Classic David Irving Interview by BBC’s David Frost Programme (1977) released from original archives

David Frost returns . . . . . The original archive tapes of the BBC’s David Frost Programme, in which Frost attempts before an invited audience on June 9, 1977 to destroy Mr Irving’s just-published book Hitler’s War – and fails, as the U.K. Press admits next day: Thank you, YouTube

Three cheers for David Irving! The sparks really fly in this electrifying interview in which Irving’s implacable enemies try to destroy his reputation as a historian but signally fail to do so. Irving remains relatively cool and calm, despite the provocations of his malicious critics, and emerges as the clear victor. [LD]   

VIDEO  :  27.30 mins

22 thoughts to “Classic David Irving Interview by BBC’s David Frost Programme (1977) released from original archives”

  1. Great introduction to a younger David Irving; but, really, all it does is substantiate the claim that people’s opinions cannot be changed by argument, no matter how factual. They simply find other ways to voice them. 😖

  2. It’s a great book. As historically accurate as anything on the subject. Why? Because it is based on actual documents, diaries and interviews with surviving participants. The jews hate Irving because he dares to question their unquestionable narrative.
    The 6 million myth is preposterous. Even one with an elementary understanding of simple mathematics can see that such outrageous claims are impossible.
    Put this in your pipe and smoke it… more innocent human beings died in the two-day fire-bombing of Dresden – February 14-5, 1945 than ALL of the jews who died in the whole of World War Two… over 250,000. That was a REAL HOLOCAUST (burnt offering)!

    1. Joe,
      Just when I thought your posts couldn’t possibly get any better… you RAISE THE BAR!

      1. @ The Realist

        There are TWO “Joes” posting comments on this site — “Joe” and “TheRealOriginalJoe” (aka TROJ) and I think you may be getting them mixed up.

  3. Toejam does cherish his first print 1977 copy of Hitler’s War. It has an honored place on my book selves next to “The Destruction of Dresden” first edition.

  4. I could change my handle to “FlatEarthTruthTrooper” if that would help end all the confusion as to who’s who. 😊

      1. PAT :

        The flat earth is pretty thick but not as thick as your thick head, 😊.

  5. Thanks to people like David Irving, Eustace Mullins, and Adolf Hitler, many of us have come to the realization of the primary causes of the downfalls of Western Civilization. This site, too, has a good role in the exposition, as well. (As to Trump, if the Jews hate him so much, he MUST be doing something right… 🤔 )

    1. Poor Gilbert! I feel so sorry for you that you need Trump so badly, as if he were your fairy godfather. What does he have to do to you before you wake up? Does he need to stab you in the back and cut off your balls before you get the message that he doesn’t give a rat’s ass for you or for the America you love?



      1. I only choose from what I’m given to select, Mr. Sard. I utterly DESPISE leftists, and I try to keep up with disappointing them. (Too bad you seem to lean that way, yourself.)

      2. Gilbert, I have news for you. I have more in common with you than you think. Most of my views are conservative. I don’t lean to left at all, unless you think that fair treatment for the working classes and the poor is a leftist value. I am for a fairer division of the cake and I am against a society in which masters are free to bully and oppress their servants. Do not tell me you support the elite oppressors, dear Gilbert! 🙂

      3. I know you think I’m not a nice person because I don’t share your uncritical admiration of Donald Trump. I’d be only too happy to join you in Trump Worship if your hero actually DID something to justify the admiration.

        But sorry, dear Gilbert, with the best will in the world I find it extremely hard to worship a man who helps the Jews plunder Palestine and kill and maim Palestinian children, a man who breaks all his electoral promises, a man who who takes money from the Jewish gambling tycoon Sheldon Adelson and carries out his wishes, a man who was a regular visitor of the Jewish sexual pervert Jeffrey Epstein on his pedo island, and who indulges in uninhibited locker room talk about how easy he finds it to grope women.

        What’s not to admire, eh? 🙂

        Would you like him so much if he groped your daughter? That’s an honest question. Would you?

      4. A good comment from Sardonicus, it’s a shame that he doesn’t realize that many posters on this site are just jews who keep pretending to be otherwise, balancing to be found out.

      5. Sard –

        As I said, I only support Tump in lieu of having someone better. I certainly understand your apprehensions, but open hostility inadvertently supports those much worse. As for the little minds who accuse ME of being a “jew”… well, I leave them to their delusions. I am, simply, an American concerned about his own country; and neither Palestine nor China nor Israhell, nor anywhere else, comes close by comparison.

    “There are two Joes posting here….”

    Then we can thank our lucky stars that Joe Biden isn’t posting here – at least as far as I’m aware – to further add to the confusion.

  7. Wow, these comments went straight off-track.
    Excellent video, oozing with BBC bias.
    Irving is the best historian on the second world war.
    Reminds me of the David Cole vs Phil Donahue vid: lotsa hate from the audience.

  8. What’s with that freakish visual representation of Hitler? He looks like a cartoon of a Jew. If it’s a photo it has been faked. Someone is trying to cast him in a bad light.

  9. To keep the narrative going in which to extort money a villain needs to be In existence, in which to have credence and moral justification to continue the farce.

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