Boris Johnson: Is He Dicing With Death?

Boris Johnson has been stricken with coronavirus and is now in intensive care, fighting for survival. The big question is: will he survive? If he doesn’t, you can be sure that many other sensational questions will be asked that it would be premature and politically incorrect to ask now. (LD)   

Rixon Stewart, Editor of The Truthseeker
April 7, 2020

“Call me a ‘conspiracy theorist’ if you like but I just don’t buy the official line on this…. How do we know that Boris Johnson’s health is really as bad as we are being told?” — Rixon Stewart

Such are the mind games being played by the establishment now that one has to ask: is Boris John really as badly ill as we are being told? Or is this all part of a carefully contrived drama to underline the need to comply with the lockdown?

After all, governments in the West have repeatedly resorted to staged terror attacks and false flags in the “War on Terror” so why should Johnson’s sudden decline in health be any different? For all we know this could be part of a deceptive drama to keep us in compliance.

The media is as much a part of the machinery used to control us as the government. So what the papers say (above) is all just subtle variations on the official line.

Call me a ‘conspiracy theorist’ if you like but I just don’t buy the official line on this. We’ve witnessed so many deceptive dramas that have been staged to build support for Western governments’ policies that we should view these reports with some healthy scepticism.

How do we know that Boris Johnson’s health is really as bad as we are being told?

This is from the same corporate media that have repeatedly lied and deceived us about 9/11, 7/11 and the “War on Terror”. If they can deceive us about something as big and in your face as the World Trade Center collapse then Boris Johnson’s health would be a minor deception in comparison.

By  Martin Farrer – The Guardian April 7, 2020

The sharp decline in Boris Johnson’s health makes for a series of grave front pages on Tuesday.

The Times’ headline reads “PM in intensive care” and reports on sources saying that Johnson needed four litres of oxygen. The papers says this is well below the normal threshold of 15 litres and suggests the prime minister’s case is not as serious as some admitted to ICU.

The Mirror says “Sick Boris faces fight for life” across a picture of a pallid-looking Johnson taken from a government video last week. It agrees that the PM’s illness “raises some awkward questions” for the way the country is being run and says cabinet ministers will never be forgiven if they are seen to be scoring points off each other in a fight for a potential succession.

The Mail also chooses the same image as the Mirror alongside a headline reading “Now stricken Boris taken to intensive care”. It also notes that his pregnant girlfriend, Carrie Symonds, is self-isolating in London and has been unable to see him. The Mail reports inside on how “the crisis over Boris Johnson’s health turned into a full-scale emergency”, with his doctor immediately telling him he had to go to hospital after seeing him struggling for breath on a conference call on Sunday.

The Sun headline says “Boris in intensive care” while the Metro says “PM put in intensive care unit” and the i opts for “Prime minister in intensive care with coronavirus”.

The Telegraph headline is “Johnson in intensive care” and on the inside pages the paper’s former editor, Charles Moore, is sharply critical of comments by the one-time Whitehall mandarin Lord Kerslake, who told the BBC that Johnson would have to “reflect on his position” if his illness continued. Citing the example of Winston Churchill, who suffered two bouts of serious illness during the second world war, Moore looks forward to Johnson recovering and says: “I think both Britain and Boris have a stronger constitution than Lord Kerslake allows.”

The Express, whose headline is “Boris moved to intensive care as health worsens”, highlights in one of its stories a comment by BBC journalist Andrew Neil who posted on Twitter a statistic about the dangers of the virus if you have not recovered after 10 days. The BBC host wrote: “This virus either gives up and you recover with no damage done or it really decides to go for you and you have a 50:50 chance. The PM’s decision to work through his isolation will not have helped.”

Finally, the Financial Times says “Johnson moved to intensive care as persistent symptoms worsen”.

Sourced from The Guardian via Truthseeker 

LD: I have no comments of my own to make right now except to say that I agree with Rixon Stewart,  Editor of The Truthseeker, that a high dose of scepticism is in order. Given the monstrous lies we have been told in the past by the mass media, it would be very foolish to believe that this media has suddenly turned over a new leaf and become scrupulously honest. Here are four comments I have culled from various commenters that might be of interest to our readers:

ORACLE:  (Darkmoon site, April 6, 2020 at 9:35 pm) :  I’ll just leave a few predictions here. UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson will be killed off under the pretext of coronavirus. Dominic Raab, who is Jewish, will replace him. Raab will then reverse Brexit and build a good case on behalf of the “international community”  attacking China (“You killed our Prime Minister,” they will allege. “For this you shall pay,…etc etc”).

SAKI:  (Darkmoon site, April 6, 2020 at 10:04 pm) :  Excellent comment. You could be right about Boris Johnson being bumped off, like Stalin was allegedly bumped off by his Jewish doctors. Into his shoes will then step his deputy Dominic Raab, a Jew. Raab would then be Britain’s first Jewish prime minister since Disraeli.

BTW, the Labour Party’s new leader, Keir Starmer, is a passionate Zionist with a Jewish wife with family in Israel. So if the Brits should tire of the Tory party and vote Labour in next, they will have a passionate Zionist with a Jewish wife as their leader.

The Jews don’t take any chances. No matter which party you vote for, you get Jews or crypto-Jews bossing you around. I believe Boris is a Jew too, a Turkish or Armenian Jew, though that is disputed.

FRED B  (Truthseeker,  April 7, 2020 at 3:31 pm) :  I say BS to Boris Johnson. If he is in the hospital for any serious reason it is not Covid and may he recover and be tried in an independent trial by jury for all of his crimes in promoting this psyop and state takeover of all of our rights. Sorry Boris, but when the revolution comes you will be counted in that one in two thousand who have deliberately betrayed humanity.

NIXON SCRAYPES (April 7, 2020 at 5:18 pm) :  Is that Boris in those pictures? It’s hard to tell with different light and camera angles but I was studying a photo of him here a day or two ago, particularly round those small and surprisingly apprehensive almost fearful eyes……. Those photos might not be him.

VIDEO  :  3 mins

40 thoughts to “Boris Johnson: Is He Dicing With Death?”

  1. Has it ever occurred to you (rhetorical question) THAT rather than being in ‘Intensive Care’.
    Boris Johnson is, in fact, under INTENSIVE House Arrest?

    “But…. bb.. b… BUT WHY???”
    Hmmm… Non-Compliance with “Edicts Issued” by The Usual Suspects…. like “getting on board for an Axis Of ZOG attack on Iran”…. perhaps….?

    Stay tuned… and, inthe meantime, Have A Nice Day…

      1. Thank you Sister Monica, but there are some strange things about this virus. It has subsided in China, yet is advancing rapidly in the USA, not to mention the damage it has done in Italy and Spain. I think there could be different strains of the virus, it has mutated, and I don’t think there is a Chinese plot to infect the west.

        My view of the Chinese government is that they want to trade as widely as possible withe rest of the world, and of course still hang on to totalitarian power in China.

        Their weak spot is Hong Kong. Freedom is a very powerful force.

  2. It is plain to see that one of the underlying themes pushed by media stooges is that the government is the ‘savior’ of the people in London. They so often tell us, as in 2009, “Just get your damn vaccine!”–hmWK2A

    The ITV reporter clamed in the video that Johnson is “…. a prime minister charged with PROTECTING US from coronavirus…”…. to make an example of what not to do, as Johnson downplayed the event at first. His rejection of the seriousness of the coronavirus could have been part of the staged play as well. Spectacular drama plays well in the land of Shakespeare…… and around the globe, for all to see.

    Message – “Just get your damn vaccine!”

  3. Trump offered Boris some illegal (in the UK) drugs to assist Boris in his rebounding from his respiratory battle and I’d bet my last euro he’ll pull through and be back at it, (whatever it is), in no time. Gosh, I wonder what illegal drugs he offered to Boris.. (wink wink)

    1. Trump must have smuggled the illegal drugs (cure) in using his diplomatically immune briefcase, lol.

      “Mr Johnson went into hospital on Sunday, ten days after he was diagnosed with coronavirus and was transferred to an intensive care unit within 24 hours, his state of health having suddenly deteriorated. Yet by midday Wednesday his condition was said to be “stable”, and the Prime Minister responding to treatment, with the latest update Wednesday afternoon revealing he is now showing improvement.”

      “Speaking to the nation in the government’s daily televised press conference from Downing Street, Chancellor Rishi Sunak gave an update on Mr Johnson’s health. He said: “The latest from the hospital is that the Prime Minister remains in intensive care, where his condition is improving. I can also tell you that he has been sitting up in bed, and engaging positively with the clinical team.”

      1. Ed, if I remember correctly, and I’m pretty sure I do, that type of medicine works best when you really don’t need it.

  4. “Call me a ‘conspiracy theorist’ if you like but I just don’t buy the official line on this. We’ve witnessed so many deceptive dramas that have been staged to build support for Western governments’ policies that we should view these reports with some healthy scepticism.”

    Exactly; absolutely NOTHING the government-media complex says can be taken at face value.

    Here’s how I see it. If Boris Johnson really was stricken with COVID-19 and is now in critical condition fighting for his life, there are two possibilities: (1) Hydroxychloroquine (usually given with azithromycin and/or zinc) isn’t working in his case; or (2) They’re not treating him with hydroxychloroquine for some reason.

    I find it hard to believe that either one of these propositions could be the case here because IMO the evidence is very strong that hydroxychloroquine works, especially if given early in the course of the disease, and I would think that a high-level politician would get first-class treatment from the best doctors available. (Unless of course somebody wants him out of the way and he’s not getting plaquenil but a placebo).

    1. The government-media is a well groomed, well synchronized orchestra of prostitutes graduating Summa Cum Dumpster from the prestigiously closeted campuses of AIPAC Academy of blowjob dispensers.
      YES, Nothing can be taken at face value, just like central bank notes which are worthless pieces of paper and worthless subprime debt. Like the cajoling prostitute that wants to get into your wallet, the government-media complex parrots generously terms like freedom and human rights to deceive those who have been ceaselessly prepped exclusively for that purpose, guzzling down the kool-aid they are fed.
      The media is distraction instead of information, and distraction from information so that slavIsh muppets and puppets can keep performing on stage without interference from an otherwise awakened people.

  5. ENOUGH with conspiracy “theories”. My understanding is that there is NOT, nor has there ever BEEN anything theoretical about (((those))) who’ve manipulated and conspired against humankind since humanoids in their various forms throughout the ages first walked the Earth however many millions of years ago.

    It’s not a matter of IF there is a conspiracy against mankind, but WHY, and by WHOM at the highest level and working down the chain of command. Khazarian scum are the ADMINISTRATORS. They do the dirty work of the Annunaki*, and the Anunnaki are agents of the “Masters of the Universe” – the designers of Existence experienced in this present state of Devolution.

    *The Anunnaki designed the forms of “man” upon his descent, PER the Devolution, and PER my understanding

  6. Poor Bo Jo! He and his girlfriend Carrie Symonds are expecting their first child together early summer.

    Question: What do you call a child who is born to parents who are not married to each other?

    A- Illegitimate child
    B- Lovebird child
    C- Bastard
    D- All of the above

    Answer: D is the correct answer!

    1. Why are you attacking the child? Is it his fault? I would never call him any of the names you listed.

  7. Raab will not be the second british PM. Churchill was a jew since his mother was one. Then we had David Cameron. So in best case scenario he will be the fourth. Since I’m not british I have not checked them all out. Can’t rule out there has been more than that.

    1. If Churchill and Cameron are Jews, it would be openly admitted and mentioned in all their biographies. It would be common knowledge. No need to conceal this.

      After all, if all Jewish politicians felt the need to hide their Jewishness, why did Disraeli have no problem admitting he was Jewish? Why would Disraeli become one of Britain’s most respected prime ministers and Queen Victoria’s favourite — she preferred him to his good Christian rival Gladstone — if being Jewish was such a big stigma? If Disraeli could become so popular, despite his Jewishness, why would Churchill have to hide his Jewishness? Can you explain?

      Next you will be telling us Stalin was a Jew!

      I really do not understand why Churchill and Cameron, if they were Jews, should need to hide the fact. Nowadays, being Jewish is an asset not a liability. If I was Jewish, which I am not, I’d have no problem admitting it. Maybe I’d even boast about it.

      1. @ Don:

        You put your foot in your mouth on this one! Joseph Stalin was a JEW and his real Name was Josif V. Dzhugashvili and he was born in the Georgia region of the Russian Empire or Soviet Union after the Russian Revolution. As for your claim, that if I was Jewish, I would proclaim it. I am happy for you. The problem is that the REAL JEWS have no problem proclaiming that, but the Fake and Crypto-Jews, do NOT want people to know because the Khazarian (Fake and Crypto-Jew) Mafia Rothschild Banking Cartel would be found out as a fraud and their schemes would be investigated at the investigators peril. This is why the Fake/Crypto-Jews use REAL Jews as whipping boys and as an excuse to generate Anti-Semitism. Anti-Semitism is a great tool to shutdown opposition and to exercise Control over other races, nationalities and groups. The ADL, SPLC, NAACP, JDL, etc, are all experts on this strategy. You need to watch more Brother Nathanael Kapner videos on his REALJEWNEWS.COM. AND yes, I am confident that Churchill was a Jew from his mother’s side( American Jew). Cameron, probably is a Jew in some form as well.

        In terms of this article, it is sad news that BOJO is sick, probably from Covid-19. However, as I jave said already, just like Tom Hanks and his wife Wilson or Senator Rand Paul or Canadian Prime Justine Trudeau’s wife Sofie, all having symptoms of Covid-19, it is probably a Psyop. It is a Psyop to convince
        you that the Elites are just like you and me, as common citizenry. It is also to convince you that this pandemic is real because even RICH people get it – no one is immune or can escape it. It also shows that you should take the advice of experts like Bill Gates (Goetz), Dr. Fauci and the political class of BOJO and Trump. This means that when a vaccine is here, that you should take it! AS for ME NOT a CHANCE! That will mean jail or dead by the Police/Military or by starvation, because I can NOT buy the FOOD I need, because the government gave me NO Money or gave me NO Certificate to leave my house. That is what a story like this does!

        Just for some fun, I can speculate that if BOJO dies (sad outcome), perhaps after 3 days he will magically come back to life and declare himself as the PROTECTOR of humanity (AntiChrist) to save us from ourselves. Thankfully, that already happened via Jesus Christ and what he did for us, the whole world,
        So Happy Easter, Frohe Ostern to one and all! And as Christians say for Christmas as well – Remember the Reason for the Season. Also to the REAL Jewish people, Happy Passover! Shalom and La Chiam!

        1. Yes, I’ve read all you say but you are misinformed. “Stalin was a Jew” is just another conspiracy theory. No need to lecture me on this. I know more than you about Stalin. You just know what you have picked up from weirdo conspiracy theory sites. Too bad! 🙂

          Stalin was a Georgian, not even a native Russian, and he spoke with a thick Georgian accent. His mother was a good Christian. He attended a Christian seminary with a view to becoming an Orthodox Christian priest. He was then booted out of his seminary for becoming a Darwinian Christ-bashing atheist. Then he hooked up with Lenin and his gang of Jews. The rest is history!

          Think what you want, Stormin. I’n not stopping you! But don’t lecture me on Stalin as if you were my history teacher. You’re not. Go your own way in peace, brother.

          I’m outa here now! Bye! 🙂

  8. BTW the standard story of what a virus is and does………………is very similar to the way I see the “Jewish Virus” (afterwords shortened to “JV”) operate. Standard model (not my conception of a virus at all) it worms it’s way into a cell, hijacks the cellular machinery of the cell (host nation) and makes the cell work for it, churns out millions of copies (6 million?) of itself all the while the cell is fooled into thinking it is working for itself ……it is not the virus has disguised itself to be invisible to the cell. The cell or host has become the golem of the virus. It does all the heavy lifting provides a home for the virus. The only danger is the virus might go too far and cause the death of the host in which case it ‘dies’ also though it has never been alive!?!. 😎 (That’s good “JV” ‘logic’ for you) I would suggest the British Empire was the host for many years, then it was the US turn (along with this the pound was the reserve currency, then the dollar)……………and that now the virus is infecting a new host (China/Russia) and is painfully discarding the old one. This is more than that though this is the global sort of end point and we notice there is talk of a new world currency modeled on bitcoin in any case some kind of electronic currency. It has gotten to the point where the “JV” no longer has to latch on to one particular nation they now dominate globally and can switch allegiance at will.

    Another way in which the virus is like the “JV” is the paranoia shown as in exaggerated fear of viruses etc. This is the other side of the coin where something so small and not even alive is a danger. We see all the time how the “JV” sees threats everywhere, fear of ‘extermination’ is always alive, seeing oneself as a victim of ‘outside’ evil forces is constantly active, no holocaust denier no matter how small or irrelevant seeming is too small not to lose his job or ideally be jailed. There the virus can be ‘quarantined’ and we can be made safe from this evil virus. (I heard that phrase twice on CNN yesterday). I don’t know who is responsible for ‘virus theory’ but guess it almost had to be a member of the Tribe. It is so at odds with reality and yet it is the paradigm we operate under now. None of all this nonsense we have to listen to everyday would be possible without the lurid virus theory. It is sad and shameful how many ‘doctors’ go along with something that is more appropriate for Dark Ages Medicine than anything that belongs in the present day world. It is the foundation this hoax is built on and so long as these host nations subscribe to it they will never be free of this cloud over them as now the fear is the repeated use of it. It may come back next Winter blah blah blah and what do we do then? Shut down our society all over again?…………….Yes if they demand it.


    Posted: 07 Apr 2020 04:14 PM PDT
    By Anna Von Reitz .

    You may be — literally — seeing some very strange things over the next few days. Do not be unduly afraid.

    Withdraw into your homes as much as possible. Use it as quiet time with your families.

    We have discovered a plot to replace mankind with silicon-based life forms.

    The Council on Foreign Relations has pretended to represent this planet and has cut a deal to allow this in violation of Universal Law.

    The communications system enabling this plot has utilized more than 200 HAARP antenna arrays.

    This system of radio antennas also includes mobile arrays known as CIPPA units installed on Navy ships worldwide and communicates

    directly with self-constructing crystalline nanobot structures that have been deliberately seeded into the stomachs and digestive systems of

    people and animals worldwide.

    The materials for the nanobot crystals are imported via breathing in the chem-trail pollution.

    The chem-trails contain incendiary metals and metallic oxides that are rejected by our lungs and when we cough or sneeze, are jettisoned

    into our nasal passages, swallowed, and wind up in the highly acidic environment of our stomachs.

    Similar to crystal growing experiments that you may have done at home or in school as children, the materials rapidly grow in the acidic

    environment of the stomach and assume a pre-determined size and shape, still at nanoscale sizes.

    Tiny fibrous appendages soon appear at every corner of the crystal, allowing motility, and also, tiny structures that function as radio antennae

    that are much simpler than the antennae formed by your DNA and RNA, but which are capable of interacting with your DNA and RNA and

    also able to transmit information back to the HAARP and CIPPA array.

    These “bugs” are being used to hijack your biology and collect vast amounts of information about you.

    Ultimately, they would be instructed to kill you and other carbon-based lifeforms.

    These nanobots and similar nano-scale technologies are being deployed via the HINI and Corona and other SARS Viruses:

    Specific Absorption Range Spectrum (SARS) Viruses.

    The leadership of the Council on Foreign Relations has been promised unimaginable wealth and eternal life in exchange for this betrayal of humanity and horrific misuse and abuse of our property and personnel.

    This has prompted us to issue an Emergency Shut Down effective worldwide of all HAARP and CIPPA antenna arrays.

    It has also prompted the government of The United States of America to issue an Emergency Arrest Order to detain and confine the

    leadership of the Council on Foreign Relations.

    Individuals may interrupt and prevent the operations of these internal “bugs” by changing the pH of their stomach acid, which prevents the

    crystals from forming and helps dissolve them back into solution and overall inhibits their performance.

    Two Tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, or any other natural but very acidic juice or vinegar can be used to accomplish this,

    with varying efficacy.

    Individuals may also use very small amounts of borax, sodium tetraborate, a naturally occurring mineral most commonly available as a

    laundry detergent additive, to block chemical formation and incapacitate the antenna functions and attachment capabilities of these “bugs”,

    at a rate of one quarter teaspoon or less per hundred pounds of body weight.

    This can be ingested in water, daily. The mineral is overall healthy for you, but only in very small quantities.

    Efforts are underway to eradicate SARS viruses on a planetary scale to prevent their use-abuse to promote any similar schemes in the future

    All corporate personnel, CEO’s and Administrative Officers, are hereby given Public Notice of Liability and Ownership Interest.

    Elon Musk, this means you. Bill Gates, this means you. Dr. Fauci, this means you. Henry Kissinger, this means you.

    Larry Fink, this means you.

    FED Board of Governors, this means you. IMF and Interpol Personnel, this means you.

    Any corporation or corporate officer found to have aided, abetted, or willingly participated in this scheme will be subject to immediate arrest

    and prosecution for crimes against humanity, murder, catastrophic environmental pollution, violation of Universal Law, and genocide.

    All corporation charters, assets, and interests held by individuals found guilty of such aiding and abetting will be subject to immediate seizure

    and liquidation. There will be no bankruptcy protection and no corporate veil.

    Both personal and private assets will be subject to immediate and permanent liquidation.

    1. UH-OH…..

      It appears the phony judge, Anna Maria Riezinger, aka Anna Von Reitz, is at it again….. on the fake warpath….. against these guys:
      All corporate personnel, CEO’s and Administrative Officers, are hereby given Public Notice of Liability and Ownership Interest. (common law action)
      Henry Kissinger this means you and Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Larry Fink, Dr. Fauci, FED Board of Governors, IMF and Interpol Personnel.
      AND – Any corporation or corporate officer found to have aided, abetted, or willingly participated in this scheme will be subject to immediate arrest and prosecution for crimes against humanity, murder, catastrophic environmental pollution, violation of Universal Law, and genocide.

      Well, now…..
      This action ‘at law’ would employ a ‘common law’ remedy, which cannot be effected or sought after by anyone using a fictitious name like…. Anna Von Reitz.

      Sorry Anna, YOU LOSE!! 🙂

  10. The tiny mouthpiece Jew standing at the lectern beside the Commander and Chief is, this time, the megalomaniac Zionist, Doctor Fauci. This little crook has close connections to Big Pharma and the insidious Bill Gates. Fauci has now declared that SARS-Cov19-2 will be a “seasonal” occurrence, as it is now imbedded in the human genomic system. In other words, this virus will simply join a long list of other flu varieties. For 95% of the planet’s population, its effects will be mild, but, like all seasonal flues, it will take its toll on the elderly and weak. …. Fauci has joined that other Jewish monster, Henry Kissinger, in supporting the introduction of mandatory vaccinations. …. So, if the current virus does prove seasonal, do we go through all the isolations, rules and draconian regulations and fines, again next flu season? …. The Jewish financial consortium, called the Fed, is only too willing to create limitless amounts of money, out of the thin air, to increase the Gentiles’ indebtedness. This represents the final splurge of the great and omnipotent Money Power, in its aim for total and final planetary control. Our kids will be so much in debt that they will truly be slaves, at the beck and call of the banker fiends, who are nearly all the progeny of the devil or JEWS. Notice how, in most Western nations,the Jewish planetary command is so confident of imminent success that Jews have been placed at the very apex of the various administrations. …. The truth is that the 15 million progeny of the devil now effectively have the 7.6 billion Gentiles on their knees, ready to be abused and despatched at the Jewish politburo’s command. This is the end of Western civilisation.

    1. ADMIN: Comment found in Spam. Not sure if it was meant for publication. Please advise.

      You are 100% CORRECT, Max. (I have resigned myself to proceed according to my normal lifestyle, but to ALWAYS be ready to defy Jew tyranny with lethal force – even unto death.)
      Knowing that we all must die, anyway, makes the decision more realistic. I never go anywhere, anymore, where I cannot carry at least a pistol. (It’s not difficult for me, because of where I reside and function.)

  11. Stormin Norman, you throw around the misnomer and totally false word ANTISEMITISM to describe resistance to Jews. ….. I suppose you are so brainwashed by those who control the language (Orwell) that you just brainlessly use this term. Try “anti-Jew” instead. I.e. for the hundredth time, let me get it into your noggin: Most Jews are not Semites! ….. Got it now? Stop insulting me by speaking in Jewspeak! …. Similarly, a buggerizer addict, or sodomizer, is not a happy and gay person, as they commit suicide at ten ties the rate of straights and are usually full of various diseases. I never liked sodomiser couples in my B&B because they spread shit all over the sheets and light switches. Jesus told me to tell the TRUTH and I do at all times.

  12. @ Don:

    I was NOT lecturing, but you did jokingly, put your foot in your mouth when you sarcastically said , next you will be telling us Stalin was a JEW! And , as you just stated, we both know that Josef Stalin was indeed a Jew! Don can you provide the punchline or which one of us will be the Straight man in our Abbott and Costello act!

    1. Stormin,

      I love your comments, not only for the knowledge you impart but because of your invariably polite and friendly tone. You are an asset to this site, so keep the posts rolling! However, dear Stormin, you are not omniscient and infallible. There are some things you do not know. The same of course applies to me.

      Your view that Stalin was a Jews belongs in the realm of baseless conspiracy theories. Take it from me. Not one respected world authority on Stalin has ever said he was Jewish. Stalin ran with the Jews, consorted with Jews, dealt with Jews on a daily basis, even slept with attractive Jewesses. But he was not himself a Jew. He was a Georgian. This is the common consensus of both the Stalin Haters and their opposites, the Stalin Lovers.

      You have been reading the wrong sites, Stormin. The weirdo conspiracy theory sites promoting “fake news”. These misguided ignoramuses, who believe their own tall tales, not only claim erroneously that Stalin was a Jew — they also claim falsely that Stalin had three wives and that all three were Jewesses. We know from historical records that this is false: that Stalin had only two wives, both of them Christian. His daughter Svetlana herself said this in her memoirs and we have no reason to believe she was lying, given that Stalin’s marriage certificates are there to reinforce her testimony.

      Go in peace, Stormin, and may G’d bless you! 🙂

      1. @ Don (Don Corleone perhaps)! :

        I agree with you, but then the same truth and conspiracy can be said of a little Dutch Jewish girl that wrote a diary! You know who – Anne Frank. Did she write it in pencil, then her father continued it by using a ball-point pen, which was not invented until after WW2, around 1950! So Stalin and Anne Frank are in the same category of full of mystery/conspiracy. I just want to be like David Irving and would prefer actual documents and actual archive research! I do not want to be a piggybacker and theorize about things and then use my fellow intelligensia’s theories to support my own. A real, pat on the back mutual admiration society – you scratch my back, I will scratch yours! As a Rebel, NO wonder I did NOT get past a Bachelor level education! So thanks, Don and may God help and bless us all that frequent Darkmoon, but especially those in North America and those as former members of the British Commonwealth and Europe! Happy Easter everyone!

        1. @ Stormin Norman

          “I agree with you, but then the same truth and conspiracy can be said of a little Dutch Jewish girl that wrote a diary! You know who – Anne Frank. Did she write it in pencil, then her father continued it by using a ball-point pen, which was not invented until after WW2, around 1950! So Stalin and Anne Frank are in the same category of full of mystery/conspiracy.”


          You have an exceptionally fine brain and I am in total awe of it. The above comment demonstrates your mental agility. For the record, let me say this. The idea that Stalin was a Jew and the idea that Anne Frank was a fraud whose father was largely responsible for her “Diary”, are NOT in the same basket of conspiracy theories. They cannot be compared.

          Why? Because to the mainstream mind, it remains an incontrovertible fact that Stalin was NOT a Jew but a Georgian; and this is a mainstream fact that no sensible person educated in history will ever question. On the other hand, to the mainstream mind, the idea that Anne Frank was a fraud whose dad concocted most of her “Diary”, is NOT accepted as a fact — it is rejected totally as a fact and dubbed a “conspiracy theory’.

          My own view is that the mainsteam are right about Stalin but wrong about Anne Frank.

          I disagree with you that Stalin was a Jew, but I agree with you 100% that “The Diary of Anne Frank” is a fraud. Pure Jewish hasbara. She couldn’t possibly have written this all herself. She was too young, immature, and lacking in literary skill to write such a sensational testimony — now turned into a spectacular movie for millions. Her Diary shows the input of an adult who knew how to pull the human heart-strings. How much of it is pure fiction we will never know.

  13. Boris being sick with the virus is about on a par for arrogant BS as the NYC cops finding one of the 19 9-11 hijacker’s passport in the ground zero debris…

  14. From a friend:
    Inventor of email – Dr Shiva – exposes Dr Anthony Fauci (AIDS hoax fame) as a paid ‘front-man’ for the pharmaceutical industry.

    “The biggest opportunity for Big Pharma to regain their financial position is through VACCINES!”

    “The ‘OLD MODEL’ of Pharma is failing. They have to have VACCINES to bring back their TRILLION DOLLAR monopolistic control.”

    “They have Bill Gates, Hillary Clinton, Mark Zuckerberg AND Anthony Fauci – against you and I – who are willing to ‘tank’ the economy to support Big Pharma AND Big Vaccines…”

    1. @ Pat:

      Pretty much! Like One Person against the World! Wait, DO NOT Psychiatrists consider that to be a mental disorder complex under DSM IV, which requires medication. Ah Hah, has Big Pharma got a PILL for You!
      It’s a RACKET, a Setup and humanity loses! I better hide in a closet! Not for me, they tried it on me twice already, once in 1995 and again in 2015. I will take a pass and ask for God’s help along with my family and friends!
      PS: I do NOT have a Napoleon Complex! Food for thought! Frohe Ostern and Happy Passover- Le Chiam!

      1. SN –
        Did you watch a few minutes of the video?

        You wrote:
        “Frohe Ostern and Happy Passover- Le Chiam!”

        I had to look up some of those words. It looks like ‘jew speak’ to me. They do not work for me. The only ‘bars’ I attend are wet ones at happy hour, or the ones at events with ‘open bars’ and the drinks are free. None are called mitzva!! 🙂

        I found:
        L’Chaim in Hebrew is a toast meaning “to life”. When a couple becomes engaged, they get together with friends and family to celebrate. Since they drink l’chaim (“to life”), the celebration is also called a l’chaim.

        I have been called a jew here…. no less than several hundred times. Cherry gone!! 💥 😜

  15. @ Don:

    It is a pleasure discussing things with you like Stalin as a Georgian JEW. Perhaps more commenters should be like us. If you do not like Abbott and Costello, what about Laurel and Hardy? Or should we go our separate ways and be Don Rickles and Rodney Dangerfield! Always glad to discuss the nueance of any topic even if it is as tangled as a plate of cooked spaghetti and try to find the start and the end of those connected noodles. Boy Marco Polo brought the wonder of Pasta noodles to Italy and then the world! I love Italian, French, German (Sausage Eaters) and East European cuisine, but forget about bland English (UK) fare. At least in Canada, we enjoy cuisine from all over the world due to our Cultural and Ethnic diversity. Gee, there goes that International Jewry plot-line again! Later, Hasta la Vista! I’ll be back at other new post of Lobro!

  16. The Virus is a Hoax… Isn’t it one Hoax after another with these people?
    Yes Stalin was a Jew.. So was Hitler… It’s called Cryptology…
    “Remember the Jews tried to hide Lenin’s Jewishness along with Trotsky’s and numerous others of them. But the lying you know – just stopped at Stalin…..Since the Jews where lying about Lenin, Trotsky, Beria and the rest, they are lying about Stalin today as well.”
    “Now with all the above and below we are supposed to buy that everyone around Stalin was Jewish even his wives and children……But not Stalin. Why? Because the lying Jooz today say so.”

    1. @ Barkingdeer

      Stalin was not a Jew. Period. You show yourself an extremely gullible person by believing all the rubbish you read in this pathetic conspiracy theory site:

      The person who runs this site is an ignorant and stupid member of the public with a low IQ. He has never read a single book about Stalin. (Nor have you). He doesn’t even know how to refer to Jews as “JEWS”, as a proper research scholar would, but calls them “Jooz”.

      “Now with all the above and below we are supposed to buy that everyone around Stalin was Jewish even his wives and children……But not Stalin. Why? Because the lying JOOZ today say so.

      Pathetic. And you buy this ignorant garbage? Get yourself an education!

      1. @ Saki

        I agree with you that Stalin was not a Jew. No way was he a Jew, though surrounded by Jews and behaving just like a Jew! A site that refers to Jews as “Jooz” is hardly a trustworthy site. It inspires no confidence. As you say, this is a trashy conspiracy theory site and makes a lot of inaccurate statements without evidence.

        1. It seems to me that (((Barkingdeer))) is a prolific source of disinformation. Watch out for this guy. He could be a Jewish troll!

      2. Nor was Hitler a jew. But I’ve been over this ground with Barkingdeer, and my feet hurt…..sigh

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