Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories: Facts vs Fiction

There’s big trouble coming . . . when the kissing has to stop.

March 15, 2020



Dr Philip Giraldi, Executive Director of the Council for the National Interest, argues that Coronavirus was probably manufactured in a secret laboratory in the United States. The US and Israel, he adds,  are almost certainly in cahoots. 

No other countries would have the motivation, the means, and the technical expertise to perpetrate this shocking international crime so successfully. Or the chutzpah. If the US and Israel can pull off 9/11 between them, as many increasingly believe they did, then manufacturing Coronavirus and unleashing it to create a global panic would be a piece of cake in comparison.

First of all, the US has a powerful motive for attacking China. America is jealous of China’s growing influence in the world, wary of its emergence as a global power that can no longer be treated with condescension and contempt, as it was by the British Empire with the help of a few gunboats and the man-made scourge of opium addiction. The US is also quaking in its boots that China may have new weaponry in the making which, if and when it is fully developed, would threaten its own military dominance. So China has to be stopped. To have its wings clipped. To be given a knockout blow.

It’s now or never . . .  in the reign of the Orange Emperor.

Giraldi notes :

“There has been some speculation that as the Trump Administration has been constantly raising the issue of growing Chinese global competitiveness as a direct threat to American national security and economic dominance, it must (or might) be possible that Washington has created and unleashed the virus in a bid to bring Beijing’s growing economy and military might down a few notches.”

What better way to do this than infect the entire Chinese population with a killer virus, crippling the Chinese economy for the foreseeable future? A preemptive strike, in short, perfectly justifiable in a Darwinian dog-eat-dog world. I’m gonna kill you before you kill me! And then add a dollop of Machiavelli to the Darwinian soup. Pretend China started the pandemic in the first place. So the Chinese have it coming. They asked for it!

There are plenty of precedents for American misbehavior: for example, the Stuxnet computer virus, aimed at Iran on behalf of Israel and with full Israeli complicity and cooperation.

Giraldi again:

“In 2005-9 the American and Israeli governments secretly developed a computer virus called Stuxnet, which was intended to damage the control and operating systems of Iranian computers being used in that country’s nuclear research program. Admittedly Stuxnet was intended to damage computers, not to infect or kill human beings, but concerns that it would propagate and move to infect computers outside Iran proved to be accurate as it spread to thousands of PCs outside Iran, in countries as far flung as China, Germany, Kazakhstan and Indonesia.” (See here)

Then there’s the Vaccine Conspiracy Theory.

The best way to make money, hand over fist, is to concoct a killer virus in a secret laboratory, letting it out to create universal panic. And then, just when  half the world is about to commit suicide, you step forward from the shadows with a vial in your hands and a benign smile on your lips and announce to the world, Relax everyone! I’ve got a vaccine!”

Hallelujah! All praise to the benefactor of mankind! In this particular scenario, the world’s savior is of course Big Pharma in Israel!

Let’s have it again from Giraldi:

“Inevitably there is an Israeli story that just might shed some light on what has been going on in China. Scientists at Israel’s Galilee Research Institute are now claiming that they will have a vaccine against coronavirus in a few weeks which will be ready for distribution and use within 90 days.”

The institute is apparently claiming that it has been engaged in four years of research on avian coronavirus funded by Israel’s Ministries of Science & Technology and Agriculture.

It appears, then, that we all owe Israel big time. The vast sums of pocket money the American taxpayer has shelled out over the years to keep our Israeli friends happy, surrounded by their olive orchards and swimming pools, has been money well spent. We must make allowances for their systematic genocide of the Palestinians—the crushing of women’s bones and the blinding of children’s eyes and the deliberate creation of Palestinian amputees by the Israeli Defense Forces, “the most moral army in the world”.

No more Holocaust denial please! All this murder and mayhem in the Promised Land has been in a good cause. It has helped to create a vaccine in the land of milk and honey by the People of God.


All in a good cause . . . courtesy of Israel

Israeli snipers deliberately aim for the knee sockets of peaceful demonstrators in Palestine, racking up these horrendous injuries. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is behind these disgusting war crimes and has received the full support of Donald Trump, America’s new Zionist Puppet president.   

All this is going on in Palestine right now, while the world’s attention is distracted by other “more important matters” such as the coronavirus contagion.

How convenient the world’s inattention must be to Israel, the predators and plunderers of Palestine, who are committing these appalling atrocities even as I write, safe in the knowledge that America under its Jewified president will not lift a finger to come to their rescue and deliver them from these ravening beasts.

“They are claiming,” Philip Giraldi reveals, “that the virus is similar to the version that has infected humans, which has led to breakthroughs in development through genetic manipulation, but some scientists are skeptical that a new vaccine could be produced so quickly to prevent a virus that existed only recently.”

Exactly. There is something inordinately suspicious about the sudden and most opportune emergency of this miracle cure within so short a period of time. Ordinarily, under normal circumstances, “if a vaccine is developed it would normally have to be tested for side effects, a process that normally takes over a year and includes using it on infected humans.”

Giraldi provides more eye-popping details implicating America in this plot to save the world by pretending it is being destroyed by a virus created in a Chinese lab:

If one even considers it possible that the United States had a hand in creating the coronavirus at what remains of its once extensive biological weapons research center in Ft Detrick Maryland, it is very likely that Israel was a partner in the project. Helping to develop the virus would also explain how Israeli scientists have been able to claim success at creating a vaccine so quickly, possibly because the virus and a treatment for it were developed simultaneously.

How the plot thickens! By the pricking of my thumbs / Something wicked this way comes!

“It is difficult to explain,” Giraldi continues, “why coronavirus has hit one country in particular other than China very severely. That country is Iran, the often-cited enemy of both the U.S. and Israel. The usual suspects in the United States are delighted to learn of the Iranian deaths.”

So you have your choice, Giraldi concludes soberly, sounding much more like a forensic logician than a conspiracy theorist:

“Coronavirus occurred naturally, or it came out of a lab in China itself or even from Israel or the United States. If one suspects Israel and/or the United States, the intent clearly would have been to create a biological weapon that would damage two nations that have been designated as enemies: China and Iran.” 

NETANYAHU : I want to make the world a nicer place.
TRUMP : So who’s next on the hit list?

—   §   —

A brief update is now in order. The figures I cite here are as up-to-the-minute as I can make them, all culled from world news reports. A visitor from outer space would be shocked to learn that our planet is now in a state of total panic, bordering on pandemonium. He would do well to pop back in his flying saucer and decamp pronto to safer galaxies beyond the Milky Way.

— ‘This is the worst health crisis for a generation,” warns British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. “Many more families are going to lose their loved ones before their time.” Mass gatherings are to be banned in Britain from next week.

Stock markets suffered their worst crash in 33 years after US President Donald Trump made a shock announcement he later regretted, banning all flights from 26 European countries but excluding UK citizens from this ban. Given that the UK is a highly infected country,  where over 10,000 people have contracted coronavirus, this favouritism toward UK citizens makes no sense at all.

— Trump has seen his approval rating fall. This is because he made a fool of himself by at first describing the emerging viral infection as “fake news”, and that it would all clear up in no time at all, only to backtrack three days later by declaring a “national emergency”.  He has agreed to free up $50 billion in emergency funds. Quite a lot of money, it would seem, to paper over “fake news”. According to one leading healthcare expert, over one million Americans will die  from Covid-19 and “the president’s ineptitude will have made things worse.” Andy Slavitt, acting administrator of the Centres for Medcare and Medicaid (CMS) tweeted: “This will be recorded as a major preventable health disaster. The original sin is Trump’s long denial and his dismantling of public health and response infrastructure.”

—  New advice to anyone with the slightest cold or cough is to self-isolate, i.e., stay at home for seven days, avoid older people, sleep alone, and keep three steps away from anyone else. (Two metres or 6ft 6inches). No kissing allowed, and don’t shake hands.

Older people (over 60)  are the new lepers. They are told not to go out unnecessarily, especially if they use public transport or commit the crime of coughing or sneezing in public. They are banned from going on cruises. Told to keep out of sight. Not easy for older people who live on their own. They need to shop and buy food, just like younger  people do.

UPDATE: Over 70’s ordered to stay at home. 2nd UPDATE: Doctors told to “let old people die“.

Pubs and restaurants are becoming increasingly deserted. Some bartenders are wearing facemasks. Clients are urged not to sit too close to each other. Some lovers are having blazing rows over kissing. As Hamlet might have said: “To kiss or not to kiss, that is the question.” On the other hand, some courting couples are risking death by deliberately defying the Grim Reaper and kissing behind their face masks—take a look at this bunch of amorous daredevils.

— Public advised to wash hands for 20 seconds with hot water and soap, not to touch door handle on way out of toilet unless hand is covered in paper towel or plastic glove.

— Fights over toilet rolls in supermarkets. Prices of some brands have doubled, even tripled, in one week. Hand sanitizers are in short supply, face masks no longer available at pharmacists. People wander round in public with plastic bags pulled over their heads, looking pretty scary.

Total number of Coronavirus cases was 127,873 confirmed cases yesterday.  Close to 83,000 of these were recorded in China. Italy ranks second with 12,462 cases, with over 1000 deaths in all.  Iran is in third place with 10,075 cases and 75 deaths in the last 24 hours.  Nearly two-thirds who have died were based in China.

— This “unprecedented crisis”, we learn, “could mean loss of 50 million jobs in the travel industry.” People are cancelling their summer holidays and staying at home. School trips to the Alps, the Greek islands, and other locations have also been cancelled.

—  Italy. The entire country in quarantine. All schools and offices closed. Restaurants now being told to shut after customers advised to sit as far apart as possible and avoid speaking to each other. No coughing or sneezing allowed, or else a bouncer in a face mask turfs you into the street. Only shops now open are pharmacies and supermarkets. Italy has been hardest hit by the outbreak with over 15,000 confirmed cases and more than 1,000 dead.

Iran. All public gatherings, including Friday prayers, have been cancelled. Crews of cleaners have been despatched to disinfect trains, buses and  public gathering places. Iranians advised to stay at home, all of them, preferably in separate rooms, and not to eat together or share the same bed.

—  The extreme measures mentioned above are being gradually adopted by most other developed countries in the world. Is there anywhere on the planet where life is still going on normally? I’m not sure. I guess you can still breathe virus-free air if you can rent a cave ten thousand feet above sea level in the high Himalayas. And the penguins at the South Pole are doing pretty well too, I’m told. No panic there except in a high wind…. Oh, to be an albatross!

Oops, I spoke too soon! I’ve just seen this headline on page 13 of yesterday’s Daily Mail: EVEN EVEREST IS OUT OF BOUNDS. Shiver me timbers! The article informs: “As global paralysis intensified yesterday, Mount Everest was closed off to tourists. Nepali officials warned visitors to stay away and said climbing permits would not be issued.”

—   §  —

To get back to the conspiracy theories swirling round Corinavirus, allow me to recapitulate and reflect briefly on the strange case of Italy.

China and Iran are obvious targets for the US and Israel. China is America’s biggest economic competitor and the US therefore has a strong motivation to damage the Chinese economy, bringing China to its knees, which Coronavirus is certainly doing. As for Iran, we all know that Iran is not only hated by the United States and particularly by Trump, but is also the greatest existential threat to Israel. Iran is Israel’s deadliest enemy and Israel would love to see the entire country in ruins. Coronavirus is certainly helping to create panic in Iran, as it is helping to create panic in China.

Giraldi forgets to mention Italy in his conspiratorial musings, a country now in total lockdown which has suffered more deaths and disruption from Coronavirus than any other country in the world apart from China. More in fact than Iran which ranks as third for number of deaths.

Could the Italian crisis be accidental? Or has Italy been deliberately targeted for economic meltdown for sinister reasons unknown? Think carefully. Why would Israel and the US want to damage Italy economically? Above all, why would international Jewry, in both America and Europe but also in Israel, want to cripple the Italian economy? I think I have the answer, though my hypothesis might well be dismissed as a wild-eyed conspiracy theory.

There are two main reasons why international Jewry would like to see Italy go bankrupt and become an economic basket case.

(1) The destruction of the Vatican, and with it the influence of Roman Catholicism and Christianity, the great enemy of Talmudic Jewry which has marked Christianity out for destruction as revenge for past persecutions and pogroms, real or imaginary.

(2) The plunder of Italy’s vast art treasures which are worth trillions of dollars, making it incalculably wealthier in this respect than all the other nations of the world combined.

Take Greece, for example, as a comparison. The recent economic destruction of Greece has led to the selling off of many Greek islands to cosmopolitan banksters and financiers and Greece is all the poorer for the loss of so much of its ancestral wealth. Italy also has vast assets which the cosmopolitan vultures would dearly love to get their hands on and these can be found  in vast quantities in its art galleries, cathedrals and churches.

Thinks of all those precious Renaissance paintings—the Leonardos, the Botticellis, the Michelangelos, the Giottos—and imagine the glittering wealth hidden away in the vaults and cellars of the Vatican. The international predators would love to see those antiquarian treasures change hands, going under the hammer at Sotheby’s and Christie’s and ending up in New York, London, Zurich, and wherever else these vulturine plutocrats choose to live in their gold-plated palaces.

Fifty years from now, I am told on good authority, most of the art treasures of the world will have been shipped off to Jerusalem, the new epicentre of world power.

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  1. Stunning. I am left reeling after reading this well-researched and mentally challenging article. I am fascinated by LD’s weird conspiracy theory that Italy has been deliberately targeted for the plunder of its art treasures. Just as Greece was forced to sell off many of its beautiful islands to avoid bankruptcy, and from falling deeper into the clutches of the hook-nosed moneylenders, Italy will be subjected to similar pressures if its economy can be smashed to pieces by this unexpected pandemic.

    I read somewhere that Italy’s art treasures are almost beyond computation, amounting to tens of trillions of dollars. And who owns most of great art galleries in the world and the world’s most precious paintings? You guessed it : the JEWS!!!

    LD covered this subject many years ago in a long article that was translated into at least 10 languages: “The Plot Against Art”. It was one of her first articles, I believe, published on the Occidental Observer. Careful documentation was here given proving beyond any doubt that the entire art establishment, which is now a big scam, is almost entirely in Jewish hands.

    1. @ Saki

      Just as Greece was forced to sell off many of its beautiful islands to avoid bankruptcy, and from falling deeper into the clutches of the hook-nosed moneylenders, Italy will be subjected to similar pressures if its economy can be smashed to pieces by this unexpected pandemic.

      I would advise you strongly from using crude and inflammatory language such as “hook-nosed moneylenders.” Sure, usury is not a good thing if abused, but not if used in moderations like most banks do. My daughter works in a bank, a respectable girl holding down a responsible job. Aren’t all banks “moneylenders”? Do you need to insult all bank employees (like my lovely daughter) by disparaging their noses? How dare you insult my daughter by suggesting she has a hooked nose! You need a damn good thrashing you do.

      1. @Quasimodo

        All modern banking is fraud…plain and simple. If your daughter has chosen to work in the banking industry, then by definition, she is involved in fraud. I’m not sure I would be too proud of that.

        Why is modern banking fraud? Well, skipping over the myriad other abuses and scams engaged in by the big banks, all loans under the current banking scheme are fraud because THE BANKS DO NOT LEND MONEY. That is right. When you go down to take out a loan, the bank does not give you its money. It does not give you its depositors money (anyone who thinks they do does not understand banking in a fractional reserve/fiat money system). In fact, the bank contributes exactly ZERO dollars to loan.

        Where does the money come from then you ask… Well, when you sign the Promissory Note. the note itself becomes money (every bit as much as a federal reserve note) and this is the source of the funds for your loan. The bank, for the service of filling out the paper work, then charges you usurious interest which you must pay to them along with the principle…which will then extinguish your note. For a typical home mortgage, the interest is 2 or 3 times the amount of the principle! This is even worse than it sounds because, in the US at least, the average middle class family moves every 7 years. This means that they sell their home after that time and purchase a new one, with a new mortgage. Anyone who has ever paid a mortgage will know that for the first several years, you are paying almost all interest and very little on the principle.

        This is the true source of Jewish power and it has been so for centuries now. So, while I’m sure your daughter is a wonderful person, she is working in an industry that is based upon fraud and which extracts a large percentage of the wealth of the average family…in exchange for…filling out some paper work?

      2. Quasi, are you saying your beautiful daughter does not have a hooked nose? Are you saying she can be excused because she is only involved, as you say, in “moderate” usury? Okay, the hooked nose ones are usually hidden out of sight in the managerial offices and young, floosey type tellers are the public face of the evil banks. I do not care if your daughter has a likely hunchback or a small, turned up nose, she is still a willing part of the Jews’ criminal usury, which their own Torah condemns. But in full Hegelian dialectical terms, the Talmud and the evil Kabbalah recommend usury as a weapon to destroy the stupid Goyim. If your daughter was the receptionist at the front desk of a brothel, she is still a sex/brothel worker and all German soldiers were called Nazis. It is all a matter of definition and your attack on Saki was unwarranted.

      3. Quasi, it is admirable of you to protect your bank working, attractive daughter, but hooked nose, hunchback or not, she still works in the usury industry and is paid by a Jews, who, in the long run provide the wholesale $$$’s that banks need. All mortgages are underwritten by Jews. The floosey gals that work as tellers are usually brain dead bimbos who need a calculator to add up $2+$3.50=. Not that I am saying your daughter is a bimbo, but if she has a slightly hooked nose or a hunching, bent spine, I feel sorry for her.

      4. Bob –

        Correct. All US currency – Federal Reserve Notes – are debts. A ‘note’ is proof of debt.

      5. Your comment makes no sense. If your daughter doesn’t have a hooked nose he obviously was not aiming his comment at her. He was directing his comment at hooked nose money lenders. I worked in banking for years and I was not offended. He was referring to people like Harvey Weinstein, Jeffrey Epstein and the hooked nose in the photo below.

        If they can insult blue eyed blondes and others constantly as “NAZIS”, the most hateful word ever constructed as far as I’m concerned, surely they can put up with being called a “hooked nose”. Have you ever heard the expression “don’t throw stones when you live in a glass house”? Apparently you think it’s alright for people with hooked noses to insult others, but they can’t be insulted. Are you a Jew?

    2. In a normal winter flu will kill about 20,000 people in the USA. How do we know that these CV deaths are due to CV?. They could have normal winter flu in addition. That would explain why most cases of CV are no worse than a cold.

      1. @John K
        Yours is an excellent question, but have you considered the same question from a different point of view? Rather than the deaths being attributed to coronavirus being influenza deaths, the truth turns out to be the opposite? The government does not keep hard numbers on deaths from influenza. It is entirely possible that this virus has been sweeping through the population since last summer and that tens of thousands have died from it…their deaths being attributed to influenza.

        If this were the case, it would explain why the US government has been working so hard to limit testing. Early testing back in January would have revealed that the virus was more wide spread here than in China…indicating that it began here first and that rather than China, the US was to blame. Even now, the government is putting out guidelines that prevent the testing of the very people you need to test to determine how wide spread the infections already are… a basic piece of information, without which, our state and local governments are flying completely blind. This slow walking of testing will only work for so long, but when testing does start to be widely done (if it ever is), the government will attribute the massive numbers of infected people to spread of the “foreign virus” since it supposedly arrived here in February.

        I’m not saying this is the case, only that it should be considered as a real possibility here.

  2. I find much of this article hard to believe. Especially the story about Mount Everest being placed out of bounds. Dr Darkmoon is obviously lying or exaggerating. The whole idea that the US and Israel are “in cahoots” to destroy China, Iran and Italy is not only far-fetched in the extreme but contains many antisemitic memes. Darkmoon needs to examine her conscience.

    1. Blaming Israel for US conflicts with China is in the box of Jew-hatred. Those that make false claims against Jews are guilty of attempted murder. They should be arrested, prosecuted and if found guilty should be sent to do prison time with African-American inmates.

      1. Some replies from Mel from 2017.
        melvin polat[email protected] Apr 19, 2017
        Never believe a kike. Liars from their first breath, till their last.

        melvin [email protected] Apr 19, 2017
        They are all khazars, none of them carry the genetics of the real jews. They pray to a serpent and follow Satan. $$ is their one true G-d

      2. Old Polish rumors that claimed that Jews have poisoned the wells have resurfaced. Rumors are now circulating that Jews have poisoned the Earth with a virus.
        Some clandestine Meth lab created the Corona poison. All it took was gene splicing equipment and an evil mind. The villains hated people and they poisoned the well. Jews should not be blamed again for old Polish rumors.

    2. “The whole idea that the US and Israel are “in cahoots” to destroy China, Iran and Italy is not only far-fetched in the extreme but contains many antisemitic memes.”

      What??? What kind of argument is that? That the US and Israel are targeting China, Russia and Iran is beyond any real dispute. Just read the crap coming out of the big Jewish funded think tanks in DC and Israel. What exactly are the “anti-semitic memes” you are referring to? Is it now anti-semitic to point out obvious truths?

      Now it might or might not be true that the US/Israel are behind this virus, but that it is a plausible explanation that fits much of the evidence we see is obvious to any objective person who has seen all the evidence/theories floating around. Your argument seems to be that to point out Jewish power or its machinations is inherently anti-semetic… Criticism of Jewish behavior is now verboten? Sorry, but crying “anti-semetism” no longer scares people. It is just a made up word Jews use to attack anyone, or any speech, they don’t like.

      1. @ Bob

        Tamara Cohn is a Jewish name. (Cohn = Cohen). Her comment is in keeping with her name.

    3. Mount Everest has been under assault for years from the ‘tripper’ type climbers; I’m sure the government would take any opportunity to curtail the excessive wear and tear on its prize feature…

  3. Of course there has never been a vaccine that has protected against anything.
    Infectious diseases began to disappear on their own (up till >95%!) through — in this order — better nutrition, non-crowded living conditions, clean water and sanitation. (Viera Scheibner PhD).
    The science behind vaccination is not science, it is a religious belief. The religion is money, its church is Big Pharma.
    The ‘science’ behind vaccination is the nonsense of Edward Jenner and Louis Pasteur, both utterly vain, fame hunting plagiarists, who came up with ‘results’ of their experiments, which form the basis of today’s vaccination programs, but that no scientist has ever been able to replicate….

    Also, no one can ever know what’s in a vaccine.
    Corvelva in Italy found out in independent lab testing that GSK’s Infanrix-hexa vaccine contained NONE of the designated pathogens nor of the adjuvants and chemicals used in the production process that are mentioned in the product information, but did contain many chemical contaminants — of which 65% is unknown! (
    Priorix, another GSK vaccine (BMR) contains the complete genome of an in 1966 aborted baby on whose immortal lung fibroblast cell line (MCR-5) the rubella component has been cultured… (

    In other words, people, use food and herbs as your medicine, things that resonate with your body.
    Stay away from toxic pharmaceuticals that rob important nutrients from your body while being detoxed…
    (Ross Pelton PhD, Drug-Induced Nutrient Depletion Handbook, 2002)

  4. The article makes the accusation that the virus pandemic started because “Trump” initially downplayed the crisis. Lasha is on the “Blame Trump” bandwagon as leader of the pack, here, at Darkmoon. The more it flows, the more it stays the same, like an image on the flowing waters. Some very insightful points; but, after all, it is just articulate speculation (or should I say “wishful thinking”??).
    Send us up a smoke, Brownhawk! 😉

    1. @ Gilbert Huntly

      The article makes the accusation that the virus pandemic started because “Trump” initially downplayed the crisis. Lasha is on the “Blame Trump” bandwagon as leader of the pack, here, at Darkmoon.

      (1) It is an undeniable fact that Trump started off by describing Coronavirus as “fake news”. YES or NO? If you are honest, the answer is “YES”. You will find Trump’s dismissal of Cornavirus as “fake news” wherever you look. So LD is reporting a fact, a truth, an undeniable truth.

      (2) It is also an undeniable fact that three days after Trump dismissed Coronavirus as “fake news”, he was forced to backtrack and DECLARE A NATIONAL EMERGENCY. LD is not making this up or “leading the pack”, to use your own hostile terminology. Trump definitely made a fool of himself and LD was right to point this out. After all, how can Coronavirus have been “fake news” if three days later it’s a NATIONAL EMERGENCY???

      Can you explain that?

      Please try and understand that this is neither an ANTI-TRUMP website or a PRO-TRUMP website. It welcome views from Trump worshippers as well as Trump haters. LD is simply reporting the FACTS, and if these facts show Trump in a poor light, then she reports them objectively because she values the truth. Unlike yourself, who would rather have the truth concealed or sanitized.

      Your description of LD as “leading the pack” on your beloved president, as if she were a wild animal with her fangs bared, is an insulting ad hominem attack on a person who has been kind to you, corresponded with you in a friendly way, and taken the trouble to edit and publish your poems. She will, I think, remember your insult if she reads your comment. For her sake, I hope she doesn’t read your comment, because I think she is actually quite fond of you.

      1. Sister –

        And I am quite fond of HER. I doubt if she’d care much for fawning agreement on everything, so I don’t shy from speaking frankly. Quite frankly, I do NOT believe Trump’s negligence in foreseeing the so-called “pandemic” makes for his being RESPONSIBLE for it as your minions love to insinuate. Whether or not he accurately predicted the circumstance DOES NOT CHANGE the circumstance! As it is, he is showing steady efforts to assuage your hysteria.
        My poetry is another issue, completely, so don’t drag that into it.

      2. Before your feathers get too ruffled, dear Sister, I want you to realize, please, that I am desperately afraid for the future of my country – more than I fear displeasing any commenters or writers, here.
        I defend Trump because, after considering the scum competing with him for the Presidency, what choices are there??! I know what it’s like not to fully understand the quality of the present as it is compared to how much darker could be the future…
        You, yourself, have probably lamented a certain decline of your dear England, so you should understand. Lasha’s superior intellect and insight is hereby acknowledged, but I reserve the right to disagree! 🙃

        1. Huntley Gruntley —

          Has anyone told you are an insolent asshole? My sympathies lie entirely with Sister Monica who said nothing to justify your rudeness to her. Since you have no conception of good manners, I suggest you confine yourself in future to writing mushy doggerel. Which is all you are fit for.

          1. @ Admin

            I think you’d be well advised to put this insolent pipsqueak on permanent monitoring. If he disses you again or dares to vomit all over Lasha, which he seems to enjoy doing, delete his comments at once.

            If necessary, ban him.

            He is getting too big for his boots.

      3. Silent Reader –

        You should remain silent. You’ve no dog in this fight. (Besides, what you call yourself shows you’re nothing but a liar.)

        1. You are too restrained, dear Gilbert. “Silent Reader” gives me the creeps. Why doesn’t he (or she) remain “silent”?

          Make allowances, dear poet. We are all going slightly mad. Have you met a sane person recently? Gosh, I’m searching hard! 🙂

    2. Gil –

      Trump was actually “BIGGLY” condemned by Democrats for denying Chinese entry into the US so early on. He did the right thing. I’m glad he acted swiftly THERE!

      1. Pat, I agree. Without even a smidgen of trepidation at being obscurantist I’ll simply say any reason to encourage Trump or anyone else to shove a cream pie in the Chinese Communist Party’s collective faces, especially if there’s a stick of dynamite in the mix, is pre-justified by the fact that they’re Communist scum of the earth.

        Especially this miscreant and his associates who are as demonic as any creature extant on this earth. Does this little devil look 93 years old? There’s a reason for this and it’s purely evil.

        As a pre-clarification, an attempt to spare myself (fingers crossed) the slings and arrows of knee jerkers and neurotics, I have not an iota of ill will towards the Chinese hoi polloi who are truly victims of the most conditioned kind..
        Au contraire. I wish they were all happily immersed in the glow of Lord Buddha and basking in enlightenment. I really do.

      2. HP
        That miscreant is not a human being. It’s as obvious as the day is long. And as far as this virus is concerned, look no farther than those despicable open-air wild game markets in China to see where it originated. The fact that it broke loose out of there serves as an oh so convenient excuse for (((them))) to crank up their control mechanisms and instill fear. Concocting it in a lab isn’t even necessary, IMHO.

        Like I said earlier, I predict that we’ll see mandated medical ID cards and the end of circulated paper money Fed notes in further ramping up the Big Brother State. E.g.; the Fed just, ahem, “bought up” 1/2 trillion dollars of U.S. treasuries.

        What was unleashed from those meat markets was in the form of what, fricasseed bats laden with the Corona virus, in places where they still eat DOGS for chrissakes?

        I wouldn’t rule out intentions of germ warfare in infecting Iranian officials insofar as it concerns the geopolitical arena. CIA operatives could do that easily enough, out of China or wherever. And insofar as massive genocide coming out of this, not necessarily. Like I said, I think it’s more of the classic “Problem-Reaction-Solution” solution thingy for the purpose of enacting more and more draconian laws everywhere.

  5. China sent thousands of workers to Italy to assist in lowering the price of goods “Made in Italy”.
    And that my friends resulted in the nation wide lockdown.

  6. (ADMIN: This comment ended up in Spam. No idea why. So I’m approving it.)

    Below is something I put on a previous page. I hope you don’t mind me putting on here again. I just though since this seems to be the page where we speculate on what is happening it might belong here

    “Using 9/11 as a kind of template……………….is it possible that China was ‘attacked’ by the ramping up or maybe ‘hacking’ of the Huawei infrastructure in Huban? I find this idea more convincing than some ‘bio-weapon release’. I have said before I am skeptical about the ability of a virus on it’s own to cause any disease, I see no reason to think an altered virus could suddenly turn into such a dangerous weapon. Also being ‘biological’ it would inherently be uncontrollable and it’s effects impossible to predict. I don’t believe the powers that shouldn’t be operate like that at all
    Electronic weapons by contrast are very controllable and can be turned on or off by those who control the switches. The PTSB (powers that shouldn’t be) must know that wireless radiation is dangerous and we have been bathed in it for a long time now. But many experts see 5G as a very big leap forward in terms of danger. However that does not stop them pushing it and in China it is about to or going ‘live’ in late 2019. However there is great power competition still operating and Huawei are ahead in the race. There is major push back against Huawei coming from the US including having their executive arrested and major threats by the Trump admin to stop ‘allies’ from using Huawei’s technology
    So then we come to China’s 9/11 the Military Games held in Wuhan in late 2019 is where I SPECULATE ‘something happened’. My guess is there were ‘real deaths’ in Wuhan, like there were real deaths in 9/11 but after that the ‘psy op’ takes over. Real deaths are needed to give the psy op power but after that it is self generated. Massive fear is caused, propaganda is the order of the day. It causes great fear of viruses much as there was fear of ‘terrorists’ after 9/11. Those brown men in a cave in Afghanistan are replaced by even harder to come to terms with invisible viruses
    To keep the 9/11 parallels going ………….just as there were many many ‘drills’ associated with that event and several even going on the SAME DAY we do have a ‘drill’ to match it in Wuhan. Event 201 by the World Economic Forum drilled pretty much the ‘pandemic’ we are dealing with now.
    So where does that leave us in the West? I believe the pandemic is mostly hype and it is obvious fear is being used as a weapon against us. However there is an aspect to this that is ‘real’ in the sense that the health of people in the West is quite poor generally speaking, We ARE being inundated by wireless radiation for example and it IS damaging our health. Dr Jack Kruse for one has been raising this alarm for years. We are also starting to get some 5G effects though I do not believe it is nearly as ready as is planned. In that sense the Wuhan event could also be a kind of test…………ramp up 5G to the power and density we might see say 10 years from you and observe the effects. My guess is the effects are serious and that was shown in Wuhan. Meanwhile the PTSB have other fish to fry. Wreck the economies of the West enslave people with fear and government controls, they will now know 5G is a weapon and something that can be used again if needed. Any country that steps out of line can be brought to heel and in a PREDICTABLE way not like with some putative ‘bio weapon’. The bio weapon is a distraction and it will take up the energy of many smart and sincere people. I see Kevin Barrett going along these lines as well as Phillip Giraldi and several others. The bio weapon is the the ‘thermite’ of 9/11 whereas the real story there (as here) was the use of an electro-magnetic weapon. See Judy Wood’s “Where did the Towers Go?”
    This is just my attempt to understand some of this and may be quite wrong. I would welcome any and all critiques of it here.”

  7. Great piece, Lasha. Particularly apropos is the comparison to 9/11:

    “If the US and Israel can pull off 9/11 between them, as many increasingly believe they did, then manufacturing Coronavirus and unleashing it to create a global panic would be a piece of cake in comparison.”

    My feelings exactly. We know that they’re technically capable of it, and that they would have no moral compunction against it. I would add that their desperation to stop the rise of Russia and China is palpable, and being that Trump’s trade war apparently failed to sufficiently damage China, a biological attack seems like a “logical” next step.

    (BTW it’s an interesting “coincidence” that SARS-2-CoV should strike China on the heels of a devastating swine flu epidemic, and was immediately followed by an aggressive bird flu epidemic).

  8. Hmmm, the US creates a virus, unleashes it on China and then blames the Chinese for its creation. Now who uses this tactic as a standard M/O? Let’s see now, “The Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you.” Create a horror and then blame the people suffering its depredations for its creation. A perfect Jewish fit for this case.

    One thing is certain, if this is in fact the case, the Chinese know very well who’s behind the terror. The question is how will they react. Remember what I said six months before Trump was appointed to office? No? Allow me to refresh your memory – “If trump is ‘elected’ to office, it will be to start WWIII.” So how’s it looking at this point? Oh well, if this doesn’t work out, Jews will have four more years to figure out another angle.

    There is a dimension beyond that which is known to the goyim. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadows, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man’s fears and the summit of his ignorance. This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area which we call the Zionist Zone.

    When will humanity finally eliminate the real terror, the fount of all its fears – The parasitical Jew.

  9. But…. NO PANIC ON FLU of 2019-2020!!??

    March 9, 2020…..

    While health officials in the United States wait to see just how bad a public health challenge COVID-19 will pose, they still have to deal with an all-too-familiar challenge: flu.

    The CDC estimates that there have been 20,000 to 40,000 deaths in the United States so far this year!!

    It’s been a bad flu season. Not the worst ever, but bad.
    This year’s flu season started picking up steam around Thanksgiving.

    The CDC doesn’t test everyone who has flu symptoms to be certain they really have flu, rather than some other viral infection. Still, the CDC estimates are reckoned to be pretty accurate, and they are updated regularly.

    “So far this season we’ve had between 30 and 40 million illnesses in the United States,” Martin says.

    Of that number, about half were ill enough to seek medical care, and between 300,000 to 500,000 people required hospitalization.

    1. Pat, chalk me up as one of the 2019-2020 victims but not counted on the official statistics due to not going to hospital/doctor rather just laying in bed and on the floor for five or six days and then, whew, finally getting up. For a while there I was wondering..

      1. On second thought, it was the 2018-2019 Flu season. Time flies when you’re having fun..

  10. Trump is being relentlessly attacked for his mishandling of the coronavirus crisis (and deservedly so IMO), and it seems many of Trump’s most vicious attackers are jews. For example, in a recent opinion piece in “The Guardian,” jewish journalist/political analyst Richard Wolffe writes:

    “For three long years the world has been treated to the sick joke of Donald Trump’s presidency. Some days were more sick than others. But now the joke is over.

    But this makes me wonder: Where was all the well-deserved criticism when Trump withdrew from the INF treaty, for example? Yes, wherever it came from SARS-2-CoV is a threat, but nuclear annihilation, perhaps by “accident” is a far worse threat, especially since it is a largely or completely avoidable threat.

    (Putting intermediate range missiles close to Russia’s borders is something only madmen would do, IMO, as the short flight time to targets in Russia may take humans like Stanislav Petrov, “the man who saved the world,” out of the loop, thus the decision to launch would be made by computers).

    So here’s a conspiracy theory: Is it possible that Trump is being manipulated into making a fool of himself (or perhaps more accurately, deliberately not being prevented from making a fool of himself)? With coronavirus infection spiraling out of control in the U.S., with economic disaster looming, all because of Trump’s incompetence, and with Trump’s re-election now in serious jeopardy, is it possible that Kushner et al. are advising him: “the only way you can now redeem yourself in the eyes of jewry is to attack Iran” or something like that?

  11. Definitely, Mount Everest is out of bounds and the entire planet is more or less shut down, no kissing allowed. I read another version of the conspiracy theory and that was the globalist and China wanted to take out Trump–no secret there as when at first you don’t succeed: try, try again. Part of that conspiracy theory incorporates the North Carolina lab being teamed up with the Wuhan lab when their contract was canceled… just part of the general selloff of American technology, jobs, etc. to China. No mystery there either. But the part that I find believable in the above theory is the “new” version of Covid-19 that is now ravaging Iran–hmmm. Now, who is super eager to take out Iran? Is it just because Iran is so cozy with China and afraid to offend them? And Italy is so afraid to offend China? Two of Israel’s primary goals have always been to take out Iran and to destroy Christianity. How convenient!

    1. Some conspiracy theories don’t even make it to first base. If the “globalist” (sic) wanted to “take out Trump” why didn’t they? Why did the “globalists” in the U.S. senate acquit him when they had the opportunity to remove him? Sorry but that theory makes no sense.

  12. the greatest conspiracy of all is the claim there is no conspirasy

    every day we are subjected to conspiracies , from oil price fixing to interest rates to contrived events with crisis actors . moreover, mankind had been the object of conspirasy by satan and its minions from the beginningof Adam and Eve to this day . If you call me a conspiracy theorist i shall thank you for the compliment because what it means is iam a conspiracy theorist who doesn’t accept what you throw at him without questioning , that i don’t take your BS so easily . when Satan tries to convince us he doesn’t exist , that’s a conspirasy . when MBS drops the price of oil to hurt russia and iran , that’s a conspiracy . When Gerbel and Nestle and other companies have the same high price of infant formula which i had no choice but to buy for my infant, i’m certain they conspired to keep the price as high as possibe . yes,Virginia,conspiracies do exist.

  13. I’m off, fists and all, to war in my local supermarket, grabbing supplies of rice, pastas, canned fish and the like. Most of our shelves are denuded and some idiot has put a single sheet of toilet paper on the empty shelves with a price tag of $1 on it. Local police have warned us to be wary of pillagers, as food is getting short in supply. Fortunately, my extended family is largely self sufficient, but tend to rely on my bringing the meat in. … Over 65 mouths to feed!
    Lasha’s article displays the usual brilliance and yes, the treasures of the West are being looted, just like the Western nations themselves. The barbarians are inside the gates and destroying everything Western Man ever stood for; for such is the diabolical plan of the evil, devil Jews. Go to the Gospels and reread what Jesus said, in the most uncompromising terms, about this progeny of the devil. He hoped his words would be our guide to defeating them, but we are too weak to fulfil his desires and our clergy are PC observing, soy boys – like some of the so called men who scribe on this website.
    I am of Scandinavian-Irish stock and it is sad to see what my original mother nations have become. One million blacks and ME Refugees have changed the nature of Ireland into a multicultural, fruit salad, hell-hole. Fortunately a patriot like Delores O’Riordon died of alcoholic intoxication in her bath. Instead of beautiful traditional Irish music all you hear now in down town Dublin is gangsta rap and the beating of drums.
    The Jews are collapsing the economies of the world to bring in their Communist masterpiece, which will function out of Jerusalem.

  14. I tried to read Lasha’s piece without any preconceptions. As I was reading the article, I was truly scared to death. This woman is better than good! All what you need to do is to connect the dots. Iran is ISISrael worse enemy and China is Trump’s worse nightmare. No mention of Africa and any other Caribbean countries. First they are not threat to israHell and 45 considers them as shit hole countries. As I was reading the article, I was horrified. I felt sad toward Italy and the Vatican and how Greece lost its most beautiful islands.

    Lasha is a brilliant thinker. Her article should be made into a horror movie. One more feather in Lasha’s cap!

  15. Sieltä ne juutalais/vapaamuurari gulakit sitten tulivat liian moni näki läpi kusetuksen ja maanpettureiden oman turvallisuuden takia kansaa vastaa poikkeustila lait näin ei pääse muodostumaan uhkaa vapaamuurari eliitille!

    Urho tekemistä minkään korona viruksen kanssa joku tekosyy oli pakko keksiä! toki goyim lauma on täysin ulapalla mitä tapahtuu tapansa mukaan!

    Freemason 33 corona hoax!

    1. Finnish to English:

      WASTE HERD RAPE 33 …
      March 15, 2020 at 10:24 pm
      From there, those Jewish / Masonic Gulaks came too many to see through the ceasefire and the traitors for the sake of their own safety, the nation’s state of emergency laws so as not to threaten the Masonic elite!

      Courageous to do with any Korona virus some excuse had to come up! of course the goyim herd is totally out of the way what happens!

      Freemason 33 corona hoax!

  16. I have a diagram of what Freemasons believe they are and it is historically false but that never stopped a bunch of lying Hyksos to bend the facts 180 degrees or lie at ever corner.
    This chart has the house of Jacob – Israel into 2 sections, Judah/Benjamin/Levi as the house of Judah and that of Gad, Asher, Dan, Naphtali which is the house of Joseph which then becomes two groups, Ephraim and Manassah. Reuben, Simeon, Issachar and Zebulon are shown but not included. The house of Judah unites with the House of Israel which are of the two groups Ephraim and Manassah are lost and gentilised until 1780 with the British Commonwealth and the United States which are the lost house of Israel that unites into the Kingdom of Jacob once again in 1948.

    There never has been Abraham and Sara which is stolen from Brahma and Saraswati as well as the stolen book of Psalms. The rest is out of their raiding after the Indus Valley, of Ethiopia, Sudan and then the subjugation of Egypt and their religion becomes Atonism (Akhenaton (Amenotep IV) – the creation of monotheism after thousands of years as the divine sun god which is also the definition of Solomon). Asherah, Mot, Anut, Ba’al Haddad and others of their pantheon are dropped. The Temple of Ramses II at Habu Medinet is Solomon’s Temple and the 10 commandments are stolen from the 42 of the Egyptian Book of the Dead which is at least 700 years older than “Moses” ( Amenamope wrote Proverbs ( They were run out of Egypt by King Ah Mose and fled into what became Carthage and into Canaan, keeping with them their blood, sex, death cult alive as it is today. To find out about how diseased the Yahudi and Samaritans were, read RAS Macalaister’s “Excavation at Gezer” 2 volumes which one can get the oldest which is the best and it reads like a horror story of a people that could not and can not create a working civilization throughout the their entire semitic period. Lying and cheating were prevelent as they had no fair weights and measures. The only people with skills and trade capability that would trade with the were the Philistines and they also practiced they rolling barrels with blades with babies in them for blood and then filled them with sand and dirt which was practiced throughout the realm as well as holocaust of many forms of beasts and people so cannibalism is a practice performed as it was in middle eastern sorcery for quite some time.

    This is the connection of US/UK which are all owned anyway as well as the rest of the world by the international bankers through their intelligence network of Stone Ghost where every form of IP is for sale and every corporation (country) continues into the death spiral of debt to be killed and reborn under the Jewish NWO. Watch out for those noahide laws as most will be guilty of idolatry.

    1. This is what one could call plain and straightforward history Jim Reinhart!!!!!!
      The hyksos are alive and well though no more need to get their own sticky kleptomaniac finger dirty as goyim have become clearly self sufficient in self destruction. That’s what one should call intelligence of mortality in a dream that never was.

  17. As if any of this explains anything, let alone assuaging the fundamental anxieties of most humans; vulnerability, unexpected and often gruesome change, and ultimately death. No problem here, I view death as a cure for mental illness. I’m in the peculiar position of wanting what life wants. And since conception, it has “wanted” me DEAD through a silent decree. You too want what life wants, don’t you?

  18. I would recommend reading egyptologist and film maker Ashraf Ezzat’s website
    His take on the film “Joker: Everything Must Go” is a must read and remember that Kennedy stated “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

    This corona virus should scream in people’s ears to wake up. You have owners and the own you and all that you have and do (great quote from Carlin), and it’s time to bring the power back to those who do the work, not the parasites in their ivory towers. We are the job creators and the laws have been changed to make it impossible to practice a skill while those of corporations are not responsible for any damage they have done and are going to do at ever increasing levels. The psychopath and sociopath don’t have any wisdom, care or honest convictions.

    1. I have pictures of the fact that the military is run by the highest level Freemasons, and a few with semis with “coffin liners” the number 32 above the G sign and the sign of every US military service. This is why 9/11 will never be solved as Freemasonry is from Bohemian Grove, Skull & Bones and like minded academic groups, Scottish Rite, York Rite all the way to the Forresters, Lions Club, Fraternal Order of Police…

      Who created the Corona Virus? Who was it that created the Stuxnet computer virus, MERS, SARS (which are corona viruses), all the way back to the Spanish Flu out of Ft. Riley KS which was the first facility in the world to have it and was reported by the Wichita Observer.

  19. I’m not saying this is the case, but what if… What if people have this entire virus story backwards? What if it was not originally released in China, but in the USA? What if it was released, accidentally or intentionally, from Ft Dietrich back in the late summer of 2019 (the facility was shut down for security reasons in September) and was already spreading through the US population BEFORE it appeared in China?

    This theory would explain why the US government has worked so hard to prevent testing and then to slow it down as much as possible. Early testing would have revealed that the virus was already widespread in the US population…and that it must have originated here first.

    Imagine you are the PTB and you discover that a bioweapon has escaped from one of your labs. What do you do? You certainly don’t want to alert the population, because you are going to be blamed. So instead, you perhaps give the virus some help spreading it to China (presumably by the US contingent at the games in Wuhan in October). Now you sit back and await the Chinese response when they discover the virus.

    Given that you are already engaging in biological warfare against China (whether the original release was planned or not) why not take advantage of the situation by releasing a more virulent form in Iran?

    Think about the actions of the US government. Their massive efforts to prevent testing (they were literally ordering State Health official to STOP TESTING at one point) and then to slow down the testing as much as possible start to make a lot of sense. It would explain why the government is not going all out setting up separate “hospitals” for virus patients. They would not do that because they would know that most of the people that were going to die from the virus in the US were already dead, their deaths being attributed to influenza.


    1. “What IF people” have the entire history of mankind backwards Bob?
      100 years ago American troops in WW1 carried the “spanish flu” originating from their camps in USA to Europe. 100 years later Chinese (and their “allies” become the new Europeans from a decade ago. Though TCM is NOT big kosher Pharma and back firing is expected at home in the Zionist penal colonies as collateral damage and to further rearrange political correctness and toothlessness swiftly turn into tyranny.

  20. @ Jack Harper and Patrick:

    Jack H and his Chinese workers in Italy is correct. Think Chinese Workers in Italy going back to China for family and prepare for Chinese Lunar New Year: biggest global festival other than Christmas and Easter. Virus spread in Italy started in the north: home of fashion and automotive/motorcycle, technology sectors. Patrick and ADMIN’s repost of his comment presents a plausible scenario, even likely scenario.

    @ Y’all:

    Lasha’s Italian hypothesis is indeed very probable. Also after Greece, Italy is the weakest link in the European Union (EU) chain and thus an easy target for illegals/terrorists to enter Europe. The forgotten factor of Italy/the Vatican, is that this Pope is a Jesuit (an army for the church). I remind you that the Jesuits were started by Ignatius Loyola, a crypto-Jew, that became Roman Catholic, to wage the Inquisition in Spain and fight the PROTESTant Reformation in Europe. Then later, Adam Weishaupt, again a crypto-Jew, became a Jesuit also and started/influenced the Secret Society of the Illuminati. Adam Weishaupt also had help from the Rothschilds at their beginnings. Thus the Vatican is already a secret Jewry cabal set to distract and lead Christianity away from Jesus and the One True GOD under a False Prophet teaching Babylonian Mysticism/Talmudic doctrine instead of the Bible. This is analogous to how the USA, CIA, Great Britain, MI6, Israel, Mossad and Saudi Arabia, all say they are fighting ISIS et al, when secretly they are funding and arming ISIS as well. I call it the kid’s game of Cowboys and Indians. As I have stated before, Jewry is on NO side, One Side and Both sides, all at the same time. Distraction, Confusion, Obfascation and Chaos reign supreme. Mossad’s motto, by deception we do war. CIA says, we have succeeded when all our lies are believed to be truths! I suspect from Biblical eschatology and prophecy, these events in Italy and Europe are causing the transformation of the EU into a block that will look east to China/Russia/India/Iran under the Brick and Road Initiative (BRI) led by Germany. Lasha’s Italian Art/Culture angle is interesting but probably does not go deep enough. Makes a good cover story to hide the real motives and truths.

    Iran’s Covid-19 Crisis presents a problem when looking at motives and reasons, but America and Israel wanting war against Iran is a good start. Covid-19 in Iran is an act of a secret and hybrid war from America and Israel against Iran. There are ideas (Conspiracy theories) out there that Iran’s Covid-19 Coronavirus is a different strain or variety than China’s Coronavirus. This suggests racial/genetic profiling which means different strains from different races were researched, grown and developed. Some literature suggests that the USA via Fort Detrich and some Universities like Harvard were indeed doing this. This involves lots of money, but also means that a supervirus pandora’s box ( genie in a bottle) has been opened allowing for mutation. This would backfire and spread globally like wildfire. Thus far, since Africa has not been infected severely, the book is still open on this idea.

    Regarding, Iran, I am supportive of the Coronavirus spreading in Iran due to its Economic/Political relationship with China and China’s leadership. Iranian oil to China for Chinese currency and other stolen technology that China got from America. This could include 5G technology that comes from Huawei. Thus the 5G technology rollout and Coronavirus connection (symptoms) and the fact that Iran is very advanced technologically and scientifically come into play. Also Chinese and Iranian workers and politicians going back and forth is the other consideration like with Italy. Coincidentally, HAPPY NEW YEAR to all you Persians/Iranians out there as their NEW Year will be coming at the first day of Spring, March 20 – 20, Also coincidentally, the 5G Huawei link is also interesting. America (Trump) wants western tech companies for 5G because their hardware / software has backdoors in it used by Silicon Valley corporations (Social media) and by NSA, CIA, Mossad, Intelligence Agencies to spy on humanity. Huawei 5G hardware / software apparently has no such backdoors available to western interests as mentioned above and why Trump wants Huawei excluded in the 5G area. But you must also consider that the Chinese regime has spying capabilities built into the Huawei products. I say this because both sides, America vs. China, want a form of the NWO and the only difference is who/what will lead the NWO. Most people, including those on this site, believe its is a Jewish Cabal NWO that is obviously Jew-centric. I am inclined to believe, it is a German-led reformed EU supported by the Vatican (think Holy Roman Empire) supported by a Russia/China/Iran/India (BRI) Eurasian Landmass Land power.

    Lasha’s article is intriquing and very good and the comments are also good. My timeline and theory is as follows. Israel (Gileal), USA – Fort Detrich/Harvard researchers/Chinese students/researchers, China – Wuhan lab/Chinese researchers, American product and Canada – Winnipeg lab/Chinese scientists, all mingled and led to develop Coronavirus bio-engineered weapon. Wuhan World Military games had American athletes / soldiers spread virus from vials in late October 2019. Bill Gates and other interested parties (benefactors and profiteers) hold event 201 in October 2019. November 2019 has first cases of future Covid-19. Late December 2019 has first reported case of Covid-19. MSM and governments spread narrative of Seafood market and release from Wuhan lab as sources of Covid-19. Regular activities between China, Iran and Italy spread Covis-19. Am open to Mossad agents spreading vials to countries outside China especially Iran. Now we have narrative control and blame game between USA and China, while Israel sits back and watches as World burns down!

    My only other desire besides figuring out this puzzle to the best of my ability, is to see if there is some kind of a kill switch built into the Virus if things get out of control, even for the scientists. The kill switch would be activated to neutralize the virus. For example, in bacteria a nutrient pathway and 1 or 2 key nutrients are destroyed so that the bacteria can not grow and reproduce. Think of a garden hose with a valve in the length of the hose, not just a spiggot at the spout or the tap from the house! Otherwise, despite Trump’s and even Israel’s best efforts for these schemes, it may comeback to haunt them. Trump – not (s)elected in November 2020 and Bibi Nutjobyahu not being Israeli PM. Netanyahu is 3 seats short of forming an Israeli government and from being indicted on criminal charges in Israel’s Supreme Court. Hope the Arab Palestinians gain more power and regular (non-Zionist, non-Ashkenazi) Israeli’s gang up on Netanyahu!

  21. Both Trump and Pence met and shook hands with both Brazilian President Bolsonaro and his aide who tested positive for Coronavirus. Hence Trump and Pence must self-quarantine and also get tested. However, they have refused as of this moment to do so.

    By not doing so, both can still possibly infect other people by their coughs and sneezes, especially since they have to meet many people on a daily basis. Trump should set a good example for the country by not acting arrogant and ignorant.

    Bolsonaro’s son tweeted that his father has been tested for the virus and is awaiting the result. Meanwhile, Trump said he was not concerned about being exposed to the Coronavirus after reports surfaced about the Bolsonaro top aide tested positive.

    1. President Trump Tests Negative For Coronavirus
      Mar 14, 2020
      (NPR is no friend of Trump)

      President Trump has tested negative for the coronavirus, according to a statement Saturday from the White House.
      “Last night after an in-depth discussion with the President regarding COVID-19 testing, he elected to proceed,” Sean Conley, the physician to the president, wrote in a memo released by the White House. “This evening I received confirmation that the test is negative.”

    2. The question is, can we rely on the result of the virus test? Is the result questionable/vague, in the interest of you know who, or is the result of the test just plain clear? Are there any good doctors in the house preferably not jewish who have the expertise about the test and tests in general.

      1. Good catch, Pat! I guess, I did not get the memo.

        Considering Donald Trump lies to the public an average of once every 5 hours (The Washigont Post Fact Checker,) I don’t know if I should believe anything comes out of his mouth. I should add, he has dragged his feet for 3 days before he claimed that he has tested negative. I would not bet on it.!

        You may have heard the saying, ” Bet on Sunny and lose your money!”

      2. Allen: That’s a very good question, here is a good detailed article about the test.

        (Pat, thanks for pointing this out)

  22. DM
    “— Trump has seen his approval rating fall. This is because he made a fool of himself by at first describing the emerging viral infection as “fake news”, and that it would all clear up in no time at all, only to backtrack three days later by declaring a “national emergency”.
    Obviously the Donald wasn’t told what was going to happen with the ‘vius’… They didn’t tell The Shrub about 9-11 either…
    He’s been debriefed now…
    “There are two main reasons why international Jewry would like to see Italy go bankrupt and become an economic basket case.
    (1) The destruction of the Vatican, and with it the influence of Roman Catholicism and Christianity, the great enemy of Talmudic Jewry which has marked Christianity out for destruction as revenge for past persecutions and pogroms, real or imaginary.
    Roman Catholicism and Christianity the greatest enemies of Talmudic Jewry?
    Man I doubt that…
    I haven’t hard the pope say one word about how the jews did 9-11…
    Why Italy?
    Italy is a huge Masonic country.. Guiseppi Mazzini… Mazzini Aurorizi Fuerti Incendi Avalengimenti…. MAFIA… Masonry is Jew-ish…. Popes are Knights of Mallta, in other words Templars… The Vatican totally supports the Queen… Her orgaiozation Manages the pope’s assets, like USACORP….
    No Way the Vatican Jesuits not up the their necks in everything…
    “Also, no one can ever know what’s in a vaccine.
    Corvelva in Italy found out in independent lab testing that GSK’s Infanrix-hexa vaccine contained NONE of the designated pathogens nor of the adjuvants and chemicals used in the production process that are mentioned in the product information, but did contain many chemical contaminants — of which 65% is unknown!”
    from what i heard, When the infants are getting sick and dying next to the fracking fields, the doctors can see they’re being poisoned by something.. But they have a hard time figuring out what it is…
    So they go to the fracking companies and ask them what they’re injecting into the shale-rock underneath… the fracking companies say that’s proprietary information and they wont tell them…. the courts agree…
    in the usa today it’s none of you business you see, what we’re putting into your water that’s killing your kids…
    It’s the same story with the voting machine software – proprietary…
    “(Putting intermediate range missiles close to Russia’s borders is something only madmen would do, IMO, as the short flight time to targets in Russia may take humans like Stanislav Petrov, “the man who saved the world,” out of the loop, thus the decision to launch would be made by computers).”
    Fake News Dood… the ‘Russians are in on the scare tactic, gives the Kremiln and the Pentagon more money and power, they’re jacking the contracts… More and more warmongering pigs than ever pulling the geopolitical media levers inside the beltways… There are no Russians, and there never have been… the Jew Mason Bolsheviks have been in cahoots with the DC ZOG at least since WW2… Jewish media opposition to Trump is TOTALLY FAKE… He’s playing the part of the media antagonist… it’s part of the plan…
    I’m afraid religion is the biggest conspiracy of em all buddy…
    Look, PAT says Deagel is FOR REAL…
    Dagel says, yes the US population os going down to 100,000 in the next 5 years…
    But they also say it won’t be from some plague, but it will be kinda close to that, because as the societal ‘breakdown’ gets worse and worse the old and the otherwise vulnerable will perish for lack of medical care…. if the plan is to eliminate over 200,000,000 people from the usa on purpose, and at least that many more from other white countries (only), and it’s not to be done by a bioweapon, which could be pretty dicey, then they’re going to need an excuse for why society has ceased to function. the virus… Is this where we’re heading now?

    1. Bark –
      “Look, PAT says Deagel is FOR REAL…”

      Hold on!! It is “FOR REAL” – a site – but just guessing like the rest of us. I do not see it as reliable!! I do not believe the prediction of massive global depopulation (50-80%) by 2025!!

      According to their own website,, Deagel provides news and intelligence on international military aviation and advanced technologies. There website has articles dating back to 2003, but little is known about the real owners.
      Many online researchers have erroneously confused this site with “” which is owned by Edwin Deagle.

      The site is…..

    2. I think Italy is targeted because if Italy falls all Europe falls economically. When that happens they can introduce martial law to get their
      jewish dictature in whole europe, no laws or human rights any more just jewish laws, in their interest.

  23. excuse me, USA population going down to 100,000,000, not 100,000….
    though I think the Georgia Guidestones (Masons) does recommend 500,000 total human population on the whole planet….
    but really, are we having a serious discussion about the virus, if we’re not mentioning Deagel?
    I wonder what Lasha, Sister Monica and Admin think of Deagel…

  24. PAT
    For real in the sense that it is a genuine concern, not just some phony webpages some dogfkkr put together for amusement or whatever…
    they council the higher offices…
    we admit that much, right?
    they predict the big population drop, and elaborate on it…
    for cautionary purposes, shouldn’t that be enough?
    if you were the boss, what would you do?

    “the collapse of the Western financial system will wipe out the standard of living of its population while ending ponzi schemes such as the stock exchange and the pension funds. The population will be hit so badly by a full array of bubbles and ponzi schemes that the migration engine will start to work in reverse accelerating itself due to ripple effects thus leading to the demise of the States. This unseen situation for the States will develop itself in a cascade pattern with unprecedented and devastating effects for the economy. Jobs offshoring will surely end with many American Corporations relocating overseas thus becoming foreign Corporations!!!!”

    “We see a significant part of the American population migrating to Latin America and Asia while migration to Europe – suffering a similar illness – won’t be relevant. Nevertheless the death toll will be horrible. Take into account that the Soviet Union’s population was poorer than the Americans nowadays or even then. The ex-Soviets suffered during the following struggle in the 1990s with a significant death toll and the loss of national pride. Might we say “Twice the pride, double the fall”? Nope”.

    “The American standard of living is one of the highest, far more than double of the Soviets while having a services economy that will be gone with the financial system. When pensioners see their retirement disappear in front of their eyes and there are no servicing jobs you can imagine what is going to happen next. At least younger people can migrate. Never in human history were so many elders among the population. In past centuries people were lucky to get to their 30s or 40s. The American downfall is set to be far worse than the Soviet Union’s one. A confluence of crisis with a devastating result.”

    1. Bark –
      “if you were the boss, what would you do?”

      Likely… nothing.

      Ted Turner financed the Guidestones project. I am convinced that he was Mr R. C. Christian also.

      (Interesting excerpts):
      Ted Turner has been a eugenics supporter for years, it takes little research to find interviews with him pushing the subject. Robert Carter Cook headed eugenics organizations such as Planned Parenthood League, American Eugenics Society, and the Association for Research in Human Heredity, and many other groups too numerous to recall. (Robert C. Carter had ties with Josef Mengele to give you a degree of seriousness.) Robert Carter Cook was a big fan of Thomas Paine (who was also a Freemason hence his famous essay in support of them). Thomas Paine as you know wrote “The Age Of Reason” and it is this essay referred to by the guidestones’ own “age of reason”.

      Ted Turner knew Robert Carter Cook and worked with him on the guidestone project. I wouldn’t say they were friends but they had a mutual interest.

      Ted Turner financed the project, but Robert Cook masterminded it. Robert Carter Cook also wrote the book “Common Sense Renewed” that serves as a companion piece to the guidestones. If you contrast the writing styles and ideas in R. C. Christian’s “Common Sense Renewed” with Robert Carter Cook’s earlier book “Human Fertility: The Modern Dilemma”.

      The Freemason connection… Robert Cook and Ted Turner; both of these men are/were Freemasons. Ted Turner is of the Order of Malta. I am not sure what order Robert C. Carter was involved in, only that he was a mason.

      Fendley and Martin both described Christian as a tall middle aged man with white hair in a three piece suit and tie, and that’s how Ted looked back then – you can see a Ted Turner pic circa 1982 on Time Mag:

      1. Pat
        As you know, for it to be said that Paine was a freemason is highly misleading. He POSED as a freemason as a spy of sorts in order to get an understanding of what they were up to. He was by no means a supporter of freemasonry. To equate the Guidestones with Paine’s “Common Sense, or the “Age of Reason” is highly disingenuous.

      2. Pat, to be clear, I’m not saying YOU’RE being disingenuous, but that R.C. Cook is

      3. B-Hawk –

        You should know….. as a “YUGE” cynic…..
        I take nothing as fact. Not even your name!! 🙂

      4. Pat (if that’s your real name 😁)
        Then why do you proclaim to be an admirer of Paine’s? He, along with Patton. Why bother if you’re so cynical? If you truly admire the man then throw your damn cynicism out the window! 🤨

  25. The fact that Trump made a fool of himself by calling the epidemic “fake news” and then had to retract three days later, means, that if this Corona Virus is a Jewish conspiracy, he was kept out of the loop. The Jewish deep state is a force that acts independently behind the back of that front man which is called “the president of the United States”. But then that “president” has to accept the faits accomplis and play along. I think the same happened in the case of that shameful murder of Soleimani.

    So the Jews seem to have 3 objectives with this virus :

    1) Neutralize China as an economic (and increasingly military) competitor of the US. This is important for the Jews, because the US is their prime instrument for world domination and they don’t control China.

    2) Neutralize Iran as an existential threat to Israel. It is significant that in Iran government officials have disproportionately hit by the virus. There are about 200,000 – 250,000 Jews from Iran in Israel. The Mossad can easily recruit agents from them to infiltrate Iran and especially hit government officials. They have used such agents before for murdering Iranian nuclear scientists.

    3) As Lasha has suggested, Italy may be on the Jewish hit list for atavistic anti-Catholic revenge reasons and for art robbery.

    For me, Israel’s announcement that it will soon have developed a vaccine plus the special case of infection of Iranian officials gives the Jews as suspects away.

    Satan’s Chosen People indeed!

    1. I have my doubts about Iran being the strong nation to withstand Israel/jewsa. I think Iran and China must play the given role to justify the behaviour of Israel with the jewsa as enforcer. Israel needs a boogeyman for setting up nations and for her behavior. Trump, what about him, I think he is an excellent actor, well casted, by the usual suspects, spreading confusion and in the meantime selling him as the messiah to the Americans. So they got the Americans in a double-bind regarding Trump.The jews have thought well about their plot and still the Goyim don’t understand the jews. Think like a jew.

    2. This is by far the best comment I have read on this thread. It sums up the situation in a few crisp words. I wish FR would hang around a bit more. This site could do with really intelligent and well-informed posters like this who cut through all the verbiage and smoke and mirrors with a few well-chosen phrases.

    3. @ Franklyn Ryckaert

      “The fact that Trump made a fool of himself by calling the epidemic ‘fake news’ and then had to retract three days later, means, that if this Corona Virus is a Jewish conspiracy, he was kept out of the loop.”

      If Trump was “out of the loop” how did he “know” it was “fake news”? Trump makes a fool out of himself because Trump is a fool; an embarrassingly ignorant, pathologically mendacious, breathtakingly evil fool.

      “The Jewish deep state is a force that acts independently behind the back of that front man which is called “the president of the United States”.

      No it doesn’t. The “jewish deep state” has been the force behind the aggrandizement of presidential power for a reason. It is easier to find and control one psychotic, psychopath like Trump that it is to find and control 536 such criminally insane madmen. The “president” MUST be its knowing, willing, unquestionably loyal agent, or the risks become unacceptable and the whole scheme falls apart.

      “But then that ‘president’ has to accept the faits accomplis and play along. I think the same happened in the case of that shameful murder of Soleimani.”

      Seriously? Maybe you didn’t notice but Trump has gone out of his way to please his jewish-supremacist handlers, much more than any of his recent predecessors. He’s obviously willing to risk WW3 for them; that’s way beyond just “playing along.”

      The Jewish deep state is a force that acts independently behind the back of that front man which is called “the president of the United States”. But then that “president” has to accept the faits accomplis and play along. I think the same happened in the case of that shameful murder of Soleimani.

      1. HS –

        “The “president” MUST be its knowing, willing, unquestionably loyal agent, or the risks become unacceptable and the whole scheme falls apart.”

        “….that “president” has to accept the faits accomplis and play along.”

        Mui correcto!!! 🙂

  26. Israel (“It’s-A-Lie”) is deeply in bed with China as for years now they’ve been funneling high tech U.S. military hardware that we’ve given them outright or they’ve stolen to the Chinese so why would they want to destroy China? Further, it’s an open secret that the U.S. is run by a bunch of degenerate imbeciles but why would they want to take out China as America is completely dependent on China’s manufacturing? If they go down the tubes, we’ll be dragged down with them. And why would Israel want to destroy the Vatican? Those Babylonian robed, Masonic sodomites with their perverted and watered down pseudo Christianity serve the Jew’s purposes exceedingly well. As the great Gnostic Otto Rahn said, (quote/paraphrase), “Any disputations between the Jews and the Roman Catholics are merely quarrels between two different sets of rabbis.”

    1. @ HereticDrummer (HD):

      Besides Franklyn R and myself, HD has hit a bullseye. The Jewry presents a China vs. USA dichotomy for the masses, while in reality they are on both sides. Then as for the Vatican, I am saying the same thing in the sense that the Vatican is just another form of a Rabbi against Jewry/Israeli Rabbis. Thus both parties can behave any way they want, but still serve the interests of the Jewry. Besides the goal of the Vatican is also to make Jerusalem the Centre of their False Religion Cabal. Sounds familiar/similar to the Israeli Zionist Bankster cabal Greater Israel objective. Thus there are too many magician tricks being employed in this Coronavirus False Flag/Hoax but REAL pandemic. However, Fear and Panic due to bad messaging/narrative are also working well to spread the Pandemic! That is human behaviour due to mankind being an Emotional creature!

      PS: Now Trump is arguing with a German Pharmaceutical company (CureVac) about their Coronavirus vaccine being developed in Germany. Trump wants to transfer the rights and patents of the company to the USA. Talk about Chutzpah! Must be that Jewry influence in the family and the Israeli lobby around him! Also talk about distractions to keep the Jewry plots hidden! Otherwise, good comments all-round, no matter how much verbiage there is! Right Saki!

    2. HD
      That Rahn quote reflects the internecine war playing out as effected by the Protocols through various and sometimes confusing and seemingly unlikely alliances… things are rarely as they seem 😎

      1. Sheesh, I’ve been alluding to what HD speaks of for how long on this site? So where’s the lasha love for ol’ Brownhawk, hmmm? 💓
        If erudition and scholarship is a prerequisite, then I guess I get a failing grade 😥

    3. Thank you Admin for your kind words. I’m honored that my posting will impress Lasha, who I have the greatest respect for. Many people believe the Catholic church was Judaized and taken over by Freemasons with the changes promulgated during the Vatican 2 Council in the early 1960s. However, as the perspicacious researcher and revisionist scholar Michael Hoffman proves, the Jews had the Catholic church in their Talmudic and Kabbalistic clutches by the early Middle Ages. V2 just put the Yiddish icing on the cake. There is far more to the origin and history of the different races of mankind than what is posited in the Abrahamic religions of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Thorough scrutiny and study of Gnosticism and Solar, esoteric Kristianity, particularly what is put forth by the incomparable Miguel Serrano, will greatly assist one in breaking free from the control cage, mind f_ck of the Matrix.

  27. It’s kinda frustrating, I mean a lot of people who don’t want to die are catching Covid-19 virus and dying in droves and in the meantime Lasha who wants to die, who is pining for Death, she doesn’t catch THE VIRUS GOING AROUND and is still alive. Must be frustrating for Lasha who yearns for death to see a lot of people all over the world dropping dead but not her, lol. On the plus side, with so many sick and dying people, with so much death all around, I bet Lasha gets inspired to compose great Death Poetry, probably greater Death Poetry than she ever hithertobefore ever composed, so the best is yet to come! More Death Poetry, Please! 🙂

  28. If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? If a Spamblinka prisoner says something and no one is around to listen to the prisoner, did the prisoner really say anything and if he did say something does it really matter? So if a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it then of course the tree doesn’t make a sound and if it does make a sound it really doesn’t matter because no one is listening anyway. 🙂

    1. @ TROJ

      A profound comment — profounder than you think — reminiscent of the idealistic philosophy of the great 18th century English philosopher George Berkeley.

      Berkeley asked: “If there’s no one around to see a tree, does the tree actually exist?” He concluded that it didn’t. It only existed in reality if there was someone around to see it and take notice of it. In short, to perceive it. Consciousness precedes material existence. Mind before matter.

      Berkeley is famous for coining the phrase: “ESSE EST PERCIPI” (Existence is perception).

      1. “…Berkeley asked: “If there’s no one around to see a tree, does the tree actually exist?” He concluded that it didn’t…”

        Often highly intelligent people lose their common sense when they engage in philosophizing.
        If Berkeley’s thesis is true, then whole forests “wouldn’t exist” until they were perceived by some people, and they would “cease to exist”, when they were no more perceived by some people. Think about it. Until quite recently nobody could perceive atoms. Did they only “start to exist” the moment they could be perceived with electron microscopes? But the whole universe consists of atoms! Did it “not exist” until electron microscopes were invented?

        At most we could state that a thing has only a meaningful existence if it is perceived by a conscious being, but even that is relative. Are the perceptions of men more meaningful than those of ants? And are the perceptions of educated people more meaningful than those of illiterates?

        1. Of course I thoroughly agree with you when I am determined to apply common sense to existence. However, I am simply reporting Berkeley’s controversial viewpoint. Hume certainly didn’t agree with him, but Berkeley’s views are still actively discussed and bear some relation to the idealism of Plato and even to Vedantic philosophy.

      2. How one perceives reflects their particular reality. But consider an Essenic point of view which says that perceiving as we do on this material plane can only perceive Divine Truth in glimpses. This suggests that Divine Light serves as a beacon in what is a devolved state of Existence

      3. BH, I think a lot of people wonder who the Essenes really were/are.

        “There was also a third sect which both was and was not part of Judaism. They were the Essenes, whose very name means “the Outsiders.”

      4. HP
        What may have made/make them “outsiders” could have something to do with their having a better memory of what an evolved state of Existence IS. A “Xanadu”, if you will. This would put it “outside” the realm of conventional thinking in reflecting a level of understanding suffering from, say, a “spiritual amnesia”. And I’d say MOST of us are suffering in that camp

  29. The virus is real but so is the political angle. Not a particular astute observation, for anything of this size will go along with political interventions. The way shutdown measures are being taken in an incredible short time, gives me a feeling how it must have been just before WWI and WWII how easily whole nations can be mobilized into a total war from the top and how protest voices can be stiffled.

    Well, if this virus panic wave has passed and one can evaluate it from the benefit of hindsight, and neither China or any other country has passed away, that is, no prediction and analysis turned out true, then lots of erstwhile credible commentators on the right are going to sit with a lot of red faces.

    However, if this virus is real and deadly dangerous, this is the perfect time to make an appointment with our adversaries and shake hands with them. If we go down, we might as well take them down as well. Posterity will be eternally grateful for us.

    Why do I get the feeling that somehow we are being taken for a ride on a global scale.

    1. Ex-South African –

      On a “global scale”, different countries are reacting differently enough to leave me doubting it is a concerted effort to unite us under one jackboot. Just last night I spoke with my nephew in Paris, France, who told me that, besides the school shut-downs and service-interruptions (like restaurant closings), Parisians were still shopping at their local markets for their everyday culinary needs (while Americans, on the other hand, unreasonably stock-up on things like bread and toilet paper, creating shortages which exacerbate the problems). Furthermore, because he constantly deals with various legislators, he said Americans were, by far, more difficult because they expect GUARANTEES on everything – even “acts of God”.
      I believe him. I’ve seen it.

  30. A leading Australian virologist said that his lab are testing for a vaccine in a different fashion than the rest of the world. He said that this is imperative, given that in the future there will be many new Coronavirus strains. He said they are experimenting with a cocktail of KNOWN anti virus drugs, all in tablet form. For eg, they are trying anti HIV concoctions on lab samples of the crown like codvid19 virus. The important point is that he, as a world leading expert, used the words “future coronviruses” (plural). So, next year we might get a different Coronavirus and all the PANIC could be created all over again. We could face a future of constant fear, worrying about what are really just the many differentiating strains of what used to be called “the flu.” We will need Big Brother to control and organise the sheeple. Meanwhile, as everyone of intelligence is saying, supposedly 30,000 Americans have died of the flu this year, most untested for the covid19 variety. I would avoid any so called vaccines, as they will be full of cocktail drugs and poison you, which history tells us is a traditional Jewish art of annhilation.

    1. I’ve been doing a lot of literature research on the subject, and I believe there are few drugs available right now that would effectively treat coronaviruses.

      Also, there’s reason to believe that taking a few nutritional supplements such as selenium (preferably as selenium yeast, IMO), vitamin D and vitamin K2 will reduce a person’s chances of severe disease.

      1. It is altogether too suspicious that there has been a major outbreak in Iran…..that’s for sure.

        And given that Italy contains the HQ for Catholicism…then the above remarks make a good deal of sense. Perhaps only organised religion could possibly oppose international Jewry…..THIS IS A KEY POINT .

        “The Jewified Orange Emperor” (LD writes) ….Trump is not actually “Jewfied”…..he is ACTUALLY a crypto jew like the leaders Johnson, Macron and Merkel….and probably other leaders of Europe.

        Keep in mind FISCHER the president of Austria who spent time on a kibbutz in the sixties, like Johnson did in the eighties.The “surprising” thing about Fischer is he survived WW2…..despite all those (fictional) gassings.The surname Fischer is a very common Jewish surname…..just for example Eddie Fisher the husband of the film star Elizabeth Taylor (also Jewish of course)

        This “outbreak” will provide cover for the Jewish controlled intelligence services (secret police) to knock out growing resistance to Jewish power….and suspend “civil rights”…..Americans and British citizens should be expecting BIG BIG Trouble coming their way….Australians,Canadians and New Zealanders should expect very much the same.

        Obviously the elected representatives who DON’T represent should be held accountable….

  31. Quasimodo, you ask me why I do not like hunchbacks. The Hunchback of Notre Dame was a courageous simpleton who scared a lot of people, rang the bells in virtuoso fashion and chased beautiful women who were far above his low life station. Hunchbacks usually carry grudges, just like ugly, gnarled, dwarf Jews of Adler’s kind. And you can bet your life on it that Jews were behind the burning of the ancient timbers of the Hunchback’s home among the rafters. Just another attack upon Christendom and deformed Gentiles.

    1. Thanks, Max. But why assume I’m a hunchback because of my name? After all, no one here mistakes “Silent Reader” for a silent person. “Silent Reader” is anything but silent!

  32. Some cold hard FACTS: The Coronavirus is alternatively called the “crown virus.” This is because the meaty neuclii sends out stems, each of which is capped with a small, crown shaped structure. Each variety of the common Coronavirus has a slightly different crown at the stems’ ends. Under a neutron microscope it can be hard to differentiate between the infinitismal number of varying crown shapes and stems vary in length. Sometimes the crowns are tiny and sometimes large. Much is up to the individual interpretation of the scientist. The flu/Coronavirus of 5 years ago, apparently is very similar in size and crown shape to the current covid19 virus. Micro microscopical details show traces of other pathogens in current samples of covid19 and, as I have said, even HIV elements have been revealed, which possibly points to lab creation. Idiot, pseudo medicos are lying when they say covid19 is spreading faster than the previous crown viruses, especially when over 50,000 people have died, on our planet, from the more common varieties of the crown virus in the last 3 months. And there is no remedy for viruses, as antibiotics do not work or anything other disease filled concoction. If you do anything, eat lots of fresh veggies and fruit and get out into the fresh air and exercise; avoid crowded, airless situations and don’t kiss strangers.

    1. “If you do anything, eat lots of fresh veggies and fruit and get out into the fresh air and exercise; avoid crowded, airless situations and don’t kiss strangers.”

      Don’t kiss strangers? Not very fair on us call girls, is it? Be realistic. Your advice discriminates against sex workers, a respectable profession.

      1. Lola my dear, I never kiss a prostitute/call girl on her lips. You never know where they have been. She can kiss me anywhere, but not on my lips and because one report said the ear is vulnerable to picking up the crown virus, I never allow my ears to be nibbled.

        1. Yes, but you aren’t other people. What makes you think every punter’s like you? Different johns have different needs and kissing is part of the game. You really are obtuse to assume that everyone who walks through the door is a goddam replica of Max Bilney! Are you Australians that stupid?

          Now what will you say that, mister? Another wisecrack? This call girl’s your intellectual superior — and don’t you forget it! You’re talking to a call girl with a doctorate in Tibetan yoga.

      2. Careful with Maxey, Miss Lola… You’re talking to a gen-u-ine Celtic warrior, with axe in hand, wielded by the frustration of a wee 10 centimeter manhood.😂

      3. Lola
        If you have a, ahem, doctorate in Tibetan yoga, then you have a most unusual status as a, ahem, call girl. This would “put it” in a, ahem, tantric “position” where there’s no physical touching ANYWAY….also known in some, ahem, “circles” as “spirit sex” 💖💏

  33. We the people are fighting a Theocracy, actually being destroyed by are more appropriate. I’m trying to alert folks that we live in a war since we were born but nobody really care or believe that is the situation, now there is a price to pay. I have read an article by Kaminski informing the Purim starts next Thursday (03/18), a “festival” that Jews like to celebrate the killing of their enemies, everybody else.

    In my humble opinion this sh*t show is just beginning, death from above is the next chapter in this Hollywood terror movie. Too many stories about the COVID-19, an overload of information, the alt-media is not immune to fake stories, fake leakages, or fake reports. The people who control the main narrative also control the language.

    I’m wondering about chem-trails, are they really chemical? No one knows exactly the purpose of these chem-trails, could they be bio-trails instead, just this time? A virus is not a living thing when it is in a crystalized state, more like a complex molecule. Technically it can be easily sprayed. COVID-19 is just a name, there are multiple strains of these virus, some of them harmless but some strains lethal.

    This is my tip for readers – watch for “chemtrails” in your neighborhood next Thursday.


  34. Dear Lola, I said 5 years ago that my great grandfather had a short, but tempestuous affair with the world famous Lola Montez. She featured in the Hollywood movie, Calamity Jane; and was a very popular entertainer on the rich Ballarat goldfields, where my ancestor ran 3 big mines. She came down with flu induced pneumonia in Ballarat’s cold climate and also carried some STD’s. she died at 43 years and my gggrandfather died much earlier of dubious causes. My point? She, like all tarts, carried the name “Lola” and she was known for kissing and bedding filthy, unwashed gold diggers. Most call girls carry diseases and are contracting the crown viruses at many times greater propensity than ordinary people. That is why, in the current climate, I give the Lola’s a big miss. Re Gilby’s silly comments. I am 76 inches tall with a member in proportion, 2 and a half times Gilby’s silly estimation. I am as healthy as a Mallee Root. (Australian saying)

      1. Dearest Lola, disregard Gilby’s gutter remark. He is a frustrated, old farmer, with a range of deficiencies. However, Pat’s advice is very sound for your type – legitimate sex worker indeed! You are a wanton whore when it all comes down to it. Your doctorate in Tibetan yoga was probably done in a Tibetan brothel, where you learned the Kumho Satra rubbish.
        Honey and garlic will kill the superficial germs in you mouth and throat and should also be spread on your botoxed lips. But the 19th century remedy, that of the liberal use of hydrogen peroxide is the best to rid yourself of mouth pathogens, particularly std’s. spread by your kissing clients. Yuk! But no amount of hp will counter deep throat herpes, which is rife in Hollywood and among the back street sexworkers of your type.
        As far as this covid19 virus goes, gargle twice a day with a 3% hydrogen peroxide compound mixed with warm water. Use hp on your ears. Wipe it on your lips before and after engaging in your work. I wish you well, but you sound like a committed tart who will come to a sorry end, like all Lolas.

        1. @ Max Bilney

          Thank you for your kind words. As one who is usually treated with contempt by the hateful human race, I naturally appreciate kindness from compassionate individuals such as yourself. Maybe it’s because you are Australian and descended from a race of convicts. This makes you a genetic underdog and an atavistic victim of British oppression. Hence you understand us underdogs and victims who are forced to work for a living in the voluptuary line. As an individual, I do not like my work but from from a cosmic viewpoint it is of small importance. Compared to the Big Bang, what is an orgasm? Pshaw, it means nothing! We need to focus our minds on cosmological constants.

          1. Ye Gods, a whore with a high IQ and a fancy vocabulary! And a doctorate in Tibetan yoga! What next? The Darkmoon site certainly attracts some weird types. Tell me, Lola, are you acquainted with the works of Evans-Wentz?

    1. Is she really a he?

      🎶”She walks like a woman but talks like a man”….L-O-L-A Lola”🎶

      All the more reason to keep yer knickers on 😆

      1. Lola is every bit a woman and a voluptuous one at that. And she is sadly treated with contempt whilst providing an essential public service. Many of my call girl friends are high-flying university graduates who cannot find employ in our corrupt, nepotistic system. Some of them are good mothers and wives. And her words bring tears to my eyes: Imagine people forgetting that it all commenced with the Big Bang. Her banging is so insignificant in the big picture and she has no moral compunction to fit into the strict regime of the so called “lady”; most of whom, in my upper class, newly rich experience, are Jezabells and harlots of the first order. I want to hear more from Lola, but I am not sure how the celibate, goody-2-shoes like Sister Monica, would like that. I accept Lasha as a beautiful, pure of heart and morals woman that no man has forced himself upon.

  35. I don’t mean to get off topic, but on this day 17 years ago, an ISISraeli army Caterpillar bulldozer crushed and killed Rachel Corrie, a 24 year old American ISM activist trying to stop a demolition of a Palestinian family in Rafah, Palestine. Rest in Peace, Rachel Corrie!

    ISISrael did nothing to arrest or charge the murderer. As in the assault on USS Liberty where 34 of your sailors are killed, 172 injured by ISISreali navy and air force, there was no public outrage express by the US government, no investigation, no call for retaliation or imposing a sanction on the shit hole in the Middle

    I know Lasha wrote many years ago a beautiful poem about Rachel. I have had the privilege of meeting Rachel’s parents few years ago.

    Two days before Rachel was murdered by the IOF, she gave this tv interview to a Saudi Arabia tv station

    Rachel Corrie: Gone but not forgotten!

  36. Corrections: Lola Montez died in the USA, 39 years of age. She died of advanced syphilis.
    In Ballarat, Australia, she regularly performed her famous Spider Dance, in which she raised her dress so high, the cheering, leering miners could see she wore no underpants. My great grandfather was attracted by her first performance and had a permanent viewing box. He, too died at 33 of syphilis.

  37. Mahmoud, figures released a few days ago stated that the Israelis had killed their 10,000th Palestinian in less than 20 years; a 12 year old boy walking home from school. More than 30,000 had previously been killed. The latest evil is shooting off children’s legs, or aiming for their eyes. During the covid19 hoax, the Jews are using the crisis situation to extend their land annexations and killing more school kids. The International Criminal Court offers only mock concern. No one really cares and if you show any objection, you are branded a dreaded anti-Semite. With the imminence of another financial meltdown the mega Jewish banks and corporations are preparing their kept governments to allow them to again raid the Goyim’s savings.

  38. Headline from Israeli newspaper Haaretz, March 15, 2020:

    Netanyahu Trial Postponed as Justice Minister Freeses Courts Over Coronavirus Emergency.

    Netanyahu is under investigation for corruption. If convicted he will be jailed. He tried several times to form a government in which he will be the prime-minister. Then he will be immune for prosecution. He now insists to form a government of national unity in the light of the corona virus emergency.

    So if Israel is the source of this virus emergency, who personally in the Israeli government has a special interest in it? That would also explain why Israel too is hit by that virus, though (of course!) only mildly. So it all fits together. Keep also in mind that Netanyahu is suspected to be one of the architects of the 9/11 conspiracy. He has a history of conspiring.

  39. LOLA
    You’re not the one who stole my wallet on Eddy Street, are you?
    Just Joking… It did happen though…
    Did you ever work Eddy Street, the Tenderloin?
    Where do you work, what’s it like now?
    Can you give us some insights on our world?
    You must have some…
    Are you seeing anything different with poaching enforcement since the virus?

    1. Barking, is Eddy Street your local red light district? In Europe most red light districts are sensibly closed down. Imagine the germs in kissing a sex worker like our Lola? Notice how to justify her profession she springs to a defence couched in PC terms?

      1. Barkingdeer –

        English would call Maxy a “wanker”, wouldn’t they? Wankers needn’t know much about red light districts, anyway, as they can ply their trade ANYWHERE.
        He sees a Lola, and he wanks. The talk expedites his efforts.

    1. Interesting visual link. Where can one get the annual flu statistics to compare? Somewhere I read the number of Covid casualties have not even reached 7% of the annual flu causalties, but I have not tested this figure.

      Also insightful the AIDS figures and that it should not be a reportable disease because of human rights. If I remember correctly, South Africa tops the world in AIDs cases (and in rape). There they talk about the terrible twins, AIDS comined with TB.

  40. @ FR, yes I agree with your comment about Berkeley. It is not unusual for philosophers to get lost in their mental forest. Consciousness is in my opinion overvalued or better said misunderstood by scholars, ‘ intellectuals’. They copy their ideas too quick from each other, peer pressure?, fashionable? Things exist even when we are not longer around, things existed when we were not around in the past.

  41. No race has been hurt by the Covid-19 virus as the Ashkenazim Jews. In South Florida alone over one million Jews have been partially wiped out of their retirement portfolios. One Jewess claimed to have lost 75% of her stock market value.
    Netanyahu and his Jewish cabinet must have lost billions of Shekels in the Market crash.
    Those who accuse the Jews of planting the Covid-19 virus in Wuhan are whistling Dixie. It was done by Jew-haters who wanted to destroy Jewish wealth.

  42. Designer viruses have been created but they are not needed by the money class. Covid-19 serves their purpose, it shakes up the obsolete economic order. After the dust settles new trade zones will be formed eliminating duplicity and over capacity. Meritocracy and usefulness will be the order of the day. Quality of life will be growing and good jobs will be plentiful. Deadbeats and parasites will be shuffled off to the side. Jews will earn prominent positions. Most will become managers, financial directors, and film writers. Power will remain in the hands of white bankers who will protect their Jewish employees.

    1. Melvin: This sounds like the “Order out of Chaos” theme…………….sounds Jewish!!

  43. A guide to reading the words of Melvin Polkadot: He is presenting his THESIS as part of the Jewish-Hegelian dialectic. Whilst it might be swallowed by the Trump-loving, fake and gullible “patriots” like the hapless, naive Gilby, the ANTITHESIS, as regularly explained by John Kaminski and Arch Stanton, is the TRUTH. Jews are the greatest destructive evil on our planet. They represent sheer evil personified.
    Of course, the gullible can only understand the resulting SYNTHESIS of the Jews’ creation, that for eg, “Power will remain in the hands of the white bankers”, and poor Jewesses have lost $millions. Jew Madoff stripped many old Jewesses of their hundreds of $millions, but they were all fully refunded, with interest, from Goyim taxpayers’ savings accounts.
    The TRUE synthesis in Melvin’s display of pure Jewish evil, is that the Jew has all the POWER invested in their total control of the West’s $$$$$’s.
    Like all Jews, Melvin is a “progeny of the devil” (Jesus) who would “steal the homes of Goyim widows” and pervert the course of Justice. Remember, innocent Gilby, Trump is totally under the Jewish financiers’ control, as well as being beholden to the Jewish supremacist cult, Chabad-Lubavitcher.

  44. @ Melvin:

    Sorry to say but your photo suggests, though funny like Jerry Lewis in a dress, that you are mixed up in your probable NON-Binary delusion. You can only be a Male or Female (sausage or Hot Dog Bun) unless there is a new symptom for Covid-19 that you might make famous as a new medical discovery. Otherwise you are a good Jewish psyop putting down real regular hard-working Jews and East Europeans like the Polish. I am Slovak-German and find the picture funny but disgusting from your pro-Zionist rhetoric. However, I have to yield those emotions because you are entitled to your opinion. From your return here, okay, but I will not read your comments just like I ignore Seymour Zak! Zio-tioletroll comes to mind! Perhaps even Mahmoud El Youssef would agree!

    As things are unwinding Henry Makow has many ideas about the Coronavirus 5W’s and How! Also the Coronavirus is now in Africa, South Africa specifically, so only Antarctica is Coronavirus free (must be the ice and cold). Trouble is headed everywhere else and western nations like Canada and the USA will experience financial collapse like October 1929, 2008-2009 and the Great Depression combined. Trump for November 2020 is in trouble!

  45. In typical Zionist-Communist fashion, the name changing has commenced, in order to promote increased confusion and chaos: ….. “coved-19” has been renamed “ SARS-CoV-2.”
    The new name is far scarier! PANIC people!
    SARS? We are all doomed! Run for the hills! Take your toilet paper with you! Hide in your piles of toilet paper!
    As I have said, this latest crown virus is just one of millions of varieties possible and next year there will be another one, with a different name.

  46. MAX
    Her profession needs no justification from me…
    No Reason Prostitution shouldn’t be considered a Vocation…
    Eddy Street is in San Francisco…
    So Far I have to say – The virus is just another Hoax…
    Security State, Big Pharma, Jew Media, Corporate Predators/Disaster Capitalism, Hollywood PR Celebs, Bill Gates, Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, the Davos Commie Crowd and some Politicians added in…
    the US Congress has no more idea about any of this than they know what the military is doing in Africa…

    1. @ Barkingdeer

      Her profession needs no justification from me…
      No Reason Prostitution shouldn’t be considered a Vocation…

      There is something about your comment I regard as particularly moronic. While I can see at a glance that Max Bilney is not only a well-rounded and highly intelligent human being with a developed moral sense, I see no such attractive qualities in you. You strike me as being an immature attention seeker with the values and opinions of a lowbrow and philistine psychopath in an institution for the mentally defective.

      Tell me sir, would you approve of my profession in your patronizingly “broadminded” way, thinking it perfectly acceptable that intelligent women with high degrees should spend their lives giving fellatio to disgusting men in wheelchairs and jerking off unwashed perverts like yourself suffering from piles and halitosis? Do tell me, “dear sir”, would you be equally “broadminded” and oozing with amoral approval of all things abominable in the sight of God if I were to put my beautiful 9-year-old daughter on the game? Would that, too, meet with your benign and broadminded approval?

      Men like you are not fit to wipe soiled lavatory seats with. If you were come to me in search of sexual favors, offering me $1000 for ten minutes of my courtesan’s time, I would show you the door. Nay more, I would kick you down the stairs like a mangy cur! You viscous blob of bestiality. You foul scum of the sewers.

      You need your testicles surgically removed and fed to the pigs on my father’s farm.

  47. That great writer Linh Dinh, says that the worst of the virus appears over in South Korea. The SK government stayed calm and did not introduce all the current draconian strategies and panic measures being introduced in the West. Basically people self quarantined, with many simply choosing to go about their normal way of life. A sensible government stressed simple preventative measures, like not touching and kissing strangers – a reality our Lola finds discriminatory and wrong. The automobile factories stayed open and only some small businesses took a holiday. Interestingly enough for our voluptuous, sex worker Lola, and her Big Bang analogy, SK’s popular “kiss bang” industry went ahead full steam ahead. You can hire a girl for 30 minutes in a kiss bang, but all you get is lots of cuddling from a young uni student – with, at the moment, no kissing. If you want the advanced stuff, a real bang for your bucks, like lovely Lola offers, you have to go to what Linh describes as “the Russian girl, street prostitutes.”

  48. In the spirit of Canadian Indigenous Reconciliation, I offer this spirit to Melvin Plotnick with the following parodies of International Jewry Control: Benny Hill and Howdy Doody. Here they are: AND

    As for additional theories of China vs. USA for Coronavirus mischief, here is an idea involving the MERS, Winnipeg Canada lab and Chinese spies/students/scientists:

    PS: I still think the Taiwanese scientist and GreatGameIndia research and genetic map and genetic tree analysis makes the American spies/soldiers/athletes in Wuhan World Military games spread of the Coronavirus more likely. I still can also think that both stories are true as a Hegelian dialectic for confusion (like 9/11 truth) and that China/USA are working together via the Israeli Rothschild Central Bankster Cabal (International Jewry on both sides) is probably the real story. In any case protect and prepare yourself and your loved ones. Above all pray, even for your enemies! God be with us!

  49. We are told to trust Medical Opinion………… has not escaped my notice that it is this same ‘medical opinion’ that has brought this (Ireland) country to it’s knees financially but much much worse it is the same ‘opinion’ that has been and is destroying the future of the human race………. our children. I am thinking of the vaccine agenda especially where infants are being stabbed and poisoned on the day they are born to ‘protect’ them against future putative viruses. (Jab a one day old infant to ‘protect’ him/her against say Hepatitis C that they ‘contract’ typically from injecting illegal drugs) The jabbing and stabbing continues at 2 months, 4 months and 6 months at which point you have pretty much a destroyed human being who will be ‘diagnosed’ a few years later with ‘autism’ ‘dyspraxia’ ‘on the spectrum’ ‘Azbergers’ or numerous other ‘rare genetic disorders’ as they are described we will be told!. So this ‘medical opinion’ in it’s zeal to ward against the mythical virus threat does all this damage and more. Not that they are done…………far from it in 2018 in Ireland we had a full on psychological operation around cervical cancer to PROMOTE the HPV vaccine and of course much more, MMR etc etc and many many more ‘in the pipeline including presumably one for ‘corona’😎 it is estimated in the US there are now over a 100 more waiting for approval!! Will the human race survive this plus all the EMR radiation…………….hard to see that it can.

    Now in it’s zeal to protect us from yet another scary ‘virus’ advise us to literally switch off the economy and will bring about a financial disaster that will make 2008/2009 look like child’s play. I don’t mean to say it is all the medical complex’s fault there are powers even bigger than them pushing this agenda but they are front and center is this crises and their ‘wisdom’ is used as justification for all the stuff governments are doing. (It is an interesting question as to WHO is pushing this agenda but that is for later we need to establish now WHAT is being done)

    Viruses as a cause of disease is a dangerous myth. I know size is not everything but a virus is about a BILLIONTH the size of an average cell, it is NOT ‘alive’………….could our biology be really so helpless in front of something like that. OF COURSE NOT!!!! This is just crazy thinking and is leading the world to it’s doom, financially in the short term and ironically medically in the longer term. Even if their ‘story’ was true IF a so called virus is responsible to taking some old and infirm people would that justify all the mayhem we are about to witness now. BTW Prime Minister Varadker in Ireland used the word ‘cocooning’ as a description of what especially old people need to do………….that word cocooning’ is literally taken from the VACCINE industry as in some person who is so immune-compromised or so disabled they cannot even be vaccinated!!!………….so to ‘protect’ them we need to vaccinate all the rest or to in my terms poison and harm all the healthy people. So we are dealing with the same ‘thinking’ or lack of it maybe better said. In nature the weak, infirm or unfit die so the rest of the species live. We have turned this upside down the fit, strong and healthy need to be brought down to ‘protect’ the weak and dying. Not that it does even that it just does a lot of harm to the healthy ‘flock’. And more and more words like ‘flock’ or ‘herd immunity’ is heard as the people are essentially looked at and treated like farm animals. Something described being tested for corona hoax in Croke Park (Dublin) yesterday………….it was just like a cattle inspection station complete with hazmat suits etc ete. There is NO NEED for hazmat suits we are even on their own terms dealing with a ‘virus’ equivalent to flu or cold. Ridiculous over the top reaction.

    ‘Medical opinion’ might be concerned with some of the REAL threats we face like wireless radiation! But don’t expect that anytime soon

    This is a scary and maybe over the top video in places and I am not at sure it is ‘true’ but I would put much more faith in it than the standard ‘medical opinion’ we are told we must follow. To try to sum up the medical opinion does great harm by both commission and omission. The first one by all the jabbing and poisoning in esp vaccination the the second by NEGLECTING to warn against REAL HARM as is now being done by wireless radiation especially. Yet that is the opinion we are told we HAVE to listen to. I called an TD/MP last week and that’s all he had to say was…………….we must listen to medical opinion. I asked him why…………..if a leader of a tribe in the amazon was being told by a witch doctor he HAD to do something that would destroy the tribe would he just do it?. I said if he did he was not a ‘leader’ but actually a mis-leader. We are being mislead (as in fooled) by our leaders. And it is a world wide problem I give a few examples from Ireland it is the same world wide. Anyway try to watch this video

  50. I don’t see any of this being a ramp-up to WW3, not directly anyway. I see an “economic order out of chaos” plan whereby the U.S. is being driven into a 21st style Depression that will fulfill my prediction (you can look it up….on some past thread) of Trump becoming “Hooverized”.

    There’s a plan in the works for a U.B.I. (Universal Basic Income) which will send out checks to all Americans excluding, e.g.; millionaires. This will pave the way for what I suspect has been a maneuvering behind the scenes to propel a Biden Presidency to reflect a new “New Deal”. But the scuttlebutt is that his Veep will become the de facto POTUS. So who will that be? Wait for it…..none other than Hilary Rodham Clinton her bad self!* This I also predicted. (Must be my Masonic insider info informing me of this)

    So is this the BIGLY purpose behind this Corona hoax?

    *If I’m wrong, then maybe Andrew Yang will be the VP. On the surface it was his idea for this U.B.I. plan. Him be the Chinese Santa Claus 🎅

    1. B-Hawk –

      The HildaBeast just might be too busy fighting off ‘Judicial Watch’ and jail terms to hold any public office!! 🙂

      Judge orders Hillary Clinton deposition in Judicial Watch lawsuit!!

      The order is the first requiring Clinton to testify under oath in person on the subject of the 2012 attack on the U.S. compound in Benghazi and the Obama administration’s response at the time, when Clinton was head of the State Department.

      Lawyers for Hillary Clinton Ask Appeals Court to Overturn Order for Her Deposition

      Clinton and her former Chief of Staff Cheryl Mills have asked the Court of Appeals to overturn a U.S. District court order granting Judicial Watch’s request for their depositions about Clinton’s emails and Benghazi attack records. Lawyers for Clinton and Mills filed a “Petition for Writ of Mandamus” earlier today.

      The Clinton request comes in Judicial Watch’s lawsuit that seeks records concerning “talking points or updates on the Benghazi attack” (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of State (No. 1:14-cv-01242)). Judicial Watch famously uncovered in 2014 that the “talking points” that provided the basis for Susan Rice’s false statements were created by the Obama White House. This Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit led directly to the disclosure of the Clinton email system in 2015.

      On March 3, 2020, Judge Lamberth granted Judicial Watch’s request to depose Clinton about her emails and Benghazi attack documents. The court also ordered the deposition of Mills and two other State Department officials. Additionally, the court granted Judicial Watch’s request to subpoena Google for relevant documents and records associated with Clinton’s emails during her tenure at the State Department.

      1. Pat
        Yeah, her ship has probably sailed. But whoever becomes the de facto prez, per the premise, it would be like Bush Sr. to Uncle Ronnie Reagan…..puppets on top of puppets all the way to the top👑 😎👑

    2. Brownhawk: a very on the money post. They want us on ‘welfare’ then nobody will criticize much. Don’t bit the hand that feels you!!
      Also this Hillary thing I would say is even likely now. She is woman!! Biden has dementia, what’s not to like

      1. Patrick
        Think about it. In principle I would refuse their filthy lucre. But in terms of practical reality, who among us would ACT on principle? Especially those only a paycheck away from being in dire straits, which is MOST of us.

        Woe that we’ve been asleep for so long. But at least we’re waking up. Now the challenge will be to somehow withstand the whirlwind that’s coming in resisting the ever-encroaching beast.

  51. @ Brownhawk:

    I agree totally with your premise and ideas as well. Biden is now set to win the Demonrat Nomination for President. If and when he wins in November 2020, his VP (Hillary or Michelle Obamer, etc.) would be the Secret Communist Dictator-in-Chief (President) of the USSRA or the United States Socialist Republic of Amerika. Canada under Trudeau is headed in the same direction as Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Friedland is now our de-facto Prime Minister. She is a Ukrainian Jew from northwestern Alberta (farm country) that went into publishing and News reporting and analysis. From a famous book she wrote on Politics and Business, she became a Political star. Now she is the de-facto PM, is very shrewd, speaks legalese, a good negotiator and speaks down to regular folk like she owns the place. Sure sounds like a Jew in power – Bibi Nutjobyahu anyone!

  52. Since the start of the Industrial Revolution in the 19th Century, never has the expression “the more things change, the more they remain the same” been more relevant than now.

    “The medium is the message. This is merely to say that the personal and social consequences of any medium….result from the new scale that is introduced into our affairs by each extension of ourselves or by any new technology”

    Marshall Mcluhan, Canadian sociologist
    “Understanding Media”

    What’s going on in the World is nothing new under the Sun. A health problem that human beings have dealt with since time immemorial. What makes today’s media the MESSAGE is it having turned a health PROBLEM into a health CRISIS. And here we are extending ourselves accordingly……sigh

  53. Lessor Magic at work! Watch for the Greater Magic! As economy tanks, they will call for a Year of Jubilee–wherein all debts are erased and we go to a digital only money system with SOCIAL credit. Say nasty things against Israel–no money or loans for you. Critique govts–get money taken from account. Zionist Christians who swear we are in the birth pangs, will certainly go along with Trump and his Israel friends. Peace, peace. “Meet the new boss….same as the old boss…”

  54. California Governor orders its nearly 40 million residents to stay home!!

    California Gov. Gavin Newsom on Thursday ordered the state’s 40 million residents to stay at home, restricting non-essential movements to control the spread of the coronavirus that threatens to overwhelm the state’s medical system.

    “This is a moment we need to make tough decisions,” Newsom said. “We need to recognize reality.”

    California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s order marks the – FIRST – statewide mandatory restrictions in the United States to help combat the outbreak.

    It went into effect at midnight Thursday, meaning Californians should not leave home except for essential things such as food, prescriptions, health care and commuting to jobs considered crucial.

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