You decide.”

    It doesn’t smell fishy to me at all. This sort of things happens in horse racing all the time. The horse that seems to be winning falls back at the last moment as the winner streak ahead and wins. Nothing fishy about it. It’s a fact of life.

    1. It’s also a fact of life that conspiracy theorists are never going to accept the facts if the facts stand in the way of their conspiracy theories. That’s what makes them tick: foul play round every corner and bodies under every bed.

      I feel sorry for these bad losers.

      I’m not a Biden supporter — never have been — but I think it’s time Trump took a hike. He’s reached his sell-by date. Maybe his karma is catching up with him. Time for him to face justice for his tax frauds, his involvement in underage sex on Epstein’s pedo island, and his betrayal of Palestine to the shitty little state he adores.

      As Philip Giraldi pointed out recently in a hard-hitting article, the only really winner of the US election is Israel.


    2. I wasn’t aware that Trump & Biden were running in the Kentucky Derby….
      thanks for pointing that out and for sharing your horse-racing “expertise”. 🙄🙄🙄🙄

      1. He doesn’t know much about horse racing. Like this election, the jockeys and trainers and managers have their tricks which cause great horses to fault. What ISN’T seen is most significant.

      2. Fellow Darkmooners.
        Does it really matter in the long-run which “Swampy” (swamp creature) wins? Donaldo would have preferred Trump to Biden who’s demented ass won’t last long in the presidency leaving Americans with the “horror of horrors”……Kamala Harris to run the show. This hateful woman possesses fangs longer than any beast on the Serengeti plains of Africa. In an ironic twist, however, a Biden/Harris win might be good for USSA. The mask of Democracy will be abandoned and the 🐺 in sheep’s clothing finally revealed. Also. Biden, with a long illustrious history of pedophilia with young girls will, ironically, find himself on the RECEIVING end. He will be forced to prostitute himself before the great HARLOT known as the Deep State. Well, Joe. Time to buy some comfortable knee-pads. Get that 👅 ready. The Deep-State harlots panties are down. Time to get to work Joe. But please. Don’t take it so hard. You wanted to be POTUS and you got the job. Congratulations 👏 Joe! Enjoy! 🍷✌️😉

  2. Trump was winning before the demon-rats aka bolsheviks stopped the voting counting in the swing states and then the vote count for biden started going up, fraud was going on for biden, it is an obvious case of voting fraud for biden.

    I did not vote for either one, but the voting fraud for biden is obvious.

    1. @ Desert Fox

      Trump was winning before the demon-rats aka bolsheviks stopped the voting counting in the swing states and then the vote count for biden started going up, fraud was going on for biden, it is an obvious case of voting fraud for biden.

      Garbage. You misreport the facts. It’s Trump who wants to STOP the vote counting, right now. And he can’t do this. It’s against the law. EVERY VOTE HAS TO BE COUNTED. Understand? That’s part of the democratic process. To count every vote!

      It takes days, sometimes weeks, to count up all the votes.

      The reason these votes favor Biden is simple. These are POSTAL VOTES and most people who vote for Biden are doing it by post. Hence the huge spike in votes for Biden.

      Can’t you Trump fanatics get the message? Your Orange Clown lost!
      He was defeated in a fair race! But he’s a bad loser and a tantrum thrower. And you Jew-loving rats who back this ZIONIST confidence trickster and Israel supporter will now have to put up with Biden and his wife and Kamala Harris.

      Serves you right for betraying Palestine and backing this ultra-Zionist locker room lecher!

      1. I voted for Joanne Jorgensen, however the election is being stolen by biden, I stand by what I said about the election.

        I am a supporter of the Palestinians and whoever wins biden or trump, is a zionist puppet.

  3. The problem with the establishment media, including Fox, is that they will not go far enough in exposing the huge problems, the big systemic stuff…
    It’s because they’re primarily commercially oriented, doing the corporate thing…
    The corporate thing is the intel thing…
    The intel thing is the deep state…
    The deep state runs above the law, and it prefers total control over its underlings in public office…
    Fox News didn’t expose Pizzagate, they covered it up…
    They don’t make any big deal of systemic pedophelia in power positions…
    If something like that’s been going on for decades, what does that say about journalism in media? What does it say about law enforcement? It says something they’d rather not hear… Which is that they only go so far on certain subjects, so as not to threaten the real power center, which is the corporate-intel deep-state complex, dirty as it is…
    Everything they’d rather not look into is written off as ‘conspiracy theory’…
    Hannity loves that expression, which was invented by the CIA specifically for this purpose…
    You wouldn’t expect it from CNN, but everybody at Fox had their chance to investigate and expose the covid scam, the deliberate Obama/China strategy that provided the basis for the mail-in ballots and now the theft of the election…
    They could still do it, as this next chapter unfolds… But not if they want to keep their jobs…
    Laura Ingram did go so far as to repeat the basic info last night, give her that much credit…
    Dimond and Silk had no problem calling out the Plandemic months ago…
    They were let go from Fox Network immediately, haven’t seen em since…
    Maybe Anne Coulter will call for a congressional investigation into the whole covid episode, maybe she’ll look up the dozens of doctors who have said it’s a hoax and put together a report on the characters pushing it…
    Why doesn’t trump do that himself?
    There’s a good question…
    Most likely, the political power people and higher-ups in the medical/insurance establishment in New York murdered the people in the old folks homes…
    If the Lie is big enough, it flies… If the Crime is big enough, it goes un-investigated…
    There’s a failure of free press here, because the press is owned and operated, and nothing will be allowed to be said they offends the interests of its owners, utterly ruthless nabobs of the corporate hierarchy, where the lines blur between them and the intel complex…
    We’re all for free enterprise, but unless the public gives itself an alternative to the privately owned and operated commercial media somehow, perhaps writes a Journalists’ Bill of Rights, which frees the journalistic endeavor and puts the press into effect as intended and specified in the constitution, we’ll continue to see this kind of dysfunction…
    The world doesn’t have to be this way…
    “It’s also a fact of life that conspiracy theorists are never going to accept the facts if the facts stand in the way of their conspiracy theories. That’s what makes them tick: foul play round every corner and bodies under every bed.”
    Really? Bodies under every bed?
    Have you looked up the list of killed people associated with the Clintons’ drug running in Mena, or the long lists of dead people associated with the OKC bombing and the Kennedy assassination? That’s just for openers…
    What do you think happened to Seth Rich? Or Vince Foster?
    There’s no shortage of bodies here bro…
    There’s almost not enough beds to put them under…
    Ever seen the movie ‘Michael Clayton’? I’m afraid that’s the way it is…
    What do you call people who don’t believe in any conspiracies?
    I guess you would call them ‘coincidency theorists’…
    You know there has to be a limit on the coincidences too…
    Look up the death dates of John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe…
    Get back to us on that, I want to know what you think of it…
    Most people would much rather hide their heads in the sand, so as not to have to look at the real world outside… And it is the corporate media’s job to facilitate the mass distraction…

    1. Agree, Fox news and all the rest are owned by zionists, there is no way that factual new will be reported by the MSM, by the way trunews.com is a great independent news site.

      1. Agree, Fox news and all the rest are owned by zionists…

        Sure, and Fox News just happens to be the one news channel that favored Trump more than any other, which you appear to forget. It was also Trump’s favorite news channel!

        You glibly talk about all the news channels being “owned by zionists”. That’s true. So tell me, asshole, why do you support Trump then? Isn’t he an ultra-Zionist?

        Or do you think Trump HATES the Jews like Loonie Lobro thinks he does? and do you think Trump is secretly planning the destruction of the Jews, again like Loonie Lobro does? Starting with his daughter Ivanka and her Jewish children? !? Is that what you think?

        Here’s your Jew-loving Trumpenstein:


        I think all you so-raving “Jaw haters” who worship the ground on which Trump stands, the most Zionist president in history, seriously need psychiatric treatment! You must have scrambled eggs for brains! Here’s another picture for you and Loonie Lobro to have an orgasm over:


  4. It’s truly depressing to see The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave turning to The Land of the Flea and the Home of the Knave.

    Damn Jews! How do they do it? Any fresh thoughts on that?

  5. I take issue with Paul Graig Roberts that the Democrats stole the election. As of now, the results of this election reflect an overall rejection of Trump as a person and president. It also reflects a lack of enthusiasm for Trump’s honesty and integrity. His domestic and foreign policies threaten Americans at home and abroad.

    After all, during his four years at the White House, he divided America and did not make it great again. Trump and his supporters should be good sports and respect the results of the election.

    1. MEY
      The results reflect a rejection of honest elections. You’re either living in a cave or are yet another victim of that strange disease known as T.D.S. (Trump Derangement Syndrome).

      Don’t get me wrong. I’ve made my position clear. I have no dog in the fight. But fair is fair, and this is anything but. Favorable results achieved fraudulently cannot be respected by anyone claiming personal integrity.

      1. BROWNHAWK,

        Think about it for a minute, aside from the fact that all members of the “Squad” ( Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley, and Rashida Tlaib) were elected for a second term, practically, this election is still a victory for the Republicans. They have held the Senate, gained in the House, gained with minority voters. They control the Supreme Court. Plus, without the Senate. Biden will have a weak House. and he will not be an effective leader because his hands would be tied. That said, Americans will not be even able to get their second COVID-19 stimulus check without Senate approval.

        President Trump should quit being a crybaby, accept the result of the election, and tell his supporters to do the same.

      2. MEY
        Biden as the POTUS is totally unacceptable to all true Americans. What do you say to the millions of people whose intention was to see Trump remain in office? Which he would be by now if the massive fraud taking place through these phony mail-in ballots hadn’t occurred? That their power of will doesn’t mean jackshit?

        There’s this quaint little thing called PRINCIPLE. I’d you don’t act on it what does that make us as human beings?

        As flawed as the American system of Government is, the hope for it, at least for some of it’s more enlightened founders like Jefferson, Paine, and the Iroquois model of gov’t in terms of the inspiration it served for the White Man, was for its doctrinal form to match the power contained in the Declaration of independence in reflecting a full understanding of being “free FROM”. Almost 250 years later that spirit of Freedom is still being kept in check primarily as signified by one word – ROTHSCHILD, the “Red Shield”. And until this “spell of Baal” is broken once and for all, NO ONE is safe anywhere in the world. If Biden (and more precisely the “deep state” behind him) were to fraudulently accede to the Presidency, may God help us. For what’s behind him in effect OWNS him.

        A hint: It’s layin in the American weeds and is the color of the shield*. And I’m not referring to my mother’s side of genetic makeup

  6. It was no secret going into this election that Trump had lost a significant amount of support among older Americans (compared to 2016), mainly because of his apparent mishandling of covid-19. And a lot of these older people who are concerned about covid-19 voted by mail rather than in person – apparently so as to lower their risk of getting the disease. So it shouldn’t be surprising that a large percentage of the mail-in vote is in Biden’s favor.

    1. Harold
      I’ll submit that the Covid-19 “plandemic” is a hoax whose purpose in this election year was to OFFER mail-in voting options for the express purpose of manufacturing fraudulent ballots in order to steal the election from Trump. You’re not paying attention. It must be yet another case of the malady that destroys those who may otherwise demonstrate clear thinking…wait for it…..

      T.D.S strikes again!!

      P.S. Your failure to respond to the post I addressed to you is conspicuous by its absence. Cat got yer tongue?

      1. @ Brownhawk

        Your failure to respond to the post I addressed to you is conspicuous by its absence. Cat got yer tongue?

        I didn’t respond to your comment because I generally don’t take you jew trolls seriously, especially when your comments are so absurd as to be self-refuting, as is the case here.

      2. Just because I observe that Trump has a regrettable love affair with Israel doesn’t make me a Jew troll. And self-refuting? How IS that exactly. Your ignorance knows no bounds.

        P.S. Absurdity is in the eye of the beholder. In your case what you behold is cognitive dissonance where it concerns true objective reasoning

      3. Just because I observe that Trump has a regrettable love affair with Israel doesn’t make me a Jew troll.

        You’re a jew troll because you’re a jew troll; what you do with your hapless strawmen is irrelevant.

        And self-refuting? How IS that exactly.

        Don’t trouble yourself with it.

        Your ignorance knows no bounds.

        Coming from an assclown like you, that’s a great compliment. Thanks.

      4. Brownhawk –

        Pay no mind to old parasites like Mahmoud and Harold Smith. They feast on a host that has much to offer, and there is no end to their gluttony. Like most dullards, they’re led by mantras in which they want to believe, and no amount of sound reasoning or evidence can change them.
        No patriotic American can EVER concede this election theft, nor should he or she EVER boy any edicts issued therefrom. This country was founded on conflict and blood, and will only survive by way of manly adherence to the sentiments of The Declaration of Independence. The enemy has sent “swarms of agents” among us, and the cockroaches need be STOMPED.

      5. Thanks, Gil
        Stay tuned to a post in which I may need some assistance from you, or maybe Pat as well🙂

    2. Like the other presidents, if Biden wins, he can issue presidential executive orders . Well, in Biden’s case, his handlers can write the presidential executive orders plus he [ his handlers ] will have a good deal of leeway in dealing with foreign affair issues plus he [ his handlers ] will be commander(s) in chief of the U.S. military. Biden has dementia, Mahmoud. You never address Biden’s dementia, you always avoid the topic of Biden’s dementia, and you always talk about Biden as if he has his full faculties but you know he doesn’t, you know he has dementia, and yet you still want him to be the president. Why do you want someone who has dementia to be the president of the United States, Mahmoud? Who are Biden’s handlers, Mahmoud, that you’re so anxious and so looking forward to see dementia Sleepy Joe Biden be the president? Who are Biden’s handlers, Mahmoud?

      Biden as president will be like the mayor of Portland Oregon writ-large on the United States [ riots and arson and violence every night for 5 months with no end to the violence in sight in Portland and the mayor of Portland is on the side of the violent criminals and supports the violence ] . And if that isn’t bad enough Biden will be like the mayor of Portland with dementia writ-large on the United States and Biden, just like the mayor of Portland, backed by Communists, both Jew Communists and Chinese Communists. I thought you didn’t like jews, Mahmoud. You seem to like Communist Jews. You seem to like Communist Jews A LOT. You also seem to like Chinese Communists A LOT. Take a hike, Mahmoud.

      1. TROJ

        Dear Jewy Joe, since hate Muslims with passion, I thought his news item might of interest to you.

        Muslims in the San Francisco Bay area are celebrating today celebrates the election of six American Muslims to local office.
        Across the Bay Area, American Muslims ran for positions varying from City Clerk, City Council, Water Board, School Board, and even Mayor.

        The elections and re-elections of Aziz Akbari, Sam Hindi, Omar Din, Hosam Haggag, Maimona Afzal, and Aliya Chisti to the office are examples of American Muslims striving to serve their communities and proves that Californians are truly ready for bold, diverse leadership.

      2. Joe, President Trump has not tweeted or spoke for the last 24 hours. I am really very concerned. Could you or anyone else confirm if he is okay?

      3. Nice of you to be concerned.
        He is okay but blocked from (((fair and balanced media))), e.g., Twitter, treated like a second class illegal alien in his own country, unlike the real illegal aliens who are welcome to sh!t all over, kill, rape, commit robbery, deal drugs and demand state support—Twitter welcomes them with open arms.
        Here he is, it would be instructive to hear what he says (delete splat “*” to enable the link, his speech starts at 8 minutes)
        (youtube turned comments off)

        And in case you wondered about the meaning of FAIRNESS being a lover of democracy, how about this
        Kathy Griffin Apologized For Her Photo Of Severed Trump Head In 2017. She Just Re-Shared It.
        delete “*” to enable link
        Twitter says it’s okay, Freedom of Speech, (((community))) standards upheld, Trump locked out of his account, I guess due to Hate Speech when he complains about election grand larceny.
        Does “tob shebbe goyim harog” mean anything to you?
        Tell us again how Jews LERV Trump, history’s most Jewish president (by far)

      4. @Mahmoud El-Yousseph

        The elections and re-elections of Aziz Akbari, Sam Hindi, Omar Din, Hosam Haggag, Maimona Afzal, and Aliya Chisti to the office are examples of American Muslims striving to serve their communities and proves that Californians are truly ready for bold, diverse leadership.

        This is great news, Mahmoud, which should be celebrated by TROJ, Pat, Gilbert, Lobro, Brownhawk, Harold and all other whites.

        Indeed, since the whites seem are not smart and brave enough to overthrow their masters – the Jews – they should be happy and grateful to Muslims who will do that for them. After all, it would only be better for the whites, who became hopelessly soft-minded and soft-willed under the yoke of the Jews, to be governed by the benevolent Muslims rather than remain under the evil Jew.

        President Trump should quit being a crybaby, accept the result of the election, and tell his supporters to do the same.

        This is something that I would not endorse though.

        I would prefer the country to remain divided and engulfed in bitter strife – blacks against whites, Muslims against Jews, women against men, children against parents, TROJ against Mahmoud, Harold against Brownhawk, Pat against Lobro, and everyone else here against Circassian. This way, America, preoccupied with its own fatal problems, would stop shitting around all over the world while the world would get a real chance to become a better place to live for all decent, ordinary humans.

        Not only Californians – the whole world is crying for “bold, diverse leadership”. And there is only one power in the world today that can provide such leadership. However – with all due respect to my Muslim brothers (and to my great regret, I might add) – it is not Islam, or any other religion for that matter, that can provide that leadership. It is Putin’s Russia.

    3. Covid-19 is the biggest scam and psyop and mass brainwashing in the history of the world and is a zionist driven agenda to destroy America and the world to bring in a satanic one world government.

  7. A stolen election OR a farce of an abducted nation acting out democratic illusion in an oligarchic tyranny controlled by the global system of fraudulence????

    “Now some people are of the opinion that they are altogether holy and perfect, and go around the place with big deeds and big words, and yet they strive for and desire so many things, they wish to possess so much and are so concerned both with themselves and with this thing and that. They assert that they are seeking great piety and devotion, and yet they cannot accept a single word of reproval without answering back. Be certain of this: they are far from God and are not in union with him.”
    “We must come into a transformed knowing, an unknowing which comes not from ignorance but from knowledge.” Meister Eckhardt 1260-1328

  8. What haven’t the Dems been doing to Trump since ’16. How could they pass up a chance to get what they want overnight?

  9. Postal and electronic voting (lookup SCORECARD) are primed for fraud. Why replace conventional hand counting and auditing thereof unless the intention is to SELECT leaders. Yet another reason to not vote.

  10. According to today’s issue of the Palestine Chronicle, ” US Elects Palestinian Woman to Colorado State Legislature.”

    Democratic party candidate Iman Jodeh has been selected as the congresswoman for the Colorado House of Representatives beating Republican candidate Robert Andrews in the polls yesterday.

    To all Muslim and Arab haters on this site: Eat your heart out!

  11. A disappointing article by Paul Craig Roberts trying to make out that Trump is being “cheated” by the Democrats. What a joke! It’s Trump who’s doing all the cheating.

    A bad loser? That’s the understatement of the year. Trump is a narcissist with a Napoleonic complex.

    However bad this article is, it’s marginally better than Mike Adams’ drivel proclaiming a Trump victory. No winner has yet been officially declared, nor can we know who the winner is until all the postal votes are counted. And as Harold Smith has already patiently explained, most of these postal votes, which have come in record numbers this year because of Covid-19, have come from older people who are afraid of infection and are particularly vulnerable.

    And older people, as all the statistical studies show, happen to back Biden and the Democrats overwhelmingly. Conversely, it’s the younger age group (age 18-30) who happen to back Trump in far greater numbers. These young ‘uns have already voted in polling booths on Novermber 3. This is because they are not at such great risk of contracting Covid-19, which the older generation definitely are.

    I think the Trump supporters on this site are too cognitively challenged to understand these simple electoral facts. They think all these later votes have been “faked” or “forged”. No proof needed for their baseless theories.

    But then, when did a Trump-supporting conspiracy theorist ever need proof for his wild-eyed theories? So sad! We need to pray for these mentally defective brethren of ours. They really have it bad.

    Two minutes silence please. 🙂

    1. @ Saki

      A disappointing article by Paul Craig Roberts trying to make out that Trump is being “cheated” by the Democrats. What a joke! It’s Trump who’s doing all the cheating.

      Exactly. Trump is making a fool of himself (as expected) and the credibility of the ever-more-unreasonable Roberts – or what little remains of it by now – is going down with him.

      A bad loser? That’s the understatement of the year. Trump is a narcissist with a Napoleonic complex.

      If Trump loses, I think the next few months could be very dangerous for the whole world. What kind of narcissistic-rage-driven “rejection violence” might we see from the psychopath holding the highest political office in the land? Maybe Trump’s handlers and enablers will still get the big war they seem to want.

    2. ‘They think all these later votes have been “faked” or “forged”. No proof at needed for their baseless theories.’
      If the votes are suddenly added in the tens of thousands and all for one candidate at 4 a.m. ….there’s reason
      to suspect and investigate.

      1. @ Henry Kelly

        You’ve been misled by Trump. No votes have been “suddenly ADDED at 4 a.m.” Like so many Trump supporters, you don’t seem to know the difference between VOTING and COUNTING VOTES.

        ALL VOTING STOPPED at 10pm. on Tuesday, November 3. NO NEW VOTES ARE ALLOWED AFTER THAT. 10pm on Election day is the cut-off point. But the MILLIONS of POSTAL VOTES cannot be all counted by 10pm on the same day. The volume is too great. So the COUNTING of votes goes on for several days until ALL THE VOTES ARE COUNTED. That’s only fair.

        Acquaint yourself with the election rules. Votes sent in by post are accepted THREE DAYS AFTER November 3 provided the POSTMARK ON THE ENVELOPE proves that the vote was posted ON NOVEMBER 3. If the postmark says ‘November 4’ or ‘November 5’, the VOTE IS INVALID.

        It takes time to count up all these postal votes. Some polling stations don’t even BEGIN to start the counting of postal votes until November 4. This is because they have barely had time to count all the votes made the previous day on November 3. Bear in mind that the sheer volume of votes this year is STUPENDOUS! — the greatest turnout in 108 YEARS!

        Trump is making a fool of himself by screaming “STOP ALL COUNTING!” He won’t get his way. Nor should he! ALL VOTES HAVE TO BE COUNTED. Trump cannot stop these votes being counted just because these postal votes favor his rival Joe Biden. Only a small proportion of these postal votes are for Trump, you see. Which is what is driving our Psycho in the White House crazy.:)

        I hope you understand what I’m saying which is said respectfully.

        Trump can only win by CHEATING. I repeat: BY CHEATING. And this will only be done if the Supreme Court, which is stacked with nominees appointed by Trump, are persuaded TO CHEAT FOR HIM!

        The pro-Trump supporters on this site will have their way, but it will only be accomplished by colluding with Trump and a corrupt Supreme Court in the most blatant swindle of the 21st century — an ELECTION FRAUD without parallel.

    1. Another moronic super-genius who thinks
      stating his opinion proves he’s right.
      As if I were to say:”YES! Without a SHADOW OF DOUBT,
      carrots are better than parsnips!” 🙂

      Is anyone the wiser for such village idiot chitter-chatter?

      1. Wow! I was wondering how long it was gonna be before you jumped off your perch in the peanut-gallery!

      2. Madame
        Lead, follow, or get out of the way with your chastisements that serve no real purpose. This is serious business here. Be constructive. Offer solutions….if you can.

    1. Another moronic comment from this sex-crazed time-wasting troll.
      Why does Admin allow such low-quality trash to be published here?


        If the Admin bans moronic and low-quality trash comments, this site will be boring and dull. Besides, what are you going to do without Jewy Joe?

  12. Due to persistent problems with links, i will no longer embed them and moreover delete “https” prefix, to restore the link replace “***” with that prefix.
    “Meet Norm Eisen: Legal Hatchet Man and Central Operative in the “Color Revolution” Against President Trump”

    […] ominous similarities between the strategies and tactics the United States government employs in so-called “Color Revolutions” and the coordinated efforts of government bureaucrats, NGOs, and the media to oust President Trump.

    Our recent follow-up to this initial report focused specifically on a shadowy, George Soros linked group called the Transition Integrity Project (TIP), which convened “war games” exercises suggesting the likelihood of a “contested election scenario,” and of ensuing chaos should President Trump refuse to leave office.

    In other words, all of this was pre-planned in Schloss Rothschild years ago to fit a typical color revolution mold, all worked seamlessly into an even bigger scenario of the Big Reset that saw removal of Trump as essential to Antichrist Tikkun Olam grand finale, thus the Covid-19 was timed to destroy the economy in Trump’s final year and force people into lockdowns ensuring mail-in voting, ballots to be counted by countrywide Democrat-run precincts.

    While at it, might want to check out “The Curious Case of George Kent: State Department’s Belarus “Color Revolution” Expert And “Never Trump” Impeachment Witness

    […] State Department’s preferred candidate did not win, and the State Department, with the help of its constellation of friendly NGOs, helped to facilitate the overthrow of Yanukovych by contesting the legitimacy of the election, organizing mass protests and acts of civil disobedience, and leveraging media contacts to ensure favorable coverage to their agenda in the Western press — ALL TACTICS EERILY SIMILAR TO THOSE USED AGAINST PRESIDENT TRUMP BEGINNING THE DAY AFTER HE WAS ELECTED.

    Essentially, Trump was taken down by servants of Soros who infested his administration to the rafters

    One of the most frustrating features of the Trump Administration is its tendency to hire, and even promote, personnel who are either indifferent or actively opposed to President Trump and the America First agenda he ran on in 2016.

    Although the Administration remains crawling with such subversives, saboteurs, and so-called “Never Trumpers,” one especially interesting case is State Department employee George Kent.

    and there was nothing Trump could do to stop the hemorrhage as he lamented in the tweet

    It would be really great if the people within the Trump Administration, all well-meaning and good (I hope!), could stop hiring Never Trumpers, who are worse than the Do Nothing Democrats.

    Bottom line:
    It is game over I am afraid, Rothschild wins, all the Jew demons that were in previous administrations regardless of political stripe are swarming back in, Kristol, Nuland, Eisen, to put the blueprint to work—to what ultimate goal?
    Destruction of Russia and China, inching toward the jugular through reestablishment of jewhadis of ISIS in Syria, Iran, Venezuela, Belarus, all the ***stans of Asia (this is why Afghan slaughterhouse must be revamped as the distribution point and access to Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, …), this is also the reason for war in Armenia, not only to slaughter Christians (always a sweet bonus point) but to goad Russia into defensive action and open up a Caucasus route for jewhadis to reenter Russia’s vulnerable underbelly.

    Eventually, the REAL hot war, including nuclear weapons, not bullshit TALK war that Trump used as smokescreen for peace efforts, e.g., North Korea, something for which he got absolutely NO credit.

    And it will happen soon—congratulations Mahmoud (and these new entities overjoyed at Trump’s demise, welcoming Soros’ return to the Weiss Haus—great news for Palestinians—”loving concern for Palestinians” has long been a mask behind which the anti-MAGA trolls were hiding their true intentions, poor Mahmoud simply deluded, otherwise an honest man).

  13. Just a question, what if Homeland Security placed watermarks on all the mail-in ballot to insure the vote couldn’t be rigged in favor of one candidate or the other? If there’s fraud, the watermarks would not be on the added ballots that were counted. A simple recount in key areas would show this.

    1. You must NOT be aware that DHS is the American Deep-State STASI
      – which is WHY the then head of a nascent DHS, Chertoff (of 9/11 “fame”), brought in Marcus Wolfe – the former head of the E.German STASI Secret Police – to “show him the ropes”… shortly after which, incidentally, Marcus Wolfe was dispatched with.

      Feel free, however, to cling to your delusions about DHS doing anything that does not comport with PLAN ZOG… like, in this case, investigating – or doing ANYTHING to mitigate! – ELECTION FRAUD on behalf of ZOGs Preferred Candidate!!!

    2. Walter, it seems that this was actually DONE (please, PLEASE God)
      Dr. Pieczenick claims that election ballots across America have been watermarked and the Democrats will be exposed when they attempt to cheat!
      Dump-the-Jew✡️ to enable the link

      (my avatar show ballots being counted 😉 )

      1. @ Lobro

        “Dr. Pieczenick claims that election ballots across America have been watermarked and the Democrats will be exposed when they attempt to cheat! ….. Dump-the-Jew✡️ to enable the link.”

        “Dr. Pieczenick CLAIMS….”

        Ever heard of a worthless claim?

        Dr. Pieczenick is no more than a pro-Trump conspiracy theorist like yourself. So his claim is without the slightest value.

        In addition, Dr Pieczenick has a poor reputation for honesty.

        As for your fatuous “Dump-the-Jew” comment, in which you parade your credentials as a hardened Jew hater, you appear to be totally unaware that the Cuban American you cite as your authority happens to be JEWISH!

        So here you are, hating Jews and all their evil ways, and yet quoting a JEW as your authority! It doesn’t get any stupider. 🙂

        “Pieczenik was born in Havana, Cuba of JEWISH PARENTS from Russia and Poland […] Pieczenik’s educational history has been disputed by journalists, who claim that he falsely inflated or misled his credentials.”


        Nice to know you approve of Wikipedia (which you like to quote when it suits you!) and that you also approve of JEWS who inflate their own educational credentials! 🙂

        Keep up the good work in defending America’s most ultra-Zionist president, a Jew in all but name! 🙂

      2. Loonie Lobro SKEWERED! … Left with egg all over his face! 🙂
        Watch him squirm and have another hissy fit! 🙂

      3. @ SAKI

        TO LOBRO: “So here you are, hating Jews and all their evil ways, and yet quoting a JEW as your authority! It doesn’t get any stupider.” 🙂

        I don’t know if this Jew hater Lobro — quoting Jews like crazy to advance the cause of the Jew-loving Trump! — is quite aware of how stupid he is beginning to look.

    3. @ Walter

      With all due respect to you, we’re dealing in facts here. Not fatuous speculation. You might as well ask: “What if extraterrestrials have landed on earth and have infiltrated polling booths?”

      You wild-eyed conspiracy theorists never give up, do you? 🙂

  14. Question to the assortment that for 4 years non stop whinged
    • how Trump is totally sold out to Jews, the most Jew-owned president in history and is likely a Jew himself
    • and how the 2020 election was designed to get him reelected in order to start a thermonuclear war with Russia and China after invading Iran and totally shafting the Palestinians and Syrians, etc.
    • and how Biden was placed on Democrat ticket in order to secure Trump reelection.

    So what say you now? What’s the new anti-Trump libel you can come up with?
    Still Trump-owned by Jews … but … but what?
    Who is behind the take down of Trump if not Jews, maybe nazis, or do we conveniently ignore prediction gone hilariously wrong, jump the megalodon shark, continue making inane comments against Trump, the Great Walmart Key Giveaway that buried Palestinian dreams of return and liberation, the new day shining bright with Schiff, Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Nadler, Eisen, Feinstein, Kaufman coming to the rescue of the global peace and order (mortal enemies of Jew-Trump the most Zionist president ever-ever-ever, LOL).

    Maybe Mahmoud can now tell us some specifics in how the Biden-Harris government will improve the Palestinians’ lot once Trump is out of the way.

    Show some integrity by admitting just how disastrously wrong you were, of course this doesn’t apply to Jews, their lackeys and professional trolls who will just turn the ad hominem spigot full blast, belch forth a stream of obscenities in order to derail the rightful and justified inquiry—not for the goyim to ask difficult questions.
    Ours is not to reason why,
    Ours is but to do and die

  15. LOBRO,

    I am going to say it one more time, President Trump should stop being belligerent and pully. He should simply accept the results of this election and tell his supporters to do the same, as to respect the democratic process.

    1. “Trump should (…blah, blah, blah) respect the democratic process”

      Well said Mahmoud!
      And I’m sure whichever Islamic Dictatorship you happen to hail from, would whole-heartedly agree with the noble sentiment you so eloquently express. Thanks for sharing!

      1. After reading your comment in one of the recent threads, I felt sad. Yes, I do confess that you are 100% right about me being obsessed with DM, and that is going down a dangerous path.

        I can assure you that I am not on welfare and no one is paying me money under the table for posting comments here. Therefore, after reading your analyses, I am effectively taking a break from Darkmoon until next. I will not reconsider, even if Lasha drops down on her knees and begs me.

        I say that because when I finished reading what you said I remembered The Hereafter and this, “The son of Adam will not pass away from Allah until he is asked about five things: how he spent his time, and how he utilized his youth, with what means did he earn his wealth, how did he spend his wealth, and what did he do with his knowledge.” (Tirmidhi) This Hadith portrays the situation of every human on Day of Final Verdict.

        Thank you for caring! Now I confess that there are better things to do in life than spending your entire time with virtual people and cyber friends.

        1. Hang around, Mahmoud. And don’t desert the sinking ship! We need you here to speak up for Palestine. Deserting the ship would be a betrayal of the Palestinian cause.

          Ignore the personal abuse, Mahmoud. It comes with the territory. Both Lasha and I have had constant abuse here. So has Pat. We have survived, knowing that those who attack us belong to an inferior species. Ignore these lower animals, Mahmoud. How can you be frightened away by a bunch of dung flies and sewer rats?

          Have you noticed this: the lower the vermin, the more they give themselves the airs of Übermenschen?

    2. Did you Serve in the armed Forces MAHMOUD EL-YOUSSEPH ?? did you take a oath to protect our Land of Liberty from foreign and Domestic enemies I Did and disrespect of The president is in my book justification to live up to the oath and be the marks man that I still am and continue to serve My country ….. Democrat Joe is a puppet and the puppeteer is a threat to our freedom this is not your Home as you do not respect it

      1. JOSEPH,

        it is common knowledge that anyone who enlists the US Armed Forces has to take the oath. For that, I was shocked that you even asked me.

        There is nowhere in the oath or the constitutions that said YOU HAVE TO RESPECT THE PRESIDENT. Maybe you can only find this in your book.

        Respect is earned! Just remember, once you enlist in the military, you are government property. You are not allowed to lobby and or criticize the Commander-in-Chief, especially when you are in uniform. Otherwise, you will be demoted if not kicked out of service.

        Yes, if I am still in uniform, I am still required to salute the Commander-in-Chief, whether the President is Trump or Joe Blow. That is not exactly showing respect. It is only part of the military regulations.

        “You said, that is not your home, as you do not respect it.” I beg your pardon! That is the dumbest comment I read here. After all, who died and made you Elvis? Too bad bigotry in not a crime in America. Otherwise, you would be behind bars.

        Finally, if you can say that “Democrat Joe is a puppet and the puppeteer is a threat to our freedom,” why can’t I say that Trump is a racist. Unlike you, I did provide reference and enumerate instances where Trump made racist and bigoted remarks.

        With that said, I thank you for your service!

    3. MEY –


      ES&S has REMOTE ACCESS to electronic voting machines!!


      Vote Fraud – Diebold Whistleblower, Chris Hood, Speaks Out on The 2004 Primary & General Elections In Maryland And More:
      Main points:
      1-Malicious co-workers can insert unauthorized software into voting machines.
      2-Thousands of votes were lost when tabulation cards were ‘erased’ and never recovered.
      3-Problems with machines are kept away from press.
      4-People with no experience are temporarily hired as technicians for election day.
      5-Diebold workers took the jobs that state workers should have done.


      Diebold was sold to ES&S in 2009:
      (SOURCE: Diebold, Incorporated Press Release)
      Diebold Sells U.S. Elections Systems Business to ES&S
      03 September 2009
      NORTH CANTON, Ohio, Sept. 3 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — Diebold, Incorporated (NYSE: DBD) announced today that it has sold its U.S. election systems business, primarily consisting of its Allen, Texas-based subsidiary, Premier Election Solutions, Inc., to Election Systems & Software, Inc. (ES&S), an ESTABLISHED leading company in the election systems industry…. which sold more election software and machines then any other company in the US & globally!!

  16. Somebody said it a while back, and they’re probably right – the Zion might just want Biden more than the Donald…
    Trump hasn’t done near the damage in the Middle East that the Obamas did, not even close…
    For all his sycophancy there are still plenty who want a lot more than symbolic gestures, giveaways of famous landmark spots and grovelling sessions before the real boss, Netanyahu at the White House…
    After all, if Netanyahu hasn’t been seeing a lot more rubble around his neighborhood, things could be better…
    Trump haters, people who want Biden (MEY), might want to think twice about what’s gonna happen next, when the Hilliaryites get back in power… Will she be Biden’s Secretary of State too? If not her, it will be some other blood-drenched killer, and the carpet bombing of more Arab countries will probably start up again…
    I can’t imagine anybody thinks Biden loses sleep over the slow extermination of Palestinians… He Don’t…
    I guess you all want the National Mask Mandate too?
    And the Mandatory Vaxx, travel restrictions, tag and trak?
    With Trump there might be a slim shot otherwise, but with the Biden crowd the covid hoax will be here to stay, and greatly expanded upon… We’ll have viruses for whatever from here on out…
    The Mask-Querade will never end… Leon Russell had no idea…
    Medical Tyranny, while the likes of Fauchi, Gates and Brixi, everybody at Big-Pharma and all their labrat medical hacks cash in big-time…
    Now it’s obvious, Biden didn’t run a campaign, the dems didn’t even have candidates…
    Because they were planning in using democrat run cities and states to steal the election all along… It’s only about the power grab…
    And it’s particularly sickening now the way they try to act like they’re going to be above ill will, we’re all supposed to forgive and forget and move on together… Disgusting…

    1. Bark
      This post of yours pretty much nails it.

      Biden in wouls put us that much closer to reaping the whirlwind. The totalitarian tiptoe becomes a totalitarian stride….but he ain’t gettin in.

    “You glibly talk about all the news channels being “owned by zionists”. That’s true. So tell me, asshole, why do you support Trump then? Isn’t he an ultra-Zionist?”
    If you’ve been paying attention and if you have a memory, you should already know the answer to that question… We’ve been over the subject many times, and it’s not too hard to get…
    We’re just voters… We have to choose as best we can… Trump is the lesser of the two evils, by far…
    Yes, we know all about how depressing it is.. That’s life, imperfect, like the leadership…. Deal with it..
    Put some time in before you start calling people names…
    You just make yourself look stupid…
    And don’t say insulting things to people here that you wouldn’t say to them in person…
    It’s cowardly…

      1. @ Desert Fox

        I thought the comment Hieronymus made to you was spot-on.
        It put you in your place and showed your profound ignorance. Which is why you didn’t respond to him, for fear of him tearing you to pieces.

        The only two people pissing in the wind here are you and Barkingdeer who cannot even spell the name Hieronymus correctly and misspells it “HieronyMOUS”. He spends half his time on this forum whining about his lost comments. “Where’s my comment?” he demands aggressively of ADMIN every time the schmuck can’t find where his crappy comment went.

        I would suggest that you and Barkingdeer learn some good manners.

  18. Jew whizkid hyper-genius who has never been wrong on any subject since Babylonian Talmud rightly predicted a STOLEN election, Jews being thievery experts since time immemorial.
    How about this little curiosity:
    Why Does Biden Have So Many More Votes Than Democrat Senators In Swing States?
    (get rid of candlestick to continue into the (brief) article, the most basic of stats comprehension appreciated)

    In most elections, the majority of votes are cast “down the ticket” – meaning, a voter supports both party’s presidential nominee and state Congressional candidates. In fact, according to Pew Research, “overwhelming shares of voters who are supporting Trump and Biden say they are also supporting the same-party candidate for Senate.”

    Sort of like most people saying, “I like French fries but also ketchup”.
    Okay, so here comes the Nothing To See Here, Keep Moving moment:

    In Michigan, for example, there was a difference of just 7,131 votes between Trump and GOP candidate John James, yet the difference between Joe Biden and Democratic candidate Gary Peters was a staggering 69,093.

    In Georgia, there was an 818 vote difference between Trump and the GOP Senator, vs. a 95,000 difference between Biden and the Democratic candidate for Senator.

    As Mahmoud might say, ✡️✡️✡️PEOPLE✡️✡️✡️ (whizkids who didn’t expect to be caught on little “insignificant” details) have voted, be a good loser, swallow a bucket of democracy, goes down good with chicken soup grease (you agree, dontcha good buddy—in the days/weeks/months to come, I’ll be rubbing the evidence in, no worries—until you admit before the forum that you voted VERY WRONG, bad for you, America, Palestine, world).

  19. I must admit I don’t know what to think about this issue of ‘fraud’ or not. I am inclined to the ‘mainstream’ view there is even a very logical explanation of the whole thing involving mail in votes tending strongly towards Biden. And this is playing out much as might be expected
    There is also the issue of Trump himself and his claims of ‘fraud’. He sounds so like he was at the beginning of the covid hoax (psy-op) After initially calling it ‘fake news’ (he should have stuck with that) he was all ‘we will have tremendous testing, tremendous manufacturing of ventilators, great vaccine research etc etc. He sounds like he sound now he will have ‘tremendous litigation’ he will do this that and the other ending up in the Supreme Court but he ‘will see what happens’ Flaky blather with no reality to it
    I would easily dismiss him entirely though I detest Biden and the Demon-rats but what gives me pause a bit is people I generally trust and respect are going in on the ‘fraud’ theory. People like Paul C Roberts here (though his record on calling things has been a bit spotty imho) but also Kevin McDonald for example. I have tremendous respect for KMac and he does give the ‘fraud’ theory credibility
    I also KNOW massive deceptions and psy-ops DO happen! The Covid hoax is example one! So I don’t know I never believe almost anything coming from CNN but listening to all their ‘reasonable’ explanation I find myself buying it. To imagine I sit there and believe Anderson Cooper or Jacob Tapperstein (Jake Tapper)………….am I losing my mind? Am I becoming schizo-phrenic?
    But at the same time I cannot take Trump seriously, I have seen it too many times before, he bluffs and postures and says 1/2 truths and promises what he can’t deliver. Either way he is going and it is time for him to go. Most all of the stuff he suckered us in on ………………..he betrayed.
    Even right to the end if he had fired Fauci and listened to Dr Scott Atlas and made a PRINCIPLED case against the Covid hoax I would support him very strongly. But once again he whiffed, wanted it both ways, made it all about himself, that is a sorry excuse for a ‘leader’. Though Biden does not even pretend to that so once again we have a lousy or no choice

  20. Who is this sweet little girl with blue eyes that made Americans of every race, every color and every creed to unite in excitement… even if only for a moment


    Her name is Emanne Beasha, see for yourselves:


    That’s what you need to redeem the nation – to unite around something genuine and divine.

    Perhaps, I should return to America and run for president to save your sorry asses 🙂 … If one Caucasian has become the greatest leader ever of the great nation of Russia, which is made up of hundreds of ethnic groups of every creed and every color, why another Caucasian may not become a great leader of another great nation with no less diversity?

    What say you, Pat, TROJ and Donaldo? Would you vote for me?

  21. To whoever his name is RH,

    If Democrats truly stole the election, what is the proof? Why would then several prominent Republicans condemn Trump after he falsely claimed victory an hour after the voting booths closed with millions of votes still to be counted?

    Among the big-shot Republicans who blasted Trump were John Bolton, former Ohio Governor John Kasich, and former New Jersey governor Chris Christie.

    How could you brag about democracy without guaranteeing the rights of others who hold different views and belong to different religions from speaking out?

    I do resent your nasty and mean-spirited comment. You do sound like the Orange Clown in the White House. If you corner him, he will resort to lies, smear, name-calling, and the threat of violence or lawsuits.

    I do not know about you, but I earned my rights to live here and I do have DD Forum 216. I speak for Palestinians and know what is best for them. NOT you, LowBro, or TROJ. After all, Biden did not ban Muslims, shut down the embassy of Palestine in D.C., cut all aid to Palestinians, move our embassy to Jerusalem, and cancel the Iran Nuclear Deal.

    All of this and more were done by the ISISraeli Bitch occupying the White House.

    As the saying goes, “If you can’t handle the heat, get the hell out of the kitchen!”

    And STFU!

    1. @ Mahmoud El-Yousseph

      Among the big-shot Republicans who blasted Trump were John Bolton, former Ohio Governor John Kasich, and former New Jersey governor Chris Christie.

      You could add Mike Pence, Trump’s right-hand man in the White House, to this list. He, too, did not approve of the President’s premature declaration of victory before all the votes have been counted. Pence said so. So even his Vice President didn’t agree with the President! 🙂

      1. Even Fox News, much to its credit, has hinted recently that Trump seems to be losing his marbles. And Trump News, remember,
        has been the ONE TV channel to back Trump all the way so far.

        I am beginning to feel a mounting contempt for Trump’s WN supporters on this site. Not only for their betrayal of Palestine and for their callous indifference to the torture and murder of the Palestinians, but also for their puerile contempt for the democratic process and the rules of electoral chess.

        You guys have neither decency nor honor! Because you are BAD LOSERS. And bad losers are always despicable. I have a word for people like you.


      2. Well said, Madame Butterfly! And now you’ll be hated by these degenerate sewer rats for writing beautifully. You have a way with words that I envy.

      3. Huh?

        But I actually AGREED with you! 🙂

        See here:

        November 6, 2020 at 5:02 pm

      4. President Donald Trump prematurely, and falsely, said early Wednesday that he won re-election for president, and called for the counting of ballots in the United States to cease.

        By contrast, Biden said two days ago in Wilmington, Del., that he believes he will eventually reach the 270 electoral votes needed to win, but he cautioned, “I’m not here to declare that we’ve won.”

        ” Joe Biden should not wrongfully claim the office of the President,” Trump wrote on Twitter today.

        Two days ago, TROJ asked me to address Biden’s dementia. The question should be, who would you trust as a president?

  22. Several people on this site attacked me for simply not sharing their views about our racist and bigoted President.

    This reminds me of the Ho who shamed her girlfriend for not being a prostitute like her.


      My apology, dear! I misread your last comment and thought it was directed at me rather than Trumpsters, when I said to you, Even, you Brutus! I stand corrected.

      1. No, don’t get so paranoid, Mahmoud! You are my friend from past days. I will never attack you as long as you love and defend Palestine.

        It is for those who have betrayed Palestine for whom I reserve my withering contempt. These are the White Nationalist traitors who would slaughter their own mothers if Trump demanded the sacrifice.

        No names mentioned. But if the cap fits . . .

    2. Mahmoud, if you’re in any way implying that I’ve attacked you…
      it’s only because you happen to be an INSUFFERABLE PAIN In The $%#¥ING A$$!!!

      Hope the helps “shed some light” on the matter, Thank You.

  23. the chicken in the white house sink also know as zionism
    the chicken has been stinking the house badly for a long time.
    you’ve tried republican spray, democratic spray and all kinds of sprays,you masked the stink a little but after a short period of time , the strong smell comes back again .you can’t get rid of the smell until you throw the stinking chicken out of the house.but alas!the kitchen door is almost impossible to open .

  24. I asked a simple question and some of you went full attack mode on me. I never said it was real or I believed it. I just asked a question. As far as who wins, it doesn’t matter. The white European people WILL be exterminated by 2025 in the name of protecting Israel and the Jews. (((They))) can’t have their Greater Israel if we still exist.

    1. Apologies to you Walter…
      It’s just that I get very “hot under the collar” at the mere mention of DHS… unless it’s in 4-letter laced diaTRIBE of profanity… (Paging TROJ…. Paging TROJ… Your Mission, if you decide to accept is to.. etc etc etc)

    2. Well said, Walter! You sound like a level-headed person.
      Exactly what this site needs: an injection of common sense and moderation.

    3. btw Walter, be VERY wary of MB trying to weasel her way into your “good graces” with her trademark faux flattery – Been there, Done That, almost got the ice-pick.

      ADMIN: The rest of your comment has been deleted. MB has never invited your sordid sexual advances. I have also deleted your other defamatory comments attacking MB and Mahmoud El-Yousseph. Do you have some sort of medical condition or are you just an obnoxious troll?

      1. Errm.. let me think… 🤔… probably a “medical conviction” having to wade daily thru all the drivel & dross dispensed by “she who must not be questioned”!😳

        1. @ The Realist

          “By HER who must not be questioned…”
          NOT “By SHE who must not be questioned…”
          (The nominative case cannot be used after a preposition).

          — ‘Madame Butterfly’
          (Former Sixth Form Mistress at Roedean,
          England’s most exclusive boarding school for girls).

          1. I’m a little shocked today. That’s because I never suspected Madame Butterfly would take the side of those who support the stealing of the election away from Trump so the enemies of the United States can install biden-KAMALA in the White House. She betrays the country that has been so good to her for the benefit of the enemies of the USA. Actually I’m more than a little shocked, I’m very shocked. Madame showed her true colors today, and her true colors are NOT pretty colors. Her true colors are UGLY colors. I thought she had some patriotism for the USA but today I see I was wrong.

            1. But how can Madame Butterfly “betray America” if she is not an American citizen? She appears to be an ex-schoolteacher from England. A rather posh girls’ school, it seems, the female equivalent of Eton and Harrow. Only the richest children can afford to go there.

              1. Excuse me, Saki, I didn’t know Madame was an upper-crusty English woman.

                I always thought Madame Butterfly was an old hag in Los Angeles [ probably a jewess is my suspicion ].

                I always thought she was running for the shelter of mother’s little helpers as The Stones would put it and crying in her gin & tonic because her career never took off like she thought it would when she was young and delusional and imagined she looked like the bombshell ((( broad Lauren Bacall in her heyday))) like 10 million years ago and Madame thought she would be a big sTaR when she was young but she got involved with the wrong kind who were a bad influence on her The Valley of The Doll gurlzzzzzz and it’s been booze and pills ever since and she never made it in Hollywood or on Broadway and now she’s old and bitter and doped-up and boozed-up in this what Catholics call, this vale of tears. The valley of the dolls is located in the vale of tears, lol, the valley of the dolls is actually the lowest point in the vale of tears, lol.

                Madame’s way of expressing herself, her tone of voice, the idioms and expressions she uses, is Los Angeles USA , not England, excuse me, the U.K.. Madame is upper crusty British society and my chubby whoodle doodle mutt just 😉 won, lol, first place at Westminster Dog Show, Working Dog Category. Sure, I’m lazy, but my dog LERVS to work, 🐶. 😎

    4. Mein Gott Walter – https://lyricstranslate.com/en/mein-gott-walter-my-god-walter.html
      “The white European people WILL be exterminated by 2025 in the name of protecting Israel and the Jews”. One sometimes wonders who is white and who is not, but one can be certain that the most chosen part of the “white race” will prevail once the swamp (of useless eaters, rebels, idiots, revolutionaries and the normal ones) is drained from swamp creatures of all colors.
      Have a look at https://vocal.media/theSwamp/the-epstein-associate-nobody-s-talking-about-the-idf-linked-bond-girl-infiltrating-the-uk-nhs Does dear GERMAN Nicole – blond and superior white and beautiful come across like an soon to be extinct specie Walter? https://nicolejunkermann.com/
      There is a world beyond the projection of a notorious tunnel view. Always will be!

  25. A potential ace-in-the-hole for Trump:

    My understanding (and maybe Pat and Gil can elaborate) is that Republicans in the State Legislatures of these States where there is overwhelming evidence of massive voter fraud hold the key to correcting an egregious wrong being perpetrated in negating the will of millions of American voters.

    Article 2 Section 1 (the beginning of) Clause 2 of the U.S. Constitution:

    “Each State shall appoint IN SUCH MANNER AS THE LEGISLATURE THEREOF MAY DIRECT, a number of electors, equal to the whole number of Senators and Representatives to which the State may be entitled in the Congress ..”

    The deciding factor of what’s contained within this clause that will serve to correct the aforementioned wrong is reflected in the passage which I’ve highlighted. The electors “directed thereof” are all Republicans. Trump’s lawyers will meet with these legislatures in exposing the fraud. They will then present the evidence to their respective District judges, who will then properly adjudicate the findings. From there, illegal ballots will be thrown out. This will then show that Trump won at least 6 of the 7 States involved. When this is all verified, the electors will deliver their electoral votes to Trump, who will subsequently be declared the winner.

    Then a new Civil War will commence IN EARNEST, with all its martial law ramifications

    1. Civil War… martial law… wtf?

      Chief has just trumped brother Lobro richly in richness of fancy with his “ace-in-the-hole for Trump”, if you’ll pardon the pun.

      And I fancied that no one could beat Lobro in unbridled fancy; how naïve of me that was!

      Way to go, chief.

  26. Errm…
    Mahmoud you appear to be mixing your metaphors with your malapromisms… In a misguided mission to impress “Madame”…. thereby compounding the ERROR.

  27. Maybe the Democrats didn’t steal the election — maybe they did — maybe they didn’t, but one things for sure is :


    Which makes Mahmoud an ILLEGIMATE leader-ruler, the “Sultan” of Darkmoon hijacks the thread of commentary and takes over and of course NWO novus ordo “Catholic” NEO-“Christian”/NEW-“Catholic” chrISLAM-worshipping Vatican Two jesuit-admiring sons and daughters of lilith jackasses ADMIN cucks to The Sultan of Diddly Squat Sh*t.

    1. @ TROJ

      This is not an intelligent comment. There are TWO very good reasons why Biden’s rallies were attended by very few people and why Trump’s rallies were attended by many more people. Can you guess what they are?

      Think hard!

      I’ll tell you:

      (1) Trump’s supporters are mostly YOUNG people, overwhelmingly White. They attend his rallies because they are young and healthy and do not fear infection from Covid-19. They don’t believe in social distancing or mask wearing.

      (2) Biden’s supporters, on the other hand, tend to be more vulnerable to Covid-19 infection. This is because they are not only OLDER but also belong to ETHNIC MINORITY GROUPS (Blacks, Hispanics, and Asians) who are genetically more prone to Covid-19 infection. For example, Blacks are almost twice as likely to pick up the virus than Whites are. Which is why these Biden supporters avoid public gatherings — and also cast their votes through the postal system rather than turn up in person at polling booths. They are trying to keep out of danger, understand?



      1. Oh dear… just when you thought the dingbat couldn’t POSSIBLY get any more delusional….
        ..MB now comes outta the closet as a Certified CovIdiot!!!😂😂😂😂

      2. Wow! MB, believe me I’m trying to be tactful…
        but your twisted “logic” would be enough to make a pretzel green with envy!!!
        I’ve met some “winners” in my time, but YOU – my dear – take the biscuit… washed down with kool-aid!!

        Thats if for today folks… I’m outta here, gonna laugh myself to sleep! Hahahaha!!! 😂😂😂😂

      3. @ Madame Butterfly

        I agree, and there may be one more important factor here: the anti-Trump voters, i.e. people who aren’t particularly thrilled with Biden – or at least not thrilled enough to attend a Biden rally – but who voted for Biden mainly because they despise Trump and/or see him as being unfit for the office he holds.

    2. TROJ

      Thanks to Jews, Trump got more Jewish votes in Florida than anywhere else, to help him carry the state. However, when 81 thousand Muslims voted for Biden and help him secure a victory in Michigan, you and the rest of your “squad” went ballistic and start bashing Muslims and blaming them for all the ill in America.

      I think it is fair to ask you and the rest of your “squad”( LowBro, Brown Hawk, Gilbert Huntly, and The Realist) to express gratitude to Jews for helping your man Trump carry Florida, by changing your FB profile pictures to ” Je Suis Shlomo.”

      When you and your sidekicks quit trash-talking Muslims every time you blink your eyes, you will not see much of me here. I find it comical that you said, I stole this thread and totally hijacked it. This is the funniest I heard this year. Thanks for the laugh, Jewy Joe!

      Madame B,
      I promise you to keep writing and speaking in defense of Palestine till the day my heart stops beating.

    3. TROJ

      In the event you missed the news, young climate activist Greta Thunberg wrote a revenge tweet today, using Trump’s own words against him, saying ” ‘Chill Donald, chill!’

      The activist was named Time magazine’s “Person of the Year” in December 2019, President Trump tweeted that the award was “so ridiculous.”. Trump also suggested that hunger should Anger Management problems.

      For the record, Trump didn’t win Time’s ‘Person of the Year,’ so he mocks the teen who did. That helps explain why America has the world’s respect under Trump.

  28. Practically no one went to any of Biden Kamala rallies, how did Biden wind up getting the most votes of any presidential candidate in history while also getting the least amount of citizens attending his rallies than any presidential candidate in history?

    He gets the least amount of people at his rallies in the whole history of presidential campaign rallies yet he gets the most votes of any presidential candidate in history. There was NO enthusiasm at all for any of his rallies, but there was great enthusiasm for him when it comes time to vote so much enthusiasm he gets more votes than any presidential candidate in history. This is very very hard to believe. It’s actually impossible to believe. I’m sure Mahmoud is not going to address this either — just like he never wants to address the issue of Joe Biden’s dementia.

  29. Americans and the rest of the world are holding their breath for the result of the election. Hopefully, we will find out by tomorrow.

    I am predicting a Biden Victory tomorrow. I should add, I have a better chance of being hit by lightning than Trump winning the election.

    1. Venezuela isn’t Mahmoud and one can doubt if the rest of the world does care who will become the next most corrupt American president in charge – in the worlds theft and piracy department. The swamp election show in stars and stripes smells on even with unrest and internal blood letting – coming up soon – to American flat screens and started through the dispute of the fraudulent voting process ala the democracy of Mammon. Nothing will change as brothers are now more interested to kill each other for opinions and beliefs than to start cleaning up their own messes they have willingly committed to in ignorance.

  30. Okay, let’s lay our cards on the table—I am always ready to have my predictions judged by the aftermath.
    Hieronymus has been trash-talking hyper-aggressively, very non-Aryan style since day one when he suddenly landed here. Rhyming off non-sequiturs in favor of his narrative, how Trump cheated on taxes (totally unproven and not relevant to present concerns, he-said-she-said gossip, Ivanka a converted Jewess (so what, meanwhile he steadfastly married Austro Hungarian Christian women, strictly adheres to observing ONLY Christian holidays, but all of that is laundromat blabber).
    I said that
    UNIFIED KOREAS (started the process after 70 years of hostilities bordering on nuclear exchange)
    KILLED TPP (TransPacific Partnership) aimed to encircle and destroy China,
    MORTALLY WOUNDED PETRODOLLAR, the main platform of Judaic world hegemony (“who controls monetary policy …”),

    Got zero credit for any of that from those whose perception of the world is exclusively rooted in empty TV style blather, talk-talk-talk, empty words the only thing that counts, unable to grasp events on ground.

    And now this: (let me try 3 things, embed a link, lay it out directly and finally to-be-completed as done lately, see what works and what does not)
    Biden war machine anxious to get back into Syria and cause chaos in Caucasus
    And if Biden does get in, let’s revisit this post in about a year’s time, there ought to be some clarity brought to just how alike are the two administrations based on my concerns.
    I say that in terms of substance, things will get MUCH WORSE, many wars started, many provocations, terrorist Judeo-Islamic activity everywhere, especially in non-Noahide countries like Russia, Iran, China, Syria, Belarus, Philippines and Venezuela.
    Thailand, my adopted country as well.
    I always stand behind my claims, don’t dodge any bullets.
    (Admin: sorry for any mess but it is experimental, trying to find out what, if not why, goes wrong with links)

  31. This is the most important US election in history and the Communist Deep State is trying to steal it.When you count the vote, you could run a mule as your candidate, and be assured of victory. Hunter Biden’s laptop has shown that his father is a Chinese agent, but the Communist MSM suppressed this information. The “big guy” is a gangster, a traitor, and an unrepentant pedophile. He is also senile, bordering on demented.

    I just can’t believe that nearly 70 million Americans voted for a man affiliated with Antifa and BLM who rioted, looted, and turned their downtowns into war zones. A man who was taking kickbacks from the Chinese.
    Only someone who planned to rig the vote would run this sorry excuse for a human being. He is a raised middle finger to America and all it stands for. He exemplifies the contempt that Satanists have for Americans. Biden even boasted of having the “most extensive voter fraud organization in history.”

    Why is it that one must repeat, repeat, and repeat again that no longer do actual votes matter? The cabal, owner of all major political parties (and numerous minor ones) and therefore almost all government, owner of all major media, owner of the censors of truth-tellers, owner of almost all mainstream miseducation, owner of much of the religious world, among other groups, all through their ownership of bogus mediums of exchange worldwide which amount to enslaving debt at usury forced on almost the whole world – this satanically led cabal furnishes the script for elections and its legion of well-paid myrmidons simply execute the play (via very poor acting) while the ignorant, willful and not, citizens accept whatever is placed before them as gospel.

    One observation – Trump would have been considered untouchable,. even by the cabal, had he done one single thing. All he needed to do was dump the phony pandemic and tell all government to drop the lie and stop the nationwide home imprisonment of its citizens stupidly accepting false fear, wearing useless masks, allowing their businesses to be gutted by the cabal and their present and future lives to be totally ruined by an easily exploded lie. He could and should have called for the arrest and imprisonment as traitors all media, governmental, medical, educational, etc., persons promoting this satanic lie of a pretended pandemic. Ask yourself why he did not.

    1. Seems that Pieczenik (Cuban Jew) has access to solid information, corroborated here by Mike King
      First, DHS does indeed have the ability to implement a blockchain protected watermark on ballots as part of its mandate

      Each block contains cryptology from the previous block, a timestamp, and transaction data. The technology is designed to prevent alteration because data in a single block cannot be altered without changing all subsequent blocks.

      And here comes the part that if accidental would be positively uncanny, if not—big things coming down the turnpike
      QAnon’s catchphrase since its inception has been Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming (NCSWIC) to the point of ubiquity (even selling NCSWIC t-shirts), and now this

      In other words, if something like a blockchain communication embedded in a watermark was indeed added to the ballots, this particular sub-division of CISA (itself a subgroup of DHS) would have been tasked with setting up the sting operation by working with “private vendors” and “public safety partners.” And the name of this sub-group is (dramatic drum roll) — the National Council of StateWide Interoperability Coordinators — official acronym being NCSWIC (here) — initials which also perfectly match Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming.”

      Whatever the case, boredom is not an option in 2021.

      PS: what does Mike Chertoff think of how his Jew-riddled creation DHS, instrumental in execution of 9/11 and protection of criminals is “abused ” now?

      1. Interesting times fer sher…. Almost as much as being on a submarine patrol in wartime…. while relaxing in a recliner. 😜👍👍

  32. PREMAN
    “Why is it that one must repeat, repeat, and repeat again that no longer do actual votes matter?”
    That could be changing now good buddy…
    There is the potential here for a major reform, long overdue, of the whole voting process…
    Admittedly, it’s a long shot…
    But there are cracks…
    Fox news is now informing the world about a “glitch” in a voting machine that switched 6000 votes from Trump to Biden in one county…
    Which is as we “conspiracy theorists” have been saying for years…
    Only it’s not a glitch, it a hack…
    Now, will they also give us the long report on how hack-able these machines are, indeed is that not how they’re designed, for that very purpose?
    One SCJ has weighed in… We are on the right track…
    Hopefully, all those highly intelligent people will order it done like Florida and the other states that have fast results with no complaints…
    “He could and should have called for the arrest and imprisonment as traitors all media, governmental, medical, educational, etc., persons promoting this satanic lie of a pretended pandemic. Ask yourself why he did not.”
    Well, one reason is – he’s no Jack Kennedy…
    He’s not General Patton either…
    If he only was, he could use his constitutional powers to arrest all kinds of subversives and seditionists for their traitorous conduct, which qualifies them under the Insurrection Act…
    Big time politicians don’t have to riot to be guilty of it…
    All they have to do is defy federal law and sabotage lawful society…
    I’ll bet this Supreme Court would agree…
    However, there could be more to his strategy than has yet met the eye…
    Surely he knew this was coming…
    Learn some good manners yourself -stop calling people names… It doesn’t strengthen your argument…
    Do you have one, or are you just here to snipe?
    The swamp is full of RINOS… What they say doesn’t matter much, they’re globalists…
    And there are lots of Trump haters on Fox…
    You don’t have to love him to gig there, you just have to serve the Zion, never criticize yizraayel…

  33. Jew GULAG OF RETRIBUTION against Trump supporters on the drawing board.
    Coz Trump Jew-puppet, history’s most obedient pro-Jew president.
    And whoever supported him will face revenge.
    Wow, is that antisemitic or what, what about all the Jews that supported him?
    A new Holocaust for sure.
    So who is planning the gulag, how can it be Jews, must be Nadzees crawling out of Ultima Thule, U-boats in secret sub-Antarctic bases.
    AOC tweet

    Is anyone archiving these Trump sycophants for when they try to downplay or deny their complicity in the future? I foresee decent probability of many deleted Tweets, writings, photos in the future

    Jew Michael Simon assures her the wheels are in motion to do exactly that
    The Trump Accountability Project
    Can someone explain this gulag scenario, I am having trouble making theories jump the shark, there are better qualified shark-jumpers here.

    I know that there are very fine people here who dislike both me and Trump but I assure them that I genuinely like them, in fact worship them on my knees and beg them not to snitch denounce me to the incoming-Jew authorities,
    Please pretty pleeezzz!😰

    Because as of the moment of Biden’s 100% above board no-cheat victory I want to disassociate myself from Trump, in fact really, really cross my heart and hope to die, I HATE DRUMPF!
    Long live Glorious Revolution and the Inglorious Basterds that pulled it off!

  34. Joe Biden: We’re going to win this race


    This is not a good sign for Trump enthusiasts. It looks like the real decision makers have made up their mind: They don’t want Trump – they want Biden. If my conjecture is correct, no appeal to the circus SCOTUS can change that… and every voter can go home now, sit down calmly, take a stress pill and think things over.

    I see this decision as good decision for two reasons:

    (1) Open enemy is always preferable to a hidden one (recall that Biden declared Russia as enemy # 1).

    (2) The decline and slow moral decay of the USA, which sees Russia as enemy #1, will continue unabated.

    I wish good health to president-elect Joe Biden.

  35. A stolen election? No, just fake election as any election in the USA. And Trump is a part of the kabbalah.

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