Big Pharma Chooses Italy as Huge Laboratory for Coronavirus Experiments, Sees Italians as Lab Rats

By John Rappoport via Truthseeker
July 6, 2020

To patriots: look at Italy now

According to Dr Gatti, Italy is being used as a vast experimental laboratory by Big Pharma, with the Italians being seen  as guinea pigs or lab rats. Next on Big Pharma’s hit list: America and Europe.

Last week, when I hosted an hour of the Alex Jones show on Infowars, I urged the audience that, at all future Trump rallies, they hack the proceedings from the get-go, refuse to let Trump talk, and shout over and over, in unison, OPEN THE ECONOMY, FIRE FAUCI!

Make that message sink deep into the brain and gut of the president.

Because it’s come to that.

The second wave of lies is underway. COVID case numbers are being faked at new and higher levels; mask wearing is being mandated in communities; Fauci is fronting for more lockdowns and more economic destruction.

If this continues . . . well, look at Italy. Look hard.

Once the titan of the Renaissance, Italy is now under the gun. Its people are under the gun of their government. And unless a new political party rises quickly out of the mire, and enough Italians support it, there will be a stark choice: submit or openly rebel.

Do you want America to suffer same the fate the Italian government is imposing on its population?

—   §   —

Here is a letter written by Italian researcher, Dr. Antonietta M. Gatti, to Robert Kennedy, Jr. It is published at Children’s Health Defense. Dr Gatti (pictured HERE)  is a Visiting Professor to the International Clean Water Institute; President of the Health, Law and Science Association; Past-Consultant to the Italian Governmental Commission on Depleted Uranium (XVI legislatura); and co-author of a 2017 study which found vast contamination of vaccines by metallic nanoparticles:

DR GATTI:  “I don’t know if you are completely aware of the Italian situation. Summarizing everything in a few words, Italy was sold to Big Pharma and has become a huge laboratory where experiments are carried out on the population: adults, children, old, healthy, sick people … it makes no difference, we are all guinea pigs.

Now the business, and not just an economic one, is to force 60 million Italians to get vaccinated against COVID, so much so that tens of millions of doses of a product have already been purchased, a product that, in fact, is unknown both in terms of effectiveness and, above all, in terms of side effects.

In the meantime, while waiting to receive the goods [a COVID vaccine has been pre-purchased, before it’s been tested, sight unseen], a law is being passed according to which everyone, including children, must be vaccinated against the flu (why?), and this in addition to the 10 vaccines that are already mandatory.

As if that were not enough, many personal freedoms, although guaranteed by the Constitution, have been brutally canceled.

As you know, for years we have been analyzing vaccines, finding them always dangerously polluted and we are contacted daily by families of children damaged by vaccines.

Now, in our parliament there is no longer any difference between majority and opposition and, if the situation remains that of today, we will have no escape.

For some months, a group of highly educated people has formed a political party called MOVIMENTO 3 V (Movement We Want the Truth about Vaccines). Neither Stefano nor I are members of the party but we have been asked to help them from a scientific point of view, and this is what we are doing.

“We would all be very grateful if you could inform your people of what is happening in Italy and if you could write an appeal to encourage the Italians to support the party which, at the present time, is the only possibility of making a voice heard that is different from that of the regime.”

It would now be pertinent to ask, what degree of destruction has been visited on the population of Italy by those mandatory 10 vaccines, over the past few years? How much of that destruction is now being called COVID?

What does the Vatican have to say about all this? I’m listening, but I don’t hear a word of objection. Has the Pope taken a vow of silence?

Is Italy now a firmly conquered territory and a slave province of the Rockefeller Globalist Empire?

Can you possibly doubt, at this point, that the elite intent is to make America another province? Can you reject the evidence before your eyes?

Science? There is no science going on here. It’s smoke and shadows and fakery. Stage magic performed by a rank amateur.

I’ve been at this since 1987. I warned, then, that the medical cartel is the most dangerous cartel in the world. It flies under no overt political banner. It claims only the desire to help. But as the captive of Pharma, it is the land army of toxic attack. Against the people.

America is now being run by a committee called the coronavirus task force.

A bloodless coup has been carried out.

Anthony Fauci is the vice-president serving under President Bill Gates.

Their minions are governors and mayors.

—“Yes, my son, one day we woke up and our nation was under the control of a sociopathic Howdy Doody vaccine freak named Bill Gates. We thought at first it was a joke. But then we realized the whole vicious cartoon was all too real. The people of the nation were asleep. They were under a spell. Like good little boys and girls, they followed orders. They fell in line.”

“One day we woke up and our nation was under the control
of a sociopathic Howdy Doody vaccine freak named Bill Gates.”

—   §   —

“There was a president at the time. His name was Trump.

“Outwardly, he seemed to show great courage. But he had no idea how he would be tested. When it came down to it, he couldn’t pull the trigger. He was paralyzed. He couldn’t throw off the coup plotters and the traitorous conquerors. He gave in. He let them wreck the economy and destroy millions of lives. That was their real intent.”


“When it came down to it, he [Trump]  couldn’t pull the trigger. He was paralyzed. He couldn’t throw off the coup plotters and the traitorous conquerors. He gave in. He let them wreck the economy and destroy millions of lives.” — John Rappoport

“They hated America. They hated freedom. They couldn’t stand the idea of a free individual with creative power who could guide and invent his own future, according to his greatest vision and his deepest values. This reality, to the conquerors, was like the sun to a blood-sucking vampire.”

“Why? Because, my son, the conquerors had arrived at their positions of power through theft. They stole whatever they desperately wanted. That’s all they had. The ability to steal. They didn’t want to be reminded of what abject failures they really were. And the potential of FREEDOM, you see, was that reminder. So they set out to destroy it.”

“They made America over into another country that they had also conquered. Italy, which no longer exists. But it was once a great force in the world.”

“And this is why we are at war now. This is why we fight every day. This is what I have to raise you for. The battle. And as you fight with everything you have, you must never lose your own freedom in the process. You must never sink to the level of the enemy. You’re not stealing. You’re taking back what is yours.”


* (“CDC Admits Mistakes in Covid Case Numbers” at the 18m56s mark)
* via Truthseeker

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33 thoughts to “Big Pharma Chooses Italy as Huge Laboratory for Coronavirus Experiments, Sees Italians as Lab Rats”

  1. It’s correct, Italy is a slave state in all ways.

    It’s just a revenge/ hate/indifference of the left jewish italians against the italian people, mostly catholic, who are mostly workers and employees of the italian jews who of course rule Italy by their key positions. It’s almost impossible for a real italian to get in a key position unless the jews use you for their benefit, or you must be very quiet. That’s why many real italians with a high education must emigrate to become a slave for another jewish master in another country or work in a pizzeria.

    Of course there are always a few fortunate italians who manage well abroad. Usually they are italian females who by chance, ‘love’, or calculation marry a foreigner who is her conduit for a better life abroad. Irony provides them foreign jewish husbands or sometimes these females ‘discover’ having a jewish background.

    The italian far right has always been infiltrated by the ‘italian’ secret services sometimes even established. The italian workers are afraid to go against their left jewish masters for losing their jobs and the ones with social security are afraid to lose their social benefits.

    It’s almost impossible for real italians to change italy as wherever they go or want to do they find always a member of the tribe who is needed to change. And he of course follows his tribe. Catholicism has been a good thing and also a curse for the real italians. Many italians don’t know who is responsible for the mess in Italy and don’t want to know as even Christ was a jew. Double bind gets the italians paralysed.

    1. @ Melanie

      Scary opening comment, Melanie. May I ask if you are Italian yourself? If possible, I would like to hear from a native-born Italian who has experienced these horrors at first hand before I am happy to accept John Rappoport’s report as a true and authentic statement.

      I find it hard to believe that ALL Italian citizens see themselves as “slaves of the Jews”, and I’m willing to bet that most Italians — like most Americans and Europeans — are totally indifferent to politics and unaware of “the Jewish problem.” All they are concerned with is eating and drinking, sport, entertainment, sex and shopping.

      The same situation applies in America and much of Europe.

      We are all indoctrinated at school, university, and by our respective mass media to be politically correct, i.e. to be sympathetic toward Israel and believe what we are told about the Holocaust. The average pastry cook or kitchen worker at McDonalds does not bother his head about millions of Jews being killed in gas ovens at Auschwitz. He hasn’t even heard of Auschwitz and can’t even find Germany on the map!

      All he knows for sure is that the Nazis were pretty “bad people” and that Adolf Hitler was the “the world’s most evil man.”

      1. Saki –

        Years ago, in the eighties, when I started my paper stock and scrap metal business, most of my suppliers were in the American northeast, and I did a lot of business with Italian-owned places. One family who “controlled” the trash business in most of New Jersey became very friendly toward me, and from their “don” I had my first education about “the Jews”. He mentored me in the business, and warned me about how to deal with them. Carmine (his name) was very Catholic, and I became familiar with his ways and Mediterranean diet. He kept a big, fat Sicilian woman at his place in Camden, in the commercial-style kitchen there, just to cook meals for him and his workers and visitors (I loved it!), and we had many dinner discussions at his big desk. One of the main things I gleaned from him is to tell no Jew I was doing business with another, because they are tribal, and thrive on anything they can use against you.

      2. Thanks, Gilbert. You are a fund of useful information. I always knew you had Mafia connections! 🙂

        Seriously though, I’ve heard the Sicilian Mafia is nothing compared to the Jewish Mafia in power, influence and money. Aren’t all the big casinos in Las Vegas owned by the Jews?

        Jews lie to pretend there’s NO JEWISH MAFIA! Apparently it’s an “antisemitic canard” to talk of a “Jewish mafia”.

      3. Saki, in all my time there, no one ever spoke of a “Jewish mafia”. 😕
        (I remain woefully ignorant about it, even now; but I don’t doubt you.)

        1. I was told by a friend in New York two years ago that Lasha Darkmoon, originally living in Delray Beach, Florida, was forced to go into hiding in a remote location in England because of an explosive report she wrote on the Jewish mafia and presented for publication to the New York Times. The NYT refused to publish the report for fear of serious repercussions from the Jewish mafia. LD was forced to go on the run. I wonder if there’s any truth in this story?

          In any case, LD seems to know an awful lot about the Jewish mafia. This is from an article she wrote seven years ago in 2013:

          The Russian mafia, known also as the Red Mafiya or the “Red Octopus”, is really the Jewish mafia in disguise. It has secret links to Mossad, the Rothschild family, the Federal Reserve Bank, and to powerful Jewish organizations such as AIPAC and the ADL.

          The activities of the Russian mafia range from the back streets of Moscow to the sex dens of Budapest and Tel Aviv, from the diamond mines of Sierra Leone to the jewelry workshops of Antwerp, from the plush casinos of Vegas and Atlantic City to the multimillion dollar gated mansions of Fisher Island, Miami, from the coke and heroin dives of Odessa and the Black Sea ports to the child porn parlors and underground brothels of Oregon. In the United States, the Russian mafia’s ground zero is Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, right slapbang in the center of America’s most Jewish community.

          — Lasha Darkmoon, The Judeo-Russian Mafia and the Bloodbath to Come.

          1. For revealing this, and other highly secret information, LD was forced to go underground.

            I don’t think she is living in England at all. That’s just a ruse and a red herring. My informants tell me she was last seen in Helsinki, being the granddaughter (or great granddaughter) of a Finnish writer known as Aino Kuusinen (now dead) who had spent over 20 years as an inmate in Stalin’s gulags in the Arctic circle. She was freed after the death of Stalin in 1953 and fled to America in 1955 where she wrote her memoirs and then died.

            Whether there’s any truth in this story I do not know. It all sounds a bit farfetched to me, but this is what I heard.

    2. Ann Barnhardt has an even clearer picture of the GENOCIDE being put on the Italian people.

      See her columns at:


      FYI, No, I am not an RC cleric. I find Rome’s ecclesiology to be heretical. But this is still worthy of discussion and RESISTANCE.

  2. Hi Lasha,
    as an italian citizen I can tell you that this article is interesting. I cannot make any comment about the situation in the USA because I am living in a totally different context but one thing is sure: Italy is and was a test lab for many issues but I can assure you that other european countries are involved, such as Spain, Portugal and France even if it is difficult to say to which extent they are because news from those countries are not many and controled. For the time being government says future anticovid vaccine will not be mandatory but highly recommended for people over 65. At the moment it seems all efforts are concentrated to control some centres of infections (restricted in a few areas). As far as a vaccine is concerned I will not undergo it because I’m afraid it will be useless and probably with dangerous side effects. In the past we already had strong flu waves and I am not referring to the Spanish one (1918-1920) but to the Asian Flu of 1957, the Hong-Kong flu of 1968 and Sars flu of 2003. After these flu waves were over no vaccine was made either mandatory or voluntary.
    Covid is a different story. Since the beginning of this new century there is a trend and a will by big corporations (including Big Pharma), economic and financial powers to control the world. To do it with tanks and military force is not possible, so the best thing is to control it with fear of a world desease contamination spread by the means of the media to reach the goal of a total control of the economies. It is what is happening in Italy.
    We are unfortunately within the Euro currency but Euro currency (except coins) is not printed by the single european states. Euro notes are printed and distributed according to the will of the European Central Bank.
    No european state can decide how much to spend, where and when. So Italy now needs a lot of money due to the recession caused by the stop of many activities during the lockdown (it is estimated a loss of GNP of approx. 14%). If we had our own money and if we would be owner of our own monetary and financial policy there would be no problem and we could recover in a short time with our own hands but since we are slaves of Europe through treaties and agreements that were never submitted to a people referendum, the only way is to ask Europe for money. Europe will give you this money (with very low interest rate: approx 0,6%) but in exchange she will ask to control your entire economy until the fullfilment of at least 75% of the refund procedure. The priority for Europe is to be sure to take back the money so she will decide if you can spend money for public works, she will decide about the retirement system, she will decide to control any aspect of the social, economic and financial life of the country. This is called ESM (European Stability Mechanism), which is a real trap for rats. It is as if you lived in your own house but someone comes in telling you which rooms you have the right to move in or not. Of course you can refuse the ESM but in this case you should ask for the money on the “markets”; this means that interest rate will be higher, your bonds or obligations will be more devaluated, rating will go down and you will be declared in default. Once in default the country will be sold on auction (Coliseum, sea coasts, museums, galleries and national treasures) So you still live in your house but you are not the owner of it anymore and you can be kicked away at any moment.
    The italian goverment is totally filo-european and they are a bunch of ignorant and stupid people that still believe in ideological dreams. The opposition is better but I do not believe they are so strong and clever to turn the situation upside down. What we need (and miss) is an extremely strong person ( like Putin for instance) that can swim against the tide but probably he is not born yet. Pity!

    1. Thanks for your thoughts on this subject, Gian. As a native-born Italian, your comment has special value. You are actually living in the midst of all these things and experiencing them at first hand, so if anyone has a right to be listened to, it is you.

      I fear that Italy is going through the same trauma experienced by Greece, which had to sell off many Greek islands to pay their “debts” to the predatory “banksters”. I expect to see Italy’s beautiful coastline, vineyards, and choice real estate in Rome, Venice, Florence, Milan and elsewhere, sold off to the vultures waiting in the background to feed on Italy’s decaying corpse. Many of Italy’s priceless art treasures will go the same way: into the hands of private collectors in New York, London, Berlin and Tel Aviv.

      God help the Italian people!

      May I ask what the Pope is doing about all this? Are the treasures of the Vatican safe? On which side is the Catholic Church?

      1. Lasha,
        Vatican is on banksters’ side. Church is not what it was before, it’s exactly the opposite. The Pope stays with the globalist left, welcomes wild african immigration and is not against LGBT theories.
        I think this is more than enough to have an idea.
        I am sure that Vatican treasures are safe simply because Vatican is an independent state that has nothing to do with Italy (theoretically!!).

  3. There are only 27,400 Jews in Italy (source : Wikipedia, Jewish Population by Country) on a population of 60,317,116 Italians. That is only 0,045% of the population. For Jews of course that is enough to control (and wreck) a country since their strength is not in numbers but in the control of key positions they hold in finance, politics and media. I do not know the situation in Italy, but my impression is that Italians are rather naive when it comes to Jews. I think they assume Jews are “good Italians” too.

    For an example of such a “good Italian” Jew, read the Wikipedia article on FIAMMA NIRENSTEIN, member of the Italian parliament from 2008 to 2013. You will see that this Jewess’ concern is exclusively with Israel and Jews, and not an iota with Italy. If all Italian Jews are similar (or worse), then Italy is doomed.

    Here is a (non flattering) picture of that member of that tribe international nation-wreckers :

    (Question: why do so many Jews actually look like caricatures of Jews?)

    1. Those that foist fake wars on the people such as this War on the Common-Flu or the War on Carbon or the War on Terror, control the global political order. This means they control all the mechanisms that matter regarding culture-making, law-making and money-making. Such control means ALL our elites are complicit and logically this means it goes beyond any obvious low hanging fruit. There is no need to cast a hateful glance at Israel for our own elites are complicit.

      We’re ruled by a global elite and there’s nowt we can do about it. Ordinary people will continue to believe the lies provided by this elite, including entirely manufactured daily events and longer-term crises like wars and plagues. It is simply too hard to make someone see they are being fooled. Why listen to you or me when they can regurgitate what the BBC says? Lol.

      1. Yes, the masses are controlled by the mass media and unless we take control of those media, we can do nothing about it. The alternative media reach only a minority of the public.

    2. The number of Jews in any given country is irrelevant. The power comes from the money they have. They have been stealing gold from empires all the way back to ancient Egypt when Moses allegedly freed them from slavery. There could be ten Jews but gold buys power just look at the Rothschilds.

  4. The fate of Matteo Salvini is rather interesting in this context.
    They got rid of him.

  5. It is a great error to think that jews are all registered as jews. Many are christians, communists, democrats, etc. they are everywhere in Italy. They know they have a jewish background but keep this secret. There are also the mixed marriages. There are the jews who have italianized their surnames. Many seeming italian names ending on-i are italianized but jewish people know about each other. There are even italians who think they are are italian but have a jewish background. Don’t tell them as they don’t want to hear and know it. But they feel, instinctive or psychological, that they are different than the other real italians.

    All these and other reasons protect the registered jews who need the sympathy/collaboration of their non registered jewish brothers and sisters.

    Don’t forget a rabbi cannot make all his children a rabbi. But they are all connected. They know from each other. It’s a generation on generation thing, of people always hanging on the social places where jews gather together socially, work etc. It’s a jewish caste with nepotism and clientelism. The ones near the fire warm themselves, the jews and their non jewish registered brothers and sisters.

    1. Melanie,

      You appear to be very pessimistic about the situation in Germany.
      I hope you are not suggesting we goyim should give up the struggle and say: “Jews, you have won!”

      1. The unexpected always occurs.

        As it says in the Book of Ecclesiastes:

        “The race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong . . .
        But time and chance happeneth to them all.”

    D.W. Nash (1871)

    Submitted by David Villiers-Child

    Tom Hill was in the saddle
    One bright November morn,
    The echoing glades of Guiting Wood
    Were ringing with his horn.

    The varies tints of autumn,
    Still lingered in the wood,
    And on the leaves the morning sun
    Poured out a golden flood.

    Soft, fleecy clouds were sailing
    Across the vault of blue;
    A fairer hunting morning
    No huntsman ever knew.

    All nature seemed rejoicing
    That glorious morn to see;
    All seemed to breathe a fresher life-
    Beast, insect, bird and tree.

    But sound and sight of beauty
    Fell dull on eye and ear;
    The huntsman’s heart was heavy,
    His brow oppressed with care.

    High in the stirrups raised he stood,
    And long he gazed around;
    And breathlessly and anxiously
    He listened for a sound.

    No voice of hound, no sound of horn;
    The woods around were mute,
    As though the earth had swallowed up
    His comrades-man and brute.

    He thought, I must essay to find
    My hounds at any cost;
    A huntsman who has lost his hounds
    Is but a huntsman lost.
    Then round he turned his horse’s head,
    And shook his bridle free,
    When he was struck by an aged fox
    That sat beneath a tree.

    He raised his eyes in glad surprise,
    That huntsman keen and bold;
    But there was in that fox’s look
    That made his blood run cold.

    He raised his hand to touch his horn,
    And shout a “Tally-ho!”
    But, mastered by that fox’s eye,
    His lips refused to blow.

    For he was grim and gaunt of limb,
    With age all silvered o’er;
    He might have been an Arctic Fox
    Escaped from Greenland’s shore.

    But age his vigour had not tamed,
    Nor dimm’d his sparkling eye,
    Which shone with an unearthly fire-
    A fire could never die.

    And thus the huntsman he addressed,
    In tones distinct and clear,
    Who heard as they who in a dream
    The fairies’ music hear.

    “Huntsman” he said-a sudden thrill
    Through all the listener ran,
    To hear a creature of the wood
    Speak like a Christian man-

    “Last of my race, to me tis given
    The future to unfold,
    To speak the words which never yet
    Spake fox of mortal mould.

    “Then print my words upon your heart,
    And stamp them on your brain,
    That you and others may impart
    My prophecy again.

    “Strong life is yours in manhood’s prime,
    Your cheek with heat is red;
    Time has not laid a finger yet
    In earnest on your head.

    “But ere your limbs are bent with age,
    And ere your locks are grey,
    The sport that you have loved so well
    Shall long have passed away.

    “Yet think not, huntsman, I rejoice
    To see the end so near;
    Nor think the sound of horn and hound
    To me a sound of fear.

    “In my strong youth, which numbers now
    Full many a winter back,
    How scornfully I shook my brush
    Before the Berkley Pack.

    “Then think not that I speak in fear,
    Or prophesy in hate;
    Too well I know the doom reserved
    For all my tribe by fate.

    “Too well I know by wisdom taught,
    The existence of my race
    O’er all wide England’s green domain
    Is bound up with the chase.

    “Better in early youth and strength
    The race for life to run,
    Than poisoned like a noxious rat,
    Or slain by fellon gun.

    “For not upon these hills alone
    The doom of sport shall fall;
    O’er the broad face of England creeps
    The shadow of the wall.

    “The years roll on: old manors change,
    Old customs lost their sway;
    The manly blood of England
    In weaker veins shall run.

    “The furzy down, the moorland heath,
    The Steam plough shall invade;
    Nor park nor manor shall escape-
    Common, not forest glade.

    “Degenerate sons of manlier sires
    To lower joys shall fall;
    The faithless lore of Germany,
    The gilded voice of Gaul.

    “The sports of their forefathers
    To baser tastes shall yield;
    The vices of the town displace
    The pleasures of the field.

    “For swiftly o’er the level shore
    The waves of progress ride;
    The ancient landmarks one by one
    Shall sink beneath the tide.

    “Time-honoured creeds and ancient faith,
    The Altar and the Crown,
    Lordships hereditary right,
    Before that tide go down.

    “Base churls shall mock the mighty names
    Writ on the roll of time;
    Religion shall be held a jest,
    And loyalty a crime.

    “No word of prayer, no hymn of praise
    Sound in the village school;
    The peoples education
    Utilitarians rule.

    “The peasants to their daily tasks
    In surly silence fall;
    No kindly hospitalities
    In farmhouse or in hall.

    “No harvest feast nor Christmastide
    Shall farm or manor hold;
    Science alone can plenty give,
    The only God is gold.

    “The homes where love and peace should dwell,
    Fierce politics shall vex,
    And unsexed woman strive to prove
    Herself the coarser sex.

    “Mechanics in their workshops
    Affairs of state decide;
    Honour and truth-old fashioned words-
    The noisy mob deride.

    “The statesmen that should rule the realm
    Coarse demagogues displace;
    The glory of a thousand years
    Shall end in foul disgrace.

    “The honour of old England,
    Cotton shall buy and sell,
    And hardware manufacturers
    Cry, ‘Peace!-lo! All is well’.

    “Trade shall be held the only God
    And gain the sole device;
    The statesman’s aim shall be peace,
    And peace at any price.

    “Her army and her navy
    Britain shall cast aside;
    Soldiers and ships are costly things,
    Defence an empty pride.

    “The Germans and the Muscovite
    Shall rule the narrow seas;
    Old England’s flag shall cease to float
    In triumph in the breeze.

    “Taught wisdom by disaster
    England shall learn to know
    That trade is not the only gain
    Heaven gives to man below.

    “The greed for gold departed,
    The golden calf cast down,
    Old England’s sons again shall raise
    The Altar and the Crown.

    “Rejoicing seas shall welcome
    Their mistress once again;
    Again the banner of St. George
    Shall rule upon the main.

    “Again in hall and homestead
    Shall joy and peace be seen,
    And smiling children raise again
    The maypole on the green.

    “Again the hospitable board
    Shall groan with Christmas cheer,
    And mutual service bond again
    The peasant and the peer.

    “Again the smiling hedgerow
    Shall field from field divide;
    Again among the woodlands
    The scarlet troop shall ride.”

    Again it seemed that aged fox
    More prophecies would say
    When sudden came upon the wind,
    “Hark forrard! Gone away!”

    The listener started from his trance-
    He sat there all alone;
    That well known cry had burst the spell,
    The aged fox was gone.

    The huntsman turned, he spurred his steed,
    And to the cry he sped;
    And, when he thought upon that fox,
    Said naught but shook his head.  


    1. Thanks, M! THAT is great poetry (and appropriately timely)!! I’ve never read it or heard it, before, but shall remember it! D.W.Nash was an exceptional poet! 👌

  7. 320 Million firearms in private hands but the brave and free ‘Mericans have been conquered by a hoax.
    We Brits have also been conquered by the same bollocks without a peep. Strange that we did not trust this useless government with Brexit but we trusted them totally with this! I’m ashamed of my fellow Brits.

    1. We need an ENGLISH Government for an English people… tout de suite.

      (Admin. Comment held up by typo in email address.)

  8. Hi fellas. I just emailed Lasha about the allegation that she is the daughter
    or grand-daughter of Finnish writer Aino Kuusinen or whether she was originally from Florida or not. Here is her short but astute reply:

    “The whole story is rubbish. Pure fantasy and fabrication. Not worth deleting. Never believe anything you read on the internet unless you have solid proof. LD

    P.S. You are welcome to write to the site, quoting your email to me and giving my exact email answer. Your comment will be published.”



    On Thu, Jul 9, 2020 at 9:30 AM Salman Hossain wrote:

    Hi Lasha,

    I was reading the comments section of your site. Is it true that you are the daughter or grand-daughter of Finnish writer Aino Kuusinen? Do you have Finnish in you? Are your origins from Florida?

    I’m just curious.

    You don’t have to explicitly confirm or deny. You can hint it out in a riddle if you want.

    I’m just saying.



    1. Sean –


      Texe wrote this in the article from 2017:

      Why Do Presidents Lack Authority?

      President Trump may well be the most hated and reviled, but he’s not the first President to lack executive authority. In reality, the President is not in charge. He’s simply a hapless figurehead.

      Nobody believes Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone.
      President Trump may well be the most hated and reviled, but he’s not the first President to lack executive authority. In reality, the President is not in charge. He’s simply a hapless figurehead.

      John F. Kennedy tried to use his presidential powers and wound up dead in Dallas. The people were lied to. We all knew that Lee Harvey Oswald didn’t pull the trigger. Even the First Lady, Jackie, knew her husband was murdered by conspirators. These conspirators shoved LBJ down our throats and the bumbling Texas gangster gave us a failed presidency and 50,000 killed in Vietnam.

      Jimmy Carter was loathed by the powers that really run this country, and he was summarily dismissed after one term. Ronald Reagan campaigned on the promise he would not appoint members of the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations to high office. But, such men packed his Administration, and one of them, George H.W. Bush, was forced on Reagan as his Vice President.
      Jackie Kennedy believed LBJ was behind her husbands murder

      Jackie Kennedy knew her husband was murdered by conspirators.
      When President Reagan attempted to act as the real President, he was the victim of an assassination attempt. He subsequently “behaved.”

      Nixon heroically fought back against the Jews and their Media and ended up thrown out of the White House, disgraced and abandoned. His Vice President, Spiro Agnew, was also cast out.

      President George W. Bush was considered a “dolt and dufus,” by most observers. As 9/11 was executed, Bush calmly read a book, My Pet Goat, to elementary school students. The Neocons told him what to do in fighting the Iraq War, and Bush was constantly led around by the nose by his Vice President, Dick Cheney. But, who was really in charge?

      Barack Obama once whispered to the Russian Minister that after he was elected a second time, he would have “more flexibility.” Exactly who was denying the President the flexibility he needed to act?

      1. Pat, how could anyone not like Jimmy Carter!
        The only single solitary lonesome politician/submariner I ever liked, lol.
        Hell, I damn near voted for him! I like the South mucho more than the North, for sure.

        Shucks, in Texas you don’t even need a house. Just a veranda and a grill. Maybe even a box fan,
        If someone shows up with some ice what a day it is! At least where I lived and stayed.
        Damn my facts are strange..

        Salman, but then I fgot religion! Just like you!
        It’s nice to know you’re well and alert.

  9. PAT
    “These conspirators shoved LBJ down our throats and the bumbling Texas gangster gave us a failed presidency and 50,000 killed in Vietnam.”
    That’s not all he gave us, as Hale Boggs called him – “that polecat Lyndon”…
    Lyndon Crypto Jew Johnson gave the USA the War on Povety and the Great Society…
    It’s been 55 years of wreckage of the family, hostage government, rotting cities, creeping state socialism and general debilitation of the colored races…
    And now it’s finally come to antifa, blm and the marxist color revolution right here in the USA, soon to be civil war……
    “But, such men packed his Administration, and one of them, George H.W. Bush, was forced on Reagan as his Vice President. Jackie Kennedy believed LBJ was behind her husbands murder” .
    Poppy Bush did the hit on Reagan right after he took office in 1981, no doubt…… It’s how he rolled…
    Carter was a decent person, but he was up against the swamp too…
    Now the swamp has grown from New York City all across the land with the globalist covid plot against constitutional freedom by means of medical tyranny….
    Trump ain’t doin it…
    Nobody is going to drain the swamp without a major assault, charges of treason, pedophilia, murder, massive arrests, beyond any mere constitutional crisis of authority, full-on, gloves all the way off, go for broke both balls on the table…

  10. Welcome to the N(j)ew World Order: The last 200 years, it has been coming to 2020. There was one GR8 (great) leader in the 20th Century that saw the problem clearly, explained to the people, they understood and voted for him around 1932. He stopped the vermin jew in Germany, made Germany the best economy in the world, and then sadly had to war to keep Germans from being slaughtered.

    Why has there been one ethnic group throughout recorded history that has always been hated? And now with their lies, deception, thieving have taken control of almost the whole world.

  11. Dear Lasha,

    This current attack upon Humanity has been in the works since at least 1897. If one reads Para. 19 of Protocol No.10 you find that the Vipers were then considering inoculating the populations with diseases.


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