Biden Will Make Sure Israel Comes First

 By Philip Giraldi
The Unz Review
December 15, 2020

An abridged version of Giraldi’s “Liberal Except for Palestine”  



“Biden’s White House will be the usual hotbed of pandering to Israel along the lines of the precedent set by Donald Trump. . . .  There should be little doubt that American Jews have by hook and by crook come to occupy the driver’s seat.”  —   Philip Giraldi

Jewish groups have expressed their pleasure with the appointments so far made by Biden, most particularly Ron Klain as Chief of Staff and Jake Sullivan as National Security Adviser. But the Jewel in the Crown is Tony Blinken as Secretary of State.

The Democratic Majority for Israel (DMFI), which is the Israel support group within the party, has sent out an announcement saying it’s thrilled by the number and quality of “pro-Israel allies” who will be in the upcoming government. Other pro-Israel groups to include the Washington Institute for Near East Peace (WINEP) and the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies (FDD) have been similarly enthusiastic.

Jewish members of Congress are grossly disproportionate to their numbers in the general population (27 in the House and 9 in the Senate).

Israeli Lobby power influencing Congress and the White House is clearly visible.

Up until the last election Eliot Engel chaired the House Foreign Affairs Committee and Adam Schiff headed the House Intelligence Committee, two key posts firmly in the hands of politicians who had regularly put Israel’s interests first. Schiff’s son has been featured wearing a Mossad T-shirt, without any negative comment apart from folks like myself. One wonders what “liberal” Democrats would have thought if the lad had been wearing a shirt featuring CIA?

Engel is mirabile dictu out of office, but he has been replaced by black New York congressman Gregory Meeks, who obedient to orders did what Jeff Blankfort describes as a “full Uncle Tom,” immediately pronouncing that Israelis have a “right to defend themselves” and Palestinians need to return to the negotiating table and stop “fighting.” Three days earlier, Israeli soldiers had shot dead a fourteen-year-old Palestinian boy, something that Meeks apparently regards as “self-defense,” but, more to the point, consider for a moment the supreme ignorance of Mr. Meeks and the power he will wield over the nation’s foreign policy.

Nancy Pelosi is herself committed to the cause of Israel, having said that “If this capitol crumbled to the ground, the one thing that would remain is our commitment to our aid–and I don’t even call it aid–our cooperation with Israel. That’s fundamental to who we are,” while president-elect Joe Biden has proudly declared himself to be a Zionist and House Majority Whip Steny Hoyer has proudly declared himself to have “dual loyalty.” Add to that the appointment of Tony Blinken as Secretary of State presumptive for confirmation that the Biden White House will be the usual hotbed of pandering to Israel along the lines of the precedent set by Donald Trump.

Recently, groups like the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) have pledged their support for organizations like black lives matter, partly due to their own membership base’s liberal inclinations and also to establish their fictional bona fides as honorable gentlemen and ladies seeking to take steps that are good for American democracy as they see it. They have stated that:

“We mourn for George Floyd, who was horrifically murdered by a police officer in Minneapolis. There are many marching in the streets across the country and around the world chanting, ‘I can’t breathe’ in tribute to his memory and to demand justice. We mourn for Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade and Rayshard Brooks among countless others whose lives were cut short as a result of systemic racism in policing. As an organization committed to fighting all forms of hate, ADL knows that these brutal deaths follow an explosion of racist murders and hate crimes across the U.S. Systemic racism, injustice, and inequality call for systemic change… Join us in combatting the bigotry, racism and discrimination that targets marginalized communities today.”

As a side benefit to all that hail-fellow-well-met conviviality, there is, of course, also a tactical consideration, which is that if Jewish groups can demonstrate such marvelous fellowship with poor downtrodden black folk in the United States, perhaps no one will notice how they look the other way while their co-religionists in Israel practice genocide on the Palestinian Arabs.

The ADL statement is pure, unadulterated bullshit, ironical because Jews are by far the wealthiest and best educated demographic in the United States, powerful at all levels and hardly victims of anything. And they work hard to hide the fact that the Israel Lobby exists to serve the Jewish state’s interests, including making sure that the American public is led to believe that nothing is happening when Arab children are shot dead, when the livelihoods of Palestinians are destroyed, and when Israel operates with impunity to assassinate foreign officials and kill innocent civilians en masse in places like Iran, Gaza, Syria and Lebanon.

The hysteria on the part of some Jewish groups to identify with the grievances of black Americans is quite amazing to behold. It now includes memorials to the martyred George Floyd of Minneapolis, whose death triggered last spring and summer’s rioting, in so-called holocaust remembrance sites. The first such George Floyd exhibit has opened within the Holocaust Memorial Resource & Education Center in Orlando, Florida.

The intention of the exhibitors is not completely clear, but the identification of Jewish suffering with the black counterpart is intended to suck in the inevitable critics who can conveniently be described as racists, putting both Israel/Jews and American blacks on the side of the angels even though the two have functionally nothing at all to do with each other. So, anyone who might want to argue that the Floyd-holocaust joint commemoration is both ridiculous and a political contrivance might just as well button his or her lip and in so doing avoid the sanctimonious backlash that would be generated from the Jewish managed media no matter how one spins it.

The claim that some Jewish groups and leaders do not regard themselves beholden to American interests at all has a certain cogency, as does the argument that they do not consider their fellow U.S. citizens to be quite their equal given their Chosen status. Religious leader and Grand Rabbi of the Satmar Hassidim community of Williamsburg, New York, Rabbi Zalman Teitelbaum, recently declared that his numerous followers should not consider themselves as American but rather as Jews in exile.

Teitelbaum’s views are not unique.

There exists an International Council of Jewish Parliamentarians, which is based in Israel. It exists to support Israel and to “To promote an ongoing dialogue and a sense of fraternity among Jewish legislators and ministers.” One might well ask why a parliamentarian representing the people in a country should identify with and, let’s face it, conspire with foreign representatives of other nations based on religion? And support the interests of a foreign country, Israel, also due to religious affinity? One might suggest that that is what charges of “dual loyalty” are all about, though it might indeed be better described as “singular” or primary loyalty.

There should be little doubt that American Jews have by hook and by crook come to occupy the driver’s seat in many key sectors of both the economy and in political life.

The trick of lining up with those oppressed both to demonstrate one’s ethical superiority and to avoid having one’s interests scrutinized through assertion of having suffered a similar victimhood has been played again and again. George Floyd in a holocaust memorial? Sure, why not. The reality of Floyd does not exactly fit in with the hagiography that has grown up around him since his death just as Israel and American Jews constantly claiming victimhood so that their own behavior and that of Israel cannot be subject to accountability is also a hypocritical political ploy that does not reflect reality.


27 thoughts to “Biden Will Make Sure Israel Comes First”

  1. The situation we are in is just horrible. Our nation oscillated from one Zionist whore to another. Obviously Amerika is some kind of pathetic Zionist Occupied Whore State which lacks leadership to challenge the Jew parasite. Really, that is pathetic beyond measure and I have written many times that most people will allow Israel to do us in without a peep because of their religious or indoctrinated views considering Israel and the Bible.

    Well, Israel is doing us in and no one will say it but Phillip Giraldi and a tiny minority of patriots who haven’t been bought by the system.

    I think Donald Trump is a con man and has betrayed us and I do not like him. I believe in principle, so if a political candidate says he is going to pull us out of the wars in the middle east, and he gets elected on those words, he should follow through. Same for draining the swamp and building the wall.

    Based on the evidence, I do think Trump won by a landslide, but I have little hope that he is going to overcome the forces against him, and I suspect the whole scenario is exactly what his masters planned all along, which is an internal civil war and split up of the nation, bankruptcy and total ruin. So it is my view that Trump delivered the goods just as he was hired to do so, and he will retire in great wealth for a job well done – in Israel.

    I have facts on my side, Trump did not make America great as he promised, he presided over the biggest disaster ever, the nation is being strangled by the corona hoax and he does nothing about it, he even stands next to Dr. Fauci while the nation is being gutted. If Trump was a real patriot, Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci would have been hauled off to Gitmo a long time ago, along with all the rest of the commies.

    Bibi Netanyahu said this about Amerika, the country he hates:

    “America is a golden calf; and we will suck it dry, chop it up, and sell it off piece by piece until there is nothing left but the world’s biggest welfare state that we will create and control. Why? Because it is the will of God, and America is big enough to take the hit; so, we can do it again and again and again. This is what we do to countries that we hate. We destroy them very slowly and make them suffer for refusing to be our slaves.”

    Then David Goldberg said Netanyahu was going to flush Trump down the toilet if he did not attack Iran. Well, Trump did not, and now Trump is being flushed right before our eyes.

    So what happens next? I have no idea but here is what I think from my corner in the universe. This is my view and it is not hopeful. I am sorry I can not write something more optimistic, but I have to speak my truth even if I don’t like it either. We are totally screwed.

    All Hope is About to be Lost

    1. OFF-TOPIC


      @ Yukon Jack :

      What is your opinion about The Flat Earth movement? What is your opinion of Eric Dubay? What is your opinion of Malcolm Bowden [ “The Corruption of Science and The Forces Behind It” ] ? Jews and Catholics [ especially the Jesuits ] are helios and the Jews and the Catholics [ especially the Jesuits ] don’t allow anyone to question heliocentrism and totally BAN and CENSOR anyone who questions heliocentrism. What is your opinion about that? Do you think the Jews and the Catholics [ especially the Jesuits ] are right to BAN and CENSOR Flat Earthers?

      What do think of “Truth Tellers” ~ like Kaminski and Northerntruthseeker for example ~ who always rail against jew censorship while the “Truth Tellers” CENSOR Flat Earthers? This is very common in the Noosphere, “Truth Loving, Truth Seeking, Truth Telling” lervers of Freedom of Inquiry and lervers of Freedom of Speech always crying about jew censorship while they themselves CENSOR Flat Earthers. And not just Flat Earthers, they CENSOR anyone who even questions heliocentrism. Even those who question heliocentrism just a little bit, they get CENSORED by the “Truth Loving Truth Seeking Truth Telling” lervers of Scientific Inquiry and lervers of Freedom of Thought and Freedom of Speech and Freedom This and Freedom That…. I always laugh when they cry and complain about jew censorship. They know how it feels to be CENSORED — but that doesn’t stop them from being CENSORIOUS. If you point out to them that it doesn’t feel good to get CENSORED and they know it doesn’t feel good, all-of-a-sudden they act like they don’t know what you’re talking about, even though they’re ALWAYS crying and complaining about getting censored in the mainstream culture, they act like they don’t know how it feels to get CENSORED when you point out to them they’re being CENSORIOUS.

      jews are censorious, that’s evil. helios are censorious, that’s “spiritually liberating”. jews are censorious, that’s evil. jesuits are censorious, that’s “true religion”. jews are censorious, cry and complain about (((them))) all the time. helios are censorious, you’re not even supposed to notice they’re being censorious, let alone cry and complain about their helio love of censorship. jews censor you, be unhappy. helios censor you, be happy! The helios actually expect you to be happy they’re censoring you, they’re a hoot that way! When jews censor you the jews expect you to be unhappy about it — because it’s normal to be unhappy when you get censored. When helios censor you they expect you to be happy about it, and if you’re not happy they censored you that confuses the helios, LMFAO!!!!

      What is your opinion of heliocentrism, Yukon Jack? And whether you’re a heliocentric or not a heliocentric : do you think helios have some kind of intrinsic inherent right to CENSOR anyone who questions heliocentrism? And is it really Science if one is not allowed to question it? Real Science welcomes inquiry, helios do NOT welcome inquiry, NOT AT ALL. If heliocentrism is based on real and true and objective and empirical Science then why do helios run like scared chickens when you ask them questions about their heliocentrism? If their heliocentrism is based on REAL Science and their heliocentroism is REALLY THE SCIENTIFIC TRUTH then why are they so deeply afraid of questions about their heliocentrism?

      Thank you, TROJ.

    2. Well said, Yukon Jack.

      I knew Trump was jewed inside out when he was running for his first term. I could never have voted for the POS. All that son-of-a-bitch was good for was serving jews and Israel. Why do so many Americans like him? Was it his arrogance that attracted people? They must be totally ignorant of what he was doing. Not only did he spend all his time rimming jews, he was a disaster with respect to protecting the environment and wildlife. Add to that his push for 5G and the coronahoax toxxines, which he is just now starting to distance himself from.

      If there’s a hell, I hope he burns there for eternity for what he’s done to America! And yes, we’re screwed.

  2. New potus, same as the old potus, they do not get to serve the zionists unless they are proven traitors to America.

  3. Before the election Biden was heard to say “we have created the most extensive and comprehensive voter fraud operation in the history of American politics”. Allegedly he said this in front of fellow Dems, hence the “we”. Yet if you listen closely, not only can you hear that he’s reading off a script, but the way he’s speaking indicates that he’s being recorded alone in some designated area. Perhaps somewhere in CIA HQ in Langley?

    This was no slip of the tongue made by a senile old man. The fact that we were able to hear it via a thoroughly corrupted media implies it was MEANT to be heard. Combined with the suspicious timing of the Hunter Biden crime story being ramped up all of a sudden to eventually incriminate Father Joe, and Trump having nowhere to turn given the ANTICIPATED* refusals for any of his multitudinous lawsuits to be addressed, OR for any help in the Senate (McConnell showing his true “sell out to China” swamp colors), and you’ve got all the earmarks of a classic psy-op STEERING* Trump into invoking the Insurrection Act that would force the issue in exposing the voter fraud scheme and keep him in power. An Act that would give the go-ahead once Trump receives Intel (hmmm) informing him of foreign obstruction in the 2020 election via the Dominion voting machines. This would allow for them to be seized and open up Pandora’s Box to exposing all the other modes of election theft.

    So we’ve got this monumental Covid scam duping billions of people (that’s billions with a “b”)**, and a vaccine roll-out system administering MULTIbillions of doses by the world’s militaries in a setting of Global lockdowns and an economic re-set putting everything on the fast track to Agenda 2030. So how much of a stretch would it be for an in-your (masked)-face martial law scenario to fit right in?

    NWO…the ultimate psy-op

    *”Protocoled” – It’s not as though all these major players know exactly how they’re being used and to act accordingly in accepting their status as mere automatons, unless of course you’re sleepy Joe Biden. They may not be their own man or woman, but their egos certainly make them THINK they are.

    **Floating lobsters in a pot
    Bubbling water getting hot
    Who is cozy who has doubt
    and has the wits to clamber out?

  4. What is the context in which Biden made this statement. Could he have been speaking of some way of detecting vote fraud in another country? In such a case the statement is an hilarious coincidence with reality.

  5. And China Joe isn’t the lonesome stranger. Ever since the now relegated to old news reference point status Beirut bomb(ing) occurred, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Sudan, Morocco and now Bhutan have signed on to full diplomatic relations with Israel. Soon to come – Saudi Arabia, Oman and ? Or maybe just another coinky-dink. The old Domino effect, trick..

    “The circle of those who recognize Israel is growing… This is a milestone in Israel’s deepening ties with Asia,” tweeted Israeli Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi.”

  6. No contest between Trump and Biden for who will be the bigger stooge for the Zion, and definitely no contest on who is the bigger American Nationalist… Trump wins the latter hands-down……
    And the country is full of his supporters… You just wouldn’t know it from watching MSM…
    Trump’s didn’t get into any new wars and his gifts to the Jews were nothing compared to the full mobilization Iran attack likely coming if Biden gets the White House…
    And certainly no question about who is the bigger Davos Dummy…
    Trump was a nationalist…. Biden will be a globalist, who will fill the USA up with illegal immigrants…
    They’ll all become democrats and will all vote alike on one racial issue – get rid of the white people…
    Meanwhile, how long will we have to hear Fox News flogging the Hunter Biden issue, like anything will ever be done about it… Maybe, if Trump remains…
    But plenty of RINO Republicans have their dough lined up on Biden’s foreign policy… Mit Romney…
    The dems knew they were going to steal this election for years…
    They made stolen elections the narrative by repeatedly claiming Trump stole the last one somehow…

  7. A very cursory, peripheral glance at how people see the Biden-Trump comparison:
    Trump better—maybe 4-5 posters,
    Biden better—about 4-5 posters,
    no difference—everyone else.

    What does Jew say? According to overwhelming consent, Trump is the most Jew-owned president in history by far, Jews absolutely love and adore him (moved embassy to Jerusalem, let Pollard go to Israel, gave WH keys to Netanyahu, “gave” Golan Heights to Israel, …, and on and on, the tremendous gifts that hugely advanced Israel’s welfare compared to say, administrations of Obama-Clinton, GW Bush, Bill Clinton, GHW Bush.
    Donald “Orange Clown” Trump was by far the worst of the bunch for gentiles, esp. Palestinians and conversely by far the best for Jews worldwide—and was consequently beloved of Jews everywhere, especially in Israel.
    So somebody explain in simple terms:IT WAS SYSTEMIC-PURPOSEFUL FRAUD: Clark County Nevada Dominion Machines ALSO Kicked out “About 70% of Ballots” – It Was in the Settings!
    Note that these are results of SCIENTIFIC FORENSIC AUDIT OF DOMINION MACHINES across various counties in Nevada and Michigan as judicially mandated AND THEY ALL REPORTED IDENTICAL ERROR RATE OF 68% meaning that 68% of ballots were shipped to an unknown destination for “correction“.
    It can be safely assumed that this was replicated across all the swing states, GA, PA, WI, MI, AZ, NV and who knows how many more.
    Bottom line: Biden won (stop laughing, not funny).
    Bottom line: Jews lost (repeat: stop laughing) because they hugely favored Trump—how do I know? Because as another article points out, they also own Biden—in which case there shouldn’t have been any such crude, momentous fraud, so obvious—everything would have been arranged years in advance, nice, quiet, smooth, media co-opted lock stock and barrel.
    Bottom line: to whomever pulled this grand larceny of election,

    The only logical conclusion is that whoever pulled of the election theft couldn’t have been Jewish but in fact very anti-semitic to do such mortal damage to favored shabbo Trump—could it be dread Nazis sneaking in in U-boats from under melting Antarctica ice shield, the Ultima Thule squads?
    For this reason we should all cheer the brave de-frauders out to bring the rightful Zionist puppet back to power.
    (compare the ethnic makeups of two cabinets and inner circle of advisers, who/how many—same-same!?)
    Read the SCRIBD-published Antrim Michigan Forensics Report by Allied Security Operations Group for in-depth analysis.

    As for prevailing “same, no difference” mantra, so deeply entrenched, a little reminder:

    … it is probably all the SAME TO THE WORLD WHO IS ITS SOVEREIGN LORD, whether the head of Catholicism or our despot of the blood of Zion! BUT TO US, THE CHOSEN PEOPLE, IT IS VERY FAR FROM BEING A MATTER OF INDIFFERENCE.

    It seems that I am one of the rare ones that have nothing but the deepest, fearful respect for the Protocols, a work of surpassing genius and evil wisdom, quite worthy of the supernatural Adversary himself, his Sermon Below The Mount.

    1. Lobro –

      “It seems that I am one of the rare ones….”

      You state the obvious…….
      Every person on earth is “rare”. The ones who exposed the protocols may be even more rare than you.

      The first English translation of the Babylonian Talmud was in 1903. Millions of folks were aware of jew documents long before you were born.


      I believe Trump played his part extremely well. He helped Fed Res jews with $30Trillion in debt…. and pushed vaccines on the whole country and now exits the stage.


      1. Patty,
        Trump certainly knows which side to butter his bagel. So does creepy China Joe, that is if he can remember what side to butter. The difference is Trump stands for America and Israel, of sorts, and Uncle Creep stands for China and Israel as does RINO Senator Mitch McConnell. Both China Creep and China Mac are imbedded up the crotch of the Chicoms. In the end it is most unlikely that after the 1.3 billion Chinese have established their world wide technocratic Imperium that they will give a hoot about the 18 million apples of God’s bloodshot eyes. If I could only live long enough to see it all unfold.

      2. TJ –

        Correct in all you wrote.

        You and I, about the same age, will likely be outta here before we see the biggest changes coming from China.

        Same for BHawk.

      3. The way I see it, the Shield is planning to crash the whole funny money shithouse and the Fed Res system has been a means towards that end since its inception. But they need one more string of chaos to bring about the “order” they seek. Trump is impeding their progress, but only in that regard. Mess with the money system and a POTUS is a POTUS no more.

    2. Trump didn’t give the jews everything they want. The jews want the USA to be totally JEW COMMUNIST. For all of Trump’s faults, for all of his love of jews, he’s not a Communist. Trump didn’t start a war against Iran and that’s a reason the jews want Trump out of the White House, but that’s not the only reason they want Trump out.

      He’s not a Communist, he doesn’t want to sell the USA down-the-river to the Chinese Communist government. While he’s certainly not a White Nationalist, he does have some Nationalist leanings. The jews do not want a president for the USA with any Nationalist leanings. That’s not why the jews want the USA to be full of NON-Whites. The NON-Whites are not here to partake in any America-loving America-first Nationalist type culture. The NON-Whites are here to dilute whatever little Common culture is left, that’s why the jews want unlimited immigration into the USA, to put an end to America-first type thinking. Trump is the opposite of what the jews want on the domestic front. In foreign affairs, he’s not as gung-ho for war as the jews would like — For domestic issues, he’s not gung-ho to see the USA go totally globalist, in other words, go totally JEW COMMUNIST.

      He has some America-first Nationalist leanings, but the jews don’t want that. They don’t want White Americans to have Nationailist feelings. They also don’t want the NON-Whites to have any America-first Nationalist leanings. It’s not only the jews. Pretty much everyone in the elite of the USA have nothing but disdain for any patriotic feelings.

      We, us Americans, we finally got a president with some patriotism in his heart and some common sense ideas to improve the country, and he’s absolutely hated by the elite of the country, both jew elites and the NON-jew elites also. We finally got a president with some patriotism and some common sense and the ruling class of the country want him arrested and thrown in prison for life, or even executed.

      1. TROJ –

        “The jews want the USA to be totally JEW COMMUNIST.”

        That will come about with Trump’s “FAST-TRACK” vaccines. Now ‘conservatives’ will gladly accept the jabs. ‘Liberals’ always wanted them.

        ‘Conservatives’ only whimpered a little when Trump did more than anyone when he helped Fed Res jews and Rothschilds with $30Trillion in debt…. That is a record by any President!!

        JOB WELL DONE FOR JEWS!! NOW… he can retire and play golf.

      2. COMMUNISM is on the way with Trump’s “FAST-TRACK” vaccines, which are the tools which are BEING used to mandate the ‘all-needed passports for living’ to ensure compliance.

        With Biden…. a COMMUNIST system akin to CHINA’S system is being imposed here now, in the USA.


  8. Second Amendment stalwarts approve Trump over Biden Hands Down… Nationalists too…
    Biden will be the more destructive in the ME for the Jew conquest schedule… you’ll see…
    But, there is the real possibility that the Kamel will get his job, one way or the other…
    Moving the real choice into second place and knocking off the prez is an old tactic, McKinley and JFK…
    If the plan is to have him removed for senility, the Fox Jews News is playing right into it by denouncing him as a crook, won’t help his chances…
    If the plan is to unleash the mud people, the Kamel might be preferred and the Master of Ceremony…

  9. Pat,

    Trump did more than anyone when he helped Fed Res jews and Rothschilds with $30Trillion in debt….
    JOB WELL DONE FOR JEWS!! NOW… he can retire and play golf

    can be read from opposite bleachers:
    with $30T he helped destroy USD (a jew fiat creation, i.e., trust us jews and use it as worldwide legal tender), dollar tanking against other equally fiat currencies and there goes Rothschild’s main weapon (“Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes the laws.“)—death by saturation.
    Think about it, what do we have in this calculation:
    • money is power to make others ensure your life is parasitic and comfortable so long as you got it and they don’t, sort of polarity of want, fiscal slavery that jews pulled not only on individuals but entire nations through the “reserve currency” confidence trick (enforced through military intimidation),
    • but this scam lives on backs of trust in Jew’s word—i.e., trust the cosmic liar—and of brute militaristic strength,
    • however both platforms are rapidly eroded, American weaponry exposed as shoddy junk (if only they were “made in China” they’d be much better) and the world finances drowning in uncounted $ trillions, the Rothschild power hopelessly diluted—which is why Rothschild rolled out Covid in panic attempt to stop Trump along with the breathtaking scale of election larceny—STOP TRUMP BY ALL MEANS FAIR AND FOUL.

    Either Jew gets his eternal Tikkun Olam, full spectrum dominance as demanded in Talmud or his empire of lies and corruption crumbles, exposed for all to see.
    What we call in hockey the sudden death overtime, the first puck in the net clinches the game.

    Consider something else: Trump cancels Fed, transfers power to Treasury which proceeds to use all those electronically generated trillions to buy up stocks and financial paper, effectively nationalizing the economy out of Jew’s grip while killing much of the debt—Jew happy?

    All of this explains the overpowering urge to get him out of the way to be replaced by walking dead Biden.
    And why suddenly, after sitting on it for 2 years, Deep State “Epstein-killed-himself/nothing-wrong-with-election” Barr decides to inform the world of Hunter Biden investigation—to grease the skids for Joe’s resignation to be replaced by equally clueless Kamala—the real power will be her VP just like Cheney and Bush.
    Guess who that will be, do initials “HRC” ring a bell?

    On the final note, re. “he can retire and play golf” … are you saying that prior to his presidential run he could not afford to retire and play golf?
    Or that he personally profited UGELY since 2017, his real estate business, not to mention casinos hit paydirt, especially since Covid?

    Waiting to be convinced … retired next to driving range and would play golf if I gave a shit about it (I will watch the film suggested by Circassian instead).

    1. Lobro –

      I will write what I KNOW for sure…..
      I saw the film suggested by Circ when it first came out circa 1974. I made numerous VHS copies in the 80s and 90s and handed them out at my Patriot Network meetings, when I finally realized moon landings were faked. I have watched it too many times to count. Good plot. Good acting… except for the one listed below, since no football field was close.

      Best part – ‘O. J.’ died first!! 💥 😜 👍 Complaints from NAACP followed ad nauseum for decades. So sad.

      1. Pat,
        maybe Circ’s secret message is this:
        Joe Biden Landed On Moon👽.

        I never paid any attention to OJ’s sensational trial, figured an outraged husband finds wife getting porked by interloper in his home, proceeds to carve them up—so what, been happening since time immemorial both ways (remember Lorena Bobbit, the Thai wife—quite common around here😰, maybe this is how Thai “ladyboys” are made).

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