Conspiracy-Theorist-in-Chief Donald Trump is a “Dangerous Buffoon” 

By Finian Cunningham
Information Clearing House
June 11, 2020


“Trump is showing himself to be completely deranged as well as being a chillingly cynical practitioner of the dark arts. His earlier advice about people drinking household bleach as a cure for Covid-19 also shows him to be a dangerous buffoon.” — Finian Cunningham

DONALD TRUMP’S indulgence in conspiracy theories is running amok. The latest is his speculation that a 75-year-old man who had his skull split open by police was a “provocateur”.

The man in question, Martin Gugino, was shoved to the ground by police officers after he approached them openly, without threat and in broad daylight during a public protest in Buffalo, New York state. He fell backwards, suffering concussion and spilling blood on the sidewalk. Dozens of police officers in riot gear then walked past his prone body to enforce a curfew.

Two officers have been subsequently charged with assault over the incident.

A follow-up report on the One American News Network, a pro-Trump outlet, claimed that Gugino may have been a supporter of antifascist provocateurs. Trump then amplified that highly speculative report with his Twitter platform.

This time Trump may have gone too far even for Republican lawmakers and senior GOP figures. Several of them deplored the president for “fanning the flames” of violence and “reckless” peddling of conspiracy theories.

There is no evidence that the elderly protester was doing anything other than peacefully exercising his Constitutional right to support the mass demonstrations that have engulfed the US after the killing of African-American man George Floyd by Minneapolis police on 25 May.


Like thousands of other US citizens protesting against police brutality over the past two weeks, Martin Gugino (pictured above) found himself subjected to police brutality.

The world has been shocked by images of officers manhandling civilians, driving vehicles into crowds, shooting at journalist crews and sweeping into neighbourhoods like vigilante gangs, yelling at residents to go inside their homes.

Trump has pitched himself as a “law and order president”, calling for the National Guard to back up riot police. He and his supporters have sought to portray largely peaceful protests as being infiltrated by extreme leftwing subversives, referred to as “Antifa”. This is not to deny that such radical activists exist across the US, but Trump’s claims about their presence and influence are grossly exaggerated.

Even US law enforcement organisations have found little evidence of Antifa being responsible for fomenting protests in hundreds of American cities and towns, the vast majority of which have been peaceful and of a wide multiracial composition, simply demanding an end to racist policing.

Trump’s seeking of a scapegoat has been echoed by his Secretary of State Mike Pompeo who has hinted darkly at “outsiders” whipping up protests.

This conspiratorial thinking is aimed at confusing the overdue public debate on US police brutality and militarisation of law and order. By blaming others and inflaming passions and prejudices, the desired effect is to let the system off the hook.

The same blame-game is at play over Trump’s attempts to incriminate China or the World Health Organisation for spreading the coronavirus pandemic.

Like his latest Tweet about a 75-year-old man being a provocateur for getting his head smashed in by police, Trump has accused China without a shred of evidence of releasing the virus from one of its laboratories.

It really is a sign of how extreme Trump has become when Ari Fleischer, the former press secretary of Iraq War president GW Bush, has denounced the current White House Commander-in-Chief as “reckless in trafficking conspiracy theories”.

Earlier this week, Trump’s White House switched the “Antifa” trope by claiming that the mass protests across the US were the work of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

Trump is showing himself to be completely deranged as well as being a chillingly cynical practitioner of the dark arts. His earlier advice about people drinking household bleach as a cure for Covid-19 also shows him to be a dangerous buffoon.

But the truth is that such conspiratorial loony-thinking is embedded in US political culture in a way that cuts across both so-called right and left.

The supposed liberals in the Democrats and their supportive media like the New York Times  and CNN may condemn Trump for peddling outlandish speculation and for “pouring gasoline on flames”.

But these same sources have been relentlessly pumping out nonsense about Russian and Chinese interference in US politics, setting up geopolitical conflicts that pander to American imperialism and its military industrial complex.For decades, it is a staple of US politics and establishment media to portray American social problems as the work of outside agitators and foreign enemies. McCarthyism, Red-baiting and so.

Conspiracy-thinking about phantom bogeymen is the traditional way for US politics to avoid fundamental democratic change because it conceals the inner corruption. It’s just rather apt that’s all that the current president is a conspiracy theorist-in-chief.



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  1. A brilliant article! Short and crisp and not a word wasted. The well-chosen pictures with their hard-hitting captions only serve to increase the impact of this article.

    America is now well on its way to becoming a Third World police state under its mentally deranged president.

    I’m sorry to say this, but anyone who still backs this guy has to have a few screws loose.

    1. Trump is a Deep State operative in the employ of Judaism, as he has proven with Israel. The US has been infiltrated by communist Jews who hate everything not Jewish. That’s the real evil. It’s just a matter of time now before they start up the murder machine to get rid of White Gentiles.

      1. Andy Smith-Atkins said,

        “Trump is a Deep State operative in the employ of Judaism, as he has proven with Israel. The US has been infiltrated by communist Jews who hate everything not Jewish.” You nailed it, Andy!

        ISISrael has 45 by the throat. It has a lot of dirt on him like they did with Slick Willy. First Monica Lewinsky dress then their phone conversations. His only crime, he did not want to release Jonathon Pollard who stole America’s top secret and sold it to ISISrael and other enemies of the US.

        That is the reason Mossad motto is ” By Way of Deception.”

    2. SAKI,

      This a genuine post and a very articulated one that I have seen in a very long time.

      My favorite part was:

      “I’m sorry to say this, but anyone who still backs this guy has to have a few screws loose.”

      Ain’t that the truth!

    3. Why would anyone with an once of common sense and a shred of decency want to be President of the United States to play an endless deflection game supporting one establishment psyop after another, channeling all major debt into future generations, always sucking up to people who are either greedy bastards or plotting psychopaths, and trying to rule over a people who are so divided, brainwashed and screwed up by the same establishment which anointed you to do their bidding?

      Trump likely did not approve of deliberately infecting US soldiers to do the dirty work last October while they were billeted in a five-star hotel across from the Wuhan market, but he obviously had to get on board the psyop Plandemic or likely be ousted unceremoniously with a bullet to his head from his nation’s international-banking-cartel-controlled military. Apart from the very initial tidy wet work executed by these dutiful soldiers, the entire operation and planning has involved the governments of every major nation on the planet. The pandemic psyop shows how sick not only our leaders and governments we really are, but all of us

  2. To be fair, Trump’s comment about drinking bleach to treat Covid-19 was taken way out of context. He may be acting like a buffoon, but to think he was serious when saying that is absurd.

    Oooooooh, it’s not a joking matter, Brownhawk……….bite me 😷

  3. To be MORE fair, I applaud the police boys who shoved that old bastard out of their way. He got in their faces, and asked for it. I doubt they meant to break his antagonistic head; but, who cares???! (I certainly don’t.)
    Yes, go ahead and “unfund” the cops! At least there’ll be no one around to bother when we decide to shoot the looters and communist anarchists… 😈

    1. Exactly correct, Gilbert. If you can’t handle being pushed and you can’t handle the risk then don’t go to a protest. Same thing with these cry babies talking about the street being cleared before Trump could go to St. John’s Church. Again, you put yourself knowingly in harm’s way as soon as you decide to assemble with your fellow meatheads. These cops were told to clear the area. The old fool wanted to play hard ball. Well tough shit. He lost.

    2. That’s true. He did get in their faces. And he wasn’t exactly shoved down. It appears that he was just pushed aside, then lost his balance and fell backward.

      And if they un-fund the cops, there are plenty of well-armed private citizens who can take up the slack. So how far do they want to take this?

      1. The police are tools of our system controllers. They are NOT there to protect us but to give the impression they are in order to maintain our subservience in the destruction of our traditional God given rights and freedoms and ultimately our genocide as a people.

        The more centralized the police are, the more the above is true. We need to get rid of the police and police ourselves. Otherwise our destruction as a people is inevitable.

    3. As a person who generally eschews police violence, I found myself, like you, cheering for the police, or at least not supporting this Antifa scum: “In this slow motion video, you will see Gugino using a phone as a capture scanner. You might have heard the term ‘skimming’; it’s essentially the same. Watch him use his right hand to first scan the mic of officer one (top left of chest). Then Gugino moves his hand to the communications belt of the second officer. WATCH CLOSELY:”

      1. @ Mark

        I don’t see what you see. As far as I’m concerned, you’re simply an advocate for Police Sate America — as long as you can believe, erroneously, that the police are all model citizens who are there to protect your and your white families. False.

        The police receive their instructions from Israeli “advisors” and even take regular free trips (“freebies”) to Israel. Americans are now the new Palestinians. Being herded for the slaughter.

        And you don’t know this…?

        1. Well said, Raymond! You will receive nothing but kicks and cuffs from the Gilbert Huntly clique on this site. They have infiltrated this site and are doing their best to bring it to its knees.

          Every problem for these juvenile delinquents can be solved — by simply pulling a trigger. Shoot anyone who annoys you. Problem solved. Stalin’s solution for all life’s problems.

          Where would these moronic thugs be without their guns? Their guns are simply prosthetic extensions of their increasingly impotent penises. They suffer from psychological erectile dysfunction. So sad.

          Using the word “wankers” to describe such people is obviously unacceptable. But I can well understand why the word is used.

      2. That’s correct, Raymond!

        The Prince of Darkness wants us to ask for his “solution.”
        And they will beg for his “solution” instead of fighting the basic cause of all the madness, the JEW (International Jewry).

    4. These police agencies keep giving more proof they need a serious overhaul from the top.

      Those who defend the police assault on the 75 year-old man are no different who defended every German soldier in WWII that they were following orders.

      What would your response be if the video showed the police doing to the same thing to your, father, uncle or grandfather? To me it was ugly and inhumane act that is no different than suffocating to death of George Floyd..

      I’m so thankful I don’t live in Minneapolis This is not Mary Tyler Moore’s Minneapolis anymore.

      1. ME-Y –

        If he were in my family I would tell them to throw the book at him. Our family helps police.

        “I’m so thankful I don’t live in Minneapolis This is not Mary Tyler Moore’s Minneapolis anymore.”

        They just voted to do away with police there.

        We shall see how the minorities and poor folks like no response to calls for police help to fight off the inevitable robbers and shooters and machete users.

    5. Gilb,
      The “Old Bastard”……..Martin Gugino. Aaaaaah yes. Strange foto. A stage. Lying down with left leg crossed over right. Left ✋ over left breast. Face mask perfectly squared over mouth. Neat puddle of blood under head. Donaldo himself has often awaken in the same comfortable posture in the morning after a hard night of tequila and sex. But Donaldo, as a man, never claimed foul play. Anyway, the foto is a stage. May all fellow Darkmooners examine the foto closely and reach their own conclusions. Seems as if the younger generations are void of analytical thinking. That’s why old-timers like Pat, Gilb and……..(???????) Donaldo have to go. Be shown the exit ramp off the Zio interstate. Us older folks have managed to maintain a certain level of sanity. Just yesterday Donaldo drove his rig through a small town in Virginia. There was a demonstration. Mostly young white youths holding banners on the side of the street. One read, “White silence is guilt.” Donaldo just calmly drove past but in the back of his mind wondered….if time allowed, how could he debate with these kids? Would be difficult. Donaldo knows that leftist Jews……or those who claim to be Jews, are behind it all. But what should a reasonable Jew such as Donaldo think? Donaldo has no answer. Where does it all end? Maybe it never ends. Just a long cycle of nothingness. Just a 🌟 ray of light travelling millions of years through the cosmos to touch the face of a drunk passed out on the sidewalk who doesn’t even feel it. 🧐🤨🌮🍷

  4. The illustration was one from Davis Dees. He died from a favorite of jews…. cancer…. at age 62 last week.

    The name may not ring a bell, but we’ve all seen his work. David “The Jews Moved My Shoes” Dees was a former Sesame Street illustrator turned conspiracy theorist, political cartoonist, and purveyor of utter madness…. to make his points hit the targets. Especially Hillary!!

    1. @ Pat

      David Dees was a genius illustrator, by far the best political cartoonist America has ever produced. Scroll up to the picture of Trump and Netanyahu at the end of the article and note the detail.

      I’ve only just noticed the title of the book (upside down) on which Trump’s left hand is placed.

    2. Pat said,

      “We shall see how the minorities and poor folks like no response to calls for police help to fight off the inevitable robbers and shooters and machete users.” I do not call the police first!

      ” Our family helps police.” So is mine, but not the racist cups. Just like people chant across America and all over the world everyday, ” no justice, no peace, no racist police.”

      Whether you admitted or not, this is the real source of the problem and the reason why people are taking the streets. I have seen in the village where I live more whites protesting police violence than blacks.

    1. Thank you for the link SAKI. Incredible story! Another good man gone from the world of chaos. He will be missed not only in hospices.

  5. I know who he is, what he is and his purpose. A Jewish Talmudic Kabbalist of the highest order, he is doing his job. He is not mad, crazy or a puppet as his purpose is to destroy the American economy and this has been known since his image was in the City Bank Mural two generations ago. The highest order for him is the Cathedral of St. John, which he wrote about 9/11 in 1999 and was put up in a pillar in 1997, Who or what your are dealing with is totally foreign to you. What reality you were born in is an inversion of the truth but you think nothing of your brutality of all forms of life and consider it a resource for making money rather than your neighbor to share and have reverence in. For this reason, almost all life is gone and you vote for the sickest of the megalomaniacal psychopaths as that is what people are – Bias of Priene. People, Jew or otherwise, might just as well speak under water of senseless drivel.

  6. “DONALD TRUMP’S indulgence in conspiracy theories is running amok. The latest is his speculation that a 75-year-old man who had his skull split open by police was a “provocateur”.
    I don’t know what else you could call the idiot…
    He knew the cops were clearing the street, which I’m sure was a good thing…
    He could have gotten out of the way, like a sensible person with some respect…
    Obviously he was provoking the situation…
    People are obligated to obey police orders…
    You just had untold thousand of acts of theft and violence committed by rioters, with dozens of police injured and a few killed, yet we’re supposed to focus on this one incident…
    “The world has been shocked by images of officers manhandling civilians, driving vehicles into crowds, shooting at journalist crews and sweeping into neighbourhoods like vigilante gangs, yelling at residents to go inside their homes.”
    The world SHOULD BE shocked that the police didn’t prevent the riots and protect the innocent people beaten to death by the rioters…
    “Even US law enforcement organisations have found little evidence of Antifa being responsible for fomenting protests in hundreds of American cities and towns, the vast majority of which have been peaceful and of a wide multiracial composition, simply demanding an end to racist policing.”
    That’s BS… Whoever says that is totally FOS…
    we’ve all seen enough, going back to the election, to know antifa are chaos agents…. watch antifa at work –


        If you think the articles we publish are written by “buffoons”, you don’t belong on this website.

        The people who object to your violent, hate-filled views have every right to do so and cannot be dismissed crudely as “old cucks”.

        If you don’t like the moderate articles we publish, go and find some other disreputable website more to your taste. You have not been banned from the Occidental Observer without good reason.

        — Admin Toby

        1. Admin,

          I apologize for rising to Gilbert Huntly’s bait. I should have known better.

          I don’t usually call people “wankers” and regret the use of this deeply offensive word. However, I wish to point out that I was using the word only in a metaphorical sense, as a figure of speech indicating contempt, and that I was in no way referring to Gilbert’s sexual habits.

          1. Your apology is accepted.
            Try harder to resist these provocations
            from habitual troublemakers.

            1. @ Admin

              I’m glad you published this article. Well done! It comes just at the right time when people are beginning to talk about disfunding the police who have now become a law unto themselves. They are now even using violence against their white brothers in the fight for a Free America.

              Anyone who backs Trump is also backing the evil that Trump is doing in Palestine. Trump is aiding and abetting Netanyahu every step of the way in the genocide of the Palestinian people and in the theft of their ancestral lands.

              Thank you for pointing this out in article after article. Zero tolerance for White supremacists like Gilbert Huntly who are beating the drum for this genocidal president.

            2. Uncle Toby,

              Please allow me to say that the way Gilbert Huntly has been treated on this website is neither just nor fair. I know him sufficiently to be able to say with 100 per cent certainly that Gilbert is neither a fool nor a knave.

              Through no fault of his own, Gilbert is being needlessly attacked here for views that no one here really understands. Gilbert is above all a sincere American patriot and his views, deeply instinctual and atavistic, are rooted in the blood and soil of America. If he were to die in battle, I would be the first to mourn at his graveside.



      2. LD
        What you say about Gil comes from a cogent perspective. What he sees happening in America is boiling his blood and breaking his heart, as it is mine, and should be for all true patriots. And I say this as a man of divided ancestry, but one who recognizes the hopefulness of America being the “home of the brave and the land of the free”, as corny as that may sound, in spite of the tragedy experienced by my native ancestors at the hands of my European ancestors.

        Mine is a unique perspective. One that understands the commonality of cherishing freedom, and as misguided as Donald Trump IS in that regard, his albeit misapprehended notions of freedom aren’t steeped in the kind of hatred for this country seen in so many of these despicables in power that I would have no qualms about “stringing the up to the nearest yardarm”, to coin an old phrase 😡

      3. Dear Lasha –

        Bless you, kind lady. Your words are true. I have learned much from you AND your commenters (both the ones I like, and some of the ones I dislike), and it is a fine place to voice thoughts – both agreeable and disagreeable. The hope is that maybe someone of real importance will read our thoughts, and formulate judicious policy from these thoughts and attitudes – especially the fair-mindedness of your own. 👌🤔

      4. LD –

        As you know…. Gilbert has been here for at least 7 years:

        Rosa Mystica
        Admin July 13, 2010 Poems

        Long to sail
        sea of dreams all day,
        summer the winds sighing;
        honey sun in heaven
        larks on fire flying.
        Long to find
        green the fields of longing;
        time where everlasting
        rivers flow and flowers
        live on without dying.
        Long to rest
        eyes of her in pools,
        moon their darkness dazzling;
        forgiveness in her smile
        and an end to crying.


        2 thoughts to “Rosa Mystica”
        1. heroay
        March 31, 2013 at 3:04 am
        Humm…….. Lil’ girl got hurt somewhere? Prior incarnation? Or did i read it upside down??

        2. Gilbert Huntly
        June 1, 2013 at 7:55 pm
        All my life, I have been a sucker for damsels in distress! Lasha Darkmoon, this is more a call of an injured heart than a poetic composition. You make me wish I could help! (maybe – hopefully – you’ve gotten over it by now)

    1. Bark –


      I could write a better ‘hit-piece’ on Trump… and have many times!!

      No one knows what the “provocateur” was saying to police as he impeded their movement by shoving a paper towards them when he knew he should leave. He is likely a ‘hippy’ demonstrator from the 60s who did the same thing, but is weaker now. Maybe he got brain damage from being hit in the head too many times at the 68 Democrat Convention, or as a paid demonstrator or crisis actor over the years.

      BTW – people learned over 200 years ago that chlorine – bleach – sodium hypochlorite is a disinfectant.


      “SOURCES” 🙂 write:
      “Sodium hypochlorite is most often encountered as a pale greenish-yellow dilute solution commonly known as liquid bleach or simply bleach, a household chemical widely used (since the 18th century) as a disinfectant or a bleaching agent. The compound in solution is unstable and easily decomposes, liberating chlorine, which is the active principle of such products. Indeed, sodium hypochlorite is the oldest and still most important chlorine-based bleach.”

      Unlike Cunningham I’ll list 10 0f the 54 “sources” here:

      Yaws CL (2015). The Yaws Handbook of Physical Properties for Hydrocarbons and Chemicals (2nd ed.). Gulf Professional Publishing. p. 734. ISBN 978-0-12-801146-1.

      Budavari S, O’Neil M, Smith A, Heckelman P, Obenchain J (1996). “Sodium hypochlorite”. The Merck Index (12th ed.). p. 1478. ISBN 978-0-911910-12-4.

      Urben P (2006). Bretherick’s Handbook of Reactive Chemical Hazards. 1 (7th ed.). p. 1433. ISBN 978-0-08-052340-8.

      Hamano A (1997). “The formation and decomposition of sodium hypochlorite anhydrous salt and its pentahydrate”. Science and Technology of Energetic Materials. 58 (4): 152–155.

      Applebey MP (1919). “Sodium hypochlorite”. Journal of the Chemical Society, Transactions. 115 (XCVI): 1106–1109. doi:10.1039/CT9191501106.

      Kirihara M, Okada T, Sugiyama Y, Akiyoshi M, Matsunaga T, Kimura Y (December 2017). “Sodium Hypochlorite Pentahydrate Crystals (NaOCl· 5H2O): A Convenient and Environmentally Benign Oxidant for Organic Synthesis”. Organic Process Research & Development. 21 (12): 1925–37. doi:10.1021/acs.oprd.7b00288.

      “OxyChem Sodium Hypochlorite Handbook” (PDF). OxyChem.

      “Pamphlet 96, The Sodium Hypochorite Manual”. The Chlorine Institute.

      (2013): “Sodium Hypochlorite” Stanford Linear Accelerator Laboratory Safe Handling Guideline, chapter 53, product 202. Accessed on 2018-06-12

      “Sodium Hypochlorite Pentahydrate, NaOCl·5H2O]”. MatWeb Material Property Data website. Retrieved 12 July 2018.

  7. Now that the Commie-gang controlled CHAZistan is the world’s newest country in the heart of Seattle, the Feds should consider this fine new Republic as a foreign nation. Therefore, the shitty of Seattle and Washington State can have no direct dealings (Logan Act) with this shinning example of a multicultural paradise complete with a thuggish Black leader straight out of Idiocracy. The bit player in this little drama has been Donald Trump sleep walking while trying to MAGA. Then all of sudden the Donald wakes from his MAGA dream and finds himself in a documentary on real life in America, complete with Black mayors, Black police chiefs, Black this and Black that in and out of Congress and elsewhere. Of course, the idiots in this movie featuring the CHAZistan Idiocracy don’t realize that they could be invaded by the imperial multicultural storm forces as they are now a foreign country not practicing Democracy and antisocial distancing in the approved proper manner. (Democracy in this and in all cases means to allow the Jews to run every thing.) So, President Trump should gather his imperial forces from Fort Lewis and show the world what Black Lifes Matter really means, That is, they don’t seem to really mean much when Blacks kill each other especially in those cities with Black mayors, Black police chiefs and/or White leftest leaders who hate white people. This whole comedy when seen on Fox and friends may be more entertaining than the movie.
    (Toejam heard through the grape vine that a truck load of bricks, was discovered, in a mid sized city in the Peoples Republic of Oregon just handy for the cultural mulchers to destroy the cities pride and joy hand made carousal.)

    1. Toejamicus,

      The situation in Seattle is potentially dangerous, the new “People’s Republic” (what a joke) is asking for armed comrades to join in. The leftist Mayor tried to appease the rioters, a bad move!

      History do repeat itself maybe it’s because the world rulers are the same for a long time, same rulers same game. The Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) was fought with this arrangement, barricades assembled inside Spanish cities. There were the communists, the anarchists, the monarchists, the republicans, etc. The confusion was so high that in the end communists and anarchists were fighting each other. When this “revolutionaries” will realize they are just useful idiots?

      “Give me just one generation of youth, and I’ll transform the whole world.” – Vladimir Lenin

  8. Pat :

    Joseph Biden has promised to have a female vice presidential running mate, most likely a NON-White female. Let’s say Biden wins the election in November, do you think the jews will get rid of Biden so his NON-White female vice president can be the first woman president of the USA? I don’t think Biden would be assassinated in public. I don’t think the jews would get rid of him in a dramatic fashion. I think the jews would have him poisoned and then say he died of natural causes. He obviously has dementia, it woud be real easy for the jews to get rid of him.

    The jews want a female president and they want the first female president to also be a NON-White. They wanted Hillary, but Hillary doesn’t have a chance to win anymore so now the jews are going for what the really want : A NON-White female for president.

    The jews will have a field day if Biden wins. If Biden does win, he won’t be around a long time. The jews will get rid of him so the NON-White female vice president can then become the first female president of the United States, IMO. What’s your opinion, Pat?

    1. TROJ –

      My OPINION – GUESS – IS….. that the flat earth will turn upside-down before then and everyone will fall off because ‘flat-earthers’ do not believe in gravity either!!! 💥 😜

  9. Strange that gravity would fall under a purview of belief, when its effects are self-evident. Flat-Earthers can’t help but recognize this. Therefore, their only reasonable observation would have to do with pondering the nature of our existence. This of course must presume reasonableness.

    In the words of slick Willy Clinton, “It depends on what IS is” 😆

    1. We live in gravity. It is what it is. In a continuation of existence after shedding the mortal coil, it is reasonable to assert that that mode of existing would be free of gravity’s hold. It will have become the next “it is what it is”. Flat Earthers are longing for this, and why wouldn’t they? But it’s still a death wish 💀

      Bon voyage, Joe. Your ship is coming in 🚢😆

    “The more centralized the police are, the more the above is true. We need to get rid of the police and police ourselves. Otherwise our destruction as a people is inevitable.”
    You are giving one slant on the basic reasoning behind the militia movement, which btw Bush the Junior said was “illegal”… “Legal” of course means – whatever someone in power can make stick…
    But I would say definitely – only as a last resort, a very last resort, should the police be totally eliminated… That really can’t happen anyway… It’s far better that they be reformed….
    But realistically, there’s not much hope for the avoidance of these unfortunate Floyd type episodes, assuming it wasn’t a hoax too, as long as the rest of the criminal justice system continues to release dangerous criminals like Floyd and this guy –
    Thanks a mil for that link, antifa is a lot more well trained and high-tech than the public realize… You can see the guy is purposefully placing his phone over the cop’s mic, and the cops will be aware of this tactic, which explains why the cop reacted by shoving the guy back…
    So all this means Trump was correct, when he suggested Gugino was an antifa operative…
    If Trump knows about the method of acquiring the mic signal, he should have just leveled with the public about it when he mentioned the incident…
    “Joseph Biden has promised to have a female vice presidential running mate, most likely a NON-White female. Let’s say Biden wins the election in November, do you think the jews will get rid of Biden so his NON-White female vice president can be the first woman president of the USA? ”
    I know you didn’t ask me, but let me point out – it has always been a tactic of the ZION that they put one of theirs in at second and then knock off the number one later on… That’s exactly what they did with McKinley and JFK…
    I think I remember a water purification kit issued to combat soldiers… It’s just real strong chlorine, you have to be careful how many drops you put in the frog water… Chlorine is a deadly poison, floride not good for you either… It’s all evidence of the general class warfare attitude driving the owners, the corporate hierarchy….
    I drink only ‘alive’ high sierra spring water…

    1. Bark, my guess is Floyd and the cop worked at the same Bada Bing strip joint/money laundering/counterfeiting bidness(cia?).
      Floyd liberated some fake spending money on the sly, got caught and paid the organized crime price. (gulp) Not too complicated but definitely not complicated enough for the bigger guessers.

      Someone once said “to live outside the Law you must be honest” Once upon a time I agreed with that. Nowadays I’m not so sure either are even possible..

    2. (ADMIN: Joe has obviously missed his medication today…


      Thank you for responding, I appreciate it. Thank you for responding and staying ON-TOPIC. Thank you for responding without making Cosmology the subject matter when the subject matter is Trump & Politics. Thank you for responding without going TOTALLY OFF-TOPIC.

      There’s a time and place for everything and interjecting the subject of Cosmology into a conversation about politics is out-place and it’s not the right time to talk about Cosmology as we’re talking about Donald Trump and politics. Interjecting Cosmology into a conversation about Trump and politics, it’s uncalled for, it’s overbearing, it’s impertinent. It’s the M.O. of those who don’t know how to debate fairly in a straight-forward manner like MEN ought to, it’s the M.O. of sad sacks — to put it bluntly. So thank you, BARKINGDEER, for responding while remaining ON-TOPIC , thank you for not responding in an OFF-TOPIC way like the sad sacks who LERV to debate/defend their Cosmology, defend their Cosmology in an underhanded way, a spineless no-cojones way, like jellyfish, the poor things.

      1. Is this a serious political forum
        or a reincarnation of Mad Magazine?
        — Disgusted

      2. TROJ is like that character in Scorsese’s “Goodfellas” named “Joey Twotimes”, always saying the same thing twice, eg, “I’m goin’ to get the papers, get the papers”

        So I’m wondering, is this a real affliction or simply an affectation, Joe’s schtick, so to speak. Methinks the latter. It’s one thing when you SPEAK it, but WRITING it is a whole other matter. Right Joe? 🤔

        1. (OFF-TOPIC)


          Whether it’s a put-on act in Troj’s case, or a real affliction, is hard to tell. However, let me assure you that this constant repetition of words and phrases is a genuine psychiatric disorder related to aphasia, amnesia, and rare forms of dementia. You can read all about these weird mental states in Dr Oliver Sacks’ cult classic book The Man Who Mistook His Wife For a Hat.

          This rare form of repetition is found in dementia patients whose short term memories are so unbelievably short that they forget what they’ve said the moment they’ve said it! So they say it again, thinking it’s the first time they’re saying it. They can say the same darn thing 10-20 times in a row until they are distracted, let’s say, by someone snapping their fingers in front of their face.

          For example, they can be saying:

          “Isn’t it raining outside? Raining? Raining outside? Isn’t it raining? Isn’t it raining outside? Raining? Isn’t it raining?…..”

          And they can keep this up until, let’s say, their nurse says, “Would you like a cup of coffee, Joe?”

          This distracts their attention, and starts them off in another direction: “Do I want some coffee? Coffee? Yes, I’d like some coffee. Coffee. I’d really like some coffee. Do I want some coffee? Sure I want some coffee! Did you ask me if I wanted some coffee? Haven’t I told you I want some coffee.” ETC….. ETC….. ETC….. 🙂

          Accord to Sacks, and his Russian mentor Luria, this sort of mental affliction is extremely rare. It’s can be caused by brain damage. Or by organic changes in the frontal lobes caused by prolonged psychological traumas. It can also be partly genetic.


      3. Sister

        This has to be Joe’s schtick. Writing is a deliberative action, one requiring forethought and the activity of putting pen to paper, or in this case punching numbers on a keyboard. A controlled effort. Whereas the afflictions you speak of occur in a spontaneous manner pertaining to misfiring synapses in the brain

        When he wants to be, TROJ can be as lucid and articulate as the next guy. But hey, it’s all entertainment, folks! 🤪

  11. The poster “Donaldo” would verify that, without police presence, the Interstate highway systems in America would be slaughter houses. I’ve driven a “big rig” nationwide, too, and I can tell you a 600 Cummins engine with a 13-speed transmission and .370 ratio drivers will run well over 100mph. Couple that with 80,000 lbs., and a pissed-off truck driver can exact mass carnage. If it hadn’t been for state police, I would have been tempted to obliterate a few rude four-wheelers, myself. 😈

    When I drive my automobile or pickup on any major highway, I try to mind my manners, and am quite THANKFUL there are state troopers monitoring the traffic. 🙂

    1. Yep Gilb,
      Donaldo feels your frustrations. Most 4-wheelers give the rig a lot of respect. It’s a survival mechanism. The fools who don’t can meet grisly ends. Tag on toe in a morgue at day’s end. A couple weeks ago Donaldo witnessed an accident on I 285 south of Atlanta. A 4-wheeler came speeding off an exit ramp onto the highway and failed to yield to a rig. The car went under the trailer and the top was sliced in half like a knife on butter decapitating the driver and passenger. Real messy. Traffic backed up for hours. Anyway. The hardest adjustment for Donaldo is driving his Toyota Corolla. I expect respect but don’t get the same respect as driving a rig. Instead, Donaldo gets middle fingers. Almost got into 👊 fights on the road. Mostly from blacks with room-temp IQs. Anyway. The highway and life-in-general is a jungle. Quidate mucho Gilb. ✌️🌮🍷

  12. I see at least five blocks of Seattle are now Antifa territory – blockaded off and owned by these violent, screaming animals. And the police have been told to let it happen. Now the evil bastards are demanding vegan food be supplied to them because, after all their destructive efforts, they are hungry children with a few old leftie scum thrown into the rabble. I agree with Gilbert, the old bastard that heckled the police got what he deserved. All the mongrels in their stockade should be flushed out with tear gas and water cannons and then sent to Alaskan work details. Imagine if a conservative group built a stockade? The Democrats would send in the big guns and Israeli trained kneelers. Trump wanted to send in the armed forces to dispel the Antifa scum, but two Jews prevented him. Remember the whole thing is a scripted Hollywood-like charade, with Jews playing both sides. Trump or Biden makes no real difference. All presidents are Jewish operatives,paid for by the Jews’ limitless money. You are all part of the workings of the Hegelian-Jewish dialectic.

  13. All Darkmooners might as well face the TRUTH: The USA, once the flagship of the Western world, is now entirely run by a Jewish-Masonic politburo and is rapidly advancing into the usual dystopia and chaos of a full-blooded Communist state. So petty visions about the worth of Trump mean not an iota and act as pure diversion away from the REAL issue – the creation of the Bolshevik-Communist state, run by a token president. …. Read Paul Craig Roberts’ latest, or Bro Kapner, or Makow, or our great John Kaminski and get into the absolute truth.

  14. My friend in Gaza informs me that over a dozen Palestinians were disabled by Israeli leg shots in the last fortnight, 4 children were disabled with eye shots and 15 adult males and 3 women were shot dead. ….. In Israel itself, kneeling on Palestinians’ heads and necks is a common practice. American police forces are now trained in this subtle art…The Jews, ever the players of opposites, via dialecticism, are laughing that “the taking a knee” phenonomon has taken hold before the start of Australian football matches. To them it is a case of having fun by manipulating the brain-dead Goyim. You can get the bulk of Goyim to do anything you like. So much POWER, so much control! Read Bro Kapner’s recent words about the sheer power of the Jewish owned mass media. Yes, they can brainwash you to hate Trump and love Biden. ….. And even fall in love with the treasonous Clinton entourage.

  15. In Australia the administration is considering removing all the statues of Captain James Cook. Cook apparently upsets the quarter breed aborigines. In Ballarat the statues of White prime ministers have been defaced. In England the statue of Churchill has been defaced and painted red. The USA has lots of kneeler sand statue destroyers. I suggest all the native, big-nosed Easter Island statues be brought in as replacements, along with totem poles and African log drums. … Amazing what international Jewry can achieve! … Let’s hope the supposed growth of conservative militias is correct. I fear the West is in for revolution and it will be the Bolshevik Reds versus the White militias all over again. The Reds won the war in Russia and turned it into a totalitarian, prison state. The USA is nearly there, with most Americans displaying a slave like obeisance to their Jewish masters.

    1. Bigly difference Maxie. The Russians in those equivalent dark days were virtually unarmed. Not so in today’s America. We are armed to the teeth. This includes those who are fashioning their own arms and ammunition, if need be. (((They))) know this, and those cops and military types (same difference AFAIC) foolish enough to think about coming after us had better think twice about what’s in store for them if they do!


  16. Max –

    Chances are, whomever utters “White Supremecist!” is expressing frustration with the natural order of circumstances. Blacks were, originally, sold into slavery by other blacks who had conquered them in conflict, and would have been outright murdered, otherwise. Middle Easterners were the original purchasers, and many innovations were made by that commerce. Then (1541), a Florntine banker (possibly a Jew) saw the benefit of the tough laborers, and he entered that commerce. The sea-faring abilities of the British, Dutch, Portugese, and Spanish caused the trade to go more international, and the western market became existent. During the course of conquest, the more mobile white man took Native American lands (through much sweat and blood from both sides), and formed a government of laws which prescribed more peaceful circumstances for its designers. Those were white Anglos, and their announcement was “for [themselves] and [their] posterity” did they ordain and establish the united States Constitution. The darker races are here by good fortune and unintended circumstance, but now seem to EXPECT we whites to GIVE them substance “equal” to whatever their perception is of what we possess. That is their idea of “equality”.
    The red man fought an honest and noble fight, but didn’t win. The black man thinks we owe it to him. I beg to differ! 😡

  17. I recently paid nearly $100 to test my ancestry, via DNA. Sure enough, my Scandinavian DNA dominated the resulting pie graph, followed by Irish ancestry. I am blonde and blue eyed and very tall, as are my children. My wife is a blue eyed blonde, with a Shetland Island ancestry. …. But what surprised me was the 7% of Negroid DNA I possess. Apparently the marauding Vikings used Africans as slaves and fighting men. I do have a broad nose and am very athletic and very handsome to women. Remember we were told “white men can’t jump” despite holding 2 of the 3 jumping world records – high jump and triple jump. Is 7% enough to call myself a negro/Black? ….. In Australia, ostensibly White men are using their skerricks of aborigine blood to claim they are black and get all the social security benefits. If I can be categorised as black I wish to make a claim of reparations – say Gilbert’s farm, for starters. Don’t laugh, as it is happening in South Africa. One of my daughters is quite olive like, with black, curly hair and has enormous athletics skills. She might be a throw back. Remember, the Vikings raped and pillaged along the English and Irish coasts and did the same along the Rhine River valley. Hardly a nunnery was left untouched by the marauding Vikings and their escapades were recorded in nunnery records, often in terms of plaintive joy and excitement.

  18. Imagine it! No police! I can drive my new Mustang as fast as I like. … I can use my height and strength to rain down punishment on Antifa scum! … I can chat up chicks and follow them home! …. no rules, so the mighty shall inherit the good earth. … dog eat dog, do wot you like, no Peelers to worry about. Rape and pillage will come back into it’s own. … The sheilas ought to be very worried. The fat, ugly Antifa feminists probably won’t mind, as no man wants them anyway. And no police means men can once again be men and defend their homes and their families. Conservatives will be in their element as all they face is weak kneed Antifa like scum and tribal blacks who are snorting coke.

  19. I met a woman today on business… our conversation eventually extended into the current strife….
    She was convinced blacks are constantly being harassed and murdered by the police in general and that such racism is rampant in police departments everywhere…
    It occurred to me that she was impressed with the so-called liberal media line on all of this and that she probably never listened to anything else….
    I tried to get her to understand that, first of all, black men are hands-down without a doubt no-contest absolutely the most violent and dangerous sub-group of human beings in the country, that the streets are full such people because they’re not incarcerated, and that it falls to the police to deal with them…
    she was skeptical, i could tell she was pegging me for a ‘racist’…
    When I told her George Floyd had a history of violent crime, the story of how he invaded the pregnant woman’s house, threatened her with a gun and robbed her, she said that probably wasn’t true, looked surprised…
    It is though, a matter of record… She had never heard of it…
    She was not aware either of the 18 murders committed in Chicago this past weekend, no-doubt significantly black on black…
    So the media as we know it is a commercial endeavor… Each side holds its brand of sheep into the same patterns, feeds them the stuff they want to hear every day, what they already believe, leaves out the other stuff, though it’s totally relevant… It’s only about the eyeballs, that translate to the bottom line…
    and the fact is – holders of office are basically allied in the same mentality…
    In the game, the media sensationalize more and more whatever info they have that aggrandizes their particular viewpoint… They slant wherever possible and they make stuff up too, always referring to their ‘unnamed sources’, editing quotes out of context, publishing ‘studies’ that later turn out to be mistaken… but no less egregious is their penchant for simply omitting information that doesn’t jive with the preferred narrative…
    in the competition every day they ratchet up the toxic foolery and generally exacerbate the social difficulty, because they’re corporations without and social conscience… this is not what media should be…
    the average fox network news (opinion) broadcast now consists mostly of pointing out where the other guys are lying, seems here’s no end in sight… the commercial media is destructive and reforming the media is necessary now for our survival as a functioning society… journalism has to be brought back from the dead, even though it be done within corporate structures… hopefully, we will write a journalists’ bill of rights, that guarantees their reports can not be censored by the ever smaller group of moguls in control of the news media…

    1. Excellent post barkingdeer,

      Reformation of mogul influence, who number 5 Tribesmen, is not needed. We need in order:

      1. Repeal of “hate” speech laws = thought control.
      2. Banning the technology cartel from censoring speech.
      3. Banning cattle control technology such as face recognition, tracking technology and Bill Gates tracking digital ID . These technologies applied to internet use (the intention worldwide) will kill free speech.

      The internet and citizen journalists will do the rest.

  20. President Trump issued an executive order today renaming the position held by Dr. Ben Carson from HUD Secretary to Pussy Secretary due to Carson’s poor performance during ABC News interview.

    Carson claimed in the past that the Pyramids in Egypt were used as grain silos and that Obamacare is worse than slavery and Muslim-Americans are unfit to be President or hold any high public office. I have zero respect for this man.

  21. HAWK
    “Strange that gravity would fall under a purview of belief, when its effects are self-evident. Flat-Earthers can’t help but recognize this. Therefore, their only reasonable observation would have to do with pondering the nature of our existence. This of course must presume reasonableness.”
    Yes… I think the Flat-Earthers don’t dig science… With them it’s all about God…
    If I may add – Gravity is the force that holds everything together…
    From the Pantheistic viewpoint it is considered sacred as a factor in the undestanding…
    And it is in the understanding of how Gravity actually works that humans can find free energy…
    Gravity doesn’t just hold things together, it also keeps the Universe in motion, from the biggest stars to the atom… Everything is moving perpetually, perpetual motion machines are the key to free energy and weightless travel… The Germans knew enough about it (anti-gravity) in the 30s, which the founders of the Vril Society (some of whom later tried to kill Hitler) picked up earlier in Nepal, to develop the Haunebu craft… Their authentic National Socialist movement (non-corporate) was a huge threat to the oil barons and the rest of the top-down controllers at the apex… If the public really do have free energy and unlimited travel, it’s the end of the typical Rotheschild/Rockefeller empire and the beginning of the next paradigm… Most likely, those are the secrets kept by the Masons and the Vatican…
    Sorry for going off topic ADMIN, please indulge…

  22. FLAN
    What they call Hate Speech is an interesting subject…. You’re on the right track…
    I agree that rules against it are made by the yahudi and are intended to be used as restrictions on ‘anti-semitism’, which is where people who know what’s really happening with Jew-ish control over the the USA are pointing it out… An anti-semite is anybody who the Jews in general don’t like…
    However, me being a firm believer in Stand Your Ground laws, which permit individuals to kill someone who is verbally assaulting them and acting in a threatening manner against them at close range, I can see where the wires cross a bit…
    Before this coming civil war is over we may see the New York Times advocating the killing of certain ethnic groups, already been done blatantly by some professors… And it is in fact what they’re really saying when they advocate for the CHAZ forceful occupation and the riots… I would not want to see headlines or hear radio broadcast saying KILL ALL WHITES….

  23. When there are protesters on the streets the fake news media still controls the narrative using fake leaders, they come out of nowhere selected as representatives of the masses with all the privileges. Greta Thunberg is the most ridiculous case!

    Can you tell why people are protesting in the streets of America? I can’t, my guess is that half of them are there because of George Floyd but the other half for miscellaneous motives. Some are there because they are tired of confinement, tired of injustice, tired of Wall Street, government corruption, police abuse, fake democracy, some are there to loot and rob and some are there to meet girls. We were told BLM and Antifa are organic leaderships of the masses who represent the American people taking the streets to protest, including whites. Really?

    Any real organic leadership with a narrative that matters won’t have a chance to say one word on those precious MSM microphones.

  24. The leaders of the protesters/rioters in the streets are JEWS, COMMUNIST JEWS, and they get paid by BIG SHOT JEWS to lead and direct the protesters/rioters in the streets. At least 10%, if not more, of the criminals running around in the streets are getting paid to protest/riot/commit arson. In addition to the JEWS who are getting paid to lead and direct the protesters/rioters, there are a lot of JEWS protesting/rioting who are not getting paid but are doing it because JEWS are COMMUNISTS and that’s what JEWS do, commit arson and murder and destroy what’s good and celebrate rioting and looting and death and destruction. If anyone doesn’t think so, such a one is veryt naive [ or a jew troll ].

    When White Americans are Genocided in the United States, the jews — who supposedly love blacks so much — will throw the blacks into slavery, and much harsher slavery than back in ante-bellum days. The blacks won’t even get Sundays off to go to church, no church on Sundays, no Sunday afternoon church picnics, NOTHING. Just slavery and nothing but slavery. Everyone else who is not jewish will be thrown into slavery also. The jews want for the United States what the jews did to Russia when the jews took over Russia and turned Russia into the JEW COMMUNIST SOVIET UNION.

    If I had lived in Germany back in the 1930s I definitely would have joined the NAZI PARTY. EVERYTHING Hitler said about the jews turned out to be TRUE. Nothing Hitler said about the JEWS turned out to be wrong — EVERYTHING Hitler said about the jews turned out to be TRUE.

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