Adelsons got a lot from Trump for $75 million — but media won’t tell you what

In the previous article published here, Why It’s Important for Trump to Win, Kevin MacDonald argued eloquently that a vote for Trump was a vote for America. In the article below, by Philip Weiss and James North, the authors present a different angle, arguing that a vote for Trump in in fact a vote for Israel. How do you reconcile these differences?

OCTOBER 16, 2020
Mondoweiss via ICH


The news late yesterday was that Sheldon and Miriam Adelson poured $75 million in September into a new super PAC that supports Donald Trump. Way more money than other donors, on either side.

Many news outlets have now reported the outsized sum, which is plainly important to Trump’s flailing campaign. Oddly, none of them is reporting the Adelsons’ number one issue, Israel, or the fact that Miriam Adelson is Israeli, or that the Adelsons are close to Netanyahu, or that our transactional president has done just about everything Israel wants. Nope, the big story is still Russian influence.

AP has a sizeable story on the donation with Sheldon Adelson’s name in the headline, but a neutral characterization:

A major funder of Republican causes, Adelson has donated over $250 million to GOP candidates and super PACs since 2015.

CNN has the Adelsons in their headline, but the donation seems to be about Miriam’s Presidential Medal of Freedom.

In 2018, Trump bestowed the Presidential Medal of Freedom — the country’s highest civilian honor — on Miriam Adelson, citing her philanthropic work.

Politico’s report, titled “Adelsons pour $75 million into last-ditch effort to save Trump,” says nothing about Israel but counts up all the Adelsons’ largesse:

The money for Preserve America brought the Adelsons’ giving to Republican candidates and committees to a whopping $176 million for the 2020 election cycle, according to FEC data.

In two reports, NPR also failed to say a word about the Adelsons’ agenda, though it also cited the medal and another angle: “in April of this year [Trump] appointed Sheldon Adelson, the CEO of Las Vegas Sands, to his council of business leaders who would advise him on reopening the country.”


As Trump himself said last month, his foreign policy has been “good for Israel.”

I withdrew from the last administration’s disastrous Iran nuclear deal. So good for Israel. So good that we did that. 

Trump’s list of pro-Israel actions includes moving the embassy to Jerusalem, defunding the UN refugee agency serving Palestinians, closing down the Palestinian mission in Washington, recognizing Israel’s annexation of the Golan Heights, giving legal validity to Israel’s colonization of the West Bank, lately harsh sanctions and belligerent language aimed at Iran, and on and on.

It’s obvious that all these actions are what Adelson wants.

He helped found the organization One Jerusalem to stop a Palestinian state, says Palestinians are not a people but are actually “southern Syrians”, and called on the last president to nuke Iran. He has been in attendance at major Trump policy announcements on the issue.

When Trump trashed the Iran deal in 2018, Eli Clifton was blunt about his reasons: “three billionaires paved the way,” including Adelson, Bernard Marcus, and Paul Singer, all Israel supporters. A recent NY Times retrospective on the 2016 campaign was also more frank about Adelson’s interest: “gambling magnate, Republican megadonor and strident voice for Israel.”

But today Adelson is in the headlines, at a crunch time in the presidential campaign, when voters are scrutinizing Trump’s record, and alleged Russian influence is in the news every day– and the media avoid the Israel influence like a hot stove.

Adelson himself is brash about his interest. He says he wished he’d have served in the Israeli army not the American one, he owns a leading Israeli newspaper and funds an organization for free Jewish American tourism to Israel so that young Jews will marry Israelis. He calls Trump all the time, per Alan Dershowitz, and has told Trump, “the biggest thing you did for Israel” was breaking the Iran deal, Trump himself said.

We understand why the media are squeamish about the issue. They don’t want to feed the antisemitic claim that rich Jews control politicians. But in the Adelson case, there’s no trope. He’s not working behind the scenes. He openly loves Israel, is married to an Israeli, and Trump has even acknowledged his influence. Adelson has gotten what he paid for. It’s appalling that there’s been no coverage of this angle. At least AP tried to call Adelson.

And we can only imagine what these Israel supporters are giving Trump in October…


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  1. The introduction to the article says:

    In the previous article published here, “Why It’s Important for Trump to Win”, Kevin MacDonald argued eloquently that a vote for Trump was a vote for America. In the article below, by Philip Weiss and James North, the authors present a different angle, arguing that a vote for Trump in in fact a vote for Israel. How do you reconcile these differences?

    It doesn’t need a genius to point out that MacDonald’s argument that “a vote for Trump is a vote for America” simply cannot be reconciled with the Mondoweiss article’s clear statement that “a vote for Trump is a vote for Israel.”

    How many Americans, when they vote for Trump, are going to say: “In voting for Trump, I’m voting for Israel!”

    Well, quite a few actually.

    American Jews are going to say that. Especially dual citizens. Israeli Jews will be voting en masse for Trump and they ‘re gonna say to their buddies: “Yeah, I’m voting for Trump cos I know Trump’s gonna be good for Israel. He’s gonna kick out the Palestinians and he’s gonna bomb Iran. Yipee!”

    And Trump will it do it — with that fat smile pasted all over his smug face.

    1. Pat,
      Donaldo must once again, humbly, implore the knowledge of the Darkmoon intellectual treasure. This article is about Adelsons IMMENSE campaign contributions to 🍊 🤡. How much of the shekels could Trump actually keep personally? None at at all? Or just for his campaign? Exactly who manages the shekels and where does it go? Donaldo would appreciate a response. Thanks Pat……jefe. 🙏

  2. I know some people here, whose opinion I respect, will vote for Trump and disregard his ultrs-Zionist subservience to Israel. They will edit this out of their consciousness by some remarkable feat of psychological jiggerypokery.

    They will murmur fatuously: “America first. I’m willing to sacrifice the Palestinians for my own country. To hell with the Palestinians! I’m an American patriot, first and foremost, and it’s my own interests that matter to me!”

    Gilbert Huntly here takes this attitude. He has said this several times. I respect his high principles. His intentions are good. But I need to point out the flaws in his argument.

    (1) No good can ever come from “doing evil for good’s sake”. Evil is evil. And evil will be punished. You don’t murder your mother to please the wife you love more! 🙂

    (2) More importantly, by voting for Trump you are openly voting for an Israel that has taken America to ransom. You are no longer voting for America, dear Gilbert. You are voting now for an America under the Jewish heel. You are voting for a slave nation, Gilbert, a nation under Israeli domination.

    Think twice, dear Gilbert, before you vote for America’s subservience under the Jews.

    1. SAKI –

      You’re correct in thinking my thoughts are more in line with Kevin MacDonald’s than with THIS article. Just because Sheldon Adelson likes Trump for different reasons doesn’t make Mr. Trump unappealing to ME. If Biden wins the election, America as I’ve known her is CERTAINLY gone. If our success is also Israhell’s success, I don’t begrudge them that. If supporting Israhell ensures our economic viability, I’ll go along. Besides, there’s nothing to be done about it at this point in time. We’re too hopelessly tied to the $$ situation, and Sheldon and Trump (and Biden) know it, too.
      When Mr. Trump got us out of NAFTA, he won me over, and proved his worth. All in all, I like his talk and his demeanor.

      1. Fair enough, Gilbert.

        If you really think Biden is worse than Trump, and if Trump is your kind of guy, then it’s only reasonable that you should vote for Trump. Trump will need all the votes he can get because it’s beginning to look pretty bad for him. In spite of all the money Adelson is shoveling Trump’s way, Biden is getting much MORE money than Trump. Biden is flush with money. And huge sums of money are needed for vitally important TV ads in the run-up to the elections.

        1. Gilbert,

          I just read something in the papers today about Biden that shocked me. Looks like Biden has advanced dementia and couldn’t even remember Trump’s name. Got mixed up between Trump and George Bush Jnr. He thought they were the same person! 🙂

          Here’s what it says in today’s Daily Mail (p.10) :

          Donald Trump has ridiculed rival Joe Biden after the Democratic candidate forgot the President’s name during an online address.

          The 77-year-old warned against “four more years of George” — an apparent reference to previous president George W. Bush, who left office in 2009.

          The blunder was seized upon by Mr Trump, who tweeted: “Joe Biden called me George. Couldn’t remember my name.”

          Mrs Bidden was standing beside her husband Joe when he was blabbing on: “What kind of country we’re going to be — four more years of George, er, George. er…” Mrs Biden then muttered ‘Trump, Trump’ under her breath in a bid to correct him.”

          WOW! Imagine that! And there’s a good chance this guy could be President of America in a week’s time! 🙂

      2. I responded, Saki, but I see my response didn’t take. Anyhow, Tucker Carlson exposed Biden’s traitorous actions as V.P., tonight in an interview I wish you could have heard. You’d know why Biden is unfit.
        (I’ve already voted early, and have donated, as have many of my friends.)

      3. @ Gilbert Huntly

        I responded, Saki, but I see my response didn’t take.

        I don’t think you are reading my comments with a clear head, Gilbert. I actually AGREED with you and I did so most politely.

        This is what I said — I could not have been more supportive:

        Fair enough, Gilbert. If you really think Biden is worse than Trump, and if Trump is your kind of guy, then it’s only reasonable that you should vote for Trump.

        I am actually encouraging you to vote for Trump. Because he needs all the votes he can get. And your vote will help to get him elected — which is what you want.

      4. @ Saki

        That the democrats can do no better than put up Biden/Harris against Trump/Pence in the first place is one clue that strongly suggests (to me at least) that the “deep state” wants Trump reelected.

        Last time around, Clinton raised much more money than Trump did (yet apparently because of her “baggage” lost to Trump anyway), but Clinton’s financial advantage was the basis for Paul Craig Roberts et al. insistence (then and now) that Clinton was the “deep state” choice for president. Likewise this time around it seems Biden has significantly more campaign cash than Trump, but Biden’s cash advantage might not outweigh the disadvantages of his greater age, questionable health, apparent corruption and poor choice for a running mate.

        I could be wrong (and for the following reason I hope I am wrong) but my present view is that election 2020 is 2016 redux; i.e., Trump is the “deep state” choice and Trump will win.

        For moral and patriotic reasons I cannot vote for either Trump or Biden, but under the present pathetic circumstances we find ourselves in I would prefer to see Trump lose to Biden and here’s why:

        The arguments that a Biden win means the end of what’s left of America (or something like that) are seriously flawed and can’t withstand logical scrutiny, IMO. This is first of all because it is much more difficult for a president to implement drastic changes in domestic policies than it is for him to do so in the realm of foreign policy (and Trump’s first term proves this, IMO).

        So what do Trump-as-the-lesser-evil soothsayers believe (or claim to believe) that Biden alone can do to trash what’s left of America?

        Not much that I can see. For example, Biden cannot just wake up one day and cause guns to be confiscated. No matter what he may try to do with regard to guns, there will be some resistance in congress, legal challenges in the courts, resistance from certain segments of law enforcement, and resistance from many people, e.g. in the form of civil disobedience, myself included. (And in the wake of covid-19 and consequent events, even some left-leaning people that would’ve had a pro-gun control mindset might not be so inclined to support the further infringement of the second amendment).

        Some soothsayers would have us believe that under Biden, BLM/Antifa groups will run wild, e.g. going around murdering White people and trashing America, while “government” turns a blind eye, but this makes no sense, first of all because BLM/Antifa are apparently mostly rental mobs (plus an assortment of deluded stragglers) under the control of the “deep state”; i.e., they’re stage props.

        In light of this I would compare the 2020 election year BLM/Antifa “threat” to the 2016 election year “threat” of war with Russia over Syria, with both contrivances intended to boost Trump’s electoral prospects over his better funded but less than ideal, baggage-ridden opponents.

        Finally the second reason the Trump-as-the-lesser evil argument fails IMO is because in the age of interconnected economies and nuclear weapons for example, “foreign policy” is the realm where one man, the president, wielding the illegitimate power that has been consolidated into his office, can do catastrophic and irreversible damage (as Trump’s first term has abundantly proven, IMO).

        While I at least have some ability to defend my constitutional rights and some ability to defend myself against BLM/Antifa terrorists, there’s nothing I can do about incoming nuclear warheads; nor is there anything I can do if the president makes our dollars worthless, puts our farmers out of business, damages or destroys what remains of our semiconductor manufacturing industry, or causes us to lose access to Chinese manufactured products for which there are presently no practical alternatives.

        This is where the real danger to America (and the rest of the world) lies, IMO, and this is why given the pathetic choices we have, I would rather see an age-enfeebled albeit corrupt political opportunist like Biden rather than an overzealous I-can-do-anything-I-want-to-do zionist crusader like Trump, occupying the highest political office in the land.

        1. @ Harold Smith

          That the democrats can do no better than put up Biden/Harris against Trump/Pence in the first place is one clue that strongly suggests (to me at least) that the “deep state” wants Trump reelected.

          I respect your opinion highly. And always have. I believed exactly what you believed until a few days ago, Harold. Then suddenly I had a brainstorm and now feel with every bone in my body that the Democrats are going to win. And even Putin now knows this. See my comment to Circassian.

          You could yet be proved right, Harold. Though if you ARE proved right, you are not going to like it! Given your long-standing antagonism toward Trump and all he stands for. Still less are the Trump supporters here, like Lobro and Gilbert Huntly, going to be pleased with a Trump defeat. For their sakes, I would prefer a Trump victory to a Biden victory. For however bad Trump is — and he is not exactly my idea of a charismatic Elder Statesman teeming with virtues! — Biden and Kamala Harris are going to be infinitely worse.

          So let’s see what happens. If I am proved wrong, I will be relieved. I don’t mind having egg all over my face. Humiliation at being proved wrong is not going to worry me one little bit.

          That’s a fact.

      5. @ Saki

        I believed exactly what you believed until a few days ago, Harold. Then suddenly I had a brainstorm and now feel with every bone in my body that the Democrats are going to win.

        You could be right about that, especially since I can imagine a few other scenarios – that I don’t think I mentioned here yet – which seem plausible to me although less likely. For example, perhaps some “faction” of the “deep state” genuinely dislikes Trump and realizes the danger he poses and seriously wants to be rid of him, but it doesn’t want to oppose him on any grounds which might serve to undermine the illegitimate supra-constitutional power of the office of president that the “deep state” has worked so long and so hard to achieve. This might explain the limited scope of the impeachment charges against him.

        I suppose it could also be that he’s already done most or all of the dirty work they wanted him to do, e.g., withdraw from nuclear treaties, build enmity with Russia, China, Iran and Venezuela, take the first steps toward disconnecting economically from China, etc., and now they want to just coast for a while and build on that rather than rush into WW3.

        One final thought is this: Suppose Biden wins, and lame-duck Trump attacks Iran (perhaps in response to a convenient false-flag attack)?

        1. Harold,

          We are in the realm of pure speculation here. Why waste energy in guessing games when all we need to do is — WAIT AND SEE.

          For me this is not an ego trip in winning bets or being proved right. I couldn’t care less if I were proved wrong. I would be just as happy if YOU were proved right.

          But that wouldn’t make YOU bring out the champagne, would it?! — given your long-standing loathing for Trump and all his works. 🙂

          1. ADMIN: Shorter and more coherent comments would be appreciated,
            without the use of abusive language involving the f-word and c-word.

            I think Jill Biden is a dirty lying cunt. She’s a filthy cunt from Hell. She knows her husband is mentally incapable of being the president, she knows if he wins the jews will get rid of him [ using the 25th amendment ] and install kamala as the president, Jill knows the Democratic Party big shots want to turn the United States into a COMMUNIST sh*thole.

            Jill Biden knows that yet she travels around the United States with her very fake smile acting as if her husband is very healthy and more than capable of being the president and we’re all expected to overlook his dementia [ and his having been on-the-take probably his whole time in politics ] and the cunt smiles at everyone likes it’s the 1950’s and she’s Donna Reed the ALL-American wife and mother no one would associate Donna Reed with COMMUNISM so she acts like she’s Donna Reed from the 1950’s, it is so goddamned phony.

            She’s a real actress alright. She knows how deeply insidiously perfidious and ANTI-American the plan the Democrats got if her husband wins and she acts like an innocent All-American housewife from the 1950’s and acts as if her husband is an old-fashioned patriotic loyal American who loves mom and apple pie and loves Red White & Blue bunting on the front porch on the 4th of July and of course her husband would never seelm this country down-the-river to the Chinese or the Ukranians or anyone else he’s such an ALL -American Hero. She’s so fuckin’ phony it’s disgusting. It’s worth voting for Trump just not to have to look at her phony fuckin’ fake smiling lying mouth.

            May Trump win so we don’t have to look at Jill cunt or listen to that lying cunt for next 4 years. She can drop dead today alongside her husband for all I care. Jill is a filthy cunt — her husband is a detestable cunt — and so is kamala a filthy lying cunt from hell. They’re all cunts from HELL — they couldn’t care less about the United States and would destroy it just to make a few bucks. They’re so mercenary it takes one’s breath away. But Jill acts as if she’s Donna Reed. Another vaudeville show in America, the Jill Biden show.

            I promised to never use the “c” word. That promise was meant for Darkmooners. I promised to never call any Darkmooners the “c” word. I’m free to call any NON Darkmooner the “c” word when the “c” word is the most accurate word to describe the filthy cunts. My promise was only meant for Darkmooners, NOT NON-Darkmooners. I have kept my word. Maybe someday uncle will keep his word and put up 3 of my posts per day and NOT CENSOR me so much, so much so he many times goes AGAINST his word and breaks THE AGREEMENT he made with me.

      6. @ Saki

        We are in the realm of pure speculation here. Why waste energy in guessing games when all we need to do is — WAIT AND SEE.

        Well you’re right…and you’re lucky to not be in the U.S. I am getting ready to leave here at a moment’s notice if it seems necessary as I’ve already learned the hard way about the potential down side of hesitating/waiting and seeing. So I’m trying to be proactive and think about what’s going on from all possible angles to hopefully minimize the chance of making a mistake.

        1. So what action do you intend to take in the event of:
          (a) another Trump victory; or (b) an unexpected Biden victory?

          Which of these two guys will get you out of America faster?

  3. Trump and Biden are both owned by the zionists as every potus has been since they shot JFK, and the ZUS government is under zionist control and until the zionist owned FED is abolished, nothing will change.

    Zionists are destroyers of nations and humanity, it is what they do, it is in their DNA.

    1. Jepp.
      But the Z’s are one of the dumber parasites. They kill the host.
      So the question is – what are you to do after the collapse? When the parasites have no host to hide behind?
      I am more inclined to go for Biden these days, as I believe he will bring down the madhouse in Washington DC a lot faster. And it has to go down. In a fundamental way.
      Absolutely no society based to the very unnatural notions of pride parades, abortions, sexual equality and worshipping minorities will survive. None.

      1. I don’t think the Z’s are that stupid. Yes, they’re parasites, and they may even kill their hosts many times, but they always manage to come out ahead and wind up on top. They even do alright for themselves after they kill their hosts or hosts. So in an wordly sense they’re doing something right, because they always get pretty much everything they want.

        It would nice if us Whites, those of us who are White, it would be nice if us Whites were organized, had more loyalty to one another, were more aware and more alert, would watch out for another at least a little bit, help one another out a little bit, had some sense of being one people, one race, instead of having next to no conciousness about being of the same race and maybe we should look out for one another. The jews also have their divisions and things which divide them but they don’t let that stop them from looking out for one another and helping one another out, and their divisions don’t stop them from seeing their fellow jews as being different from them in any fundamental way and they don’t let their divisons stop them from organizing and presenting a unified face to the world.

        Whites always focus on our differences and what divides us and hardly ever on what we have in common. And when whites have differences they see the differences as meaning the differences indicate a fundamental difference which can’t be bridged. The jews do not focus on their differences so much they render themselves incapable of protecting themselves from NON jews. Us Whites focus on our differences so much we render ourselves incapable of protecting ourselves from NON-Whites. It’s our own White leadership who put us Whites in a position where we’re victims of the parasites. There’s nothing new about that, it didn’t just start a few years ago. White leaders have been selling out their/our fellow Whites for centuries. Jews love money but they don’t sell out other jews for money, Whites sell out Whites for money ALL THE TIME. The ((( parasites))) are not that stupid — and us Whites, those of us who are White, are not that smart.

        Hitler wanted to uplift the White Race and make Whites smarter and more intelligent and have a culture more inspirational and more transcendent but most Whites were TOO stupid to understand Hitler’s message, so stupid they actually sided with the jew parasites sucking their blood and their life force out of them instead of their own kind, instead of those Whites who had a Higher Vision and those Whites who were not about selling them out to the jews.

        I’m a Catholic and everything but give me Revilo P. Oliver any day of the week over that awful Pacelli who sided with the jew parasites against Christendom — against the White Race. Hitler was a much better Catholic than Pacelli and maybe even a better Catholic all the popes The Church ever had. Jesus didn’t like jews, Jesus overturned the tables of the money lenders. Hitler didn’t like jews, Hitler over turned the tables of the moneylenders. Pacelli loved jews, Pacelli did diddly squat about overturning the tables of the moneylenders, NOT one table of one money lender did Pacelli ever over turn. But Hitler did. Hitler was a better Catholic than Pacelli. The White Race now would be a BILLION TIMES better off if Hitler had invaded the Vatican and threw Pacelli into a prison camp and made him dig ditches for a living — and if Hitler had won the war, of course, the White Race would be a TRILLION times better off today.

        Jews don’t sell out one another for money [ like Whites do all the time ] . What the jews do is : they do occasionally sacrifice some jews for a great goal their jew leaders have. The jews who get sacrificed know they’re getting sacrificed for the greater good [ on some level deep down they know ] , a great jew goal of their jew tribe, and in religious submission they allow themselves to get sacrificed for the overall increased power of their tribe and to advance the interests of their jew tribe vis-a-vis the NON-jew world. It’s part of their religion.

        You can say negative things about this aspect of their jew religion, but it’s much more benficial to the whole tribe as a whole than selling one another for money as us Whites do all the time. The sacrifice the jews make for their tribe involve death sometimes but their deaths serve to increase jew power and further advance jew goals. Whites sell one another out for money and many times that also results in death
        [ death for Whites ] and it gets us Whites NOWHERE.

        The jews are smarter in this regard. They know how to use death of jews to advance their jew cause or causes, us Whites have no idea how to use the deaths of Whites [ because they got sold down the river by fellow Whites ] to advance our interests as Whites, and we have no vision and no goals, the jews have a vision and they have goals and they know how to stick to their plan to achieve their visions and their goals. We could learn alot from the jews, if we studied the jews in an intelligent way, not the way the Noosphere studies jews [ Yes, that’s a snide remark directed at DM — and alot of other “Jew-Wise” websites ] One can dislike someone and still learn from that someone. One can learn from one’s enemies, and actually learn things that can help one fight against that enemy.

        jews are parasites — and so are the Whites who sell out their fellow Whites and that happens ALL THE TIME, unfortunately. The jew parasites are A LOT smarter than the White parasites who sell out their own White kind. The Whites are the dumber parasites, not the jew parasites, the jew parasites are smarter. “Dumb” means incapable of speaking, the jews always now what to say , even when they’re sacrificing other jews for a greater jew goal, they know what to say to help them further achieve their jew goal or goals. The Whites, us Whites, we hardly ever know what to say, even when we’re getting sold down the river by our fellow Whites because Our Race is so mercenary, the achilles heel of The White Race, very mercenary. Unfortunately.

  4. This issue is simple arithmetic. Since both Trump and Biden are Zionists then you vote for the one you would vote for if NEITHER were Zionists. Does that help you out Saki ?

    1. Yes, it does. It is very well put. Logically and succinctly.
      You obviously have a very sharp mind.

      1. [LATER]

        On the other hand, I am not convinced by your argument that voting for Trump is a good thing if one forgets for a moment that he is a Zionist puppet. This is a bit like saying:

        “If you can forget for a moment that Jack the Ripper was a serial killer, why not praise the Ripper for his other good qualities? For example, for cleaning up the Whitechapel district of London by keeping prostitutes off the streets. Obviously Jack’s mother had a high opinion of her son for his civic pride and his high moral standards vis-a-vis sexual immorality.”

        The fact is, Ramm, Harold Smith’s arguments (see comment below) are ten times better argued and harder to refute than your tame and unconvincing defense of Trump. You are like someone praising poison by arguing: “The poison isn’t so bad. We’ll survive. We’ve already survived four years of Trump. So why not another four years?”

  5. In the previous article published here, Why It’s Important for Trump to Win, Kevin MacDonald argued eloquently that a vote for Trump was a vote for America. In the article below, by Philip Weiss and James North, the authors present a different angle, arguing that a vote for Trump in in fact a vote for Israel. How do you reconcile these differences?

    In the previously published article, MacDonald said:

    I realize that Trump has been gung-ho about doing things Israel wants, but he has stopped short of war and, in my opinion he has done all he can to extricate U.S. troops from the Middle East in the face of powerful opposition from the military (Trump accused them of gunning for post-career sinecures with defense contractors), the Israel Lobby, the media (where the left is dominated by liberal interventionists), and many politicians on both sides of the aisle.

    As I see it there are several problems with this statement, some of which I pointed out in the comment I made in reply to that article. Saying that “Trump has been gung-ho about doing things Israel wants” is misleading
    IMO as it impliedy limits the scope to things like giving Israel absurdly unjustifiable military, economic and political support, moving the embassy to Jerusalem, conducting kinetic wars and hybrid wars against Israel’s so-called “existential enemies” e.g. Iran, etc.

    This is true as far as it goes and it’s bad, but when the word “Israel” is used in this context it should be taken as a metonym for jewish-supremacism and the jewish-supremacist agenda for complete world domination and control, which of course goes way beyond foreign aid, support for brutal subjugation of the Palestinians, and wars and sanctions for the benefit of the place referred to as “Israel.”

    As a “lover” (idolator) of Israel and the jewish people, Trump is apparently zealously committed to the implementation of the jewish-supremacist agenda, and this is why he is willing to take personal responsibility for risking economic collapse and WW3 with Russia and China, and why as president he has apparently been given the illegitimate power to do it.

    So a vote for Trump is not only a vote for “Israel” in the limited sense implied by MacDonald but a vote for the use of America as the instrument of jewish world domination and control at any cost, which of course means the end of what remains of America as we knew it.

  6. Sheldon Adelson is the man who wants the U.S. to carry out a preemptive strike against Iran on behalf of Israel.

    1- He is the owner of a global gambling empire and the Republican party’s biggest donor.

    2- An admirer of and a major donor to Israeli Prime Satanyahu.

    3- During his secret visit to an Israeli army base, he is on record saying, his only regret in life is serving in the US military and not in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). He also wished for his son to become an IDF sniper.

    4- He and his Israeli wife Miriam, who served in the IDF, have given $300 million to Republican causes since 2012.

    5- After Trump won the election, he granted him his two wishes (on behalf of Israel): 1) relocated the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, and 2) The U.S. quit the 2015 Iran nuclear deal.

    6- Sheldon Adelson is a disloyal American who mocked the US military and praised the ISISraeli Occupation Forces and has publically called for the U.S. to bomb Iran, by using a nuclear attack.

    Red-blooded Americans should be outraged over the Israeli meddling in US politics. They should tell the President and Congress, no more phony wars for the shit hole in the Middle East. Namely israHell.

  7. In a talk to an Israeli group in July, 2010, Adelson said he wished he had served in the Israeli Army rather than the U.S. military–and that he hoped his young son will come back to Israel and “be a sniper for the IDF,” a reference to the Israel Defense Forces.

    “I am not Israeli. The uniform that I wore in the military, unfortunately, was not an Israeli uniform. It was an American uniform, although my wife was in the IDF and one of my daughters was in the IDF … our two little boys, one of whom will be bar mitzvahed tomorrow, hopefully, he’ll come back– his hobby is shooting – and he’ll come back and be a sniper for the IDF,” Adelson said at the event.

    “All we care about is being good Zionists, being good citizens of Israel, because even though I am not Israeli born, Israel is in my heart,” he said toward the end of his talk.

    If this man is not considered a traitor, I do not know who is. If Delta Airlines can add 460 Americans to the no-fly list for refusing to wear masks, then the US government should put the name of this dirty bastard on T-List and No-fly- list as well.

  8. It grinds my teeth that President Trump awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom to a foreign national who was serving in her country’s armed forces who slaughtered 34 US sailors and injured 176 more.

    The Presidential Medal of Freedom is an award bestowed by the president of the United States to recognize people who have made “an especially meritorious contribution to the security or national interests of the United States, world peace, cultural or other significant public or private endeavors”.

    The only reason Miriam Adelson get that distinction is bc she and her husband poured million of dollars into Trump’s campaign. Since she and her two American children served in a foreign army instead of the US Armed forces, that should have disqualified her. She does not care or give a shit about the United States of America as long as the US does ISISrael’s bidding.

  9. It’s a pretty lousy thing the way trump serves the jews…
    He’s every bitcas bad as Schumer, though they’re supposed to be hard enemies….
    But the real fact of the matter is that we are forced to choose between him and somebody a lot worse…
    If you don’t think so ask yourself who Elizabeth Warren would have nominated for the Supreme Court….
    Ask yourself how you would prefer living with the rules of the TPP…
    Ask yourself if you want illegal immigration completely decriminalized….
    Ask yourself if you want police departments defunded all over the country and unlimited rioting every time there’s another incident…..
    You don’t have to be happy with your status as a voter and you’re free to become someone more relevant….
    If you don’t have what it takes to do that then you should be quiet about your opinions, since you have no skin in the game, why should anyone listen to you?

  10. Just read somewhere today that Shirley Addledbrains is trying to off-load his Las Vegas casinos. I guess he figures there’s no “juice” left to squeeze outta Boobus Americanus… and won’t be for a long looooo…ng time… if ever.

    THAT should tell you all you need to know about the future trajectory of the US “economy”

  11. Saki— Too further clarify — I am not voting for a man. I am voting for the principles for which this country has stood since its founding. I am voting for Constitutional government. I am voting for a strong and viable military. I am voting for a vibrant economy. I am voting for the right to keep and bear arms. I am voting for the freedom to worship. I am voting for a national recognition of the founding of our nation on Biblical principles. I am voting for the ability for anyone to rise above their circumstances and become successful. I am voting for my children and grandchildren to be able to choose their own path in life, including how and where their children are educated. I am voting for our borders to be open to everyone who enters under our law and closed to everyone who would circumvent or ignore the law. I am voting for the Electoral College to remain in place, so that a few heavily populated liberal centers do not control the elections. I am voting for a Supreme Court that interprets the Constitution rather than rewrites it. I am voting to teach history, with all its warts, not erase it or revise it. I am voting for the sanctity of life from conception to birth and after. Let us all make America as Great as we can and work for it to remain historically American.

    1. Ramm,

      I applaud your eloquence and sincerely hope you’re going to get all you want. Voting for Biden is out of the question. (See my comment to Gilbert in which I wish him good luck in voting for Trump). I don’t have the vote, since I’m not an American citizen. But I have American friends and relations and I feel strongly for the dilemma these American buddies of mine find themselves in.

      Anyway, it’s YOUR vote and I think you should use it in a last ditch attempt to save the soul of America. I have read the runes and observed all the omens and I must tell you, as a clairvoyant psychic, that I feel a Biden victory is now 99% certain. If Trump wins, it will now be a miracle.

      I hope I’m wrong. I do not say this gloating. I say it grieving.

      I am already in mourning for America.

      1. You should shake the runes, again, Saki. I feel it is unthinkable that Biden wins. In fact, many of us are ready to revolt (even though I cannot fight in the mountains as once I could). I hope I don’t have to, but I have a “kill list” I’m going to pursue when the time comes. There’s absolutely no point in conciliation with the commie left.
        Known Biden supporters WILL be targets, as many of my friends have pledged.

        1. Gilbert, you are mistaking my intent. In saying that Biden in BOUND TO WIN, I am not WISHING it to be so! It is against my will that this is inevitable.I couldn’t have made that clearer.

          You say a Biden win is “unthinkable.” You’re right, Gilbert. It IS unthinkable.

          What I am saying is that THE UNTHINKABLE IS ABOUT TO OCCUR.

          Just wait and see. Bear with me until November 3. I hope and pray that I may be proved WRONG.

    2. Ramm,
      The court interpreting the Constitution is and has been the error. The court has been able to change the meaning of any congressional act or law that comes before it via interpretation. The court was designed to APPLY Constitutional provisions to any act of the Congress, by the founders, to determine if the act of the US Congress or state legislatures passes Constitutional muster. The SCOTUS has been making law, changing law far to long to suit it’s own designs through interpretation. The Supreme Court of the US was to be the weaker of the three branches. Now it is a useful tool of the change agents, to undermine the limited form of government, in thrall to the New World Order elite. The NWO is forming right before our eyes. Welcome to the Bolshevik revolution part two.

  12. Should Biden win,one hopes he forgets Israel is a friend and then Bombs Israel instead of Iran .I think Biden is another John Mccain,a cadaver, who was floated to the surface so he would lose to Trump.If forgetful Biden writes his biography tomorrow,he would probably call it “CLINTON”,eight years of creepiness between the Bushes .The man is losing memory quickly.Sadly Americans are voting for potus , like inmates who would vote for a new warden.

    1. Al

      I agree with you 100% brother Al that the US should bomb Israel instead of Iran for obvious reasons. I explained those reasons in an article I wrote in 2012. I could not provide the links to the article bc the Ugly Truth and other sites that published the article have been shut down. Maybe one day, you wish and mine will come through, once red-blooded Americans found the real truth about who attacked us will do what is right.

      Attack Israel, Not Iran!

      By Mahmoud El-Yousseph
      August 13, 2012

      The last time Iran invaded a country was 216 years ago when the Persian shah, Agha Mohammad Khan, invaded the nation of Georgia. That’s still a great track record, especially compared to other nations.
      Israel has repeatedly attacked and invaded numerous counties and continues to this day to illegally occupy land from three neighboring nations.

      Iran has not illegally developed nuclear weapons, whereas Israel has developed an illegal secret nuclear weapons program that has produced hundreds of nuclear warheads.

      Iran has signed the UN Non-Proliferation Treaty. Israel has refused to sign it.

      Iran’s spies have not been caught stealing nuclear secrets from the US. Israel’s spies have been repeatedly caught doing this, and Israel’s current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been implicated in smuggling US nuclear triggers into Israel.

      Israel is reported to possess up to 300 nuclear missiles aimed at Arab and European capitals. Some can even hit US cities. Iran has no such weapons and has repeatedly said it does not wish to have them, this being in contravention of basic Islamic principles.

      Iran has not sold US weapons and secret weapons technology to a US adversary. Israel has been selling US weapons and secret weapons technology to China for decades. Jewish spy Jonathan Pollard sold vitally important American secrets to the Soviet Union, as did the Rosenbergs.

      Iran hasn’t been guilty of getting hundreds of thousands of US troops killed or maimed in expensive wars for Iran. Israel has repeatedly pushed the US into costly wars for Israel, expecting American citizens to fight and die for cowardly Israelis.

      Israel has repeatedly been engaged in kidnapping of foreign nationals from other countries and smuggling them into Israel. No record of Iran ever having engaged in such a crime.

      Israeli air and sea forces attacked the USS Liberty in international waters off the coast of Egypt for two hours on August 8, 1967. This took place on a midsummer day with raised American flags and large English letters painted on the ship. 34 sailors were killed and 174 injured.

      Last May, the Iranian Navy foiled an attempted pirate attack on a US cargo ship in the Gulf of Oman. The Iranian warship arrived following a distress call from the ship. The pirates fled upon the arrival of the Iranian Naval ship.

      Israel has for the last five years imposed an illegal and inhumane siege on over 1.5 million Palestinians in Gaza, causing unnecessary death, pain, and suffering. In contrast, Iran has sent aid and provided comfort to the besieged Palestinians — the very same thing America did to the Germans during the Berlin Airlift.
      One could go on and on forever.

      However, as a USMC veteran and activist, Dave Evans, succinctly pointed out:
      “Anyone who had not sworn an oath for peace could reasonably conclude that the US should be threatening to attack Israel, not Iran!”

      It’s about time Americans did something to prove they were the Masters, not the Slaves. Last time I checked, the capital of the United States is Washington, not Tel Aviv.

      Mahmoud El-Yousseph
      Retired USAF Veteran
      [email protected]

  13. @SAKI re “…as a clairvoyant psychic, that I feel a Biden victory is now 99% certain”

    Obviously a “clairvoyant” that has never made a dime on his “sure things”.
    Then again, some folk are just born natural “contrary indicators”.

    Thank you for your service! I just DOUBLED my previous – and already substantial – wager on a resounding Trump victory @ 11/8 😊👍

    1. You mistake my intent, like Gilbert, and act with anger and contempt to my predictions. You fail to understand that I would PREFER TRUMP TO WIN!!!

      I predict a Biden victory with a heavy heart. Most reluctantly. Just like a top surgeon predicts that the patient he is treating has NO CHANCE OF SURVIVAL.

      If you place a bet on Trump winning, I am telling you now: YOU ARE GOING TO LOSE. This doesn’t mean I want you to lose or that I am backing Biden. I actually WANT Biden to lose. But it’s not going to happen.

      So my advice to you is: WAIT AND SEE!

      1. Who said anything about who you or I would prefer as President??? That is TOTALLY irrelevant when dealing with REALITY.
        Emotional bias and/or personal preference ALWAYS, when living by one’s wits, has to be taken OUT of the equation and has nothing to do with what will transpire on Nov 3rd 2020(A.D.)

        THAT, in case you’re interested in the bare bones fact of the matter, will be: TRUMP…. WINNING..AGAIN!!!

        btw I’m STILL counting my money – had Donny @ 8/1 👍 – from the last time…. when Hillarrhoid was a supposed shoo-in for Madame President…. 😂

      2. I can’t do anything except “wait and see”, Saki. Meanwhile, some of us feel the need to mentally prepare for huge civil unrest. Lawlessness. Hardship. Bloodshed. However the election goes, there will be unrest; but, if Biden wins, there will be irreparable damage to our country. Thank you for not wanting that, but it really doesn’t help. I don’t want it, either, no matter how well-prepared I might be.
        Sometimes, I go out for overnight walkabouts in the mountains, without horse, dog, or other companion. Attenuating ones self to loneliness and practicing some survival skills is young man’s work. Those times are not so easy for me, anymore, and I can only imagine what a dearth sentence that would be for some of our acquaintances. I’d simply rather NOT do it, so making a final stand is about all for which I can prepare myself. 🙁

        1. I really feel for you, Gilbert. Maybe, with any luck, you’ll get what you want: a Trump victory. Do you have any idea what impact a Biden victory would have on your buddies in the militia movement? Is this likely to spark violence in your area?

  14. Brownhawk,

    You’re an Injun so I guess you’re going to vote for Trump, right? The Big Chief of The Crow Nation say biden is pale face who speakum with double-tongue and Big Chief Orange God Emperor speakum words of Life, Big Chief Trump has Iron in his Words of Life biden pale face with forked tongue and no spine and no honor,

    [ Clint Eastwood also endorses Trump and has NOTHING good to say about biden ].

  15. I’m not hearing anything from uncle, I’m worried.

    (ETC . . . ETC . . . ETC)


    ADMIN: Id like to post your comments, TROJ. But they are too long and rambling and would just get in the way of the serious commentary here. I can’t allow you to disrupt the serious discussion going on here by your constant chatroom clowning. There’s a time for joking and there’s a time for being serious. Your lack of brevity is also a serious problem.

  16. Maher al-Akhras, a 49-year-old Palestinian from Jenin and a father of six children. He is the owner of one of the largest dairies in the West Bank. Arrest. Al-Akhras was arrested by Israeli authorities in late July 2020. Maher has been on hunger strike for 93 days, to demand an end to his administrative detention, Israeli imprisonment without charge or trial.
    Meanwhile, here in the US, Trump appointee Elan Carr is pressuring the State Department to slander human rights organizations as antisemitic simply for working for Palestinian rights and defending Maher human rights. Elan Carr is wrongfully conflated advocating for Palestinian rights with antisemitism, and as a Palestinian American, I suggest President Trump and Carr drop these false claims and focus on real threats to America and to demand the immediate and unconditional release of Maher al-Akrass.

    Sadly, it is the millions of dollars that SHELDON ADELSON and his wife Mariam donate to both Republicans and Democrats that keep the US government officials silent about ISISrael crimes and human rights violations.

    The Adelson family’s message to Trump and Biden, we scratch your backs you scratch ours!

  17. If one wants to understand why the Jews fund all political parties, political candidates and revolutionary movements, and the reason for Adelsons pumping millions into Trumps reelection campaign, one needs to familiarize himself with Messianic Judaism of the Lurianic Kabalah variety, and the history of Sabbatean/Frankist movements of 16th and 17th Century.

    Judaism as it exists today, is based on Messianicism Principles of Lurianic Kabbalah, which advocates “Tikun Olam” “Redemption Through Sin” and “Descent For The Purpose Of Ascent” It’s the principle behind Theodore Herzl maxim; “ When we sink, we become a revolutionary proletariat, the subordinate officers of all revolutionary parties; and at the same time, when we rise, there rises also our terrible power of the purse.”( The Jewish State – Theodore Herzl – 1896 p12 )

    Descent, is “Sinking” to “Kellipot of Evil” meaning, everything gentile. “Ascent” means the Jewish people rising over the gentiles with the terrible power of purse. So, Jews, will join every revolutionary movement, as long as this movement drives the gentiles in to the enslavement corrals of “The Power of Purse”

    This shows for example that Bakunin and Karl Marx, were not enemies at all! They were bogey-men of the Illuminati Bankers. Bakunin pretended to attack Marx, and also to espouse a different philosophy of Nihilism, and Marx pretended to be a gentile philosopher seeking the “welfare of the downtrodden”. Bakunin nihilism, and Karl Marx Secular Humanism of communism both pursue destructiveness as an end in itself, as an avenue to Jewish “Redemption” masked as “Gentile Redemption” Bakunin’s “Redemption” is the total debasement of Man, with a return to his primitive state. This, according to Bakunin’s idea, is the free Man. He is the Radical, the brute, the primitive.

    Marx “Redemption” is the “Dictatorship of the Proletariat ” which is the fraud of the communal ownership of all resources It is the same phenomena which is claimed to be the operational concept under nihilism. . The “Proletariat” are the “useful idiots” of Jewish Bankers under the Communist System. Bakunin’s Nihilism (which is lawlessness) automatically makes everyone cry out for “Order” which is brought to force by Communism. So, just as Bakunin pretended to attack Karl Marx, and Karl Marx pretended to be a Gentile social political philosopher, the same applies to the Jewish Oligarchs and their Sayanims.

    Oligarch spread their largess to ensure that whoever wins, knows who paid the Piper. It’s the perfect strategy of Jewish Messianicism, by the power of the Mammon State. Either way, the Gentile goose is Kosher cooked, and served, to the “Chosen Race” bon appetit, Mon Ami

  18. don’t feel too bad TROJ
    I guess sometimes they don’t even get mine…
    If they do get published they show up when we’re already on 2 new subjects…
    I can tell you brother the vast majority of Americans have no idea of the oppressive situation existing in Palestine… Studies have been done showing news reports favor Israel in every case, it’s always portrayed as only fighting back or being the victim… There is no free speech network news media… Nobody but Nobody working for the corporate media says anything the owners do not approve of… Jews own the media….
    But it’s not just that… They make it their business to own the US Congress and plenty of local politicians too, whom they cultivate well in advance… the adl knows who all the policemen are… they have a plan to control the content in the us education system from kinder garden up…
    “Among ADL’s acclaimed school-based programs, two stand apart as the most widely used to change how young people look at the world.”
    Anybody else think it’s their business to tell other people’s kids how to look at the world?

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