America’s Recessional: ‘Time to Bring the Troops Home’

Philip Giraldi
Strategic Culture Foundation
 June 21, 1020


“Trump’s behavior has real world consequences. The Canadians and Europeans regard him as a joke, but a dangerous joke due to his impulsive decision making. He cannot be trusted and when he says something he often contradicts himself on the next day.” — Philip Giraldi

Two weeks ago a senior Trump Administration official revealed that the president had decided to withdraw 9,500 American soldiers from Germany and that the administration would also be capping total U.S. military presence in that country at 25,000, which might involve more cuts depending what is included in the numbers.

The move was welcomed in some circles and strongly criticized in others, but many observers were also bemused by the announcement, noting that Donald Trump had previously ordered a reduction in force in Afghanistan and a complete withdrawal from Syria, neither of which has actually been achieved. In Syria, troops were only moved from the northern part of the country to the oil producing region in the south to protect the fields from seizure by ISIS, while in Afghanistan the nineteen-year-long training mission and infrastructure reconstruction continue.

In a somewhat related development, the Iraqi parliament has called for the removal of U.S. troops from the country, a demand that has been rejected by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Put it all together and it suggests that any announcement coming from the White House on ending America’s useless wars should be regarded with some skepticism.

The United States has its nearly 35,000 military personnel remaining in Germany as its contribution to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), founded in 1949 to counter Soviet forces in Eastern Europe in what was to become the Warsaw Pact. Both the Organization and Pact were ostensibly defensive alliances and the U.S. active participation was intended to demonstrate American resolve to come to the aid of Western Europe. Currently, 75 years after the end of World War II and thirty years after the fall of communist governments in Eastern Europe, NATO is an anachronism, kept going by the many statesmen and military establishments of the various countries that have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo. Since the demise of the European communist regimes, NATO has found work in bombing Serbia, destroying Libya and in helping in the unending task to train an Afghan army.

In spite of the clearly diminished threat in Europe, NATO has expanded to 30 members, including most of the former communist states that made up the Warsaw Pact. The most recent acquisition was Montenegro in 2016, which contributed 2,400 soldiers to the NATO force. That expansion was carried out in spite of assurances given to the post-Soviet Russian government that military encroachment would not take place. Currently, NATO continues to focus on the threat from Moscow as its own viable raison d’être, with its deployments and training exercises often taking place right up against Russia’s borders.

Few really believe that the Russia, which has a GDP only the size of Italy’s, intends or is even capable of reestablishing anything like the old Soviet Union. But a vulnerable Russia is nevertheless interested in maintaining an old-fashioned sphere of influence around its borders, which explains the concern over developments in Ukraine, Georgia and the Baltic States.

Given the diminished threat level in Europe, the withdrawal of 9,500 soldiers should be welcomed by all parties. Trump has been sending the not unreasonable message that if the Europeans want more defense, they should pay for it themselves, though he has wrapped his proposal in his usual insulting and derogatory language. A wealthy Germany currently spends 1.1% of GDP on its military, far less than the 2% that NATO has declared to be a target to meet alliance commitments. That compares with the nearly 5% that the U.S. has been spending globally, inclusive of intelligence and national security costs.

Fair enough for burden sharing, but the European concern is more focused on how Trump does what he does. For example, he announced the downsizing without informing America’s NATO partners. The Germans were surprised and pushed back immediately. Conservative politician Peter Beyer said “This is completely unacceptable, especially since nobody in Washington thought about informing its NATO ally Germany in advance,” and German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas regretted the planned withdrawal, describing Berlin’s relationship with the Washington as “complicated.” Chancellor Angela Merkel was reportedly shocked.

The timing of the decision has also been questioned, with many observers believing that Trump deliberately staged the announcement to punish Merkel for refusing to attend a planned G-7 Summit in the U.S. that the president had been trying to arrange. Merkel argued that dealing with the consequences of the coronavirus made it difficult for her to leave home at the present time and the G-7 planning never got off the ground, which angered Trump, who wanted to demonstrate his global leadership in an election year.

Trump’s behavior has real world consequences. The Canadians and Europeans regard him as a joke, but a dangerous joke due to his impulsive decision making. He cannot be trusted and when he says something he often contradicts himself on the next day.

Arguably Donald Trump was elected president on the margin of difference provided by an anti-war vote after many Americans took seriously his pledge to end the burgeoning overseas wars and bring the soldiers home.

It all may have been a lie even as he was saying it, but it was convincing at the time and a welcome antidote to Hillary the Hawk.

There will be costs associated with removing or relocating the troops in Germany, to include constructing new bases somewhere else, hopefully in the United States, but the realization that the soldiers are not really needed could lead to the downsizing of the U.S. military across the board. That would be strongly resisted by the Pentagon, the defense industries and Congress.

If Trump is serious about downsizing America’s overseas commitments, the reduction in the German force is a good first step, even if it was done for the wrong reasons. It would be even better if he would force NATO into discussions about ending the alliance now that it is no longer needed, which would mean that the remaining American soldiers in Europe could come home.

The U.S. mission of global dominance has meant huge budget deficits and a national debt of $26 trillion, which is likely unsustainable. Germany and other European nations, by way of contrast, balance their government budgets every year. South Korea, which hosts 30,000 American soldiers, is wealthy and far more powerful than its northern neighbor. The continued occupation of Japan with 50,000 troops makes no sense even considering an increase in China’s regional power. Overall, the United States continues to have 170,000 soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines based overseas in 150 countries and its military budget exceeds one trillion dollars when everything is considered. The Iraq and Afghanistan Wars may have cost as much as seven trillion dollars given the fact that much of the money was borrowed and will have to be repaid with interest.

It is past time for Donald Trump to make a bold move because the Democrats won’t have the backbone to rattle the status quo. End the foreign wars, shut down the overseas bases and bring the soldiers home. Spend tax dollars to improve the lives of Americans, not to fight wars for Saudis and Israelis. A simple formula for change, but sometimes simple is best.


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  1. What does it really matter that Europe and Canada “laugh” at the United States?? They have their own faults with which to contend – never mind someone else’s. Besides, this article speaks as if they all began with Trump. Not so.

    1. @ Gilbert Huntly,

      What does it really matter that Europe and Canada “laugh” at the United States??

      You distort what the article says. At no point does the author of the article, Philip Giraldi, an American patriot who loves his country, say that Europe and Canada are “laughing at the United States”. The are NOT laughing at the United States. The are laughing at Trump, the clown you admire! — The man at the helm of the United States, they are laughing at him. This is what the article says. Read carefully:

      “Trump’s behavior has real world consequences. The Canadians and Europeans regard him as a joke, but a dangerous joke due to his impulsive decision making. He cannot be trusted and when he says something he often contradicts himself on the next day.”

      You don’t like to read this, even though it’s true. Trump cannot be trusted. He has kept none of his promises. He changes his mind constantly. And Philip Giraldi has a right to point this — that Trump is widely regard with contempt abroad.

      America is not being regarded with contempt. It’s the clownish President who is being regarded with contempt. And rightly so.

      Philip Giraldi, like you, is genuinely concerned for America. This is because he wants America to be ruled wisely and well. And it’s not being ruled wisely and well, as you yourself would be the first to admit.

  2. To Gilbert Huntly,

    Do you actually believe Trump when he says he’s upset the BLM/Antifa protestors/rioters are destroying Confederate statues? If you do believe that you’re very naive, Gilbert.

    1. TOJ said about Trump:
      “He likes jews blacks and third world immigrants, he likes the “dreamers”, he likes everybody except White Americans.The jews, blacks, and foreigners can vote for him, I’m staying home on Election Day.”

      Are you out of your mind??! Trump does not like blacks and foreigners. For him blacks are either dogs, M.F, lazy,looters or lowlife. The Mexicans are thugs and rapists. And the Africans come from shit hole countries. I should add he banned Muslims from entering the United State.

      This patriotic and foreign born American will not be voting for Trump or Joe Biden. I am voting instead for SpongBob this November.

      1. MEY,
        Yep. No mas Trump. “Child-lover” creepy Joe????….no gracias. SpongeBob? Yes. Gonna get Donaldos vote. That’s what a sponge does. It cleans up messes. AND…..what a mess the USSA is in.

  3. Pull out of the MIDDLE EAST all together, no reason to defend EURO OIL or INTERESTS there. If IRAN is such a threat than let the SAUDIS deal with that threat UNILATERALLY & we need to BUT OUT. That’s all/it, done, over & finis.

    If we are pulling troops out of Saudi Arabia, do we have to give back some of the money Trump said they had paid for US troops in January toward the October agreement?

    I totally agree with Philip Giraldi analysis. Support our troops means bring them back home alive and not in body bags to Dover AFB.

    1. @ Mahmoud

      I think there could be a method in Trump’s apparent madness. This is assuming he’s smarter than most people think he is. I think you will agree with me on these two points:

      (1) No point having large numbers of US personnel in countries where their presence is not necessary. Why so many troops in Germany for example? Or in Japan? Neither the Germans or the Japanese are a problem. The military bases there are kept for cosmetic purposes. They are more like holiday camps. So why not REDEPLOY them to other locations where their presence is more important? Like where?

      (2) Like America, if American soldiers are needed in large numbers to control the American people in the event of martial law or civil war. All dictators, from ancient Rome onwards, need soldiers to protect them from the masses they rule. If Trump becomes Dictator, the new Hitler or Stalin, he will need America’s arned forces IN AMERICA — to protect him for the American people.

      After all, America is meant to be a democracy, right? So most Americans won’t like a dictatorship run by Donald Trump.

      In order to survive, Trump will need to police the United States. The ordinary cops aren’t enough. They are now “giving the knee” to the “Black Lives Matter” people. That won’t do. The police can’t go on acting like snowflakes. You need tough guys to keep order in a country that is getting out of control. Maybe that’s why the troops need to be brought home. Not to sit on their asses, but to keep order under the new American dictatorship.

      Maybe this is America’s future: the abolition of democracy and the imposition of an elite oligarchy under the supreme rule of an American Hitler or Stalin.

        1. You know the USA is a joke and is a clownworld country when we, us Americans, we have U.S. military troops all over the world protecting borders all over the world, our military is protecting borders of foreign countries all over the world, but we don’t have any U.S. military troops on our own borders with Mexico and with Canada.

          And our lawmakers in Washington, they seem perfectly happy with the U.S. military protecting borders of foreign countries all over the world and NO U.S. troops to protect our borders.

          How come Trump wants U.S. troops in Syria to protect the Syrian oil fields? The oil fields in Syria belong to the Syrians, not to us Americans. Trump wants the U.S. military to protect some oil fields in Syria [ the oil from the Syrian oil fields goes to Israel of course ] but he won’t put any U.S. soldiers on the borders of the United States. It’s “legal” to use the American military to steal oil from Syria and give the oil to Israel but it’s “illegal” to use the American military to protect the borders of the United States, posse comitatus and all that.

          1. Well said, Joe! Lucidly and logically stated. Troops in Syria to make sure Israel gets free and abundant oil. But no troops in America to protect the US-Mexican border.

            But there’s a logic in this decision to protect Israeli oil but do nothing to protect America from vast numbers of illegal immigrants pouring in from Mexico.

            The logic is this: Trump is a Zionist, a Zionist through and through, so everything he does is TO PLEASE THE JEWS. And this is what the Jews want. They not only want free and abundant Middle East oil, they also want uncontrolled mass immigration to America. The more illegal immigrants who pour into America, the more the Jews love it! You know that. I know that. Even dear old Gilby knows that.

            And yet Gilby keeps backing Trump, even though Trump is is doing exactly the thing Gilby hates and is against: swamping America with endless numbers of illegal immigrants.

            1. Trump TALKS about “building a wall” and keeping illegal immigrants at bay, but he actually does nothing to curb immigration. He is a tool of the Jews, following a Jewish agenda: backing Israel to the hilt in the Middle East and doing everything to please the Jews in America, from AIPAC down.

              1. I will not be voting for Trump in November. I’m not going to vote for anyone. Pat and Pat’s friend BMan were right all along. I was wrong. Trump reneged on all the promises he made to his supporters [ who are predominately White Americans ] while Trump made sure to keep the promises he made to the jews.

                He likes jews blacks and third world immigrants, he likes the “dreamers”, he likes everybody except White Americans.

                The jews, blacks, and foreigners can vote for him, I’m staying home on Election Day. Trump’s role is to dogwhistle to White Americans to make us White Americans think we actually have some representation in Washington. The Democrats think us White Americans are dogs, and so does Trump and his whole chabad lubavitch family and most of the Republican leadership also see us working class/middle class White Americans as dogs.

                1. If Trump loses and then the Democrats have him arrested and thrown in prison I won’t give a sh*t. I won’t be celebrating it like the Democrats, but I won’t be crying about it either. I will be indifferent and not care at all.

      1. SAKI,

        The way I look at it is we’ve lost over 4,000 American troops in the Iraq War and we’ve poured over half a trillion dollars into it. Every day we turn on the news and we hear about more devastation Muslims countries and more troops are being killed in Africa and Afghanistan. I was sad to hear yesterday about a veteran organization that take care of veterans who lost limbs in combat, that they get no federal funding. The money is better spent at home where one of 6 children go to bed hungry in America and veterans are being homeless and live on welfare. Meanwhile America is engaged in regime change and playing international policeman around the globe.

        Charity begins at home

        1. Yes, I agree with everything you say here, Mahmoud. Except that I think your figure of half a trillion dollars spent by the US over the Iraq war may be a huge underestimate. I’ve heard much higher figures being mentioned.

          Maybe Pat will be able to help us here.

      2. Saki –

        Trump says $6 Trillion!

        IN 2016….. 4 yrs ago….
        A recent Brown University study, for example, pinned the cost of the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Syria at about $3.6 trillion from 2001 to 2016, using the $1.6 trillion operations costs as a baseline but also accounting for counterterrorism costs.

        Adding in money appropriated for war spending and on homeland security in 2017…. the total reaches $4.79 trillion.

        1. Thanks, Pat. Brilliant research! . . . Yes, I knew at once that Mahmoud’s estimate of half a trillion dollars was far too small a figure. I suspected it was a least $3 trillion.Thanks again for this valuable info.

  4. Troops could be brought back home and used to secure the borders in the USA. Reservists could train there also.

    Residents along the border with Mexico and all along the perimeter (coasts & Canada) live in a “Constitution free zone.” Court rulings have declared that the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution does not apply at checkpoints and spaces up to 100 miles north of the U.S.‐Mexican border, in particular.

    Arivaca is a small, unincorporated community in Pima County, Arizona, around 11 miles north of the Mexican border. The closest big city is Tucson, 60 miles northeast. The town itself is barebones—a smattering of old buildings, some dating back to the 1800s. It is surrounded by swathes of yellow grassland.

    To get groceries or cash a check at the bank, residents often have to drive north to Green Valley, or even further, to Tucson. And to do that, they have to pass by a Customs and Border Protection (CBP) checkpoint, where they’re inevitably asked if they’re U.S. citizens.

    1. Thanks SAKI and Pat. That was a good catch by SAKI.

      I stand corrected! I double-checked my source, and I was mistakenly quoting the cost of the Iraq war in 2007.

  5. “Trump’s behavior has real world consequences. The Canadians and Europeans regard him as a joke, but a dangerous joke due to his impulsive decision making. He cannot be trusted and when he says something he often contradicts himself on the next day.”

    I think the key to “understanding” the Trump “presidency” (e.g. why “they” apparently wanted Trump in the White House in the first place only to constantly harass him thereafter) can be found in the below linked document, wherein the authors state:

    “We have a U.S. president who is psychologically and mentally both dangerous and incapacitated. His presentation is consistent with a person who, when his falsely inflated self-image is questioned, or when his emotional need for adulation is thwarted, lashes out in an attempt to restore his sense of potency and command over others.
    We have a consensus that persons with risk factors such as our president would clearly be required to submit to an evaluation, regardless of choice. We must also remember that his position makes him more dangerous, not less: he has the most destructive weapons and the greatest war-making powers at his disposal, but his mental defect also makes him a vulnerable target for manipulation by extremist forces within our country as well as in foreign nations. Our adversaries are highly likely to have his psychological profile, while we ourselves are kept in the dark.”

    As I see it, the notion of Trump’s “manipulation by extremist forces” would seem to explain many things.

    At the end of Obama’s second term, the empire’s agenda was stalled; things were at a geopolitical stalemate. And the way forward would involve serious risks that no career politician would generally want to take, so they installed a “psychologically and mentally…dangerous and incapacitated” person – Trump – that they felt could be manipulated into taking such risks. (BTW many of “them” seem to seriously dislike Trump, personally, but they don’t actually remove him from office because they need him to do dirty work).

    Apparently, when Trump does something “good,” e.g. attacking Syrian government forces, moving the embassy to Jerusalem, walking away from the JCPOA agreement with Iran, etc., he is rewarded by having his image appear on an Israeli coin, having an Israeli settlement named after him, being deemed “king of the Jews” etc., but when he doesn’t do something or tries to do something but fails to bring about the desired result, he’s attacked/politically harassed in some way, apparently in an effort to get him to lash out at deep state targets in a “narcissistic rage.”

    “Narcissistic rage is a psychological construct that describes a reaction to narcissistic injury, which is conceptualized as a perceived threat to a narcissist’s self-esteem or self-worth. The term narcissistic rage was coined by Heinz Kohut in 1972. Narcissistic rage occurs on a continuum, which may range from instances of aloofness and expressions of mild irritation or annoyance to serious outbursts, including violent attacks and
    murder [34]. For Kohut, narcissistic rage is related to narcissists’ need for total control of their environment, including ‘the need for revenge, for righting a wrong, for undoing a hurt by whatever means.’ It is an attempt by the narcissist to turn from a passive sense of victimization to an active role in giving pain to others,
    while at the same time attempting to rebuild their own (actually false) sense of self-worth. It may also involve self-protection and preservation, with rage serving to restore a sense of safety and power by destroying that which had threatened the narcissist [35]. Alternatively, according to Kohut, rages can be seen as a
    result of the shame at being faced with failure. Narcissistic rage is the uncontrollable and unexpected anger that results from a narcissistic injury – a threat to a narcissist’s self-esteem or worth.”

    “In Syria, troops were only moved from the northern part of the country to the oil producing region in the south to protect the fields from seizure by ISIS, while in Afghanistan the nineteen-year-long training mission and infrastructure reconstruction continue.”

    Obviously, the claim of protecting the oilfields from ISIS is only a pretext; the real reason is most likely to prevent the Syrian government from receiving the revenue from the sale of the oil.

    1. HS –

      As I see it, the notion of Trump’s “manipulation by extremist forces” would seem to explain many things.”

      Yes!! I have written that since 2015. Adelson being among the MOST ‘extreme’ pulling his strings thru numerous bankruptcies.

      From 2015:
      Trump is Pharisee-Jew Bankers’ best ‘not so secret’ AGENT..!!

      He fits right in with the DEBT-Makers in London and US.

      Pharisee-Jew Bankers are excited about Trump’s debt…. The PRODUCT they sell… DEBT.

      Trump’s 4 ‘DEBT PRODUCING’ companies filed for Chapter 11 REORGANIZATION.

      Chapter 11 is where Pharisee-Jew Bankers get lucrative holdings for cheap with a Pharisee-Jew judge’s help.

      His created DEBT was used and then re-used and bundled many-many times as parts of derivative packages… MORE DEBT. Brokers happy… excited.

      Bankruptcy 1: The Trump Taj Mahal, 1991 (big debt)
      The first bankruptcy associated with Trump was perhaps the most significant in terms of his personal finances. He funded -BORROWED – the construction of the $1 billion Trump Taj Mahal casino in Atlantic City, which opened in 1990. By 1991, the casino was nearly $3 BILLION in DEBT, while Trump had racked up nearly $900 million in personal liabilities – DEBT, so the business decided to file for Chapter 11 reorganization. As a result, Trump gave up HALF his personal stake in the casino and sold his yacht and AIRLINE for cheap.

      Bankruptcy 2: Trump Plaza Hotel, 1992 (more debt)
      Trump acquired the Plaza Hotel in New York for $390 million in 1988. By 1992, the hotel had accumulated $550 million in DEBT. As a result of the bankruptcy, in exchange for easier terms on which to pay off the debts, Trump relinquished a 49 percent stake in the Plaza to a total of six LENDERS. Trump remained the hotel’s CEO, but it was merely a gesture — he didn’t earn a salary and had no say in the hotel’s day-to-day operations.

      Bankruptcy 3: Trump Hotels and Casinos Resorts, 2004 (more debt)
      Trump Hotels and Casinos Resorts filed for bankruptcy again in 2004 when his casinos — including the Trump Taj Mahal, Trump Marina and Trump Plaza casinos in Atlantic City and a riverboat casino in Indiana — had accrued an estimated $1.8 BILLION in DEBT. Trump agreed to reduce his share in the company from 47 to 27 percent in a restructuring plan, but he was still the company’s largest single shareholder and remained in charge of its operations. He will keep increasing the DEBT there.

      Bankruptcy 4: Trump Entertainment Resorts, 2009 (more debt)
      Trump Entertainment Resorts — formerly Trump Hotels and Casinos Resorts — was hit hard by the 2008 economic recession and missed a $53.1 million BOND interest payment in December 2008. After debating with the company’s board of directors, Trump resigned as the company’s chairman and had his corporate stake in the company reduced to 10 percent. The company continued to use Trump’s name in licensing.


      NOW we can stop ‘GUESSING’ and ‘KNOW’ WHY the US Embassy was moved to Jerusalem and WHY the Iran Deal was withdrawn, resulting in the protests by Palestinians.
      “The Godfather” – CBC exposé on Sheldon Adelson’s influence on Trump, Harper, & Mideast policies.

      1. Adelson’s influence made simple: $$$$$$$!!!

        “Who is Sheldon Adelson? Casino Magnate & GOP Mega-Donor | NowThis”

        $20 million to a SuperPAC against Hillary, $5 million to Trump’s inauguration festivities, and now another $30 million to a SuperPAC dedicated to re-electing House Republicans – here’s how Sheldon Adelson has bought his way into the heart of the GOP.

  6. Some people have run for president, not too many, like Ron Paul, on the theory that we should just immediately bring every soldier we have elsewhere in the world back home here, declare – We No Longer Give A Shit – or Whatever, and save all that dough on the investiture, let everybody else figure it out for themselves, if one country attacks another and commits all kinds of hideous atrocities against innocent civilians, we don’t care…
    Reducing militarism in the world is a good idea but it should not be done in a haphazard way… It should be done alongside increased communications and cooperation with other nations, where everybody understands the vision and agrees with the plan to get it… Ron Paul had the right idea basically but he didn’t come across as having thought it out much, nothing on the greater proactive….
    Yes by all means Trump should bring most of the troops back here and put them to work guarding the borders, where btw there’s a lot of slavery happening among the gangsters, human traffickers, the people who are really in charge of the area… you might think you’d hear blm speaking up about that, if they cared about slavery, or hear some ‘journalist’ ask em about it… Trump, or at least his rhetoric, sounds good there, still pretty much the only one… Some of the other military returnees should be put together into a domestic security force that makes sure the rioting, grand theft, looting, assaults, arson, murder, never happens again, nobody pulls down statues and monuments… If we let the mob-rule thing continue, it means we have no country, it’s lawless… It’s time for a big-big crackdown on those parts of the population that riot, with special targets made of them that foster it… What might be Trump’s real intentions with such a domestic security force in place? Good question… ask what the Jews want and you’ll have the answer… SAKI’s right to wonder… Trump has gone along with the virus hoax, how about the mandatory vaccine?
    also, maybe some of those military personnel should be left on the scene as Peace Corps types, a bigger team, working alongside the ambassadors in communication with the leadership of other nations to form the peaceful vision and promote greater cooperation….
    it’s ok with me if we go back to president Harding’s proposal to combine elements of every navy into one international sea patrol, make the oceans a lot less safe for pirates, and get some rules against overly destructive fishing methods and ocean dumping into force… it might not be too far a leap from there, if you have assumed an alternative posture, to the idea that countries really have no good reason to aggress against each other…

  7. For whatever it’s worth, the scuttlebutt is that had Clinton become the POTUS the “NWO” would have been on the fast track to becoming a done deal. This isn’t to say Trump is some sort of savior, only that those backing him proved to be more savvy in making it happen through voter fraud machinations where “agents” of TWO Annunaki factions compete. The side that were “trumped” have been in retaliation mode ever since his “(s)election”, and what we’re seeing going on now reflects this

    Both are vying for world supremacy through their surreptitious control of human governments. Elite Jews play significant roles in backing both sides, respectively, where Zionism is a tool used by both, and Rothschild is, say, the “moneymaster referee” with no dog in the fight.

    This would explain alot IF you’re open to a reality of the non-humans that are among us

  8. I predict the nation of CHAZ (or CHOP) will grow much bigger and the USA will become one large CHAZ. The agenda has been set by the international Jewish controlled politburo. Black heads of state will be employed and will strictly follow the Soros and Rothschild directions. Obama may even be declared the Great Chief. Trump will build a huge tower in a remaining White country. People like Gilbert will become historical anachronisms as Whites are taxed to breaking point and FEMA type camps imprison the rest. Joe Biden will be your president, in charge of the great White internment. He will be given the licence to sniff up as many young girls as he likes and to make foul suggestions in their ears. Mao TSE Tung, as one biography states, made use of young women “like throw-away lettuce leaves”, and the Biden’s and Clinton’s will be able to perform all the sexual obscenities they like. Get ready for full blown Bolshevik-Jewish Communism, with blacks running rampant.

  9. Question: Why does Trump take genius pills?

    Answer: He recently confessed to Sean Hannity of Fox News that he takes “genius pills” supplements which he claimed it can double IQ, increase the brain energy level, and help reconnect parts of the brain that were separated.

    1. @ Mahmoud

      Be grateful that Trump is on “genius pills”.
      Just imagine what he’d be like without them! 🙂

      1. SAKI,

        Yes I am grateful Trump is on “genius pills”, other wise he will make America the laughingstock of the world. I Just found out he did not seem to know Britain is a nuclear power and that he has once asked if Finland is part of Russia. In his case, he needs “genius pills” badly.

  10. The picture of 45 in this thread makes him looks like he has Down syndrome. He does nauseate me with his smirk..

    Trump’s mother Mary Anne Trump said of her son, “Yes, he’s an idiot with zero common sense, and no social skills, but he IS my son. I just hope he never goes into politics. He’d be a disaster.” Hey, mother knows best!

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