Artificial Intelligence: Humanoid Robots to Replace Human Beings

By Anthony Cuthburston
The Independent via Truthseeker
August 19, 2020

The boffins have decided that human beings are no longer necessary and need phasing out slowly. The world will become an altogether nicer place,  it’s argued, once the human race is eliminated. Seems a good idea, no?


Scientists have discovered a ground-breaking bio-synthetic material that they claim can be used to merge artificial intelligence with the human brain.

The breakthrough, presented today at the American Chemical Society Fall 2020 virtual expo, is a major step towards integrating electronics with the body to create part human, part robotic “cyborg” beings.

Connecting electronics to human tissue has been a major challenge due to traditional materials like gold, silicon and steel causing scarring when implanted.

Scars not only cause damage but also interrupt electrical signals flowing between computers and muscle or brain tissue. The researchers from the University of Delaware were able to overcome this after various types of polymers.

“We got the idea for this project because we were trying to interface rigid organic microelectrodes with the brain, but brains are made out of organic, salty, live materials,” said Dr David Martin, who led the study.

“It wasn’t working well, so we thought there must be a better way. We started looking at organic electronic materials like conjugated polymers that were being used in non-biological devices. We found a chemically stable example that was sold commercially as an antistatic coating for electronic displays.”

The polymer, known as a Pedot, has exactly the properties needed to interface electronic hardware with human tissue without causing scarring while also dramatically improving the performance of medical implants.

The versatile Pedot polymer was also recently discovered to be capable of transforming standard house bricks into energy storage units, due to its ability to penetrate porous materials and conduct electricity.

The latest research used a Pedot film with an antibody that stimulates blood vessel growth after injury and could be used to detect early stages of tumour growth in the body.

Pedot polymers could also be used to help sense or treat brain or nervous system disorders, while versions could theoretically attach peptides, antibodies and DNA.

“Name your favourite biomolecule, and you can in principle make a Pedot film that has whatever biofunctional group you might be interested in,” Dr Martin said.

The researchers made a polymer with dopamine, which plays a role in addictive behaviours.

THE   NEW  PROFESSOR  (IQ = 1000+)

Several companies and research institutions are already working on technology to connect brains to computers, with Elon Musk’s Neuralink perhaps the closest to achieving a commercial product.

The startup plans to reveal more details about its brain chips later this month, which could one day provide “full-bandwidth data streaming” to the brain through a USB-C cable.

Mr Musk has made several claims about Neuralink’s technology, stating earlier this year that it “could extend range of hearing beyond normal frequencies” and even allow people to stream music directly to their brains.

Such technology is essential for humans to compete with advanced artificial intelligence, according to Mr Musk.

“Hi honey, I’m your new secretary!”

Last month Musk warned that humans risk being overtaken by AI within the next five years.

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  1. The New Professor: Algorithm Lookup = 100%. Intuition = 0%

    ZZZ…Zzz…. Zz…zzzz….zz…….z……… …..z ……..

    1. I’m one of those birdbrains who don’t have a clue what an algorithm is. All I know is it’s one of those impressive words people love to use to wow their friends and con them into thinking you’re a pretty smart cookie. 🙂

      1. I’ll bet there’s not a single person here who could pass the Obfuscation Test — by explaining to me what an algorithm me is in simple language a child could understand.

      2. We used algorithms in FORTRAN in college. Punch cards were used back then, even before magnetic tapes. The card reader/printer was as big as a Volkswagon!! 🙂

        An algorithm is a procedure for solving a mathematical problem in a finite number of steps.
        In computer science – an algorithm is a set of steps for a computer program to accomplish a task.

        1. Thanks for explaining, Pat. Very helpful. Alas, we birdbrains find higher mathematics very hard to understand! 🙂

        2. @ Pat
          @ Anyone else in the know

          Can you give me your opinion of QAnon?
          Is QAnon to be trusted or NOT to be trusted?

      3. Dear MB,
        If you’d like to send me your email address – just make one up for the duration – I’d be more than happy to forward a photo – Yes! Taken today! – to show you the competition you’d be up against should you even THINK of climbing into the ring!

        As you’ll be able to discern, far from being everyone’s ogre, I’m having to fight off the “fairer sex” with a Louisville Slugger before the shirt’s ripped off my back.

        Best Wishes ( as always), TR

      4. Dear MB
        Here’s an example of an algorithm even you should be able to grasp.

        Lets say, and I’ll make it topical, you want to get from Point A ( the beauty parlour) to Point B ( the sauna), here’s the algorithm for doing that:

        1. Starting at Point A, orientate in the direction of Point B
        2. Place one foot in front of the other
        3. Repeat Step 2 (commonly known as a “loop” in computer parlance) until destination
        Point B is reached
        4. Well done! Mission accomplished! End of process/algorithm.

        Hope that helps. If I can be of further assistance don’t hesitate etc etc

        1. @ The Realist

          Many thanks for explaining this complex problem to me. It would appear from your definition that I am doing algorithims every day of my live without even knowing it, for everything I do is done in a series of planned steps.

          For example, to cook a boiled egg you need to proceed methodically. First, you need to buy the egg. Cooking it is the final stage, to which you can only get by going through various intermediate stages. (Such as, “Boil water in kettle” or “Bring water to boil in saucepan.”)

          This is all very interesting to know.

          I feel a bit like the character in Molière, Monsieur Jourdain, who was amazed to learn he’d been speaking prose all his life without realizing it. 🙂

      5. It’s basically a complex equation that tells a program what to do.

        Like if you needed a program to compute the area of a circle, the equation would be area equals pie times radius squared or A=(pie)r^2. So you input data (radius measurement) and it spits out your area. The computer then uses this computed value to execute an action. And sometimes that execution involves a complex multi-layered equation that is executing physical operations while the equation is still resolving its self. Also, the result of an algorithm can trigger a new algorithm.

        It’s just COMPLEX math eqations running and telling your computer what to do. If we didn’t have algorithms every possible answer to the area of a circle whould have to be physically referanced, and that is NOT effecient at all. It would be like memorizing every single possible answer to an equation instead of knowing how to solve for it, that would be literally impossible in complex math/algorithms.

        It’s a translation between your imput (press play song button) and your computer giving you real-world physical results (plays song.)

        Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, but this is how I understand it in my mind.

        Oops I didn’t scroll down to see if anyone else explained. Well you’ve got my explication too.

  2. Dispensing with the hype, we are talking about switches, just like the light switch. Arranged in appropriate amounts and configurations they can perform computations, essentially identical to Babbage’s 19th C version:

    Multi-generational materialistic atheists have evolved aesthetic lobotomies. Ray Kurzweil and Elon Musk.
    are two such neo-Neanderthals, who are certain that providing an internal link between brain and computer will lead to a Homo Deus.

    Rather, what they will create is an ant-hill of humanity where creativity comes to an end.

    Why? Because the computer will distract the destiny of Homo Deus in exactly the same way that billions are distracted by “smart” phones.

    The objectives of Homo Deus will be programmed, undoubtedly forcefully. Spiro Skouras covered these issues, fantasied about by the World Economic Forum in a recent report “The Great Reset”

    Watch it to understand the intentions are to control “bad thoughts” in the same way that “hate speech” laws control thought, but this time the control will be hard-wired, impossible to avoid.

    The second reason for the end of creativity is that so called artificial intelligence works by calculating a mathematical goal, sometimes in randomised fashion. Thus creativity will be limited to that which is expressible in known mathematics.

    It is impossible for new domains of mathematics to be discovered by Homo Deus since “he” is searching through known mathematics.

    Creativity is conferred by the grace of God. Neo-Neanderthals will lobotomise humanity and turn it into an ant hill.

  3. Proof That the Human Body is a Holographic Projection of Consciousness

    “In this article we will explore how your body is a holographic projection of your consciousness, and how you directly influence that hologram and thus have complete control over the physical health of your body. We will also specifically explore the exact mechanism behind this principle, and don’t worry, I will provide scientific evidence so let your rational mind be at ease. But first … how is this even possible?”

    1. PAT, to have complete control over the physical health of your body a perfect surrounding environment (including the state of ones mind) is necessary. I have met more than a dozen of people that were diagnosed with terminal cancer and other deadly diseases, given up by their medical specialists surgeons/doctors and that survived with ALL symptoms disappeared or being drastically reversed and healed.
      Even a surgical procedure with leading specialists from all over Europe, where all involved basically agreed that the operation and removal of the tumor was to difficult to grant any survival due to a very advanced stage and size of a tumor that already had suppressed and damaged the heart of the patient and compromised other internal organs and bodily functions while cancer had spread throughout his body (a close friend of mine, 29 years old at that time). He miraculously survived the removal of the ostrich egg size tumor embedded 2/3 under the left rib cage and was being induced into a coma that nearly lasted 6 month after surgery. The cancer disappeared completely and all blood tests taken came back clear. The doctors/surgeons were simply stunned but could and would not provide any explanation at all. My friend when coming back to life after waking from the coma for the first time spoke of God, creation and love and house flies that once were crushed on his apartments window with rage were now caught carefully and lovingly carried back out into freedom. Before the coma and operation he was a very angry, bitter and violent man.

    2. PAT,

      The first sentence of that article:

      One of the key principles of quantum physics is that our thoughts determine reality.

      is unfounded.

      Here is a good summary of the history of why most lay people wrongly believe this unfounded statement:

      However, that consciousness is primordial in relation to matter has been confirmed by thousands through direct perception and corroboration of observations.

      Gopi Krishna who performed the literature search upon which the above statement is based was courted quantum physicists and Nobel prize officials :

      Prof. C. F. von Weizsacker, director of the Max Planck Institute of Life Sciences
      Claus Nobel of the (Nobel foundation)

      He was courted by other world class luminaries, but pointedly eschewed the weak minded New Age, Hippie and Drugs movements.

      His main contribution was the description of the biological mechanism responsible for higher consciousness. Alas as today, the media was tightly controlled throughout his life and this information never went mainstream. One is able to conclude this because he had a New York based publicist Gene Keiffer working tirelessly for decades. Plenty of “woo-woo” nonsense appeared in mainstream publications over this time, but matter of fact information on the origin of consciousness, religion and genius never made it.

  4. The primary objective of “intelligent and caring man” is to initiate the transformation of mankind as a whole. The pursuit through the ages already included the abolition and influence of monarchy, the annihilation of the church and the reconstruction of a new world order according not to natural law but solely to the will of man. The “will of man” hereby translating into the programming straight from the “Antichrist” posing as the will of man. The final worldly goal has NOW come very close. Replacing God/Nature including man with “man made technology”, the decomposition of the physical world as we know it and its reconstruction according to the Opponent of creation itself while man who already has become a programmable puppet detaching oneself from life completely while serving and idolizing those that hate and prey on their own kind.
    Quite a money/power spinner too for those projecting selfish heroism to the masses.
    “St. Elon will ‘earn’ a $10-billion bonus this year alone, and his holdings in Tesla have surged 75 billion dollars in the past year. Not bad, considering Tesla makes no profits, uses creative accounting, receives massive government subsidies, and sells business-as-usual carbon credits.”
    The takeover of the natural world seems as easy as walking from the beauty parlor to the sauna – as an projected and protected algorithm straight from the think tank Hollowood while the more or less frightened onlooker are not even amazed by their own lethargy of will to strive FOR LIFE instead of death oneself.

  5. Lead by example. They can apply it to themselves first, we will then decide if it is attractive enough to adapt for our own needs. Too many people prescribe what we should have or need, where in fact I feel something is being forced unto me, without having a need for something. The same for permanent software upgrades, new features, new bells and whistles, for what? It is all plastic, artificial. Does it ease my life, or does it complicate my life? Will it solve cancer and other dread diseases, and other fundamental issues of mankind? Or just displace mankinds problems into a higher order of difficulty. those are the kind of answers I am interested in.

    In a marketing management course I learned about building a better mousetrap. Nobody wanted it. The difference between effective and efficient. Doing the wrong thing right.

    Algorithm and Fortran and punch cards. Wrote my first program with punch cards, then that era had passed. Fortran, learned it with Cobol, which somehow is still around.

    1. (OFF-TOPIC)

      Occidental Observer giving trouble again. ALL ACCESS DENIED.
      Seems Google has it in for for the White Nationalist movement.

      1. Toby, at 7:40 I once again went to Occidental Observer with no problem as well as opening your part-2-of-3 link with no problem.

        Don’t know what to tell you. Maybe a settings or firewall problem.

        1. @ Hp
          @ Pat

          Many thanks! I can access the site again now.
          No luck an hour ago, but it’s working now.
          (Remember I’m in a different country).

  6. But they say we are NOT human..

    When the Israeli bombers and torpedo-planes were sent to attack and destroy the ship,
    the Jewish commander, seeing that it was an American vessel, had misgivings and reported
    to the High Command, which simply repeated the orders to attack and sink the Liberty.
    Those were the messages intercepted by Mr. Porter’s sta in Beirut. . . .
    Lyndon Johnson . . . ordered the Navy to cover up the attack and intimidate the survivors. . . .
    And, naturally, there were the usual hints of a boycott and other reprisals against the
    vile newspaper that had dared to publish an article that was not laudatory of the Master
    The underlying thought was clear. Why so much foolish talk about a trivial incident?
    The Jews merely killed thirty-four of their American pigs and wounded 171, maiming some.
    What was wrong about that? Doesn’t everyone know that, as . . . the Holy Talmud explicitly
    states, only Jews are human beings? That the lower animals can have no rights? | Revilo
    P. Oliver of Good News.html
    I have a graphic from . . . the oldest daily newspaper of Israel, . . . Ha’aretz . . . . The headline
    reads, \But, sir, it’s an American ship.” \Never mind. Hit her.”
    [T]he Jew in command of the three Mirage jets that attacked the Liberty was born in Baltimore. . . . The pilot of the second Israeli plane . . . had served in the US Navy Air Corps. . . .
    It is rather disheartening to think that the American armed services had trained two ghter
    pilots who thought so little of their country of birth that they joined the air force of another
    country and carried out a murderous air assault on an American ship. But such are the loyalties and nature of Jews. | Kevin Alfred Strom

  7. People who were not equipped to do well in the organic world did not accept a low position in it but went to war against it sneakily and now openly.

  8. I never understood the appeal of creating robots. What’s the point? Machines which can work in dangerous environments (deep see, high temperature, corrosive, radioactive, etc.) are useful and it’s easy to see the need for them, but somehow replacing humans with machines, the idea that one could increase “intelligence” by such means or achieve immortality, all of this misses the essence of life: An eternal life is senseless and probably fatally depressing; creativity needs more than intelligence, and to increase productivity by machine means begs the question what it is to accomplish. Who is going to buy the products thus made, with what and what for? According to the belief of a hundred years ago, we should be very happy with all the food, easy entertainment, relative comfort, the luxurious technical means we have at hand (car, aeroplane, vacation, home theater, etc.), yet the effect of that was overweight, loss of purpose, diabetes, loss of interest, a sort of degeneracy, the arts are not in their best flourish, theater, literature and politics are an embarrassment. This progress was a bust, so the progress from here to machine offspring or a machine-animal union is not to be expected to bring any happiness or contentment either.
    As it is, we are at the end of a rope, and it is perhaps time for a reset. which Nature might decree through a new pandemic (a real one) or through the consequences attendant to overcrowding on a global scale.
    In this respect I wonder whether the Antifa mob is perhaps representing a kind of suicide phenomenon, the offspring of a knowledge deep down that life in such a world holds little in store for a happy future.

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