Central Issue: We Are All Under Jewish Misrule

16 November 2020

360-degree scan of a rotting civilization


“The real war is between every country in the world and Israel … The central issue of human existence at the present time is that Jews have totally taken over reality … conspiring to turn the world into one giant Jewish run superstate.” — John Kaminski

Never has censorship in the United States been so in-your-face as now when the President can’t even post his comments on Twitter because they are ruled fake news by an unreconstructed Jewish Communist dupe. What hope to tell the truth does an ordinary blogger have?

They have scams covering up scams these days. The whole election scenario has been set up to depict Donald Trump as the great patriot fighting his cartoon enemies Pelosi and Schiff, overcoming corruption thanks to the courageous oratory of lawyer Sidney Powell pointing out the undeniable flaws in what might be the last American election.

But the greater scam is that Trump will overcome these dastardly deplorables and — glory of glories and holy of holies — will then impose an all-encompassing Jewish peace on the world.

Then we really have something to worry about.

Heads they win, tails we lose

Why do old style Communism and the latest coronavirus vaccine — no matter which one they finally choose — both have the same devastating impact? Because once you put them in you will never be able to get them out.

Without millions of deaths.

Now the media struggle mightily to convince us that an old man crippled by senility won an election against a robust patriot wildly applauded by the vast majority of the populace.

The Democratic Party is being killed by its own corruption, which is a real shame because once they were the party which actually cared about people. The Republicans only cared about business, and that was and is their role.

Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, TV, movies, newspapers and government spokespeople all speak as one in these dark days. You are no longer allowed to say what you want because it violates community standards. Jewish community standards! Now all must speak with the same voice, all must accept and regurgitate these same bogus claims of danger. We all must accept what the face on the screen tell us what we can do “to save lives”.

The real epidemic is the lies

Some very sick people are engineering an unprecedented calamity. Population reduction, they call it. How many euphemisms like “collateral damage” will it take for people to realize they’re talking about blowing people’s brains out on an industrial scale? Or more than likely have millions of people suddenly drop in place when they finally decide to click a certain 5G switch activating the irreversible Bill Gates solution.

Then there are those who are already screeching — the vaccine is the disease, and the vehicle of population reduction, likely of people you know and love.

Those who survive this demonic experiment will pass by these victims and avert their gaze on their way to deciding whether they will be regimented along with the rest and have their bankbooks implanted inside their arms and their consciences registered with the FBI.

Likely your brain has already essentially been blown out by chemicals, electricity, pollution and food minus the nutrition. I’m still in shock by Dr. Cowan’s mention that in 1920 there was no heart disease and by 1940 it was the No. 1 killer in America, all because of the introduction of processed foods into the sabotaged American diet. One poison after another, still continuing. Don’t ever eat the Impossible Whopper, needless to say.

Every doctor who prescribes masks and lockdowns in this phony pandemic is violating his Hippocratic Oath, which demands “First Do No Harm.” Masks don’t prevent contagion in either direction and lockdowns guarantee millions of future mental patients in children who have suffered through this sadistic enforced isolation.

The boat we all missed

The great tragedy of the 2020 U.S. presidential election is that the truly important issues facing our country and the world were never discussed.

Instead everyone got lost in a rococo TV game show in which a landslide victory for Donald Trump was turned into an improbable but temporary victory for senile subservience, Communist subversion and sexual perversion.

Constitutional civilization in the United States, if it ever existed, is long dead. It’s a crimelord game today where dark witches like Pelosi and Feinstein are worth billions and own the vote counting machines that turned the 2020 election into a gnarly electronic nightmare.

Which is also how you could describe our media situation totally in the grip of the truth-crushing Communist bankers who rule the world and efficiently erase the people with their poison peddling malign neglect.

In fact the people running our country turned out to be the genuine but unspoken issue as they are conspiring to turn the world into one giant Jewish run superstate with no free speech and no independent lifestyles without the approval of the authorities who see everything.

There is no benefit for humans to do this.

Jew billionaires determine what the media say

The real war is between every country in the world and Israel.

Central issue

The central issue of human existence at the present time (AD 2020) is that Jews have totally taken over reality to the point where they have convinced most people to act against their own best interests, and to accept the so-called gifts given to them by their Jewish masters which, accounting for inflation, are worth about what the Dutch West India Company paid to the Lenape Indians for Manhattan Island in 1626. Those Dutch of course were Jews, and the normal development of all free republics has been sabotaged by these parasites ever since.

Today we watch their artificial reality disintegrating in a welter of lies about our own health that are really camouflaging the final theft our remaining freedoms — not to mention our property, our cash and our lives — with recommendations that make us sicker.

Gates, Fauci, Trump and the Deep State succubi wring their sweaty hands with glee about the havoc they are continuing to wreak on the world.

But the Democrats are just as bad . . . if not worse.

Fortunately, because the Democrats lie to us, they also lie to each other.  Guaranteeing their eventual collapse. It’s the same with Communists.

The dark-skinned have-nots are promised utopia by community organizers like Barack Obama.

Then they are mobilized in support of some social goal, and demonstrate their wrath by burning down some business owned by a hard working member of their own race. The black masses supporting such insanity think this is a good example of what their kindred should do, which is why I think Africa remains in the pathetic state it is in today and has been in forever.

You know who the real liars are

When someone is called an anti-Semite, you know that he is really being called a truth teller by those who are trying to cover up the truth.

If the caller is not a Jew and uses the term, you know he or she is a victim of Jewish mass media disinformation which has been assailing the ears of the public and corrupting all media since at least the late 19th century.

If the caller is indeed a Jew, then he or she is trying to get you to stop talking about this most disreputable of ethnic groups, known for mainly swindling the non Jews of the world, and if they ever get the upper hand, as they did in Russia, they will be better known for murdering (and poisoning and starving) large numbers of their unchosen enemies.

Jewish media have convinced slow-thinking blacks that it has been white people who have enslaved and stolen black lives over several centuries. But if you investigate the suppressed history it has been the Jews who perfected the international slave trade using white dupe ship captains and African kings who sold their own people for booze and trinkets. Really it should be Jews who are paying reparations to those whose ancestors they have abused and destroyed.

Then consider the ramifications.

Were those blacks never stolen from their homelands, never forced across the sea to an auction where they were sold into industrial bondage, from whence they emerged with the help of whites into full fledged citizens of an actually civilized country (as opposed to the corrupt tribal mess from which they originated) . . . what was their option? To stay with their own tribes in nations that would never evolve and never join the modern world without the help of whites? And then probably to be eaten by neighbors or other wild animals? It’s still going on today.

Why are blacks complaining about the ghettoes in which they live when they have created those disasters themselves? And their answer is not to rebuild them and create their own marvelous civilization, but to burn them down and then demand reparations from the very people who help them improve their lot.

Sounds like a Jewish thing, doesn’t it?

South Africa is our future

So that’s not the worst of it, and why so many early white explorers in Africa warned that dark continents would never assimilate into the wider civilized world.

Thanks to liberal Democrats, the barbarian behavior of black South Africans who eagerly rape, rob and murder white South Africans is soon to become the norm in the white civilized world, if it hasn’t happened already (which it surely has, at least in Europe).

Looters and maniacs who burn down buildings should be shot on sight, not coddled by curdled media morons who conspire to destroy freedom and are obscenely overpaid by their Jewish masters, whereas truthtellers like Julian Assange or Edward Snowden are sentenced to life in prison,  just like the fools who insist on wearing masks that don’t work to protect them from a disease that was created by your own government to make your freedom an obsolete item from the erased history of a regrettable past.


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  1. 1001 Quotes By and
    About Jews
    Compiled By: Willie Martin

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    Here some selected qoutes.

    VOLTAIRE (Francois Marie Arouet) 18th century French philosopher, writer:

    “Why are the Jews hated? It is the inevitable result of their laws; they
    either have to conquer everybody or be hated by the whole human race…”
    “The Jewish nation dares to display an irreconcilable hatred toward all
    nations, and revolts against all masters; always superstitious, always
    greedy for the well-being enjoyed by others, always barbarous – cringing in
    misfortune and insolent in prosperity.” (Essai sur le Moeurs)

    “You will only find in the Jews an ignorant and barbarous people, who for a long time
    have joined the most sordid avarice to the most detestable superstition and to the most
    invincible hatred of all peoples which tolerate and enrich them.” (“Juif,” Dictionnaire

    “I know that there are some Jews in the English colonies. These marranos go wherever
    there is money to be made…But whether these circumcised who sell old clothes claim
    that they are of the tribe of Naphtali or Issachar is not of the slightest importance. They
    are, simply, the biggest scoundrels who have ever dirtied the face of the earth.” (Letter
    to Jean-Baptiste Nicolas de Lisle de Sales, December 15, 1773. Correspondance

    (Jewish professor A. Kulischer, October, 1937)

    “Step by step, I have arrived at the conviction that the aims of Communism in Europe
    are sinister and fatal. At the Nuremberg Trials, I, together with my Russian colleague,
    condemned Nazi Aggression and Terror. I believe now that Hitler and the German
    People did not want war. But we, {England}, declared war on Germany, intent on
    destroying it, in accordance with our principle of Balance of Power, and we were
    encouraged by the ‘Americans'{Jews} around Roosevelt. We ignored Hitler’s pleading,
    not to enter into war. Now we are forced to realize that Hitler was right. He offered us
    the co-operation of Germany: instead, since 1945, we have been facing the immense
    power of the Soviet Empire. I feel ashamed and humiliated to see that the aims we
    accused Hitler of, are being relentless pursued now, only under a different label.”
    (Ashamed and Humiliated The British Attorney General, Sir Hartle Shawcross, said in a
    speech at Stourbridge, March 16/84 (AP)).

  2. The current version of Judaism, is that it’s basically a criminal enterprise for enslavement of Humanity by stealing the wealth of nations. From the time of Prophet Isaiah, Judaism left the road of a healthy religion and metamorphosed into a monstrous Pharisaic Secret Society.

    It was later hijacked by Babylonians, then by Samaritans, then by Edomites, and later by Khazar. Lurianic Kabbalah mysticism injected in it, the latitude it required to go full throttle for introduction of radical social political and religious ideas, which were then tested by Sabbatain Tzvi, Jacob Frank, and latter Karl Marx.

    The current “New World Order Communism” is the continuation of this Radical Messianic Idea of Judaism, which is slowly fulfilling the age old prophesy of “The Man Of Sin” And given that they are relatively a very small percentage of humanity, the reason they have to be absolutely secretive. But like every secret society, which is founded for establishment of crime camouflaged as religion (Read ; Messianicism) it has a tendency of eating its children

    That Judaism eats its own children is a historical fact. And that the worst enemy of a Jew, is another Jew!

    This is what The Elders Of Zion speaks of their lesser brethren;
    (About The so-called “Holocaust”)

    “ The old ones will pass; they will bear their fate, or they will not They were dust, economic and moral dust, in a cruel world … Two millions, and perhaps less; _Scheerith Hapleta_ _ only a branch will survive. They had to accept it. The rest they must leave to the future _ to their youth. If they feel and suffer, they will find the way, _Beacharith Hajamin_ [at the end of times]. (See Lenni Brenner Zionism in the Age of the Dictators A Reappraisal)

    ( What the Lesser Brethren knew about the so-called Holocaust)

    “Thus, I got insights which left me speechless, for “my Jews” knew full well, what world Jewry had in store for them and they were as helpless as the German people themselves.” (See Hoyer Memorandum, By SS Lieutenant General Horst Hoyer, Appearing in the Rese Article “Wartime Collaboration Between Zionists And The German Government By Dr. Harrell Rhome 7-17-8)

    In a way, some might think that the Jews will enjoy the so-called “New World Order” but this is merely an illusion. Although they never learned anything from History of Expulsion, this ignorance will not shelter them from Hell that awaits them also. There will be nowhere to hide, this time when the sh*t-storm happens. You do not need to visit an Psychiatric ward to observe lunacy. It happens, even to those who appear “normal”

    1. For the record, the “Elders of Zion” are not exclusively Jewish. Plenty of Gentiles are complicit in the authorship of the Protocols, evil being perpetrated on their fellow human beings as well. You know, those who’ve been “jewified” you might say. Or who’ve “sold their souls to the devil” for material wealth and temporal power.

      But a question I have for JK is, if Trump is a Chabadian, then why isn’t he heeding the advice of that NOTED Chabadian, his son-in-law Jared Kushner, to just cede the election? Why the delay?

      1. “Plenty of Gentiles are (presumably “were”) complicit in the authorship of the Protocols”

        Uughh? Do you happen to have even ONE shred of evidence to back up this astounding claim?

      2. JK
        You misread my intent. I wasn’t intimating that I WANTED him to cede the election, prompting you to say I sounded like a Jew, whatever that’s supposed to mean. And yeah, I know he won fair and square, and glad that Sid is doing her thing to prove it.

        You know where I was going with that post. I don’t think Kaminsky knows me well enough for him to say what he said, not that it’s any skin off my red nose

      3. @ Brownhawk


        You misread my intent. I wasn’t intimating that I WANTED him to cede the election, prompting you to say I sounded like a Jew, whatever that’s supposed to mean. And yeah, I know he won fair and square, and glad that Sid is doing her thing to prove it.

        You are one big disappointment to me, chief… and to Gilbert, I presume.

        When someone treats a man like a dog, he doesn’t grovel in front of him, and he doesn’t play Jesus Christ – he responds in kind.

        Go away – you are not my son,
        You are not a Chechen – you are a crone,
        A coward, a slave, an Armenian!

        Alexander Pushkin

      4. Circ
        Kaminsky didn’t see that my question was rhetorical. He’s so obsessed with the Jews that it blurs his reasoning power by jumping to conclusions.

        And I don’t think Gilbert Huntley would be disappointed with my view that JK could use some Christian love to help him with an obsession that is obviously making him miserable. MISERY is the exact thing (((they))) are wanting us to feel, for the simple reason that they love the company.

    2. @Brownhawk

      Kaminski didn’t see that my question was rhetorical. He’s so obsessed with the Jews that it blurs his reasoning power by jumping to conclusions.

      And I don’t think Gilbert Huntley would be disappointed with my view that JK could use some Christian love to help him with an obsession that is obviously making him miserable. MISERY is the exact thing (((they))) are wanting us to feel, for the simple reason that they love the company.

      Chief, I have quoted this comment of yours in its entirety because it is the best of Brownhawk I have seen so far. And I owe you an apology, my redskin brother.

      Perhaps, I could use some Christian love too to help me with something.


    It’s true Trump is an example of jew misrule but he’s jew misrule lite compared to the Democrats who are jew misrule on steroids and have just shown their true colors [ with their attempt to STEAL the election ] and their true color is RED as in RED COMMUNISM. Trump is jew misrule in a few ways but he’s NOT a JEW COMMUNIST and he doesn’t want JEW COMMUNISM for the United States. The Democrats want outright JEW TALMUDIC COMMUNISM for the United States.

    Trump is jew misrule lite, the Democrats are jew misrule HEAVY-DUTY VERY HEAVY VERY INTENSE jew misrule.

  4. Excellent points being brought up in the article, but to blame the Jews for creating reality implies the Gentiles don’t have a clue about reality. That’s not an easy one to swallow. But it looks like it is true. These people took the easy way out and they don’t even worry like us. This reality was not offered and insisted it should be adopted by gunpoint. Now was it? It was adopted through the miracle of debt-based currency, the Petrodollar, and the type of propaganda that Jacques Ellul writes about. It’s called Integrative Propaganda.

    Most people I know have read Brave New World and 1984 and Animal Farm. They say they understand. I suppose they understand it so well that they fail to see it’s manifestation in different formats.

    What really caught my eye about the article was the true statements regarding censorship by Big Tech. How is this different than the claim that the Church supposedly suppressed information? They actually didn’t as far as I’m concerned since most couldn’t read anyway. And translating the Vulgate to English was only done once the Anglish started drawing and quartering priests and after having stolen all Catholic property including the Liturgy for all intents and purposes. At least Luther had the good nature to take a stab at a theological justification for the entire hullabaloo. But having said that, looking at the Church today, at how pathetic it actually is, helps me to understand how others in different ages could be sore about it.

    No this media censorship seems more like complete submission. So it’s more like Islam. If Zuckerburg desires you to think this it must be Zuckerberg’s will. Submit.

    The number one reason for our current plight is our individual and collective laziness. And our uncanny ability to blame someone else for our problems.

    Yes, there are people, and sometimes the same ethnicity, but the most important ethnicity for these animals is money. And to these people, deca-millionaires are considered paupers.

    More scary to me is that a narcissist like Gates might find it just as satisfying to destroy the world on his way out as he would be in being made a benevolent King who solved all the world’s problems. The former job is actually attainable.

    Again, usury rears its ugly head. This started the entire chain into motion. And as Ian Anderson once said in Locomotive Breath, “Charlie stole the handle, and it won’t slow down”. That was your nuclear explosion, Folks. Around this time Newton devise a cosmology to match this new barbarianism. Where people starve in the streets while their basements filled with ducats are causing Venice to sink even faster. Since then we have been like atoms bouncing around one another and trying to become a nucleus where you might have an electron or two in your orbit. The era of Human Resources where humans are every bit of resource as lead in the ground.

    This is no way to live.

  5. The key to zionist control is their owning the FED which they fastened on the America people in 1913 and from this came the wars and debt and complete control of the ZUS and from this also came the assassination of JFK and RFK and JFKjr. and the zionist attack on the USS Liberty and the zionist attack on the WTC which was blamed on the Arabs and gave the ZUS the excuse to destroy the middle east for Israel.

    Zionists also are the the force behind the covid-19 scam and psyop that they have laid on the people of the world driven by their UN Agenda 2030 and the World Economic Forum and the Rockefeller Foundation all of these and more are the tips of the spears aimed at the heart of America.

    Zionists are the destroyers of nations and humanity, it is what they do, it is in their DNA.

    1. Wow, you capture the essence of the total domination
      Print money and buy everything. Media government and school. Organize to rule the 98%, and never allow others to organize.

  6. They have scams covering up scams these days.

    In fact they’ve been waging this kind of sophisticated psychological warfare against the world for a long time.

    The whole election scenario has been set up to depict Donald Trump as the great patriot fighting his cartoon enemies Pelosi and Schiff, overcoming corruption thanks to the courageous oratory of lawyer Sidney Powell pointing out the undeniable flaws in what might be the last American election.

    Trump’s whole presidency is such a fraud, IMO. Behind the facade of his disingenuous posturing and a series of contrived, distractive domestic controversies, he’s been working for the last 3.75 years to set us up for WW3, apparently with no meaningful political opposition whatsoever.

    But the greater scam is that Trump will overcome these dastardly deplorables and — glory of glories and holy of holies — will then impose an all-encompassing Jewish peace on the world.

    This is my worry too. As I see it, one possible scenario is that both “deep state” factions may have wanted Trump to win the election, so as to finish the dirty work they need him to do, but despite the last minute efforts to smear Biden, Biden apparently won anyway.

    So plan B might be to have Trump refuse to concede to “deep state” agent Biden, and contest the election against seemingly hopeless odds. And to somehow ultimately prevail; thereby saving America from the clutches of the evil “deep state” (perhaps thanks to a convenient trail of convenient bread crumbs conveniently leading to convenient evidence of convenient election fraud).

    In which case Trump emerges from the battle as the selfless, patriotic hero who risked it all to take on the “deep state” – and who won – thereby becoming (in the eyes of his supporters at least) a towering icon of truth, justice and the American way (move over Superman, it’s SuperTrump’s time in the spotlight).

    And then with the evil “deep state” handily defeated (and our hero having accumulated appropriate gravitas), SuperTrump is now in a position to take on the other menacing evils in the world, i.e. the bad actors Russia, China, Iran and Venezuela, the remaining deadly, implacable enemies of truth, justice and the American way.

    Of course this is pure speculation and may be all wrong. Other possible scenarios (IMO) include: (1) both factions of the “deep state” may have originally agreed to give Trump a chance, and they may feel that he failed them, and they want him gone before he does any more damage, or (2): there is a serious war going on between “deep state” factions where the Adelson faction wants him in power for another term but the Soros faction doesn’t.

  7. What JK needs right now is some good old-fashioned Christian lerv. You know, the kind that says that FAITH supercedes the whole dambable lot of it.

    The Chabadian Protocols crapfest will run its course, and that’ll be the end of it. The sooner the better

  8. “South Africa is our future…”

    And some bimbos (male as well as female) one this site – without mentioning any ONE name in particular (cough! cough!) – will, no doubt, applaud THAT!

  9. What puzzles me most is the strange fact that – despite all the uncertainty of the outcome of the election, COVID-19 pandemic, the unprecedented violence on the streets we have witnessed during the last few months – despite all that, the major markets, Dow Jones, NASDAQ, S&P 500, are all running at or near all-time high.

    Could it be that the uncertainty of the outcome of the election is bogus, COVID-19 is a gigantic scheme, the street violence – notwithstanding the unseen so far scale of it – is a staged performance, the purpose of it all being to distract us from something ominous coming our way?

    1. The strong markets are due to FED RES slowing repos and increasing purchases of treasuries and mortgage backed securities. All smoke and mirrors…$$$Trillions!
      Biggest resets coming in Jan to be told at WEC in Davos with Schwab leading the pack of joos. Huge fall looming over markets then.

    2. Circ,

      the major markets, Dow Jones, NASDAQ, S&P 500, are all running at or near all-time high

      is like saying that USD is running at or near all-time LOW.
      Why that is is actually easy to see: what, a dozen $ trillions or more recently printed and shoved down the Wall Street hog-trough.
      And when you got more money that ideas, you spend it on more stable resources and means of productivity is certainly a good choice—buy everything in sight before $ tanks like a sludge avalanche.
      But because USD is still the reserve currency, all others must follow suit, thus the seeming equilibrium of free-falling paper.
      Somebody here, a double-hyphen name like “Too-Good-To-Be-True” (apologies for getting it wrong, I know but memory is wonky) said a perceptive thing: “load up on silver coins”, highly liquid in bad times and small enough denominations to do actual grocery shopping, not easy with gold bullion bars.
      Or walk around with rolls of toilet paper, in high demand when Covid breaks out again—don’t ask me why but it is a legal tender, Max Bilney is hoarding it for his 131 wives for the Little Outhouse in the Great Outback during the Fake Outbreak.
      His idea of stocks may not be so bad after all.
      (Just saw that Pat said almost the same thing—he bit his tongue before saying FED WENT NUCLEAR)

      1. HA!! GOOD ONE, Lobro!! You KNOW I’d never write that!! 🙂

        Lead is the best commodity in bad times. Everyone knows the value. Most going for $50 to $100 a box when they were $5 to $10 last year. Many people still buying the shelves bare. Lead, primers and powder not available for re-loaders either.

        Gold and silver is not edible and very few know that a dime face is worth $1.50 instead of 10 cents….. etc.

      2. Good luck managing tons of ammo in your backyard, Pat. Gold is the money of Kings, silver is the money of gentlemen, debt based FIAT is the money of slaves.

        Silver has thousands years of history as sound money. Central Banks were never required. As a matter of fact, the People had sound money in their hands until 1963, a turning point in the history of money. Gold and silver provided balanced to the monetary system; bankers got rid of them using malicious schemes. The People end up with public debt and Talmudic bankers got the world in a silver platter. It is crystal clear for those interested in Numismatics, the study of coins and money.

        One American dollar (0.85 Oz, 90% silver content) from the 50s is worth 25 bucks today, talk about inflation. Those with experience in this trade know you can always exchange silver for FIAT, no big deal. Plus, there is no inflation for silver.

        Of course edible things can be used to barter, such as ammo, eggs, milk, meat or a bag of potatoes. Kinda primitive but works wonders.

        Some say humans are a slave species since the beginning of time. Bull sh!t!! We became to be economical slaves when bankers took sound money off of People’s hands, about 60 years ago. A tiny little cabal of bankers is the true enemy of the People, if mankind wants a future these bankers must be tried in a military court and hanged, ASAP.

      3. NBTT –
        I have plenty of silver. Got most at face in 50s & 60s. Saw the need early on. Got gold also. Tons of lead not realistic. I hit what I aim at…. You must need more practice. 😜 Don’t forget… Lead is needed to keep the other precious metals! 😎

      4. You are an old wise fox, Pat. You’ve preserved your wealth in those silver dollars when inflation accelerated in the 70s & 80s. 🙂

        The street guy doesn’t know the value of precious metals. There is a YouTube video of a guy trying to sell an American Gold Eagle ($1800) for 50 bucks and no one is smart enough to buy it!

    3. “Could it be that…. the purpose of it all being to distract us from something ominous coming our way?”

      Congratulations! You’re starting to “get a clue”!
      Here’s a further clue. Re-arrange the following words to form a well-known phrase or saying: “Cloud”, “Mushroom”

      1. Thank you for the service you provide me as …

        Here’s a further clue about the nature of this service. Re-arrange the following words to form a well-known phrase or saying: “Idiot”, “Useful”.

  10. The jew ‘misrule’ includes unchecked vote fraud in hundreds of ways.

    One is the BMDs – Ballot Marking Devices widely used in USA:

    Ballot-Marking Devices Cannot Ensure the Will of the Voters!!

    17 Sep 2020
    Voters can express their intent by indelibly hand-marking ballots or using computers called ballot-marking devices (BMDs). Voters can make mistakes in expressing their intent in either technology, but only BMDs are also subject to hacking, bugs, and misconfiguration of the software that prints the marked ballots. Most voters do not review BMD-printed ballots, and those who do often fail to notice when the printed vote is not what they expressed on the touchscreen. Furthermore, there is no action a voter can take to demonstrate to election officials that a BMD altered their expressed votes, nor is there a corrective action that election officials can take if notified by voters—there is no way to deter, contain, or correct computer hacking in BMDs. These are the essential security flaws of BMDs.

    Risk-limiting audits can ensure that the votes recorded on paper ballots are tabulated correctly, but no audit can ensure that the votes on paper are the ones expressed by the voter on a touchscreen:
    Elections conducted on current BMDs cannot be confirmed by audits.

    We identify two properties of voting systems, contestability and defensibility, necessary for audits to confirm election outcomes. No available BMD certified by the Election Assistance Commission is contestable or defensible.

  11. Even though most people are completely unaware of the dominating Jew presence at the centers of power in the west, the evidence is overwhelming Jews are the most powerful people in the west, and therefore the world. But you won’t learn this from the Jewish owned New York Times or any other mainstream media outfit, almost all of which are owned and run by Jews. That said, according to Wikipedia (yes, a poor source for many things) says Jack Dorsey was raised a Catholic and had an uncle who was a priest. The bio appears accurate. I do not think the head of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, is a Jew. I would be very interested in what motivates him. Are Jews a powerful force in his company? I would not be surprised at all that Jews have a powerful influence over him. But we would need details. If he is a former communist, that itself is interesting. and suspicious

  12. Am I the only one here who believes there’s a significant chance that Trump will start a major war some time soon? Trump is completely unhinged, IMO. Tomorrow he may realize – at some level of consciousness – that he lost the election, fly into a rage and attack Iran or even China or Russia. I don’t understand how so many people can be so oblivious to the danger the whole world is in as long as Trump’s in the white house.

    1. HS –
      I don’t see Trump acting on his own. Not allowed on London’s land here in USA. Approval needed.
      If the London Pharisee Bankers don’t want it they will drive him down Elm St in Dallas in a convertible…. to visit the OBELISK marking the first masonic temple there at the SUN’S zenith…. and make offering to the SUN GOD.

    2. @Harold Smith

      Am I the only one here who believes there’s a significant chance that Trump will start a major war some time soon? Trump is completely unhinged, IMO.

      The way I see it, presidents do not start wars – the states do. A war is always a calculated risk which requires years of painstaking preparation on many different levels.

      The notion that one man – even if that man is the president of the USA – can start a major war on a whim with anyone (much less with a power that can erase the USA from the face of the Earth) seems extremely naïve to me.

      The forces, which are in charge of how the most powerful state in the world is run, maybe ‘evil’ but not dumb to give that much power to a single man.

      My firm belief is that POTUS is basically nothing but a stage performer – and I mean that literally – selected and then elected to suit particular goals at particular periods of time. It is even entirely doubtful that he participates in any meaningful way in the process of crafting the strategic goals of the USA.

      1. @ Circassian
        @ Harold Smith

        You’re right, Circassian.

        Harold Smith, however much one might agree with his negative assessment of Trump, is worrying quite needlessly and getting a bit paranoid about Trump suddenly going berserk and starting a major war.

        The possibility of this was always there as long as Trump was the acknowledged President of America and safely ensconced in the White House. But that possibility recedes into the distance with Trump’s imminent eviction from the White House.

        The crux of the matter is this, Harold: If trump manages to hang on to power and refuses to vacate the White House — and still be in residence on January 20, 2021 ‒ then YES, anything is possible and your worst nightmares could come true. But if Trump is forced to vacate the White House and allow Biden to take over, that act in itself is an admission of IMPOTENCE. So there’s no way that Trump can start a war in those circumstances.

        Incidentally, this is Lasha Darkmoon’s view too: that Trump can only start a war — and even that is doubtful — if he’s still President of the U.S. There’s no way he can start a war if he is

        I mean, when has an EX-PRESIDENT ever started a war? 🙂
        It’s just not possible.

        1. @ Circassian

          Talking about bets, I understand that Trump’s great English buddy, Nigel Farage, took a £10,000 bet (= $13,285) that Trmup would win. He is now reconciled to his loss. (That’s slightly more than MB was willing to bet on Trump losing!).

          The biggest punter I hear about, a fanatical Trump supporter, according to the Daily Mail, bet $5 MILLION that Trump would win. If Trump had won, he would apparently have made 50 MILLION DOLLARS!!! He must be on tenterhooks, wondering if’s lost his $5 million stake (which looks likely) or made $50 million! 🙂

          This just goes to show, Circassian, what nutcases we are dealing with.

      2. @Saki

        The possibility of this was always there as long as Trump was the acknowledged President of America and safely ensconced in the White House. But that possibility recedes into the distance with Trump’s imminent eviction from the White House.

        My point is quite different: The possibility of a major war – I would even say the inevitability of it – is there regardless who is in the White House (Trump, Biden, Harris or anyone else).

        The great irony of Harold’s passionate desire for Trump to get the boot is threefold:

        (1) He will get his wish fulfilled;

        (2) The next occupant of the White House is likely to oversee (not start, but oversee!) a major confrontation between USA and Russia get started;

        (3) and Lobro will get the opportunity to tell Harold “I told you so”… even though it would be absolutely meaningless.

        I hold that Lobro’s take on Trump is as naïve, if not more so, as Harold’s. To put it in crude mathematical terms:

        (1) Harold is all but convinced that Trump = –∞ (an absolute evil);

        (2) Lobro believes that Trump = +∞ (a savior of some kind);

        (3) When, in fact, Trump ≈ 0 (an actor hired to play a certain role on the stage of a theater called «Western democracy»).

        If it turns out that it was me who was naïve, than I will admit as much.

        1. @ Circassian

          My point is quite different: The possibility of a major war – I would even say the inevitability of it – is there regardless who is in the White House (Trump, Biden, Harris or anyone else).

          Well, this makes sense to me. Sooner or later there has to be a confrontation between two superpowers whose interests lie in opposite directions. But I think the Covid-19 crisis and the huge economic consequences of being trillions of dollars in deficit has set back any plans the US might had had to attack Russia.

          I’m not saying war between the superpowers won’t occur, I’m saying any such plans to go to war have been put on the back burner and postponed until America recovers from Covid-19. Which may take several years. Who knows, Covid-19 itself may have been an opening salvo in bio-warfare (by China) to STOP America starting an immediate war.

          I see this screaming headline in the Daily Mail today: TRUMP’S PLAN TO BLITZ IRAN

          The article begins:

          Donald Trump had to be talked out of launching an attack on Iran’s main nuclear site AS ONE OF HIS FINAL ACTS AS PRESIDENT, officials in Washington revealed … etc. etc.

          Can’t give you the link because the Daily Mail blocks it if you refuse to “subscribe”. It’s on page 24. Trump may have wanted to do this as a last favor for Israel. He was argued out of it because “this wasn’t the right time.”

    3. I think what Harold is trying to say on his recent posts is this – suppose Trump turns the election result in his favor, the inquiring mind has to ask – isn’t that also according to (((their))) plan? Isn’t that a chapter in a century old script? Political actors don’t know the whole picture they are played by the Synagogue of Satan.

      Henry Makow told a story about a fake plot against FDR years before WWII so he could play the role of a hero overcoming the vicious plot. And we know Rosenfelt was their Communist Jew all along.

      In this case scenario the loony lefties will wage a well-financed jihad against conservatives believing deep down their hearts they are fighting for true, justice and democracy. Two unstoppable forces armed to the teeth clashing each other, exactly what the Jew has been doing forever.


      Trump cannot write his own script and make it happen. Otherwise, Dallas might happen to him.

  13. HAWK
    I think the talmud was the real stepping off point, the instruction manual for the jewish program…
    For what it’s worth – Commander Carr says Albert Pike and his Grand Orient Palladians wrote the Protocols…
    ““Thus, I got insights which left me speechless, for “my Jews” knew full well, what world Jewry had in store for them and they were as helpless as the German people themselves.” (See Hoyer Memorandum, By SS Lieutenant General Horst Hoyer, Appearing in the Rese Article “Wartime Collaboration Between Zionists And The German Government By Dr. Harrell Rhome 7-17-8)”
    You quote some good sources…
    The little jews were as much pawns in the wws 1&2 game as everybody else…
    According to Pike, In the end the Israelis will perish in the third global conflict…
    In the mean time they’ll continue to have their way with those even stupider…
    If you’ve ever asked yourself, since they’re supposedly our greatest ally, exactly what it is the zionist Jews do for the USA, maybe this song says something about it…
    When he says We, I guess he means Them…

    1. Bark
      You may be one of the few writers on this site open to what many native elders and those in their communities consider to be common knowledge, which is that the Annunaki sponsor the Protocols and are part if its authorship as well Jews and gentiles alike. Albert Pike I’m not sure about, but hopefully down the road there’ll be a suitable place here where I can post what really amounts to an article on the subject

  14. There’s another obelisk placed next to the pont de alma tunnel, in paris, where princess Diana bit the pillar… check my spelling…
    Icke says her limo hit the 13th pillar…. looks like her driver crashed into it on purpose…
    Limeys would do that…
    I heard they have a reputation for crowding the target…
    they finished her off in the ambulance….
    Assuming all that happened…
    Guess it did…
    Her boyfriend was beheaded in a traffic accident..
    I forget his name, a bloke, chap…
    What a bunch of coinkydinks…

  15. “Icke says her limo hit the 13th pillar…. looks like her driver crashed into it on purpose…
    Limeys would do that..”

    Except her driver happened to be FRENCH 🙄

    1. I didn’t remember it that way…
      Take your word for it…
      Do you know, was she related to the churchill spencers?
      Or is that just a coincidence too…
      Wasn’t Winston a Spencer too…

      1. Yes, Winnie The Warmonger – or “That drunken bum” (if you prefer FDR’s appellation) – was a Spencer…
        but since my Burke’s Peerage is the 1884 edition – when WC was but a slip of scoundrel and Princess Diana’s great-grandmother was but a glint in some gin-soaked General’s eye – I cannot confirm, without further research, if there was any familial (or “otherwise”) relationship between those two Houses of Spencer…. though, as they say, stranger things have happened behind “Suzie Wong’s House Of Oriental Pleasure” in Times Sq at 3 o’clock in the morning.

  16. I think both Trump and Biden are reading off scripts, but not from the same playbook. Trump’s “lines” represent a thorn in the side of the Red Shield, as was the case with Hitler back in the day. Hitler was a bigger thorn for two primary reasons. One, he broke from the City of London. Two, Rothschild and co. underestimated the power of Blitzkrieg and had to scramble to undermine German Intel in order to win the war to get back on track with their march to world totalitarianism. Trump has no such military advantage, and Rothschild’s cartel is too entrenched now to get out from under his “money control umbrella”. Yet what makes him a thorn nonetheless is in keeping with my theory that there are 2 factions of what’s referred to as “International Jewry” (but when looked at through the “Protocolian lens” runs much deeper…another story for another day)

    The faction that backed Hitler then is backing Trump now. This faction has been in a weaker position starting with Rothschild’s takeover of the B.O.E. in the mid 17th century. This gave him the British Empire and the whole thing took off from there. Now they had the upper hand, and the dominoes started to fall. Keeping America tied to “The City” after the Revolution, the Union victory in the Civil War paving the way to the Fed Reserve Act in 1913, the Bolsheviks taking Russia in 1917…..and then, a glitch. After that first defeat of Germany and the Versailles Treaty, a “vacuum” of a sort was caused and filled by Hitler, a most formidable thorn. In 1945 the thorn was removed**

    Since then it’s been pretty smooth sailing but for a few choppy seas along the way, and by the time 2016 rolled around (((they))) could almost taste it. And then…a vacuum filled by Donald Trump. Another thorn. Not a Hitleresque thorn, but a thorn nonetheless.

    So now Rothschild is backing the Trojan Horse Biden as he backed the Allies in WW2. Germany fell then, and the last domino to fall is in the political battle of all political battles to stay in power and stave off the Sovietization of the U.S., and these non-elite moonbats on the Left are clueless about how they’re being played by using their pipedreams over what a Socialist Utopia they’d be creating. But then, it’s all in the Chabadian stars, right?

    **In playing the “what if” game, if Hitler had won the war it’s a strong possibility that his good intentions for restoring the White culture in Europe and beyond notwithstanding, “his Jews” would have then said to him, “nice job, Adolph. Here’s your gold watch. We’ll take it from here. Now be a good little goy and run along. Off you go, nothing to see here.” Thus jettisoned into the cluttered dustbin of history as the OTHER (((they))) takes over Rothschild’s mantle and its bizness as usual

    And I’ll bet Madame Butterfly $100 that there are readers out there who know exactly what I’m talkin bout. They’re saying, “Damn, how’d ol’ Brownhawk know this?! Where’s the leak?!”
    Will you take the bet, Madame? (play money only please. Brownhawk insolvent like Brother Pat. Wampum no good….cheeky bastards)

    1. If “Madame” ever got around to redeeming that raft of empty booze bottles at the Liquor Store, I’m sure she’d have more than enough “play money” not only take that bet, but also to “up the ante”… appreciably so! 😄

      ADMIN (Sr. Monica): MB informs us she was only pulling our legs
      about being an alcoholic. She says she’s virtually a teetotaller.
      Never touches spirits, only a small glass of wine on social occasions.

      1. Dear Sister Monica:
        Methinks that MB doth profess her teetotalism too much….
        as I’m only too familiar (much to the detriment of my own moral & mental eqilibrium!) with female social “butterflies” that merely partake of the “odd glass”. .. a glass moreover, whether “small” in MBs case ( yeah, right!) or large, that NEVER appears to be EMPTY… and THAT is not for want of not “knocking it back”!

        So although, as always, I defer to your good judgment Sr Monica, forgive me for raising an eyebrow – over a jaundiced eye – when it comes to any exculpatory exegesis of that explosive cocktail of Broads, Booze and….. “Butterflies”! 😊

      2. Hmmmm, The Realist must take great comfort in his tight little paradigm of reality. Tis a shame, such a paucity of imagination implied by that. Perhaps sessions with Madame B. @$100 an hour will help the poor lad. What say you, Madame? And btw, if your gambling system is foolproof, then that tells me you won’t be taking me up on my betting proposition. Any system that good means the player knows when to hold em, and when to fold em, right my dear? 😊

      1. Gee. What was I thinking.

        To Circassian: WE’RE NOT WORTHY to your all-knowingness, all-seeingness, oh magnificent one that you come across as. I guess you need that “superiority complex” to make up for some lack in your childhood no doubt. I’m sure Madame Butterfly can wing it and explain your malady better than I can.

        It’s called a THEORY, you goofball. Unless of course you’re not the physics offiando you claim to be 😆

      2. Chief, I know you are ol’, but you get offended like a teenage girl. No good, brother. Be a man, man!

        Btw, what “physics offiando” mean? If I claimed to be the physics offiando, presumably, I knew back then the meaning of it, but now – God is my witness – I have no freaking idea. Do you mean to say, chief, that you doubt that I am a physicist?

        Another btw, John Kaminski hurled at you that “you talk like a Jew”. I am completely baffled how John has arrived at such a … how shall I put it?… not so bright conclusion. In fact, I think that your “theory” regarding the genesis of the Protocols – as bad as it is – much closer to reality than all of Kaminsky’s venting or discharge, if I may put it that way.

        John Kaminski talks like a Pole.

  17. HAROLD
    The educated guess by now is that the same crowd of fiat bankers control the whole world, wherever you have communism and/or a fiat bank. them that invented communism, put the fiat bank and income tax in the communist manifesto ….
    Nuke Wars being what they are, if nukes are even real, it’s highly unlikely those who own and control everything would incinerate the planet …. they already have everything, nothing to fight over…
    Not real farfetched though that they would see the benefit of reducing the human population by about 90%…. Christian Rosenkruez Georgia Guidestones…. in which case some less crude way of going about it could be in the offing…
    Yes, you’re the only one who thinks Trump even has that much pull…

  18. Never heard of Leigh Dundas before but it looks like FACTS are gaining traction

    Ask not for whom the facts toll, they toll for Joo

    Does the dating of this mother of all EO’s bear any significance—who knows, the sparks could be in the crystal ball or brain circuits shorting, I am reinvesting my 💲💯 (you’ll get your fair cut, MB, rich or poor I never was a cheapskate—we’ll wipe your tears with fresh benjamins), vote for Lobro, chairman of the Worldwide Goy Reparation Commission (learn to pronounce WGRC, easy if you are from Slavikistan).

    1. I fail to grasp all the excitement that Lobro seems to go through due to Leigh Dundas and Sidney Powell, who – I am told – is about to “Release the Kraken”.

      Anyhow, since – in the eyes of Lobro – it looks like FACTS are gaining traction in his favor and the said FACTS toll for Joo + another fact that Lobro never was a cheapskate, I presume that he is willing to increase the stakes in his bet with MB. If so, what is the upper limit Lobro would be willing to go for? We already know that MB is willing to ramp the stake up to $10,000.

      Before Lobro gives his final figure for the stake, I would suggest him to sit down calmly and think things over again.

      They say that the eyes cannot see and the ears cannot hear those things for which the brain is not prepared to process – they reach the retina and the ear drums for sure, but the brain picks up only that part which readily fits the picture already solidified in the brain.

      Here some bits of information that seem have been reflected from the Lobro’s retina without making a slightest dent in his brain.

      (1) Lobro is asking “Does the dating of this mother of all EO’s bear any significance?” Did Lobro hear that part of Leigh Dundas speech where she informs us about the date of that “mother of all EO’s”? Or did he follow the link provided under the video (https://www.whitehouse.gov/presidential-actions/executive-order-imposing-certain-sanctions-event-foreign-interference-united-states-election/) to find out that the “mother of all EO’s” was issued 2 years ago? My guess is that he did not.

      (2) Did Lobro follow another link provided by Leigh Dundas (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SFCXPw1t17o&t=2m) and listen what Sidney Powell has to say? I doubt it.

      And here is what she has to say:

      Dominion [voting system] was created to produce altered voting results in Venezuela for Hugo Chaves and then shipped internationally to manipulate votes for purchase in other countries including this one [i.e. USA]. It was funded by money from Venezuela and Cuba, and China has a role in it also. So if you want to talk about the foreign intervention we certainly have it now. We have staggering statistical evidence, we have staggering testimony from witnesses including one who was personally in briefings when all of this was discussed and planned beginning with Hugo Chaves and how it was designed there…

      Sidney Powell

      Wow! Dominion voting software was designed in Venezuela under Hugo Chaves and sold to the USA… to unseat Donald Trump.

      I always felt that that guy in red shirt was up to no good. What a Kraken is that punk Hugo Chaves! Who could have thought?

      Lobro, dear brother, be careful with your money.

      1. “…MB is willing to ramp the stake up to $10,000”

        Yeah, right… only if she can scrounge $9,999.98 off some dope like you, to add to her own 2cents that she’s had rattling around in her rucksack!😂😂😂

        1. (OFF-TOPIC)

          @ Sister Monica

          What is the latest situation on this bet between Madame Butterfly and Lobro? Who has won the bet? Do you and Lasha still think that Lobro has “checkmated” MB and has “won the moral argument” Or have you changed your mind about that?

          1. @ Saki
            @ Lobro

            Briefly, we have come to the conclusion that it is premature to say who has won this bet. We’ll have to wait and see who is in the White House on 20 January, 2021, and who is openly acknowledged by the rest of the world as the President of America. If Biden is in the White House on that date, Lobro loses his bet.

            Lobro has acquitted himself well by offering Madame Butterfly $100 even before it is clear he has lost the bet. But as MB has pointed out correctly in a short private email to us, she cannot be said to have “lost the moral argument” for the simple reason she has at no time behaved immorally or dishonourably.

            MB argues that Lobro, on the other hand, has acted dishonourably by offering to pay her $100 through PAYPAL or some similar online agency, knowing full well that it would be impossible for her to accept his money in this way. These were her the “Terms and Conditions” of her original bet with Pat (a bet which Pat rejected) and which applied to anyone else willing to accept her challenge — including Lobro:

            TRUMP confirmed winner: I owe you $100.
            BIDEN confirmed winner: you owe me $100.
            (Paid by $ bills in envelope to P.O. box number,
            no online payments or bank checks.)

            Here is Lobro, she states, making it impossible for her to accept any money from him by wrongly altering the “Terms and Conditions” and thereby nullifying the bet:

            If you provide me with some coordinates, I can send you $100 now, either PayPal or direct transfer (need SWIFT code and account number).

            As MB points out, Lobro has no right to do this to her. She has never dealt with Paypal in her life and doesn’t even know what “Swift” is!

            Conclusion. She rejects his money, never having asked for it in the first place, and insists she has “won the moral argument” because of Lobro’s “devious and underhand way” of offering to pay her by Paypal or Swift when she had “specified PAYMENT IN CASH“.

            As far as LD and I are personally concerned, neither Lobro nor MB has behaved dishonourably or lost the moral argument. But Lobro will have lost the moral argument if he loses his bet and refuses to pay MB $100 in cash. Ditto for her if she loses and refuses to pay up.

            MB has suggested an amicable solution to this problem. If Trump is still in the White House claiming to be President on 20 January, 2021, she will mail Lobro $100 (cash in envelope) to a P.O. Box Number. If Lobro loses his bet, she will request that he send $100 to a children’s charity, a Palestinian charity, or on any other good cause of his own.

            How about that?

            1. @ Lobro

              It’s all smoke and mirrors, Lobro. Neiher of us gives a damn about a measly hundred bucks! So let’s forget all this cash-in-envelope crap. Neither of us needs it. We have more important things going on in our lives.

              Even if you lose this bet, it’s no big deal. It doesn’t change the situation, does it? I’ve got too much on my plate right now to go around gloating I won any goddamn bet. Even if I do win, I could have won unfairly, especially if it’s true there was widespread cheating and Donald was the real winner. In that case, you win the bet in heaven — while I only win it on earth. Know what I mean?


      2. Circ,
        The signing date of the EO was 2 years ago, yes, but it was “9/11+1”, one day after the customary NYC Holocaust Day—this is what I was referring to—symbolism matters and in this case it was a highly anticipatory EO, dividends about to be paid out.
        As for Powell throwing in the Venezuela and Cuba red herring, this reminds me strongly of Trump’s own patented “cofefe” method of mixing in visible chunks of bullshit floating among the truth fragments.
        Does Cuba need Soros-owned Dominion or Smartmatic voting software and hardware?
        Does Cuba have money to spend on such systems, has anyone ever seen them operating in Cuba?
        Does Cuba have access to purchasing such systems given the 60-years of total embargo?
        No, no, no and no is the answer, so clearly Powell is talking out of both sides of her stroke-frozen mouth, too cagey to spill the direct truth—wait for the SCOTUS proceedings where she will move into the higher gear.
        As for Venezuela, here is the article: Flashback: Soros-linked firm used in Venezuela supplied voting machines to 16 states in 2016
        As to why would Soros have a preference for Hugo Chavez over the kleptocratic CIA-run opposition like the one during Kiev Maidan, beats me, nor does it make any sense.
        No, Sidney is dissimulating, playing cat+mouse, watch her eyes.
        As for the money, I insinuated that I will invest $100 expected to win from MB—but even if not, if it was my own seed money, I am sure that whatever goes to her will be well spent—what else would a guy who hates smartphones, cars and mindless consumerism spend money on but making women happy?

        It’s only money, right?
        But a “Good Woman” is the world, all the moreso because of rarity.

        Good try to catch me in contradiction but no seegar.

      3. Venezuela and Cuba, and China manipulating elections? What about Russia’s meddling? Forgotten already Sidney? When ever a little truth appears somewhere in the mighty US it will be drowned in lies instantly. Sidney Powell removed her own credibility while blaming a dead patriot/revolutionary of his own country for the failure of democracy in hers. Once upon a time actors were actors. Now there are only pompous political clowns choking on whatever comes out of their own throats. Hugo Chavez was fought/opposed most of his life by the ones who confuse themselves as PATRIOTS of almighty mammon. Chavez’ patriotism towards his own country and to resist foreign influence is utterly lacking in ALL current western governments. Where does that leave all the Trump’s, Biden’s, Powell’s and whatever else slithers their way into politics out of self interests instead of care for their own nation?

      4. Sis Monica:

        As MB points out, Lobro has no right to do this to her. She has never dealt with Paypal in her life and doesn’t even know what “Swift” is!
        Conclusion. She rejects his money, never having asked for it in the first place, and insists she has “won the moral argument” because of Lobro’s “devious and underhand way” of offering to pay her by Paypal or Swift when she had “specified PAYMENT IN CASH“.

        This tells me that far from being a sophisticated high society femme fatale, Butterfly never got too far from some sharecropper’s lot—no offense there, a good place to preserve health mental and physical—Gilbert could offer you gainful employment, milk the goats, shovel manure, then after washing hands, proofread his grammar in addition to whatever duties were stipulated in the employment contract (don’t tell me MB never heard of “employment contract“, what underhanded devilry is Lobro talking about now?)

        Due to unspecified circumstances, ages ago I augmented the meager government student loan+minor scholarship with odd jobs in summer—various, including tobacco picking, absolutely back-breaking where I met migrant laborers from Mexico, Nicaragua and Jamaica—maybe even the great Alexis Arguello though I didn’t know at the time—and also during the Christmas break when I worked part-time in the post office (Terminal “A” next to the Union Station) to help with the holiday rush.
        And this is what I found out, 50+ years ago.

        Even the lowliest of the Third World migrant workers knew better than to send cash by mail.

        Something that Madam might have to learn yet.
        Because the postal theft was endemic in all the countries involved, even the registered mail inside locked canvas bags was not safe, I personally witnessed how guys would instantly know when there is cash inside and rip the bags open with utility knives to grab the money and other valuables—IN CANADA.
        Jamaicans et al used Western Union to send money home and now there are much easier and quicker ways, including bitcoin plus what I suggested.
        What happens if postal $100 either yours or mine gets lost, mislaid or ripped off en-route?
        You will then go on about “Lobro-the-Cheat” for the entire forum to smirk at in “I told you so” way.
        And I will be thinking the same but without announcing it to the DM bunch.
        Do you want that?
        Moreover, DHL courier not only costs as much as the winning prize itself but it MUST BE ROUTED THROUGH MIAMI where it is routinely opened and all the addresses entered into relevant database:
        “Lasha Darkmoon, real name xxx, address yyy, Madam Butterfly real name ***, address ###, Lobro, real name !!!, address ???
        Is this what you prefer to my “devious ways”

        SWIFT Codes and BIC codes are part of the ISO 9362 standards for sending money internationally. SWIFT stands for Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication, while BIC is short for Bank Identifier Code. SWIFT and BIC codes are used all over the world to identify bank branches when you make international payments, ensuring your money gets to the right place.

        Of course if you have no bank account, never heard of such a thing, then cash it must be, I have prepared a floating bottle to drop into the Andaman Sea labeled “Madam Butterfly”, sealed with organic beeswax with couple of chocolate truffles to make it seaworthy, keep the nickels+dimes company.

      5. Mme 🦋, fine by me, let’s call it off, hope you had as much fun with the BET as I did.
        I got more than $100 worth of entertainment, wouldn’t trade it for $200 plus a chess game won in three (or is 4 the minimum, don’t have a board in front of me to verify) moves.

        Wishing you success in consuming whatever is on your plate (as long as you don’t get fat in process, of course)

      6. @Lobro

        Mme 🦋, fine by me, let’s call it off, hope you had as much fun with the BET as I did.

        I am little disappointed in MB but she is a lady after all and we shall treat her as such.

        Now, since the bet is off, I can step up to the plate without feeling any guilt of taking an easy and sure (well, almost sure, not to be too dogmatic about it) candy from a baby.

        Here is the contract:

        (1) Lobro names the dollar amount 500 < N < 1000 he is willing to risk (no less than $500 but not to exceed $1000).

        (2) The bet is about whether Donald J. Trump gets inaugurated as the next POTUS in January 2021 or not.

        (3) If Donald J. Trump is inaugurated, Circassian loses the bet and he owes Lobro N dollars.

        (4) If Donald J. Trump is NOT inaugurated, Lobro loses the bet and he owes Circassian N dollars.

        (5) If, for whatever reason, the inauguration does not take place during the month of January 2021, the bet is off.

        (6) The debt is to be paid via PayPal not later than two weeks after the inauguration.

        I have just renewed my PayPal account, which I have not used for a long time. The show must go on.

        Give us the dollar amount N you feel comfortable with, Lobro.

        1. @ Circassian

          Ye Gods! I did not expect this from you!
          You are the Russian Machiavelli!
          — Or is it Rasputin? Not quite sure! 🙂

          1. And how about if I bet you $10,000 that Lobro will refuse your bet?

            He doesn’t mind losing a hundred bucks to a nice lady like me — it’s like treating me to lunch in a nice restaurant — but’s he’s too smart an operator to risk losing $500-1000 on a bet with the Russian Machiavelli aka Rasputin! 🙂

            Unfortunately, I can’t bet you $10,000, my legal secretary sister-in-law advises me. Why? Because there’s no way we can send $10,000 IN CASH ENVELOPES to a P.O. Box number. Too risky! Say cash never arrives? Who would insure the individual packages? The only way to do this, she suggests, is illegal: to hire a courier and smuggle out the cash in moneybags or in a suitcase.

      7. Circ,
        I do accept your offer, $N in the pot, where Nꜫ[500, 1000].
        You choose the actual amount (N), whatever you are comfortable with.
        Btw, the Vegas book has Biden as overwhelming favorite, 20:1 (5.46% Trump vs. 94.73% Biden) but because this is a friendly bet, I accept it at even odds.
        Where I serious about it, I could lay it on a line professionally and in case of Trump winning, come out $20k ahead.

      8. @Lobro

        I do accept your offer, $N in the pot, where Nꜫ[500, 1000]. You choose the actual amount (N), whatever you are comfortable with.

        Btw, the Vegas book has Biden as overwhelming favorite, 20:1 (5.46% Trump vs. 94.73% Biden) but because this is a friendly bet, I accept it at even odds.

        Not bad, not bad at all!

        There is this Circassian saying: Think before you speak, look around before you saddle*. You thought it out rather well, and you looked around good. Perhaps that makes you a Circassian… in spirit, we might say, if not in flesh 🙂

        Enough of lyrics, back to business. Before I give an answer to your answer, may I take a look at the carefully calibrated estimate of Trump vs Biden odds in the Lobro book.

        * Гупсыси псалъэ, зыплъыхьи тIыс! Don’t try this out in the Google translator – it is not intelligent enough to discern my native tongue. But you can hear it here as refrain in this Circassian rap:

      9. Lobro,

        It is regrettable that my request for Trump vs Biden odds in the Lobro book has been ignored. In this situation, the most reasonable way to conclude this contract I can think of is as follows.

        Since I am all but certain that you will lose the bet, it would be greedy to set N=1000, which certainly is not something I would be comfortable with, so here is my answer: N=500.

        I am looking forward to debt settlement after the inauguration day.

  19. Any and all resistance against the jew is “hatred”. The others even when warm and welcoming, are always perceived as potential enemies. In the mind of the jew, the fault of any conflict never lies within himself, nor is it due to his bad behavior, his lack of scruples or his superiority complex; the others inexplicable hatred of the jew is always explained by some defect of mind, heart or character that the others collectively possess. The others are sick and need a jewish cure. He has many prescriptions.

    This is why the jew believes that other peoples are only propositional and transient social constructs. The others soon think of themselves in the same way. The jew deconstructs, redefines or eliminates them. The others are successfully psychologically conditioned. They believe that their ethnocentrism, their simple preference for their own people, is evil. Yet the jews ethnocentrism, its jewish preference for itself over all Others, is moral, even noble.

    Predictably, the others submit to the jews .With feeble resistance, they accept the dominant superiority of the jewish identity and relinquish their own. They are likely to submit to the influence of a ruthlessly aggressive intellectual power because they are not well-organized, nor generally as verbally adept, as this imposing elite minority.

    A fixed identity within the others terrifies the jew. It is too great a danger to leave intact. He deconstructs to induce ambiguity and self-doubt in the majority. A self-confident people, proud of its history and accomplishments, would be strong enough to resist his influence. But not a herd of rootless citizens who merely share a piece of land.

    Because he is rootless, the jew fosters rootlessness in the others. An alien, he stresses alienation. Perpetually in exile, he desires a society filled with social and political exiles. He loves a people of perennial pariahs, a nation of nebbish neurotics. He adores a world with no borders.

    The others all become self-contained and quarantined outsiders, strangers to themselves. As he erases community, he finds his safety zone. The others each seem to be “bowling alone”; the jewis on a unified and successful team.

    Only the jews identity is fixed and non-negotiable, not up for debate. A deferential “special understanding” is the only acceptable attitude when he desecrates the traditions held sacred by the others. The others must “grow a sense of humor” as the jew mocks their culture, their faith, their God, their manners, their politics or their race.

    But when one person verbalizes the mildest criticism of HIS jewishnes and its arrogant behavior, that man or woman is destroyed personally, professionally, politically, family attacked, friends intimidated, place of business boycotted, threatened and vandalized. The jew alone has the privilege to defame others. The jew alone has the privilege to persecute, even with the law, those who fight against its power. The jew alone has the privilege to utterly destroy any man or woman willing to oppose its advance. He wields his jewish privilege like a weapon.

    The jew hates to see other fish swim so sleekly. He hates to see other birds fly so freely. He maladjusts the well-adjusted. He smashes any resistance to his cultural readjustments. He destroys the well-ordered and well-formed; for he is neither. He loathes the shape and the sound of them. He prompts chaos amidst order. He instigates division amidst unity. He is the arbiter of division.

    In a cosmopolitan society of numerous ethnicities and religions, jewish cooperation prevails over individualism. His history has taught him this lesson. While embracing ethnocentrism and exclusivity within the cocoon of his in-group, jewishl activists emphasize “world citizenship” for the gullible others. He teaches non-assimilation, racial pride, separatism and superiority to his own children. The jew preaches the anti-nationalist, anti-natalist doctrines of diversity, equality, multiculturalism and integration for everyone else.

    The jewhas many psychological methods to intellectually deconstruct the nationalist feelings that the others possess. His greatest fear is that the others will recognize him for what he is, organize themselves to combat his destruction of their culture and theft of their treasure, and cast him out.

    Throughout human history, the jew is initially welcomed into a society with open arms. Within a few years, the same society is hostile towards him. Eventually he is expelled with burning anger and violent force. This has occurred in every place he has ever resided. He has been expelled from thousands of communities, from countless cities, towns, villages and hamlets. He has been driven from nation after nation after nation throughout the ages, from time immemorial. When the true nature of the jew is understood, he will be expelled again.

    The jew always anticipates his eventual violent rejection and plans accordingly. He pretends not to understand the reasons for this rejection or for the historical hatred collectively kindled against him. He even pretends to study the issue objectively and academically, as if he wishes to find a way to remedy it.

    Hence, the jew lies, deceiving the shallow-minded herd of common people. He is no victim; he is a victimizer. It has always been this way. He is not deceived or confused about his identity in relationship to his host. He understands very well why he is hated. He anticipates and attempts to contain or manipulate this hatred.

    Hence, the jew individualizes the others and prevents the solidarity of a real community capable of mass resistance against him. This is why he features the outsider, the immigrant, the mutant, the rebel and the sexual minority as heroic figures within his novels, plays, comic books and films. The jew glorifies alienation and fatalism amongst the majority communities. Cynicism, defamation, glibness, mockery and ridicule are his stock-in-trade. Satire is his prime instrument of deconstruction.

    With his humor, the jewish activist tears at the very essence of the others, at their inner strength and character. His is not a comedy merely for the cultivation of laughter within an audience. It is yet another means of jewish warfare against the others. He lampoons and delegitimizes them as a people. He mocks who and what they are. His poison pen taints their epics, their fables, their heroes, their legends. Their sages. Their saints. He deconstructs any institution which provides them comfort or rest from his relentless influence. He scavenges from the host culture shamelessly, yet always maintains his venomous hatred against it. Then he sells it all back to the others with a laugh track tastelessly attached.

    Civilization is a thin crust over a volcano; the jew is always picking at this crust.

    This cultural deconstructor instills collective historical guilt and shame in the minds of the youth for atrocities that happened long before they were born; he does this to weaken and anesthetize them, readying their minds for the self-hatred that he will be everlastingly selling them, day and night without rest. He never stops reminding the others of their guilt and how it requires the others to give up their future, their heritage, even their memorials and monuments, their collective memory, their very right to exist. Yet he speaks of his own jewish people as the historical bearers of universal ethics, eternally innocent and without blemish.

    After he consolidates intellectual dominance, the jew peddles pornography, obscenity and sickness to the citizens to break down their moral defenses. He commercializes and monetizes sexuality. He sells every public and private vice to the others, morphing them to moral hypocrites, dulling their righteous resolve to fight his corruption of every area of society.

    He encourages the abuse of alcohol, designer drugs and pharmaceuticals of every kind. He peddles poisonous, unhealthy food and a mind, body and soul-destroying diet to the public through a steady stream of commercial advertising aimed at children.

    The jews mainstreams vulgarity. He elevates and exalts public lewdness and vulgar anti-social behavior to a place of respect. Yet he simultaneously vulgarizes and lowers every higher moral value to mere expediency and gain. The sacred becomes a punchline. The sordid becomes a sacrament. The minister is a monster, but the sex worker has a heart of gold.

    He profits mightily from the celebration of self-contamination.

    Divorce rates skyrocket amongst the others. Violent crime rises. Random public massacres of innocents become commonplace. Alcoholism is rampant and socially acceptable. Heroin addiction, mental illness, obesity, opiate abuse, rape, sexually transmitted diseases, single-parent families, teen pregnancies and suicide abound.

    Amongst his own people, the jews stresses the importance of family and children, but mocks these values when they appear in the others. Amongst the others, he propagates positive and humorous media images of adultery, dysfunction, one-night stands, open marriages, swinging, three-ways and wife-swapping.

    The jew does not merely promote minority sexual behaviors. He is obsessed with them. He fetishizes them in film and print. The jew glorifies sexually ambiguous traits utilizing narrative, humor, satire and storytelling. He prefers “sexual fluidity”, sexual ambiguity, a transformative sexuality, rather than defined notions of masculinity and femininity. The jew is uncomfortable with these notions.

    The jew is incorrect to believe that, without him, a society would not extend tolerance to sexual minorities. But he is correct to believe that his sexually radical ideas will be rejected in a society dominated by masculine men and feminine women. Both will be naturally suspicious of him and less susceptible to his moral corruption, thus making his influence conspicuous.

    This is why the jewish activist breaks down any conceptions of gender, all roles and characteristics. He proselytizes with an evangelist’s zeal. Sexuality becomes, not a means of molding a loving relationship, a family or a society, but solely a way that one achieves self-satisfaction and expresses one’s individualism. To the jew, sexuality is mere accessorizing. The jew is ambiguous and fluid. He thrives where these characteristics thrive. Social approval of these traits is his prime objective.

    Soon, millions of the others identify themselves by an expanding list of sexual designators. This divides the culture along sexual identitarian lines; it provides the tribalist with a plethora of new sexual minorities to instill with discontentment, fatalism and grievance. It provides more out-groups for the jews to mobilize when he deems it politically advantageous to his own in-group objectives.

    The jews and the host are of one accord. The citizens of the nation-state share the jewish hatred of their own culture and people. They identify with what the jewish minority considers important. This alien minority shapes and molds the way the majority think about themselves, their history, their religion, their traditions. This tiny minority is intimately interested in the majority, how and whom they love and hate, how they view themselves.

    The jews thoughts often fixate on theories of sexuality or scatology, not necessarily in that order. They are fixated on the mental life, the sexual and reproductive practices and the excretory functions of the others. Any negative stereotypes about the jew do not reflect the jews observably negative social behavior. These stereotypes are caused only by the sexual repressions and hang-ups lodged within the minds of the others.

    They also believe that the others are constantly obsessed with them. Yet no one could be more obsessed with his own identity than an elitist sporting a Messiah complex. The jew has no genuine religious impulse any higher or nobler than conceited self-worship. The jewish religion is the ethnocentric ritualization of the techniques utilized to control the host.

    The jews conducts public and private studies, he collects data from polls and surveys to measure, at any given moment, how much he is hated by the majority. Any who harbor negative feelings towards the jews and his people are labeled as dangerous, delusional, hateful, mentally ill, worthy of criminal prosecution.

    Any nation which is dominated by the jews is labeled as a “democracy”; the jewish media will describe such a nation as a free, liberal and open society that is pluralistic, tolerant and being strengthened by its open borders and diversity. Any nation not fully under jewish domination is labeled as “authoritarian”; the jewish media will describe such a nation as dangerously nationalistic, corrupt, a crypto-fascist closed society, a country that is racist, xenophobic and led by a warmongering dictator with a cult of personality.

    All leaders who have historically opposed the jews and his people are portrayed as pure unadulterated evil, as hatred personified. They are demonic monsters, inhuman psychotic beasts in human form, both simultaneously sexually repressed and sexually deviant. They are irrational lunatics without nuance, without feelings, without genuine grievances or human qualities or personal interests. They do not possess even the true ability to love.

    Though these leaders are described as utterly delusional and conspiratorial, their actual words are harshly suppressed, their ideas kept from the public. The jewish media only refer to these leaders as violent homicidal racists, one-dimensional single-minded haters possessing maniacal cartoonish fantasies of taking over the world. Yet this simplistic caricature comes far closer to describing the behavior of the jews,rather than the behavior of the jewish enemies.

    Any organizations which oppose the jews whether they contain Alt-Rightists, neo-reactionaries, civic or identitarian nationalists, Old Leftists or anti-war socialists, will always be labeled as hate organizations populated by fascists and supremacists for the sole purpose of blindly hating and oppressing the jew for no reason whatsoever. This is the narrative parroted by the employees of the jewish media apparatus.

    Any individual who publicly opposes the jews, whether in word or deed, is immediately characterized as an unperson. This unperson is addressed as if he is a sick and criminally insane terrorist, a hate criminal, a freak of nature who deserves no freedom of speech, no mercy, no livelihood, no love, no understanding, no voice whatsoever.Jewish organizations use boycotts, epithets and defamation against the individual to force him to recant. He is “outed” within his community so that he might be shamed in front of his peers and lose his reputation and his employment, possibly even his wife and children. His fear of being ostracized by normal society, of becoming an outcast, personally and economically, is supposed to ensure his silence. He is supposed to remain quiet and compliant as the jews deconstructs his culture and even poisons the minds of his innocent children.

    No one who opposes the jews can ever possess a morally legitimate reason for doing so. No one who criticizes the jewsis ever acknowledged to have a reason or a right to do so. No one who has been victimized by the jew is entitled to feel victimized. He is never allowed to verbalize his feelings without afterwards being demonized as irrationally hateful. He is always intimidated, broken, induced to feel fear, guilt. To the jewish mind, any resistance against his jewishl power is immoral, a crime against the unyielding law of chutzpah. Only the jew is allowed the luxury of basking in victimization.

    Those of the others who do resist his power, who peacefully protest against jewish dominance openly and vocally within the public square are violently attacked by a minority coalition consisting of Antifa mercenaries, Black Lives Matter street agitators and various other aggrieved entities. These are the proxy armies of the jews. They are armed, groomed, indoctrinated, trained and paid to violently terrorize and silence the recalcitrant others. Within the herd minds of the shock troops, the only permissible thoughts are the ones installed by the jews. Upon the tongues of the shock troops are the talking points written by the jews. They must not think or speak for themselves. They must only do the wet work assigned to a proxy army.

    The most psychotic and unhinged elements of society are unleashed upon the streets, to prevent peaceful protest, to damage the others, to physically terrorize them for their open resistance. The jew must make a public example out of any who politically resist his influence, thus frightening those who might potentially join their ranks. Resistance must be harshly punished. The others are assaulted with battery acid, bleach, pepper spray, human feces and urine, as well as used condoms and bloody tampons. Some are blinded, injured and burned by these acts of violent terror. Yet the police promptly arrest and jail any protestors who defend themselves against the proxy army.

    In his collectivist mind, every instance of jewish hatred and paranoia against the majority is always justified. He is accorded the privilege of collectively dehumanizing and suppressing his host at his own leisure while elevating his own ethnocentric political concerns above all others. It is this brand of arrogant and domineering behavior that has always led to massive retaliation.

    The jewish activist installs deep psychological triggers in the others through his domination of the public discourse. Hence, any animosity felt towards the jews by the others will immediately induce discomfort, fear and an unexplainable guilt. The others begin to voluntarily censor and police their own thoughts. They must only think positive thoughts about the tribe. They must only speak positive words about the jews. They must divert their eyes from the negative facets of the jewish presence. Even in private, the others dare not countenance the truth, whether in thought or speech. Otherwise, they may eventually be punished and made to suffer.

    Even as he dominates, the jews disarms the others’ intellectual defenses in all spheres of thought. He quiets any objections to his immoral behavior by appealing to moralistic sentimentality, by emphasizing the depths of his unique historical pain, his status as history’s ultimate victim. For he is the underdog in chameleon skin. He inserts the narrative of his eternal victimhood into every area of public life.

    Jewish organizations commission the construction of gaudy museums costing hundreds of millions of dollars to commemorate their persecution as a powerless minority. These museums are largely built using tax dollars taken forcibly from the majority. As hundreds of millions of the others file through these museums, they are theatrically and traumatically reminded of the unassailable righteousness of the jews, the fact that the jew is always and everywhere persecuted for no reason whatsoever, and that the others must worship the unique and holy nature of jewish suffering. To collectively atone for the trauma caused to the jew the others are instructed to help create a world where their own ethnocentrism is criminalized and the extravagant ethnocentrism of the tribe is enshrined in law.

    The jews demands that the others give him the land, the money and the weaponry to create a jewish state for himself. He assures his host that this will be a productive, self-sustaining “democratic” nation. But it is not.

    The jews instead sets up a parasite state on land stolen from its indigenous population. Jewish activists slaughter, rape, plunder and ethnically cleanse its inhabitants. He enslaves those who remain in squalid concentration camps. He steals their property, bulldozes and dynamites their homes. His brethren set fire to their crops, kill their livestock and poison their water supply with raw sewage.

    The jews harvests the organs of his murdered victims and sells them on the black market. He makes a handsome profit. He is happy. He assassinates the remaining indigenous activists, artists and intellectuals who speak out against his atrocities. The most violent of the jewishcommunity build armed and gated settlements on stolen land and brutally murder its former inhabitants to induce further terror in the populace. He uses chemical weapons, including white phosphorus, on civilian populations, burning alive men, women and children.

    Thejewish parasite state becomes an international headquarters for drugs, financial banditry, militarism, human trafficking, organ trafficking, organized crime, prostitution, pornography, sex slavery, usury and every other kind of vice. The jew extracts trillions of dollars from the others to prop up an economy based on crime, parasitism and speculation. The jewis given the most advanced military technology in the world. There are no strings attached. Loans made to the parasite state are never repaid.

    Governmental programs created to help the others who are disabled, poor and elderly are slashed or eliminated. Yet the amount of money taken from the others and given to the parasite state increases every year. Many within the majority cannot afford basic health care for their families, but their tax dollars guarantee first-rate health care to every jewish citizen of the parasite state.

    The jews demands that the others never criticize the parasite state or its policies of mass displacement, state terrorism and murder perpetrated on the non-jewish population. The jews demands to be treated as a victim of “hatred” as he eliminates the rights, crushes the freedom and denies the humanity of an entire group of people. He also demands that the others wage proxy battles against the enemies of the parasite state. This is why the others seem to be engaged in endless wars and nation-building. Only politicians who have mortgaged their souls to the tribalist and his parasite state are permitted to be elected.

    Yet the jew always hard-sells his own victimization, an emotional byproduct of his self-absorption. He plays at the role of a persecuted and powerless minority, even as he bends the majority to his will. The others are collectively blamed for the jews historical shortcomings and the parasite state’s contemporary crimes.

    The majority are thus morally indicted, delegitimized and neutered, unable to defend themselves from this organized minority’s assaults upon their culture. To note the dual morality and utter hypocrisy of this entire parasitic arrangement is not to invite debate. It is only to invite the hair-trigger vengeance of the tribalist.

    The jew has observed and studied the others for centuries; the jews understands their strengths and weaknesses. He seems to have an intimate insight into their psychology and how to manipulate it. This is why he always equates his uniquely jewish ideas with notions of democracy, freedom, justice, humanism, pluralism, progress, even love. Narrow ethnocentric tribalist objectives are couched in disingenuously inclusive universalist language.

    By sheer force of repetition, this alien minority’s political passions and personal obsessions eventually become majority opinion. The others internalize the self-hatred taught to them by an ancient self-worshipping ethnic entity residing among them. They are worn down by the persistence of this minority’s clever and hateful attacks against their culture. Sadly, the others rarely recognize the author of this strange new hatred that they feel toward themselves and their history.

    Soon, this minority convinces the guilt-wracked majority to open the gates of their nation, to allow in millions of people who are hostile to their traditions, unassimilable and violent. Yet this same jewish minority demands the collective privilege not to assimilate with the others. Ethnocentric jewish organizations openly attempt to prevent members of the jews from intermarrying with the majority population. Intermarriage and assimilation with the others is described as “genocide”. The others can disappear, but the jew must be preserved at all costs.

    The others must throw open their gates to the world, while the parasite state only allows fellow jewsto become citizens. The others must eventually even intermarry with the newcomers, while the parasite state legally criminalizes marriages between tribalists and the indigenous non-tribalist population.

    The elitist jews politically ally themselves with the migrating newcomers. They tutor their newest proletariat in discontentment, entitlement, grievance and violent political revolution against the others. They write propaganda on behalf of the newcomers, portraying the others as hateful, exclusive and deserving of punishment and death.

    Jews charities begin to bankroll the newcomers. Jewish legal foundations represent them in court cases designed to prevent the others from protecting and preserving their nation or its borders. Few of the minorities and newcomers understand how politically useful they are to the jewish clique whose only motivation is dividing and destroying the majority culture. Their purposes are not the elevation of humanity and the welcoming of the stranger. Their purposes are: subversion, domination, profit through inversion and perversion of all values, and the extortion and robbery of the citizenry through parasitic non-productive and destructive tribal behavior.

    Arson, robbery, rape and the murder of innocent civilians and police officers predictably follows. The others are disorganized and unprepared for the broadside attack launched against them by a diverse coalition of many minorities, but led by only one.

    The jew prepares the others for minority status. After several generations, the others are a tiny hated minority within their nation, besieged on all sides. A jewish media barrages them with distraction, degeneracy and deprecation of their culture. This media covers up violence committed against them. As the others are being displaced, they are simultaneously financially plundered, forced by law to pay for their own dispossession. The jewassures an impoverished multicultural majority with no recognizable identity that the others will soon disappear.

    And the nation explodes, cities burn, markets crash, the economy is bankrupted; its inhabitants begin to starve. Homelessness is rampant. The others cease to reproduce themselves and demographically fade away. Their remaining numbers are subjected to ever more vicious and sadistic acts of brutality. Terrorism, including random beatings, beheadings, bombings, gang rapes, shootings, stabbings and mass murder via vehicular homicide, is the new normal. The streets are unsafe. Women, children and the elderly are sexually violated. The entire population is hooked on pharmaceuticals, hard drugs and alcohol. Pornography grows more twisted in its depictions. It is everywhere.

    Every facet of existence has been thoroughly demystified, monetized, sexualized. All innocence is lost. Once the jewhas infused his unhealthy nature into a once healthy culture, that culture begins to wither and die.

    The whole society collapses under the weight of jewishl corruption. Its defenses and immune system are eliminated. The fish flails upon the shore, desperate for air. The bird’s wings are broken, but fluttering for flight. The jew is in his natural habitat.

    Throughout the ages, this pattern can be observed again and again. History is a doomed repetition because true history is never taught, thus never learned. An advanced civilization rises to great prominence, bestrides the globe for a time, then crumbles to ruin. Court historians posit the reasons, but are silent about the familiar and recurring nature of the jews pattern.

    This opportunistic disease always attacks in the same way. It strikes at the foundations that hold a nation-state together. It subverts all immune systems that prevent its domination. This jews eats at the traditions and culture of the majority population. It tears at the fabric of their faith. It poisons their very roots, indoctrinating their children with lies, half-truths and self-hatred. It corrupts the individual and the government. It destroys a nation from within. It deconstructs any pride they have in their people and replaces it with shame.

    The jew breaks down their monuments, their memorials, their statues, their crosses, their creches, their collective memory. He replaces them with his own symbols, his own pantheon of cosmopolitan heroes for a rootless global citizenry. Rather than celebrating a nation’s people, heroism, honor and strength, these new landmarks and mementos only glorify division, grievance, martyrdom, victimization. Identity is replaced with indignity.

    The ideological religion of eternal jewish suffering and unassailable moral righteousness is the unofficial religion of the state. The priorities of its government, military and judicial system begin to reflect his unique moral character, or lack thereof.

    Even as it attacks its own host with terrorism, financial and military support to the parasite state never ceases. It only increases. Because of the murderous nature of the parasite state, the others are always contending with its enemies. The others bleed and die for the parasite state and give up their treasure to defend the treachery of the tribalist, even as it bankrupts them.

    The jew politically radicalizes and weaponizes minorities by appealing to their grievances. He praises every type of destructive individualism, every harmful habit, every sickness of spirit. There is no community that the jew will not try to deconstruct. It shreds all standards of differentiation, except those upheld by the jews. Its sexuality is radical. Its sensuality is loveless and mechanical, fickle in its materialistic plasticity. Its media is a circumcised circle jerk. Its journalists bleed yellow. It promotes vulgarity and depravity and decomposition. It wallows in ambiguity. It revels in confusion.

    This jew turn any healthy culture into a hypersexualized pornographic low-brow throwaway tabloid scatological schlock culture. It commercializes, distorts and monetizes all values. It knows the price of everything and the value of absolutely nothing. It promotes inverted morality and inverted sexuality. It mocks healthy family life amongst the others and consistently stands against higher life of every kind.

    Yes, the Jewish activist is hostile to all peoples, but his hostility burns most intensely against white European people. He sees Europeans always as the Ultimate Others, his most ancient and formidable of enemies. Through his actions, he assures them that his hostility can never be assuaged or extinguished. It is a hostility as old as recorded history, as new as the crisp pages of today’s New York Times. It is often veiled, but never hidden. It is not a conspiracy, for it is not a secret. It is simply a taboo topic.

    To understand jewish hostility is to understand an ancient supremacism, an unrelenting ethnic hatred never quenched. His perceived opportunism is a disease of his mind. The unity of his vision and his tribal strength can only come from the disunity, lack of vision and utter moral weakness and corruption of the eternal others, his greatest enemies, the European man and the European woman. The price of his jewish domination will be paid with their very lives, with the promise of a future without them.

    The jews ultimate objective is the biological, civilizational, cultural, genetic, historical, territorial and spiritual extinction of the European people. He will never relent in his pursuit of this goal. He will be neither dissuaded nor deterred from it. With each passing day, he devises yet more devious and elaborate means to achieve his objective, all while attempting to deemphasize his influence and his tribalist motivations. Thus far, left unchecked, he has sickened European civilization nearly to the point of existential death.

    1. This post is a standalone achievement head and shoulders above anything I have seen on internet, no groveling apologia for daring to speak the pure truth.

      It deserves the widest dissemination to disinfect any mind harboring notions of Good Jew.
      Or how someone whom Jew patently hates from the base of his being can yet be a truly bad person, hence it is one’s duty to align with Jew shoulder to shoulder projecting hate upon the same person—MY PET GRIEVANCE AGAINST GORMLESS GOY, stupidly digging his own grave.

      I am convinced that Ezra Pound salutes you.

      1. PREMANIDHI:
        You JUST wrote the preamble to ‘The Declaration Of White Rights’!

      2. Realist
        “White Rights”? That would be “Human Being Rights” you silly little man. Premanidhi’s article, er I mean comment was a good one, but to say anything alluding to “proxies of Israel” has got it backwards. Since the Balfour Declaration that puny State has been set up as a “geopolitical strawman”, so to speak. More on that later, probably on a different thread.


      You PREMANIDHI, are awesome! The sharpest analysis of “The Jew” I have read in a long time
      Hats up to you. Yours was a long one, but worth it. It is full of gems.

      1. I bet Melvin would have been able to say the same thing Premanidhi is saying in two or three sentences. Melvin was very succinct that way, 😊.

    1. The alternative to Trump is worse, Circ. You claim to be a physicist. So you’d know it’s all relative. That’s all that “matters”

      1. Also, to see my “2 Jew faction” theory as being far fetched wouldn’t be agreed upon by any clear minded observer. You’re looking through a prejudicial lens. You claim to be a physicist and yet show no signs of the kind of objectivism needed to properly support that claim, at least not insofar as this matter is concerned. But subjectivist thinking displayed in fields outside the realms of physical science, as your silly Seinfeld links indicated, carries OVER to those realms. You dont want that. It stymies the learning process.

      2. Circassian’s failure to respond to my above post tells me that he knows his position has been rendered untenable. Checkmate, Boris. Now concede the match to Bobby. You know….like a MAN. 🤨

  20. Everybody hip to the real problem should have nothing to lose by the usa reforming its voting system…. real democracy is the path to world peace and environmental security… but that and the rest of the progressive evolution is probably not realistically feasible, never going to happen without the good hearts aplenty…. there’s the ‘change’ these candidates should be elaborating upon…. I’m thinking that is what most people want…. in the process, the reestablishment of the usa and every country as independent sovereign nations with real borders and voting weight at the world body.. law and order everywhere, otherwise democracy doesn’t work……. coming up fast – an honest banking system…. and a fully functioning free press, with real journalism…. not some tycoon’s propaganda rag…
    Of course the jahudihu want nothing like that…
    The usa is working fine as a stooge-state for their purposes, for quite some time now….
    And with sickness in their hearts they sabotage us….
    And the Muslims and every other fascized faction of whatever lunatics are all dreaming of taking over, running the same game the jooos do now….
    That’s too many people’s idea of the American Dream…

  21. LOBRO:
    Although you are to be commended, on this occasion, for your Act Of Chivalry in forgiving the share-cropperess her debts, may I respectfully suggest that, for any of her future financial foolhardy forays, you now make a mental note of that time-proven maxim “Spare the rod, spoil the child” ?🤔

    1. I quite agree with you, Realist.
      But there may be a different undercurrent here, of remote flirtation which in times of Covid is all one can hope to get and at least we don’t have to stare soulfully over the slave masks 2 meters apart, the online distance while greater is also in some ways more intimate, upbeat and less dystopian.
      In fact it seems that you are carrying on the same type of mating dance worthy of the bower birds of Nova Caledonia.
      Spare not the rod provided she doesn’t spare the spiked heels.
      Of course, the reality can be brutal even to a committed realist when the bower male discovers that the online playmate turns out to be Komodo dragon.

      As my Buddhist interlocutors might say, live and live again until you get it right.
      (I just made an even dumber bet with Circassian but I figure what the hell heck, if I lose at least I will enjoy rubbing what’s coming into the faces of terminal TDSers)

  22. Gratifying to see so many people know about the federal reserve and the Jewish idolatrous idea that they alone control the entire worlds banking. Ethnic cleansing yeah that’s kind of already a reality, with a virus that targets people with Rh positive bloodgroups and then you have the gates foundation which was founded by another Jewish banker and the whole eugenics movement which was born in the USA. But it was a little gratifying to read that the very founder of Chabad Lubavitcher died from his own eugenics creation. The EU is nothing but more banks, under Jewish control. At last the great sin of Jewdaism is reaveled to the world and there time has come. Literally there time has run dry. They may not believe it but when you expose two realities one where your own deity says you will not and then you do regardless then yeah it will lead to a kind of absolution they did not envisage.

  23. What if I told you that rendlesham forest was no accident and that aliens do exist, what if I told you that the only ones dying from covid had a mixture of haptic disease and D antigen and that those being spared where all D antigen negative. Nephalim says the Hebrew text, but the Nephalim are the fallen angels, how ready would you be to take that antiviral shot knowing it might be what kills you. Big banks and Jewry has had this coming for a which because if you where truely socialist then you admit to no belief in God, you would be atheist yes? But then you place yourself above your God and deity. Elohim. Who said you would not return to the land of Israel.

  24. The blasphemy is clear, Jews believe they are above the judgement of the fallen, above the judgement of on high… Now they fall in legion as they try to explain the inner workings of the financial system that they helped to create, is not money the root of all evil and with great power does it not come with great respocibility, there hatred of the naughbor there love for those of shaudi bloodline, we know what you are.. Covertous, sacraligious, standing outside a Catholic Church pepper spraying protestors, infecting the world with idolatry and false words of hope peace and sanctuary, defying Elohim by going back to the lands from which you where banished. Calling those lesser than themselves kooshim. You day has come the anti-Christ is here and now. Yet there is no repentance in there heart or there deeds and they shall be consumed by the very holy fire which they have unleashed upon the world.

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