BREAKING: Trump Rejects Fauci’s Advice and Accuses him of Fraud (Video)

LD: This video put out by Alex Jones on Info Wars was sent to me by a valued correspondent who is unashamedly pro-Trump. We have no problem running this on our website, given that many of our articles and videos in the past have been highly critical of President Trump .

This video will help to rectify any imbalance in our past reportage and make Trump supporters feel good.  It will also please those who are sick of this lockdown and want life to get back to normal. The video ends with these rousing words: “We salute President Trump for desperately trying to get our country out of cardiac arrest. Now we’ve got to come to the aid of our country, ourselves, and our president.”  

If you can’t access the video directly, try clicking on the link below:

VIDEO  :  8.40 mins

BREAKING! President Trump Sidelines Fauci For Fraud

22 thoughts to “BREAKING: Trump Rejects Fauci’s Advice and Accuses him of Fraud (Video)”

  1. I was wondering how loooo…ong it was gonna take ‘Bloviator In Chief’ to ditch that fake phoney fraud ‘Garden Gnome’

  2. It’s a healthy instinct to want to correct an imbalance wherever one comes across an imbalance. We know Balance is spiritually important. We know that from our study of Buddhism. We find a lot of wisdom in Buddhism.

    Now that ADMIN finally realizes the importance of Balance and is now striving for Balance, ADMIN may want to change the way ADMIN approaches the subject of Cosmology. When it comes to Cosmology ADMIN is very unbalanced, allowing ONLY heliocentrics a voice, NEVER allowing Flat Earth Geocentrics a chance to speak, never allowing Flat Earthers a chance to present their case for Flat Earth Geocentrism. Very UNbalanced. NOT cool.

    Putting Buddhism aside for a moment and looking at it from a Catholic perspective, we pray The Confiteor, we Confess, before the whole company of Heaven we admit, finally we admit, :

    ~ We have sinned… in what we have done… and… in what we have failed to do ~

  3. It is entirely doubtful that Trump is really against WHO, Fauci, or Bill Gates – this is nothing but a shell game.

    But German journalist Ken Jebsen certainly is:

    On Saturday, May 9, 2020, demonstrations against the federal government’s corona measures and for fundamental rights took place in various German cities.

    Citizens’ resentment against the restrictions of the Basic Law is picking up speed nationwide.

    In Stuttgart several tens of thousands of people – estimated at around 30,000 – gathered on the Cannstatter Wasen.

    Ken Jebsen was invited and gave a speech there.

    Together with the demonstrators, he calls for more participation by us, the citizens: direct democracy! This is currently feasible. Thanks to the Democracy app!

    With the help of this app, all citizens of the country can vote for themselves! All votes in the German Bundestag can be followed and “supplemented” with your own vote. The discrepancy that underlies almost all of the voting results becomes clear: the Bundestag generally votes in exactly the opposite direction to the majority will of the citizens of this country.

    Give it a try! Download the Democracy app and start getting involved. So e.g. also during the vote on the “Extended Law for the Protection of the Population in an Epidemic Situation of National Importance”, which will be voted on May 14, 2020:

  4. I have always seen Trump’s complaints, tirades and knee-jerk reactions as diversions…. away from the arrogant Federal Reserve’s dirty tricks and from Epstein’s dangerous list of clients, which include DJT.

    “The Thirty Families Have Made Plans For A Future Without You” …. with the FINANCIAL PANDEMIC.

    The British have more Household or private debt than Americans. But Australia and the Netherlands have even more than Britain. The US and Japan lead most countries in national public debt. And that includes Greece. You will have to do a web search for total private debt as well as public debt for your nation to determine how bad things will become in the relatively near future.

    The Central Banks have been buying corporate stocks.

    The Federal Reserve has been buying stocks through companies like Citadel Capital, Blackrock & Capital Group…. and other Primary Dealers which sell bonds to the Fed Res.

    The Fed Res also announced it will begin buying corporate bonds.
    The world’s major central banks bought $1.4 trillion of assets in March – 5 times the last record set after the financial crisis!!

  5. Trump and Fauci just members of the same tribe to fool the stupid, gullible slaves. Slaves will be slaves. They can’t be no slave. It’s a mental thing.

  6. This is Controlled Opposition to distract from the Incestuous Mandatory Vaccine Cabal; Birx, Fauci, C.D.C., H.H.S., Clinton Foundation, Bill Melinda Gates Foundation, NIHAD, U.N., W.H.O., and Kissinger!

    However, if and/or when this article becomes true fact, not a controlled opposition, then the Incestuous Mandatory Vaccine Cabal will be Incarcerated for WAR Crimes against Humanity, Crimes against American Citizenry, Violations against the U.S. Constitution, Violations against the U.S. Bill of Rights.

    The jailed prison group shower, will become our vindication, by letting their soap slip out of their hands falling to the floor………resulting in rewarding a group vaccine penetration payday. Oey Vey !!!!!!!!

  7. Coronavirus is a scam pushed by the zionists and Trump and Fauci and Gates et al, are all puppets driven by the Rothschild/Rockefeller kabal and all of these are satanists whose goal is a satanic one world government.

    Watch the Brian Rose interview of David Icke at

  8. That’s the best I’ve ever seen of Jones…. Sounded pretty Right On….
    But you will notice he never mentioned the words Jews or Zionism…..
    Jones is almost as mysterious as Trump… They both say a lot of the right things….
    But I guess it’s no mystery who they won’t touch….
    If Trump is for real in his opposition to this plot, and if he is wised up to all the rest of the globalist agenda, and he grows some really big balls, he needs to put together a plan to axe pretty much everybody of importance in government and media, a Nixonian Saturday Night Massacre that lasts for a month… a Coup d’etat in reverse, how would that be? He would need help.. Maybe now that Mike Flynn is out of jail, him a General, they will plan it out with a list of real American military officers, the right academics, corporate execs and religious figures to fill the major positions…..

  9. Yes I do remember chuckling at Elon Musk’s wise words as early on he (once again) got to the crux of the matter in two sentences or less…

    (March 9, 2020) “Virality of C19 is overstated due to conflating diagnosis date with contraction date & over-extrapolating exponential growth, which is never what happens in reality. Keep extrapolating & virus will exceed mass of known universe!”

    Pilloried for it, no doubt..

    1. Brilliant! I like that . . . “Keep extrapolating and virus will exceed mass of known universe.” 🙂

      The only trouble with this idea is that all predictions of the future are based on extrapolations, which are basically intelligent guesses of what the situation is likely to be next week given the situation today. So we can’t accept the idea that all extrapolations are to avoided as wrong and ridiculous.

      If a man’s wife suddenly begins to cheat on him regularly, isn’t he wise to extrapolate the likelihood of a divorce pretty soon?

      1. Sardonicus, obviously this isn’t a sneer at all extrapolations rather a tongue in cheek poke at the C19 out of control, panic button pushing extrapolation(s) run amok.

        Like everything else, all extrapolations are equal but some are just a little more equal..

        1. I understand you, Homer. I wasn’t trying to outsmart you in any way. If we are to compete for the prize of who is the more confused and perplexed individual, I’m sure to win that booby prize! 🙂 No one can be more confused and perplexed than me.

        1. Now here is an amusing paradox to play with: two sages coming to blows about who is more peace loving. 🙂

  10. I voted for Trump believing that he would stop illegal immigration, straighten up the evil in our government. but when I heard him give the State of the Union Address and mock, harass and insult Government employees, he fooled me no longer.

    In November or December of 2016, it was announced that HR 6421 The Anti Semitism Awareness Act passed by the House “is being put off until next year”, which would have been after Donald Trump became President. The people involved in Trump’s impeachment were Jews accusing him and defending him. I was surprised no news outlets reported it. It was obvious why.

    He acted with bravado that he would not be impeached, but the VERY DAY BEFORE his impeachment vote, Trump passed by Executive Order HR6421, just to make sure it was law in CASE he WAS impeached. It was supposed to be passed by the Senate. Trump then made Jerusalem the capital of Israel and even gave the Golan Heights to Israel, which is supposed to be rich in oil and minerals, even though others said that he had no right to do so.

    And other articles say that Netanyahu will annex the East Bank if re elected.

    Trump has declared proudly that he supports Israel 1000 per cent. HR 6421 is aimed at the academic world. But today we can see that censorship is vast especially on the internet. Your article on Germans soldiers testicles being crushed under torture to confess to crimes is now new.

    John Sack’s book, when the newspapers announced its publication, declared that it would be banned. People knew before the book was published, that German soldiers and officers were brutally tortured in that manner. It was no different than today, when we hear of pedophiles.People knew. But there comes a time when someone tells and the time is right for it to be listened to and responded to by the law and courts. It took a lot of courage for the first woman and child or young woman to tell of being raped by a politician, priest, or whomever and bear the shame of being mocked, criticized as a liar, fortune seeker or fame seeker, or out to destroy another ‘s reputation, and bear it. Then over the years we found that such practices were not uncommon. It is hard to write when my computer freezes up. I’m finished.

    1. Excellent first comment. Sorry to hear about your computer freezing up. Feel free to send in more hard-hitting comments like this.

  11. Trump just vetoed the bill to forgive student loans. The college students are not going to have difficulty paying back their student loans with an economy in free fall and massive unemployment. The jews can steal trillions of dollars from the government [ like 38 trillion dollars ] and that’s okay but student loans MUST be payed back. Hillary was always oppposed to forgiving student loans also, she still is opposed to forgiving student loans. On the matter of student loans and not forgiving student loans and student loans MUST be payed back Trump and Hillary have the same mind set. In the meantime, and again both Trump and Hillary fully support this : Israel doesn’t have pay back a dime of the loans Uncle Sam gave to Israel, not a dime do the Jews have top pay back, but young college students just starting out in life — and in a really lousy economy — they MUST pay back the loans , every penny of the loans and every penny of the interest accrued.

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