Contact Tracers: Snitches Sent by Big Pharma Aim to Extinguish Your Privacy


By John Kaminski
10 May 2020

Hiring Contact Tracing Investigators All Over the US
to Hunt Down and Remove the Infected

Remember where you are from. Think back to that exact time and try to imagine that you would ever have to worry about your neighbors coming to your home and then later reporting everything you told them to a government agency which was paying them to do exactly that! Think about how rare and odd it would have been, back in the old days, to even contemplate this idea. Now think about how commonplace it is today.

We are all in the grip of lockdown-induced shellshock, reinforced by masks, compulsive handwashing and the diabolical prescription of social distancing, which has attacked our immune systems, our bank accounts and our sense of self-reliance. We’re not in control anymore.

Over the span of your life, this plummeting arrow charts our descent from consciousness into preprogrammed behavior. Our lives have been eroded by manipulative scientists who have turned most of us into cattle who pretty much believe everything they are told by “the authorities”. When official lies are pointed out they are shouted down by stonewalling media, which each day sound more similar to the government they are supposed to be investigating.

The new job market features an attractive new possibility with career opportunities as a contact tracer. When someone tests positive for the designated disease, detectives are hired to document the infected person’s previous whereabouts so that other potential careers of the disease may be identified, and if necessary treated and/or quarantined. Your innermost secrets will be revealed to people you will wish you had never met.

The tests they use are subject to debate as regards their efficacy, but there is no question that if you accept any untested vaccine, you are putting your life at the disposal of someone who doesn’t really give a damn about you.

Many frustrated recently unemployed persons will enthusiastically embrace this new career change, which evaporates the last ounce of trust you may ever have about making friends with a stranger. This perfect tool for alienation makes a nice package with how the 5G microwaves will vibrate the metal in your system and likely cause permanent difficulty breathing. Who knows? With any new vaccine, or any vaccine at all, you may become immortal or you may drop dead or become paralyzed in a surprisingly short period of time.

If you believe that then we have a candidate you can vote for.

Don’t worry. There is no hope. You can’t sue the vaccine markers, although the government has a special fund by which to bribe you to keep your mouth shut.

Here are some potentially valuable instructions for your exciting new career of betraying your friends.

Verifying your sources

If you’re listening to television, you have the wrong information. If you’re listening to your doctor, you have the wrong information. If you’re listening to your government, you have the wrong information.

Special new rule just learned during the lockdown: You may not trust anyone who recommends a vaccine for anything.

You can’t trust what you hear on TV, ever. You can’t trust your own government, ever. You can’t trust your doctors, because they are ruled by a greedy guild that will destroy them if they ever try to tell the truth. You can’t trust your preacher because he always trips over his own fabricated dogma and then invariably reveals he is far more interested in maintaining his own vehicle for control than he is in caring for your soul. But take heart. You can trust God, every time. He’s that little voice in your head that Freud once called your superego, which always tells you what you should do if you want to do the right thing. You only have to ask. You have probably run into him without knowing it in the course of your travels.

This behavior is built into your wiring. You don’t need anybody to teach it to you. In other words, you have permission to trust yourself.

American history goes like this. We didn’t have to bomb Dresden that turned people into puddles of blood in the street. The war was already over.

We didn’t have to try out those new bombs on those Japanese cities. The war was already over.

We didn’t have to bury all those still-alive Iraqi soldiers on the highway of death with bulldozers. The war was already over.

What gave the impetus to crushing the testicles of all the German officers who testified at Nuremberg? The war was already over.

And a new war was begun that festers and bubbles in our warped minds even as you read these words.

Who are we to speak?

What happens when we contact trace ourselves? Who are we?

The Stranglers.

Imposter humans asphyxiating the world.

All this political hoohah that goes on in the world is without meaning, for the simple reason that it is impossible to try and solve any crime without naming the perps. Especially repetitive crimes of unbelievably huge magnitudes require a positive, foolproof presentation of the proof.

This is not permitted, because the source of the crimes against the people is the same source you hear reporting the news each day, and that is the reality you have been persuaded to accept, a selective blindness about the unspoken facts of the world.

Like the shutting down of the entire world because of the iron grip the medical profession, better known as Big Pharma, has on the faith of humanity because of its power to help people avoid needless death and disease.

How devastating, then, becomes the observation that history shows they cannot be trusted, that they invent human diseases so they can cure them, and waste millions lives on lies — tricks played upon the public — that are ultimately mere family-shattering profit strategies.

According to mainstream media, families are not important anymore. All these reporters say the government can do a much better job protecting you than your own family. They are able to say this after a half century of their social manipulation has pretty much destroyed the American family structure by the year 2020.

Now all members of families are equal opportunity units. Each one is entitled to an equal share of the pie they imagine to exist, so that they may compete against each other and consult the government for trustworthy advice as to when to stab a relative in the back.

Who has created this situation? Will anybody ever dare say?

Channeled speech

No matter what they say, you can’t really say what you want to say anymore. You’re always looking over your shoulder about who can hear you, and these days THEY can hear from high tech angles that ordinary people would not even imagine existed.

They are the magic words that get you kicked off YouTube — and all the Jewish communications platforms. Has it ever been any clearer?

Now they’re talking about contact tracers. The new hot job market for all those hungry unemployed execs looking to find a career in betraying the trust of others, got that gummint job security and rather enjoys seeing other lives ruined.

This increasing rush toward total plasticization of money has about the same sound as the last puny puddle of freedom circling the drain — sort of a gurgle, choking sound that you can hear in the collective throats of soon to be penniless Americans wondering where they will find their next meal.

If someone claims you have reportedly been seen WITH someone who reportedly has tested positive for this epidemic disease YOU can be taken away and forced against your will to take a shot that will change your DNA. This is what the human future has evolved to, and you’ll be forced to take the shot if you want to have access to money.

But that is how Big Capital has always ruled civilization — by strangling the population.

How it came to be this way

Masks are symbols of alienation, ultimately injurious to your own health, and also the health of others. By alienating you from your family and friends you will inevitably come to rely upon the government. It’s like a magnetic whirlpool based on the love of money sucking us into the matrix.

The great flaw in the so-called science of psychology is that it treats humans as unattached individuals, rather than cogs in neural and social nets that define who we are as people. Our health is mostly defined as how well we get along with others, though most of us join a team that has been constructed to do battle with rather than work with others.

The one-size-fits-all worlders are the enemies of humanity because the essence of humanity is individuality, without which humans become something else, something less than fully human. And that is what our soulless controllers aim to produce. And have produced.

Now to be even more thoroughly monitored by contact tracers.

In today’s utterly corrupt education system, we are taught to be imposters. We steal as much as we can before Father Time and Mother Night catch up to us.

They people in power define reality on the basis of what they need, rather than what they say.

This may explain why some people can eat children, though it would have been better for all had all these misaligned people been scrutinized at a much younger age to search for predictive tendencies toward murder and mayhem.

Then again as Dr. Cowan likes to remind us, the cause of most illnesses are not so much exotic germs as they are environmental attacks, nowadays generally radiating from some electronic device or network.

This takes us to what is likely to be the second part of the plan to regiment the populace into fully encoded compliant slaves, content in their cubicles with pleasant productions to keep him happy while they act as subjects for various chemical experiments on how the herd can be better controlled.

This is where turn the other cheek became one of the most virulent mental manacles of all time as it allowed the church and all the rampaging holy men throughout the world to convince everyone they operated from a higher moral plane, and this is why we should listen to them. They were our pipeline to God. Now we know there is no need for a pipeline when the connection is direct.

So what do we do when our finest minds are telling us what the government is saying about the lockdown is false, and not only false, but harmful? Why have they destroyed our world on a false pretense? It’s time we learned the answer.

Dr. Kaufman told us no vaccine has ever done what it aimed to do — cure disease. Yet vaccines have killed so many people the Big Pharma controlled government had to pass a law protecting drug makers from all lawsuits. Critics see that as legal permission to commit crimes in the form of lies about what drugs can and cannot do.

It seems odd to say it, but given what has been going on lately, everyone should be reminded that it’s not OK to give someone else permission to kill you, which is what you are doing if you take a vaccine.

You can’t make a vaccine that’s completely safe.
— Robert Kennedy Jr.

If you haven’t figured this out yet, there likely is no hope for you to expunge the lies you have ingested which considerably have diminished your intelligence and shortened your lifespan.

The entire world is run by the same entity. There are no foreign powers. There are today only subsections of the World Bank, with a few outliers permanently under siege by the totalitarian financial forces of evil.

Countries pretend to contend with each other but all are ultimately owned by the same banks.

They count on you thinking you are still under the control of a benevolent Constitutional legislature when you haven’t been for the past 150 years. This has been the genius mindwarping of the media, which prove every day that the way a story is spun is far more likely to make it into their history books than the actual facts, which invariably reveal the lie of the surviving accounts.

In the battle for the public’s mind, the interplay of 5G and metals in vaccines augur a different kind of epidemic in our immediate future, that of electronic poisoning from the electrosmog generated by radiowaves orders of magnitude more powerful than the ever increasing radiological signature that bedevils us now.

Somehow they think that risking the lives of everyone is an acceptable human behavior. Any future society criminalizing this aberrant behavior should reap everlasting honor.

The simple fact is this.

Vaccine adjuvants predispose to auto immune disease.

Contact tracers aim to test you for a disease that doesn’t exist in order to vaccinate you with a substance that has not been properly tested, and totally change your life . . . or perhaps end it.

Sort of like a real life Alexa . . .

So many false assumptions rammed down the public throat. Track all people who test positive. Practically all people test positive. Therefore, the whole population gets tracked, 24/7, from cradle to grave. You get hauled away if you test positive, just like an unwanted kid in Foster Care, and you know what happens to them. From now on, your shadow is not your own.

Isolate and quarantine those who test positive. They will be slated for very humane (I’m sure) deactivation. Will we ever get over this lockdown psychosis, where reality was disallowed and Alice in Wonderland rules adopted? Like some witch’s spell, the entire world has been flashfrozen in place.

As the COVID-19 death toll is revealed as fraudulent, so will future diseases be tabulated.

They are locking the door of our imprisoned planet. The elite plan on doing some serious killing.


VIDEO  :  7.17 mins

19 thoughts to “Contact Tracers: Snitches Sent by Big Pharma Aim to Extinguish Your Privacy”

    1. I’m not sure you are right there,
      but I’d certainly agree with you if you said,
      “This is a really bad time to be young.”

  1. This is another great article by John Kaminski!

    “Contact Tracing” is being taken very seriously by a former Black Panther who now sits in the US Congress,

    H. R. 6666
    To authorize the Secretary of Health and Human Services to award grants to eligible entities to conduct diagnostic testing for COVID–19, and related activities such as contact tracing, through mobile health units and, as necessary, at individuals’ residences, and for other purposes.(!!)

    May 1, 2020
    A BILL
    To authorize the Secretary of Health and Human Services to award grants to eligible entities to conduct diagnostic testing for COVID–19, and related activities such as contact tracing, through mobile health units and, as necessary, at individuals’ residences, and for other purposes.(!!)

    Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled,

    This Act may be cited as the “COVID–19 Testing, Reaching, And Contacting Everyone (TRACE) Act”.
    (a) In General.—The Secretary of Health and Human Services, acting through the Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, may award grants to eligible entities to conduct diagnostic testing for COVID–19, to trace and monitor the contacts of infected individuals, and to support the quarantine of such contacts, through—
    (1) mobile health units; and
    (2) as necessary, testing individuals and providing individuals with services related to testing and quarantine at their residences.


    Meet Bobby Rush, the bill’s sponsor:
    In 1963, Rush dropped out of high school before graduating; he joined the U.S. Army.

    While stationed in Chicago in 1966, he joined the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, which had helped obtain national civil rights legislation passed in 1964 and 1965. In 1968, he went AWOL from the Army and co-founded the Illinois chapter of the Black Panthers. He later finished his service, receiving an honorable discharge from the Army.

  2. The two best books I’ve read on the effects and uses of electromagnetic frequencies are “Under an Ionized Sky” by Elana Freeland, and “The Invisible Rainbow” by Arthur Firstenberg. What these technocratic idiots don’t seen to realize with their pursuit of more and better frequencies to facilitate their total lockdown of Humanity with their smart grid, is that these frequencies are destroying all the flora and fauna on planet Earth. These geniuses are responsible for an ongoing mass extinction and denuding the planet of much of its plant life. Ya can’t destroy large swaths of the global ecosystem and expect that everything will be OK….it won’t. Maybe they think that after they eliminate 7 billion or so useless eaters that they can just back off on this stuff and Mother Nature will recover. But, I doubt these morons have enough insight or foresight to even consider the damage they are doing….megalomania kinda blinds you to such mundane things as planetary survival. As another contributor said, “Its a good time to be old”……but I sure as hell am afraid for my 4 adult kids who, for the most part, just don’t get it.

    I love Kaminski’s articles and he is a huge reason I go to the Darkmoon site….he’s spot on.

    1. Agree, I have the book Under and Ionized Sky, it is one of the most important books I have read.

  3. Satanic zionists are in control of all governments and are hell bent to destroy humanity and this is what the coronavirus is all about, UN Agenda 2030.

  4. It doesn’t matter what the reason is for the dictatorship… You can’t live in one and be free… There is no good reason for living in a dictatorship, and the freedoms you have guaranteed by the country’s documentation will prevent dictatorship as long as they are preserved, declarations of emergency not withstanding…
    Another Sheriff WHO IS NOT GOING TO ENFORCE AN UNCONSTITUTIONAL LAW!!! (video: about a minute)
    Governor Newsome repeatedly thanks Zuckerburg for providing personnel to assist the state with the virus problem… That would be the new ANTIFA RED GUARDS…
    If the Mobil Health Units are coming soon, it will mean they were ordered manufactured a while ago, more evidence of the plot…

    1. “There is no good reason for a dictatorship”.

      A political paradox. Us Europeans love a good dictator now and again when circumstances necessitate. Kidding. But, how many of us today would readily at this stage gamble on an honest, authoritarian leader who could maybe offer a way out of our current, insufferable predicament?

      History has demonstrated time and time again, that all it takes is one courageous man against time to change the fate of entire civilisations and inspire millions to regroup and and recommence the eternal struggle for survival once again. If the alternative is an irradiated ruins, then why not.

  5. Wearing masks invalidates their face recognition technology integrated into the CCTV network for following you around. So maybe that’s why they now need real life “contact tracers” on the ground to do the job.

  6. CM
    What other recognition and tracking technologies do they have?
    More people need to hear of John Kaminski..
    I don’t think they’ll put him in the New York or on Fox News…
    The establishment media is only the tool of corporations…. big money and control in the virus hoax…
    He should be on a billboard on the side of a major highway….

    1. Of course the hand phones, but should any not carry them around while wearing maskes, they’d be harder to follow, although they could go around even that using surveillance and computer technologies with some human tracers on the ground for cross-checking purposes.

      Kaminski writes well and I sure agree with most of what he says; but I’m not sure it’s just the Jews or all of the Jews.

      I’m confused about this Covid-19 or what to make of it- the data is all over the place with little consistency between countries. I started thinking it’s just a bad flu season but after reviewing so many theories I’m not so sure. Real or not, of course they’d use it to usher in the NWO, increase surveillance, control, and censorship, ban cash money, microchip people, and cull populations, if not by creating a virus then by the emergency measures, although the deaths so far are rather modest. Well there’s always the next time. But in principle deadly plagues can arise even naturally, and adopting draconian measures even to the point of shooting those who break curfew and quarantine, as well as looters, would be standard practice during such emergencies. But this is definitely not one of those plagues. Those who believe Revelation’s prophecies sure do expect them, as would any scientifically minded non- believer based on past history of public health and the circumstances of the modern world with its overcrowding and great mobility and travel brought on by globalisation.

      1. According to an article on Zerohedge 96% of the UK want the lockdown to continue. LOL! A bunch of pussies occupy the land of Lioheart.

        There is absolutely nothing to fear. God would not give you the gift of life and take it away in such a mean fashion as a puny man-made flu , PROVIDED you lived according to his Will: correctness and moderation in living. For the doubters about life’s simplicity alluded to by Kaminski, perhaps it is time to change: worship, exercise, eat and sleep right, cut out the poisons, starting first with jettisoning the ‘dumb” phone and the main stream media.

        There is absolutely nothing to fear. Italy published it’s data and so did the University of S California – we have a puny man-made flu, thanks be to God made puny each time it passes from one immune system to another. For the media blared isolated cases of young compromised immune systems that died, one could say they died because governments have spent their effort on a psycho-operation against 99.9% instead of taking steps to protect the weak.

  7. I agree Barkingdeer, John Kaminski (and our Lasha) should be read worldwide. John is the modern version of Alexander Solzhenitsyn. Plus, in terms of the basic nitty-gritty understanding of the Jewish-led blight upon Western Civilisation, you cannot go past Brother Nathanael Kapner’s collection of videos at realjew I always read Henry Makow as he nails the Jewish-Masonic cabal of sheer evil that is close to capturing us in its Communist web of deceit and destruction. The cabal is sitting on the cusp of its ultimate victory. Freedom and liberty are hanging from a thin, unravelling thread.

    1. Billboard, yeah… Kapner too…
      Even if they do call him ‘Brother Dough-Nate’.
      Acquire a property visible from the highway and put up your own big poster….
      Mine would say. W.H.O.AX….

  8. BTW, the newly self granted right to invade your home on suspicion of a “germ” is a license to eliminate dissidents – cart you away, claim you died of CV, no autopsy. Don’t touch Kaminsky! (addressed to the spook audience).

    1. Home arrest is one thing, this is really outrageous, Flan O’Brian! As far as I know, no country is dragging citizens from their homes to be quarantined, except the USA.

      Are Americans going to have a special treatment? Is that what FEMA camps are all about? US law makers did what can be called “collective warrants” to access one’s home; talk about Jewish dictatorship. A rigged test and then poof! You are gone. Americans are armed to the teeth but scattered, unorganized resistance won’t make much difference. Americans have a lot to learn with the Taliban (no offence, Pat).

    2. That’s the Idea…. welcome to the Gray State…. you’ll be taken to the beheading house… maybe you’ll get to stay alive if you do your shifts operating the guillotine…

  9. As evil as they are, I don’t think “big pharma” is much more than a parasite on society. Here’s how I see things.

    Let’s say for the sake of argument that SARS-CoV-2 somehow “escaped” from Ft. Detrick; e.g., some lab personnel became infected and then spread the virus in the community, resulting in, for example, the “mysterious respiratory illness” which sickened dozens and killed at least three people at the Greenspring Retiremet Community in Springfield, VA, in June and July, 2019.

    Ask yourself this: Would the U.S. “government” ever admit to it? If this had actually happened, would we see Trump holding a news conference and solemnly announcing to the world that a dangerous virus – apparently a biological warfare agent – had “escaped” from a U.S. government lab? And would we then see the various talking heads on CNN publicly predicting that the virus would destroy the U.S. as we knew it?

    I believe none of this would happen. I believe that in keeping with tradition, the U.S. “government” would never, ever admit to it: They would never accept responsibility for doing anything illegal, immoral, unconstitutional, irresponsible or stupid. I think the narcissists who comprise the U.S. “government” are incapable of accepting blame for anything bad, especially someone like the malignantly narcissistic man-child Trump. (And this may be one reason why Trump is so valuable to the “deep state”).

    That said and going further, if the “deep state” is the incomprehensibly evil (to the average person) Satanic cult which I believe it is, and if it is therefore willing to risk EVERYTHING to stop the rise of China (an event which heralds the end of its dream of complete world domination and control), which I believe it is, then it’s possible to imagine a scenario that may explain the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Upon beginning his presidency, Trump immediately undertook to try to “contain” China. To that end he’s tried all manner of intimidation; e.g., he showed Xi Jinping that he’s a Charles-Manson-like-madman, attacking Syria and murdering innocent people with cruise missiles while eating cake; he had Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou arrested; he deployed THAAD missile systems to South Korea; he sold weapons to Taiwan; he started a damaging (for both parties) trade war with China; he’s making a continuous series of provocative military maneuvers in the South China Sea; he’s relentlessly trying to overthrow the Chinese-friendly government of Venezuela, a Latin American country where China is heavily invested. Taken collectively, it seems he’s served an ultimatum on China, and he’s damaged China, but as we near the end of his term China is still standing and still refuses to surrender and cede its sovereignty to the evil empire. So now what? What’s a desperate “deep state” to do now?

    Enter deus ex machina SARS-CoV-2, as per the following possible scenario:

    SARS-CoV-2 was created in a lab in the U.S. or Israel (or one of the various labs elsewhere in the world under “deep state” control) and then deliberately released in the U.S. (say in the early summer of 2019). The virus was released either directly from Ft. Detrick, or in the vicinity of it, by a high-level “deep state” agent. The various safety violations and “breaches (of containment)” at Ft. Detrick – which resulted in a temporary closure of the facility – were a ploy by agents working there to make it seem plausible that the release of the virus was accidental.

    The “deep state” agents then made sure that some infected U.S. military personnel were sent to Wuhan China for the world military games in Oct. 2019.

    Trump may or may not know that the release of the virus in the U.S. was a deliberate act. He knows the pandemic began in the U.S. but may have been led to believe it was an “accident.” In the end it doesn’t really matter because just like Clinton could not admit that the U.S. Navy shot down TWA Flt. 800, Trump cannot admit that the virus was released from a U.S. lab, regardless of the circumstances. What matters is that the “deep state” got its wish to send the virus to China, and the “government” it controls cannot and will not accept any responsibility.

    But unfortunately for the attackers, China took quick, decisive action which prevented the spread of the virus and blunted the attack. Having been so humiliated, the “deep state” then implemented “plan B,” which was basically a calculated effort to fail to contain the virus in the U.S., thereby exacerbating the situation causing more death, economic damage and hardship, and then blaming it all on China. (Of course Trump couldn’t take certain early actions anyway, e.g., blocking potentially infected inbound travelers, because infected travelers were needed to hide the fact that the virus was already in the U.S.).

    So here we are with the virus out of control, with unprecedented economic damage and with daily life likely not returning to “normal” at least for the foreseeable future. I wonder what’s next for the “deep state”? I don’t know what their next move will be, but knowing the nature of the evil in high places, I believe they will keep doubling down on failure. The longer this goes on and the more damage done to America, the more hysterically they’ll scream and wave their hands and blame the evil Chinese.

    As I see it, what we desperately need if we are to avoid a shooting war, possibly WW3, is a “whistle blower.” Surely there must be someone somewhere in the U.S., e.g. someone in the CDC, or a health care professional who treated patients from the Greenspring Retirement Community in Springfield, VA, last year or perhaps a relative of someone who was sick…who can show that the virus was here in the U.S. before it was detected in China.

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