Blood in the Streets: BLM Race Rioters Threaten to Burn America to the Ground

Mike Adams – Natural News Aug 23, 2020

Now the mask is off and the Democrats are telling us exactly what they have planned for America. In Portland, left-wing rioters — all of whom support Joe Biden over President Trump — brought a blood-splattered guillotine to the riot and put it on display while they burned American flags and held “Black Lives Matter” signs, demanding an end to America.

Their message couldn’t be any more clear: They seek to burn America to the ground and murder anyone who gets in their way.

They are violent left-wing lunatics who respect no law, no freedoms for anyone else, and no rules of civilized society. They nearly all support communism and Joe Biden, and they promise to burn down America’s cities and murder people in the streets if they don’t get what they want.

The Portland Police Bureau issued an official statement describing “rocks, bottles and dangerous items” that were thrown at police, alongside blinding lasers wielded by left-wing rioters trying to cause permanent eye damage to law enforcement. Remember these are the people every Democrat in America describes as “mostly peaceful.”

Statement issued:

Many participants in the march carried hardened shields, helmets, armor, gas masks, and wore all black clothing. At least one participant targeted the Portland Police Air Support Unit airplane with a green laser. This is extremely dangerous and could cause disorientation for the pilot, in addition to permanent eye damage. Individuals in the crowd threw rocks, eggs, and glass bottles in the direction of the officers… Someone rolled a mock guillotine with a stuffed bear into the street (photo). The bear and multiple U.S. flags were burned. Paint balloons were launched at officers, as well as green lasers.

The New Democrat logo spells out “DEATH TO AMERICA!”

Death to America, of course, is exactly what Democrats and Leftists really want. It’s what Barack Obama and Joe Biden fought to achieve during their eight years of power, during which Obama worked to systematically destroy the very fabric of this nation while compromising national security and putting treasonous, anti-American globalists in positions of power throughout the Pentagon.

What has become abundantly obvious to anyone paying attention is that America is already in a hot civil war, and radical Leftists are carrying out relentless, violent and sometimes deadly attacks against innocent people because no one has stopped them.

At some point — and hopefully soon — law enforcement and the American people will realize that if you don’t engage these terrorists with force, they will burn down your cities and destroy your nation.

That’s why law enforcement nationwide need to be given the green light to shoot all terrorists on sight. It’s easy to spot the terrorists, of course: They’re the ones wielding pro-terrorism signs like “Black Lives Matter,” which is a domestic terrorist organization founded by convicted terrorists who bombed government buildings — and got caught.

If America continues to stand by and do nothing while these terrorists destroy our cities, assault police officers and attack innocent bystanders, then the arrogance and aggressiveness of left-wing terror groups will only grow. They will carry out exactly as much terrorism as America tolerates, and if they are never stopped, they will overthrow the United States government and usher in a radical left-wing communist regime. This is their stated goal.

That’s why sooner or later, America has to draw a line in the sand and declare Black Lives Matter and Antifa to be active domestic terrorism organizations, then hunt down and arrest their leaders. When left-wing terrorists assault police officers in the streets, they should be shot on sight. Only when the radical Left is engaged with force will they learn that “No” means “No” 

These left-wing terrorists have always acquired everything they wanted in life by screaming, pouting and playing the victim. Society has rewarded them by surrendering to their demands, reinforcing their learned victimhood and adding fuel to their crybully tactics. Now, as young adults, these same immature leftists think they can overthrow the United States of America by resorting to the same crybully tactics that convinced mommy to coddle them and give them everything they want. For once in their life, they need to be told “No!” in the only language they understand: FORCE.

Get prepared, friends!

We are now in a hot civil war, but so far only one side is fighting.  And it’s the Left. It’s time that pro-America forces were given the green light to engage and defeat these domestic enemies.

Where is President Trump?

He should be declaring BLM and Antifa domestic terrorism organizations and unleashing law enforcement nationwide to engage and stop these terrorists with force.

Perhaps he’s waiting for Election Day.


Why doesn’t he take action?

If he doesn’t move quick,  it’s going to be all-out war across America by November 4th. With no laws and no limits.

If you’re a patriot, prepare to help clean out the sewers of this country by flushing left-wing terrorists down the drains.

Abridged slightly
Sourced from Truthseeker

95 thoughts to “Blood in the Streets: BLM Race Rioters Threaten to Burn America to the Ground”

  1. Seems they want a bolsjewik revolution 2.0
    Exciting times in the jewsa.

    Mike Adams asks himself why doesn’t Trump act?
    Mr. Adams plays ignorant as many do and knows well that it is the task of Trump to frenzy the slaves, read the Protocols. Trump is one of them.

    1. Your point is well taken – based on the old saying ‘An army of sheep, led by a lion, is more dangerous than an army of lions, led by a sheep.’ So why does the lion remain dormant? Some would say, as you do, that he is no lion, or he is the enemy.

      But look on it with a slightly longer perspective: What is there to fight for? The US 10 years ago? 50 years ago?
      It will all just crumble again in the bolshevik revolution 3.0.

      The US is doomed because it is based on an idea. That never lasts.
      Either you create ethno-states by dividing up your country, or prepare to spend a few centuries in a new dark middle age.

      I think Trump knows, just like Xi and Putin, that the US is doomed. All indicators points to an empire being dismantled.

      Find your kin. Not your fellow citizens.

      1. BT –

        You have been tricked by the media and lying politicians!!! Please KNOW…. ‘Put-On’ is helping Trump & Israel!!!

        This proves what I have stated here for years…. US arms companies IN RUSSIA** are supplying arms to Israel in Russian planes!!!!

        **The (RUSSIAN) Antonov An 225 arrived at Israel’s Ben-Gurion international airport on Monday evening, carrying US military trucks to be equipped with Iron Dome air system.
        “US cargo plane lands in Israel in support of the regime’s Iron Dome!!”

        US Army Futures Command has confirmed that a cargo plane has landed in Israel to support the regime’s so-called Iron Dome system.

        **The Antonov An 225 arrived at Israel’s Ben-Gurion international airport on Monday evening, carrying US military trucks to be equipped with Iron Dome air system.

        American firm Raytheon Technologies and Israeli-based Rafael Advanced Defense Systems have reportedly formed a joint venture to build the Iron Dome missile system in the United States.

        The Iron Dome has been co-developed by American company Raytheon and Israeli firm Rafael. It is – **PARTLY** – manufactured in the United States. It is claimed to be capable of detecting, assessing and intercepting a variety of shorter-range targets such as rockets, artillery and mortars.

        SEE THE LIST: over 500 US companies in Russia……

        1. SilentReader :

          The BLM/ANTIFA rioters aren’t overturning any tables of the moneychangers so they’re not bad rioters but good rioters, especially as BLM/ANTIFA is owned by the moneychangers. So BLM/ANTIFA is a Good Thing! Right, SilentReader? We know how perturbed you get whenever anyone [ like Christ or Hitler for exmple ] overturns any tables of the moneychangers.

          We know BLM/ANTIFA is owned by the moneychangers-pharisees because the whole Democratic Party supports BLM/ANTIFA, the MSM media supports same, the sports leagues support same, many major corporations support same, the banks support same, Hollywood supports same, Academia supports same. So obviously the moneychangers-pharisees own and control BLM/ANTIFA so BLM/ANTIFA is NOT about overturning the tables of the moneychangers. That’s something you can be happy about, SilentReader.

      2. @ BjørnThorsønn

        The best comment I’ve read here in a long time.
        Here speaks someone who knows the score.
        I only pray that his pessimism is unjustified.
        While there’s life there’s hope.

      3. BJØRNTHORSØNN wrote:
        “Find your kin. Not your fellow citizens.”

        Wrong! That’s the recipe for certain defeat, again. I say stick with your fellow citizen whatever his colors. Your national flag is something worth fighting for, it’s a symbol and it represents that little piece of land in the map you call home. The US flag is something worth fighting for. Nationalism x Globalism, that’s the real polarization. Please understand, I’m not advocating black and white couples to have kids.

        The unequivocal association of Nationalism with a mono-race “white” Nation is the mistake. Arians, Teutons, Celtics, Slavs, Ashkenazim – all whites. Are they the same people? No, they are not.

        Yes, Japan, China, etc. are all ethno-centric States, good for them! But in the West that dream seems to be over, 70 years outdated, OVER! What is the point of dreaming with this utopic, whites-only, isolated, ethno-centric, city-State? Don’t you want Brownhawk fighting on your side of the fence? Why not?

        As I see it, the mixed blood people, the J-Team, is winning by a huge margin, which means your thesis is flawed, the experimental data says so. The whites only mentality did not defeat the J-Team back then and won’t defeat the JEW now. Adapt to the new reality or die!

        Hey, we could assemble a rare fighting force with zero melanin on the skin and we could call them the ALBINS. Good luck with that! /sarc

      4. @ NBTT

        Yes, I believe you’re right. But teaching these diehard White Nationalists a new song to sing is next to impossible. They don’t know how to move with the times, to adapt to a new reality. They’ve been losing the battle for the last 55 years, ever since the Jews brought in the 1965 Immigration Act that opened the doors to mass immigration in America.

        Where were the White Nationalists in 1965? Why couldn’t they stop this toxic legislation from going through? Because they were led by men without penises, feeble jabberers who can talk the hindlegs off a donkey but can’t life a finger to curb Jewish power.
        A useless bunch of navel-gazing narcissists.

        I was a White Nationalist once. No longer! I left these impotent assholes behind long ago. They have nothing — zero, zilch, nada! — to offer their fellow Whites. They won’t even allow White nationalists like me to post comments on their sites because we ask them embarrassing questions like: “So where were you in 1965 when we needed you?”

        Questions like that are not allowed. Too negative. It makes the little snowflakes feel bad to told how f***ing useless they are!
        Hot air factories! Fit only for writing ponderous articles telling you how horrible the Jews are.

        “Hey mommy, why are all these scary hook-nosed men running the country and letting in all the dirty ni**ers? Can’t Daddy stop them?” 🙂

        That’s the level of discourse we get on Incogman and other crap sites for losers. The Darkmoon site is just as bad, believe me, but with one big difference. It doesn’t mind being told what assholes they are!

        Am I right, Admin?

        1. We are not going to give you the pleasure of censoring your eloquent rants, Sardonicus, just like these other sites do. There could be more than a word of truth in what you say.

          1. Well said, Admin Toby! Sardonicus can be eloquent but I suspect he’s up to no good on this site. There’s something sinister about his character. I don’t trust him. He gives me the creeps. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn he’s one of those space lizards out of “THEY LIVE”.

      5. Oops! Did I say more than I should? I was about to touch this sensible subject before, but you know, too hot!! 🙂

        My apologies, BJØRNTHORSØNN, for any unintended personal offence, my comment criticizes the idea not you.

        I am willing to die to defend your right to criticise my views.
        Are you willing to die to allow me to criticise yours?
        If so – stop your stupid apologies. Your first comment criticising me is acceptable.
        Your last comment was just pitiful.

      7. It not about white man red man black man brown man yellow man
        It about FREE man. True American
        Free from imposers
        Free to share land Creation provide for all
        Brownhawk stand with them
        Circle wagons now. Hold out long as can


      8. @NBTT
        Haha – you were ahead 2-1 there for a while.
        I guess this makes us even?

    2. “Black Lives Matter” people are now top of the heirachy of victimhood
      The Jews have used this tactic since WW2 but now have been displaced
      Jews see gentile anti-semitism where in fact there is Jewish anti-gentilism.
      I find most Jews are good people but there is a significant minority who
      seem to take a pride in ripping off gentiles. Decent Jews know this to be true.
      Let’s get this straight, the vast majority of white peole are not rabid anti-black racists.
      This despite the fact that most violent crime is perpetrated by young black men who represent only about 1% of the general population
      As with the Jews the hatred comes from those claiming to be the vistims
      I think racial pride is justified, and blacks have every right to express that.
      But white pride is also justified, yet it is equated with racial hatred
      I am proud of the acheivments of the white European race.
      The civlisation we live in was a created by the white European people

    3. You are one of a kind Melanie,who sees the TRUTH about TRUMP. I call him today’s and ISRAEL’S TROJAN HORSE in America

      There are NO GOOD POLITICIANS they all work for ISRAEL and if Trump is re-elected, Americans will discover their mistake………..too late of course 🙁

      America is DEAD, and too stupid to lie down because they are waiting for Christ to come and save them, you know, like HE saved the Christians from the LIONS in the Roman Arena 🙂

      The SAME, different generation, Jews are laughing because they conned Americans into blaming RIGHT versus LEFT. JEWS are BOTH.

      That’s right, Christ didn’t, save them,did he.

      Good for you Melanie, and keep up the fight.

      1. You are one of a kind Melanie, who sees the TRUTH about TRUMP. I call him today’s and ISRAEL’S TROJAN HORSE in America

        Trump may be bad, but Biden is even worse. Both Trump and Biden are bending over backwards to suck up to the Israel Lobby, but Biden is even more extreme in his fanatical subservience to Israel.

        The big problem is American Jewry, as you know.

        There are 6 million Jews in America, roughly the same as in Israel. Who let them into America? Your naive and kind-hearted White American ancestors.You should never have let so many Jews into your country in the first place. BIG MISTAKE. You should have stopped them from entering in such huge numbers over decades, but you did nothing. You just let them into America in wave after wave of immigration from the 1880s onward, mostly from Russia and the Pale of Settlement. Now you are paying the price of your ancestors’ folly.

        I hate to say it, but you brought this on yourself — or rather your ancestors did — by letting these bloodsuckers into America without realizing they would one day turn on you and drain your lifeblood like vampires.

        1. It’s exactly the same in England. The Jews have taken over the country, lock, stock and barrel. The country is in total chaos and is being flooded with Third World immigrants every day of the week, mostly illegal migrants from Africa pretending to be desperate refugees fleeing persecution in their own countries.

          The government is stocked with Jews and the Prime Minister Boris Johnson is a crypto-Jew of Turkish ancestry. His cabinet is run by Jews, Indians and Pakistanis. All the White politicians are on the Jewish payroll or working for corrupt quangos and corporate vultures. Ordinary white working people, especially pensioners, are being sucked dry and live on the poverty line, while the rich pigs snort cocaine and have sex orgies in de luxe mansions.

          I pray to God there’s a bloody revolution and that heads roll under new guillotines.

    “Why doesn’t he take action?”

    Easy answer = BLM & Antifa criminals are driving ‘Independents’ and ‘Undecided’ LIKELY voters toward Trump….. which will validate the Trump (S)election by London THIS time around!! 🙂 🙂

    1. If Trump would act decisively he would attract more votes than by doing nothing. Now the public can only choose between a sheep and a sheep. A choice between a lion and a sheep would be more attractive.

      1. The lion is stalking. The Dems would like Trump to take the bait in the trap early. He will do as ordered!! 🙂

      2. @ Franklin Ryckaert

        Absolutely! You put it with beautiful clarity and succinctness.There is not only political wisdom in what you say but pure logic.

        Right now “the public can only choose between a sheep and a sheep. A choice between a lion and a sheep would be more attractive.” That’s true, but consider the possibility that Trump is lying low for the time being, biding his time and waiting for the right moment to strike. He still has a few months, and you can be pretty show he’s cooking up something. Trump is a street fighter and he ain’t given up yet.

        The apparent sheep could be getting ready to roar. Then we’ll know if he’s a sheep or a lion.

  3. McCloskeys, St. Louis gun-wielding couple, warn: ‘Your family will not be safe in the radical Democrats’ America’

    Mark and Patricia McCloskey, the St. Louis couple who garnered national media attention when they aimed guns at Black Lives Matters protesters in June outside their home, warned during their Monday night speech at the first night of the Republican National Convention that Americans would not be safe in a nation run by the “radical Democrats.” “The radicals are not content just marching in the streets,” Mark McCloskey said. “They want to walk the halls of Congress. They want power. This is Joe Biden’s party. These are the people who will be in charge.”

    SEE THEM SPEAK: (Mark is an attorney)

    1. The persecution of the McCloskeys makes me very reluctant about too much “police funding”, too. If we have also to fear police while defending ourselves, there’s a big problem. If I shoot some scumbag who needs killin’, I resent the huge expense of defending my action in court – which outcome can be personally devastating. Best policy: Leave no witnesses whenever possible. Be as merciless as the “law”. Be prepared!

  4. @ sardonicus, I didn’t know you are a fan of Trump, almost certain a crypto jew. Strange considering his actions etc. At the end you can never know with people, volatile?

    1. @ Melanie

      I am not a fan of Trump’s, Melanie, and I certainly don’t approve of his Jewish links and Jared Kushner dealings. Crypto-Jew? Could be. Fanatically Zionist? It would seem so. But according to Lobro this could all be an elaborate pretence. A chess move in in a game of 4-D chess.

      Maybe Lobro is right after all and will be proved right in time. We’ll have to wait and see how the dice fall.

      What we can all agree on is that Trump is surrounded on all sides by the most implacable enemies, many of them Jewish, who would like to see him dead. So he’s fighting for his survival, tooth and nail. And one has to admire the sheer pluck and chutzpah of Trump the showman. I dread to think what America would be like under Biden.

      I don’t think the Palestinians would get a better deal under the ultra-Zionist loonie Joe Biden, do you?

      1. It’s correct what you say the greatest enemy for the jew is his fellow jew. Many jews don’t (want to) understand this. Look for example at the second world war. About Biden it’s difficult to say both Trump and Biden get their marching orders
        from their same masters.

      2. @ SARDONICUS

        You’re truly among my top favorite on this site. I share your sentiment about the Palestinians would not get a better deal under Biden.

        A few days ago, his campaign told Linda Sarsour, a Palestinian American activist that she has no place at the DNC, In fact, his campaign said referred to DNC as Joe Biden convention.

        Democrats, as well as Republicans, unfairly attacked Linda Sarsour. But some progressive Jews have worked with her and defended her from charges of anti-Semitism. They point to her fundraising for the funerals of victims of the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting, as well as her raising funds on behalf of a vandalized Jewish cemetery.

        To accuse Sarsour of terrorism and antiSemitism is ludicrous. This is nothing more than a smear and blackmail campaign to silence her.

        Linda is a US-born citizen and is better known as the Brooklyn hijabi. A few years ago, I attended one her address. This woman is ecstatic. That day she addressed 4 events in the midwest within 24 hours.

        To me, choosing a presidential candidate this election is like choosing one of two devils. I do not like either one.

        1. I would have no problem voting for Trump as the lesser of two evils if he could treat the Palestinians fairly. It is his cruelty and injustice in regard to Occupied Palestine that I regard as unforgivable. As it is, if I could vote at all, I would vote for neither party.

  5. OFF-TOPIC, concerning ‘Lobro’

    (Lucy Skipping is Lasha’s sister)

    This comment from our old friend Lobro, though off-topic, needs posting here. Because Lobro is a great supporter of Trump and his voice needs to be heard. I would have replied to this comment on Truthseeker, where the comment was posted earlier today, but I can’t do that because the comments for that article (“Christ Come Back And Save Us”) are new closed.

    LOBRO WRITES AS FOLLOWS on Truthseeker … one of the last of 61 comments … a record for Truthseeker where most articles receive an average of only 10 comments and only exceptional articles get over 20 comments. Lobro’s comment is Number 60, the second last one.

    LOBRO: Likewise greetings to both sisters. I won’t comment on my personal travails and subsequent travels other than “yes, it was meant to be”.

    I rarely bother commenting anywhere anymore after Mark Glenn’s Ugly Truth got defenestrated by wordpress.

    If i ever get around to learning the ropes, i will write my own blog and couldn’t care less if nobody reads because I find it comforting to be a voice in the wilderness—clean, open environment and if uncaring, so what, not that the others are more welcoming.

    At least it cannot be said that I kept silent in face of so much iniquity and bullshit, former borne of conscious malice, latter of unconscious debility.

    Happy trails to both sisters (I always wondered what separates you mentally since the looks are identical)

    Oh, and lest I forget


    [This is in response to a defamatory comment on Truthseeker by a vicious Jewish troll hiding under the name of “Patrick” who accused my sister Lasha of belonging to a privileged family of “Jewish overloads” in British India who had “committed genocide and robbery in India” in the time of Queen Victoria and were behind the Bengal famine and other atrocities against the exploited Indians. In fact, our English Catholic family just consisted of civil servants, doctors, nurses, teachers and administrators working for the British raj.)

    LOBRO: I can attest that the sisters, while born in India, are NOT JEWS, do come from Catholic upbringing and DID NOT PROFIT ON BACKS OF OPPRESSED INDIANS.

    To say otherwise when one doesn’t even know their family surname or any background is the lowest form of malignancy and ad hominem, few things that I despise more (having had my baptism by that unholy fire myself).

    Wage war if you must, but not by way of deception™ (there must be other, more original ways of sinking low if sink low you must—perhaps “also meant to be”)

    Many thanks, Lobro, for your spirited defence of my sister. You’re right. She had nothing to do with the Bengal Famine and the Black Hole of Calcutta! 🙂

    1. @ Lobro

      I’m not sure if Lobro will see this. But if he does, he is welcome to add to the discussion here. He is a devout supporter of both Donald Trump and Joseph Stalin, and once shocked many people here by arguing that “Trump was the New Stalin”.

      This is a very eccentric opinion to have, in my humble opinion, but we are not here to censor eccentric opinions. Free speech must surely allow for the expression of such opinions if the points made are cogently argued and appropriately expressed. Lobro passed this test with flying colors, showing he was a highly intelligent man with a trenchant literary style, and, in addition, an engaging sense of humor. He is also, I am happy to say, a devoted dog lover.

      We shall do our best to make sure that Lobro is treated fairly if he decides to post here again, however briefly and intermittently.

      1. Admin is “not here to censor eccentric opinions”. Flat Earth Geocentrism is eccentric . If Admin is “not here to censor eccentric opinions” then why does Admin always censor anyone who promotes Flat Earth Geocentrism?

        [ADMIN TOBY: Lucy Skipping, LD’s sister, wrote the comment addressed to Lobro. NOT Admin! Lucy Skipping in not “Admin” and has nothing to do with the administration of this website.She hardly ever posts here, maybe once or twice a year.]

        “Free speech must surely allow for the expression of eccentric opinions.” — Don’t make me laugh.

        And being a devoted dog lover doesn’t mean anything — if one is a Flat Earth Geocentric. I’m a Flat Earth Geocentric and I’m a devoted dog lover, but I’m censored and banned all the time. No one ever makes sure to treat me fairly. That I LERV my whoodle doodle, and that I’m deeply devoted to my whoddle doodle, means nothing to ADMIN.

        If Lobro is a dog lover and is devoted to dogs, how come he doesn’t have a dog? He never mentioned having a dog and never said anything about dogs. How does ADMIN know Lobro is a dog lover and is devoted to dogs if Lobro never said anything about dogs?

        [ADMIN TOBY: Lobro’s affection for dogs is well known to Lasha and I believe he has confided this secret of his to others on this website more than once in the past. He has always referred to his dogs respectfully as “dogs”, never disrespectfully as “whoodle doodles”. My dog, called ‘Aristotle’ after the great Greek philosopher, would be most offended if I deprived him of his dignity by referring to him as a “whoodle-doodle”.]

      2. The next dog I get, I want to get a German dachshund and name it after the German philosopher “Hegel”. That should keep everybody in the Noosphere happy. We can make my dachshund “Hegel” the mascot of the Noosphere, because here in the Noosphere we all LERV Hegelian Dialectics! 😊

      3. I’m surprised the orderlies let you have a dog, TROJ. Unlike you, is it “housebroken”?
        Does it bark and snarl when you get your weekly hose-down? I despise dachshunds, anyway, so it figures YOU’d have one… 😸

  6. Trump is the Executive Officer of USA Corporation…
    Every corporation has its President and Vice President…
    He’s installed by the owners and he will do whatever is ordered by them…
    Unless he’s got something up his sleeve, in which case he would be running the risk of being assassinated…. That’s not something that snowflake Obama would have considered…
    Maybe the population of the USA as a white country is planned to be reduced, the same way the world wars reduced the white population of Germany… Right now it sure looks like we’re descending into a long period of extreme poverty and chaos, some form of civil war, instigated by all the same snakes that brought you the wars of the past… The gist of the article is correct – unless somebody clamps down hard on these rioters soon, this will continue to fester and eventually boil over in some areas into shooting incidents and escalate from there…
    all the guys I talk to tell me they will use deadly force against any antifa arsonists, or anybody who instigates riot, which is what the police should have been doing a long time ago…
    btw, here’s some Germans on the covid hoax –
    Those pesky Germans, they have a way of figuring things out and setting them right… No wonder the Jews hate them so bad… hey, it’s kinda fun to listen to the guy talk in German and read the subtitles at the same time… you can start catching some of the words…
    Maybe Trump’s waiting until after the ‘election’?
    Maybe he’s waiting until after the election to secure the border and sweep out the illegals too… yeah…
    Maybe he’s going to declare a national security emergency and implement Martial Law, put a militarized force in place in every city to stop these riots before they start…
    There will be an endless supply of occurrences, where police kill black suspects on the streets, who should have been in prison anyway, and as it is now a never ending series of riots wherever it happens…
    Nobody should have his business burned out and be beaten because of a use of force incident he had nothing to do with…
    The dems don’t want cures, they want never ending issues… White Supremacy, Systemic Racism etc… Because they are the tools of the globalists…
    Abolishing the police is ridiculous… Shouldn’t somebody have come up, by now, with a ten point plan to improve their function? You’d think so…
    The ZION in control in DC have been in deep with the Bolsheviks in everything they do at least since WW2…
    There has never been any Russian threat and there isn’t one now…
    It’s just one more Great Big Hoax they use to monopolize state spending and keep control…

    1. “Every corporation has its President and Vice President…”

      NOT SO!!!
      Just one example…..

      Bouvier’s (1856 ed) on Corporation Sole

      12. Corporations, considered in another point of view, are either sole or aggregate.
      13. A sole corporation, as its name implies, consists of only one person, to whom and his successors belongs that legal perpetuity, the enjoyment of which is denied to all natural persons. 1 Black Com. 469.
      Those corporations are not common in the United States. In those states, however, where the religious establishment of the church of England was adopted, when they were colonies, together with the common law on that subject, the minister of the parish was seised of the freehold, as persona ecclesiae, in the same manner as in England; and the right of his successors to the freehold being thus established was not destroyed by the abolition of the regal government, nor can it be divested even by an act of the state legislature. 9 Cranch, 828.
      14. A sole corporation cannot take personal property in succession; its corporate capacity of taking property is confined altogether to real estate. 9 Crancb, 43.
      15. An aggregate corporation consists of several persons, who are’ united in one society, which is continued by a succession of members. Of this kind are the mayor or commonalty of a city; the heads and fellows of a college; the members of trading companies, and the like. 1 Kyd on Corp. 76; 2 Kent’s Com. 221 Ang. & A. on Corp. 20. See, generally, Bouv. Inst. Index, h. t.



      39th Congress (1865–1867)
      Senator Davis of Kentucky claimed the US Government is a ‘close’ white corporation.


      Artificial persons.  Persons created and devised by human laws for the purposes of society and government, as distinguished from natural persons.  Corporations are examples of artificial persons.
      [Black’s Law Dictionary, 6th Ed., p. 113]
      The “United States” is defined in 28 USC Sec. 3002(15)(A) as a “Federal corporation”.  It is also a municipal corporation.

      –Municipal. In narrower, more common, sense, it means pertaining to a local governmental unit, commonly, a city or town or other governmental unit. In its broader sense, it means pertaining to the public or governmental affairs of a state or nation or of a people.
      [Black’s Law Dictionary, 6th Ed., p. 1017]

    2. ADMIN: Your comment would have been posted at once if you had NOT mentioned “TheRealOriginalJoe” by name. This is because he is a banned poster. Refer to him as “TROJ” in future and your comment will be posted automatically without being held up for monitoring. (Hope you understand this is a technical issue to do with WordPress. We have nothing against your posts.)

      @THEREALORIGINALJOE said, “No wonder the Jews hate them so bad” Jews also hate Muslims the most.

      Two decades ago, a Jew I know told me, no guests of his were allowed to park their cars on his driveway if the cars were German made. That was not a joke!

  7. If the conservative commentators are not going to directly point at the Jews who are behind all of this chaos, then there’s really little hope in stopping any of this.

  8. PAT
    Thanks for that lesson… you got my drift…
    The Vote By Mail election is going to foster a major issue, it may be the final straw, whatever…
    If Trump were to ‘win’, the dems and all their riotous horde will disclaim the election and say he stopped the post office from doing its job, black votes were blocked, etc… Then we’ll see how they take it… Maybe they’ll then go out and set fire to the whole country, in which case by then maybe the decent folk will have had enough and will react properly… not just pointing guns but shooting them…
    Maybe Trump and whatever state governors there are with any brains will have the militarized security force standing by in place to lower the boom in a big way on all rioters and looters… if not, whatever happens is on them, not on the man protecting his street…
    You can bet that if the mail-in thing happens, and it will, the dem candidates will win in all states controlled by dem governors… Those stats will trend higher like the cases of the virus… Virus counts are much higher in dem states… because the virus is the power play, trump card, whatever, that gives them the means to cheat on whatever they like… the virus is a corporate scam and all the corporate politicians and media operatives are behind it for the trillion dollar payoff on the global vaccine program, which will only be just beginning in 2020… afterwards there will be an endless string of similar such breakouts, all with vaccines coming in the pipeline…
    we all know the dems are now every bit the corporate tools the republicans ever were…
    either way the maybe biggest boondoggle yet will happen, the global mandatory covid vaxx, because both parties, the corporate hierarchy and the media are all for it…. darpa deep state no objections…
    if the dems win by the mail-in process, what will the Donald do?
    If he denies the result, which he should, and refuses to leave office, then we’ll possibly have a big constitutional crisis, probably see major rioting on that too… the speaker of the house could theoretically end up as the prez… oh god no..
    it is gonna be a rough ride… nothing like it before…

  9. I don’t think anyone wants to see another Bolshevik operation. The people I think you are referring to are mostly quite comfortable in their homeland, the USA. They were, once upon a time, mostly poor, they now have a very large stake in the country and I am pretty sure most want to live in peace. Everyone wants to send their children to school and outside without fear of danger for them. Same goes for all daughters, but they are always much more vulnerable than sons because of their nature. If I had a daughter at NYU, or Columbia, or even Northwestern, I would be tied in fits worrying about here if she wanted to walk to the library in the evening.

    I think this article is completely on target. Love the idea of shooting “peaceful protestors” if they are throwing things at cops. But I would take it one step further. All looters should be shot on site. If early on, you shot 5 of them and left them dead. The other 30, or how ever many there may be, would have quickly dispersed.

    But this really is a very good article,

  10. I enjoy reading Mike Adams but he seems to put gasoline onto the fire with his essays.

    This isn’t 1917. There is a teaching in the Art of War which says the General has to prepare to the present battle, not for previous one. The French General Petain prepared France for a static WWI battle, but the Germans had a mobile Blitzkrieg in mind. The Maginot Line became useless and France surrendered in a month or so after the beginning of hostilities. In 1917 the Bolsheviks were sabotaging the Monarchical government to assume power. Today the JEW runs Washington DC and also runs the BLM/Antifa Bolsheviks, therefore it doesn’t make sense to believe this Bolsheviks are going to overthrow the US Government, though they have a role to play.

    The JEW plays chess pretty well, right now the play is on his opponent side. If you think a professional riot police cannot end this anarchy without the blood bath, that’s because you’ve never seen the riot police in action. The police were ordered to stand down, why? It’s a trap, the JEW is just waiting for his little massacre to take place, 50 Negroes dead, including women, and then he makes his next move. This next move can be Martial Law or FEMA assuming control.

    I’ve heard they put a good looking guy on top of DHS, Chad Wolf, maybe he is the anti-Christ, who knows? That was a joke. 🙂

    1. Chad Wolf is jewish, a jewish surname. Seems you admire the ones with jewish surnames, like Adams.
      I thought you know how this fame is played by them, but I doubt this by now. But I must also admit that many people even jew wise people see what they want to see. They can’t handle the truth. You would not be the first and the last.

  11. well, here he is again with the latest political shock-jock stuff, don’t forget to buy the products….
    i think this might happen… i guess we’ll see soon enough…
    like we said, the upcoming election could be the catalyst…
    i don’t know why anybody would think it will go smoothly one way or the other, not after all that’s been said and done up to now…
    the real critical issue here is whether or not the security state will ever crack down hard on the rioters, get the force together, have it ready in place to save innocent people from having their lives ruined, if not outright taken, by these blm/antifa rioters every time we get another police v black suspect incident…
    setting a fire in wisconsin might be one thing, certainly bad enough already to merit meeting with deadly force, but anything done like that in california this time of year is mass murder in the making…
    and look, every state should have its pamphlet that goes with taking your drivers license test, that explains it to everybody exactly how to act when the police stop your car – when they have their guns out you do exactly what they tell you or expect to get shot…

  12. “The New Democrat logo spells out “DEATH TO AMERICA!”

    Death to America, of course, is exactly what Democrats and Leftists really want. It’s what Barack Obama and Joe Biden fought to achieve during their eight years of power, during which Obama worked to systematically destroy the very fabric of this nation while compromising national security and putting treasonous, anti-American globalists in positions of power throughout the Pentagon.

    What has become abundantly obvious to anyone paying attention is that America is already in a hot civil war, and radical Leftists are carrying out relentless, violent and sometimes deadly attacks against innocent people because no one has stopped them.”

    Ask yourself: With the 2020 election looming, what controversial issues would they put before the voters if not for the “leftist violence” (supposedly rooted in “racism,” “gender inequality,” etc.); the burning issue of orange clown not wearing a mask when he ostensibly should be?

    No one is stopping the “leftist violence” (nor will they likely stop it for at least the next two months) because our masters need something happening on the domestic scene that appears to be more threatening than orange clown’s increasingly dangerous “foreign policy.”

    They need to do something to reinvigorate the fake left-right paradigm in this election year, and since the two parties agree upon almost everything that actually matters, they have to resort to ever more dramatic theater to maintain the illusion. So instead of addressing issues like: do we really want a new nuclear arms race?; or do we really want to make the dollar worthless?; or do we really want to start WW3 in the Mideast? They have to create a distraction, and it’s much easier to put an end to “racist” statues than it is to put an end to the extortion racket masquerading as a “health care system,” so that’s what we get.

    “Where is President Trump?

    He should be declaring BLM and Antifa domestic terrorism organizations and unleashing law enforcement nationwide to engage and stop these terrorists with force.”

    Of course he’s posturing; meet the new “law and order president”; isn’t that good enough? And he’s too busy doing his real job, i.e., trying to “contain” China; obstructing Russia’s Nord Stream 2 project; strangling Venezuela; making business deals with the oil he’s stealing from Syria; provoking Iran; attempting a “color revolution” in Belarus, etc.

  13. Jews more fully embraced their satanism in 1666 and gave this to the USA in 1820

  14. I don’t see the USA remaining intact as a “governable entity” by the end of this year.

    In fact I would not be in the least bit surprised if Dec 26th 2020 is the day that Ol’ Glory is lowered for the LAST time from over The White House & Capitol
    Yes Virginia, that would be 30 years to the day that the Hammer & Sickle was lowered for the LAST time over The Kremlin on Dec 26th 1990… “curious” timing – as if it’s all been pre-scripted – don’t you think?

  15. Those Who Want To Live Let Them Fight And Those Who Do Not Want To Fight In This World Of Eternal Struggle Do Not Deserve To Live.
    Life doesn’t forgive WEAKNESS.

    1. A 17 year old in Kenosha has shown the way. If the police bows out when these Bolsheviks come into your neighborhood to attack you and your property you drop them. The survivors will be back in their holes before you know it. They are cowards.

  16. @ Sardonicus, you write you were a white nationalist and also you are a white nationalist.
    I get confused. What are you?

    (Possible computer glitch).

    (reposting, Google Captcha strangle the previous one; this one fixed a typo, so in case of double-post, keep this one)

    Just saw this Lucy, responding without redrafting, first come, first go, maybe to my regret.
    @ DM Everybody,
    (The) Saker has this to say and his public gravitas greatly outweighs (The) Lobro’s:
    Reading the “Traitors” – a Good or a Bad Idea?
    Direct your kudos, slings and arrows his way, me just saying that this may be worth reading.
    AFAIAC, the subject is closed to the point of welded shut.

    Am I a dog lover? TROJer that. I grew up with them and a huge chunk of me died with them in a boating accident in Mexico some 17 years ago (the election day will be that sorry anniversary).
    I will never forgive myself for that—believe it or not, I can recollect perfectly the smell of their individual tiny bodies, the back of the skull they loved having scratched.
    When I pop my last breath, I fully expect to be greeted by them, first and foremost, worth being religious just for that. And for this reason I could never countenance hanging around another dog—it would feel sleazy, as if replacing F—- and P—- like cars whose lease expired.
    In fact, I detest cats, yet a breeding feral pair attached themselves to my cottage, because I stupidly fed them the finest grilled fish from Mekong and now they worship me in a cargo cult manner.
    Even went and bred 2 babies so that the foursome are forever grunting and squealing whenever I set foot onto the porch. The saving grace being that while sleek and overfed they are too lazy to continue their regular murder spree in the surrounding forest. All to say that I am far from hostile to animals, most bugs included and they do get pretty weird around here.

    Referencing Trump, consider the following absolutely-outrageously unprecedented open letter that some retired high ranking US army bras penned to the chair of the joint chiefs of staff, Gen Milley and the US Defsec Mark Esper, urging the Bolshevik-wise coup against Trump:
    “. . . All Enemies, Foreign and Domestic”: An Open Letter to Gen. Milley

    We do not live in ordinary times. The president of the United States is actively subverting our electoral system, threatening to remain in office in defiance of our Constitution.
    In a few months’ time, you may have to choose between defying a lawless president or betraying your Constitutional oath. We write to assist you in thinking clearly about that choice. If Donald Trump refuses to leave office at the expiration of his constitutional term, the United States military must remove him by force, and you must give that order. [highlight mine]

    There can be little doubt that Mr. Trump is facing electoral defeat. More than 160,000 Americans have died from COVID 19, and that toll is likely to rise to 300,000 by November. One in ten U.S. workers is unemployed, and the U.S. economy in the last quarter suffered the greatest contraction in its history. Nearly 70 percent of Americans believe the country is on the wrong track. The Economist [Rothschild prime mouthpiece for CEOs, VIPs, heads of state, etc.] estimates that Mr. Trump’s chances of losing the election stand at 91 percent.

    Read again, they are calling for armed coup NOW, preemptively.
    Understand that Defense One is the premier publication of the US armed forces read by every single commissioned officer, sort of like New England Journal of Medicine is delivered to every single physician in North America.
    So when I hear/read people bitching against Trump, “why doesn’t he do this, why doesn’t he do that, he is president, he got the power, most powerful man on planet“—yeah right, he lives in daily fear of murder most foul, the ghosts of Kennedys dragging chains through halls of the White House nightly.
    Pompeo and Esper are laughing in his face openly as did Mattis and McMaster before, he is unable to ensure selection of a patriot for the job, his choice is the least toxic neocon available—Bolton? Abrams? Nikki Haley?
    He orders withdrawal from Syria and what do they do—turn around and squat on oil fields to ensure uninterrupted flow to Israel.
    Pompeo and Netanyahu loathsome twosome plot murder of Gen Soleimani strictly between themselves, in the immediate aftermath Netanyahu publicly disowns any blame which falls on Trump, whose choice is to either claim credit or admit that his army is in open insurrection against him, making him a loser the worst, most pejorative term in Amerikaka.

    And so it goes … yeah, he is in Jew’s pocket, zio-puppet, playing his part in giant worldwide kabuki, why, if every single Deep State resident underneath the piles and every single Jew underneath the lot LERVES him (hat off to TROJ for specific term of affection), the entire armed forces and 17 intel agencies, all the BLM, ISIS, Antifa, Pussy Riot/pussyhat multitudes, the libtards, the assembled might of the Planet Earth love him beyond words, Putin-Xi fully engaged in the cosmic 3-card Monte … who is left to hoodwink then, 15 diehard alt-right individuals fighting the last stand against Orange Man Bad?
    Is that what it is? Anybody else?
    Oh well, maybe more than 15, c’mon Lobro don’t exaggerate by a factor of ten, maybe even hundred heroes of Alamo-2020 barring the way to Antichrist’s chariot thundering into Jerusalem, head thrown back, teeth barred, laughing the maniacal Jack Palance laugh.

    Okay, first and only draft, we have a launch!

    1. @ LOBRO

      I think your comment went into Spam because WordPress regards you as a NEW poster, even though you have the same name. This is because you are now using a new email address for the first time. Thus: if two “Johns” posted from different email addresses, WordPress would logically conclude that these were two different individuals posting from different locations who happened to have the same name: “John”. The same with the name “Lobro”. The computer assumes there are TWO “Lobros” out there and is therefore creating difficulties for the second Lobro, i.e. either banishing him to “Spam” or sending his comment for “monitoring”.

      BTW, all first comments from new posters are automatically held up for “monitoring” to prevent spam material and porn site links crashing into our system.

      Suggestion: if you have any more difficulties getting through with your new email address, try using your OLD email address (even if it’s defunct) and you may find that this works.

    2. Lobro,

      Your comment is an eloquent endorsement of Donald Trump. It rings with passion and sincerity and will win you many plaudits here from diehard supporters of Trump.

      It will not, unfortunately, cut any ice with the diehard Trump haters who believe as passionately as you do that Trump is an ultra-Zionist warmonger who could light the fuse that triggers World War 3.

      If these harsh critics of Trump decide to post here, please understand we will have to publish their comments in the interests of free speech. We cannot censor debate as long as it is conducted in a civilized manner.

      Good luck and God bless! 🙂

      Sister Monica

      1. @ Lobro

        ADDENDUM: If you check on Truthseeker, you will see many anti-Trump articles there, interspersed with pro-Trump articles. I think the editor of Truthseeker is right to try and remain above the fray by his impartiality in presenting both sides of the picture.

        We must do the same, Lobro.

        So please do not make the mistake of getting angry with us — as if we had it in for you personally! — if and when we publish any anti-Trump articles you disapprove of.

        We are quite ready to publish good pro-Trump articles also, provided they are sourced from respected AltRight sites such as Truthseeker, the Unz Review, and the Occidental Observer.

      2. Lobro,

        Have you heard the latest news?
        I hear Nancy Pelosi is trying to have Trump arrested
        and step into his shoes as interim president.


    3. Lobro
      If Trump is who you think he is, then what better time than tonight to throw all caution to the wind and have his “JFK moment” to alert the American people as to just what the hell is going on? He’s had a full and prosperous life. Why not show true courage by layin all his cards on the table?

      Like Churchill said when he learned he was to be the new Prime Minister in 1940, (the truth of what he was notwithstanding, and I’m paraphrasing here) “I feel as though my whole life up to this point was but to prepare me for this moment”

      1. One step at time BrownHawk, according to opportunity, no good committing too early and folding to a counterpunch (we don’t want a BrownHawk down scenario, do we? 🙂 )
        See this, where NYT tries to rubbish an inspirational story simply due to a Trump angle.
        Listen to him speak and tell me that he is a Judaist at heart.
        Moreover, let’s take a brief stroll down the memory lane.
        Remember when he was elected, what were the milestones laid out for him in order to prove that he did not carry water for Jew?
        WARS, would he start new ones with Iran and N Korea, would he finish off Syria, would he continue and ramp up Afghanistan, would he provoke Russia into some nice shedding of goy blood—because this is the basic mission Satan imparted to Jew to pursue many thousands of years ago, so in order to prove that he is a good little shabbo, Trump would have to cater to the global war mongers.

        The first president in over a century who did not start any wars and did his best to dial down or cancel others—do you see him getting any credit for that? Not much.
        In fact, the “bipartisan” (LOL) Congress voted to prevent him from getting out of Afghanistan “in order not to let down our allies“.

        Don’t compare him to Churchill perhaps the history’s greatest traitor to humanity, worse even than Cromwell—read again that quote you pulled out:

        “I feel as though my whole life up to this point was but to prepare me for this moment”

        at commencement of his grand betrayal that not only ushered in 50+ million innocent goy deaths to please Jew masters but forever destroyed Ye Olde Green England. Forever, there is no return to the country it once was—did they win thanks to Churchill.

        And I do believe the cards will be laid out when the time is right—when the whites of their eyeballs are visible.
        I hung onto my predictions made in 2016 and survived so far, so good—hold me to it if and when my house of cards collapses.

      2. Here’s the faker.. Daniel Horan.

        “She may be anti-abortion, but she is as far from being authentically Pro-life in the Catholic tradition as this nun in 1940s.”

        Horan’s tweet included a picture of a nun standing in a crowd holding out her arm in a “Heil Hitler” stance .

      3. thanks Homer for the links.
        I see the body of RC church as more vital and immutable the closer you get to the grass roots and then progressively wilting, twisting and mutating into the total abomination the closer you approach the Vatican hierarchical top—wouldn’t even trust the Swiss Guard.

        Sister Byrne should be fast tracked to beautitudes.
        Not so the false witness Fr Horan—just another reason to give Toronto a wide berth (like I do).

        Aside, one more attempt to simplify the issue for Melanie and others thus perplexed:
        If you ever played a game of chess, then you presumably understand the object, which is by combination of superior position and/or strength of available pieces, the opponent’s king is placed in the chokehold called MATE.
        Now imagine that your supremacy against a totally powerless opponent was such that you had all of your pieces, i.e., the all-powerful Queen, 2 rooks, knights, bishops apiece plus all 8 pawns bearing down on the sole, isolated adversary King.
        And yet you hesitate to pull the trigger and destroy him, you shuffle back and forth trying to disguise your intentions, offer meaningless gambits, complain and whine … “I lost 6 million in Pawn-o-caust, boo-hoo, woe is me“.

      4. Lobro
        Just know that my reference to Churchill was not in finding a similarity in the substance of the two men, only of the similar historical circumstances. Hence my saying “the truth of what he was notwithstanding”, said in accordance with your accurate portrayal in putting him in the same camp as Cromwell.

        That aside, Ron Chapman’s recent post is certainly worthy of follow-up replies to his comments on Christ and Trump

      5. Your house of cards may collapse if my false flag attack on Israel visual pans out in a way you don’t want to see. This event would tell the tale. Is Trump “Biden” his time 😖 until soon into a 2nd term, waiting to find a true patriot who would advise him in a potentially seminal moment in history? (I predict a landslide for him. Even dyed-in-the-wool Democrats I’ve spoken with are leaving the DNC). This adviser would have Trump’s ear. Will he hear what’s being said to him and take advice that would result in not coming to Israel’s Defense? The Kennedy Bones would be rattling loud then 💀💀

    4. “…Read again, they are calling for armed coup NOW, preemptively…”

      The Democrats are associated with the BLM riots. Many Americans will see Trump as the only alternative to more chaos. Unlike the predictions by the usual suspects (who also lied about Hillary Clinton’s prospects in 2016), Trump has a real chance of winning the election. To prevent that from happening the PTB now invent the bogus claim that Trump will surely lose the election but will refuse to resign and thus a preemptive coup is justified. Ridiculous. I don’t think they can sell that argument to the American public. No matter how troubled, the US is still no Third World country for which military coups are normal. They will fail.

      1. right you are, Franklin, nothing to add to your fine perception here.

        PTB now invent the bogus claim that Trump will surely lose the election but will refuse to resign and thus a preemptive coup is justified


      2. Have you considered that it is a show between the jew democrats and the jew republicans in which is agreed in secret at the top between both parties that the left jews make a mess so that Trump, right jews, iobvious will get the votes. The slaves are always fooled by the masters of deception by the illusion of choice.
        There is no choice so Trump will be reelected.

      3. Franklin, by semi-coincidence, our interpretation is echoed elsewhere (Joaquin Flores at Fort Russ):
        The Storm Is Here: Pelosi Prepares to Be Appointed President – Trump’s Fight Against Total Chaos—hey, thanks Manfred I see what you meant! You were a step ahead.

        Melanie, once again … ugh, I must repeat this ad nauseam, so let me quote partially immortal Lobro instead of inventing new forms of the same old:

        And so it goes … yeah, he is in Jew’s pocket, zio-puppet, playing his part in giant worldwide kabuki, why, if every single Deep State resident underneath the piles and every single Jew underneath the lot LERVES him (hat off to TROJ for specific term of affection), the entire armed forces and 17 intel agencies, all the BLM, ISIS, Antifa, Pussy Riot/pussyhat multitudes, the libtards, the assembled might of the Planet Earth love him beyond words, Putin-Xi fully engaged in the cosmic 3-card Monte … who is left to hoodwink then, 15 diehard alt-right individuals fighting the last stand against Orange Man Bad?
        Is that what it is? Anybody else?

        Yes Melanie, although the satanic power has conquered every inch of the world’s territory except a few square inches of TDS-infected brains, those few inches terrify that power to such an extent that an insanely difficult, expensive effort of make-believe Trump haters (but in reality Trump-lovers) in their hundreds of millions actors and stage hands must be ultra-carefully choreographed to tiptoe past your vigilance instead of merely declaring Lucifer’s Fiat “It shall be thus and no more discussion”.
        And they’ve been doing it for 4 years, still hesitant to declare the charade over and assume full control.

        That totally explains it.

        Ever heard of The Protocols?
        PROTOCOL No. 15

        When we at last definitely come into our kingdom by the aid of COUPS D’ETAT prepared everywhere for one and the same day, after definitely acknowledged (and not a little time will pass before that comes about, perhaps even a whole century) we shall make it our task to see that against us
        such things as plots shall no longer exist. With this purpose
        we shall slay without mercy all who take arms (in hand) to oppose our coming into our kingdom.

        So, either

        • their power is insufficient to declare definite supremacy, i.e., resistance is too stiff and dangerous, or
        • they are deathly scared of you and few dozen others swinging keyboards like that biblical jawbone of an ass that destroyed entire armies (can’t be bothered to find whichever Shlomo wielded the fearsome weapon), or
        • The Protocols are fake as the satanists and their flunkeys aver.

        Which is it, huh?

        Though in possession of every single nuclear weapon, every war gas arsenal, biological form of destruction, every warplane, aircraft carrier, military satellite, tank, Reaper drone, submarine, all the secret technology none of us even heard of, etc, etc—everything in their hands, BAR NONE, …
        ***they lie low shaking in fear***.

        Imagine that (Sisyphus puked trying for millionth time to explain this paradox).

      4. @ Melanie

        “Have you considered that it is a show between the jew democrats and the jew republicans in which is agreed in secret at the top between both parties that the left jews make a mess so that Trump, right jews, iobvious will get the votes. The slaves are always fooled by the masters of deception by the illusion of choice.
        There is no choice so Trump will be reelected.”

        Exactly; it seems you’re one of the few people who can appreciate this possibility.

        If the “democrats” actually wanted to be rid of Trump, they could’ve included his war crimes in Syria and his brazen violations of the 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations among the impeachment charges against him; in which case there’d have been no facts in dispute and it would’ve been much more difficult for the senate to acquit him.

        Anyway, back in 2016, candidate Trump was presented as an alternative to a Clinton presidency – and the associated risk of war with Russia over the imperial adventure Syria. And today, Trump is apparently being presented as the “law and order president” – an alternative to a Biden presidency and the associated risk of widespread BLM/Antifa lawless violence; same strategy, different day.

    5. The last 3.5 years have proven to anyone paying attention that Mr. Trump is a psychotic, psychopathic, lying, mass-murdering, militant zionist extremist who enthusiastically pursues the satanic jewish-supremacist agenda of world domination and control at any cost.

      Not withstanding his many other crimes (many of which exemplify gratuitous cruelty), e.g. endless provocations against Russia, China, Iran and Venezuela, burning Syrian crops, stealing Syrian oil, etc.; his exiting of nuclear treaties, repudiation of the doctrine of “mutually assured destruction,” his publicly announced quest for nuclear primacy and his efforts to weaponize space, prove beyond a doubt that he sees “America” as nothing more than the expendable tool of jewish-supremacist madmen.

      Mr. Trump is apparently willing to take risks which go far beyond anything that career politicians like Obama, Clinton or Biden would be willing to take, and therein lies his unique value to his “deep state” colleagues. An example of this is his escalating political and economic war against China. As Mr. Trump continues to put the squeeze on China, e.g. restricting the sale of semiconductors to Huawei, the Chinese are threatening to retaliate by restricting the sale of ingredients used in pharmaceutical and nutritional products.

      I don’t know exactly what percentage of these raw materials come from China, but I know it is substantial, and coming on the heels of the damage done by the pandemic, I believe it would have a devastating effect both on the economy and on the health of millions of people in the U.S.

      I don’t know how far Mr. Trump is willing to push China before the election, but if he is reelected, I believe we’re in big trouble like never before. How can Mr. Trump’s escalating provocations end in anything but a shooting war?

      1. Well reasoned, Harold, but surely Biden would be far worse for America?

        Please clarify if your position is this: the Deep State has already decided that Trump is going to be re-elected as president, and the Democrats and Biden are already aware of this. This is the reason Biden has more or less made himself unelectable, just as Hillary deliberately made herself unelectable in 2016, just so that Trump could have a safe passage into the White House. Trump’s second term in the White House, you think, will have Trump finally taking the gloves off and turning America into a tyrannical police state. Is this your argument?

        What think you of the idea that Biden will be elected but with the intention of letting him be replaced pretty soon by the sinister Kamala Harris? IMO this feisty lady could prove to be extremely dangerous.

      2. @ Manfred

        “Well reasoned, Harold, but surely Biden would be far worse for America?”

        I would have to disagree that Biden would be worse. And the main reason is because Biden is a career politician and Trump is a hard-core militant zionist extremist. Moreover, given Trump’s pathological narcissism, I believe he can be manipulated into doing things that are far more dangerous than anything Biden would ever do. (But I cannot vote for either of them).

        “Please clarify if your position is this: the Deep State has already decided that Trump is going to be re-elected as president, and the Democrats and Biden are already aware of this. This is the reason Biden has more or less made himself unelectable, just as Hillary deliberately made herself unelectable in 2016, just so that Trump could have a safe passage into the White House.”

        This is almost exactly how I see it. (I believe Obama’s attack on the Syrian army at Deir Ezzor in Sept. 2016 created a WW3 scare which successfully nudged some former Sanders supporters into Trump’s camp, giving him a narrow margin of victory in three key states, which put him in the white house).

        I believe that the BLM/Antifa lawlessness we’re seeing is being orchestrated for Trump’s benefit, just like Obama’s WW3 scare was orchestrated for Trump’s benefit. In 2016 we were encouraged to vote for Trump to avoid WW3 with Russia over Syria, and in 2020 we’re being encouraged to vote for Trump (the reinvented “law and order president”) to avoid the escalation of BLM/Antifa violence we’d get with communist sympathizer Biden.

        “Trump’s second term in the White House, you think, will have Trump finally taking the gloves off and turning America into a tyrannical police state. Is this your argument?”

        As I see it, almost EVERYTHING is being driven by “foreign policy.” IOW, the more costly, the more reckless and the more brazen the “we’re going to run the whole world” character of U.S. foreign policy, the more the boot must come down on the neck domestically.

        So yes, I believe in a second term Trump will continue to aggressively provoke Russia, China, Iran, Syria and Venezuela, and at some point there will be major negative consequences which will require a serious crackdown. I’m thinking that the orchestrated BLM/Antifa violence may not only be Trump’s ticket to a second term, but eventually also the pretext for the martial law that will be at some point be needed as Trump ramps up the provocations.

        1. @ Harold Smith

          Thank you for your detailed answer to my questions. You explain your position with commendable clarity. I think you could be right in all you say. If so, God help America!

          I do not share your absolute certainty about this, however, though I lean toward your opinion when I consider its logicality. I keep wondering how the Trump supporters, who cannot exactly be described as “stupid”, fail to see what seems only too obvious to you: that Trump is really bad news for America and the worst possible thing that could have happened to it.

          The Trump supporters’ adulation of the man, I confess, renders me speechless. Is there something wrong with me, I ask myself, for failing to sing hosannas to this narcissistic demigod Donald Trump? But then I look at Palestine and its people, whom I love dearly, and I see how Trump has ill-treated them.

          Trump’s support for the Israeli oppressor, the land-grabbing plunderer of Palestine, has been unflinching. He is, as you say, an uncompromising Zionist. For this reason, if no other, I have to conclude that the Trump supporters either have a blind spot about the Palestinians or else are completely indifferent to their sufferings, since they back a man whose policies toward the Palestinian people amount to calculated cruelty. I am married to a Palestinian woman. I know how she feels, how she suffers for her people, and I can therefore understand the visceral loathing she entertains for Donald Trump.

          I am caught in a cleft stick, it seems. For if Biden gets into the White House, the Palestinians will get it in the neck just as badly. He too, like Trump, will sell them down the river.

          If there’s such a thing as divine justice or karma, America has a severe punishment awaiting it. Coronavirus and the destruction of the economy, accompanied by race riots, is just the beginning. It’s going to get worse. Far worse. Blood will literally run in the streets. It will be a return to the primordial jungle.

      3. @ Manfred

        “I keep wondering how the Trump supporters, who cannot exactly be described as “stupid”, fail to see what seems only too obvious to you: that Trump is really bad news for America and the worst possible thing that could have happened to it.

        The Trump supporters’ adulation of the man, I confess, renders me speechless. Is there something wrong with me, I ask myself, for failing to sing hosannas to this narcissistic demigod Donald Trump?”

        I don’t think there is any satisfactory “worldly” explanation for this phenomenon, but for Christians there is an explanation.

        “I am caught in a cleft stick, it seems. For if Biden gets into the White House, the Palestinians will get it in the neck just as badly. He too, like Trump, will sell them down the river.”

        I could be wrong, but I don’t believe that Biden would be as bad as Trump in that regard. But the issue seems academic to me because the more I look at our present situation, the more I believe that the democrats are determined to see Trump reelected.

        For one thing, Biden will be 78 years old in November. Given the stress associated with the job of “president of the United States” (even if madmen weren’t driving policy) it seems a little ridiculous that we have to basically raid nursing homes to find suitable political candidates.

        And the other thing (which seems obvious to me) is this: Why aren’t the democrats attacking Trump on some issues where he would seem to be very vulnerable, e.g. his exit from nuclear treaties and his publicly announced quest for nuclear primacy?

        On its face, this issue would seem to have nothing to do with jews and Israel, so what’s the political downside? Many Americans probably aren’t even aware that Trump has done any of this let alone have any idea of the potential danger the world is being placed in, and for what? Apparently nothing more than a costly and utterly hopeless quest for world domination and control.

        So if the democrats can present an endless parade of “experts” on CNN who bash Trump over his handling of COVID-19, for example, why can’t they present some credible expert to explain to the benighted masses the folly and the extreme danger of Trump’s nuclear policy? The conspicuous silence on this important issue alone convinces me that Biden is nothing more than a stage prop, just like Clinton was last time around.

        1. Very interesting, Harold, and cogently argued. Seems you have made your hypothesis: Trump to be re-elected with covert cooperation from Biden & Co. This hypothesis remains to be tested in a few weeks’ time. It will be interesting to see how it pans out.

          BTW, I was interested to read today some “gossip” that Ivanka Trump and her stepmother Melania are at daggers drawn. A big family feud going on in the background, it seems. The two women can’t stand the sight of each other. Which begs the question: who does Trump back? is he on his wife’s side or his daughter’s side?

          I’d like a rift to develop between Trump and Jared Kushner/Ivanka, driving Trump to do a sharp U-turn against the Israelis. I can’t see how Trump is sincerely in love with the Jews since it’s mostly American Jews and the Jewish media that are making life so hot for him. If Trump were a normal kind of guy, I think he’s have every right to be a raving anti-Semite! 🙂

          I hope that’s not a dumb comment I’ve just made…

  18. I think I am not clear. Yes, the jews rule above all gentiles but there are also jew factions who try to dominate each other, by dialectic policy, their factions must come together, goal. The jew factions use the left gentiles for the jewish left and the right, zio jews, use the rightish gentiles. The gentiles are just tools/slaves for this powerplay between jewish factions. And yes, the jews have all the power and unite themselves immediately when their power/money is on rhe line. They function/are like an army. The fact that we live in a capitalistic system and the jewish financial interests collide with each other and seem to bump is the reason that we don’t see one only comunistic dictat/dictatorship from upstairs downwards.It’s difficult to unite a capitalistic and communist system (fusion). Russia( jewish rulers) ‘tried by becoming communist and it didn’t work out as an experiment. Combining capitalism and communism is difficult even for the jews as they themselves don’t want to lose their money and property by becoming communist. So the status quo is an equilibrium between jewish factions while trying to become communist/dictatorship
    And this will be difficult, takes time, for the uber jews as the ’lower’ jews of their tribe hang on to their lovely money and property. Capitalism could be seen in that way as the salvation for the gentiles as long as jews themselves use capitalism to figh each other for the ultimate power. You could also say the gentiles need a jew/jewish faction to fight against the other jew/jewish faction. By himself the gentile(s) are powerless.
    I hope this makes sense.

    1. My “Anti-credo” if you will.
      God is difficult to discern, acting almost exclusively in the realm of soul, in itself a contested concept.

      But Devil is the easiest, most obvious of all, being Prince of This World and one would be hard pressed to deny that evil has been on monotonic ascendancy barely slowed down by Crucifixion—I guess human nature is inexorably drawn by the lust of corruption.
      In a way it may be said that the clear and present evidence of Devil and his works in the material, organic sphere is in itself a powerful indication of a countervailing force in the spiritual dominion (at least it is part of my personal roadmap that brought me to the present locus).

      The point of this digression being that Devil is unitary and the entire sordid history of Judaic thought and striving corresponds to this unwavering focus.
      Therefore what you describe is simply Jewish theater for the benefit of our confusion resulting in fragmentation and general aimlessness, all to serve Jew and his Master.
      There aren’t any true factions any less than on Spielberg movie set featuring dread Nazis parading around while toasting Manischewitz synagogue wine (in my youth we’d buy it as the cheapest accompaniment to socializing dope like hash).
      The reality is that the body of Judaism is a single monolith though reflecting different surfaces into the eyes of befuddled goyim.
      It is for this reason that I preach narrow focus on defeating this ONE, SINGLE ADVERSARY, to accept all alliances with every clearly and logically identifiable enemy of the Jew.

      Jew has no need to fear goy masses, they are already cowed and obedient as the Covid debacle shows and it was indicated by the total lockdown of parts of Boston in the aftermath of the marathon charade, the said lockdown pulled off without hitch, which convinced the rulers that goy masses are zero problem, the problem is the individual geniuses that rise above and threaten to act as the alternate leaders and lightning rods of truth, Jesus the first and foremost by far among such titans of selfless sacrifice for the greater benefit.
      (By the way, in what way did Trump personally profit during his 1st (and hopefully not the last) term—can’t you see that all his properties, casinos, luxury condos, resorts and such lost heavy billions—not as some 😉 😉 would state, he invaded numerous countries in order to replace destroyed infrastructure with casinos (LOL)—where is the evidence?)

      I think the above paragraph (prior to the parenthesized aside re. Trump wealth) is an important distillation of my position.

    2. Lobro
      Nonetheless, there ARE factions of an internecine rivalry. My own position, if you remember, is that the “Elite Jew commonality” has to do with their being Satan’s willing right hand in controlling the duped masses. This, in keeping with Rothschild being the “referee” with no particular dog in the fight. This rivalry has served to buy time for the afflicted goyim.* Per my understanding (as you may also remember) the internecine rivalry is between what in this context identifies the primary factions of “Satan” – that being from the non-human Annunaki

      *This could help explain the nature of POTUS (s)elections. One or the other faction getting the upper hand in (s)electing a President. Seen in that vein, for me Trump would be the lesser of 2 “evils”

      1. Consider what could make Trump the lesser of two evils. The trojan horse that is Joe Biden (who’s fooling who on that, except for brain- dead moonbat libtards, that is) would sink the American economy AND be goaded into a major ME war via a false-flag attack on Israel. Whereas under Trump, while the economy re-vitalizes, he TOO would be goaded into war.

        Meanwhile, a suffering humanity continues to thrash about, stuck in the middle of warring factions manipulating the affairs of nations hell-bent on claiming supremacy over its respective inhabitants (us).

      2. B-hawk
        You raised too many issues for me to respond to in an organized, legible way.
        The 2nd post merely gnaws the same topic that I responded to in my exchange with Melanie—use that chess analogy where the overpoweringly strong side refuses to mate the totally lost one, interminably dawdles and wastes time instead of throttling the loser by way of an instant mate.
        Knowing what sort of minds we are dealing with, their utter brutality manifested throughout history, be it ancient massacres of Crete, Alexandria, Palestine, Persia, Egypt (revisit Mamilla Pool article by Shamir for a refresher of typical horrors), to the more recent Bolshevik Judaic Terror, the Hellstorm extermination of German nation post-WW2, to the present day Palestine—this is the tip of the Jew psycho-iceberg.

        And suddenly they are meek as domesticated chinchilla bunny, delaying the arrival of Messiah, a 2,000-year prophesied redemption of evil, eagerly awaited, prayed for, ecstatically dreamt about by the total body of Jewry.

        Okay, of so many of you see this as a reasonable proposal … I don’t.

        Let’s move on, I got so many questions regarding your theory, the ones I consider hard because the easy ones I can answer for myself.
        Two tiers are apparent and I will deal with them separately (at least 2 posts, inclusive of this one).

        First, the Annunaki structure.
        For the sake of speeding up the process, I will assume that Annunaki are real, exist or have existed, interbred with Jews and therefore contributed to their genome.
        Why do I make that assumption? Because a rejection would instantly raise a heated debate about matters that I cannot deal with cogently—proving that something does not exist is very hard and truth to tell, boring in a way of pedantry for me.

        You say that the Annunaki-derived Jews, let’s call the A-Jews as opposed to B-Jews in the opposing camp for brevity, are one major faction locked in some struggle (which? We’ll deal with that later) with B-Jews.
        First of all, can you tell them physiologically apart, B-hawk? Can Jews instantly identify their numbers like say, Sephardis and Ashkenazis, by certain optics, phenotype …
        What is the nature of their divergence, why did Annunaki restrict to crossbreeding with Jewesses, because they are so much more beautiful, how and why did they buy into Lucifer’s project?
        If the ideological divide between A’s and B’s is profound, why don’t they settle it violently like Pharisees put paid to Hellenized Sadducees in an orgy of typical bloodshed, happily celebrated even today at Hannukah?
        Consider certain matters such as the total absence of Jew victims in the Twin Towers + Bldg 7 collapse on Sep11/01.

        We know that Jews were forewarned through Odigo communication channel developed for that purpose, that could and DID reach to ALL Jews, A-type, B-type, Sephardi, Ashkenazi, ultra-orthodox and pseudo-“secular” to save every Jew hide that may have been in jeopardy on that day.

        Given that and many similar examples, how serious can the rift between A’s and B’s be?

        Enough for this aspect, in the next post I will look into some logistical problems.
        Answer what you can, when you can, I am not pressuring you for a quick turnaround.

        One addendum is necessary.
        As a follower of Christ’s wisdom as taught, I have trouble with these Annunaki critters because surely He would have been aware of their presence and would have both incorporated them into His ministry and addressed them by identity, since as sentient beings they deserved to hear His message and avail themselves of a chance of salvation.
        Not that I am aware any of that happened.

        Take a look at this painting detail by Luca Signorelli and tell me whether the Antichrist is Annunaki-bred or a regular Jew.

        Yes, this is an example of yesterday’s depth of creative mind and talent, where is it today? Sure, Google it into your SMARTphones (bitter LOL)

    3. Kamala makes such a big stink about how much she loves and respects NON-white people. She cares so much for the well being of NON-white people. Injustice against NON-white people get her angry, angry angry angry! That’s why she just told the jews that she would never ask them to treat the Palestinians fairly and she would never think of decreasing monetary aid to Israel due to human right violations against the Palestinian people, a NON-white people. A White Christian looks at a NON-white the wrong way and Kamala is ready to throw the White Christian in prison. A jew can kill a Palestinian in cold blood, a jew can kill a Palestinian child in cold blood, and Kamala is perfectly fine with that. A White Christian can look at a NON-white the wrong way and Kamala is livid. A jew can kill a Palestinian in cold blood, a jew can kill a Palestinian child in cold blood, and Kamala is not the least bit upset by it. In fact she’s happy about it. She couldn’t care less a NON-white people are being Genocided by the jews.

      When it comes to the jews and the Palestinians, the great majority of politicians in Washington are like Kamala, including the great majority of NON-white politicians. The great majority of politicians of all races and backgrounds make a big stink about how much they love and respect NON-white people and want the best for NON-white people but they couldn’t care less that the jews are Genociding the Palestinians, a NON-white people. The great majority of politicians are like that, though Kamala epitomizes the hyprocrisy.

      Trump also is a hypocrite, as he also makes a big stink about how much he loves and respects NON-whites while fully supporting the jews Genocide of the Palestinians, a NON-white people. Though Trump is better than any of the Democrats. I may, or I may not, vote. I’m conflicted on the matter. If I do vote it will be for Trump but it’s not like I have alot of enthusiam for Trump. He has some base supporters who think he’s God. He has other type supporters who think he’s better to have for a president because he has some common sense, something the Democrats don’t have. The aspect of Trump I do like, he has common sense. I do NOT look up to him as a “God” or a “God-Emperor” or anything like that. In fact I can’t stand listening to him speak, I don’t listen to his speeches. I can’t listen to him. It would be nice if we could have a president who can actually speak English correctly. Trump sounds like a retard, he communicates like a retard. Biden talks like a retard. Trump either has a touch of dementia or nobody ever taught him how to speak English properly — with any intelligence. He sounds like a high school drop-out most of the time.

      I’m conflicted about voting.

      1. @ TROJ

        “If I do vote it will be for Trump but it’s not like I have alot of enthusiam for Trump… I’m conflicted about voting.”

        A couple of weeks ago you said you would NOT vote for Trump. You made that quite clear. Now you say you WILL vote for him.

        Make up your mind!


    Well done, everyone! I’d just like to mention at this point that my niece LD is exceptionally impressed, as I am, by the high quality of the discussion on this thread and the previous one during the last two days. Sister Monica likewise.

    LD hopes you will keep up this high level of discourse in future and refrain from the old temptation to attack each other with ad hominem slurs and the use of foul gutter language. If you happen to disagree with someone strongly, please do so in a polite and grown-up manner.

    Thank you.

    1. Unfortunately, dear Tobes, I don’t think this site can be as squeaky clean as you’d like it to be. Not if we continue to have that scoundrel TROJ posting here on a regular basis. TROJ happens to disagree strongly with everyone, including Admin, and has never done so “in a polite and grown-up manner”. 🙂

      1. That’s true. Life will never be perfect. No hope of Utopia as long as guys like Troj are knocking around.

  20. Brownhawk, second set of Annunaki-related questions

    Consider some numbers.
    For every Jew, there are 500 humans (goyums, to use your excellent Injun-derived phraseology—full respect).
    And yet, given 160+ member countries of the UN General Assembly, Jew monolith—yes, unlike you, I consider it a single structure without any cracks beyond the artificially painted ones for our amusement—totally dominates at least 145 of those countries, barely a handful have dodged imposition of his yoke and are now mercilessly hunted down.
    Look at the changes Jew had wrought just over our brief lifetimes, B-hawk, I think we are in the same age slice.
    In my childhood and youth, Ontario had an ironclad law, the Lord’s Day Act which strictly prohibited any public business dealings on Sundays, not even movies or NHL hockey games—and a Jew furrier on Spadina Street defied this law for years, paid heavy fines while supported by other Jews, until after a long and unyielding struggle, they won and the Lord’s Day construct collapsed ignominiously, goy staff had to work Sundays to enrich Jew retailers.
    Just one example, others, e.g., gay rights; there was a tiny parade every November (I think) issuing forth out of St. Charles tavern on Yonge street, went on for maybe 2-3 blocks protected by a police cordon yet guys would regularly bust through and land a punch and a kick on participants.
    Today? One of the world’s largest, attracts millions of visitors from abroad, people hoist their kids on their shoulders for better view of naked asses and waving genitals … all the cops must be gay also, one day for lesbians, the next for queers, Toronto mayor, Ontario Prime Minister as well as Canadian PM obligatory participation.
    And so on, and so on, ad pukeam.
    Just a tiny slice of what Jew accomplished in Toronto alone since after WWII ended.
    And did they do this while locked in grip of devastating internecine struggle‽
    Consider a regularly scheduled car race, a world championship format like Formula One, taking place in a dozen different countries—hold on, not dozen but 150 countries.
    Over the past two millennia makes it what, 300,000 races.
    And one team wins every single race times 300,000, without fail, by a giant margin.
    And guess what, the car doesn’t just race efficiently in order to win, it stops, backs into reverse, takes detour to nearby Dunkin BAGELS for a Jew soul food snack while the driver argues with the pit stop team, yet still wins the races.
    Or a car where accelerator and brake are 2 different factions, can’t agree whether to go forward or in reverse, 2 steering wheels one for right hand turns, another for the left.
    You follow American football, don’t you, I am sure you do.
    I don’t have to make parody of what may happen on the field if different factions were vying for voice in calling plays.
    You get the idea.
    This is my BIG issue with factions.

    We, the goyums are riddled with factions, with Jews great encouragement and fomenting of INTERNECINE conflict.
    Which is why we lose.
    Jew has no INTERNECINE conflicts.
    Which is why he wins—despite being infinitesimally weak, tiny and giftless compared to us, especially the White Race, the torch bearers of human culture and achievement which Satan set out to destroy and ably deployed Jew to do his bidding, like all cylinders smoothly firing to power one engine yet appearing to eye as popping up and down seemingly out of whack and sync with one another as factions might.

    1. Lobro
      You misunderstand me. There are no “factions”, per se, of Jews. The factions, the internecine rivalry, is between groupings of the Annunaki. Certain Elite Jews are AMONG the Protocolian authorship, and it is not restricted to them alone. In general the Annunaki are the SPONSORS of the Protocols. And non-elite Jews, for reasons I’m sure you can ascertain (actually you already have), have a strong inherent inclination towards objectionable things; a proclivity. (Just ask members of the 109 countries who’ve kicked them out over the years)

      Ask yourself how many people truly understand that in effect, the Protocols reflect a mastery of human psychology which enables its overseers to anticipate every move on the chessboard of a game THEY INVENTED. Then to respond accordingly with appropriate methods of manipulation to further a common agenda. Common to both Annunaki factions where money is used as a tool crucial to the agenda’s success. (Hence my referring to Rothschild as a “referee” of sorts)

      A major component of the Protocolian aim refers to the old Mafia ploy of finding a man’s weakness and exploiting it, with a common theme of misplaced loyalty. Historical references abound. Two of recent vintage involve Nixon and Hitler. The Watergate “burglary” was staged to play on Nixon’s paranoia which prompted his perceived need to defend his people with a mindset of “us against the world”. The result brought down a Presidency, for whatever purpose. Hitler placed an unassailable trust in the Zionist agent Martin Bormann, despite being warned by several colleagues. (This information from what I consider to be impeccable sources, which I’ve written about before). It’s not too far fetched to say this treachery was the primary cause of bringing down the Reich.

      Fast forward to Donald Trump. Caught up in the collective guilt to end all collective guilts – the BIG LIE that the Jews were the victims of a national policy for genocide and Israel must be protected and defended at all costs. Not just HIS weakness of course, but talk about yer misplaced loyalties played upon by the ultimate chessmasters!

      Both factions of the Annunaki RELY on human beings to be pawns to their dirty work, Jews and gentiles alike, the “goyums” falling under BOTH headings. Machinations are orchestrated through nations and their respective military forces to achieve an enslavement of the World. Through countless centuries human beings have been duped into fighting each other in what has essentially been an internecine Annunaki war. In some esoteric circles it has been said that this war has been on-going since time immemorial

      I suspect that the “geopolitical ducks” are very close to being “in a row” at their respective positions before “Armageddon” commences.

      1. a good one, B-hawk, my magnifying glass finds no clearly identifiable nonsense, which is quite a rarity these days as I read many accounts from many sources and 99+% of them are contaminated with egregious nonsense.

        What I mean by that is this: if a theory is generally well crafted, comprised of N-talking points, propositions and elements of an ordered train of thought, each ensuing from the previous, build up to some conclusion, yet there is a single element providing incontestable evidence to the contrary, the authors will uniformly, without fail ignore this vexatious evidence and blithely proceed to defend their now badly compromised conclusion, coupled with ever increasing volume of screeching ad hominem directed at the doubters (“Deniers”, to borrow a useful meme), the theory degenerating into dogma.

        None of the foregoing is in any way directed at your theory B-hawk, which has been well fortified by your last post, so I will leave it at that, notwithstanding my personal reluctance owing to my Christian mindset—acknowledged to be subjective, therefore I am honor bound to yield benefit of doubt.

        On the subject of Trump, here is a brief aside: Jordan Peterson on the worst thing about Donald Trump.
        Now, JP is a thoughtful dude, neurotically sensitive and can be pressured into semi-craven appeasement of Jew’s ambitions, but underneath all that I have no doubt that not only does he mean well but is also quite perceptive of fundamental truths.
        Here here raises an interesting concept, namely that of reasonable stupidity and incompetence of our politicians as the safest bearing, guaranteeing general satisfaction.
        He is hinting that much of Trump’s infantile outbursts are crafted to provide this pacifying reassurance to the rank and file Americans.
        And, he mentions my point raised earlier, the one I insist on, which is studiously ignored by TDSers:
        Uniquely among the US presidents of the last 100+ years,
        *******TRUMP DID NOT INITIATE ANY WARS******
        Yet, he is the history’s most reviled POTUS.

        Could these two facts be coaxially duplexed (even subconsciously)?

      2. Per my understanding regarding those Jews and non-jews alike representing the Annunaki side backing Trump, they are imparting influence on him sufficient to prevent any new wars from breaking out. Consider that this faction proved successful in his (s)election (in expanding on what I think is Pat’s accurate guess on how a Potus comes into office.) That they knew that his inclination would run contrary to those like Bolton clamoring for war.

        The other side backing Hilary with THEIR Jews and non-jews alike whose machinations of (s)election failed WANT war, as this would play right into their plans, perhaps similar to Hitler being convinced by false intel that a Soviet attack was forthcoming, prompting him to get the jump by ordering Barbarossa. Trump not falling for it would put them back to the drawing board, hence my theory of a false-flag attack on Israel. A ruse that he would be more likely to fall for (and I say this in full anticipation of a landslide re-(s)election).

        Feelings of collective guilt are great motivators

  21. Calling me whatever you want, but shackling an unconscious man who cannot walk — as a result of police brutality — to his hospital bed is an act of torture. The use of handcuffs only compounds the injustice done to Mr. Blake and sends the false message that he, not the officer who shot him seven times in the back, poses a danger to society.

    The shackles on Jacob Blake must be removed, and local authorities must treat him with the respect he deserves as both a medical patient and a human being.

    Is anyone here in favor of having Jacob Blake shackled to his hospital bed?
    No wonder BLM threatened to burn America to the ground!

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