Awash in False Narratives

18 May 2020

Humanity losing consciousness
Protest now — or never!


Layers of propaganda obscure the truth,
twist our destiny from life toward death

While Trump continues to invade Venezuela and Israel openly bombs Syria, everyone is now focussed on the criminality of the previous administration trying to hook Trump into being exposed as a Russian employee. Documentation of the actual lies told by Obama, Hillary and their Commie allies are now gushing forth everywhere, even as the mainstream media fire department tries to extinguish all the flames.

Almost forgotten is the government’s fake epidemic that shut down the whole world. Now, like so much peeling paint this fake veneer of world politics decays into meaningless but embarrassing dust. The world has suddenly turned Communist and everybody is wondering what to do.

Given the recent overt abuse of the U.S. government by its Jewish-controlled leadership, and the increasing encroachments on the personal liberty of everyone in the world, I think the new pertinent rules for society are two basic ones, and this is not a joke — Duck and cover. And. If you need it and you have it, take the shot.

Based in Israel with financial advice from London and unlimited armed assassins from Washington — and infested by disingenuous Jews at every level — this total terror trance our leaders have imposed on us is merely tightening the noose around our subservience to the New World Order.

But this is only one aspect of conclusive proof that humanity as we have known it is collectively losing consciousness. Those who still watch the news and read the papers haven’t noticed a thing as the progression has been subtle and gradual, but ultimately convincing to those who rely on deceitful propaganda rather than multiple perspectives of issues that affect their lives.

Those who wear masks watch TV; those who won’t don’t. Apply your own percentages to each category. The uncontested result will be that over all, humanity is losing consciousness. Awash in false narratives, they spin toward their own oblivion, prattling one false story or another, until they realize no one is listening, because they’re all blabbering their own false stories.

The message in all this is . . . protest now — or never! Very likely, in the final pre-vaccine moments of the conversion of humanity into centrally controlled robots, this is the last chance you will get.

The same sinister shadow

Have you noticed that all the nations of the world have been destroyed by their own governments?

They have achieved this universally by the bribery of your own leaders by a fabulously wealthy foreign power.

The only reason to wear a mask is to rob a bank. In all cases it is harmful to the wearer, reducing his oxygen intake, harming his vital organs and eliciting suspicion from others, but also a crime of deception against all others, furthering the deadly process of alienation. As well as the preferred costume of stick-up men.

Why won’t people simply say, “We object . . . !”

We object to the ubiquitous corruption in government when nothing any one of them says can be trusted.

We object to the exclusion of political voices not owned by the banks.

We object to this current attempt to change human DNA by stealth vaccinations.

We object to shutting down society over a hoax.

We object to creating so much money that our money is now worth nothing.

They must have thought they could get away with this stupendous scam because of all the other lame excuses they have used to get away with all those previous crimes they committed.

That’s recent American history — from the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 to the Great Coronahoax of 2020, which ushered in our New Age of “voluntary Communism” which starts out at least with the government paying its citizens NOT to work. Subsequent checks will doubtless be contingent on certain vaccinations and mastery of new braintraining techniques.

The terror trance has been used as a weapon against the population throughout American history, most recently and shamefully in Iraq and Afghanistan, but they go back really to our long ago invasion of Mexico. Scapegoating the enemy for exhibiting the very behavior we ourselves are practicing is a ruse used for unjust war about as old as time itself.

Put your faith in government and be culled along with the herd.

The misunderstandings of belief

Religious particularism is a particular practice that fragments the opposition to the forces of evil.

My god is better than your god, and I’ll kill you to prove it. That sort of thing. It is demonstrable proof of the sociopathic nature of regional religious beliefs all claiming to be the one true creed and ready to fight to prove it.

Differences in dogma are deliberately installed in these rituals to create friction and kindle strife. These are the poisoned fruits of someone’s ego and need to be filtered out of religious practices.

These gods are regional powers, and none of them are environmentally sound. In fact one of them, the g-d of the Jews, is downright harmful to everyone, especially to its own adherents, because in their pursuit of vengeance for their own mistakes they choose not to see the beauty of life in everyone.

The turning of everyone else into prey instead of neighbors is the chief and very likely the only cause of warfare in the world. And we can see this most clearly in the behavior of the United States, chief soloist in the world choir of the synagogue, which has conducted these phony wars of so-called justice for nearly 250 years.

Bark now or forever stifle yourself

The last chance we’ll get to protest? Well, now many people are being paid more money to stay home than they ever made going to work. Small business owners I happen to know who were forced to lay off employees during the lockdown now can’t get them back because they’re making too much money from unemployment benefits.

This is the very beginning of a long slow somewhat comfortable slide into Communism when the government will pay everyone simply to be citizens in exchange for letting the government decide what foods you can eat and what drugs you MUST take. Roll up your sleeves, cowboys, and get ready to turn off your mind.

The world’s fate hinges on the decisions of the uneducated who are exposed to only a predetermined fraction of the knowledge available. It is the propaganda they receive that determines their decisions, and their decisions determine the fate of the Earth. What they believe is therefore what they are made to believe and following the English, the Jews have mastered that dark art in capturing the mind of the world.

Will the Remnant fade away?

Religious people just might be the only remaining types of humans in the world with a functioning conscience. More’s the pity then that all these hidebound creeds couldn’t get together and manifest the spiritual power to correct corruption in government. Their inaction in these matters betrays the inauthenticity of their own claim to represent humanity dealing with higher authorities, and the foolishness of insisting communication with the divine is only valid through them alone.

There is probably a specific psychological term for this affliction. I’ve struggled to find it, have entertained many suggestions, but I’m still not sure of an accurate label. Something less than human is the best that I can guess.

The history books say we went to the moon. Shoot first and ask questions later, they said. The trick is, later never comes. Or when it does, if you’re still around, you won’t like it. Don’t take vaccines.

Be very cautious about what you believe. Demand proof. Pay attention only to your own voice in your heart. Don’t let it be spoiled by the crimes of the intellect. Political correctness makes you turn your back on mass murder. Every day the psychic sewage creeps further out into the suburbs.


Soon your mind will be turned into a park, a pleasant park, full of birds and ponds. You’ll be happy there. But you’ll no longer ever be able to see the world, if you ever could.



32 thoughts to “Awash in False Narratives”

  1. People are waking up to all this bullshit and the so called Elites are getting desperate………and if they really try to force everyone to take this vaccine then there will be gunfire.

      1. Not my attention to make you laugh chopa……they will back down you will see.

    1. You betcha Kronos. It will be “Come and Take It” time. Here, here ! I’ve got a Copper Jacketed Injection for ya !

      1. I really ,really hope so! You will have my best wishes from over here where we were disarmed by a masonic staged attack on a nursery school as a fore runner to Sandyhook over your side. The only difference
        here it worked as everybody was disarmed. Google Dunblane shooting. So all we have now are crossbows and knives!!

  2. Great Article, as usual, from Kaminski.

    Kaminsi mentioned “Israel openly bombs Syria…” and is quite correct.

    While the US was totally distracted and busily ‘COVID-ING’ every minute…
    Israel has been attacking every month so far this year. NOTHING in US MSM!!

    –Israel bombs Iran-backed forces near Syrian capital – Al-Monitor
    Apr 27, 2020 … Both the observatory and the Syrian state press said that Israeli jets fired the missiles while over Lebanon. The airstrike is Israel’s fourth in Syria…

    –Israel bombs Damascus, killing 7, including 4 Iranians
    Feb 14, 2020 … Israeli bombing of the Syrian capital Damascus overnight Thursday into Friday led to the killing of seven people, including four Iranian officers….

    –Six killed in Israeli air raid on Damascus: Monitor | Syria News | Al …
    Feb 24, 2020 … Palestinian Islamic Jihad says two of its fighters killed in Israeli bombing in Syria as air raids are reported in Gaza.

    –Israel bombs Syria; U.S. warns Iran won’t get away with sponsoring Terrorism
    Apr 1, 2020 … 2) Israeli aircraft allegedly launched a surprise strike against Iranian targets in Syria, bombing several installations in the war-torn country…

    –Syria reports Israeli strikes near Damascus | The Times of Israel
    Apr 27, 2020 … The airbase, reportedly used by Iranian forces in Syria, has been attacked several times in airstrikes attributed to Israel. According to SANA…

    –Israel strikes Syria twice in 24 hours, says war monitor – Israel News … 
    May 1, 2020 … … in the Quneitra border area. Later Friday, Israel attacked a Hezbollah weapon depot in Homs, Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says.

    1. Here is the difference between Iran and Israel:
      Iran talks. It is always just talk.

      Israel has a history of saying nothing at all, and then attacking in the dead of night, when least expected. You know, the U.S.S. Liberty thing. And Israel won’t even usually admit it is them, they prefer to hide behind a false front, like ISIS.

      Who is more dangerous?

    2. Brilliant comment! Pat is keeping us all informed about what is going on behind the scenes in Israel while the world’s attention is fixed elsewhere: on the Covid-19 crisis.

      Philip Giraldi, a long-term critic of Israeli atrocities, has been getting very upset with Israel’s atrocious cruelties and war crimes but he is a voice crying in the wilderness. As Pat says, not a mention of any of these atrocities in the mainstream media.

      Israel never lets a crisis go to waste.

      1. I thought if world leaders are preoccupied with finding a cure forCOVID-19, terrorism would stop. I was wrong. ISISrael continues to bomb Syria on a regular basis and Trump still obsessed with Iran and China The head of the international Christian television network GOD TV confirmed that Israeli authorities are looking to “shut down” its new Hebrew-language Christian channel after concerns were raised about whether the channel will proselytize to Jews.

        The only news network to my knowldge that talked about shutting down the Christian channel was Fox News. Fox News’ logo should remain Fair and balanced and the rest of the networks should get the logo Fake and biased.

    3. Israel is a rogue State since day one.
      Why Russia doesn’t respond to these bombings in Syria? That’s a good question, maybe Circassian could help to answer it.

      1. No need for Circ. He will obfuscate circuitously anyway. 🙂
        Russia purchases a lotta weapons & drones from Israel.

        Dec-2019: Israel and Russia coordinate arms sale preventing deals with Iran

        Nov-2019: Russia nixed arms sales to Israel’s enemies at its request, PM’s adviser says
        Ariel Bulshtein also claims Jerusalem reciprocated, canceling deals with Ukraine that were uncomfortable for Moscow

        Feb-2017: How Israel sold Russia drones to stop missiles from reaching Iran
        An excerpt from Yaakov Katz and Amir Bohbot’s book ‘The Weapon Wizards: How Israel Became a High- Tech Military Superpower.’

  3. After reading this very pertinent Kaminski article – and the accompanying Darkmoon pictures – I shall forever henceforth regard those with masks as part of “The Walking Dead”. 🙃🙂🙃

  4. My prediction is that they won’t try to force the vaccine on people…….for them it will be a bridge to far…….they will back down in the end.

    1. @ R

      I’m inclined to agree with you. What MAY happen is this: when everyone is dreading the advent of compulsory vaccination and when the anti-vaccination hysteria is at its climax, with huge demonstrations and civil disorder, watch Trump suddenly step in and intervene.

      He will pronounce the magic words: “NO COMPULSORY VACCINATIONS!”

      And he will be cheered as America’s greatest hero of all times — a new John F. Kennedy — and he will be swept to a stunning victory over the Democrats in the coming elections.

      1. However, there may be a sting in the tail.

        Once Trump is re-elected, Covid-19 could flare up again, leading to an even more drastic situation. Trump may then change his mind, as he frequently does, and make vaccination compulsory in the new circumstances.

        If Trump doesn’t do what he’s told, he will be removed from power and his replacement will do all that is necessary to please Big Pharma, the deep state, and our Jewish masters.

  5. “Their (religious authorities) inaction in these matters betrays the inauthenticity of their own claim to represent humanity dealing with higher authorities.”

    Well there has been action … the 9000 or so Catholic churches in the US are now on the US government Ponzi payroll – preachers paid to stay at home and keep quiet.

    R Said: “My prediction is that they won’t try to force the vaccine on people……. for them it will be a bridge to far…….they will back down in the end.” Mandatory/Compulsory have the same end – violence for non submission. Mandatory = All natural rights removed and slow death, like lepers … all because a germ was publicized as a celebrity.

    One vaccine per germ – it’s going to be a heavy schedule.

  6. “Awash in False Narratives”

    Coronavirus War Room Ep19 (with Dr. Judy Mikovits PhD) by Dr. Paul Cottrell

    Watch a discussion of ANIMAL sources of virus recombinants funded by Dr Fauci and his criminal fraud actions at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAIDS), where he has been Director since 1985.

    Dr Mikovits points out certain drugs can awaken specific viruses!! And Vitamin C is very important to strengthen immunity…. which China has hoarded since 2019!
    The US Government destroyed Judy’s career for telling the truth about “propaganda masquerading as science”…. and the “explosion of numerous conditions that were never prevalent in the past…. due to RETRO-VIRUS cross-contamination of the blood supply since the 1980s…. because of numerous VACCINES taken over the years!”

    At 1:06:52 you can see the list of….


    Multiple Myeloma
    Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma
    Chronic Lymphocytic
    Mantle Cell Lymphoma
    Hairy Cell Leukemia
    Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis
    Sjogren’s Syndrome
    Bechet’s Disease
    Primary Billary Cirrhosis
    Psoriasis, Dermatitis
    Cardiovasular Disease
    Neuroendocrine Tumors
    Gulf War Syndrome
    Chronic Lyme Disease

  7. Psychosis, yeah… I’ve seen a lot of that… People who aren’t exactly stupid but for some reason they can’t quite deal with the world, always self-medicating with alcohol and other drugs, never seem to actually get anywhere… wtf happened to them? Character Flaw? What causes that? I think the corporate hierarchy hates the common people an uses policies wherever it can that damage them, because there’s money in it… Disaster Capitalism is the modus operandi of government on the corporate model… Planned Obsolescence is a manifestation of the same, only on a softer level… The virus is designed to take more control over the lives of the proles, because the ultimate corporate goal is that the sellers control the buyers, not that the buyers choose… Passing laws forbidding kids from attending schools without being vaxxed is bad but forcing everybody in your country and even on earth to have it, now the next step, is where you actually become livestock… If you have a choice, you have political power, and certain powerful entities , who know from their own experience (ZION) the possible detrimental effects of boycotts, are paranoid of BDS type movements… they know that can get them… so your political power must be reduced… indeed, corporate consolidation eventually removes the consumer’s option of choosing which corporation to support through their purchases… especially since the demise of trustworthy elections, this consumerism, or not, is where the real political power lies, what’s left of it.. However, ultimately, in the eco-paradise there should only be one product, the one that can’t be improved and is as inoffensive, efficient and durable as possible, rather than several of slightly different designs that all perform the same function and don’t last too long… If it has been affected by the power of the people, so it will be an improvement… If you got it from the corporate monster, it will be much more a coercive device… the vaxx program, bill gates dna machinations, will make you into the inferior product, altered, tagged and tracked, you’re done as a real person….
    “Why won’t people simply say, “We object . . . !”
    Well, from what I’ve seen there are those who weigh the situation with their own interests in mind, and there are many, who immediately see where the virus deal can be made to work for them… The whole fake baloney is actually in fact a Cause Celeb with which to rally around the hordes of pinko losers, those who always want the government to get bigger and bigger… Listen to my Goodman tell you how the virus, the whole virus thing, is growing in Russia… they think the real problem it it’s too small, if it just gets big enough it will take care of everybody….. It isn’t so much that they’re worried about losing their freedom and individuality; it’s never paid off for them anyway, the retards… these are the real trump haters…. You wouldn’t have the Nanny State in the first place if it were not for all these Sheepule….. Whereas on the other hand fighting it looks a lot riskier than going along… They never got anywhere in the world because they’re not fighters, they’re parasites…

  8. The dissident right needs to embrace Christianity — the TRUE Christianity — en masse. This would have the Jews so scared they would probably pack up and leave on their own. The true spirit of Christianity, which died in the early 20th century, is the antidote to Jewish control over, and destruction of, white nations. Once the Jews co-opted and transformed Christianity in their own sick image, the one proven historical bulwark against their nation-wrecking was crushed.

    Now, we on the dissident right need to pick up that torch and reinvigorate the true Christian spirit. Those who call themselves Christians and in reality worship not Christ but the synagogue of Satan, THE JEW, should be dealt with the same way as the Jews themselves.

    1. I agree, there is no such thing as a Christian zionist… is something that cannot exist because one thing opposes the other………if someone calls themselves a Christian zionist then that means they are on the same side as the Synagogue Of Satan……..and as such they are our mortal enemy.

      1. R, you have just explained a typical Jewish-Talmud orchestrated dialectical conundrum. A person who attends his/her huge, New Age, 2,000 people filled, swinging, rock band playing, church auditorium claims he/she is the most “lervin”, true believing child of Christ that you can find on this planet. Don’t you just lerv Joel Olstein? Simultaneously, he/she loves the Jews that Jesus hated with a vengeance (Ye serpents and prophets of death) and supports the state of Israel to the ultimate in terms of human goo-goof ball confusion. (My son would die supporting Israel) ….. So, this perverted, idiot of a person “exists” in their hundreds of millions and never considers their dialectical status that embraces both thesis and antithesis. Of course, they really display the end product of this insidious Jewish dialecticism, in that they have, as you say, really converted to Jewish satanism – a form of ultimate, Saturnistic evil that has surfaced in leading Jewish works, such as those embraced by Talmudism, Kabbalahism and Zoharism. Trump and his family and most of the Jews that surround them are Chabad Lubavitcher connected, which is just another manifestation of supremacist, Jewish evil. Stupid Obama was simply a Jewish-led bum-boy, who did what he was told and now owns a mansion by the sea. Biden is a criminal, professional sniffer dog who the Jews are promoting along with Trump (thesis versus antithesis) in their dialectical drama known as American, Jew dominated politics.

    2. “The dissident right needs to embrace Christianity”
      it rather should be: ALL Christians need to embrace TRUE CHRISTIANITY instead of an interpreted version that favours the golden calf above all else.
      The weapon the puppet masters of mankind are afraid of is not that they have gained a dreamlike monopoly (house of cards) over the physical realm of man but rather is the knowledge of God in man.
      A shame though that Christ consciousness/knowledge of God is rather wrongly interpreted and lead away into the opposite through fake religions and their official installed guides incl. laws of authority trough a godless political state.
      There certainly is hope for mankind, though hope is only found at ones own secret altar that is intimately tight to human spirituality and the knowledge of God but is neglected or battered constantly through diversion and division from churches and Synagogues lead by atheists and money changers while being supported by an atheist law making state of political correctness straight from hell.

      Another top notch article from John Kaminski!

  9. Here’s some Genuine Journalism…. The video I mean, not me…
    These are not normal vaccines…. A vaccine, as we know it, might work on biotic disease… What they have so-far for ‘viruses’ is something different… These are EXPERIMENTAL RNA and DNA pseudo-vaxxinations, genetic implants… The ‘research’ has been around for about ten years, never been approved for humans in the USA, couldn’t even get through trials with SARS…. There’s no immunization for ‘viruses’… Probably because they don’t exist….
    The corona virus “vaccine” isn’t even realistic… Both Gene Gun vaxx makers are partners with DARPA, getting Big Big $$$$$$$ DARPA funding, already OKed to skip animal testing… To get the deal you Must Act Now….
    DARPA’s nano-tech facilitated ‘synthetic chromosomes’ developed as weapons… DARPA already has the shots… The corona virus is the excuse to give them to you, everybody in the whole world….
    This whole virus thing stinks to high heaven…. VAXXINOT…

    1. Bark –

      “There’s no immunization for ‘viruses’… Probably because they don’t exist….”

      Thousands of viruses exist. But ‘man-made’ immunization does NOT exist. Natural immunization DOES!

      This was sent to me yesterday and shows how man, animals, plants and viruses, which were here before man, fit into the universal environment…

      He tells why ‘pig-shit’ is a bio-hazard 🤢 and cannot be shipped across state lines, but has to be held in lakes made especially for it in North Carolina.

      He says that if viruses were made as bio-weapons they did a very poor job of it!!

  10. John’s words hit the nail on the head:”infested with disingenuous Jews at every level”….. And I mean, Jews are the in-charge, most significant, influential, puppet masters at every level of government and control. As in the USA, so in Australia, England, Canada and New Zealand….. and as I keep saying, this tiny demographic minority has achieved this gigantuan POWER through its control of the planet’s $$$$money and false and diabolical religious fantasising. 6,000,000 and 666 are their mythical numbers and are part of the Jews’ insidious fantasising. Our only hope for the future of mankind is to get the Jews out of POWER. Years ago, I produced lists of the Jews who controlled every level of government and public administration. The whole subject needs to be treated in the simplest of terms so that even dumbed-down, television and cell phone besotted couch potatoes can clearly see the Jews that RUN the USA. No need for high sounding, intellectualised words, as the obvious TRUTH is very simple. i.e. Here are the Jews who run America; here are the Jews who control the planet’s money; here are the Jews who dominate Hollywood and the msm; here are the Jews that are making $trillions from Green mythology (eg. Geoffrey Immelt and GE’s domination of Green industries), etc)…….. So start being like the boy who told the emperor that he was actually naked, and start expressing the above simple TRUTH to everyone you meet, so that Jews are seen as nothing but the evil herd controllers that they really are. And STOP using the word Semite and all its derivations in application to Jews, most of whom are NOT Semites. i.e. STOP being entranced by the Jews’ language falsities. Stop being brainwashed. EXPOSE the filthy, criminal Jews at every opportunity you get. For identification purposes, please read the 4 Gospels and absorb Jesus’ words regarding these monsters that live amongst us. Yes, they are “evil serpents” and the devil’s children, whom Yahweh has “turned his face away from.” ….. Get back to the simple basics. Jesus said Jews are evil and they have spent 2,000 years proving this.Now the evil, criminal bastards are at their zenith of power and can do what they like. Eg, “Let’s bombe Syria again today and let’s release the new Messianic settlement development plan for the West Bank; And whilst where at it, let’s take 15% of the Goyims’ share market holdings today and raid their bank accounts; also start dispensing that expensive, fake vaccine and make sure it is highly toxic.

  11. So, the story goes that there are thousands of viruses in our bodies. Most serve a positive purpose. Bats, like all living things, provide a host body that parasitic viruses stick to like gum. Many of our planet’s people eat bats and have for aeons. I have eaten bats and they are great food, full of protein and their wings, when fried, are especially appetising. ….. So the story goes that some of the live bats that were slaughtered at Wuhan carried the covid19 virus, which was transferred to human beings in tasty bat soup. Funny that the poor bats picked up the chemical concoction known as covid19, in which which Indian and Australian scientists have found elements of the AIDS virus. Of course covid19 is a laboratory bred virus that escaped from somewhere, or was it criminally “placed” from somewhere. We will probably never know; and yet the REALLY BIG one is coming. Pat is correct, natural immunity is our only defence against viruses and any man made vaccine is a joke. Will Billy Gates try out his coming vaccine? Of course not, as it will be a concoction of highly toxic poisons.

  12. As WE’RE awash in false narratives as it is and WE don’t like false narratives let Us not call Our narrative about Cosmology “false”. Let Us call Our narrative about Cosmology which is “heliocentrism”, let Us call Our narrative about heliocentrism “fiction”. That’s because as WE ALL know, fiction IS fun!*

    Who wants to 😱 drown in a false narrative when one can be having !FUN! in a fictional narrative! 😃

    * “Fiction IS fun!”, quote by Pat May 22nd, 2020 @ 1:11 am under Darkmoon feature article : ‘David Icke : The Takeover of Planet Earth By Reptilian Humanoids From Outer Space’

    whiddlejoew has a lot of faults but he does NOT plagiarize. 🙂

    1. TROJ –

      Don’t sweat it ‘whiddlejoew’….
      ……….. We ALL plagiarize WEBSTER!! 💥 😜

  13. Hey TROJ, I ask you respectfully – is the moon also a disc, that’s apparently turned on its side?

  14. Smart move, uncle, real smart. Aren’t you brilliant. CENSOR my intelligent, cogent reply to Barkingdeer. This way the readers will think I’m… blah blah blah

    ADMIN: Two of your posts were deleted because they were totally off-topic. One was about the moon. Try posting something remotely relevant to the subjects under discussions, OK? If your next post mention the Flat Earth expect it to be “censored”.

    BTW, Why are you always posting completely off-topic YouTube videos of clips from old Hollywood movies? If it’s not dead actors and dead singers carrying on, it’s Gregorian chant or bestiality with horses.

    I don’t think you know the difference between ON-TOPIC and OFF-TOPIC, do you? Almost every post you make is off-topic. I guess that’s why you’re in Spamblinka.

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