15 thoughts to “Coronavirus Frenzy Sweeps World in Mass Demonstrations”

  1. The Great Awakening? And, The woman shouting, “We will win tooo-getha….aaaa?”…. . As I keep saying, there will be NO “awakening” until the RED-Shield-Rothschilds and their Jewish-led MONEY POWER are identified and destroyed. …… In other words, scream and protest as much as you like and think that you are “awakened” , but the bottom line is that the puppet-masters, such as George Soros, hold all the manipulative strings and are simply laughing at the dumbed down beasts of Goyim-land, as they engage in their chaotic protests and idiotic scribing. . CRISIS among the herd like Goyim is the breeding ground for Jewish opportunity, as can be seen, for example, in the way the Jewish $$billionaires have made huge profits out of the covid and BLF crisis situations. Soros even pays protesters $25 per hour to create chaos. Maxwell Smart fought KAOS/chaos. …….. A great leader of the Goyim MUST emerge and be prepared to answer all the questions regarding Henry Ford’s treatise on “The Jewish Question.” Bro Kapner’s latest answers all the questions and could be understood by the majority of 95 IQ Westerners, as could all his videos. …. Yes, Brother Kapner (Real Jew News.com) keeps it simple, which is a lot more than can be said of certain over sophisticated scribes who try to extrapolate their self indulgent, so called “intelligence” in the Darkmoon comments’ section.

    1. I’ve been reading comments on this great website for years. Max I just wanted to tell you that I couldn’t agree more with you. We are so so far past the laughable flag waving protest phase that it sickens me that Americans and all citizens under rule of Zog can’t grasp the enormity of Jewish power. The only way to start taking back some ground is to start taking it back physically. Vigilantism is very much needed and is very capable of striking fear into their maniacal plans. Thus far, they haven’t had to look over their shoulder or worry about being attacked. That must be changed.

    2. Max
      Right. It all starts with identifying the Rothschild money power. And we can’t even say “take back” the money power because “we the people” have never had it in the FIRST place.

      For several years now (since stumbling onto darkmoon, for the most part) I’ve been randomly asking people, what do they think of the interest paid to banks? Virtually without exception their answer will be ” this is how the banks get paid for offering their services. It’s just the cost of doing business.” In reply I tell them that the only justifiable way for banks to be paid is on a modest fee basis as “money warehouses”, so to speak. Amounts that don’t come anywhere REMOTELY close to what they actually get through usurious practices. But people have been conditioned to not think about the morally proper function of money at ALL, let alone distinguishing between fees and interest. This of course is the greatest scam of them all, one that the Rothschild ilk have been understandably confident about for almost 400 years. And how maddeningly frustrating is it that a lightbulb moment of the world realizing this would come as easily as popping a soap bubble?

      The emergence of a great Goyim leader to convey the truth? The pessimist in me says it would be like something Carlyle said over 100 years ago….

      “if Jesus were to come today, people would not even crucify him. They would ask him to dinner, hear what he had to say, and then make fun of it”

      1. @ BH, “if Jesus were to come today, people would not even crucify him. They would ask him to dinner, hear what he had to say, and then make fun of it”
        “They” would ask “the stranger” to provide his own dinner at his own expense and expect that “he” brings gifts before entering a welcoming home, then ridicule all parts that are not accepted in ones own opinion/religious truth/reality and “making fun” with and during the crucifixion that will follow shortly after dinner due to impossible differences and “heresy” in opposing REALITIES.
        The world is on fire (again) and as usual the populace argues about the “temperature, color of the flames, its origin and the velocity of the wind” before it will consume the habitual arguers in a violent death in their own living rooms, ruins of their homes or streets, without even one of the slightest attempts to rise or counteract the cause of the effect. History repeats itself constantly through deadly entertainment for the masses acting as themselves.

    3. “The great leader of the Goyim that will eventually emerge” is already being cloned and prepared by strict kosher care, habit and regulation. That is something that even “could be understood by the majority of 95 IQ Westerners” too, if they just would dare to look critically and independently beyond themselves, their country and at copyrighted kosher history of man. All is basically very simple in this world including LIFE itself – until “sophisticated scribes of great intelligence from ALL TRIBES step in who than instantly try to extrapolate their own self indulgence” while trying to educate all other living beings to their own conclusions, demanding total surrender of all other thoughts that might arise and leading elsewhere “to forbidden” grounds. Reality could be a marvellous thing – if accepted as it is. Though to look at Reality one should not get stuck on just some pieces of the same puzzle of life that lies in front of ALL while looking through a long, dark tube that impairs the vision of the surrounding environment one finds oneself in.

    4. @Max
      Good points.
      But they still got your god.
      This is 4GW warfare. It is a race war. And the white man is to be removed.
      The enemy’s best weapon? The inside of the heads of a significant number of white men. A mind programming that starts in your Sunday schools.
      Before you manage to work yourselves through and away from the CQ, there sill be no solution to the JQ.
      Solutions are not found within a made up figure who presumably walked on water. Solutions are found in nature. And they are ruthless.

      1. Bjorn –
        You made good points.

        I read this a while back:
        “While white people’s actions don’t seem to make any sense, they aren’t designed to make sense. They aren’t designed at all, but just emerge as a form of spontaneous order, a product of the collective mind, much like the schooling of fish, or the swarming of bees. Looking for hidden conspirators serves the purpose of diverting white people’s attention from the fact that they’ve always been their own worst racial enemy, and that no cultural change happens or can happen without their full cooperation.”

  2. here’s my self-indulgent extrapolation…
    all kinds of improvements should be made on the police, and they should certainly be prosecuted in cases where they murder people in custody, which they seem to think they should do where people are not cooperating, not fighting exactly but just not holding still for an arrest… it has happened many times, but the last deal at the atlanta wendy’s was righteous on their part… de-fundng them is exactly the wrong thing to do at this point… if there had been more officers at that arrest, the suspect would probably have not been able to flee and would therefore probably still be alive – if they didn’t choke him to death in the struggle… that’s happened before… the antifa (red guards) thing, the arson and the looting, beatings, even murder, that’s all inexcusable though… the people who set fire to the atlanta wendy’s should have been shot… my opinion – the federal government should put together a million man force to patrol our cities and quell these riots immediately using deadly force on people who commit any acts of riot or barricade sections of cities, as in seattle now… george floyd was dangerous criminal, who should have been in prison, it would be ok with me if he was executed for the armed home invasion he did on the pregnant woman… because these dem states and cities do not incarcerate such people, the streets are full of them and it falls to the police to deal with it… the virus is obviously part of the plot for increased social control… you’ve seen bill gates’ videos… the mandatory vaccine, from the gene gun, is a gross crime against the individual, and it will contain some form of rfid… somebody should definitely look into the deaths of people in hospitals, in new york they put others in with the covid patients to get them infected… if it’s true the facilities get big money for each patient dying with covid, and even bigger money for all who die on ventilators, there’s the motive… that would explain why governor cuomo was yelling for ventilators at the outset…
    9-11 pretty much cemented the doctrine that society is now militarized, corporations are national security entities, citizens are expendable in whatever tactics the security state and their corporate cohorts exercise… maybe you heard john rambo say it – “there are no civilians’… media is a sick joke, a pretty tired one by now, no journalism… as the lawlessness increases its only a matter of time until the blm people begin to invade residential neighborhoods… we’re headed for some kind of civil war now…

  3. Instead of militias, “vigilante forces” could pop up everywhere across the USA. They can consist of as few as ONE member per area; but often, it requires at least TWO to develop any necessary alibi. It’s very easy to build a silencer for a single-shot .22, and much “community service” can be performed therewith… Discuss it with someone you trust. The sooner, the better. 👌

    1. I agree with you totally, Gilbert. It is time for action. ….. But we must have a charismatic leader to set things in motion. Obviously, this leader has to utilise all the intricate subtleties used by the Jews’ in their rise to absolute Power. Anyone who gets up and starts hammering the Jews is destined for failure, as the system is loaded against direct opposition, with Jewish lawyers, the ADL and AIPIC ready to pounce. …. The Goyim Revolution could commence with meetings of militias. I know blacks who would join in. Leaders would be chosen and protective guards of many strong men put in place. The ideology being expoused would be be subtle and unchargeable, along the lines that it is democratically wrong that less than 2% of the general population control and own all the major media networks, major banks, etc. Bro Kapner names the Jews involved in his videos, which is lacking on this site. The TRUTH is that the elite Jews are over 3,000% over-represented in senior administrative positions of all kinds. This flies in the face of the Jews’ own PC concepts of affirmative action, equal opportunity, diversity, etc, etc. In other words you throw their vile PC rulings back at them. …. Now, the leader so chosen, would have to be protected 24/7, as the neocons and Jews will go after him. Therefore, establish a Camp of the Saints, with 1,000’s of able bodied supporters present at all times. … if the ruling Jews stoop so low to engage the military to attack the Camp/Camps, then it will be all out civil war and bloodshed, which is better than our current, inevitable fall into slavery and elimination. … Imagine being beside Gilbert and myself as armed resistance fighters employing guerilla tactics in the forests and in the cities. Go and buy yourself a magnum hand gun and an AK47 type gun.

  4. Sorry to speak only of “men” in the coming Resistance. Of course, we would include a few Annie Oakley types and hysterical women with knives and guns. As the leader of the Frankfurtian Illuminati, Adam Weishaupt said: “We will include easy women in our group to serve as comfort for our fighting men.” (As quoted in Nesta Webster’s book, World Revolution, circa 1920.)

  5. Easy women? Easy men? I have never had as much sex, quantity wise, than when, as an anti-Vietnam protester, we occupied LaTrobe University’s (Victoria, Australia) administration in 1971. The gals of the “Revolution” are still giving it out for the Revolution, even though rape is apparently rampant in CHAZ, Seattle. ….. SEX plays a big role in Leftist strategies, and there are no rules or morality to curb excessive sexual desire. Now don’t ridicule me for bringing up the truth about the Left and sexual promiscuity. Besides I have been celibate for near on a year and have learnt to say “No!” Also, I was a kid in those silly occupations of admin blocks and by 25 years had grown into a conservative and anti-porn advocate, with a beautiful blonde wife.

  6. I think the evidence is pretty strong that what they’re calling a virus is actually an energy weapon (5G and 6 ghz and 60 ghz frequencies) causing lack of oxygen, dizziness, and other symptoms which the medical mafia say are associated with the virus: youtube.com/watch?v=hNk7rYlKs3o

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