Biden His Time — Time Over for Trump


This article has been abridged by Lasha Darkmoon from a sensational hit piece in yesterday’s Daily Mail by Pulitzer Prize-winning author David Cay Johnston: “A Populist Vandal Driven by Revenge.”  Minor additions have been made to the text by way of brief commentary.


LD:  The latest new headlines say it all: “History Calls as Biden heads for White House (The Times) — “Trump told to stop ‘trespassing’ as Biden prepares for victory (The Daily Telegraph) — “Writing on the Wall for Trump: EXIT (Daily Express).

One could go on. But it seems the game is over for Trump. His sell-by date has come. 

This quote from Jonathan Cook in yesterday’s Unz Review sums up my own sombre feelings: which is one of the deepest sympathy for the losers in this long and bitter war, the losers who are witnessing the defenestration of their Messiah and the death of their dreams:   

“Biden isn’t over the finishing line quite yet, and there are likely to be recounts, court challenges and possibly violence over the result, but he seems all but certain to be crowned the next US president. The rest of the world’s population were always going to be the losers whichever candidate won. The incumbent, Donald Trump, miscalculated, it seems, if he thought dismissing his opponent as “Sleepy Joe” would be enough to damage Biden’s electoral fortunes.” — Jonathan Cook, here.

—     §     —

“Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.”
— Napoleon Bonaparte

— David Cay Johnston

America and the world got a taste of presidential vandalism this week and there is every indication that there is more — much more — to come.

The first hint came in the wee hours of Wednesday morning when, from a White House podium against a forest of American flags, Donald J. Trump falsely claimed victory in the 2020 election and then, outrageously, demanded that vote-counting stop immediately.

In doing so, he violated the long-standing practice in a US election that a winner declares victory only after the loser has called to concede and then publicly congratulated the winner.

But here was Trump the perverted populist, a man who, throughout his time in the White House, has disregarded reality when it failed to suit him.

No matter that he was behind in the vote; never mind the laws requiring that all ballots be counted.

He had one goal, which was to cast doubt on the legitimacy of the election. And he dealt the first blow as soon and as hard as he could.

With legal actions now launched by the Trump campaign in Michigan, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Nevada, he’s not backing down.

Forget a gracious acceptance of the will of the electorate. I reckon we’re in for a rocky ride over the next 11 weeks until Joe Biden will, in all likelihood, be sworn in as the 46th president.

My certainty that Trump will continue to strike out as his presidency enters its death throes is rooted in his own words to me over the past three decades, in his speeches and especially in his book, Think Big, in which he declares that his life philosophy is a single word: revenge.

Over 16 pages, Trump describes his desire to commit violence against those who challenge him.

He writes that what gives him pleasure is destroying the life of anyone who refuses his demands.

He focuses on one Trump Organisation executive who, for ethical reasons, declined to place a telephone call. He describes her firing, her divorce, business failure, and eviction from her home and his increasing pleasure at each stage of her worsening misery.

“If you don’t get even you are just a schmuck!” Trump wrote. “I really mean it, too.” 

Four years ago, when Trump lost the populist vote to Hillary Clinton, but narrowly won the all-important Electoral College that made him president, I warned that his presidency would end badly.

Just how badly I couldn’t begin to guess.

As events of the last 48 hours confirm, he is not a man to acknowledge defeat, let alone accept it.

Since the start of his presidency he has been laying the ground for what is happening now, insisting that if he is denied a second term it will be because the Democrats rigged the vote.

—   §   —

TRUMP MAY YET ESCAPE federal accountability for all the damage he and his team have done. What he won’t be able to escape are the civil lawsuits and state prosecutions piling up.

Losing the White House means he loses immunity from trial on criminal charges.

Indeed, he told one of his last campaign rallies that he might leave America if he lost the election.

And why wouldn’t he, given that he faces a miserable and expensive future tied up in criminal and civil legal proceedings—and perhaps even a New York state prison cell.

LD: In an article published here two weeks ago, David Kay Johnston suggested that Trump faced the prospect of 15 years in the notoriously grim Sing Sing prison. Given his advanced age (74), this is equivalent to a death sentence. (See  From West Wing to Sing Sing.) 

Donald Trump is under criminal investigation by a Manhattan grand jury which is looking into suspected bank, insurance, tax and other fraud.

A New York state attorney general’s civil investigation has dropped subtle legal hints that it is building a case against Trump, some of his children, and The Trump Organisation for allegedly running a racketeering enterprise.

Indictment on racketeering  charges would allow prosecutors to immediately seize his assets, including Trump Tower, his golf courses and Mar-a-Lago, his beloved Florida estate, as the fruits of criminal enterprise.


Purchased in 1985 for $10 million,
the estate is now valued at over $160 million. 

“To a man who measures his life by how much money he can grab, even when cheating, lying and conning are involved, that would be a devastating blow.” — David Cay Johnston 

—   §   —

ONCE TRUMP LEAVES OFFICE, he also faces possible federal prosecution for the same crimes for which Michael Cohen, his long-time lawyer and fixer, was convicted and imprisoned.

The US Justice Department confirmed two years ago that Trump directed illegal “hush money” payoffs to Playboy Playmate Karen McDougal and porn star Stormy Daniels (both pictured). 

On top of this, a bevy of women are suing Trump for sexual assault, slander and other civil offences. The most troublesome for Trump is a lawsuit by the writer E. Jean Carroll (pictured), who alleges he raped her in a department store fitting room in the 1990s and defamed her with his denial.

Oh, and then there is the small matter of an estimated $900 million in loans due in the next four years.

Donald Trump may pay a high personal price for his conduct. But sadly it is the American people who are left counting the long-term cost of his legacy—in the lasting damage to their health, safety and welfare, and to America’s standing in the world.

David Kay Johnston is a Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist and the author of The Making of Donald Trump. 
Original Source  of this abridgement

121 thoughts to “Biden His Time — Time Over for Trump”

    1. Sure, no problem!

      Trump has stacked the Supreme Court in his favor. And Scotus will CHEAT for him. That’s what Scotus is for: to cheat on behalf of the Zionist Mafia boss who raised them to high office.

      It says much for the moral integrity of you White Nationalists that you don’t mind cheating to win the game. Quite happy to slobber over the the most ultra-Zionist president in American history!

      I never knew a day would come when White Nationalists would be indirectly rooting for state of Israel and throwing rose petals all over a stinking ZIONIST PUPPET!

      God rot your grotty little souls!

      1. During the campaign in 2016 Trump promised his supporters if he wins he will try to put some conservative judges on the Supreme Court, that is NOT stacking the Supreme Court , or packing the Supreme Court, to try to steal an election. How was Trump supposed to know in 2016 that the Democrats would use every dirty trick in the book to try steal the 2020 election from him and that the election results would go to the Supreme Court to be adjudicated. There is NO way Trump could have known that back in 2016.

      2. This is not an accurate statement. Trump did not “stack” or ‘pack’ the Court. What he did was make appointments during vacancies which arose during his time in office. Your comment is over emotional and complete nonsense. Like a moth to the flame.

      3. @ RICH: “This is not an accurate statement.”

        I beg to differ. Trump has appointed more Supreme Court judges than any president before him: THREE. And he would hardly appoint judges who were hostile to him or opposed his policies. All were staunch Republicans who could be relied upon to give him their full backing if and when he ever got into hot water.

        An autocratic man like Trump is hardly likely to appoint THREE JUDGES to the Supreme Court who are all going to stab him in the back when he needs their help! 🙂

        Get real!

      4. All of the presidents elected are Zionist lackeys one way or another. joe(I’m a Zionist)biden will be far worse. Joe will have endless wars in the middle East to please the chosen tribe. Trump had no wars though they tried with false flags in Syria. The lobby and the war industrial complex thought they were getting the blow job of their lives when Trump launched 24 cruise missiles off the coast into a vacant Syrian military airfield and he stopped there.

    2. The last thing I want is for the Supreme Court to decide an election. The best option would be a complete do-over. You have to vote in person, on the day of the election, and you have to present a photo id. You should get a ticket stub with the number of your ballot in case a recount has to get forensic. OK, going into too much detail about how to run the actual election.

      The Supreme Court is supposed, or is at least advertised as, the place where the law is applied in complex situations with scholarship. It’s function is not to legislate or decide elections or referenda.

      In the last 50 years it has been used to circumvent voters on abortion, same-sex marriage, and a host of other problems that have created all the current pathogens. I am starting to worry that we are going the way of The Judges in the Old Testament. Full disclosure, I never actually read any of that book as far as I know. Don’t want to confuse those who may know other, or even better. But, its my best guess.

      SCOTUS is really the oligarchs last resort for when things don’t go their way at the ballot box.

      1. The SCOTUS needs only overturn a Penn Supreme court ruling made a few days prior to the election allowing the counting of all kinds of votes including illegal votes. This was done contrary to Penn state legislation.

  1. @ LD

    You write in the introduction to this article:

    This quote from Jonathan Cook in yesterday’s Unz Review sums up my own sombre feelings: which is one of the deepest sympathy for the losers in this long and bitter war, the losers who are witnessing the defenestration of their Messiah and the death of their dreams . . . “

    My compliments for this hard-hitting article. You shortened it brilliantly, cutting out all the peripheral dross which would have weakened it, if included. That’s good. You seem to know what to leave in and what to leave out.

    Having said that, however, I think you may have made an error of judgment in publishing this article at this particular time. This is the last thing the diehard Trump supporters on this site want to read about: “the defenestration of their Messiah and the death of their dreams”, as you so bluntly put it.

    Mark my words, they will blame YOU, the messenger, for bringing them these bad tidings! 🙂

    1. Unable to accept stoically the defeat of their beloved hero, they will turn their anger on YOU and try and rip you to pieces, suggesting you are secret Biden supporter. Which you have never been. You have not said a single word in support of Biden on this site, actually telling your readers to vote for Trump as “the lesser of two evils”. They will forget all this and displace all their anger and frustration on to you.

      For this reason I think you were unwise to publish his article.

      The people who worship Trump, the failed Messiah, are a violent lot, their minds darkened with irrational rage and their fingers forever on their triggers. Their tempers, as you can see from the comments on this website, tend to be out of control. Like Trump, they are constantly throwing tantrums. Constantly having hissy fits. Constantly snapping and snarling at each other.

      I have no solution to these problems except to imitate your own stoical attitude: to remain calm amidst the storm and aloof from the din of battle.

      1. hey POS white hating communist what do you call BLM and PANTIFA burning 30 cities tens of billions in fire damage looting people beaten and shot? peaceful protests? then you got the gall to call the right violent? I wish the right were violent racists Suki the only way to fix the US but they are cowards

      2. Yes, BLM and ANTIFA are Trump-supporting organizations, that’s why BLM and ANTIFA are so violent, BLM and ANTIFA are Trumpmites, BLM and ANTIFA violent rioters LERV Trump.

      3. @ SPQR70AD

        I have never backed BLM or PANTIFA. I have no time whatever for these groups. So your comment is of little value to this forum except to let everyone here know that you need psychiatric help.

        Calm down and reserve your anger for the REAL enemy!

        I support America, the traditional America of the 1950s. And I don’t see you as part of that America of my dreams. You lack politeness, courtesy and good manners.

      4. Even better than a stoical attitude is to believe in and be abandoned to Divine Providence while doing everything we can to promote what is good and just.

      5. The people who worship Trump, the failed Messiah, are a violent lot, their minds darkened with irrational rage and their fingers forever on their triggers.

        Yea….I can see the burning cities all over the US all the way up here in a northern city in Canada where I live. What a load of crap.

    2. Congratulation to President-elect Biden on his victory. Like 3.45 million Muslims, I will encourage his incoming administration to promote civil rights, racial equality, a just foreign policy, and the inclusion of American Muslims in diverse government roles.

    1. Did anyone hear about TRJO have been placed on a suicide watch in a is in a psychiatric hospital in his hometown, following the result of the presidential election? Hope that is not true.

      1. There’s no hospitals anywhere near where I live, Mahmoud, the Democratic Party machine here closed down all the hospitals in my hometown and all the towns all around to protect the doctors and nurses and hospitial staff from catching the ching chong vilus. Trump wanted the hospitals to stay open but Democrats as usual had temper tantrums because they didn’t want any precious medical workers to catch the ching chong vilus and they go ballistic when you say “ching chong vilus”, that’s lacist, and they accused Trump of wanting to kill everyone via letting Coronavirus spread, especially the minorities, because Trump is lacist, so they overuled Trump and now we don’t have any hospitals.

        If biden-KAMALA win EVERYBODY in the United States will be required by law to wear a face diaper 24/7/365 EVERYWHERE AND AT ALL TIMES — for a virus no worse than the yearly flu. For a “pandemic” which is a TOTAL HOAX and biden-KAMALA know the “pandemic” is a TOTAL HOAX.

        Under biden-KAMALA the suicide rate will skyrocket, Mahmoud — but I won’t be one of the suicide statistics.

  2. This David Cay Johnson is name-calling the very same accusations which could apply to his hero, Sleepy Joe. It is surprising that the Biden family has not been already indicted for the same crimes voiced by Johnson. Who’s to blame WILL out (beginning with William Barr), and we Americans require harsh justice for the perps. The enemies of the republic will win, anyway, when they get the whore Kamala Harris in the Oval Office as a result of sacrificing Sleepy Joe. To ask that patriots not respond with violence is contrary to being an American, and foolish thinking. When the bitch issues an executive order to confiscate our firearms, the shooting will begin in earnest. (If you’re sniping, shoot the enemy soldiers to wound –
    Which will require at least one more to assist, and put him out of commission.)

    1. @ Gilbert Huntly

      JohnSTON, not JOHNSON!

      FYI, Johnston doesn’t back Biden either. So your argument falls flat. Whacking Trump doesn’t mean praising Biden for his crimes.

      Your logic, as usual, is up the creek.

      1. Joe Biden: We’re going to win this race

        This is not a good sign for Trump enthusiasts. It looks like the real decision makers have made up their mind: They don’t want Trump – they want Biden.

        If my conjecture is correct, no appeal to the circus SCOTUS can change that… and every voter can go home now, sit down calmly, take a stress pill and think things over.

        I see this decision as good decision for two reasons:

        (1) Open enemy is always preferable to a hidden one (recall that Biden declared Russia as enemy # 1).

        (2) The decline and slow moral decay of the USA, which sees Russia as enemy #1, will continue unabated.

        I wish good health to president-elect Joe Biden.

        1. @ Circassian

          “[Joe Biden is] going to win this race. No appeal to SCOTUS can change that.”

          I regret my previous outburst earlier on in this thread. Sincere apologies.

          All things considered, I think Circassian has got it right. SCOTUS IS NOT GOING TO CHEAT FOR TRUMP. Period.

          There’s too much at stake here. The Supreme Court can’t afford to tarnish its reputation for the strictest impartiality by cheating on behalf of a tantrum-throwing president who has lost his marbles and cannot accept defeat.

          Bad losers deserve to be pitied, not praised.

      2. I really don’t care how one spells “Johnston”. As always, you look for little things out of which to make mountains for your sorry benefit. (Stay silent!)

      3. @ Gilbert Huntly

        My apologies for referring to your typo. (That’s all it was). My bad. That was cheap of me.

        However, if you check the article, you’ll find that Johnstone never once praised Biden. In the opening paragraphs of the article, moreover, LD quotes Jonathan Cook saying that Biden is just as bad as Trump:

        Cook writes: “The rest of the world’s population were always going to be the losers whichever candidate won.”

        I reckon this is Johnston’s attitude too. That both candidates are equally flawed and voting for either of them won’t be easy.

        Anyway, apologies again for hurting your feelings, Gilbert. We are all under extreme stress. What with an unsettled election combined with Covid-19 lockdown stress.

        Three young men I knew in my apartment block all committed suicide within the last few months.

    2. Trump sure brought the swamp creatures to the surface, in a frenzy. They turned up in the darndest places, didn’t they …
      Now, they just LOVE the MSM for declaring Biden the winner. Trump has brought the MSM to the surface too. Their complicity in fraud is undeniable. How far does back does democrat chicanery go? Obama was NOT elected legitimately, I may now believe.

      Isa 18:7

      In that time shall the present be brought unto the LORD of hosts of a people scattered and peeled, and from a people terrible from their beginning hitherto; a nation meted out and trodden under foot, whose land the rivers have spoiled, to the place of the name of the LORD of hosts (Ah-Me-Rica), the mount Zion.

      The Spirit of America. Maybe those Injuns conquered the white man by infecting him that spirit. Regardless, we’re stewards and subjects of it now.

      President Trump has put his life and his liberty on the line in honor of that spirit and we can just do the same. Every communist on the earth wants his head on a pike.

      Biden is a retard, Biden is a pedophile, Biden is an extortionist, Biden is a thief, Biden is a treasonist. I will never concede such bottom feeding scum and refuse to co-exist with them as my kinsmen.

      Look at what mealy mouthed, wishy washy zombie retards are supporting this! They’re substanceless. leaven saturated vapors. Their home is sitting in their basements inventing new palliatives to make themselves comfortable and their shitty existence justifiable.
      How and when did we let co-existence with such pussies even become negotiable? The buck has to stop right here.

      How will this war be fought? Where does it start?

      Psa 144:1
      [A Psalm of David.]] Blessed be the LORD my strength, which teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight:

    3. Trump talks out of both sides of his mouth. He said today “I will not rest until the American People have the honest vote count they deserve and that Democracy demands”

      To me, an honest vote means, when All Votes Are counted, and democracy demands that the president does not falsely and prematurely declare himself as a winner.

  3. @ SAKI

    Whew! You write beautifully.
    I wish I could copy your style, you old fraud! 🙂

    Something doesn’t add up though.
    Something fishy going on. Can’t put my finger on it.

    Like the Mad Dane said:
    “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.”

    1. 𝓜adame chou chou batafurai san,

      It should be real easy for you to copy SAKI’S style, Madame Butterfly, I mean you’re BOTH nips and you’re BOTH frauds, TWO nip frauds from Japan. 😀

      1. @ TROJ

        There he goes again!

        You don’t have to be Japanese to choose the name “Madame Butterfly”, TROJ. All you need is an interest in opera. 🙂

        As for Saki, he has never mentioned living in Japan.

        FYI, “Saki” is not a Japanese name. You’re confusing “Saki” with “Sushi”, you silly boy!

        Saki” happens to be a Persian name, and it occurs frequently in “The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam”, a great Persian (Iranian) poet, scientist and mathematician born at Nishapur in A.D. 1048 under the sign of Taurus.

      2. Saki is easily confused with sake when pronounced the same. Saki could be pronounced as say-key in some regions or sock-eye in others…. like in Bumfruck, Egypt… 😎

  4. HTrump isn’t “defenestrated” just yet. You people are being WAY too premature. And I have to laugh at you silly Brits, distancing yourself from the American turmoil while you fester in your state of denial regarding the entire scope of complicity for the mess the World finds itself in. Tell me, who was it that slumbered while the scoundrel named Oliver Cromwell opened the floodgates to the devil with the Red Shield? Who upon letting said devil in contributed to many Englishmen and women deciding to journey to a faraway land to try and find a better way? Who sat by while the way was paved for the eventual takeover of Palestine by what became the most damnable nation in known history? Who was among the attendees of the Treaty of Versailles that CONTINUED the aforementioned paving? I guess I could go on and on, but you get the picture.

    Tut tut tut….try looking in a mirror.

    1. “Silly Brits”? Not so sure about this, chief. To me it looks more like “silly Brits” are positioning themselves for the inevitable – the demise of the USA… just like everybody else does – the French, the Germans and so forth, all the way to the last gopher.

      When bully of the block is getting weak, everyone wants a piece of his ass. HP might call it karma, I call it a law of the jungle.

      1. The management of the “British empire” is positioning itself for the inevitable Circassian and it reaches far beyond the US and even Russia’s usefulness.
        Brownhawk knows very well that all history not written by the glorious Kingdom and their kosher historians has to be an insult to all British subjects, circumcised English Noblemen and Royalty on strings as they have been successfully potty-trained in division, confusion and being silently conquered since the ancestors of today’s global rule of order $limed their way into English nobility and colonialist politics of exploitation. In regards to silliness the British ministry of silly walks is very much missed in Bojo’s rule of the empire.

    2. Biden won the election by getting 290 electoral votes. Even though Trump never got more than 214 electro vote since November 3rd, he prematurely and falsely claimed early victory. That is where the express, “Don’t count your chickens before they hatch.”

      I hope my buddy Jew Joe “TROJ” did lower his flag half-staff!

      1. It ain’t over until amy coney barrett sings!

        knowing (((they))) were going to try to steal the election and knowing the whole mess might wind-up in the supreme court for adjudication i don’t know why the jews-democrats didn’t just keep pretending that the old jew c*nt ruth bladder ginsburg was still alive and then have the old jew doppelganger SCOTUS “judge” playing the role of ruth vote in biden’s favor of course. why the jew-democrats didn’t hold-off anouncing the old c*nt’s death is a mystery. scotus c*nt old jew bladder died sometime in 2019.

    3. Brownhawk speaks words of truth. Too early. In fact, since the MSM has gone and “declared” Biden as POTUS-elect it’s about time for POTUS Trump to counter-attack.

      RussiaGate Hoax
      CohenGate Scare
      ImpeachmentGate Scam

      VoteSteal will be likewise. POTUS Trump will be inaugurated for his 2nd term on Jan 20, 2021. Another deception will be foiled.

      And then perhaps some of you will reflect on reading this. If America were allowed to go down the neo-Bolshevik path of the Biden/Harris administrations the least of your worries would be “Zionists”. Perhaps you need to refresh your history a bit. Churchill wrote a good article about the Zionists and the Bolsheviks back in the early 20th century. I’m sure you can find it.

      Gilbert — If things ever do go off the rails I would be glad to serve along side you. I like your attitude. You will live and love again after it’s over. I have an Expert’s classification across the course with M14 and AR15.
      Also bolt gun at 1000.

      1. I want your opinion, Ramm Stein –

        Do you think an M-14 is as good a rifle as an FN-FAL?? (I prefer the FN, although both are exceptional combat rifles…)

        1. Yeah, they’re both pretty good in different ways.
          The M-14 is more accurate, but the FN-FAL does far greater damage.
          Both guns are killers if you can connect.

    4. Why quarrel about the ($)election and who will be the next face of a country that represents world terrorism, illusion instead of reality and war mongering for profit like no other nation of the human realm, while the UNELECTED management of the Anglo American shadow empire moves unhindered to fulfill their own prophecy manufactured long ago and hardly anyone (silly or intelligent) cares as quarreling and hatred has become the highest virtue man now seems to possess. Huge, OPEN changes are coming, or are already here unnoticed, but NOTHING will ever change through politics. On the contrary! While the American election turmoil amuses and entertains crowds on all corners of the world currently threatened by a “deadly mutation“, the global iron curtain” choking freedom and independence of ALL tribes of man and once and for all, advances rapidly. One world government has arrived in the open but was established a long time ago and without “democracy”. Why bother about Biden or Trump when man soon will suffocate through his own burden of false trust and naivety? War is coming. War against ALL free will of man, war against all souls in humanity and a war against God itself. What will it be? Prayer or popcorn?

  5. Trump may win the election.
    The U.S. Department of Homeland Security orchestrated a sting against Democrats by adding a secret watermark to prove their participation in election fraud.

    Could there be a counter-coup against the Bidens?
    Knowing that the Democrats were likely to cheat, did Donald Trump find honest Intelligence Agents who were still prepared to work for their President and their nation and keep a secret? Did they manage to watermark ballot papers with QFS blockchain encryption codes in a way that will allow them to catch and prosecute voter fraud? Steve Pieczenik says “arrests are coming”. “It was Trumps initiative”. “He’s been brilliant”. Apparently, they set the trap and waited for it to spring. I supposed we’ll know pretty soon if this is attention getting hype or one of the biggest stories in years.

    I’m watching this with red flags thinking: this is exactly what we all want to hear. Too good to be true? I’m also thinking that there must surely still be some patriots in intelligence, and that Trump and everyone have known for months that they would use mail in ballots to cheat. Could they have kept this a secret? Will the evidence actually stick? Can they really identify the chain of corruption at the top, or will this just catch a few low level moles? If it is true, will anyone get prosecuted that matters? Would the media report on it if they did? Could they bury this like the Hunter Biden laptop? Did anyone leak this to the Dems, and if so, could they have still cheated but protected themselves?

    But it’s sure a story worth discussing. (Would make a great movie script).

    1. I hope what you say is true, but I suspect it may be fantasy. The reason is that making paper in a paper mill is NOT conducive to secrecy. There are too many persons involved in the process to keep it quiet.

      1. Congratulation to President-elect Biden on his victory. Like 3.45 million Muslims, I will encourage his incoming administration to promote civil rights, racial equality, a just foreign policy, and the inclusion of American Muslims in diverse government roles.

    2. Whether Trump concedes or not, it makes no difference. Trump is a sour loser who does not play by rules. Trump should have the decency to call Presidential nominee Biden to consent and to address his supporters. Practically, it is immoral but not illegal for a president to concede.

  6. A Michigan voter has cast a ballot for racy and superstar Lebanese singer Haifa Wehbe in the hotly contested US presidential election.

    Since Biden was declared as the winner a few hours ago, I would like to extend my condolences to all Trumpsters on this site. I urge you to be a good sport, quit blaming others for Biden’s victory, and to accept the result of the election.

    1. MEY –
      ALGORE did not stop complaining in 2000. It is normal when 90% vote in Blue States…. where over 10% have died or moved away. 90%??? 😳😳👎

      1. I think Gore did call George W. to concede defeat, but he never on the country on edge. He however did say, I do not agree with the Supreme Court decision. He was very civil about it.

    2. Mahmoud :

      is the female kamala you love so much you actually want the female kamala to be the president of the usa a bactrian female jamal or a dromedary female jamal? i ask you because you’re an expert on aljamal — being a sand dune raghead mudslime aljamal-f*cking coon in the usa probably illegally. tell us again how much you love your jamal kamala, “kamala” means “female jamal” in arabic, right? LMFAO!!!!!!!

    3. Well there you go, all the legal proof in the world proving biden-KAMALA WON THE ELECTION, somebody in Michigan, most likely a recent illegal alien in the country who shouldn’t even be voting it’s ILLEGAL for NON-citzens to vote, voted for hyfaa wahabbi weeheebee and on her head a hajibee for president of the usa, that means biden-and KAMALA are THE LEGAL WINNERS OF THE ELECTION!!!!!!

      You got your keffiyah wrapped way TOO tightly around your head, Mahmoud, it’s so tight around your head it’s blocking blood circulation to your brain and it’s making you really stupid, Mahmoud, more stupid than you usually are and that’s saying A LOT.

      1. TROJ

        First, I am not a fan of Kamala Harris bc she pledged allegiance to Israel
        Secondly, everyone knows only US citizens allowed to vote, but only Trump and his lackeys who claim that non-citizen were casting their votes for Biden without any proof.

        Most Americans know that former President Obama was born in the US and he is a Christian, while Trump and his worshippers think he is a Muslim who was born in Kenya. You are all in denial and need a reality check.

        Finally, where did learn Arabic, Dummer Kopf?
        Kamala is a female name in Arabic and the male version is Kamal, as in Kamal Ataturk, the founding father of the Republic of Turkey

  7. This election is obviously stolen. 90% turn out in Minn? 89% in Wisconsin? Biden’s campaign was being constantly critiqued for not having a real ground game to get out the vote, for not campaigning enough…It was as if they were not concerned at all with what the voters would actually do…They obviously had a plan. We have Biden himself of tape talking about the “greatest voter fraud organization in history” that the dems had created.

    We have massive violations of law by not allowing the parties to witness the counting. This was widespread, open and notorious. We have precincts with over 200% turnout. We have dead people voting in record numbers here folks! Evidence? My God, it is all around you. Add in the obvious and blatant media suppression of any attempts to organize against this theft, to suppress the evidence of Biden’s rampant corruption and the stedy line of RINO’s coming out to concede for Trump. Sen. Lankford actually stated that “in the absence of any evidence of fraud there is no reason to question the outcome of the election! Traitor!

    This isnt over yet. If Biden is seated in the White House, Americans will not accept it….it means war.

  8. So who’s the dumb shit in the British media whose idea it was to put up that picture of Trump behind bars? They got the wrong guy there. And if there’s any justice left in this stupid world the right guy WILL be there.

    Think of it, this whole clusterf***k was orchestrated by those who are soiling their undies at the thought of what may STILL happen to them if justice DOES prevail


    1. “So who’s the dumb shit in the British media”

      Just some dumbsh!t limp-wrist limey faggot… ‘par for the course’ in Perfidious Panty-Wearing Albion…

    2. @ Brownhawk

      So who’s the dumb shit in the British media whose idea it was to put up that picture of Trump behind bars?

      The “dumb shit” picture you refer to, dear Brownhawk, didn’t originate in the “British media”. It originated in your own country, America! Similar pictures, all showing Trump behind bars, can be found in dozens of American newspapers and American websites!

      Here, take a look: this is from THE NEW YORK TIMES!!! 🙂

    3. BH, VT is running these (and much worse) kind of Trump photos since he was elected POTUS. Clandestine american patriotic services Duff & Co call themselves. It is not the British media!

  9. It’s the Chinese Communist Party that has been biding its time and will reap great rewards for their investment in the Biden Crime Syndicate; while Beijing Biden can look forward to making more money selling off American assets to the highest bidder. And, then, there is “Incarcerate um Kamala” who loves to put people in prison for non-violent crimes. She probably holds the record for incarcerating more poor drug offenders–many of them Black, thus destroying the Black family by depriving it of fathers and husbands. And she wanted to incarcerate parents for their children’s truancy from school, thus depriving children of their parents. She also incarcerated this guy (won’t say his name) for doing investigative journalism against Planned Parenthood exposing the nasty business of selling baby parts from aborted babies. Kill um Kamala loves abortion with a passion and her husband, the lawyer, defends pedophiles. The only child Kamala cares about is her inner child, as she gets emotional thinking back to the time she was a little girl getting bussed to school. Although she wasn’t exactly poor with a father who was a professor. She’s still licking those wounds every chance she gets. At least she didn’t have to go to jail like so many of the people that had the bad luck of running amuck her as a prosecutor. There is nothing good about this stolen election, but I won’t miss Kamala as a Senator.

    1. @ Kapoore

      An excellent comment all round.

      However, you will now have to get used to Kamala for the next four years. She’s going to be the “Real Boss”. As you must have heard by now, Biden has won the election. I don’t think Trump can possibly brazen this out, but you never know.

      I’m beginning to feel sorry for Trump. His supporters on this site have my full and sincerest sympathies. They must be feeling gutted. With a sense of bereavement almost.

      My own little research into this subject, however, convinces me that those who fear extreme socialism breaking out in the US need not worry. The opposition to socialism is too widespread and intense in the Senate and Biden, I’m told, will have few of his suggested reforms mandated. He’ll be a lame duck president. What can Kamala do if the Republicans in the Senate just so “NO!” to all her suggestions?

      I don’t think Americans need fear a Commie state arriving in America soon. It’s not going to happen. Personally, I believe the minimum wage OUGHT to go up, it’s so ridiculously low. Who can exist on $7 an hour? Quite an insult offering workers such a pittance when Amazon boss Jeff Bezos made $14 BILLION IN ONE DAY!

      But the Senate will not approve of the minimum wage going up to $15 an hour. So all the good capitalists on this site can relax! The middle classes will still be able to pay their black cleaners a pittance. Sad. but that’s how it is.

    2. Kapoore, I always said you are the best commentator and the above one is stellar.
      You are a hundred times better quality person and writer than this ugly shabbo traitor Johnston, what does a “Pulitzer Prize” stand for if not phony accolades by the Jew MSM, like a castrated steer hot-branded by the owner.
      And the article fully proves it in every word and sentence roiling with hate and lust for revenge.

      I will throw in a few random remarks by way of jogging memory and heads up in what is coming down the pike.

      SOROS THREATENS [Jan 26, 2018]: Trump ‘Will Disappear In 2020 Or Even Sooner’
      Everyone knows full well that Soros is Rothschild’s top agent with unlimited budget, which is why he can “donate” $18 billion to his Open Society Foundation, the worldwide color revolution headquarters.
      Consider also what he meant by “Or Even Sooner”, not ominous enough?

      • Yesterday I mentioned the rise of American Gulag—doubt that anyone bothered reading.
      Ironically, the Stalin-haters eager to avoid blaming Jew Bolsheviks will have to disengage from the following type headlines in near future:
      Again now: Stalin Like Hit List “Trump Accountability Project” Launched by Democrats

      The latest round of Democrat progressive moves kicked off shortly before noon on Friday with a tweet from Emily Abrams – the National Surrogates Director for Buttigieg presidential campaign announcing the launch of the “Trump Accountability Project”

      “We’re launching the Trump Accountability Project to make sure ANYONE WHO TOOK A PAYCHECK TO HELP TRUMP UNDERMINE AMERICA IS HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT THEY DID. Join us and help spread the word.”

      Anyone spotting a Jew in that quote is guilty of antisemitism, to be executed on the spot.

      Anyway, whoever voted Democrat will learn that “democracy” rhymes with “gulag” and they fully deserve the fruit of their vote—you hated Trump, called him a war monger when all he did was fight to wind down America’s foreign abominations, called him a Jew puppet despite Jew’s infernal hate and eagerness to shaft him (see Soros link for example)—if you cannot guess what is in the immediate future beside the lifetime lockdown, social alienation, outlawed cash, artificial food shortages to encourage instant obedience and DNA-altering microchipping for remote control—let me help to focus on the foreign front the instant ramping up of false flags, dozens of color revolutions, intimidation, provocations, ISIS as the global force reengaged in Syria, massacres of Armenian Christians, penetration of Caucasus and high likelihood of HOT war first with Iran and then involving Russia and through Uighurs, China and Southeast Asia.
      But the Trump-haters will surely find a way to blame him for that too, and will continue to lament the Walmart key giveaway, embassy move and acknowledgement of what was a 50 year reality, namely that Golan Heights are occupied by Jews who are in no hurry to move—remember, ONLY WORDS COUNT, EVENTS DON’T in American mind ravaged by decades of reality manipulation, down to just 1-D linearity.

      Me, what do I care, I am okay here and will defend Thailand from Jew color incursions while the ammo lasts.
      Meanwhile I got full freedom of speech, if I hate Jew (which I do) I am perfectly free to say so aloud (and I do).

      1. Thanks, Lobro! I agree about the Rothchild connection. Kamala was the Rothchild/Hillary pick, or so goes the rumor. She didn’t get one electoral vote because people can’t stand her. Then she gets picked for VP by dimwitted Biden. I have seen her in photographs with Soros’s son.

        I also notice that both Hillary and Kamala have that constant laugh when nothing is that funny. They are copying Lady Lynn Forester de Rothchild with her constant laugh. I’ll have to line up all those laughing hyenas for comparison. Is it because they love to get their pictures taken? Lynn Forester is really classy and all that but she hangs out with James Alefantis, the rumored pedophile which makes the whole thing so… well, creepy.

      2. oops I meant to say “delegates.” Kamala didn’t get one delegate, so she has no grassroots support. She is obligated to the people who installed her–the Democratic party machine. And she will answer only to them.

  10. HAWK
    Don’t pay too much attention to CIRC…
    He’s obviously a deeptate troll hyping the tired old BS about the supposed threat from the Russians…
    Either that or he really believes it.. A lot of people do…
    Either way it’s not worth your time…
    And, it’s getting tiresome – many posters are not too deep, they’re all wrapped up in themselves, using the format to exercise their little tweeters, feeding back unto themselves their own portrait, such as it is…
    I guess Fox News will gradually ease Trump out the door now…
    They’re still mentioning Trump’s lawsuits but declare Biden winner…
    The globalists have just made a mockery of our presidential race…

    1. I hear ya, Bark. I guess I just can’t resist engaging these incorrigible losers. Whaddya gonna do.

      To Kapoore: I hear you too. I can’t make up my mind as to which one of these failed human beings I detest more, Harris or Biden. And don’t forget that this fraud Kamala’s great-grandfather I think it was, was a major Jamaican slave trade.

      Keep the faith, all lovers of justice and fair play

  11. At this juncture, the only thing Trump legally do is issuing pardons to his criminal associates — and maybe himself. He could also freeze the peace talks between the Taliban and the Afghan government, pull out the 4,500 U.S. troops still in Afghanistan by Christmas. and shut down the US embassy in Baghdad, thereby ending the US presence in Iraq.

  12. Even though I am not os crazy about Biden Harris, I believe Biden’s administration will more Muslim friendly and will not act like a lap dog for ISISrael.

  13. My certainty that Trump will continue to strike out as his presidency enters its death throes is rooted in his own words to me over the past three decades, in his speeches and especially in his book, Think Big, in which he declares that his life philosophy is a single word: revenge.

    Over 16 pages, Trump describes his desire to commit violence against those who challenge him.

    He writes that what gives him pleasure is destroying the life of anyone who refuses his demands.

    Apparently there are large crowds of people celebrating Biden’s apparent victory over Trump in Washington DC near the white house. To the deranged narcissist holed-up inside, this must be the psychic equivalent of an ex-girlfriend making out with her new boyfriend right in front of the jealous ex-boyfriend. The rage must be building.

    I wonder: What kind of revenge will Trump try to inflict on the America that rejected him (especially if he feels he has nothing left to lose)? Will he try to take America down with him by starting a major war?

    1. Whew! This is by far the best comment here so far. It gives me the hebbie-jeebies to think of this psycho sitting in the White House, plotting the destruction of Amerika as an act of revenge for rejecting him.

      What think you, Harold, of the idea that a deranged loonie like this has his finger on the nuclear button?

      As a final grand gesture, he could even set fire to the White House with himself in it, his wife, his daughter, his staff — and then release some alarm that sends 50 nukes flying off in all directions at every capital city in the world.

      Who knows…? A nuclear winter lasting 10 thousand years could be about to be unleashed courtesy of the Madman in the White House.

      Shudder, shudder! . . . Gotcha brudder!

      1. Take a pill, Saki.

        Or get Pat to send you some of his famous green tea! 🙂

        You’re letting your imagination run away with you.

      2. @ Saki

        For the last few weeks I’ve been wondering: How does this end? Can you imagine Trump giving a concession speech, for example? I can’t; and neither can some people that know him very well, apparently.

        The danger the world is in right now is very real, IMO.

        I was just watching CNN and everyone is just gushing about “healing” and America “uniting” and “peace” and “security” etc., etc., etc., and this made me think of 1 Thessalonians 5:2,3

        (2) For yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so cometh as a thief in the night.

        (3) For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.

        IIRC there are other Biblical references that also support this possibility.

      3. Hahaha. Notice how “TDS Harold” will take all the synchophantic allies he can find. Saki….head of the synchophants! 😝

      4. Notice how the troll calling itself “Brownhawk” can’t even spell “sycophant” correctly; nor does the troll apparently know the meaning of the word.

        1. @ Harold Smith

          I’m not too worried about Big Chief Brownhawk calling me a “sycnchophant”. He even calls me “HEAD of the synchophants”, which sounds vaguely flattering. This word is not in my dictionary, Harold. So I am kinda puzzled by its meaning. I suspect this is some kind of complimentary Native American slang for “whizkid”.

          Anyway, Brownhawk, many thanks for your compliment. 🙂

      5. @Saki

        This word is not in my dictionary, Harold. So I am kinda puzzled by its meaning. I suspect this is some kind of complimentary Native American slang for “whizkid”.

        Anyway, Brownhawk, many thanks for your compliment.

        I presume that Harold was a bit hasty in assuming that chief meant to say “sycophant”. My redskin brother can correct me if I am wrong, but what he meant to say was “hierophant”. So, yes, he actually complimented you, Saki, albeit tongue in cheek perhaps.

        The rationale for my assumption: Chief probably is not the best speller in the world, but he is a goodhearted man and it is hard for me to think that he would call Saki “HEAD of the sycophants” – it’s not like him.

        Btw, Harold, calling Brownhawk a troll did not seem justified at all. Would you like to apologize to him?

      6. Already I’m beginning to regret offering to bury the hatchet with Harold. He shows more of his true colors by being preoccupied by a stupid spelling error. How very pedantic of him.

        OK, asshole, “sycophant”*, whose meaning DOES fit Saki…on occasions. And you had to know where I was going with that, my misspelling notwithstanding.

        *Sycophant: A servile self-seeking flatterer.

        If the shoe fits….

      7. @ Brownhawk

        As I see it, if you actually wanted to bury the hatchet you’d quit the ad hominem attacks, e.g. by dropping the infantile “TDS” epithet.

        And now you’ve even upped it by calling me an asshole?

        Anyway, look what’s going on at the White House:

    2. If a martian came down from Mars to visit us here at Darkmoon, the martian didn’t know anything about Planet Earth, the martian didn’t know anything about the United States or any other country in the world, and the martian read the Darkmoon comments in order to learn about the world and the United States the martian would think the President of the United States, Donald Trump, started A LOT of wars, the kind of wars the Earthlings call
      ‘ planet-wide World Wars’, President Donald Trump’s many many planet-wide World Wars have so far resulted in TENS OF BILLIONS of dead Earthlings all over their Planet Earth and he’s what the Earthlings call a “DICKtator” and he wants to start A LOT more planet wide World Wars because he enjoys seeing TENS and TENS of BILLIONS of Earthlings die horrible deaths, that’s the way he is. He’s a monster on planet Earth.

      DICKtator president orange man bad also likes it that A LOT of Americans are dying from what Earthlings ‘Coronavirus’. He’s doing NOTHING to try to stop Coronavirus from spreading in the population. He likes to see LOTS of earthlings die, he enjoys the death of his fellow Earthlings. Especially if the fellow Earthlings die horrible painful deaths. He ‘gets off’ on death, ‘gets off’ means it’s ‘like having sex’ in Earthling language. He gets off on causing ALOT of death and destruction, in other words orange man bad finds death and destruction sexually pleasurable. That’s what the Earthlings say.

      If the Earthlings, the ones called ‘Americans’ , can manage to get rid of their DICKtator president Trump who they call ‘orange man bad’ and install a Diarchy Duumvirate* of two Savior leaders one male, Earth religion of ‘Catholicism’ , one female, Earth religion of ‘Hinduism’ , then they will be successful in Saving their Planet Earth from TOTAL annihilation at the hands of their orange man bad, male, Earth religion either ‘Protestant Christian’ or ‘Judaism’ or ‘Syncretic Combo of Both’. Earthlings are not quite sure what religion their orange man bad belongs to.

      * Some of DICKtator president’s loyal followers, the Earthlings call the loyal followers of orange man bad ‘wags’. ‘wag’ means ‘very bad person on Earth who likes death and destruction and is very unfair and very unjust and very mean, hate-filled, violent towars NON-wags, likes LOTS OF WAR DEATH AND DESTRUCTION, also called ‘redneck racists’, you can all them ‘wags’ or you can call them ‘redneck racists’, one of the wags calls the dirachy duumvirate a ‘diarchy DUMBvirate’ and in Earthling language that’s what Earthlings call a ‘put down’ which means the wag is what they call “MOCKING” the TWO Savior leaders, one male one female, ‘Catholic’ and ‘Hindu’.

      In addition the wag is also MOCKING the loyal supporters of the TWO Savior leaders and the wag has what the Earthlings call “DISDAIN” for the supporters of the Duo Diarchy. ‘Duo’ also means TWO in Earthling language. In Earthling language TWO can mean the number #2, and TWO also means what the Earthlings call “CUNTS”, which seems to be a horrible word in the language of the Earthlings. CUNT and CUNTS : It’s a word one doesn’t hear very much because it’s such a horrible word indicating really horrible putrid detestable disgusting nasty vicious despicable Earthlings and many Earthlings are reluctant to use the word because it’s so horrible but not the wags! One knows what the word TWO refers to, either the number 2 or CUNTS by the context of the subject matter and when every letter of the word ‘TWO’ is capitalized that usually means ‘CUNTS’ in the jargon of the wags . Will explain ‘jargon’ in my next report. Signing off , will send in another Earth report tomorrow, signing off 👽.

  14. Biden is on the record, saying that he is a zionist, so trump and biden are two sides of a zionist coin.

    1. @ Harry

      Is there any politician in the U.S. today who doesn’t claim to be a “zionist”? Anyway, Trump is much more that a “zionist”; he’s an idolator of the jewish collective and a militant zionist extremist. This is why zionist extremist Adelson funded his campaigns.

  15. If I am not mistaken, I believe Brown Hawk asked me a few days ago, why I think Trump is racist. Never thought anyone would ask.

    Trump refused to disavow the Ku Klux Klan

    He attacked the Gold Star parents who were the parents of a Muslim U.S. Army officer who died while serving in Iraq.
    He claimed a judge was biased because “he’s a Mexican.”
    He called supporters who beat up a homeless Latino man “passionate.” Trump’s racial incitement has already inspired hate crimes. Two brothers arrested in Boston last summer for beating up a homeless Latino man cited Trump’s anti-immigrant message when explaining why they did it.
    Trump implied that Gonzalo Curiel, the federal judge who presided over a class action against the for-profit Trump University, could not fairly hear the case because of his Mexican heritage. In other words, the Mexican judge is biased.
    The Justice Department sued Trump’s company ― twice ― for not renting to black people.
    He refused to condemn the white supremacists who are campaigning for him..
    He questioned whether President Obama was born in the United States.
    He treats racial groups as monolithic entities, instead of acknowledging that there’s as much variety among Muslims and Latinos and black people as there is among white people.
    He trashed Native Americans and called Senator Elizabeth Warren Pocahontas.
    He called NFL black athletes who kneeled during the national anthem “mother fuckers,” who should not be living in this country.

    He called African nations and name the Caribbean islands “shithole countries.”
    Trump refused to condemn violence by white supremacist groups during the last presidential debate after they killed two black people in Kenosha, Wisconsin by only saying, “Proud Boys, stand back and stand by.”
    He condoned the beating of a Black Lives Matter protester in Alabama last year. The following day, Trump said, “Maybe [the protester] should have been roughed up,” implying that the attackers were justified.

    Hope I answered your question.

    1. Trump is so cruel to Native Americans we have to get rid of him and replace him with biden-KAMALA, if Trump serves another term there’s no telling what he might do to our fellow citizens of this Great land, the NOBLE Native Americans who Gifted Us with Maize [ Ummmmmm, yummy corn on the cob w/lots of butter and salt ummmmmm ] and The Peace Pipe because Native Americans are ALL about Peace that’s why they’re NOBLE, and NO! they’re NOT NOBLE Savages, they are NOT savages, they’re simply Purely NOBLE. Trump might call out the military and we all know the U.S. military is full of racist Indian-slaughtering white rednecks and force poor innocent sweet Indian squaw Senator Elizabeth Warren who Trump denigrates by calling her “Pocahontas” that’s RACIST! that denys her Humaness as a Wahman!!! and force her to walk A Trail of Tears from Assaschusetts to Commiefornia that’s RACIST!

    2. MEY
      I never posed that specific question to you. All I can say is you’re falling for lies that most people seem incapable of seeing through.

      As for Elizabeth Warren, to address this one point of yours, she’s about as much of an Indian that I am a Jew. Yet another pathological liar whose claim contributed mightily to her getting into Harvard, whose political correctness is unsurpassed in all the colleges in America. And that’s sayin something.

      I’d give her about 1/62nd Indian genetic makeup….at best

  16. Yes, the shekel…
    The idea of the bidens prosecuting anybody is laughable… it don’t work like that…. all the real dirty mfers want nothing to do with that whole scene… they’re already giving you the schmooze about how we’re all going to work together… you heard the blowboy Obama 12 years ago saying about how it was time to look ahead… you saw trump give the cackler a standing ovation…. bank of America is too big to fail and too big to jail…. what’s that tell you about the beltway bigwigs?
    Bidens much more worried about killing the second amendment right, which has now become a duty….
    No doubt there are millions of lamebrain parasites and loozers out there who would have voted for the dem, because they know they’re the big government growthers, who will keep jacking the handouts, expanding the programs… because after all, if we can just make the government big enough, it will be able to take care of everybody…. right?
    National Debt?
    Fiscal Responsibility?
    We’ve ‘outgrown’ those concepts…
    You bet we have….
    A trillion here, a trillion there – pretty soon you’re NOT talking about real money….
    It’s like that primitive thing about people having to work for a living, make something out of themselves….
    It’s just not how the world works anymore….
    So what are we talking about?
    Not sure but it doesn’t look like enlightenment with these fakes….
    One thing – the hopelessly bankrupt fiat money scam, your share of the ‘Responsibility’ won’t be left out of the transhumanist plot to enslave the peons….

  17. Who is watching this the day Biden was declared winner?

    Maybe this is where it’s going to go.This is terrifying, especially now that Biden has won.A week before the election the governor of Pennsylvania said “Pennsylvania’s electoral votes will go to Joe Biden”. After the election, 1) the Pennsylvania state Supreme Court voided their own state’s election law and created them anew, and 2) poll officials counted votes behind closed doors and refused to give access to Republicans, in further contradiction of the law. This is RIFE for the Supreme Court. TV stations & news media don’t decide an election; in a contested election, that’s the role of the courts, and that’s where this is headed. My prediction is that the US Supreme Court will take one look at PA’s unlawful conduct and award its electors to Trump, which would have happened had they followed their own laws. The same might happen with other states. This is nowhere near over. It’s just getting started. Democrats refused to accept that Trump legitimately won in 2016, so they can expect the same in kind.

    1. Cut it out, Premanidhi, you’re undermining Mahmoud’s confidence and we all know how sensitive he is, how exquisitely sensitive, delicate like a snow❄️.

    2. @Premanidhi

      Who is watching this the day Biden was declared winner?
      Maybe this is where it’s going to go. This is terrifying, especially now that Biden has won.

      The great admirer of Hitler demonstrates here that he has no freaking idea what this phony ‘black genius’ Van Jones is babbling about.

      This Sorosist is calling for color revolution in the case if Trump wins the votes, for God sake! You want the proof? Go to that place in the video ( ) where Van advises you to follow “the guidance of the late great Gene Sharp”. And do you know who Gene Sharp is, folks? Get a clue:

      Sharp’s 1993 handbook From Dictatorship to Democracy was first published in Burma, fourth edition in 2010. It has since been translated into at least 31 other languages. It has served as a basis for the campaigns of Serbia’s Otpor! (who were also directly trained by the Albert Einstein Institution), Georgia’s Kmara, Ukraine’s Pora, Kyrgyzstan’s KelKel and Belarus’ Zubr.

      …Sharp’s writings on “Civilian-Based Defense” were used by the Lithuanian, Latvian, and Estonian governments during their separation from the Soviet Union in 1991. Lithuanian Defence Minister Audrius Butkevicius declared at the time, “I would rather have this book than the nuclear bomb”.

      … Gene Sharp has been accused by far-left critics of having strong links with a variety of US institutions including the Central Intelligence Agency, the Pentagon and Republican-related institutions, i.e. International Republican Institute, RAND Corporation, and the National Endowment for Democracy.

      There has been debate around Sharp’s works influencing the Arab Spring, with a WikiLeaks cable citing his work in a US embassy in Damascus while other media rejected such claims.

      Sharp consistently denied these claims and, after a period of sustained attacks in June 2008, notable left wing writers Noam Chomsky and Howard Zinn, among others, defended Sharp in a letter which was circulated by US and internationally based scholars and activists


      Now, I presume that Serbia’s Otpor, Georgia’s Kmara, Ukraine’s Pora, Kyrgyzstan’s KelKel or Belarus’ Zubr sound like Chinese language to the enlightened deep thinkers like Barkingdeer and Brownhawk, so let me explain in simple English words who Gene Sharp is.

      This is a guy who is touted as “Machiavelli of nonviolence” and the “Clausewitz of nonviolent warfare”, but in reality is the theoretician of the art of overthrowing the governments of sovereign states all over the world through color revolution and installing poodle regimes that fall under the complete control of the USA.

      Now let me address Premanidhi’s concern. Since Biden “has won” the votes, “this is NOT where it’s going to go”, butthead.

      In other words, the color revolution has already succeeded in America, and everyone can go home now. So, Trump will grumble a bit so as to comply with the protocol and quietly disappear into the woods leaving his foolish “Aryan base” holding the bag.

      That’s my prediction, folks, whatever its worth.

  18. Though aware that the following is of zero consequence to those unable to comprehend anything beyond spoken word, enchanted by blather and mindless gossip, he-said-she-said, completely befuddled by the significance of ancient “by way of deception you shall wage war” (said by Sun Tsu many centuries before Mossad claimed it as its own), I will nevertheless point out this tweet by Hillary Clinton
    Hillary Clinton Celebrates ‘Repudiation Of Trump’ As Media Declares Biden Victory (look it up on Daily Wire, omitting a suspiciously long link string)
    So yes, the Trump-haters are her allies, not that they care about her past, e.g., overthrowing a conservative pope Benedict XVI or destruction of Libya along with tortured martyrdom of president Qaddafi (popularly elected, i.e., DEMOCRATICALLY), or giveaway of American uranium deposits to Russians or smooth segueing from Libyan genocide into the Syrian one (instant shift of ISIS troops and weaponry, aided by Bernard Henri-Levy, impossible to get more creepily evil), as evidenced by her State Dep’t emails, Department of State case number F-2014-20439, document number C05794498

    “The best way to help Israel deal with Iran’s growing nuclear capability is to help the people of Syria overthrow the regime of Bashar Assad.”

    But none of that matters to word-obsessed TDS’ers, e.g., though under Obama’s 1st term, THREE TIMES more Palestinians were killed than under Trump, Mahmoud happily voted for Obama’s leftovers who are likely much worse than Obama—because Jerusalem embassy, much more important than Palestinian lives (if Palestinian Lives Don’t Matter PLDM to an actual Palestinian, why should they matter to anyone else?).
    And Trump’s verbal pyrotechnics on Syria are MUCH more important than actual slaughter and wholesale collapse of Syrian society, economy, infrastructure, genocide and ethnic purges—all of which is storming back to Middle East and elsewhere under Kabbala Harris—not that anyone cares.

    Is there a clearer proof of American descent into subhuman debility? Yeah, if that’s what they chose, let them have it and I want to see them harvest what they have sown.

    1. Lobro
      I sent lasha an email informing her of what I heard last night on a Conservative radio talk show. The host read a letter written by Archbishop Carlo Maria Vegaro that he sent to Trump spelling out the danger we are all facing, and urging him to do all he can to stay in power. Needless to say, I was riveted on hearing it from this Archbishop, who threw the Pope squarely under the bus and of course deservedly so.

      I expect lasha to inform admin. in hope of their following up on it.


      1. @ Brownhawk

        Lasha has received no email from you
        with a link to any such article.
        Why not just post the link here?

  19. I didn’t know until last night that kamala is a word in finnish. I learned that from Twitter. I won’t give any spoilers. Go to jewgle translate and translate it to english. 😉

    1. Morningstar,

      I did as you suggested and it’s a !HOOT! The Finnish got our Vice-President Elect Kamala pegged alright!!! Thank you for your excellent suggestion!

      1. Admin
        Whether lasha received the email or not, you’re now aware of the letter from Archbishop Vigano to Trump. It was read by Sean Hannity, one of the remaining “good guys” on Fox News. My guess is that Trump pissed off the Murdochs, and this grudge is what’s behind Fox selling out to expose themselves as “wolves in Cobservative clothing”

        Insofar as providing a link, I’m not sure how I might do that. Maybe you, or someone out there can run it down. Lobro? Are you now aware of this letter?

        Here’s how I see things:

        Trump is getting intense pressure to concede an election where there is OVERWHELMING evidence of massive fraud. The “deep state NWO” swamp is pulling out all the stops to remove the one man whom the Archbishop KNOWS is virtually the last man standing in their way. Pressure is also being put on the noted Chabadian Jared Kushner and his brainwashed acolyte wife Ivanka, both of whom are on board with the Pope and all those who are resigning themselves to the false prophecy putting an evil spin on what the “End Times” are “SUPPOSED” to look like.

        I urge you to find this letter and post it on the site.

        And pray for Archbishop Vigano, a fellow lover of Christ


        1. @ Brownhawk

          Lasha received an email from you but it contained NO LINK. I suggested you post the link here, but now you tell me you don’t know how to post a link. You write: “Insofar as providing a link, I’m not sure how I might do that. Maybe you, or someone out there can run it down. Lobro?”

          Is there any particular reason you are unable to post a link? After all your years on the internet, Brownhawk, I find this truly astonishing! This is something you need to learn how to do ASAP. 🙂

          1. @ Brownhawk

            It’s most UNUSUAL to request Admin
            to post an article on this site
            without mentioning the TITLE of the article
            or on WHICH WEBSITE it can be found! 🙂

            I reckon you are the FIRST to ever do this!
            No wonder you Red Injuns lost the war against the Palefaces! 🙂

      2. Pay attention! I’m not referring to an article, but a LETTER written by the Archbishop Vigano to Trump. Your guess is as good as mine as to how you might gain access to it. The bottom line is that this sounds pretty important, doncha think? Why quibble over how the info gets out there.

        And for the record, I’ve CHOSEN not to present links here. I’d rather let my words stand on their own merit, however that may be construed

        1. @ Brownhawk

          Garbage! It’s clear you don’t even know how to post a link. You say you are a referring to a “LETTER”, not an article as such, but you must have read the said “Letter” on the internet somewhere, right? So where did you read it on the internet?

          How the F*K can you expect Admin to hunt around for a F***ING “letter” for you if you can’t even provide Admin with a LINK and a TITLE? They ain’t f***ing clairvoyant!

          Stop wasting everyone’s time, F***WIT!

      3. Um, duh. All you have to do in order to see the Archbishop’s letter to Trump is, wait for it……GOOGLE IT!

        If Trump continues to fight this and emerge with a victory he earned in a LANDSLIDE, then the Vatican, and the evil forces behind it will not be happy campers, to put it mildly. He will have resisted the will of the Chabadian Lubavitchers and proven to be a brave man indeed.

        God help him in this political fight to end all fights

        1. Um, duh. All you have to do in order to see the Archbishop’s letter to Trump is, wait for it……GOOGLE IT!

          So why can’t YOU google it and provide the f***ing LINK, asshole?

          1. Hieronymus,

            Please refrain from using such potty language. Brother Brownhawk has just informed us that he doesn’t do links for some mysterious reason he refuses to divulge. Be content with that!

            Brother Brownhawk expects Admin to undertake this tedious task for him. After all, Admin has an endless amount of time on his/her hands, whereas Brother Brownhawk is much too busy and important a personage in the Red Injun community — sharpening tomahawks, smoking peace pipes, and tidying up his wigwam! — to be bothered with chasing around in search of “LINKS”! 🙂

            Give him a break, for God’ sake!

      4. LETTER…..

        Catholic archbishop warns Trump that ‘forces of evil’ working against him to execute a ‘Great Reset’

        Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò wrote an open letter to before the election warning that he was the ‘final garrison against the world dictatorship’


        1. @ ADMIN

          As I suspected, Brownhawk has been wasting your time. The Darkmoon site has only just published an article dealing with this very subject: the Archbishop Vigano’s open letter to Trump. Here it is:

          The link kindly provided above by Pat is in fact cited in the opening caption under the header picture. Click on the link there and it will take you to the same article in question: the FULL LETTER of the Archbishop Vigano to Trump!

          Poor Brownhawk. What a dope! Can’t even post a link. And the subject he he wants everyone to read about has already been covered on this site only 10 days ago!

          However, I must thank Brownhawk for calling me a “SYNCHOPHANT”. Coming from him, thst’s a real compliment. Thank you, Big Chief! 🙂

      5. Hieronymus

        First of all, curb your anger, you dimwit. Who the bleep raised you, a pair of mutant crocodiles?

        The letter was read on a radio program, which I indicated. Having reported that, a simple google would have sufficed. So what is it, people here are so dependent on being given links they can’t accomplish this simple task?

        And for you other idiots who can’t respect my “mysterious reasons” for NOT offering the EQUALLY simple task providing links in your insulting manner……😝😝😝😝😝

        P.S. Thank you brother Pat for obliging these nimrods😁

        1. Listen, dimwit! The article you recommended for publication
          was already published on this site only TWO WEEKS AGO!
          Can’t you get that into your head, fathead?

  20. TROJ

    Your use of derogatory terms to describe me on this site, such as rag head is insulting and offensive, to say the least. By doing so, you are giving me permission to call you, dirty sea scum, paleface, honkey, or cracker. However, with respect to my white friends on this site, I am not going to lower my standard like you did.

    You should refrain from using this forum to spread your anti-Muslim slurs and demagoguery. This is an abuse of Free Speech given to you by this site.

    After all, most of your comments add insult, subtract pleasure, divide attention, and multiply ignorance. An apology is in order.

    1. uncle :

      Don’t tell me, let me guess, you’re going to CENSOR my reply to Madame Butterfly ” Ineffable Intuition + Fly High In The Sky + Let your Love Flow”, you don’t like my reply to Madame Butterfly because? Because my reply is TOO happy, TOO upbeat? I don’t just mention the Flat Earth Truth, which is bad enough and not allowed, but with Exuberance I Celebrate the Flat Earth Geocentric Truth and that’s so far beyond the pale it’s beyond cavil and WE’RE simply overwhelmed by the brazenness of the celebratory joyous nature of the post WE are horrified and aghast at the Upbeat nature of the post and don’t know what the f*ck to do EXCEPT CENSOR IT!!!!!

      No joy and happiness, please, no celebrations, no smiling, no laughing, no having a good time, no upbeat posts please, WE’RE helios.

      1. @ TROJ

        I don’t recollect receiving any comment from you about Madame Butterfly. I’d gladly publish it, especially if it alluded to Flat Earth theory. Which is always a hot topic here, as you know, and totally relevant to our animated discussions on Trump and Biden.

  21. Impossible to OD on reality, another dose here:
    NATO says Biden victory will help with ‘assertive Russia,’ as influential Moscow MP warns Democrat sees country as ‘main enemy’

    After Joe Biden declared victory in the US presidential election on Saturday, there are fears that tensions between Russia and the West could escalate under his leadership.

    Congratulating the Democratic candidate on his projected win, … the secretary general of NATO singled out Moscow as a priority for the incoming American leader. In a statement on the US-led military bloc’s website, Jens Stoltenberg wrote, “I warmly welcome the election of Joe Biden as the next president of the United States. I know Mr. Biden as a strong supporter of NATO and the transatlantic relationship.”

    He continued: “We need this collective strength to deal with the many challenges we face, including a more ASSERTIVE RUSSIA, international terrorism, cyber and missile threats, and a shift in the global balance of power with the RISE OF CHINA.”

    (“international terrorism” is a code-word for “bring in ISIS“)
    Need I say that it has been asserted shrilly and persistently how Orange Clown is a leading threat of thermonuclear war with Russia and China?
    Yet not enough, it would seem according to NATO Talmud vassals, things much improved with incoming Biden horde—once again highlighting the difference between bullshit bombast that had ignoramuses’ tits in wringer and the cold, hard reality about to show face.
    Evidence is piling up against TDS’ers’ sniveling rejection of plain truth
    Distinguished Russiagate disciple Michael McFaul upset that Putin hasn’t congratulated Biden for presumed election win (reminder to history-challenged: McFaul, Nuland, Soros and McCain were principal actors behind Yanukovich overthrow and Ukraine’s present tragedy and Russia’s continuing pain—other leaders refusing to congratulate, wonder why, China, Turkey (Erdogan remembers Obama-CIA coup attempt), Mexico … meanwhile Justin Trudeau overjoyed).
    Ah well, once more I could quote relevant lines from The Protocols noting this goy mental and character vulnerability but what’s the use.

    1. Lobro
      Biden is essentially owned by the CCCP, and by proxy the Chinese Jews and assorted non-human cretins (literally). If he were to become the POTUS, the totalitarian tiptoe becomes a totalitarian stride, as I’ve written. The “NWO”, or “JWO”, or “Agenda 2030”, whatever you want to call it, will be inexorably implemented without a shot being fired. 7 billion human beings minus a few million stalwart resisters all wearing masks until taking a vaccine that will make them sufficiently docile to be residents on Orwell’s Animal Farm, in whose math class 2+2=5. Good is evil. Evil is good. And so on and so on.
      And if Putin and whomever Russians are on board with the Russian Orthodoxy, then by extension they should be rooting for Trump….in a nutshell.

    2. uncle does sarcasm pretty good, very good actually. I’m proud of him. I LERV sarcasm! 😊

  22. I find Your article above DISGRACEFULL .
    Your score in My book fell many grades

    I dont have the energy to explaim WHY

    I think You know

    ADMIN: None of us here wrote the article you refer to as “YOUR” article. Why not get in touch with the original author of the article and complain to him? His name is David Johnston and he lives somewhere in America…

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