Are the Beirut Explosions an Act of War by Israel?

Rumors have begun to accumulate that the the massive carnage wreaked on Beirut two days ago — well over a hundred dead and over 5000 injured — was an act of deliberate terrorism by Israel. What do you think?

The Saker’s blog via Truthseeker
August 5, 2020

Lebanon SITREP: Letter from a Lebanese friend


THE SAKER: (July 4, 2020) :  This was just sent to me by a good Lebanese friend:

Huge disaster, investigation underway, on face value was caused by utter negligence, corruption and incompetence of Lebanese state, but I am one of those that has been stressing that the enemies could have exploited this state negligence and corruption to trigger this disaster through sabotage. Few simple reasons for this, including:

a) this disaster completely serves current US-Israeli efforts to pressure Lebanon economically to bow down to their demands

b) the site of the explosion, Port of Beirut, was the transit through which 50-80% of Lebanon’s commodity and trade needs were met

c) the explosions struck wheat reserves stored there as well, exacerbating the dire economic situation and inflation further

d) Israeli officials a few days ago were warning the Resistance that if they struck Israeli army targets (a response to recent Israeli crimes by Resistance was imminent), Lebanon’s infrastructure will be targeted

e) one year ago exactly Israel’s ambassador to UN said at the Security Council that the Port of Beirut had become ‘Hezbollah’s Port’. Lebanese ambassador said this was a direct threat to Lebanon’s civilians and security

f) last but not least, the 2,750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate (that exploded) were reportedly stored there 6 years ago, and they have been described as a ticking time bomb considering the irresponsible way that they were stored. Is it really coincidental that this ticking time bomb goes off today, at the worst possible moment for Lebanon (Country is falling on all levels, coronavirus, US siege at its peak etc)?

So, while initial reports have said this disaster was caused by the utter negligence, corruption and lack of accountability of Lebanese state institutions, an official investigation is currently underway, and the Resistance will certainly be doing its own investigation, because there was no worse possible time for this disaster to occur to Lebanon than today. Sabotage by the enemy must remain a strong possibility, though actually proving that may be difficult.

VIDEO   :   1.51 mins

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    Yes, I have no doubt whatsoever that Israel was behind this “accidental” explosion the mainstream media is talking about. Interestingly enough, President Trump is not buying into the theory that the staggering carnage wreaked on Beirut was an “accident”.

    When questioned on TV, he said categorically that this was a “terrible attack” on the Lebanese people by a hostile country. He added that his “generals” had told him this. So the top US brass knows what is going on. Trump knows Israel is behind this act of terrorism, though he has stopped short of naming and shaming them openly.

    1. I suspect Trump secretly sympathizes with what the Israelis have done and this is a coordinated US-Israeli act of blatant provocation to war.

      The US and Israel are doing in Lebanon exactly what they have been doing in Iran for the last few months. Carrying out numerous attacks on Iranian infrastructure, including the covert assassination of Iranian scientists and academics.

      Unless Russia or China step in and intervene, there will be no stopping the US-Israeli war machine.

  2. Remember the Murrah building in Oklahoma city? Remember the much ballyhooed “ANFO” truck bomb? Remember the sociopolitical fallout from that bomb? Just a coincidence no doubt.

    “ANFO Explosive – A Versatile Solution. Ammonium Nitrate is an adaptable oxidizer that works well when explosions are needed during mining or quarrying operations. When combined with fuel oil, it makes an effective explosive that has a wide range of applications. Available in both bulk and bagged form, ANFO Prilled Ammonium Nitrate (AN) is a nominal blend of porous Ammonium Nitrate prill and fuel oil. It is a dry, free flowing explosive; formulated to ensure the appropriate oxygen balance providing optimal energy and sensitivity.”

    “The chemistry of ANFO detonation is the reaction of ammonium nitrate with a long-chain alkane (CnH2n+2) to form nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and water. In an ideal stoichiometrically balanced reaction, ANFO is composed of about 94.3% AN and 5.7% FO by weight. In practice, a slight excess of fuel oil is added, as underdosing results in reduced performance while overdosing merely results in more post-blast fumes. When detonation conditions are optimal, the aforementioned gases are the only products. In practical use, such conditions are impossible to attain, and blasts produce moderate amounts of toxic gases such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides (NOx). The fuel component of ANFO is typically diesel, but kerosene, coal dust, racing fuel, or even molasses have been used instead. Finely powdered aluminium in the mixture will sensitise it to detonate more readily.”

    It takes two to tango. So we hear about the oxidizer but where’s the fuel component in exacting proportion? And say, weren’t the first reports about an “exploding fireworks factory?” Once again a bombing story morphs as it explodes outward into the media domain. I’m waiting to hear if they found terrorist passports and bandannas to positively identify the culprits

    Me thinks something stinks in Beirut.

  3. I believe that Israel did this and used a mini nuke, this is in line with Israels greater Israel agenda which wants to destroy the mideast and bring an Israeli take over of all the mideast.

    I also believe that Israel planted a nuke in the ocean off of Fukushima Japan and caused the tsunami that destroyed the nuclear reactor on 3-11-11.

    1. @Desert Fox

      “…I believe that Israel did this and used a mini nuke…”

      That is indeed the suspicion. See : August 4, 2020 : Israel Hits Beirut with Nuclear Missile, Trump and Lebanese Govt. Confirm (continually updating).

      Technically and “morally” they are capable of such a despicable act.

      1. Israel and zionist traitors in ZUSS government also did 911 and the attack on the USS Liberty, they are satanists.

  4. The Pentagon plan was “war with 7 countries in 5 years” Lebanon was on that list ..
    Iran is next.
    How come they made this one look like an accident ??
    Is someone just a little bit scared out there ??
    It’s not like they didn’t tell us .. up front .. Wesley Clark spoke on TV & told the world.
    Beginning with Iraq .. then Syria .. Lebanon & Libya & Somalia & Sudan & Iran to finish.

  5. So … why are they now lying about it ??
    Has something gone ‘horribly wrong’ ??
    Are they afraid of retaliation ??
    Look at how main stream media took up the cleaning cloth to wipe all the blood shed away for them.
    I wonder how they will do Iran ??
    Will Russia get involved ??
    Russia has a bomb 30 times more powerful than anything that Israel & the US put together .. have.
    Will the strike US soil ??
    Will they go straight for Israel instead .. to send a strong message to the US.
    Israel is the size of a postage stamp .. only 4 times the size of Hiroshima .. the nuclear bombs are small compared with the compact, high powered bombs they have today.
    It will be over in minutes & Israel will be no more.
    How does that sound ??

  6. I have a poem to share ..

    Where is mummy, where is daddy
    They’ve gone out to dinner
    They’ve gone & left the babies
    Alone with the sitter
    Where is mummy, where is daddy
    Are they at the movies
    Are the babies safe
    Alone with the sitter
    Where is mummy, where is daddy
    They’re home again at last
    Let’s close our eyes & go to sleep
    The scary time has passed.

    Thank You !!

  7. “When nitrous aluminum is exposed to +170C it beaks down in an endothelial reaction to nitrogen and powdered aluminum. Powdered aluminum is very explosive, but requires an oxidizer. Detonation of a quantity of powdered sufficient to yield the observed explosion requires a massive amount of oxides. The atmosphere is insufficient. The explosion was engineered. Elementary.”
    – Dave Tibor

      1. Besides, Ming the Merciless has no need to be so extravagant and excessive as to employ a ‘nuke’ when the needed material (the bomb) is already on hand in the form of the warehouse bldg contents. The warehouse itself was the sitting duck bomb containing enough explosive material to do exactly what we saw. Not to mention demonstrating (if you look) one of Ming’s fortes. A real specialty; ambush.

      2. Chuck, yes. It sure looks like the first smaller explosion/(ignition) triggers the big blast.
        Where’s Pat when we really need him?!
        Pat, hope all is well, or at least tolerable..

  8. Back in the 1980s, I was involved with moving thousands of tons of ammonium nitrate from a warehouse in Hopewell, Virginia (imported via ocean barge) to places all over the United States. I even hauled some, myself; and we simply drove our dump trailers into the warehouse and loaded via front-end loader (a CAT 980). The huge piles of ammonium nitrate required no special handling, except to be kept dry. Arriving at destinations (mainly fertilizer plants) it was dumped into concrete bins at the batch houses for mixing. The ammonia smell is very prevelant, and the stuff will shrink leather boots if walked in. (I had to actually cut the new Justin cowboy boots off my feet in Ohio!)
    Franklin’s recipe lacks ONE ingredient to make an ammonium nitrate explosion, and I will not say what it is; but it leads me to doubt this Lebanese incident was contrived by any specific government. (The Oklahoma City bombing didn’t happen the way the “official report” told, either!) (Notice how speedily Tim McVeigh was executed – to keep him silent!)

  9. 9/11 terrorist attacks = 2020 Beirut bombing

    The Israeli newspaper Ma’ariv reported Crime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told an audience at Bar Ilan university that the “September 11, 2001 terror attacks had been beneficial for Israel.”

    Moshe Feiglin, leader of the Zehut party said that the Beirut port blast was a “wonderful celebration.”

    Lebanese people reject both ISISraeli offer of fake solidarity of medical aid the lighting of Tel Aviv municipality with the color of the Lebanese flag.

    Finally, what other motive for the top generals at the Pentagon would have to brief the president with 100% certainty that the Beirut explosion was a deliberate “terrorist attack.”

    Once confirmed beyond any reasonable doubt, I am sure Hezbullah will light up the sky over the Gay Capital of the world, better known as Tel Aviv.

    1. @ Mahmoud El-Yousseph

      Finally, what other motive for the top generals at the Pentagon would have to brief the president with 100% certainty that the Beirut explosion was a deliberate “terrorist attack.”

      You have made some outstanding comments, Mahmoud old friend.
      Keep up the good work. And long live Palestine!

      1-minute video of Trump confirming
      that this was NOT an accident but a terrorist attack:

      1. @ Admin

        Please restore to me your good graces
        by allowing me to post again without being monitored.
        I promise to behave like a model citizen in future! 🙂

  10. Lebanese Twitter users responded to the ISISraeli reaction to Beirut bombing by, “We will be the ones to light up Tel Aviv — with our rockets. Tel Aviv is already lit by the ghost of Imad and Jihad [Mughniyeh],” wrote Mohammad Ali Sakr (no relationship to our author, referring to two leaders of Hezbullah — a father and his son — killed by ISISrael.

    Saad Dair’ri tweeted, ” Another tweeted, “We don’t want anything from you, you are our enemies… you who killed the children of Qana.” That is a reference to Qana Massacre where 106 Lebanese civilians died in the 1996 incident in the village of Qana, when Israel shelled a United Nations position in an attempt to strike back at Hezbollah fire. The prime minister at the time, Shimon Peres, expressed “bitter surprise” that civilians were in the area.

    Meanwhile, the U.S. Embassy in Beirut says at least one American citizen was killed and several more were injured in Tuesday’s massive explosion in Beirut’s port.

    U.N. deputy spokesman said Wednesday that among the thousands injured from the blast at Beirut’s port are over 100 U.N. staff members and dependents, and among the more than 100 dead are two family members of U.N. staffers.

    Germany has dispatched dozens of search and rescue specialists to Lebanon to help in the race to find survivors trapped beneath rubble.

    The Australian government has pledged an initial 2 million Australian dollars ($1.4 million) to the relief effort in Lebanon.

    Czech Interior Minister says Lebanon has accepted an offer to send a team of 37 rescuers with sniffer dogs to Beirut. Denmark says it is ready to provide humanitarian assistance to Lebanon, and Greece says it is ready to help Lebanese authorities “with all means at its disposal.”

    Several Arab countries sent field hospitals including all necessary personnel will be dispatched, according to the Royal Court. Egypt has opened a field hospital in Beirut to receive the wounded.

    France says it is sending two planes with dozens of emergency workers, a mobile medical unit and 15 tons of aid. French President Emmanuel Macron’s office says the aid should allow for the treatment of some 500 victims.

    In other words, ISISrael can shove its aid where the sun does not rise. I just learned that ISISrael has begged Lebanon more than once to accept its aid. What part of “Stupid”…ISISrael does NOT Understand?

  11. Three years ago, the Israeli flag was projected onto the facade of the Hotel del Ville in Paris and on the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin in a tribute to four “Israeli Occupation Soldiers” who were killed in a daring operation in Jerusalem.

    Three days ago, Lebanese officials have said the enormous explosion at the port of Beirut killed at least 135 people (including one US citizen) and injured about 5,000, while displacing some 300,000 whose homes were rendered unlivable by the blast and the ensuing shock wave.

    There is no “Je suis Beirut” slogan to show solidarity with the Lebanese victims of this Israeli terrorist act. Facebook users around the world have not paid tribute to Beirut Bombing by changing their profile pictures.

    Lebanese people do not need fake and artificial sympathy from ISISrael What they need is justice and for those responsible for this war crime be held accountable.

    !0 years ago, during one of visits to Lebanon I drove by Beirut port. It was magnificent and vibrant place. In fact it is vital for the Lebanese economy since 80% of Lebanon exports and imports go through Beirut port.

    1. On July 23, 2019 srael’s Ambassador to the United Nations Danny Danon told the UN Security Council that Hezbullah, Iran, and Syria are using the port of Beirut to smuggle arms. He even said, “Beirut port has become Hezbullah’s p 13 months latter, the port of Beirut looks like Beirutshima.

      As the Arabic saying goes, ” you will clouds before the rain comes down.?

      1. Correction: The Arabic saying goes, ” you will see clouds before the rain comes down.?

  12. whiddlejoew knew it was a NUKE before anyone else in the Noosphere. whiddlejoew said it was a NUKE even before Jim Stone said it! 😊

    1. TROJ, did you know that the Silicon Valley has already produced a micro nuclear bomb that can fit in a lemon? Microscopic micro-micro x 1,000 nano particles have been developed and employed as detonators in micro nuclear matter. Split one minuscule atom and you detonate a small, but highly lethal nuclear explosion. So, instead of spark plugs in cars firing up petrol as the explosive catalyst, you will have micro nuclear transponders in future automobiles generating micro nuclear explosions to generate extreme energy and forward and reverse propulsion. It is believed tiny nuclear bombs are already being made. The coming world is almost too dangerous to talk about, with terrorists and Yankee Zionists armed with apples, oranges and lemons. Be very wary if you see a fat Yankee sucking a lemon! Of course, our wise Pat has explained that there are no nuclear explosive devices, along with those who say the Jap cities were merely fire bombed. This is akin to saying the Earth is flat and has precipitous edges that you can fall from into wide space. But then again, the Earth that I am currently looking at in the desert of Central Australia is as flat as the eye can see. There is no apparent curvature, so TROJ, you could be correct. And “ne’er a sparrow falls dead on this Earth” without a devilish Jew being involved. Hence, the Jews’ attack upon the planned nation 6, with, as someone said, Iran next in line. …….. Finally, Butterfly behave yourself and be a refined lady! Try sucking a lemon.


    America is f*cked.
    The UK, France, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Italy, Spain….are f*cked.

    Yes, it’s decadence. And who’s responsible for this? They are the very religious cult, whom Mike Adams WILL NEVER, EVER, EVER call out being the Christian he is.
    Everyone who reads this website and who knows what’s really going on, knows who’s responsible. It is, of course, the Jews. Always has been and always will be.

    When you are dealing with a religious cult of supremacist racists, who want this world for themselves and want to genocide the world’s population you have a problem. When, members of this cult, are all in top positions, in all western establishments and institutions, you have a really HUGE problem. And when you choose not to accept these people as the problem and more importantly DO SOMETHING ABOUT this problem then your civilization is f*cked.

    There are no white people, calling for an end to Jewishness, or blackness in the msm and prominent positions within academia and the entertainment industry. There are, however, lots of Jews and blacks calling for an end to whiteness, living in our societies and benefiting from it. If this hasn’t got your alarm bells ringing then you’re a moron.

    First step, in winning ANY battle is knowing WHO your enemy is.
    The enemy of mankind is, always has been and always will be the Jew.
    There is one solution to the Jewish problem – a simple genocide of them (15 million although it’s estimated to much higher, due to mixing within the European population for a long time) or they WILL genocide us (7 billion). It’s a no brainer, but people still think that it’s wrong. Best case scenario is to round up every Jew, place them in a land and turn that land into the hell they’re doing, have done and plan to, already on us. Put them on an island and destroy all means of leaving. Monitor everything all of them do 24/7. Sterilise the women and that way the next generations aren’t born. Turn them into decadent, depraved, individuals, having them only watch porn on the TV. Introduce diseases to them, as they have done to us. Vaccinate them, bringing about autism and aspergers. And simply tell them that “we are God’s chosen. This is our world and we want it for ourselves, with no Jew on it.”

    I don’t think people understand the gravity of the situation here. We are at war. You still harp on about WW1 and WW2 when you fail to see that the very people, the very religious, supremacist, racist cult that has had Europeans murdering one another for centuries, is in full control of society and has introduced means to drastically reduce (murder) our population. Is this sinking in??? How many times do you fools need to be told before it sinks in that JUDAISM is a hateful, racist, genocidal cult??? “Oh but I know Jews and they are good people and blah blah blah….” the very fact that they CHOOSE to be Jews, when they know ALL ABOUT what Judaism is, should instantly tell you that they are NOT good people at all. They are playing the waiting game. Heck, there are millions of Jews out there who identify as Christians, but they call themselves Jews. This means that they are still, adherents to their cult. Do you understand that? Judaism IS a religious ideology. There ARE no racial Jews. To say that they are a Christian, yet Jewish is like me saying I’m a white supremacist, but a black panther. It’s an OXYMORON!!!

    Jews are lying to you.
    They’ve been lying to you since time immemorial.
    You have a choice – Remove these people from their positions of power. Lock them away on an island and bring about their rapid depopulation OR kiss goodbye to your civilization and yes, that means you and any of your progeny. If you really have to think about this, then you may as well start building your own gulags now.
    STOP protecting members of this cult. This is what they are. They CHOOSE to remain as members of this cult. They DON’T have to be in this cult but they are. Now think about that. Your life depends on it.

  14. It’s impossible to know what happened here. Hopefully, there will be an investigation, that is, a thorough investigation!! It’s painful to me that my country, the US, has participated in the demise of fascinating and ancient Lebanon. Why do we have to ally with such boors as the Israeli? They have no appreciation of antiquity, no respect for neighbors, greedy little pigs for water from the Litani river… and we support them. Shame on us. I wish Lebanon well, a speedy recovery from the virus, a restoration of the food supply, repair to the port, resumption of trade. I can only say that I love Lebanese style, cooking, history. I regret not being able to ever go there due to American foreign policy.

  15. Interesting, Trump is being Trump again…
    With him you get the basic truth right off the bat at the outset…
    He said it was a bomb, he said the generals told him it was a bomb, most likely it was a bomb…
    Then later he softens it up…
    So the official story is, somebody left a whole cargo of amonium nitrate in this warehouse at the dock….
    Which would be worth several million dollars, and would cost a pretty penny to store there…
    I mean, don’t the Lebanese know some farmers they could have sold the stuff to, rather than let it sit there for several years, a potentially dangerous substance?
    For a number of years it’s been there, and the Lebanese have been trying for a while but haven’t been able to get rid of it, and it may have just been forgotten about for the last couple of years…
    Cluster fk – stupid people… yeah…
    Does anybody smell anything?
    Now, a whole shipload of amonium nitrate stuck in a warehouse in the middle of the country’s busiest port, in a very unstable part of the world, has got to interest all kinds of radical ne-er-do-wells, and it defies belief that Lebanese officials could have doped off on such a thing…
    Because if the Israelis were ever looking for a little plausibility, a shipload of amonium nitrate already on the scene would provide it, in case they had something in the way of a huge explosion at the port in mind…
    Yet, the fertilizer by itself won’t go off, right? And it doesn’t come from the factory mixed with diesel fuel…
    Don’t you have to add in, what in this case would be a couple of gasoline truck sized tankers of diesel oil, and then set the whole thing off with a stick of dynamite or some other small explosive charge?
    That’s the way I heard it from some people who would probably know, and the OKC incident schooled everybody on how fertilizer bombs are made and delivered in rental trucks…..
    So who left the stuff there?
    Did the Israelis put it there in the first place?
    Is somebody in Israel actually in cahoots with somebody in Lebanon, maybe deep-state entities from some secret society, agents provocateur?
    “An agent provocateur (French for “inciting agent”) is a person who commits or who acts to entice another person to commit an illegal or rash act or falsely implicate them in partaking in an illegal act, so as to ruin the reputation or entice legal action against the target or a group they belong to. They may target any group, such as a peaceful protest or demonstration, a union, a political party or a company.”
    Trump said it was a bomb, right?
    That sounds about right, the world being such a dangerous place… Bombs going off in the background.

  16. Rodney Shakespeare, guest on Press TV yesterday said, and I agree, that the people of Lebanon MUST stand united, instead of all the stupid rioting which is taking place, pointing fingers at the government, without proof. This plays into the hands of your enemies..

    Saw a pic yesterday, of Netanyahoo, leader of the occupiers of Palestine, from several years ago, pointing to the port in Beirut as being a future target..

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