Coronavirus Crisis: Will the Rich Get Richer?

By Naomi Klein
Information Clearing House
March 17, 2020

 Coronavirus Capitalism — and How to Beat It

“This crisis could well be the catalyst to shower aid on the wealthiest interests in society, including those most responsible for our current vulnerabilities, while offering next to nothing to most workers, wiping out small family savings…” — Naomi Klein

I’ve spent two decades studying the transformations that take place under the cover of disaster. I’ve learned that one thing we can count on is this: During moments of cataclysmic change, the previously unthinkable suddenly becomes reality. In recent decades, that change has mainly been for the worst — but this has not always been the case. And it need not continue to be in the future.

This video (below) is about the ways the still-unfolding Covid-19 crisis is already remaking our sense of the possible. The Trump administration and other governments around the world are busily exploiting the crisis to push for no-strings-attached corporate bailouts and regulatory rollbacks. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin is moving to repeal financial regulations that were introduced after the last major financial meltdown, as part of the 2010 Dodd-Frank Act. China, for its part, is indicating that it will relax environmental standards to stimulate its economy, which would wipe out the one major benefit the crisis has produced so far: a marked drop in that country’s lethal air pollution.

But this is not the whole story. In the United States, we have also seen organizing at the city and state levels win important victories to suspend evictions during the pandemic. Ireland has announced six weeks of emergency unemployment payments for all workers who suddenly find themselves out of work, including self-employed workers.

And despite U.S. presidential candidate Joe Biden’s claims during the recent debate that the pandemic has nothing to do with Medicare for All, many Americans are suddenly realizing that the absence of a functioning safety net exacerbates vulnerabilities to the virus on many fronts.

This crisis — like earlier ones — could well be the catalyst to shower aid on the wealthiest interests in society, including those most responsible for our current vulnerabilities, while offering next to nothing to most workers, wiping out small family savings and shuttering small businesses.

But as this video shows, many are already pushing back — and that story hasn’t been written yet.

VIDEO  :  8.48 mins

58 thoughts to “Coronavirus Crisis: Will the Rich Get Richer?”

  1. Naomi Klein simply plays on the fears of which everyone is aware. For example, she cites “border closing” as a goal for something other than just plain, common sense reaction for the benefit of national security (as if it’s just being done to spite poor folks). Hardly any (Americans, at least) are as destitute as the poor black fellow in the picture heading of this article, and I know of NO Americans who would withhold a helping hand from such.
    Yes, indeed, there ARE people who will take personal advantage of any crisis situation – but those who seek to frighten the masses to further their own political agendas are the ones we need beware of the most.

    1. Gilby, fake and nonsensical patriotism is so imbedded in your psyche that you appear a simpleton. Your mind is Jew tinctured which means you cannot, when it all comes down to it, think outside the Jewish fishbowl that you are stuck in. You state that “no American would withhold a helping hand” from that emaciated, about to die, fellow lying under a blanket. Well, I presume you take some of your farm produce – fried squirrels and such- to the tent cities in many of your major cities and give it to the down and out, nutrition deprived vagabonds? And what about your Jewish-Zionist occupied government that is destroying ME nation after nation in order to advance the Greater Israel project? And what about your nation’s open theft of oil from Syria, Iraq, etc? At least this fellow has a blanket, but the tens of 1,000’s being murdered by your nation’s missiles and guns have no protection at all. As Greenspan the Jewish financier said, the ME is “all about the oil.” If Greenland and Iceland were full of oil and the ME had none, then your Jewish-run military would be bombing the former and stealing their oil, just like an evil Jew would steal that fellow’s blanket. After all it is really the Jews who are destroying the USA and putting people in tent cities which will be ideal breeding zones for the virus that should thin their sickly ranks considerably.

      1. Also, whilst the USA and Israel bomb the hell out of the sovereign nation of Syria and simultaneously steal its oil from the north east fields and those of the Golan Heights (Israel occupied), as well as refusing to leave Iraq, whilst stealing its oil, tens of 1,000’s of American-Israeli induced refugees are amassed on the Turkish border and are now being released into Europe. Because of the bombing by your lervly nation, Syrians face being like the fellow in the blanket, or seeking to escape to Europe. The vampire Jews of the USA are responsible for the refugee crisis that is destroying traditional Europe. Jews want to destroy the Whiteman’s West! They are succeeding with star spangled banners.

      2. Wanker Maxy –

        Too bad you don’t know the difference between “patriotism” and concerns about socialism/communism. Your bloviations and blusters are, also, too numerous and benign for the likes of any Celtic warrior, as you so boastfully identify yourself. Please go back to being your comical self, exaggerating your jock strap and your pocketbook; or, better, get back into your (“yacht”?? haha) 😆 johnboat and just paddle away to insult someone else. 😆😀
        (Your buddies in buggery MISS you.)

      3. Max – I stopped reading at the second ad hominem. And I doubt I’m the only one who did that.

      4. @ MAX BILNEY, you have expressed my exact sentiment!

        Most Americans don’t trust Trump on coronavirus information. He has the audacity to say, “Nobody know more about the coronavirus than I do, believe me”

        Handing out a $1000 check to all American is a cheap way to get votes. The $1000 would be a shot in the arm for me a retiree, but I would rather vote for the devil than Trump.

      5. Although there is an aggressive manner of expression, I think Max has a good idea what’s going on. But we should be able to discuss issues here dispassionately. Insult does no one any good, except of course the devil and his human agents who thrive on conflict, hostility, and hatred.

      6. MEY –

        You and other muslims can send the money back.

        I doubt retirees will get any of it…… unless they were recently let go from Walmart ‘greeting’ jobs. 🙂

      7. Helping hands are supplied by Jews, its in their genes. Millions that need a lawyer or doctor search for the helping hand of the Jew. Even the Palestinians beg to enter Israel to receive Jewish help. Thousands of Palestinians were given a helping hand by Jews. Many Arabs live in Tel Aviv and Haifa. They all are given a Jewish helping hand. But Jews are not wealthy enough to help every Arab. Throwing rocks at Jews will not get Arabs a helping hand. IDF is willing to give Arabs a helping hand only if they have patience.

  2. Naomi Klein’s duping delight (or is it delightedly duping?) call for socialism lends credence to the conspiratorial notion that the Left and the Right are nothing more than the (((globalist’s))) WWE tag team, and that we, the citizenry, are their stupefied diminutive opponent. Meanwhile, the audience of Left and Right wingers continually cheer on their tag team member as they pummel the Common Man into raggedy submission and then boo the other side when they don’t do a good enough job doing likewise. It doesn’t help our chances that the referee, scorekeepers, media commentators and bean counters to the event are all intimately (((friendly))). Where’s a Godly Tsar when you need him?

  3. Poverty sucks! Every person wants to lead the good life. Jews have beaten poverty in every nation by finding their niche. Jews hate poverty and will not accept being poor. Jews once lived in thousands of Shtetls in Eastern Europe, all thrived. And no Jew was poor. Each Shtetl was a trading post and each Jew was a trader. Nobody played a fiddle, Jews were busy earning a buck.
    It is not possible for the worlds poor to follow in the Jews footsteps and escape poverty. They can only hope for some crumbs to fall from the table.

  4. Naomi quoted jew Friedman: “In times of crisis, seemingly impossible ideas become possible.”

    That is another form of Hegelian thought – a softer & disguised form – of Problem-Reaction-Solution…. where the ‘solution’ would not be possible, even ridiculed & completely dismissed, in relatively good times.

    1. DeepState-itis, with a big dash of M$M fungus among us. (aka) The Bureaucrat Plague.
      Potentially, the worst Plague of all time..

        1. One of the immediate consequences of Coronavirus is the destruction of paper money, forcing everyone to use plastic. In the UK today, for the first time in history, I was not allowed to pay for a bottle of milk in cash. They insisted on a bank card, claiming they could be “contaminated” by handling the pound coin I offered them in payment.

          1. Today in my local supermarket I saw two women fighting like wild beasts for the last 9-roll package of Andrex toilet paper. A nice old lady with grey hair and gold-rimmed glasses had got the Andrex package in her trolley and was about to wheel it away when a younger woman in her twenties, overweight and covered in tattoos, grabbed the toilet roll package from out of the pensioner’s trolley. A struggle ensued. The old lady was thrown to the ground by the younger woman who smashed her on the face with the heel of her shoe, drawing a fountain of blood and breaking her nose.

            This is what the world is coming to, it’s like a jungle out there. I am nauseated and scared of young people now, especially in packs. The women are ten times worse than the men, real predatory insects. Toxic spiders.

            I’m glad to say that a teenage boy intervened on behalf of the old lady, tripping the younger woman up as she fled down the aisles. She fell against a shelf and lost two of her front teeth. Blood all over her T-shirt, matted hair all over her ugly face.

            Serve her right, the evil bitch!

    2. Pat,

      I accidently stumbled into your nasty comment about what I said regarding the Corona virus stimulant package.

      You need to get your head out of the gutter and stop being a hater and an Islamophoeb. I said, 1) Most American don’t Trump handling the Corona virus pandemic., 2) Trump said, “Nobody know more about the Coronavirus than I do, believe me”, 3) the $1000 would be a shot in the arm for me as a retiree. and 3) I would rather vote for the Devil than Trump.

      Please tell me what doe have to do with Muslims??? Why don’t you challenge my views instead of making a smart ass remarks?

      This kind of mentality and hostile attitude towards others who don’t share the same religion or views is not health or even American.

      No I would not send the money back. Besides, why do you mock other Muslim, by saying other Muslim could do the same?

      Your President said all Americans will get a pay check. Why do you doubt him, by saying you doubt all retirees will get any of it I am enjoying my retirement and I hope you were not among those who were recently let go from Walmart ‘greeting’ jobs.

      Mr Pat, you are also is a repeat offender in denigrating Muslims on this site and you should stop.
      Your religious bias and jokes are so toxic because it is intended to humiliate and insult Muslims.

      Thank you for your service and have a good life, Sir!

  5. I have been lead to believe that one can’t serve two masters.. Didn’t Yahweh provide everything we need without money?

  6. In one way, this is a ridiculous question to ask. Of course the Rich will get Richer, they get Richer in good times and in bad times too! However, they get Much Richer in Bad times (like Coronavirus Crisis) because while the average person runs out of money, the Rich still have tons of money to use. Times like these allow the RICH to buy assets (Stocks, Bonds, Corporations and physical property, etc) for pennies on the Dollar, even using our money (that they stole from us) to do it! Just like the Crash of October 1929 and 2008-2009, where the number of millionaires and now billionaires has increased because of those Financial Manipulations. Thus even before reading the article and watching the video, you are asking a question with an answer as plain as gravity or the nose on your face! Rhetorical question indeed! Unfortunately the photo used is exactly what it feels like to be the average citizen in any country, even Amerika and Canada! Boy, it sucks to be regular humanity anywhere while these parasites are rewarded in this life! Their reward is called Entrepreneurship, Business-savy and Greed! Now I will read the article!

    1. My former roommate was asked to leave when he no longer could share the rent. He said that he was kind and often listened to my problems, he begged to stay until a job was found. I answered the reason he must leave is because I am a Jew and that’s what Jews do.
      My textile union leader was supported by me while he was a rising star. When my boss unfairly fired me I asked for his help. He said he was too busy to concern himself with my problems. I said that I helped when you needed me and why do you refuse? He answered because he was a Jew and that’s what Jews do.
      My attempt isn’t to badmouth Jews but only to excuse their natural behavior. The Scorpion that stung the frog was innocent because that’s what Scorpions do. Give Mother Nature credit for creating the Jew and the right to do what Jews do.
      My bet with a black pal who claimed he could sink 9 out of 10 tries to hoop a basketball was lost. I was angry and asked why he hustled me? He said that he was a black man and blacks are gifted at basketball. He further explained that’s what blacks do and he also has to do what blacks do. He was forgiven and also should be forgiven are Jews who do what Jews do because they are Jews.

      1. Exactly my point, Melvin. I admire your telling the truth! Yes, Jews will perform any cruelty under the sun in order to benefit themselves, as they have no in-built compassion. As you state, “that is what Jews do.” So kill 50,000 Palestinians, order the starvation of 7 million Ukrainian kulaks, murder over 40 million, White, Christian Russians. As you say, Mother Nature created the Jew in order for him to do what comes naturally, just like a black man shooting hoops.
        Once again you are telling the truth: if there is a loving God he must be allowing the Jew to do what comes naturally, including holding all the sheer POWER in this materialistic world. Similarly Jesus’ warnings have fallen on deaf ears, as the Jews are only succeeding because they are doing what comes naturally to them. No wonder you have such a heightened sense of superiority, as your eyes tell you the truth: Your people are key players in all fields and your riches allow you to do what you like, as it comes naturally. So, if you are feeling cold, it is quite natural to leave that fellow lying bare on the sand whilst you keep warm by wrapping his flea bitten blanket around yourself. He will die in the freezing desert night and you, like Bart Simpson, would simply say, “As if I care!”

      2. Jew me once, shame on you.
        Jew me a thousand times, shame on me.

        I not only get by living at poverty level, I thrive at it. Often I enjoy an excess of what I actually need. I usually pay the excess forward and sometimes I even feel a little guilty at enjoying paying it forward because it’s honestly a little unbecoming. This should be a natural normal way of being. Nothing special at all, simply common sense and common decency. Excess pride is one of my shortcomings I’m still working on. I’ve always been working on it, it seems. I’m only human.

        I refuse / opt out of the many freebies the bureaucrats offer me because I don’t really need them and by taking them I’d be a liar and a cheat which is more than a little unbecoming. I cook all my own food, forage for the best of what nature offers, (an amazing abundance), and barter my various skills for the occasionally needed hard items like tools, hardware, fuel, etc. My computer and the incredible WWW is my one favorite luxury.

        Mantras are my sadhana, my faith and my hobby.
        The exercise, swimming in the creek, the animals and fresh air my fringe benefits.

        I have three bicycles. One is electric! Yes, I’m a little spoiled. I consider myself a rich man and give thanks every day for my many blessings, one of the best being I rarely, if ever, get Jewed.

        Before I close my eyes to sleep and when my eyes open in the morning I thank the Lord for being so kind to me. I don’t know why He is so kind to me but I really do appreciate it and say so.

        It’s called simple living, high thinking and anyone can employ this to whatever degree and obtain great appreciation and many benefits from it.
        Probably a good idea for everyone to start thinking about simpler, less and waaay more self sufficiency because if this contrived economic re-set keeps going the way it’s going, this type of living will be the new natural order of things. Poverty, or perceived poverty will be the new norm. Best to prepare for it. Especially mentally.
        It doesn’t have to be that bad if adjustments and practice commences.

        OM and Amen.

        1. Homer,

          This is a stunning post, perhaps the best you have ever made, and certainly the longest. If more Americans were like you, America would be a better place. God bless you and keep you.

      3. Melvin – Those who tolerate such poor behaviour deserve to be treated poorly. But don’t make the mistake of believing that everyone else has such low self esteem.

      4. Ditto that, lasha. What HP posted I couldn’t have said any better. He serves as an inspiration for all right-thinking individuals.

        Yer a better man than me, Gunga Din 👳‍♀️

        ADMIN: BH, please get your email address right. (If you want to be a better man than Gunga Din). This is about the TENTH time you’ve got it wrong… and it just holds up the publication of your comment apart from adding to Admin’s workload.

      5. Max
        There is a Love, and Love IS God. It’s not about God allowing Man to do what Man does. Man does whatever he does to himself. He has to come to God. Then he will have allowed God into his life.

        It’s as simple as that, mate 🙂

      6. Admin
        Sorry about that. But just so you know, there have been comments I thought I had deleted that appeared anyway. Any explanations?

  7. Whites turn NAZI every once in awhile, that’s what Whites do, turn NAZI every now and then. Whites should be forgiven for turning NAZI because that’s what Whites do. Also should be forgiven are Whites who do what Whites do because they are Whites.

    1. Yes TROJ, Whites eventually do what comes naturally. I.e. Launch fantastic pogroms and expel the Jews from their lands. It is well over due in the crippled Western world where Jews are ensuring that every vestige of White civilisation is being destroyed. All Jews should be sent to the original, land-locked state of Judah which Yahweh bequeathed to them for an eternity. That means their New Israel would be about one quarter the size of their ever expanding state of Israel. See how the bastards like being fenced in and land-locked. One big filthy ghetto, full of illicit sex and perverts. A whole tiny nation of Bernie Madoffs, complete with Annie Sprinkle clones and fake Ann Franks. Their combined HATE would boil over and they would soon resort to cannibalising each other. Any Jew who climbed the fence would be immediately executed, as the White Man never wants them in his societies ever again. Purely Mother Natures guide to the survival of the fittest! It is about time we learnt this!

  8. Yes my dear Madame Butterfly, like my call girl friend, Lola, you are a truthsayer when you allude to women as “ten times more ferocious than men” and toxic spiders.
    As you describe, the women’s fights over toilet paper are extremely violent, just as I have witnessed in Cooktown and Port Douglas, northern Queensland. A deranged, hysterical woman took on my 76 inches over toilet paper and got so scratching and hysterical that I head butted her into quiescence. The men I encounter are far more conciliatory and joke about it all. Many men up here use banana leaves or dogwood leaves. The only time there are minor altercations is over who gets the most voluptuous prostitute in the lineup at the local knock shop.
    Did not the great Mrs Nesta Webster write in 1921 (her book World Revolutions) that the modern, Marxist emancipated woman would be far more treacherous and violent than any man? She inferred they would more easily adopt the dog eat dog mantras of such as our disgusting Jew, Melvin Polkadot.
    My latest gal friend is as tough as nails and ready to fight these uncontrollable bitches, including using swift head butts and rabbit killer chops to the back of their necks.

    1. Max,

      You must try and moderate your language and not make too enemies on this site.

      Apart from this advice, I must say I agree with you that feminism has been a bad thing all round and turned otherwise sensble women into screaming banshees.and disgusting viragos. Alas and alack, there is something fundamentally wrong with female psychology. But remember this: for every slut there is a female saint and for every demon an angel.There is Lilith on the one hand and there is the Virgin Mary on the other.

      This comment made by Nietzsche’s Zarathustra is one I got from LD in private correspondence: “Man is evil but woman is base.” On the whole, I prefer the company of men than the company of women. And this is NOT for sexual reasons. It’s because men are nicer, more understanding, and less given to spite and malice. A bad man is a bad man, but a bad woman is atrocious and abominable.

      1. Okay, Madame, I will try to “moderate” my language, but read back and see Gilby’s dirty language and insults of me. Notice, rather than saying anything about his beloved USA’s mass murdering of the Arab people and the open theft of their oil, which is against all international law, he only throws out despicable abuse and abuses my person. Melvin deserves every criticism. Crack down on Gilby before you crack down on me. 5 years ago I recognised him as an utter fool and blind patriot of the Jewocratic kind. Everything I say about the Jews is identical to what Kaminski, Stanton, Atzmon and Makow are saying, including what is said about the dumbed down American sheeple, of which the hapless Gilby is one. Gilby is my enemy as is Melvin, for all the reasons I have explained in my emails. …. Come to think of it, if you and the management find my Australian language and truth telling has to be moderated, you can count me out right now. Language can never be too harsh in replying to dangerous, semi ignorant fools; especially in these times of total collapse. Goodbye.

        1. @ Max Bilney

          I am not aware that Admin has complained about you. Nor have I. You have every right to fight your corner. But you cannot expect everyone to think like you and please you by echoing your thoughts. We love in a world, Max, in which we are surrounded by our ideological enemies. I would ask you to continue posting as before because all you say is a valuable corrective to what Melvin and Gilby are saying. And Admin has made no attempt to curtail your freedom of expression here. So please continue to entertain and instruct us in the ways of the world.

      2. But you’re so much FUN to abuse – and so WORTHY of abuse, you foolish wanker, you! 😂😂
        We’re not “enemies”, Maxy. I do so much enjoy reading your diatribes (and you often make great sense). I bear you no malice, and look forward to continuing to ruffle your feathers on this harmless forum. When I come inside to dine, or rest for the day, I often consult this site to get good, insightful information from learned commenters and the articles, as well as the clowns like you who are very entertaining! 🙂
        (I dare say you’d be disappointed if I didn’t respond.)

  9. Whilst the majority of useful idiot Gentiles panic and fight over toilet paper, the planet is undergoing an unprecedented and total financial collapse. The Rothschild consortium that controls an estimated 70% of our planet’s assets, to the tune of money value $5 trillion to the power of three, have worked tirelessly with the five mega Jewish banks that are beholden to them, to create a balloon of fake money that is close to bursting. Over $10 trillions are owed in Repos investments, derivatives are about to collapse and the whole money system is about to implode. We are told the combined debt owing is now too large to ever control and an economic and social wasteland will result, with the planet thrown into total barbaric chaos. Meanwhile the Jews have prepared safe, luxurious safe havens. … But there is a very simple solution: All you have to do is proscribe all devil Jews – imprison them and stick them all in their beloved, original, biblical Judah. Also, cancel all debt which is currently owed to the Jews, all of which is corrupt, out of thin air, laundered money, plus money stolen from the Goyim.. Create state run and Goyim owned local banks which would oversee, with government assistance, the reduction of the many times over inflated house prices and reduce all loans to proportional amounts reflecting the new prices of houses. Eg. current house price= $600,000, with housing loan of $450,000. New house price = $300,000, with loan of $200,000. Then restore Glass Steagall, the gold standard and add other valuables, such as the valuables of the Vatican, the City and the Crown Jewels to create tangible collateral. The idiots who occupy the House of Windsor would be jewel-less and have to fend for themselves and get real jobs. Cromwell let the Jews in and we can usher them out. The current Jewish hegemony is unbelievable, considering there are only 14 million Jew filth on our planet and only about 2% of these arseholes control and manage the bulk of our planet’s finances. The Jewish priests of the 2nd temple could not have done better. As Henry Ford stated in 1920, “It is not as if Jews are found among our financiers, they are practically all the financiers.” Cromwell’s mistake must be rectified.

  10. Iran & China have concerns about the coronavirus crisis. China’s Xi is losing credibility on the global stage!!


    Iran has backed China’s calls to investigate yet unfounded claims of the United States being the origin of the new coronavirus as an international blame game worsened over a pandemic that has infected more than 200,000 people across the globe. Iranian Supreme National Security Council Secretary Ali Shamkhani lashed out on Twitter Wednesday against what he called the “typical way” in which some U.S. officials have emphasized China and its central Hubei province city of Wuhan as the likely place where the COVID-19 disease began and have blamed both Beijing and Tehran’s governments for failing to stop its spread.

  11. A message from Gaza to Coronavirus-infected world

    We are sorry you are being in quarantine everywhere. We in Gaza feel your pain! We have been on lockdown since 2007. We’ve been living under a strangling and inhumane siege from sea, air, and ground. We too are isolated from family, friends, and the rest of the world and have limited access to basic resource such as food, clean water, and medicine in order to survive.

    As of this writing, all praise be to God, the Coronavirus did not hit Gaza Strip where 2 million people live of whom 43 percent are unemployed.

    Gazans are crammed together like in a sardine can and Gaza by the way is the most densely-populated place in the world. Due to lack of space, we can not even practice social distancing like you do. Not to mention, Over 90% of Gaza’s water is unfit to drink and our health system is near a breakdown.

    People have a hard time finding food, much less the animals. The animals are dying of starvation and disease in zoos throughout the Gaza strip as a result of the imposed quarantine/lockdown, better known as blockade.

    Just for the record, there are roughly 1,400 Palestinian Christian brethren who live among us in Gaza today. We all hope and pray that someone somewhere will succeed in finding a vaccine for the Coronavirus. And If you do, please don’t forget us!

    With Love from Gaza

  12. I think E. Michael Jones from gives the most intelligent analysis and interpretation of the virus crisis and its historical and political context, in COVID-19 Op and Black Frankenstein (audio):

    “Dr. E. Michael Jones returns to Our Interesting Times to discuss the agendas behind the COVID-19 “outbreak” and his article “Black Frankenstein Turns On Its Jewish Creators.”
    Dr. Jones is the editor of Culture Wars magazine and the author of many books including the soon to be released Logos Rising: A History of Ultimate Reality.”


    Oh Yeah, it’s “Entirely Predictable” alright, especially if you laid the plot for the crisis in the first place….
    Naomi doesn’t go that far with her analysis, doesn’t seem to consider the possibility that the whole thing is manufactured… I mean. I don’t think you’re having a serious conversation about it until you ask how likely it is that corporate hierarchy in and out of government cooked the virus up for their own little ‘stimulus package’ I wonder why someone as smart as Naomi doesn’t even think of that… it’s not like it’s real far-fetched…
    That’s “what my research has taught me”…
    She’s quite right about how the usual suspects will use the crisis for their own gain…
    On the other hand, she glomms-on immediately with her own political schedule, free healthcare, free housing, free paychecks – all that commie BS…
    Healthcaiya already IS a Right Bernie Sanders, and everybody HAS the Right to go out and buy as much Healthcaiya as they need… ideally, nobody is stopping anybody from improving himself to that point… If your brain gets wacked by a vaccination, that’s something different…. No blind loyalty to corporatism here, but we’re not at all sure we should be providing a means for the worlds stupid people to reproduce themselves…
    “Those who tolerate such poor behaviour deserve to be treated poorly. But don’t make the mistake of believing that everyone else has such low self esteem.” So True…
    Are you going to provide Freebies for all their offspring too? actually, I guess the Freebies are really just the tactic the Big Machine uses to maintain the stupid class, cheap labor at best.. Walfare Buggers otherwise.. That’s the job of today’s Democrats-In-Name-Only, maintaining the decayed cities on the political machinery… And all the Freebies they get are really just subsidies for Walmart and big Pharma, etc…
    I think the government already spends quite a bit on social programs, no?
    Pick your Pie Chart….

  14. Now that I watched the video, I thought I entered a world where Greta Thunberg grew up (aged real fast) and became a Jewess called Naomi Klein. Such a wonderful voice and relaxed appearance compared to a vile “how dare you” hatred. Her statements sound good and are true concerning the average middle class or poor American citizen, but I wonder if she has undergone her own “Shock Doctrine” like a mouse/rat in Labyrinth/Maze. Also has she ever been ripped off by corporations or government like many average Americans feel they have. Lastly, concerning the Jewish plot/communism of her support for a “Green New Deal”, does she realize (like Greta should) that if you get rid of Fossil fuels ( oil and gas), she would not be able to make the video, use a smartphone, drive a vehicle, get fresh groceries at your local supermarket, not have any medications/drugs and not have any electricity for her home or Air Conditioning and she would not be able to drive, take a train or fly to Washington DC to show her support for the “Green New Deal”. Thus like Greta Thunberg, she is putting the Cart before the horse. And that may be the type of life she will have and also need a long extinct horsewhip, since their makers went out-of-business with the invention of the automobile. If you can live with horse and buggy like the Amish, good on you! The next revolution will be a fuel that is like oil and gas, liquid hydrogen, because the oil and gas infrastructure can be modified for liquid hydrogen. Solar and Wind power require brand new infrastructure that must be built and can NOT run 24/7/365 like oil and gas. What happens when the wind does NOT blow or the Sun does NOT shine (like under your butox region)? Where is the power to power my radio-alarm clock at night? So please Naomi Klein stick it where the Sun don’t shine ( your butox) and keep it there! Perhaps if she grew lots of hair and grew a thick bushy beard she could be the female reincarnation of Karl Marx. Spasiba!

    And yes Melvin, thanks for being honest like Groucho Marx!

  15. My Rabbi outed the names of crypto-Jews who he had Bar Mitzvahed. Most were up front Jew-haters as a support for their clever disguise. Occasionally some of these crypto-Jews would visit my Rabbi and proclaim their secret admiration for the Jewish race. One of the Jews in disguise who occasionally visits my Rabbi is a practicing Minister with over 100 followers. He would crucify Jesus if given the chance. Don’t be shocked if there are over six million US citizens who are multi-Millionaire crypto-Jews. Most get buried in a Jewish cemetery as their last request.

    1. @ Melvin Polatnik

      This is more drollery and trollery from a fantasist trying to stir up trouble. We can’t even be sure you are a Jew, as only a short while ago you were posing as one of the goyim. Make up your mind if you are Jew or a non-Jew, you tiresome little joker.

      1. You have not a single FACT to relate, just ANECDOTES. Tall stories for the gullible.Try something new. Be yourself.

      2. Mel has a presence elsewhere….

        Finding A Gal
        Home and Family • Published: August 1, 2019

        Most men are not attractive to women, only 20% are who a women wants to go to bed with. Unfortunately there are guys that are left out of the love game, but there are ways to get a date or a long time relationship. Providing security is an important asset for a guy searching to attract a gal.

        Jewish Smart Sperm
        News and Society: International • Published: August 1, 2019

        Undetectable in an Ashkenazim Jews sperm there lies a substance that helps a Jew climb high in social and financial status. One day that unique substance will be discovered with a benefit to all humankind.

        Nobody Loves a Money Lender
        Business: Ethics • Published: September 25, 2008

        My first job after finishing college was working at a small bank interviewing applicants for mortgage loans. My clients were referred to me by large banks that found their credit rating unacceptable. The job was easy and as long as the applicant had some means of making the payments they were accepted.

        Tarot Cards and the Devil
        Reference and Education: Psychic • Published: September 23, 2008

        The Tarot Devil card depicts a horned monster that is half human with the face of a goat. His legs are spread apart as he confidently sits on a dark coloured throne. Two women slaves with chains around their necks are at his feet.

        Never Rush the Cook
        News and Society: Economics • Published: September 21, 2008

        Never listen to those that want you to rush the cook. They will get the cook fired. Give the cook time to prepare the meal.

        Captains Need Experience


    2. I believe Melvin, 300% there are more jews including crypto jews than we Goyim know.
      Many are ‘ christians’, ‘ mormons’, islamitic’ etc.
      That’s the problem for us Goyim as they have always worn masks.

      Let the jew Melvin speak.

    1. Professional Jew haters like Nathaniel are needed for the public to blow off steam. His shtick does the opposite, it makes me proud to be a Jew. Mnuchin is my hero, he takes the reins of the most powerful nation and steers it perfectly. He is married to a beautiful shiksa who inflates his Jewish pride. If I owned an assembly mill, my employees would be hard working pretty women. Each one would earn an extra buck during their lunch hour. But until then my favorite 4th world prostitute will keep me busy.

  16. NORMAN
    Oil is not a Fossil Fuel guy….
    It is cooked up from under the crust as part of the Star-Cooling fusionary process, like diamonds and gold…
    And there’s really nothing wrong with the idea that Humans should re-think and re-engineer their energy methodology, to exclude all forms of garbage and pollutants…
    Of course the Green New Deal is given a Bad Name by fake upstarts like AOC, and because it is intended as a polarizer from the beginning, whereas environmentalism might otherwise be a unifying principle to provide the goal-basis to evolve politics and move society into the next paradigm, if we had that kind of leadership… The Zion decide about our leadership… Not many get through their screen…
    Capitalism doesn’t want Cooperation…. Capitalism wants Competition… Capitalism Wants Waste… Capitalism doesn’t want Honest Banking, it wants Unconstitutional Fiat Currency and Fractional Reserve lending, with hordes of poor people to exploit under the Hedge Fund Credit Market, who cash their checks at Smiley’s before they get them… That’s probably where the emaciate in the photo was cashing his check before TS finally did HTF in his world… Capitalism wants Exploitation…
    Naomi should get her credit, where it’s due, for coming up with the illustrative concept “Disaster Capitalism”…
    I think she came up with it, she’s the first one I heard say it…
    Smedley Butler pointed it out a long time ago in his ‘War Is A Racket’ book…
    He even itemize some products, like tires and fuel, showed how the prices went way up when they were being sold to the military during wartimes….
    Peace is just not as Profitable… Profits Drive Political Power…
    PAT has it right.. The virus is probably somewhat real, the hype is biggly fake, and they “never let a good crisis go to waste”… Though exactly how unique the virus is would be pretty hard to say from where we’re at…
    I wonder if Naomi Klein reads this guy….

    1. Bark –

      I have thought that this virus prophylaxis routine may be an attempt to somewhat ward off/delay the massive life insurance payouts to boomers in the near future.

      You can add this to your Gates Gallery….. 🙂

      Bill Gates: Coronavirus Means We Need ‘Digital Certificates’ To Prove Who Received Vaccine!!
      Mar 19, 2020

      The world as we know it will change forever in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, according to Bill Gates who declared that we will soon have “digital certificates” to display our health and vaccination status.

      Responding to a question during a Reddit “Ask Me Anything” session, Bill Gates pointed to major changes for ordinary people that could have privacy and civil rights implications.

      “Eventually we will have some digital certificates to show who has recovered or been tested recently or when we have a vaccine who has received it,” said Gates.

  17. PAT
    A lot’s been said about Vitamin C…
    They say pigs don’t get sick because they can make their own Vitamin C, as much as they need…
    I had some pigs for a while, fed them from the leftovers and throwaways at the organic stores, plus they ate whatever they liked on the acreage…. i swear the boar’s balls were as big as two footballs… They like everything pretty much, like goats… They don’t eat bark, like goats do… Plus neither one of them would eat ragweed or mullin.. That’s what you end up with growing all over… The pigs would never eat the lemons though…
    Is it possible to OD on Vitamin C,? because this guy is saying he was taking it every 6 minutes, said just watch out for diarrhea…
    Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid and ascorbate, is a vitamin found in various foods and sold as a dietary supplement. It is used to prevent and treat scurvy. Vitamin C is an essential nutrient involved in the repair of tissue and the enzymatic production of certain neurotransmitters. It is required for the functioning of several enzymes and is important for immune system function. It also functions as an antioxidant.

    1. I have a friend who takes 5 grams daily and as much as 30 grams when ailing. Diarrhea is one way the body lets you know your limits. Very few know enough about bodily functions to see the messages for what they are. So, for constipation just take 10 grams & see. It won’t hurt ya.

      All animals….. unlike humans…. manufcture their own vitamin C. They can stay out in rain & snow and never catch a cold!! God must like them better since they do not hate & murder. 🙂

      Lemons ARE the only naturally occurring organic ANIONIC produce. Lemon juice is not acidic when fresh – used less than an hour. The only other edible substance that is anionic is pure Calcium.

      Lemons, also referred to by the Latin name Citrus × limon, are produced on a small evergreen tree that is native to regions in Asia. The lemon tree was introduced to Europe sometime around 1 A.D., but was not widely cultivated there until the 15th century. Christopher Columbus introduced lemon seeds to the Americas during his voyages of discovery. Lemons are mainly produced commercially in China and Mexico, as well as the South American countries of Brazil and Argentina.

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