Coronavirus Lies: They Knew, And Didn’t Tell Us

By Rod Dreher
March 19, 2020

“The President is lying about Coronavirus” 
(See 3.40 mins video HERE)

“Trump’s most loyal backers were calling it a hoax . . .  [they] knew that the president was misleading the public, and said nothing.” — Rod Dreher 

National Public Radio (NPR) has a scoop about how the Republican head of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Richard Burr, warned a private group of wealthy constituents about what was coming from coronavirus, at the same time the

government was withholding that information from the public — and President Trump was downplaying it.


The chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee warned a small group of well-connected constituents three weeks ago to prepare for dire economic and societal effects of the coronavirus, according to a secret recording obtained by NPR.

The remarks from U.S. Sen. Richard Burr were more stark than any he had delivered in more public forums.

On Feb. 27, when the United States had 15 confirmed cases of COVID-19, President Trump was tamping down fears and suggesting the virus could be seasonal.

“It’s going to disappear. One day, It’s like a miracle. It will disappear,” the president said then, before adding, “it could get worse before it gets better. It could maybe go away. We’ll see what happens.”

On that same day, Burr attended a luncheon held at a social club called the Capitol Hill Club. And he delivered a much more alarming message.

“There’s one thing that I can tell you about this: It is much more aggressive in its transmission than anything that we have seen in recent history,” he said, according to a secret recording of the remarks obtained by NPR. “It is probably more akin to the 1918 pandemic.”

He went on to say we could see the military deployed to assist in the response. Read it all. The story has the audio of the speech.

Look what Democratic Sen. Richard Blumenthal tweeted on February 25. Keep in mind that legally and ethically, he couldn’t reveal what he heard in a classified briefing, so don’t blame him for not spilling the beans:

Richard Blumenthal

This morning’s classified coronavirus briefing should have been made fully open to the American people—they would be as appalled & astonished as I am by the inadequacy of preparedness & prevention.

2:48 PM – Feb 25, 2020

Think about it: Trump certainly knew how bad it was going to get, but kept on downplaying it, at a time when being straightforward would have given people time and impetus to prepare.

Trump’s most loyal backers then were calling it a hoax, and dunking on people like me for hyping panic, and so forth. This top Senate Republican (and no doubt other Senate Republicans) knew that the president was misleading the public, and said nothing. If he felt comfortable telling wealthy donors about this, why didn’t he tell the general public? Because it would contradict the president’s messaging? Why?

Having senior Republican lawmakers contradicting the president at that relatively early stage, based on information they knew, would have been in the country’s best interest. Sen. Burr told rich, well-connected supporters what was coming, but not the people who elected him. He owes them an explanation. And I would like to know why the Senate Republicans, all of whom surely had the same information, did not challenge the president, and warn the public while we still had time.

Covid-19 obsessives like me saw it coming, but the US then was full of deniers, especially among conservatives.

On February 25, US senators were told what was coming. What a difference it would have made if Republicans had come out and told the American people the truth, instead of sticking to the White House line.


TRUMP IS LYING: VIDEO  :  1.50 mins

Rod Dreher is a senior editor at The American Conservative.

52 thoughts to “Coronavirus Lies: They Knew, And Didn’t Tell Us”

  1. Yes, indeed! There ARE “dire economic and societal effects”. The hoax-hyping is doing EXACTLY what was intended by whomever engineered it. Don’t worry about the “virus” as much as you should be concerned with the rearranging of the government and society with which you’ve hereto become accustomed.
    Of course, I realize that most (Americans, especially) have been diminished in their ability to engage in critical thinking; so, in my “jewified” way, I am considering ways to take advantage of the situation. (The blustering and boisterous like our “Maxy” Bologna can be herded like the cattle they are!) 😄😉

    1. There is something not right about the death rate around Milan. Why should most of the deaths be around one city? It is the the industrial hi tech centre of Italy, as well as being a big fashion centre. What has made the people of this area so susceptible to the virus?

  2. A lot of this reminds me of the way people said Bush missed clues as to 9/11. I was no fan of Bush and am not of Trump either but this is the kind of classic dis-information tactic of ‘limited hangout’……meaning you get a bit of truth but not the whole thing. The ‘clues’ Bush missed were STILL not the ‘real story’ the real story was NOT Al Queda it was the Mossad/CIA story………………same with this the corona story is in essence a hoax to take everything away from us. I am surprised how much people accept this story on it’s face…..I don’t at all. This event was ‘drilled’ for in Event 201 we are just sleep walking through a staged event with nefarious agendas we will only realize when it is too late. There were many people I used to listen to who blamed it all on Bush’s incompetence just like this author now blames Trump. That imo misses the real story which this is a Deep State run hoax with possibly some real deaths just like 9/11

    1. Patrick
      Your 9/11 comparison regarding Bush Jr. (the CIA’s “shrub”) pertains to the fact that all P’sOTUS are down the hierarchal “totem pole” in their “need to know only” capacity. Trump is no exception.

      As always, think Protocols. This latest ruse is simply the next installment of (((their))) “Great Work of the Ages”. Just another brick in the wall of completing the totalitarian corral we’re being herded into, and the plan of the Master Mason can’t be accomplished without all the “goyim bricklayers” doing the job of essentially herding themselves.

      The question remains the same. Who will be part of the herd(🐑) and who will choose to be a “stray cow” and embrace their “socially distant renegade”? 🐺

      1. Yes Brownhawk I basically agree. I honestly think Bush Jnr was as ‘gobsmacked’ by 9/11 at least at the beginning as well as most people. I don’t know if Webster Tarpley is completely correct but he talks about how Bush got a message “Angel is next” and according to him ‘angel’ was code for the President and it was a code that was renewed I think daily so Bush knew he might be next (to be killed basically). So Bush flew around the country on 9/11 (from Florida where he was on that morning and I think ended up in some military installation before eventually flying back to Washington when it was determined it was safe)
        I think Trump is equally gobsmacked by this Corona thing and now you will a fair amount of Democrat types going on about how Trump was too slow to react etc just as they did about how Bush was lazy and slow to read the clues and threats from “Al Queda”. There was no Al Queda or such at it was some face of the Mossad or whoever is the real power. We can almost imagine the kind of ‘Bush knew…………….thousands died’ to now ‘Trump knew……………..millions died’. Like you say some Protocols type power driving it all

  3. I’m sorry to disagree with the majority here but this time the delusional are the ones with Covid denial. Think about that, after the chimera was lunched the Governments across the world had no options anymore; they reacted according to the plan. It’s not about the death rate only, this thing is faster. Can you imagine one fifth of your old compatriots dead in one and a half month? Make your own calculations and you’ll figure out what a nasty shit it would be.

    1. Italy stated the average age of the dead was ~80 and 98% of them had pre-existing conditions leading to their death.

      Agreed, seniors should be cared for by having their meals delivered, their health issues dealt with. This is true at all times and for all flu infections. Was this ever done? Is it being done now? … No government cares about seniors. Transmission may be slightly higher for this virus, but the principle is the same: Many of the old meet their end from a flu. Younger persons may slough off the problem or have mild symptoms.

      Denial/Delusional is just name slinging. Come with your facts next time.

      Trading hyped up risk for ‘government provided security” simply means losing the rest of your natural rights and it seems the collapse of the world economy – a big deal.

      Personally I am sick of waiting to get my Covid infection, if you can forgive the pun.

      1. Thanks for the reply, Flan!

        I know all the troubles about martial law, who wouldn’t? I’ll present more facts soon enough…
        BTW this is not even a flu as everybody seem to be calling it, it’s a SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome).

      2. Do the medics tell us what kind of medicine they use to fight the ‘ virus’.? No. What kind of food do those sick old people get? Are they having vitamins? Don’t forget the that these old sick people are being isolated of family and friends. And medics who are wearing masks etc what about the psychological effects on older people, especially in Italy, where they still care for their sick family they can’t visit. It must be a total shock for these old people. Stress can be fatal.

      3. Weakness in the immune system is common with the elderly. But a substantial amount of youngsters are born with this genetic weakness. This Covid-19 virus was sent out with a mission. It will cull the world of a immune weakness. One major genetic defect will be eliminated. Humans will become healthier and hospitals become less crowded. The lab that created this designer virus has lots of others stored in test tubes. It takes only a gene splicing machine kit and an electronic microscope to create a Covid-19 virus. That is the reason those who created it cannot be discovered.

      4. Melvin,

        “Humans will become healthier and hospitals become less crowded.”

        You forgot to mention hospitals are crowded because people drink poisonous water, eat poisonous chemically flavored crap food associated with poor medical advice.

        So, the Jews are the problem and the “solution.” Tikkun olam, I guess. What a compassionate choice for a mercy killing – slowly choke to death.

        Are kosher food markets still open? Indeed, kosher foods are a good idea right now! 🙂

    2. The death rate is no higher here than usual. Old folks die of “complications” daily. The higher the population, the more frequent are the deaths – especially when the birth rate is diminished, and “oldsters” are living longer than their alotted “four score and ten” years.
      If you want a longer life (violent demise excepted), try to adhere to some of the living habits described by “Pat” in this forum.

  4. “They Knew, And Didn’t Tell Us”

    The same applies to most of the US Govt actions.
    I am working around with what I know to be best for me.

    I was given a death sentence at birth, and remain up to the task with that knowledge.

    Self-isolation?? Quarantine?? Hell…. I actually volunteered for numerous years of submarine duty – underwater prison – during Nam. 🙂

    1. Pat, tell me about it, my brutha with a different mutha!

      I was BORN a renegade, and I say EMBRACE these times. You’ll never feel more alive than when going up against this ancient enemy of Mankind. And if it comes to it, in the words the great Apache Chief Geronimo upon going off to battle, “this is a good day to die”


    2. Volunteered for submarine duty?
      Shit Pat, I knew their must have been something wrong with you!

  5. Jim Stone is saying that they’re going to close the Interstates to automobile traffic and only allow trucks and military vehicles to use the Interstates. Is this true, Donaldo? You’re a truck driver in the United States, what’s going on out there on America’s Interstates? We haven’t heard from you in awhile. Are you alright? We hope you’re alright and everything is okay. Can you hear me? Am I getting through? Send us a 10-4 if you get this message, :).

  6. PAT,

    Congratulations, with your military background you can get a discount at Home Depot and Lowe’s and save yourself a few bucks, that’s always a Good Thing, :).

  7. Can these old sick people get a second opinion? Probably not. Totally jsolated. Who protects their civil rights? Don’t forget many medics are masond and/or of the tribe.

    1. Good point, Allen!

      Patients are probably receiving a Jewish treatment that aggravates de Jewish disease. Does Jewish medicine uses a treasonous snake on its symbol?

  8. GH
    Well Put, as usual…
    I’d let to go of the spat with Max though… It’s just a drain on the energy…
    That’s Right, we haven’t had a real President since JFK… Trump is a Frontman for the Zion.. He gets his marching orders from the Zion HQ at Camp David, the real deepstate White House… The place on Pennsy Avenue is the PR outlet… The control is all going on backstage, which is where this virus crisis came from…
    Time Will Tell a lot on this thing… So Far I’m not seeing anybody with it, so I say the hype is not adding up to the reality… The reaction is way out of balance with the risk… Governor Newsome says half the people in California are probably going to get it, while he’s putting the National Guard on the streets… Not to worry, they’re just for ‘helping out’.. But I don’t know of one person who has it…. For all we know it’s just the flu, sars…
    People I know are getting scared now because the supermarkets are in no way normal, half empty or more… Only half the food, the stuff people don’t normally buy is what’s left… Not even any paper towels now…
    Another month or so of this, when the food is all gone, you’re going to need more than a few Guardsmen to keep the peace… I heard a woman got mugged outside a supermarket in Tahoe the other day… A guy came up and knocked her down, took her whole shopping cart….
    At some point there will be a sharp escalation in violence, and like with Katrina, the Pinkerton Mercs will show up, go from house to house demanding everybody’s guns….
    So if this doesn’t correct, it’s all going t play right into the hands of the Red Guard antifa commies, who are probably behind the whole fkng thing…

    1. Sorry, Barkingdeer. The spat with “Maxy” is inspired by his incessant demeaning of everything American. To be able to deal with what one is dealt is necessary. So far, I, myself, have been dealt a pretty fair hand. It is essential to give thanks to The Creator for His kindness, and I pray upon my knees and do so every night. 🙂
      God is good! Remember, we cannot breathe one breath without His favor. He hates hypocrisy, as is told in John’s Revelation (22 or 23?), and boastfulness is included.

      1. Gilby, You little patriot, you in a violent, failed nation, run by your Jewish friends and you even admit you are “jewified.” As Arch Stanton wrote, the Jews have taken over the minds of the weakest Goyim. It is all apple pie and cream for the useful idiots. You are dangerous!

    2. Home invasions will start when EBT cards are not filled by welfare services. Invaders will only search for food. After dinner they will rape the tied up household. They will return after the fridge is refilled and repeat the process. Shooting a few Banditos will only help for a short while, more will be on the way. White privilege will consist of having a fridge full of food. But it can only exist with a 24/7 security guard. My vacation in Mexico taught me that the poor ate chicken while the wealthy ate steak. But those that ate steak had dozens of private security.

    3. Barkingdeer pretty much right on as usual. I watched this movie “Contagion” on youtube you can rent it for about 5 euros/dollars. Made in 2011 I think VERY like the present ‘movie’ we are being forced to look at. It get’s later to the part about looting and food riots. I think we are headed that way.
      One weird thing Sanjay Gupta was in the movie as a ‘reporter’ just like he is a reporter on CNN about this latest movie inserted into real life. Which is as good a definition of a ‘hoax’ as you can get. Forget all nonsense about the ‘virus’ the virus is pure and only ‘cover story’. Talk about the virus and you are lost you are using the very instrument that has been invented to deceive you. Like in the AIDS crises we had people leading VERY unhealthy lives and got sick but hey all of that was explained by a virus. HIV was a hoax also and it has not escaped my notice that several of the perps from that operation are STILL around ‘advising’ Trump I refer to Fauci and that other woman forget her name Blix or something like that
      Talking about the ‘virus’ is like in 9/11 talking about ‘terrorists’ ………………these concepts have been invented to lead you astray

  9. The Denmark Government didn’t tell anyone either….. and have done this for at least a YEAR:
    Denmark Passes Law Enabling Forced Coronavirus Vaccinations!

    Denmark passed an emergency law that allows the government to force people to take a vaccine for coronavirus. Citizens who refuse to be tested for the coronavirus will face fines and potential PRISON time, and will be prevented from entering shops, grocery stores, public institutions and hospitals while also being restricted from using public transport.

    The new sweeping powers will remain in effect until March 2021.


    Martial-Law Lockdown in France: Citizens Must Fill Out a Form Every Time They Leave Their Home

    The coronavirus lockdown in France literally forces citizens to ‘show their papers’; They have to fill out a form explaining why they are outside and present it to police.

    A translation of the form posted online shows how citizens have to provide their name, date of birth, address and declare their reason for leaving quarantine.

    Travel to a workplace is allowed, but only if the individual can prove they don’t have the capacity to work from home.

  10. Juutalaisilta on tullut käsky vapaamuurareille tarkoituksellinen sisällissota jonka jälkeen saadaan luotua uusi juutalainen mailman järjestys!! EI YHTÄÄN MITÄÄN MUUTA VITUN TYHMÄT ÄÄLIÖ LAMPAAT!! 109 maata ellei enempikin sama heimo karkoitettu nyt on jo pari sataa vuotta että ovat saaneet touhuta rauhassa kun läpeensä zombi kansa katsoo jääkiekkoä ja putousta! IHAN OIKEEN KAIKKI RAJAT AUKI JA HETI NÄILLE aivokuolleille lammaslaumoille ei oppi mene muuten perille!! Ja kunnolla se vittu litisimään gojimi aikoilta niin johan rupee se mtv3 pöllö teevee menemään kiinni!!!!!

    Ja toki tällä haetaan myös todellisten talousromahduksen aiheuttajien (juutalaisten pankkiirien) pakoreikää että lammaslauma kiinnittäisi huomion muslimeihin, corona vitukseen trumppii ym muihin kuin todelliset syylliset taas kerran käyttävät vanhaa taktiikkaa paetakseen vastuusta! ja 95% potkupallo/jääkiekko kansasta ei toki ymmärräkkään hevonvittua koko rahajärjestelmästä saati yhtään mistäkään muustakaan! goyim!

    Lässynlää mäkynen,halla aho ja teuvo tekee tehtäväänsä mihin persut alunperin perusteettiin! Aloittamaan sisällissota ja kertomaan päivänselviä asioita läpeensä juutalaisen median pesemällä kusi vittu aivokuolleelle kansalle!

    Kertoiko mäkynen rahajärjestelmästästä kenen hallussa ja mitä on vapaamuurarius ja ketä palvelee!! Oletteko massat oikeasti noin tyhmiä????
    Mäkynen, halla aho ja teuvo nauravat loosheissaan räkäisesti teille vitun ääliöille!!

    Mihinkään merkittävään paikkaan et pääse ilman juutalaisrotan hyväksyntää!!

  11. Alcohol and street drug sales are going over the top. Hunkering down is more pleasant if you are stoned. Home hygiene is not needed when the brain is in a fog. Mexican drug cartels are working 24/7 since Corona replaced Tequila.
    Wealthy people always kept safe distances from poor slobs so a change is not necessary. We all weep for the 80+ who died from being targeted by the virus. Most oldies had a life threatening illness and a weak immune system. The living will receive a welcome inheritance, they can use it for paying their bills.
    Fortunately burial fees are minimal since all will be cremated.

    1. Melvin –

      I picked a bunch of dandelions awhile ago to put down some dandelion wine. I LIKE making wine. Did you know that “moonshine” is nothing more than distilled wine?? It’s all good. My very favorite homemade wine is autumn olive – made from those little purple berries the deer love to eat off those pesky autumn olive bushes which spring up in unmowed pastures.
      You can make wine from fresh corncobs or watermellon rhind, too; even potato skins!
      Make your own whiskey and grow your own dope! 😀😀

      1. Gilby, You express the apple pie and cream sentiments of an old, senile man who cannot grasp reality. You and Melvin ought to go on a date – a Jew and a crypto-Jew. Minds rancied with “dope”, as you refer to drugs and cheap, sour moonshine made out of dandelion leaves….. Gilby, read Kaminski’s essays and see what he says about your Jewified nation of Mammon. How many sovereign nations have you attacked and destroyed in the last 20 years? Read on Truthseeker that 65% of Americans have less than $650 in hand and poverty is spreading everywhere. Great nation! Take care of the poppy crops, boys!

      2. @GH
        In a country far away, they have a common bumper sticker,
        “Grow your own dope; plant a Pom”.

      3. Gilbert Huntly,

        “I picked a bunch of dandelions awhile ago to put down some dandelion wine. I LIKE making wine… You can make wine from fresh corncobs or watermellon (sic) rhind (sic), too; even potato skins!”


        You would be slightly more respected if you didn’t disrespect this site by posting off-topic comments like this. This is not a chatroom for farmers, you know. We are here to discuss the greatest political crisis in modern times, not to listen to idle chatter about dandelion wine, corncobs, watermelon rinds and potato skins. Whew! you can’t even spell “watermelon” and “rind” correctly! So it’s hard to imagine that you have anything of importance yo say about politics or world affairs. You’re just an ignorant country hick! 🙂

      4. The wine is made from the BLOSSUM, shithead. While you and Maxy are wallowing in your fear and pseudo bravado, this “country hick” is dong just fine. 👌

        1. You are NOT doing fine if all you can do is post off-topic comments about dandelion wine and watermelon rinds. You can’t even spell “watermelon” or “rind” correctly! That makes you a moron IMO.

          Silent Reader is right about you. You’re a country hick with neither good manners nor respect for this website. This site, I must remind you, is NOT A CHATROOM for village idiots!

      5. Dr Parker
        All you and your fellow cretin Silent Reader do is to come on this site and criticize commenters, instead of offering anything of any real substance yourselves. I’d much rather hear about Gilbert’s homilies than read your useless garbage. The both of you should take a long walk off a short pier. 😝

        1. @ Brownhawk

          SHUT UP, moron. You are part of the same inner clique of time wasters like Gilbert Huntly. We are “READERS” of the website, not commenters, as we have no time to make comments. As readers, we expect high-quality comments. And we are not geiing them from moronic sub-intellectual wankers like you and Gilbert Huntly. We are NOT here to read about F***ING dandelion wine and corncobs!

      6. Brownhawk –

        These are the kind who rely on government to provide all their needs. When the big “upheaval” is complete, they’ll be gone, anyway. You and I will probably still be around. (It’d be a pleasure to know you!)

      7. Same here Gil

        With any luck, we’ll still be around to be the new nation builders. Start over and get it right this time

        🇺🇸…..but with a new design that includes a representation of native-america

  12. I am enjoying the good news in Oz, re the virus hoax. Our Jewish treasurer is giving each of us another $750 to make us happy. That makes $1,500. I have over 500 packets of toilet paper and 200 boxes of condoms, which are in short supply. You can get free food at the local church and half price beer at the pub. I am offering out free croc meat, avacados, mangos and tropical jellies. The local gals are doing it half price, with no kissing allowed. I have bought many bottles of hydrogen peroxide and I am diluting it and selling as a gargle, ear drops and general antiseptic. People are talking about me as a future mayor. I’m on a high.

    1. You’re so full of shit you no doubt NEED all that toilet paper.
      While you’re nancing around boasting, be thankful your fellow pussified Aussies have allowed themselves to be disarmed – otherwise, one would probably “pop a cap” in your stupid ass. 😱

      1. Gilbert Huntly,

        Commit suicide pronto. No one wants to read your foul, abusive, nasty comments.

        If you are a typical American, F**K AMERICA! The sooner people like you are exterminated the better. You are White trash and don’t deserve to live. We silent readers (like “Silent Reader” and me) DO NOT RESPECT NASTY AMERICANS LIKE YOU.

        Max Bilney, for all his faults, has ten times your intelligence.

        Unlike you, you uneducated hick, Max at least is amusing and informative and he knows how to spell and write decent prose. You don’t! You are so ignorant and stupid you actually think this splendid site is a chatroom for boring OFF-TOPIC comments about various vegetables and fruits whose names you cannot even spell. RIND is not spelt RYND, idiot, nor is WATERMELON spelt WATERMELLON!

      2. I doubt there’s anyone here who would miss YOUR pretentious ass, either, bugger boy. I doubt you could fight your own way out of a wet paper bag. Your bullshit “Dr” doesn’t fool ANYBODY. That I am a lousy speller doesn’t bother me. There’s no one here I need to impress, thank God. My little Jenny mule is worth more than a whole legion of useless eaters like you and Silent Reader.

        1. There’s no one here I need to impress…

          Good. Because you couldn’t impress anyone if you tried.

  13. At first, Trump foolishly called the Coronavirus as fake news, then few days later, he declared a national emergency. After January briefing with the President, many Senators sold thousands of stocks before the market crashed. Trump should set a good example for the country by not acting arrogant and ignorant.

    Right now, in response to the Coronavirus global pandemic, governments across the world are taking emergency measures in order to protect the health of their citizens. Hard-working American taxpayers who cough $3.8 billion in an annual aid to Israel should demand Israel protect Palestinians in Gaza by lifting the blockade and immediately make medical supplies accessible to Gaza.

    With only just 62 ventilators, 160 test kits, and insufficient medicine to survive, if God forbid Coronavirus spread into Gaza, it would be another holocaust in the making.

  14. Breaking News:

    First Coronavirus Cases Confirmed in Gaza (Haaretz, March 22, 2020)

    Two Palestinians who had travelled from Pakistan and entered Gaza through Egypt had tested positive for the virus.

  15. As the Church lady would say, “Ain’t that Special!” No fun intended.

    Pope Francis Urges Priests To Refrain From Molesting Children Over Coronavirus Fears

    (Pat, thanks again for bringing this to our attention.)

      1. Sorry about that! I will try to avoid using links with my future comments. I believe it happens when I use links that in a foreign language

        1. No, don’t avoid using links when necessary. Defective links are relatively rare. Most of your links are OK, but sometimes you will get a bad one.

  16. Yes the governments are all lying. And if you think this Covid-19 is just like the Flu, you are wrong. It may start out like a cold/Flu with stuffy/runny nose, sore throat or hoarse voice or dry mouth but spreads to breathing difficulty and pneumonia affecting the lungs. This could also lead to cold/hot sweats, aching muscles, headaches and even diarrhea. The people most likely to be infected are the elderly (65+) and the young (8 -10 years old and younger, mainly because of weaker or not fully formed immune systems. For those that think Covid-19 is like the Flu, then its numbers should drop off to near zero in the warmer weather of April/May and then the summer. If the number of cases do NOT drop off, but plateau or even increase exponentially in those months, this is NOT the Flu.

    This virus is real and it is NEW. It is real because Coronaviruses have been around for some time just like Influenza Rhinoviruses have. This Coronavirus is new because no human has yet developed Herd Immunity to it, except those that have survived exposure so far. The experts are now waiting for a 2nd surge from the first attack, so the people that survived the first time are now still susceptible to the virus again. Next this Coronavirus has HIV/AIDS gene sequences in it. Naturally occurring Coronaviruses do NOT have HIV genes segments in them. And NO homosexual (HIV+) did strange things with bats or snakes or ate bat or snake meat in soup to get this Coronavirus, Covid-19. Even if you think that or that bats or snakes had the virus, those populations of bats or snakes would have died off/ been culled naturally. So information has not been reported and never will be because it never happened. This Coronavirus was man-made and bio-engineered to be slow- acting and deadly.

    I still contend that there was something going on between Canada (Winnipeg BSL 4 lab and its Chinese scientists), USA (Fort Detrick, Harvard, Boston and UNC Universities, Dr. Lieber (Jew) and Chinese students/scientists) and China (Wuhan Virology lab and Chinese scientists) and Israel (Galilee Institute) as well as the USA spies/agents/Soldiers/Athletes at the Wuhan World Military Games of October 2019. Thus there is a concerted effort to cause hysteria and a pandemic while covering/hiding the fact that Global Police States, de-population, vaccination, micro-chipping, digital cryptocurrency and a Global Economic and Financial Collapse and Financial Reset are coming for their NWO. Also a new TARP Bail-out for Corporations (Airlines/Boeing/Cruise Lines, etc. ) is coming like in 2008-2009. This time unemployed or Pandemic affected citizens will also be involved in this Bail-out with the emergency funds they receive. The catch will be that you must spend it as cash to maximize its effect on the economy. Thus creating conditions for spreading the virus, produce hyper-inflation like in Weimar Germany of the 1920s, make the hand-out to citizens worthless, and create conditions to introduce a new Global universal digital crytocurrency. And as usual the government frontmen get the blame, the Economic and Financial collapse is also blamed on the pandemic and the Rothschild Central Banksters (FED, ECB, BOE, BOJ, etc.) get off free and present their next solution/illusion (digital cryptocurrency).
    In the mean time the USA government becomes a Police State Dictatorship (Trump or Biden replacement) and peole will be sent to FEMA camps. As commented already, the CDC seems to have foreknowledge of pandemic because they were advertising for Quarantine Area Managers ( something similar) already in November 2019. So the setup/fix is in and we are all the suckers (or goyim) for the planned approach of the NWO.

    PS: It has now been reported that in countries like Italy, Iran and the USA, that the person/persons that were described as Patient Zero, were already present in late November/December and the cases broke out independent from each other with no link of travel to/from China or no link to any Chinese travelers. Just more information to add to the muddled information thus far!

    Short seller profiteers those politicians are!

  17. Just to add a scientific perspective to this Coronavirus, Covid-19 crisis, here is an article posted from the Saker to the Unz Review, from a Microbiologist ( which I am also from 30 years ago) who also worked in the Military and in the Intelligence community. He talks a lot about the most likely scenarios (sorry American athletes/spies at Wuhan Military games), along with some technical jargon that describes cutting and splicing virus genes. He does STATE that this Virus was indeed most likely bio-engineered and who and where it came about. The only negative beside some spelling mistakes, is the fact the he does NOT mention that HIV genes are found in this SARS-CoV-2, Covid-19 Coronavirus. This fact alone means for sure the Coronavirus was man-made. Here is the link:

    PS: The article also affirms my suspicions as well, which to me means I am on the right track to truth. The article also states the irony that this American made virus will now come back to bite Amerika in the arse. I know that’s a sad comment, but it is Karma!

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