BREAKING: Austria Accused Of Spreading Coronavirus Throughout Europe

Reporting from Austria for The Daily Mail
March 27, 2020


Ischgl is a small town of around 1,600 residents in the Tyrol region of Austria. In the winter, it transforms into “Ibiza on ice”, a trendy and hedonistic Alpine resort for the rich where raucous skiers party all night. This packed resort was the ideal Ground Zero for coronavirus in Europe.

They call it ‘Ibiza on ice’ – an Alpine resort famed for its perfectly-groomed pistes where visitors ski all day, and raucous bars where they party all night.

By summer, Ischgl is a small town of around 1,600 residents in the Tyrol region of Austria.

But when the snow comes, it transforms into what the local tourist board calls ‘white winter’s dream’, a haven for schnapps-fuelled adrenaline junkies from across the world.

There are an astonishing one million overnight stays in its quaint wooden hotels and chalets each year. Visitors pack bars and restaurants and crowd into public spaces for outdoor concerts by the likes of Elton John, Robbie Williams and Mariah Carey.

And therein lies a problem. For in today’s climate of fear, Ischgl’s main selling point is suddenly a curse. And its culture of decadence has sparked an ugly scandal that has turned winter’s dream into a nightmare.

There is growing evidence that this picture-postcard town is a sort of Ground Zero for the European coronavirus crisis; the source of multiple outbreaks which have already killed thousands and brought the continent to a halt. 

To blame (at least in part) are the local authorities, who appear to have deliberately underplayed – or even sought to cover up – the fact that the virus has for some time been infecting both the resort’s workers and tourists.

On Tuesday, Austria’s public prosecutors opened an investigation into claims that a suspected case was illegally hushed-up in late February, as part of a bungled plot to prevent Ischgl’s hoteliers, lift operators, shopkeepers and bar owners from missing out on tourists’ cash. An unnamed venue is suspected of ‘recklessly endangering people through infectious disease’ by failing to report that a member of its staff was taken seriously ill with coronavirus symptoms.

There is also mounting anger at local health bosses who issued PR statements brazenly claiming that all was well even after March 7, when a barman at Kitzloch – the town’s busiest apres-ski venue – formally tested positive for coronavirus.

Resort bosses refused to tell bars and nightclubs to close for another three days.

They decided to keep the resort’s hotels and ski lifts running for even longer, seemingly due to a scandalous mixture of greed and incompetence.

Ischgl did not fully close down until March 15 – more than ten days after the Icelandic government had formally raised the alarm with Austria’s government about the number of its holidaymakers who had fallen ill after staying there.

Yesterday, it was even claimed that the killer virus could have been doing the rounds of Ischgl since the middle of January.

—   §   —

Daren Bland, 50, an IT consultant from East Sussex, told the Daily Telegraph that he and three friends – two from Denmark and one from the US – were all struck down with a mystery illness after visiting the resort between the 15th and 19th of that month.

Mr Bland (pictured above with his wife) then reportedly passed the virus to his wife and two children, one of whom was off school for a fortnight.

It is then said to have spread throughout the local community in Maresfield, a village near Tunbridge Wells, with many children absenting themselves from schools.

It should be stressed that the family has not yet received tests that will establish whether they did indeed contract coronavirus, which was not formally detected in the UK until January 29.

The earliest confirmed example of transmission within Britain was not until February 28. Were such tests to prove positive, however, it would add weight to suggestions (raised in an Oxford University study this week) that far more Britons than previously thought have already been infected with the virus and recovered – in theory rendering them immune.

Intriguingly, Mr Bland’s visit to Ischgl included a visit to the aforementioned Kitzloch – a watering hole at the bottom of the resort’s main gondola where more than half the bar staff were recently found to have coronavirus.

The venue hosts raucous daily parties from 4pm, where DJs play loud music while patrons guzzle steins of lager and tumblers of Jägertee, a potent rum punch made using black tea. 

So noisy and crowded is the venue that waiters use brass whistles to alert patrons as they navigate their way to tables. Inebriated holidaymakers are often invited to blow on the whistles themselves – an activity which would likely further the spread of the virus. 

They also play beer pong, a party game which can involve players spitting a ping pong ball into beer glasses. (See picture). One ball is often re-used by multiple players. 

The first real sign that all was not well in the resort came on March 1, when a flight carrying holidaymakers from Munich landed in Reykjavik.

Some 15 of them had fallen ill during the journey and promptly tested positive for coronavirus.

Iceland’s government then placed the Tyrol on its ‘at risk’ register of destinations, alongside South Korea and Wuhan in China – but when they warned the region’s health authorities, their concerns were dismissed out of hand.

In a March 5 press release, Franz Katzgraber, the Tyrol’s top health official, said: ‘From a medical point of view, it’s improbable that the infections occurred here.’

Instead, he claimed the 15 visitors were likely to have contracted the virus on the plane home.

Large numbers of visitors from Norway then began testing positive on March 7, only for the Tyroleans to issue another dismissive press release stating there was ‘no reason to worry’.

Although the Kitzloch barman, a 36-year-old German national, had by then also tested positive, the PR men once again claimed that ‘from a medical point of view, it is rather unlikely’ he could have passed it on to patrons. They were wrong.

Astonishingly, of Europe’s confirmed coronavirus victims, more than half of the Norwegians, a third of the Danes and one in six of the Swedes say they caught it while skiing in Austria.

On March 10, authorities finally ordered all bars in Ischgl to close – but left both the ski lifts and hotels open. Inevitably, the virus continued to spread, forcing the government to place the surrounding valley, known as Paznauntal, under quarantine on March 13.

Amazingly, the resort still decided to allow its lifts – some of which are cramped gondolas – to continue to operate until Sunday March 15. That afternoon, a mountain bar known as the Blauer Affe (‘Blue Monkey’) hosted one last party, inviting guests for an ‘apocalypse beer’ – a bottle of Corona with an added shot of tequila – for the knockdown price of €6.

An hour before the quarantine was announced, hotels received an email from the tourist office warning them. Several ordered staff to pack and flee, helping to spread the virus.

Holidaymakers were packed onto buses and taken 65 miles to Innsbruck. None were isolated and most travelled home – many bringing coronavirus with them.

A withering investigation in Vienna’s Der Standard newspaper told how one local politician, Franz Hörl, who is also a hotelier and lobbyist for the local lift-making industry, attempted to persuade parliament that some resorts should stay open for an extra week.

Mr Hörl insisted: ‘We haven’t covered up anything.’ Others might disagree.

The Austrian newspaper certainly does. In an editorial, it declared: ‘Greed has defeated the responsibility for the health of the citizens and the guests. They wanted to take this last tourist week so that the cash registers of lift operators and hoteliers rang.’

If so, then the final cost of this brazen avarice doesn’t bear thinking about.


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  1. “It should be stressed that the family has not yet received tests that will establish whether they did indeed contract coronavirus, which was not formally detected in the UK until January 29.”

    So am I correct in assuming that Mr Bland’s role in spreading the virus in Britain is bullshit?

  2. This is worth the 10 minutes — A German Pulmonologist gives his view on what has been happening the past couple of months — a contrarian view at present but no doubt one that will gain momentum seeing that the WHO’s numbers are now being called into doubt —


    1. Ramm Stein

      This pulmonologist is excellent! A reasonable man to be expected from our German brothers and sisters.

      The freaking Emperor has no clothes, says the child for whom it is so blatantly obvious!

  3. Here in Flohr-eee-duh we can’t go to the beach anymore but we’re not living under martial law, the jew government of the state is allowing us Floridians to drive around from the Dollar General store to Walmart

    [ Dollar General and Walmart pretty much the only stores open these days ] to try to find some toilet paper, paper towels are real difficult to find also, the joo government of flohr-eee-duh is very kindly, very nice, that way, especially in this time of ((( their))) JEW planned plandemic JEW HOAX, right ENGLISH OBSERVER?

    1. I can imagine yo’all TROJ, driving around like sheeple in your smoking jallopies trying to buy toilet paper in Dollar stores. …. ya beaches are closed and your coffee shops, so what do you Floridians do, except filling up the roads and being superfluous, useless eater nuisances? … you should get a satisfying hobby, or help out as a volunteer at the free meals centres. Avoid the Jewvision.

  4. Folks were warned of virus attacks being formulated in 1986….. disguised as cancer research.

    The Strecker Memorandum
    This Is A Bio-Attack Alert, March 28, 1986

    “I did not realize that the National Cancer Attack Act of 1971 would be used to research virus warfare, finance virus warfare and attack the United States of America. Daniel Greenberg outlines the attack’s beginning in Discover, March, 1986, at page 47 in an article, “Whatever Happened to the War on Cancer.”

  5. Accusing Austria of spreading Coronavirus throughout Europe, is like blaming China for the cases and deaths spike in US Coronavirus pandemic.

    On a lighter note, the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: “There is a cure for every disease. Whenever an illness is treated with its right remedy, it will, with God’s permission, be cured.” Stay safe and blessed everyone!

    1. There truly is a cure for every disease of man Mahmoud. Unfortunately greed of riches and power over others is no disease. It is an intended attribute of the enemy of mankind – the opposition so to speak. Many of the lambs to be sacrificed enjoying the last supper and “diverse” entertainment to the fullest before ending up on the same altar of sacrifice to give blood of their own. Distraction and diversion goes hand in hand with tyranny. Continuous mutations of CON20 – designed or not (8 different strains counted so far globally) vs a imperfect and frail human immune system is a recipe for controlled disaster. Political correctness of these well paid “career politicians globally” who (do not) care for their populace will be the last nail in the dreamy coffin of democracy before “reality” shows up as a nightmare stopping all fake elections and movements of man including free will. The future has already been written.

    2. Mahmoud, you seem like a good and intelligent man, but in all charity I feel compelled to tell you that the Prophet Muhammad may have indeed said: “There is a cure for every disease. Whenever an illness is treated with its right remedy, it will, with God’s permission, be cured,” but many other people have said it too, and a lot of them never heard of him or else heard of him and didn’t know he ever said it.

      Do you know the story about how St Francis of Assisi, in 1219 in the midst of the Crusades, boldly walked toward the Muslim camp and, after being captured and beaten, was brought before the Sultan of Egypt Malek al-Kamil (nephew of Saladin), whom he tried to convert to the Catholic religion? St. Bonaventure, his first biographer, described the encounter, writing, “The sultan asked Francis and his companion by whom and why and in what capacity they had been sent, and how they got there; but Francis replied that they had been sent by God, not by men, to show him and his subjects the way of salvation and proclaim the truth of the Gospel message. Francis proceeded to preach the Gospel to the Sultan in such a way that al-Kamil was not offended and did not end Francis’ life immediately for blasphemy. The Sultan could see the love that flowed from Francis and was astonished by his boldness. When the sultan saw his enthusiasm and courage and how Francis had a palpable spiritual aura about him, he listened to him willingly and pressed him to stay with him.” It is said that Francis greeted the Sultan with the greeting, “May the Lord give you peace,” similar to the traditional Muslim greeting of, “Assalam o alaikum” or “Peace be upon you.” This surprised the Sultan who was quickly enraptured by Francis’ holiness. Francis proposed to walk through fire to miraculously prove the truth of Christianity, but the sultan demurred, instead offering many gifts to Francis, which he, in the spirit of poverty, politely refused. Francis eventually accepted the single gift of an ivory horn that is currently on display in Assisi. Ave Maria! Viva Christo Re!

      1. Darrell,

        I wish you would drop in here more often. Even though your devout Christianity is mocked here by the many degenerate satanists on this excellent site, your wisdom is much appreciated by the vast multitude of “silent readers” like myself who generally have no time to post comments.

        Keep up the good work!

        I have a photo of Padre Pio on my desk right now, holding a wooden rosary. His upper hands, around he wrists, are swathed in black bandages to soak up and contain the blood from the wounds left by the stigmata.

      2. Darrell

        I posted this a while ago. Maybe you remember

        From a Reader’s Digest publication titled, “Through Indian Eyes”:

        “A candidate for sainthood, Kateri Tekakwitha was a Mohawk woman who in 1677 became the first Indian nun. So great was her piety, it is said, that when she died a miracle occurred: Smallpox scars that had disfigured her face since childhood abruptly disappeared.”

        Hatred had no bearing on her

      3. Ten years earlier in 1210 AD before meeting the Sultan, Francis already “left” his mark of the immense love of God he carried within on pope Innocent III.
        “When St. Franis was summoned to Rome to meet Pope Innocent III in 1210 AD the meeting became a public humiliation of the Pope Innocent III. Overwhelmed by Francesco’s love for God and for God’s people, moved by his humility and charity the Pope abandoned his golden throne, stepped down to the “audience hall” and fell to his knees in an act of complete humility, kissing the feet of St. Francis. That was after the clergy of the catholic church had ordered to burn down the rebuilt church of Francis followers and altar of Franciscan worship.

  6. Speaking of Coronavirus, this news story was published in today’s Israeli daily Haaretz. US M$M did not publish this story.
    “Conservative Pastor Says Spread of Coronavirus in Synagogues Is Punishment From God”
    The pastor’s online channel was permanently banned from YouTube, but it continues to receive media credentials from the White House.

    The story goes on to say, “Rick Wiles, the Florida pastor who claimed that the effort to impeach President Trump was a “Jew coup,” said the spread of Coronavirus in synagogues is a punishment of the Jewish people for opposing Jesus.”

    1. Fringe pastors have been around a long time. Men say stupid things just because they are men. I have heard some of the most horrendous and disgusting sermons from Protest-Ants aka preachers and ministers. I have known many behind the scenes. It is all a really big show. They are the actors and the pews are filled with paying audiences. Who does anyone think created this fearful model? Tithes, Offerings, Sacrifices, Blood Sacrifices, Blood Drinking and my list goes on. All these thing go back to the days of Paganism.

      Here are some sites some of you may like:

      The first site was built by a pretty sharp historian. He is up on stuff going on in Israel and the world. He has managed to find some very ancient writings. You can really get a grip on why scholarly Jews are the way they are. He is not afraid to point out the face that the early Hebrew people were pagans and believed in many many gods. The Hindu people also believe that having many gods is beneficial to the soul.

      The next site is very strict. The Rabbi and friends got sick of seeing what Jews For Jesus was doing to Judaism. So they got together and started organizing scripture and showing other Jewish people that Christianity is a lie. They produce all their arguments right on their website. I have written them. They do not co-mingle. They want support. Money to help all the people that fell or walked away from Judaism. They fully address the lie of the virgin birth. Scripture never said that the Messiah was to be born of a virgin. She was to be a young woman. Go read it for yourself in the materials they provide.

      The New Testament was never intended by any Jewish scholar to be attached to the Torah and other books in Judaism. All books and chapters and writings are not meant to be true stories. They are meant to present ideas to adherents in order to control behavior and preserve their culture.

      The third site, OCA, adheres to the original structure of the church that came together after the savior appeared on the scene. The then forming Catholic group split off at around 1100 AD. The differences are interesting. But, the Orthodox leaders insist that they have preserved the original intent of the “Church.”

      The Rabbit Hole of all religions is very deep and information has been controlled. Now with real documents being found, the tables will be turned and more truth will be known.

      For theM record, I am 65, have studied religion, gurus, cults and lots of the stuff you all discuss for an easy 45 years. I am disgusted that I wasted my life trying to search for the paradise I already have. This life is always going to challenge us. People will always speak before making thorough research. I have done that too. I am no angel. Duh. I am pleased to see the intellectual desire for reasonable discourse. I see a variety of ages and that is great. Thank you. I spent six hours reading this material today.🧐

  7. Further, you would have to be a dumbed down, simpering idiot and complete fool, not to understand that Australia’s Treasurer, Joshua Frydenberg, and the USA’s Treasury Secretary, Steven Mnuchin, are representatives of the mega Jewish banking consortium, the American Federal Reserve, plus its ancillaries, the Australian Reserve Bank and The City’s Jewish run banks. Jews occupy all the controlling positions in the international financial sector, just as the great Henry Ford told us over 100 years ago. MONEY is the source of all Jewish POWER over the slave status Gentiles. Hello, all you slaves out there …. quick, isolate yourself and hide! Ps: I am deep in the Daintree Rainforest, armed to the hilt and will fight to the end.

    1. Max, even better than being “armed to the hilt” in temporal weapons is to be armed with what the great Padre Pio, miracle worker and stigmatist called “the weapon against the evils of the world today,” that is to say, the Holy Rosary. In other words, the Rosary is a most powerful spiritual weapon available to all, and can and will ultimately conquer the judeo-masonic agents of Satan ruling over us and oppressing us.

      And the Fatima visionary Sr Lucia said, “The Most Holy Virgin in these last times in which we live has given a new efficacy to the recitation of the Rosary to such an extent that there is no problem, no matter how difficult it is, whether temporal or above all spiritual, in the personal life of each one of us, of our families, our nations, that cannot be solved by the prayer of the Holy Rosary.”

  8. And Thomas Jefferson did say this: “A nation of sheep will be ruled by a government of wolves.” … The wolves are numerous and are all around Trump, feeding him money and protecting him and all the other Goyim criminals listed in Epstein’s notes and recordings, from exposure. No charges will ever be laid.
    America’s problem is simple: The wolves run the White House and display their huge menorah across the road.
    You Yankee ——holes love the wolves’ television and entertainment spectaculars. You have no brains of your own and, like the hapless Gilby, engage in false patriotic fantasies, all the time giving obeisance to the wolves.

    1. Well said, both times, Max.
      Don’t forget that in Australia, the Treasurer position often leads to the office of Prime Minister.
      Truely a daunting prospect at the moment; a Christian Zionist in the top job and a jew as Treasurer.
      Of course the money now flows like water to “save” jobs in the business sector, too.
      A lesson learned from the Aussies’ American cousins?

  9. Bilney –

    The “hapless Gilby” is doing just fine. 😉
    No worries, mate! (And I don’t have to soak my ass hiding out in a rainforest like a goddam monkey, either.)

    1. Dear Gilby, the rainforest is a safer place than some hick, rundown small farm that will offer little cover when all law and order breaks down in the near future. The marauding yahoos will be looking for places like yours, with their supplies of smoked squirrels, rabbits and cheap, home made, rot gut wines. Your squirrel gun will prove useless. I have poison arrows, limitless rainforest and dense cover. I can easily live off the land and have many jungle men and women on side.

      1. You can have a family reunion with your jungle bunnies, Bilney! 😂
        (Careful you don’t over-breed with your cousins…)

  10. Again a mainstream media writes in the subjunctive (speculative) mode, for crying out loud. Now why would the Dailymail want to scapegoat a basically decent folk like the Austrians? Because of Adolf? Again the report writes in superlatives: The Killer Virus (sounds like the Langolins). If Covid is a killer virus, what is Influenza? A virus Stalin? Or Mao. Covid the Pol Pot of all virusses? Oh come on, this is becoming ridiculous. This whole thing is turning into a finger pointing game. It was the Chinese. No it was the Austrians. No it was the Americans.

    I just read in the report, when trying to summarise it in a few short sentences: Austria has a ski resort. It is popular in winter. Lots of people visit it. Between the many visitors some had Covid. It is very likely that some guest carry a virus, as in any flue season. That is pure common sense and experience. Where people crowd, the likelyhood of someone having a cold or something else increases.

    Now a simple narrative is being exploded into a conspiracy full of subjunctives. And Austria becomes The Big Bad Wolf.

    1. Good observations, ESA!

      This blame game is preparatory propaganda to WWIII, in Amerika the “Chinese” did it, in China the “Americans” did it. How many years the Germans were defamed before WWII broke out? Decades.

      I also think the Wuhan Military Games narrative is a decoy to hide the usual, persecuted, eternal innocent suspects. It is SO easy to unleash a bioweapon, an Embassy can do that; the issue is actually the opposite, to keep the modified bat virus secured and isolated.

      The JEW* did it!

      * International Jewry

  11. Thanks Darrell for sharing the inspiring story of St Francis.
    Yes, all illness will be cured with God’s permission.
    The Quran said, ” and if you get sick, He will cure you.”

    And similarly, the Bible said the same in (Deuteronomy 32:39:)

    “See now that I, even I, am he,
    and there is no god beside me;
    I kill and I make alive;
    I wound and I heal;
    and there is none that can deliver out of my hand.”

    Excellent point with the contrast of the Christian greeting “May the Lord give you peace,” with the traditional Muslim greeting of, “Assalam o alaikum” , which both means the same.

    1. God kills and then makes alive? God wounds and then heals? What “God” are you talking about, kemosabe?

  12. I get it Bark. I’m just weary of people attributing everything under the Sun to God. God means life, and life only. No killing. No wounding. Nothing whatsoever to do with death. A world like this is a death culture, implying a disconnection from Divinity. People don’t want to hear it, but the “God” many reference is a straight up impostor, plain and simple.

  13. @ Y’all:

    Good story indeed, but if this story was on newsprint, I would use it as toilet paper. As pointed out, why blame Ischgl? Why not Innsbruck or St. Moritz, or Davos or Garmisch-Parten Kirchen or Cortina Del Pezzo, (Austria, Switzerland, Germany or Italy)?. I would prefer Davos, since the Elites, party and meet up there for the World Economic Forum (WEF). And by coincidence, Greta (freaking psycho-terrorist Asperger sufferer and parental Eco-terrorist indoctrinated) Thunberg was there this past year! Why does a MSM story not mention those Davos Elite junkies instead and that they are all suffering severely from Covid-19 and are in dire straits? Maybe that would be God’s/Allah’s justice. ( Justified but bad thought on my part as a Christian!). As God said, Vengeance is his and not for Man! In Man that is Sin! The Elites are NOT mentioned in that way because instead of participating in the hysteria ( getting sick) they are the CAUSE of it! Of course you need some token sufferers like Tom Hanks and wife Wilson, Boris Johnson, Prince Charles, and Senator Rand Paul or Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau’s wife Sophie, to show they are just like us. BS, they are NOT like us, they are our Rulers and Dictators! This all comes as most of the people in the western world are confined to their domicile for 98% of their daily routine. Get me a real story or a real issue and NOT a fluff piece full of conjecture picking on a rotten apple in the basket. Though skiing, drinking, dancing, hot-tubbing and other leisurely pursuits are fun indeed.
    Maybe a story on the sickness of the Tel Aviv culture or Bibi NutJobYahoo and Israeli politics would be interesting and poignant for Israel’s and Jewish influence in the World! This story on Ischgl is crap and pure speculation! Sells newspapers or gets space on Internet sites!

  14. Stormin’ Norman

    Divinity (God ; Creation) does not take vengeance. This is reflective of misleading doctrine from the OT. And to throw all caution to the wind by relating what many indigenous people know, and others scoff at, the impostor calling itself God is the one worshipped by the Annunaki, they being those running the show on this planet – the ones through whom the Protocols steer the World in the direction you are adeptly conveying with your numerous posts.

    Many indigenous people also understand what the Mayans and Hopis foresaw pertaining what is referred to as the “precession of the equinoxes”, which occurred on 12/21/2012. What this signifies, according to the metaphysicians, defines “end times” to reflect a “fracturing” of this present material reality. This suggests that the (((bad guys))) are firing their last bolt, after which they will lose their bearing in controlling the affairs of Mankind.

    1. @ Brownhawk:

      Thank you for stating the aboriginal / indigenous view of the Creator (as represented by a raven / eagle, etc.) and the indigenous viewpoint of the Last Days/ End times. However, even in Christian beliefs in the Bible, the Books of Daniel, Isaiah, Ezekiel and Revelation also talk about those times. In Islam, the Quran has similar concepts/beliefs and prophecies with reference to a Madhi. Hinduism has similar concepts as exemplified by the Maitreya.

      As for God in the OT, it shows God/Yahwah/Jehovah/Elohim as favoring Hebrews/Jews/Israelites, the Tribe, in Palestine by giving them the land that belonged to someone else ( had lived there before the Tribe) like Palestinians today. God showed favor for the Tribe, by defeating the Tribes’ enemies around them. However, when the Tribe misbehaved and forgot about God, God allowed the Tribes’ enemies to conquer them. The Assyrian and Babylonian captivity. So God was trying to teach his own people (the Tribe) a lesson, which can be interpreted as vengeful for both the Tribe and the Tribes’ enemies.

      This example is like parents disciplining their children. And mommy says – Keep your hands out of the cookie jar and NO snacks before supper. Children do NOT like that and can thus misbehave and disobey. This is why children as grandkids like their grandparents, because grandparents spoil those kids compared to their own, which are now adults. And grandkids do not have to follow strict rules like at home with parents. Grandparents are slackers for rules especially when grandkids are concerned. I know because I am a grandparent and adore my 2 grandkids because they are cute and represent my 2nd generation progeny and my genes living past my existence. Otherwise, thank you Brownhawk for your version of the Creator, which I respect, but call him God/Jesus Christ instead!

      1. Forget the Maitreya. A minor player. Next (and last) time it’s going to be Kalki avatara and He isn’t going to be doing any sweet talking. No more Mr. Nice Guy!. Break time is over, fasten your seat belt, load up your revolver and sharpen up your knife, not that it will do any good. It’s just going to be flat out kill, kill, kill the miscreants, cretins and goblins and let the chips fall where they may..

        Srila Prabhupada: “But time is coming ahead when there will be no sense to understand God. That is the last stage of Kali-yuga, and at that time will come.


        At that time there is no preaching of God consciousness, simply killing, killing, simply killing. Kalki avatara with His sword will simply massacre. Then again Satya-yuga will come. Again golden age will come.”

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